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    FAQ/Walkthrough by dark52

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     Author : dark52
     E-Mail : dark52(at)darkspyro(dot)net
    Version : 1.0
       Type : Walkthrough/FAQ
       Game : Spyro: Season of Ice - (GBA) - European Version
    Website : http://www.darkspyro.net
    [01 - Version History]
    [02 - Introduction]
    [03 - Gameplay Basics]
    [04 - Walkthrough]
           Part 1 - Autumn Fairy Home
           Part 2 - Winter Fairy Home
           Part 3 - Spring Fairy Home
           Part 4 - Summer Fairy Home
    [05 - Cheats and Codes]
    [06 - Contact Information]
    [07 - Thanks]
    [08 - Copyright]
    -----------------------------[01 - Version History]----------------------------
    v1.0 - 1/9/04
    Completed work on the guide today. Also submitted it to GameFAQs too. There may
    be some slight things to work out with the guide in the future, but as far as I
    can tell this is the first and only version of the guide as there was little
    point in submitting a half-done version of the guide for a game that's been out
    for around four years now.
    Now I only have one game in the Spyro series left to write a guide for, Season
    of Flame, and then I become the first and only person, so far, to do so on
    -------------------------------[02 - Introduction]-----------------------------
    This guide for 'Spyro: Season of Ice' on the GameBoy Advance, is written by me,
    dark52, and is here to help anyone who is stuck on any part of the game.
    While it isn't exactly the most prompt of guides ever written, it should still
    be helpful to those of you playing the game out there. I hope that this guide
    will help out at least one person to complete the game and it'll have been
    worth it, well almost.
    Anyway, the guide here will walk you through each and every one of the levels
    in this game and attempt to help out with locating and collecting all of the
    100 fairies trapped in their icy tombs.
    ------------------------------[03 - Gameplay Basics]---------------------------
    Spyro: Season of Ice is the first Spyro game to appear on the GBA. The first
    Spyro game to be made by a developer other then Spyro's creators Insomniac
    Games, Digital Eclipse have done a decent enough job on this game to make it
    playable and replayable.
    Season of Ice takes you, as Spyro, to the Fairy Realms in order to save them
    from an evil menace. Set shortly after Year of the Dragon, Season of Ice
    continues with a slightly linked story but really it's not the greatest story
    you'll have ever encountered.
    The Story
    Here's the official word on the story from the SpyroTheDragon.com website:
    After the defeat of the Sorceress, many of her old Rhynoc minions were left out
    of work or had to take less-than-ideal day jobs. None more so than Grendor, the
    Rhynoc librarian at the Grand Central Dragon Realms library. A small, meek
    figure, Grendor never made the cut into the Rhynoc army and desperately longed
    for a career change.
    One day, Bianca spent a few hours in the library researching ideal vacation
    spots for a trip she was planning for Spyro, Hunter and herself. With all the
    travel books, Bianca mistakenly left the Sorceress' Spell book behind. Finding
    the book, Grendor was inspired by an ingenious plan. Flipping through the
    pages, he found himself a transformation spell to change his meager frame into
    a towering mass of muscle and brainpower! Wasting no more time, he read the
    spell aloud; too hasty even to notice the book was turned upside down. Grendor
    wound up with bulk and brainpower all right, but in the form of two heads, and
    a migraine in both of his thick skulls.
    And here's my description of the opening part to the game...
    The camera zooms in to see Spyro, Hunter and Bianca relaxing on a beach
    somewhere, probably Dragon Shores, when Hunter suddenly sees something in the
    sky. He thinks it's a flying sheep saucer but Spyro recognises it as a balloon.
    Bianca catches it and reads the note attached to it. The note is from Zoe and
    reads: 'Dear Spyro, I'm using every last drop of my magic to send you this
    message. Someone has cast a powerful spell over the Fairy World and, freezing
    fairies in Ice Crystals. And we can't get out! Now, the Rhynocs are back and
    collecting fairies one by one. I wish I knew what they were up to. Please come
    back before it's too late.' Spyro decides to go help the fairies and Bianca
    says she'll go off and check her spell book for something to help.
    Hunter mentions that she hasn't been carrying the Spell Book for a few days
    which is news to Bianca but she finds out that she no longer has it on her. She
    realises that she must have left it in the library when she got the travel book
    for their vacation. As she sets off to find her book, Hunter, Spyro and Sparx
    head off to help the fairies.
    The Controls
    Spyro the Dragon
    A Jump. Press again when in the air to glide. Press again whilst in glide to
    hover and end the glide.
    B Flame
    R Charge
    Start Bring up the start menu
    Select Open the Atlas
    Gems are once again the currency of the world, and once again you'll be needing
    to collect it all to get 100% completion.
    Gem Colour  Gem Value
    Red         1
    Green       2
    Purple      5
    Yellow      10
    Gems are in the same places as usual. In flammable baskets, chargeable vases,
    locked chests, inside Rhynocs and just lying around on the ground.
    And as usual Sparx is Spyro's health meter.
    Sparx Colour Hits Left
    Yellow 4
    Blue 3
    Green 2
    None 1
    To regain Sparx's health just flame a small animal such as a sheep that will
    give out a butterfly. Each butterfly will regain one health point.
    Progress Saving
    Strangely enough, for a world filled entirely with fairies, there are no
    progress saving fairies in the whole game. None. So every time you die, you'll
    be taken all the way back to the start of the level and have to redo everything
    except collecting gems and freeing fairies.
    Well, that's enough of that then. On to the walkthrough, getting started with
    Autumn Fairy Home.
    -------------------------------[04 - Walkthrough]------------------------------
                             Part 1 - Autumn Fairy Home
    Autumn Fairy Home     500 Gems - 5 Fairies
    You start out in a pretty random place after the beginning sequence of speech
    ends. With no real explanation of where you are apart from being in the Fairy
    Realms, you begin.
    Move forwards a bit straigh up to the right and you will come across a strange
    blue crystal on the ground. Flame it.
    Fairy 001/100 Gabrielle
    Once you flame a fairy they are then counted as found. And this first one will
    start off your collection.
    Colour: Blue
    She'll inform you about the Rhynocs being back. Yeah like you hadn't heard that
    already. Just to the right of the mushroom towers is a platform which holds
    several gems and the portal to Mermaid Coast. Again not in there yet as doing
    so would mean redoing all of the pumpkins from scratch.
    Well move along now over to the right and down. Follow this path along until
    you get to a small blue bottle with a butterfly in. This is a new life for you,
    so flame or charge the bottle and Sparx will eat up the life, however unlike
    previous games the life giving butterflies in this game won't bring Sparx all
    the way back up to full health as well.
    Just a bit further along from the life is an orange grinning pumpkin on the
    floor. In each level of the game (aside from the Speedway, Sparx and boss
    levels) there will be eight things in to flame or activate in some way or other
    in order to free a fairy. All of them when activated will make the exact same
    sound so you can recognise them as being what they are. In this level it's
    pumpkins. So flame this one and be on your way.
    Continue around the edge of the level until you reach Bianca who is standing
    next to a closed portal. She'll tell you to rescue more fairies to open it. To
    see exactly how many fairies you need to open it, simply walk close to it. In
    this case, you'll need 20 fairies in order to unlock the portal to the Winter
    Fairy Home.
    Back out of here and continue along to the left until you meet up with Hunter.
    He'll tell you all about the joys of charging.
    Further along the edge of the level again, working your way around to a second
    pumpkin over in the top left-hand corner of the whole level. As well as that,
    jump up onto the platform here and flame the third pumpkin that should be
    obvious to see down near the front of it. Up the top here is the portal to the
    Stone Age Speedway. You'll need to have collected 14 fairies before you can go
    through into it though. Once again back down and round along the edges and talk
    to Moneybags here. He'll offer to open up the Sparx level for you for a small
    sum of 400 gems, slightly less then the full total of gems you can collect in
    the level, but it is unlikely you have collected enough just yet so just move
    along for now. Further along the edge here, now going to the left, you should
    come across a fourth pumpkin to flame.
    Head along and down a little to find the fifth pumpkin to flame. Now run down
    to the south-east and you will run into a frozen fairy right in the middle of
    the area.
    Fairy 002/100 Tori
    She'll start yabbering on about meeting up with Gabrielle, nothing intersting
    as usual.
    Colour: Green
    Head back to the edge of the level where you were and slightly further along
    and you'll find the portal to Market Mesa. You'll need to have twelve fairies
    to open it up though so walk on by. Just past here jump up onto the platform
    and flame the sixth pumpkin of the level. Also go talk to Hunter up here. He'll
    give you the usual lesson in jumping and gliding. Follow him to the first place
    he lands and flame the fairy there.
    Fairy 003/100 Summer
    Just sitting there she'll talk all about looking into the distance. Interesting
    Colour: Yellow
    Head up into the area north of her and collect all of the gems here. As well as
    that, you'll find the seventh pumpkin of the level. Flame it and head back to
    follow where Hunter finished up after the jump. He'll now tell you to make a
    really long jump, but just ingore him again and go up north to collect the few
    gems on this platform before jumping after him.
    Fairy 004/100 Autumn
    Once you land where Hunter is, flame the trapped fairy there to get her out.
    Colour: Yellow
    Now back all the way to the start of that jumping session and carry on around
    the edge of the level, now going south. As you do so you'll find the entrance
    to the level Lava Prairie, this one should currently be open already, but
    there's no need to go into it just yet, you've got the rest of the level to
    complete first!
    A little past this portal is a platform with a few gems on, collect them and
    then head south to find the eigth and final pumpkin of the level.
    Fairy 005/100 Grace
    Teleported all the way back up to the top of the level, flame the fairy in
    front of you now.
    Colour: Yellow
    Now carry on round until you get to where you started off the level to finish
    off your collection of gems.
    Lava Prairie     300 Gems - 6 Fairies
    While Market Mesa is first on the list in the Atlas, it is unreachable
    currently so head on through to Lava Prairie, located over in the north-west
    corner of the main area. While you could do either of two other levels as well
    as this one at the moment, it's your choice really but I'm going with this one
    Prepare for a rather pointlessly long entrance picture of Spyro flying between
    the levels as for some reason they decided to make the same thing as was done
    on the PlayStation, but do have the gems go out of Spyro almost one by one
    rather then all at once. Slow, and when you have no gems the loading of a level
    is a lot faster proving it's pointless.
    Well, finally on with the level now. Lava Prairie, as the name suggests, is a
    lava level, filled with lava surprisingly. While if you fell off the side in
    the previous level you were saved, here you'll die right off. You will stuggle
    a bit with a large jump up into the air, but you can't glide from it and the
    distance it gives is poor so it is rather dangerous to fall into the lava.
    Head down to the right and flame the Rhynoc there. Collect the gems around here
    and head down to the left. Here you'll see a small pink flower on the ground.
    Much like those pumpkins in the first level, this is one of eight. Flame it.
    Now go down to the left or right and walk over to Bonky to have a talk about
    helping him with some pterodactyls. This is a challenge for throughout the
    level here so you'll be needing to pay attention to him.
    Down again and flame the green cactus bomb over onto the geyser that the
    pterodactyl just happens to be flying over. That's the first one down. Just
    down and to the left of here now and you'll find a frozen fairy right in the
    Fairy 006/100 Suzan
    Flame her free and she'll talk all about some fairies hiding flammable objects,
    and surprise surprise it's those flowers and pumpkins you've been destroying!
    Colour: Green
    Indeed. To the south now where you'll find both a Rhynoc and another one of the
    pink flowers to flame. That's the second one now. Back up to the northeast now
    and talk to Trog who'll tell you to kill all of the Rhynocs in the level. Up on
    the platform behind Trog is a Rhynoc throwing rocks, so be careful when you
    approach to flame him. Go right up to the top of this platform, and if you look
    to the left a bit you'll see a locked chest which you currently don't have the
    key for so ignore it but remember it's location.
    Down to the ground level again and right at the base of the platform is the
    third of the pink flowers and just past that is another cactus bomb. Flame it
    over to a pterodactyl even further south and then go back and use it again on a
    third one even further along the path south. Now off up to the northeast of the
    area with the cactus bomb in. Along here head as far north until you reach the
    fourth of the pink flowers. Then head back down south along the other side of
    the pathway and up onto the platform there. All the way up to the top of this
    platform and you'll find both a key and a fairy.
    Fairy 007/100 Michelle
    You're the GREATEST Spyro!
    Colour: Yellow
    He sure is. Once you're back down to ground level you'll notice a pterodactly
    flying around near here. Head directly south of it until you find the cactus
    bomb to take to the geyser.
    Fairy 008/100 Ali
    That was the last of the pterodactyls and Bonky will now give you a crazy
    looking rock he found plugging up the geysers earlier. Strange cooincidence
    that it's a fairy eh? No speech this time though, not even a thankyou from her.
    Colour: Blue
    Since you're back near the start now, head on down through the level and then
    go up onto the first platform you get to. Remember the locked chest? Well jump
    down to it now and open it with the key you found near Michelle. Go back to
    where you found the cactus bomb for that last pterodactyl, and to the southwest
    of it you'll find yourself another one of those pink flowers to flame. Now head
    around to the southeast now and there's another Rhynoc and the sixth flower as
    Now back round to the place where you killed two pterodactyls with the same
    cactus bomb. Go south here and then to the right and up the platform.
    Fairy 009/100 Melissa
    Right at the top you'll find this fairy frozen in her crystal.
    Colour: Yellow
    Drop back down to the ground again and go to the southeast now, here is the
    seventh flower to flame. Now to the west and kill the Rhynoc you meet on the
    way. Up onto the big platform here, kill the several rock throwing Rhynocs and
    collect the gems too. Back to the ground level once again and head over to the
    west where you'll find the last of the flowers.
    Fairy 010/100 Cassandra
    She'll talk about thanking you and about how the cacti were getting kind of
    prickly. Interesting.
    Colour: Yellow
    Turn around now and kill that last Rhynoc nearby.
    Fairy 011/100 Rhonda
    Once you flame the fairy given to you by Fang, a portal back to the Autumn
    Fairy Home will appear.
    Colour: Yellow
    By now you should have collected all of the gems in the level so you should now
    use this portal if you do have them. If not you're going to have to go around
    and search the level for those last few gems.
    Mermaid Coast     300 Gems - 6 Fairies
    The portal to Mermaid Coast is located up on the platform behind the mushroom
    castle near the start of the level. This portal has always been open, so should
    still be.
    Mermaid Coast is a level designed to look like a beach throughout, and as you
    might have guessed from the name, mermaids live here. Whatever you do, don't go
    into the water as it'll drown you straight away.
    Go talk to Steffi who is sitting down just in front of where you start. She'll
    tell you to get rid of the Rhynocs in the level. Completion of this task will
    get you a fairy. Just to the south in this first area, and you'll find a
    sandcastle to flame and a locked chest. Go up and to the right a bit and you'll
    find a second sandcastle. Explore the rest of this area to get the gems, then
    head along the wooden bridge near to that second sandcastle.
    Over here, talk to Stanley, who'll talk about flaming some lighthouses for him.
    Whatever. Go over the bridge behind him and get all the way up to the top of
    the platform. Flame the lighthouse so that it glows, and jump down to the right
    to get to the third of the eight sandcastles. Just a bit to the northeast now
    and jump over the water.
    Fairy 012/100 Kathy
    Right over here you'll find this fairy all frozen up, ready for a melting.
    Colour: Blue
    Also of note on this island; the fourth sandcastle and the second lighthouse.
    Flame 'em both. Jump back to mainland as soon as that's done though. Go along
    over the bridge on the southeast side of this place and go all the way along
    the righthand side to the bottom where you'll find the fifth sandcastle, a key
    Fairy 013/100 Nadia
    ..this fairy, just sitting there. Flame and go.
    Colour: Green
    Don't try to jump onto the land nearby, you won't reach it. Carry on around
    here and work your way through until you reach back to where Stanley was. Now
    that you've got the key though, head back along the bridge to the start of the
    level and go down to where the locked chest is. to open it up. Once that's
    done. Go over the bridge to the south of Stanley.
    Go up to the top of this area to find the sixth sandcastle, then back down and
    along the south part. Up and onto the platform along here and flame the third
    lighthouse. Now off here again and back to ground. Go along to the west and
    flame the seventh sandcastle. Over the bridge and follow the path to the end.
    Fairy 014/100 Amy
    Sitting right there at the end, is Amy.
    Colour: Yellow
    Jump over to the right and flame the Rhynoc. Time for lighthouse number four.
    Along over the bridge back down on the ground and flame that eight sandcastle.
    Fairy 015/100 Christine
    As soon as the sandcastle is gone, the crystal will appear right where you are.
    Flame it to collect her.
    Colour: Yellow
    Collect the gems here and then go along the bridge to the south. Up onto the
    platform and kill the final two Rhynocs here.
    Fairy 016/100 Anna
    As soon as the last one falls, you'll be teleported up to the top and the
    portal back to Autumn Fairy Home will appear as well as this fairy.
    Colour: Blue
    Grab the last few gems here, then flame the fifth and final lighthouse.
    Fairy 017/100 Rachel
    Stanley and Stacey will give you the fairy right away, you'll be teleported to
    where they are though.
    Colour: Green
    And that's the full completion racket for this level, so head on back home
    Market Mesa     300 Gems - 6 Fairies
    Found all the way round and up past Lava Prarie, near to the northwestern edge
    of the main area of the level. After collecting all those fairies, this portal
    should now be open for you to use.
    Market Mesa is a place which is deadly if you fall off the sides. There's no
    hope for you if you do, so avoid them. Occupied by llamas, this place is kinda
    Flame the Rhynoc as it charges at you, then walk over to Luc and talk to him,
    he's the big green llama. He gives you the 'kill all Rhynocs' challenge for a
    fairy. Just to the southeast of him, you'll see a short candle. Guess what?
    Yep. It's the thing to flame. Jump down below the candle and grab the gems as
    well as flaming that pesky Rhynoc. The locked chest is here too, so remember
    that for a bit later.
    Up and to the right, flame the Rhynoc and then the second candle. Then jump
    down below you (be careful) and flame the third. Go across to the left and back
    up again. Up and onto the platform to collect a few gems as well as a few
    kills. Now, round the corner to the right and flame the charging Rhynoc. Gather
    the gems here and flame the candle at the end. Jump down into the market area
    below you and talk to Lucky who'll inform you of a thief who stole an action
    Fairy 018/100 Grayson
    Now this is difficult. And I'm glad they improved the thief system for their
    subsequent sequals, however here that matters not. The best way to catch the
    thief will be to charge around the area after him. You'll obviously need to
    avoid hitting the stalls if you can. Also know that flaming him doesn't work,
    so there's no point trying. You will eventually catch him after chasing him for
    long enough. You just will.
    Colour: Yellow
    Once you finally manage to get the thief, go up to the right and talk to Lyle.
    He'll ask you to help him out in ringing some bells. The order to ring them is:
    Small, Medium, Large, Small, Medium, Large. Not the most complicated order
    really. So go down the path to your right and all the way along to the end,
    careful as there's one of those Rhynocs that just sends you flying at the end
    of the path, very dangerous. Once you've killed it, jump up to the bell and
    ring it.
    Fairy 019/100 Liz
    After (or before, your choice) ringing the bell melt this fairy that was
    already sitting there next to it.
    Colour: Yellow
    All the way back along the path again and go to the platfrom on the left of
    where Lyle is standing. Up here you'll be wanting to get all of the gems and
    then go up to where there's a candle to flame, then further up right the way to
    the top where you should find a key and he medium sized bell. Ring it and go
    back down along the leftside.
    On the first one down you should find another candle. Drop all the way down to
    the bottom and then go along the path over to the left. Here you'll find the
    final Rhynoc to kill.
    Fairy 020/100 Alice
    As soon as that Rhynoc is dead, you'll be taken to see Pierre, who'll give you
    the fairy and open up the portal to get back home.
    Colour: Yellow
    All the way back to where you killed the Rhynoc and go a bit to the left.
    Fairy 021/100 Lauren
    She's just sitting there in an ice crystal.
    Colour: Green
    Flame the bell at the top as well as the seventh candle. Now head back along
    the path and then go south to the locked box in order to get the gems out of
    it. Now look over to the right with the use of the L button, and then glide
    over to where the gems are. Here, look to the right again and jump over to
    where the final candle and gem is.
    Fairy 022/100 Marta
    As soon as the candle lights, you'll be given the ice crystal to melt.
    Colour: Yellow
    Now back onto the main island and along to flame the three bells again in the
    right order.
    Fairy 023/100 Irene
    Once that's done, you'll be taken over to Lyle and he'll give you the crystal.
    Colour: Yellow
    Level Complete.
    Stone Age Speedway     300 Gems - 2 Fairies
    Ah. The Speedway. These things are horrible and almost impossible, yet not
    totally impossible, a lot of practice is needed to get good at them. Located
    over to the right side of the level, on the platform above where Moneybags is
    trying to sell you a way into Ant Farm.
    Heh, choose Normal when it asks you, and then get ready to play. First to
    arrrive will be a set of rings which you will need to fly through in order to
    both get extra time and collect their gems. All purple things in normal mode
    will drop a gem, when they do you'll need to go over to it and grab it before
    you miss it. After the rings come the bats which you will need to avoid or
    shoot. The yellow ones will give you an extra second, while the red ones won't
    do anything to help. Keep tapping A or B to fire repeatedly. Then come some
    strange wierd flying things, they're mostly gems at the moment though so shoot
    em all for some gems. You won't make it first time, but on the second go, after
    these creatures come a load of meteors. You can only shoot the rough looking
    ones, they will give you a +1 second boost fordoing so, avoid the solid ones.
    Once through that, you'll be fighting a dragon similar to those found in
    Fireworks Factory of Spyro: Year of the Dragon. You'll need to keep firing at
    the dragon as much as you can, you'll also probably need a time of at least 10-
    15 seconds left, depending on how quickly you can fire, although obviously a
    time left of 36s is very useful.
    Fairy 024/100 Sam
    As soon as the dragon is dead, you'll be given a fairy, no melting involved.
    Colour: Yellow
    Now, either go back through Normal to get the last few gems of the level, or go
    into Hard mode in order to get the next fairy. In Hard mode everything is a
    little harder to do, things move a little quicker and you start off with less
    time. It's basically the same though.
    Fairy 025/100 Peaseblossom
    She'll be given to you once you beat the dragon at the end of Hard mode.
    Colour: Yellow
    That's another level complete. One more in this world and you can leave it
    Ant Farm     200 Gems - 1 Fairy
    Very similar level to those found in Year of the Dragon. You control Sparx from
    a top down view and he has a load of moves including shooting, sliding and
    charging. Pretty much exactly what Spyro can do really. The portal is found
    right behind Moneybags, he'll require you to pay him 400 Gems before he'll let
    Sparx through.
    Grab the blue key over on your right and go through the big blue door in the
    south. And by the way, the blue butterflies heal you. Through this door, shoot
    the insects attacking and then move around and down to the right. All the way
    down until you see an ant hill. Fire on it until it exlodes. Also destroy the
    one south of it, then head back up a bit. Go left and into a room with two
    yellow bugs that will fire at you, kill them first though and grab the gems in
    here. Back up above where the ant hill was and into the room on the right.
    Destroy the six ant hills in here and head through the blue door in the bottom
    righthand corner.
    Shoot the ant hill as soon as you get in and then the strange square thing that
    spawns shooting bugs. Then grab the red key and head out all the way to the red
    door you met earlier. Grab the gems, and butterflies in here and go back to the
    large room, go through the red door in the bottom lefthand corner. Shoot the
    shootey bug. Round the corner and destroy the two shooty bug spawners, they
    might be quite difficult to destroy with all of the bugs coming out of them, so
    keep going back round the corner for cover. Grab the green key and back out
    into the large room again.
    Straight up to the door right above you, destroy the two bug spawners and then
    go ahead and get that purple key. Now through the final door over in the top
    righthand corner of the large room. In here, use the shield you got earlier and
    run into him, keep shooting until your shield is almost gone, then get out of
    him and then continue your shooting. Run as he attempts to jump onto you, and
    shoot the little grasshoppers he sends out. Keep shooting until he's dead.
    Fairy 026/100 Angela
    As soon as he's destroyed you'll get this fairy.
    Colour: Blue
    That should be all for this level, and this world. So head back to Autumn Fairy
    Homes and go around the level until you get to Bianca in the southeastern
    corner. Talk to her and she'll take you through to Winter Fairy Home, as you're
    going through the portal Grendor will finally appear on screen and announce
    what's wrong with him, you won't have to fight him though.
                             Part 2 - Winter Fairy Home
    Winter Fariy Home     300 Gems - 5 Fairies
    Time to feel safe again. There's nothing that can kill you in this level as the
    fairies will save you if you go over the edge. This is the second homeworld of
    the Fairy Realms. Winter. Cold as you might imagine.
    Go down to the right and flame the ice crystal on the ground, you guessed it,
    this is the first of eight. Go down to the left as soon as you can and flame
    the second ice crystal here, just a little bit further and...
    Fairy 027/100 Fiona
    ...you'll come across this frozen fairy.
    Colour: Blue
    Down and round to the left again until you reach the place above where
    Moneybags is standing. Here you should see the third of the ice crystals to
    melt. Jump down and get the gems around Moneybags. Don't pay him just yet as
    that'll send you into the level, and then you'd have to reflame all those ice
    crystals. Now, go up and round to the right, going down when you can. Here you
    should meet up with Bianca who is standing next to a portal which will
    eventually take you to the Spring Fairy Home. Also melt ice crystal number
    Back up again, and just to the right of the end of the path is another fairy
    stuck in ice.
    Fairy 028/100 Christy
    Melt her then.
    Colour: Yellow
    Down a little past her, and you should find yourself an extra life in a bottle.
    Now up to the right and continue along the edge until you reach another ice
    crystal. Melt it. Three to go. Keep going around the edges collecting gems
    until you get to where Christy was again. Jump up onto the platform behind her
    and grab all the gems around here and up on the next level. In the middle of
    this area you should find yourself Fairy #29.
    Fairy 029/100 Britney
    She's stuck in the ice, aren't you gonna help her?
    Colour: Yellow
    Traverse your way over to a top righthand corner of the area where there's the
    sixth of the ice crystals and the 30th of the fairies.
    Fairy 030/100 Sung
    As usual, melt away.
    Colour: Blue
    Up onto the platform north of here, and grab all them lovely gems. Now go
    around the top edge of the level again and head west until you reach a place
    with some mushroom towers joined together with the seventh of the ice crystals
    at the bottom. Melt it! Then up onto the platfrom behind. At the far left side
    of this platform will you find the final ice crystal to melt, but before you
    do, collect the last few gems up here then melt it.
    Fairy 031/100 Cindy
    Teleported quite a distance, you'll need to melt her.
    Colour: Green
    And that should be that for this level. All fairies freed and all gems
    collected. Move along now, nothing to see here.
    Hummingbird Fort     400 Gems - 6 Fairies
    Located back where you got that last ice crystal, right up the top of the
    This level has a really strange backing to it, it's leaves and at first seems
    like it's solid, but it isn't so don't go jumping into it, you'll die right
    Walk along to the left a bit and talk to Cpl. Elise, he'll give you the usual
    challenge of getting rid of all the Rhynocs from the level. A bit further along
    and you'll find a locked chest for use later. Glide over to the platform just
    to the north, and climb up the steps to where there's a weird circle on the
    floor, flame it. The first of the eight is done.
    Glide over to the right and flame that Rhynoc, grab all the gems here and talk
    to Cpl. Marie. She'll tell you to help free six hummingbirds trapped in caves,
    much like they were in Year of the Dragon. Jump to the right and onto the
    treetrunks then go back once you've got the gems. Along over the bridge here
    and charge into the first of the cages, but watch out for the rebound. Then go
    a bit to the left and flame the second of the campfires
    Jump onto the treetrunk in front of you, and then onto the platform to the
    northeast. Flame the Rhynoc. Grab all the gems on this platform and jump over
    to the platform north of you.
    Over to the righthand side is another one of those campfires to flame. Go up to
    the top of the platform here and flame the Rhynoc shooting at you. Also charge
    into the bird cage on the way up.
    Fairy 032/100 Julie
    Up at the top you'll find this little one.
    Colour: Blue
    Go down and to the left, along here gather the gems then jump over to the left
    again. Kill the Rhynocs and then jump to the left yet again.
    Fairy 033/100 Samantha
    Just sitting there waiting for you to melt her.
    Colour: Yellow
    Yep, one more jump to a platform over on the left. Here's the third bird cage
    and the fourth of the campfires. Back to the previous platform and go along to
    the other end. Jump onto the island just off it. Work your way along here, free
    the bird and flame the fire. Also grab the key right at the end. Jump to the
    platform south-east of you and flame the Rhynoc who was attempting to shoot at
    you. Onto the tree trunk and then onto another large platform.
    Here you'll find another bird cage, the sixth campfire and a frozen fairy up
    the top.
    Fairy 034/100 Marissa
    Just your usual backchat from these ungrateful fairies. Disgraceful.
    Colour: Green
    Along over the bridge and then onto the platform south-east of here. Go along
    to the end and flame the seventh of the campfires, then off to a platform on
    the righthand side of where you landed. Flame the Rhynoc to claim the last in
    the level.
    Fairy 035/100 Candace
    Cpl. Renee will give you the fairy.
    Colour: Green
    Down the steps and jump over to the right. The final campfire is here.
    Fairy 036/100 Kiki
    Once flamed, the frozen fairy will appear next to you.
    Colour: Blue
    Along past it now and over to the island you were on with that last Rhynoc.
    Don't charge the cage just yet though. Glide over to some gems on a small
    island just north of it and then charge into the last cage.
    Fairy 037/100 Coco
    Once that's done, Cpl. Marie will give you the fairy.
    Colour: Yellow
    Now head back towards the exit portal and jump over onto the tree trunk on the
    left, then down to the place where you started the level, along a bit and
    you'll reach the locked chest to get the final few gems of the level.
    Panda Gardens     300 Gems - 6 Fairies
    Located in the top righthand corner of the map, this level sees a return for a
    few characters from Bamboo Terrace in Year of the Dragon, by name only really
    as they didn't exactly have a personality other then being pandas. The level
    features instant death drowning, so don't go off the edge, people.
    Walk along to the right and talk to Ling who'll give you the usual 'kill all
    Rhynocs' challenge for the level. Like you wouldn't anyway. Then go to the
    right and flame the light there, as well as the jumping Rhynoc. Turn around and
    go the other way now. Follow this main path along until you can go left. Follow
    it around to the left, up onto the platform here and collect and flame all you
    need to until everything is gone. Back down to below the platform and talk to
    Fairy 038/100 Jennie
    D'oh! Another thief. This one seems a little easier though, just avoid the
    Colour: Green
    Over to the right of this area you'll find the second of the eight lanterns to
    flame. Back up onto the platform and to the far right corner of the blue part,
    glide over to another blue platform on your right. Third lantern here as well
    as a locked chest. Glide back to the mainland again.
    Over the bridge in the bottom right corner and around to the right where you
    should find the fourth lantern. Go round and down to the left now and at the
    end here you'll find the fifth of those lanterns. Back down the path again and
    round to where number six is waiting to be flamed.
    Down past here and up onto the platform where you'll meet up with Yan who'll
    tell you to charge the Mystery Vase (argh! I hate those things!) and keep
    following around charging it until his friend comes out. So just charge it now,
    it'll show you where it has gone to, but you won't really need to pay much
    attention until it starts going where you've already been.
    Anyway, over to the left you should find yourself in the company of the seventh
    lantern. Carry on left and then down to where the eighth and final lantern is
    Fairy 039/100 Charlotte
    Teleported back to the seventh lantern, the forzen fairy will appear there.
    Colour: Green
    Glide over to the left, make sure to land on the platform here to grab both a
    key and a fairy.
    Fairy 040/100 Oi
    The strangest name for any of the fairies I'd have to say. No contest really.
    Colour: Yellow
    Jump down and onto the greeness below, then over to a smaller island and then
    finally back to the mainland where you were much earlier. Head off to get the
    gems out of the locked chest now. Once gotten, glide back to mainland and walk
    along the edge going south. When you see a platform off below you with a few
    gems on, glide over to it. The final Rhynocs are around here so flame 'em all!
    Fairy 041/100 Steffi
    Once that last Rhynoc falls, Ping will give you the fairy.
    Colour: Yellow
    Now head back to where you just were and up to the top of the platform.
    Fairy 042/100 Natalie
    Right at the top, is this fairy.
    Colour: Yellow
    Now charge into the Mystery Vase. Head to where it shows you where the vase has
    gone to now, repeat until you get back to where it started.
    Fairy 043/100 Doodle
    As soon as he pops out of the vase, Yan will give you his fairy.
    Colour: Blue
    And that is that. Panda Gardens completed.
    Honey Marsh     300 Gems - 6 Fairies
    Strangely, there's a level with the exact same name in Enter the Dragonfly.
    This place is located in the south-east corner of the homeworld. And again, any
    falling off the side will result in insta-death.
    There's no-one to talk to on this first island, so glide off upwards to another
    platform there. Along a it to the left you'll find the Professor, he'll tell
    you indirectly to kill all of the Rhynocs in the level. Jump up onto the
    platform on the left and while you're up there melt the weird looking plant,
    yep, the first of eight. Back down again and go past where the Professor is
    standing. Jump over to the platform at the end.
    Once this place is clear, over to the right again. Clear this platform again,
    flaming the second of the plants, then move along over to another platform on
    the right at the end. Go along here and up onto the platform.
    Fairy 044/100 Yaya
    And right at the top, you shall find this frozen fairy.
    Colour: Blue
    Back down to ground level, and carry on along the main path, right at the end
    you should find the third plant to melt. Jump off to the right and onto another
    platform. Right at the top of this place just to the right of where you land,
    you should find the key to that locked chest you found right at the start of
    the level. Clear this island and jump down and to the left in order to get to
    yet another platform. And right at the other end of this place is the fourth of
    the plants.
    Go back a little way so that you can glide over to the right and actually land
    on a platform rather then hitting the side and being killed. Here is flower
    number five, and right in the corner, a fairy.
    Fairy 045/100 Letty
    Flame the crystal.
    Colour: Yellow
    Off to the left now. Nothing special on this place, so just grab the gems and
    flame the Rhynoc and move along to the next one. Up the top on this place is
    the sixth flower. Glide over to the platform directly on the left of this place
    and grab the gems, then off to the platform north-east of you. Get up to the
    top here and glide over to the right again.
    Finally, we're onto the main platform of the level. Go up to the left and up
    the platform and you should find both a large flower and a frozen fairy.
    Fairy 046/100 Chu Chu
    Yep, and again another fairy thanks you.
    Colour: Green
    Go round the edge of this platform clockwise, and you should find the seventh
    plant. Carry on down here until you reach the Professor. He'll tell you about
    some bees and his time machine. To achieve what he asks, go over to the left
    and up to the beehive there. Flame it and as the bees come out, charge away
    towards the nearby flower. As long as the bees follow you to the flower, all is
    well and there's just another three to go. Go down to the large lake of honey,
    and follow the path to the one going left. Flame the hive at the end of it and
    lure the bee to the flower up next to the fairy you freed earlier. Rather
    difficult, but if you manage to get up to the gray step it should fly into the
    flower. You should also find the last of the Rhynocs around here.
    Fairy 047/100 Karen
    The Professor will give you the frozen fairy.
    Colour: Green
    Now follow the path of honey back again and then go along the other one going
    down to get to the third of the hives. Plainly the flower is directly south of
    the beehive. Now back to the honey lake and follow the final path to a beehive.
    The flower is directly west of the hive.
    Fairy 048/100 Kristen
    As soon as the bee goes into the hive, you'll see a short scene involving the
    Professor's time machine, and the frozen fairy will appear next to you.
    Colour: Yellow
    Now that that's done, head back up to where that last beehive was and melt the
    final flower.
    Fairy 049/100 Rhiannon
    As soon as it melts, you'll be taken over to the location of one of the
    previous flowers.
    Colour: Yellow
    Glide down to the left and go all the way along to the other end, glide over to
    the platform you first started on and open up that locked chest to get those
    last gems. And it's goodnight from Honey Marsh.
    Ice Age Speedway     300 Gems - 2 Fairies
    Found over to the east of where you come out of Honey Marsh. It's the second
    speedway of the game, only two more after this one.
    As before, the first time you go through you should be aiming to collect all
    the gems rather then complete it as there just aren't enough bonuses to pull
    you through to the end. First come a load of bats, you should know by now that
    the yellow ones will give you +1, the red ones nothing and the purple ones will
    give you gems. After the bats are some flying bear things, the purple ones will
    give you gems. After that come the rings, and after those come some of those
    draclets from Crystal Glacier in Spyro 2 on the PlayStation. The purple ones
    again drop gems, while the yellow ones give you +1, the blue ones do nothing
    again. Finally after them come the two snow-white dragons. Quite easy to kill
    this time, just keep shooting and avoid them as they get close.
    Fairy 050/100 Liora
    Once you kill both of them, you'll be given the fairy, no need to melt it even.
    Colour: Yellow
    Now onto Hard mode. Slightly harder as you might expect. No gems though, so
    repeat Normal mode if you need to get any.
    Fairy 051/100 Naomi
    Once completed, you'll get it.
    Colour: Yellow
    Ahh, all done. Exit and proceed over to Moneybags.
    Wasp City     200 Gems - 1 Fairy
    As before, Moneybags is demanding a nice sum of 600 gems to get into the level.
    Pay him and be done with it.
    These levels aren't quite as different in enemy variations as they were in Year
    of the Dragon where you got a new set of creatures to destroy for each level,
    here they're all the same. Ah well.
    As soon as you arrive, go up around the corner and shoot the bug. Then go up
    some more and shoot a couple of ants. Carry on up till you destroy an anthill,
    then go back down and to the left instead of up. Shoot another two anthills in
    here then charge down past a protected one. Shoot like crazy killing the bugs
    here then go down to the left and kill another anthill. Grab the blue key.
    Head back up and through the blue door. Destroy three anthills in here and then
    go round the corner to get the red key. Out again and through the red door
    which is located out near the start of the level and up to the right. Destroy
    the shooty bug spawner and go down to the right. Destroy the two anthills and
    grab the green key. Now off through the green door.
    Work your way through here shooting all the things, until you get the purple
    key. Once you get it, head back out all the way, don't go through the door
    right here just yet. Now go through the other purple door, but on the way
    there, destroy the anthill which is now available to destory. Once you get the
    gems, head back to the other purple door and go through.
    Use that shield you just picked up and shoot repeatedly at the big bee. As it
    runs out, head over and grab the butterfly in the room. Use it when you can see
    the bee as it will hurt him a lot. Then just keep shooting at it and the little
    bees until it explodes.
    Fairy 052/100 Jody
    Right as it explodes, the fairy will appear for you.
    Colour: Blue
    Grab any last gems in this room and fly over the portal back to Winter Fairy
    With the whole world completed, it's time to go see Bianca. She's waiting by
    the portal to Spring Fairy Home. Go talk to her.
    Strangely you don't actually end up in Spring Fairy Home, instead you end up
    Grendor's Lair     2 Fairies
    You'll only be able to get just the one at the moment though. It's a big boss
    fight here. Jump into the middle of the arena to begin. Keep circling him as he
    fires those fires at you. Wait until there's enough gone for you to charge into
    him. Then as he jumps up, avoid his shadow as he will soon be crashing down
    again. Repeat another four times (five hits in total) and he'll start
    Fairy 053/100 Lisa
    He'll then dissapear and leave behind this fairy for you to melt.
    Colour: Green
    Bianca will tell you to round up the last 47 fairies. Now go through the portal
    over on the northwestern side of the level, through to Spring Fairy Home.
                             Part 3 - Spring Fairy Home
    Spring Fairy Home     300 Gems - 5 Fairies
    The penultimate world of the game, just the Summer Fairy Home to go after this
    one. But for now, appreciate this for what it is. The fairies will once again
    save you if you go over the edge in this level so don't worry about that too
    Go down to the left and flame the first of the eight flowers on the ground
    here. Go round the next area anti-clockwise, and down the steps to the second
    plant. Continue along this side of the level and go around until you get to a
    part that goes off to the south-west. Along the path you should find the third
    flower. Continue past and talk to Bianca who'll tell you to collect yet more
    fairies in order to open up the portal to the Summer Fairy Home. Go to the
    other end of this area where you should find both the fourth flower and the
    54th fairy.
    Fairy 054/100 Heidi
    Ungrateful little...
    Colour: Green
    Anyway, back along the path that brought you here and continue your journey
    anti-clockwise. Continue along past Moneybags who's guarding the portal to
    Caterpillar Gardens, don't pay him until you want to go in. Continue up past
    him a bit further until you reach a place with a frozen fairy up top.
    Fairy 055/100 Judy
    She'll warn you about the big bad Grendor. Bit late for that.
    Colour: Yellow
    And on past here to where you'll find the fifth of those orange flowers.
    Continue along further until you reach another platform. Go up and to the
    right. As you do you'll get to flame number sixth.
    Fairy 056/100 Merriweather
    Over to the right is this little one.
    Colour: Green
    Now over to the left, and just below the Time Machine Lab portal is the next
    Fairy 057/100 Tessa
    Melt away.
    Colour: Blue
    Directly south of the fairy is the seventh of the flowers. And once again,
    directly south and to the right a bit, is the last one.
    Fairy 058/100 Cassie
    Teleported away to where a previous flower was, you'll need to free her from
    the crystal.
    Colour: Yellow
    And that's a wrap. Go on home people, or more precisely, to the Time Machine
    Lab! If you've managed to keep up with the walkthrough and have all 58 fairies,
    you will be able to access the lab, if not you'll have to wait until you have
    the 58 required which can be gotten from any of the other levels in the world
    that are currently open for you, including Roman City for example, but for this
    walkthrough it's on to the Time Machine Lab.
    Time Machine Lab     400 Gems - 6 Fairies
    Located in the top lefthand corner of the level, up near to where Tessa was.
    It's another level with the one fall kill routine, so no falling or being
    knocked off the edge. OK?
    Go forwards a bit and talk to the Professor. He'll tell you to clear his lab of
    Rhynocs. Up onto the platform behind him and charge into the robot Rhynoc,
    flaming won't work against these guys. Now go back along to the other end of
    this current island and then back again to glide over straight up.
    Here you will find a couple of Rhynocs and a pencil on the ground, flame the
    pencil, it's the first of eight. And glide upwards again. Go up the platform,
    working your way right up to the top. Grab the key on your way. On the purple
    bit, go over the titanium spork (you'll need it for a challenge that you've yet
    to be given) and flame the second pencil.
    Fairy 059/100 Cookie
    Down to the left is where you'll find her.
    Colour: Yellow
    Glide over to the right from the very top and land on a platform. Here you'll
    find the third pencil to flame right up at the top, a second and third spork
    and the fourth pencil too. Jump down to the bottom level here and grab these
    gems. Over to the left now and onto a platform with yet more gems on. At the
    other end of this thing, glide to the right. Up the top of the platform you can
    reach on here, then glide over to the other one.
    Fairy 060/100 Deborah
    Just needs a flaming.
    Colour: Yellow
    Go down to the bottom left of this current island and glide off to the south-
    west, at the end of this island is the fifth pencil. Now try and glide over to
    the right from the nearest point to it, which is basically near to where you
    first landed on the island. Up the top flame the pencil and then head back to
    that previous island.
    Glide off to the bottom left now, and go round this small island and round up
    onto one over to the top left. Up the top here you should find the sixth
    pencil. Now off to the bottom left and glide over again. Go up the platform and
    talk to the Professor. He'll tell you about his six missing Titanium Sporks,
    you should already have four of them and the fifth is right next to him. Glide
    over to the left again and open up the locked chest.
    Over to the right and glide a bit further. Go along here until you get to the
    sixth and final Spork.
    Fairy 061/100 Gladys
    As soon as you pick it up, you're taken back to the Professor and he'll give
    you the fairy.
    Colour: Blue
    Move along back to where you were when you got that last Spork. Up the top here
    and you'll find a fairy.
    Fairy 062/100 Maggie
    Thus proving that the colour of the fairy denotes what type it is. As she says
    she's a Winter Fairy, in the Spring Fairy Home world, therefore fairies aren't
    all in the right place, and her being blue just proves that Winter Fairies are
    blue and the others are Yellow (Summer), Green (Spring) and Yellow with red
    hair (Autumn). Simple. Probably anyway.
    Colour: Blue
    Go over to the left and glide over to the platform here. Grab the gems and kill
    the final Rhynoc.
    Fairy 063/100 Xiang
    Hair Tonic eh?
    Colour: Yellow
    Now all that you need is the final pencil. To get to it, head around the level
    until you get to a small purple raised part, glide over to the north and to the
    final pencil.
    Fairy 064/100 Hollie
    There, that's them all.
    Colour: Green
    And that's all folks. Apologies if this part of the guide seemed a bit
    detatched and less then informative as I believe I went a rather long way
    round, plus I really don't like this level. I will probably try to rewrite the
    whole of the Time Machine Lab part sometime in the future, just not right now.
    Roman City     300 Gems - 6 Fairies
    Found down near the sea. This level features water which will drown you on
    touch, so once again avoid falling off the edges.
    Grab all the gems on this small island and then glide over to another island
    west of here. Talk to Tribune Bryan, he'll tell you to help him find Senator
    Ricci. Glide off to the right now, and up to near where there's a Mystery Vase.
    Talk to Mayor Leo. He'll tell you to help free Citizen Paddy from the Mystery
    Vase. Charge into it and it'll teleport off somewhere in the level, you'll find
    it later on.
    Go round to the right and take care of the two Rhynocs that will start charging
    at you. Then go up the platform and glide off to the left and land on the
    ground. Flame the Rhynoc attempting to hit you with some rockets, and then
    glide over to the left once again. Here go around and up, then back down and
    along the path. Talk to Councillor Stuart now. He'll tell you about a thief.
    Fairy 065/100 Kim
    This has got to be the worst place to put a thief. Not only are there plenty of
    things for you to charge into, the water here kills you on contact so you've
    got pretty much no chance. However,
    Type: Autumn
    Now, go around this area killing everything you can find, but don't jump over
    any water just yet. Just avbove where you end up after catching that thief, is
    a oil lamp, flame it. Seems a bit late into the level, but this is the first of
    the eight items to flame.
    Go up to the north-west corner of the whole level, here you should find a key,
    the second oil lamp and a frozen fairy.
    Fairy 066/100 Nina
    It's right up on the platform here.
    Type: Spring
    In the south-east corner of this huge area is the third oil lamp.
    Fairy 067/100 Jessie
    Up the top near an oil lamp.
    Type: Winter
    Fairy 068/100 Laramie
    Gotten after flaming the eight oil lamps.
    Type: Summer
    Fairy 069/100 Doty
    Senator Ricci will give you the fairy once you wipe out the last of the
    Type: Summer
    Fairy 070/100 Sarah
    As soon as you smash the Mystery Vase for the last time, Mayor Leo will give
    you the fairy as a reward.
    Type: Autumn
    That's it. Apologies for the lack of a walkthrough for most of it, I kinda went
    crazy on this level. Expect a rewrite in a future version.
    Twilight Bulb City     400 Gems - 6 Fairies
    This level's found over to the top left-hand corner of the map. Again this
    level sports a nice feature that kills you straight away if you fall off the
    Walk over and talk to Zachery. He'll give you a challenge to turn on all the
    lights in the level. This should be easy. Glide over to the platform over on
    the left and grab all the gems here before heading north-east. Flame the Rhynoc
    and that wind turbine thing on the ground, similar in style to a type of chest
    from the original game, this thing will spin. It's also the first of eight in
    the level. Now glide off to the right once you're done with this platform.
    Take care of the Rhynoc here and move along to the platform over to the north-
    west of you. Here head north along it, flame the second wind turbine as you go.
    Then when you get to the end, turn around and go the other way. Here at the
    base of the large wooden part, is the third of those wind turbines. Flame it.
    Then go up onto the wooden platform and flame the Rhynocs on it, right at the
    top is the fourth wind turbine.
    Now glide off to the right and land on top of where you have been previosuly
    but couldn't reach. Here flame the switch next to the lightbuld, and melt the
    frozen fairy.
    Fairy 071/100 Sugarplum
    The same old tired response again.
    Type: Summer
    Glide off down to the left and land on a platform as yet unexplored. Grab the
    key here and flame the switch for the second of the lightbulbs up north. Now
    head down and round to jump over to another platform west of this one.
    Fairy 072/100 Callie
    Up the top of a wooden bit here.
    Type: Winter
    Jump back down and go to the left where the fifth wind turbine is waiting. Head
    down the other end of this platform and flame the sixth turbine, as well as the
    third of those lightbulbs up on a platform over on the west-side. Then glide a
    bit further to the left. Up here you'll find another Rhynoc and the fourth of
    the lightbulbs. Now head back to the previous platform you were on and then
    glide to the south.
    Clear the platform of gems and Rhynocs, then glide off to the north, stand in
    the middle of the top of the platform here and glide over to another platform,
    you'll probably need to use the hover technique to get up to it.
    Fairy 073/100 Blue
    Right up here's this fairy, all trapped in ice.
    Type: Winter
    Glide down to the left and work your way round back to where you were before
    that last glide. Here, go off to the left now. You'll find wind turbine number
    seven in the corner up north, and then at the other end, glide off southwards.
    Fairy 074/100 Syliva
    In the bottom right corner of this small island.
    Type: Autumn
    Off to the left I think now. Then once this place is cleared it's off to the
    left again. Here you should find both the last wind turbine and lightbulb.
    Flame the lightbulb first.
    Fairy 075/100 Elizabeth
    A little mention to Insomniac Games here? Maybe. Whatever it is, flame the
    fairy after Arlo's little talk.
    Type: Summer
    It's not too far to the wind turbine from here, so go back there and flame it.
    Fairy 076/100 Mab
    Teleported away from here, the fairy will be sitting there in front of you.
    Type: Spring
    From here go to the right, glide to the right and work your way back through
    the level until you reach the locked chest. Open it and be on your way as that
    should complete the level for you. 70% of the game is now complete.
    Aqua Age Speedway     300 Gems - 2 Fairies
    Located right in the middle of the homeworld. The only good thing to say about
    this level is that it's the second to last one of the game. Mmm.
    Same as usual, Normal mode and attempt to collect all the gems you can on the
    first go through as you'll never make it. The order in which things arrive are:
    first come the rings, then a set of balloon things (pink does nothing, yellow
    gives you +1 and blue gives you a gem), next are a set of jellyfish (shoot the
    small ones circling the larger one, then when they're all dead youcan destroy
    the large one which will give you a gem), then next come a load of crab like
    things (blue gives you a gem, red nothing and orange +1) which you will need to
    avoid as they come on screen, then another of those large jellyfish with
    smaller ones surrounding it, and then finally the last dragon.
    Fairy 077/100 Jo
    After killing the dragon, Sparx will give you this fairy.
    Type: Summer
    Then either collect any last gems you need in Normal mode, or move onto the
    slightly more difficult Hard mode.
    Fairy 078/100 Betty
    Once you finally kill that end dragon, you get this fairy.
    Type: Autumn
    All done, exit.
    Caterpillar Gardens     200 Gems - 1 Fairy
    Located directly behind Moneybags. Pay him the 800 gems he wants and head on
    in. Same enemies and premise as the last two times. Get on through and defeat
    the big bad boss.
    Having said that, as soon as you exit the first room you meet up with a new
    enemy. Just destroy it's leaf to stop any more coming out. Go round the corner
    here and into a larger room with several doors. Destroy another of the new
    enemies, a large bug which requires several shots, and then head up and grab
    the blue key.
    Yep, through that blue of doors. Head up past the protected thing, and destroy
    the large bug spawner up here. Head back down again past the protected leaf and
    destroy an anthill south of it. Go along this path, destroy a bug spawner and
    get the red key.
    Through the red door and kill the things in the first room. Head south and
    destroy a leaf, then east and go all the way through here past several doors
    and finally grab the green key after a lot of killing. Go back and then through
    the first green door you find, then to the right and through the next green
    Go along here and destroy the leaf and bug spawner as you go, right at the end
    is the purple key. Head back to the first room full of doors and go through the
    purple one.
    Grab the gem in here and head back to the other previous purple door which will
    lead you to the final boss fight. Use whatever butterfly power you have on it
    and then if that runs out grab the red butterfly in here and use that.
    Fairy 079/100 Roxie
    Once you finally get it to explode, this little fairy will popup.
    Type: Winter
    And grab any gems you've missed in the level then head on back through to the
    Spring Fairy Home.
    Now that all of the levels in this world are complete, it's time to move on to
    the final world. Go over and talk to Bianca who will once again open up a
    portal to the next world, the final world, Summer Fairy Home.
                             Part 4 - Summer Fairy Home
    Summer Fairy Home     300 Gems - 5 Fairies
    And now we're onto the final world of the game. The Summer Fairy Home. The
    usual thing in the home worlds where if you go off the edge it'll bring you
    back up, even if you don't want it to.
    As you arrive in the world, head around this area collecting the gems before
    going down to the right. As you go, flame the orange flower, shame they ran out
    of ideas for a new thing to flame here. As you get to the end of this short
    path, go to the right and follow the edge along and then continue along the
    edge as it turns to the left.
    When you reach it, jump up onto the platform and go all the way up to the top.
    On the second step up is the second flower to flame. Then right in the middle
    on the top is a third flower, and all the way to the left is to fourth.
    Fairy 080/100 Glinda
    And just to the left of that fourth flower, is this 80th fairy.
    Type: Spring
    Now, go to the furthest point east on this platform, just past the portal to
    Space Age Speedway, and glide over to the right and land on top of a platform
    Fairy 081/100 Chi Chi
    And almost by coincidence, this fairy is just sitting there on top of the
    Type: Winter
    Drop down and talk to Bianca. She'll tell you that you need more fairies to get
    to Grendor. And unlike other Spyro games where you could probably already go
    and face the boss, here you won't be able to until you get 99 fairies, and the
    100th one is inside the level so you'll need to complete everything else before
    you can defeat Grendor.
    Head along the path to the left and then carry on in the exact same direction
    along until you meet up with the 82nd fairy.
    Fairy 082/100 Penny
    At the bottom of a dip.
    Type: Autumn
    Now along to the left and follow the edge around until you reach the fifth
    flower. Then follow the edge once more carrying on in the same direction. Go
    right when you can and grab the few gems here as well as the sixth of the
    flowers. Continue along to the northeast until you see Moneybags, don't pay him
    yet, then turn and go down to the right. Now, in this area right next to a tree
    you should find flower number six.
    Fairy 083/100 Merritt
    Right in the corner next to Dusty Trails.
    Type: Summer
    Now, from here head to the southwest and flame the eighth flower as you pass
    Fairy 084/100 Mellie
    As you flame it, you'll be taken off to where the fairy is waiting for you to
    melt her.
    Type: Autumn
    And that is that. Full completion of the level. All the fairies and all the
    gems should be gotten by now.
    Dusty Trails     400 Gems - 6 Fairies
    Back along to where you found Merritt, the portal is right next to her. And as
    usual, the water (maybe quicksand?) off the edge will drown you straight away
    so keep off it.
    Head to the left and talk to Sheriff Skip. He'll tell you to clear the level of
    Rhynocs for him. Go to the right a bit and flame the lamp. The first of eight.
    Now go along the path behind Skip and then jump across to a second platform
    with a second lamp on.
    Go down along the right and continue along the edge clearing this island of
    Rhynocs. When you get to it, flame the third lamp and grab the nearby key, then
    go back a little and up and flame the fourth of the lamps. Now up onto the
    platform at the top of this island. Right in the middle up the top is the fifth
    lamp to flame. Once this whole island is clear of gems and Rhynocs, go to the
    far right side of this high up platform and glide over to another platform that
    is otherwise unreachable. Flame the Rhynoc and grab the life. Drop down to get
    some more gems and then go over to the right.
    Now, go along the righthand side of the large island again until you get to the
    first wheel in the ground. Now glide over to the right here. Then jump to the
    island southwest of you. Grab all the gems on here and go to the part with the
    Rhynoc on. Flame it and then jump to the island north of here. Over in the far
    right corner of this island is the sixth lamp.
    Fairy 085/100 Sandra
    And right up the top of the platform here is this frozen fairy.
    Type: Summer
    Go to the place where that sixth lamp was and jump to the island south of you.
    Go along to the other end and once again jump to the southwest. Work your way
    through this place until you get to Farmer Scott who'll inform you about a
    Fairy 086/100 Carrie
    The thief in question is located a lot further down the island. He's running
    about but generally easy to catch. Amazingly I ran straight into him as he ran
    across the screen. You probably won't be that lucky, but he isn't too hard to
    catch if you're chasing him.
    Type: Winter
    Now up onto the set of platforms just to your left and around in the middle you
    should find lamp number seven. From the very top of this place, glide to the
    right and try to land on top of the platform with a fairy on.
    Fairy 087/100 Flavie
    If you can manage to land on it and melt the ice crystal, then this is your
    Type: Autumn
    Drop down off here and go straight to the southeast. Jump onto the island here
    and flame the Rhynoc. Jump back and go along the island again all the way to
    the far end. Go up onto the platform here and go right up as far as you can on
    the lefthand side. Now glide over to the left and land on the platform there.
    Up here's a locked chest and a frozen fairy.
    Fairy 088/100 Alex
    Flame it.
    Type: Winter
    Jump down off this high platform and grab the gems below it. Glide to the south
    now and flame the final lamp.
    Fairy 089/100 Eileen
    Upon flaming the lamp,
    Type: Spring
    Fairy 090/100 Mariah
    On the flaming of the final Rhynoc, you're taken all the way to
    Type: Summer
    And that should complete the level for you.
    Star Park     400 Gems - 6 Fairies
    Located at the far left of the level, around about in the middle, but just a
    bit above.
    Go to the left a little and Kranky will talk to you. He tells you to find his
    friend, and to do that you'll need to kill all the Rhynocs. Behind Kranky is
    the locked chest of the level, and over to the far left is a snow llama. Flame
    it. Yep, it's the first of the eight. Go up the platform and talk to Louie.
    He'll tell you to collect some launch pad pieces, six in total.
    Glide to the island over on the left and straight away you'll find the first of
    those six. At the far end of this island, jump over to the next one north of
    it. Grab all the gems and go up to the top here, flame the snowball throwing
    Rhynoc and collect the second of the launch pad pieces. Glide over to the left.
    Melt the second snow llama and then go along to the right. Go up onto the high
    platform and flame the two Rhynocs throwing stuff at you. Glide over to the
    right now, and land on top of a platform that is unreachable from the ground
    below it. Up here is the third of the launch pad pieces and the third of the
    snow llamas. Drop down and grab the gems, then jump off to the left onto
    another island.
    Flame the Rhynocs here and collect all of the gems. Then jump up to the top of
    the platform and flame the frozen fairy.
    Fairy 091/100 Meg
    There's nothing to do but melt her.
    Type: Winter
    Jump down to the left and then across again to another island with just a fairy
    Fairy 092/100 Ember
    Melt the fairy to get it.
    Type: Autumn
    Go back to the previous island and go along it till you get to the fourth snow
    llama. Then carry on even further. Here you should find the fifth llama and the
    fourth launch pad piece. Glide down to the left, then once that's clear, glide
    to the south. Flame the Rhynoc on this island and then jump over to the right.
    Go up the top of the platform here and collect the fifth launch pad piece, the
    sixth llama and the 93rd fairy.
    Fairy 093/100 Gwen
    Located right in the middle, all frozen.
    Type: Summer
    Now onto another island southeast of this one. Before moving on again, make
    sure to flame the seventh llama. Then once this island's clear, go on to the
    southeast again. Go down the quite long path until you get to a rather large
    open area. Go up to the top here and jump up to get the final launch pad piece.
    Fairy 094/100 Tammy
    The rocket will now launch, and Louie will give you the fairy to melt.
    Type: Winter
    Over to the far left of this island you should find both the key, and the final
    llama to melt.
    Fairy 095/100 Agent 10
    As soon as you melt it, the fairy will appear quite near to you, so you won't
    be suddenly back halfway through the level again.
    Type: Summer
    After that, head all the way over to a place where you can jump over to another
    island to the east. It's located directly south of where you got Tammy. On this
    island you should find almost all the remaining gems (still got that chest to
    open) and the final Rhynoc.
    Fairy 096/100 Beany
    Oscar will appear over by the portal back to the Summer Fairy Home.
    Type: Summer
    That's the last of the fairies of this level. Now go up next to the fairy, and
    glide over to the northeast and land on the island quite far off, you won't be
    able to see it from standing. Now right in the corner here, jump to the island
    south of you. Here you should find the locked chest and the final gems inside.
    Now head on home.
    Space Age Speedway     300 Gems - 2 Fairies
    At last, the final speedway. Located up north. Same setup as usual, choose
    Normal mode in order to get a go through collecting the gems, then once you've
    done that go through again to try to complete it.
    The order in which things arrive is as such: First a load of strange flying
    things, green = nothing, yellow = +1, and blue = gem. Just shoot like crazy at
    everything, and since they're flying away from you they can't hurt you at all.
    After them come another bunch of strange things, and like the jellyfish of the
    previous Speedway, smaller ones surround a larger one, destroy the small ones
    first. They also tend to hurt you a lot more then the jellyfish did. And next
    another load of weird creatures, it looks a bit like they're on flying pogo
    sticks. Anyway, the red ones give you gems, brown ones nothing and yellow ones
    +1. And then some rings to go through. After that, a load of bi-planes. Green
    ones nothing, yellow +1 and blue gives you a gem. Avoid them as they get close
    to you as they do hurt. And finally comes the large very tough dragon. A lot of
    shooting and about a minute of time should do you well.
    Fairy 097/100 Mustardseed
    And as soon as you finally destroy the dragon, Sparx will give you this one.
    Type: Summer
    Now, either go back through again to get the rest of the gems, or go into Hard
    mode and collect the fairy there. Remember though, Hard mode means it's more
    difficult, you've got less time.
    Fairy 098/100 Micki
    Finally, once the dragon is dead in Hard mode. You'll need at least around 30
    seconds when you reach the dragon if you've any chance of killing it.
    Type: Autumn
    Now that's that. And now Exit back to the Summer Fairy Home.
    Beetle Burrows     200 Gems - 1 Fairy
    Located over behind Moneybags in the middle of the eastside of the homeworld.
    Pay him the 1000 gems he wants to let you through.
    Grab the gems in this room and go along the path shooting bugs as you go, all
    the way to the other end with the blue key. Go back along the passageway until
    you reach the blue door to go through now. Go along here shooting the shooty
    bug and then a large caterpillar followed by a large bug. Go down and follow
    the path. Charge through the blue door at the end and destroy the two ant hills
    in here as well as grabbing the red key.
    Back out to the main corridor and go through the red door just north of the
    blue one. Go through the large room straight across to the left and then up to
    get the green key. Then go back into the large room and destroy the bugs in
    there, except for the thing spawning the large bugs of course at that's still
    Out and through the green door here. Go up here and destroy the ant-hill before
    going left and up in order to destroy an ant-hill. Then go down the other way
    to get some gems. After that out into the room on the left which houses both a
    large caterpillar and the purple key.
    All the way back out and through the large purple door. Destroy the large bug
    spawner by aiming diagonally. South of it is another one to shoot, easier this
    time though, and just to the right is another one of those strange looking
    things that does nothing at all except hurt you if you run into it, but it will
    also release a butterfly when destroyed. Destroy it and the bug spawner behind
    it. Now go back up and along the path leading northwards. The path ends at a
    purple door. Guess what's behind it.
    That's right the boss. The best butterfly power to have on you when you go in
    is the shield one as that will protect you for a short time while you pummel it
    with your normal shots. After that grab the purple butterfly in here and use it
    while the beetle is on teh screen, then if he's still alive use the red
    butterfly and throw all the bombs at it until it finally explodes leaving
    behind a fairy.
    Fairy 099/100 Franny
    As soon as this fairy is released you get a new ability to warp to any level in
    the game that you've already visited.
    Type: Winter
    And that should be that. Collect any last gems you need and head back to the
    homeworld through the portal that just opened up. Now it's on to the final
    Grendor's Lair     2 Fairies
    Now's the time to get that second fairy. The last one of the game. Head up a
    bit and along the path to where Bianca is waiting for you. Now that you have
    all 99 fairies you can go face Grendor for the final time. Head through the
    The edges here will now kill you straight away so no falling off please. The
    level's the same as before in shape so go to the middle where Grendor is
    waiting for you. An identical battle to before will start. Instead of fire
    balls they're ice balls. Just circle him till there's an opening for you to
    charge him. Try to keep him in the middle of the arena when he jumps up, the
    large shadow means that he's on his way down. Repeat for a total of eight hits
    to finally destroy him.
    Fairy 100/100 Zoe
    And once that's all over, you'll get Zoe, the story will wrap up and the
    credits will roll.
    Type: Autumn
    Back in the Summer Fairy Home now with 100% of the game completed. There's only
    one thing left to do now. Remember the Dragonfly X level that needed 100
    fairies to get into? Well it's over on the far left and is now open for you to
    play the bonus game. (Just as a side note, if you go back into Grendor's Lair
    you can now keep on getting as many extra fairies as you want as for some
    reason it will give you one each time you go in there, you'll only have to view
    the end story and then skip the credits to get them!)
    Dragonfly X
    Moneybags is waiting for you outside the level and will give back all the gems,
    strange how this is the first game where he's done that without being forced
    to. (He makes up for it in Enter the Dragonfly by never giving back the gems he
    Dragonfly X is a strange little game. There's not much point to it either. If
    you wait a while it'll show you a demo of it, but it doesn't do very well.
    Anyway, the point of the game seems to be to destroy the bug in the centre. To
    do so shoot off enough of the outer shield so that you can get a shot through
    to destroy it. However it will shoot back if it has a chance. Each time you
    kill it you get 1000 points, the barriers give you 10 points per and the little
    bugs that it sends out give you 50. There are several butterflies that appear
    which will give you special weapons to use.
    There's nothing really to do apart from compete for the highscore with either
    yourself or someone else. Ah well. That's all for the game. 100% completed and
    the extra game tried out (you can now access it from the main menu as well).
    ------------------------------[05 - Cheats and Codes]--------------------------
    All these codes are entered on the main title screen where it shows the logo
    for the game and tells you to press START.
    All Portals Unlocked
    U, U, D, D, L, R, U, D, A
    Warp Ability
    L, R, R, L, U, L, L, R, A
    99 Lives in New Game
    L, R, R, R, D, U, R, U, A
    Infinite Health in the Sparx Levels
    D, U, U, D, L, R, R, L, A
    Infinite Ammo for weapons in the Sparx Levels
    D, R, U, L, L, U, R, D, A
    Weapon Select in the Sparx Levels
    R, U, R, L, D, U, L, D, A
    After entering that code on the title screen, go to any Sparx level and while
    your in there press the following combinations to select what thing you want:
           U + Select - Shield Weapon
           D + Select - Homing Missiles
           L + Select - Widespread Bullets
           R + Select - Purple Wipeout
    L Button + Select - All Keys Collected
           D = Down
           R = Right
           L = Left
           U = Up
           A = A Button
    L Button = L Button
    And those are all the official cheats for this game.
    These codes are all found on the GameFAQs website which is where I borrowed
    them from.
    ----------------------------[06 - Contact Information]-------------------------
    If you need to contact me for anything to do with this particular game (Spyro:
    Season of Ice) then send me an e-mail with a clear subject that has something
    to do with the game in it somewhere so that I won't just delete it, as I
    generally do that a lot. I would also like to know exactly what game
    it is that you are contacting me about as I have written a guide for nearly
    every Spyro game now so saying something like 'I'm stuck in this boss level,
    HELP!!!!' really won't get you anywhere.
    My address is:
    Contact me there for help with finding the fairies or contributions for the
    guide. And yes, I do realise that having the (at) and the (dot) bits are
    annoying, but apparently it will reduce all the junk mail that I get, so just
    replace them with the @ and the . to get my address. You may also get a faster
    response from either the forum for this game at GameFAQs.
    Or at my forum:
    Also, before asking, make sure that it isn't answered in the guide anywhere.
    The latest version of this guide is located on GameFAQs.com;
    So if you're reading this guide from anywhere else (excluding my own website
    which also has the latest version) then please go to this version of the guide
    to see whether your question has been answered already.
    ---------------------------------[07 - Thanks]---------------------------------
    Thanks to Digital Eclipse for making a decent enough Spyro game, better at
    least then the awfulness that was created by Equinoxe and Check 6.
    If there is anyone who has contributed to the guide in anyway and I have
    neglected to mention, then thank you.
    --------------------------------[08 - Copyright]-------------------------------
    Copyright 2004 dark52
    This guide to Spyro : Season of Ice may not be reproduced under any
    circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any
    website or otherwise distributed publicly without advanced written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public domain is
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    And one last thing, this guide is currently only allowed at these three places:
      And that's all for this guide. Watch out soon for my Season of Flame guide
       which I am making to have finished a guide for all current Spyro games.

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