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A rare gem in the abundance of GBA platformers.05/08/02Admodieus
You'd do better to play any of the Genesis titles...02/14/02AEmmott
Buying on an impulse can be a bad thing...02/08/02Akana
Sonic's back! With a bang, or a dud?12/28/01Al the hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog Advance: GBA game, or pocket-sized brilliance?12/20/01BlakeS99
The Best 2D Sonic Of Them All03/20/02CI254
Fits right in with the classic Sonic games!06/23/02Dalboz
What happened to the classic Sonic03/10/02Dane
Definitely worth a full $3006/07/03DarkNightwing
Sonic Advance: 2D goodness even better12/18/01Digiku
The Blue Hedgehog has returned12/30/01evax01
The classic sonic gameplay feels just as good on the GBA02/11/02fantasyfan
A great adaption or merely OK?02/15/02foofighter144
The best handheld Sonic game06/05/13irrewonderful
Good old Sonic of the Genesis days has returned02/07/02JerzeyDevil
Time to say the pledge of agreeance.06/17/03JPeeples
Not one of the greatest Sonic game ever, but so very close03/09/02kif
Sonic loses a few rings of quality from the Genesis games03/09/02MarioKartDriver
The one thing that keeps me from killing myself...02/11/02MG Getaway HG
Sega's systems may have died, but their mascot still lives!02/17/02Ryan Rider
Sonic is here! GBA Game of 2001? It just might be...12/18/01tfobf
While it can't hold a candle to the genesis games, it is still good in it's own right.04/22/09tgoldberg
Short, but sweet. Sonics first outing on the GBA is a good one.03/23/09Vyse_skies
A bit above avarage nothing more.02/10/02Waluigi
Have this in your mind now: 2D games isn't a bad thing, its a good thing!03/16/02Xfactor

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Is Sonic Advance Worth Playing Today? - SNESdrunk
Is Sonic Advance Worth Playing Today? - SNESdrunk from SNES drunk

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