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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Vegita

    Version: 3.141 | Updated: 03/14/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    "Legacy of Gokuu"
     For the Gameboy Advance
     Produced by Infogrames
    General Game FAQ/Walkthrough
     Written by Reverend Eric "Vegita" Johnson (VegitaBOD@aol.com)
    Version 3.141
    I    - Introduction
    II   - Game Story
    III  - Basics
         A   - The Game & The Menu
         B   - Controls
         C   - Ki Abilities
         D   - Items
         E   - Experience Chart
         F   - Quest List
    IV   - The Walkthrough
    V    - Enemies & Bosses
    VI   - Various
         A   - The Name Game
         B   - Revision History
         C   - Thanks
         D   - No Thanks
    =============================== Legacy of Gokuu ===============================
          --------------------------I: Introduction--------------------------
    =============================== Legacy of Gokuu ===============================
    Welcome!  I am Vegita, Guardian Of Destiny, and I see you want help for the 
    Gameboy Advance game "Legacy of Gokuu".  Hey, that's cool.  I've been writin' 
    guides for Dragon Ball games for quite a few years, so I feel I have a bit of a
    handle on this sort of thing.
    First off, let's get one thing straight: Even though I am Vegita, I will try to
    write from an un-biased point of view (although I still think I'm the best at 
    everything).  Second of all, if I catch anyone copying all or part of this FAQ,
    ANY part of this FAQ (not counting little, inconsequential sentences like 
    "First off, let's get one thing straight), I will destroy you.  I will rip you
    limb from limb like the excessively weak individual you are, and then I will 
    sue you for copyright infringement.  Well, ok, maybe I'll just sue you, but if
    I got the chance I'd certainly go for the ripping of limbs from other limbs.  
    Third of all, I do not own the rights to this game, the names of the characters
    in this game or FAQ, or have any ownership whatsoever of this game (except for 
    the cartridge sitting next to my desk, that is).  Those are the property of 
    their respective owners.  This FAQ is wholly the property of ME, though, and
    If I find a website with this FAQ on it, and it has been changed in any way, 
    does not give me proper credit, or is selling it without my knowledge and 
    consent, then I WILL have my lawyers contact that site.  Are we clear (this 
    means YOU, Vertsk8!)?  It's not just courtesy, folks, it's the LAW.
    Hey folks, if you're going to write me about this game, I must insist that you
    put, in the subject header of the e-mail, the name of game that you are writing
    about.  I am tired of having people write me, asking about games that I've 
    written for, but they never tell me WHAT game they need help with.  This will 
    help me in identifying what game you are talking about, and will also help me 
    weed your e-mails out from the Spam I constantly receive.  If you do not put
    the name of the game in the Subject header, then I may not read your e-mail at
    all; I get a lot of spam, and people like trying to send me viruses, so if you
    don't do something that will actually help me in determining whether or not
    your e-mail is legitimate, you can only blame yourself for my not reading it.
    I've given fair warning, so you cannot complain about it.
    =============================== Legacy of Gokuu ===============================
          --------------------------II:  Game Story--------------------------
    =============================== Legacy of Gokuu ===============================
    Dragon Ball was a Manga (Japanese cartoon or comic) created by Akira Toriyama,
    an artist in Japan, in 1984.  The manga, which dealt with an absurdly strong 
    little boy named Gokuu (off of the Japanese stories of a monkey god of the 
    same name), became wildly successful, and a cartoon version was put on the air
    in 1986.  It ran all through the course of the show until the main character, 
    Gokuu, finally grew to adulthood.  This signified the end of Dragon Ball, but 
    promised that something new would return next week in it's place.  This new 
    show: Dragon Ball Z.
    Dragon Ball Z picked up right where Dragon Ball left off, with Gokuu as an 
    adult.  He has a child now, and his arch-nemesis, Piccolo, was as bad and mean
    as ever.  This series introduced an entirely new set of characters, mostly 
    from outer space, and revealed Gokuu's origins (he's from another planet too).
    Dragon Ball was such a large success, before and during it's "Z" stage, so it 
    was obvious enough that there would be video games made about it.   There are 
    RPGs, Fighting games, Strategy games, and even a few arcade games.  However,
    Dragon Ball's reign of popularity eventually ended in Japan ni 1996, spanning
    3 series (503 episodes all-told), 42 Manga volumes, several video games, tons
    of movies, and various other marketing ploys.
    Enter the United States' amoration with the Japanese cartoon, the "Anime".
    There had been a number of anime brought over to the U.S., translated and 
    dubbed with English vocals, to be viewed by the American Populace.  However,
    none have every truly gained the critical foothold of becoming a popular TV
    series on their own.  There have been shows that gained notoriety from their
    viewers, such as Speed Racer, a show who's "unique" blend of storytelling
    and overall style became a point of mockery.  There were legitimate successes
    of certain imports, such as Akira and Princess Mononoke, but the holy grail
    of importing hadn't yet been breached - the discovery of the intensely 
    popular show.
    And then, Dragon Ball Z came to our shores.
    Granted, Pokemon had its phase in the United States, and enjoyed a swell in
    popularity that rivaled that of our own TV shows.  However, the market was
    too saturated with the Pokemon anime and Pokemon merchandising, thus killing
    the market too quickly.  Dragon Ball Z started out with a modest following in
    the U.S., and has been steadily growing ever since.  The surest proof of its
    success?  At one point, Cartoon Network showed Dragon Ball twice every week
    day and occasionally on the Weekends as well, airing 10+ times a week.  The
    fact that the majority of people weren't complaining about oversaturation -
    in fact, they wanted to see more of the show (thus the justification for
    having 3-hour block "DBZ Fests" on Weekends from time to time)!  One could
    easily say that Dragon Ball's popularity is just as high as Pokemon's was.  
    Now, with DBZ's success, comes a new wave of Video Games.  Ladies and 
    Gentlemen, this brings us to "Legacy of Gokuu", the first DBZ game in 
    several years to be released.
    Legacy of Gokuu starts off right where Dragon Ball Z did, with Gokuu arriving
    at his old Sensei's home for a reunion with some friends.  However, the
    appearance of his brother, Raditz, spoils things as Raditz kidnaps Gokuu's
    son, Gohan.  This sparks the long chain of events that the game travels,
    culminating in Gokuu's defeating of Furiza, one of the most powerful beings
    in the Universe and an all-around scourge.  So let's get to that game now,
    shall we?
    =============================== Legacy of Gokuu ===============================
          ----------------------------III: Basics----------------------------
    =============================== Legacy of Gokuu ===============================
    Let's cover some of the basic stuff, first, so you'll at least have a general
    idea of what to do in the game, eh?  
    _~A~  The Game & the Menu______________________________________________________
    Gokuu's health and Ki are depicted as 2 bars located in the Upper-Left corner
    of the screen.  The Green Bar - with the "K" next to it - is Gokuu's Ki, which he
    uses for his Ki attacks, and the Red Bar - with the "H" next to it - is Gokuu's
    Health.  If Gokuu runs out of Health, Gokuu dies and the game is Over.  Enemies
    are combatted by using a Ki attack on them or punching them, whichever you'd
    prefer to do (although you can avoid them, this will not kill them).  You can 
    tell when Gokuu is being damaged by an enemy, as he will flash red - of course,
    this holds true for when Gokuu damages his enemies as well, since they flash
    red also.  An opponent is dead/defeated when they slump to the ground and cease
    to move anymore.
    When Gokuu succeeds in defeating an enemy or completing a quest, he gains
    experience points.  These points go towards an overall total, which - after
    earning enough points - Gokuu gains a level-up.  When Gokuu goes up to the next
    level, he takes less damage from his enemies, has more health and Ki, has a 
    higher number of Flight Charges he can carry, and can attack his opponents with
    more force than before.  Occasionally, after completing a quest, Gokuu will 
    gain a Speed-Up - this simply means that Gokuu will now move around faster, and
    can actually outrun certain foes.  The amount of Levels that Gokuu can gain, 
    however, tops off at 25, so once you hit that point there is no use in 
    continuing to fight enemies (unless, of course, you LIKE beating up enemies!).
    You'll know when Gokuu gains a level, as a menu box will appear and inform you 
    of what level you have attained.
    The Menu Screen has several options which you can pick.  Here is a bad ASCII 
    picture, depicting the Menu:
    |                                                        |
    |  ____________________________________________________  |
    |  |                                                  |  |
    |  |  Level:  [Whatever Level Gokuu is At]            |  |
    |  |                                                  |  |
    |  |  Experience: [How much experience Gokuu has]     |  |
    |  |                                                  |  |
    |  |  To Next Level:  [How much Exp. Gokuu needs]     |  |
    |  |                                                  |  |
    |  ----------------------------------------------------  |
    |  ____________________________________________________  |
    |  |                              ||                  |  |
    |  |  O Quests                    || HP:              |  |
    |  |    Inventory                 ||     [Current HP] |  |
    |  |    Attacks                   || Ki:              |  |
    |  |    Save                      ||     [Current Ki] |  |
    |  |    Options                   ||                  |  |
    |  |    Credits                   || Time:            |  |
    |  |    Exit                      ||  0 0 : 0 0 : 0 0 |  |
    |  |                              ||                  |  |
    |  ----------------------------------------------------  |
    |                                                        |
    Although a little self explanitory, I might as well cover what's said above.
    "Level" is what Level Gokuu is currently at, and Experience is how much Exp.
    Gokuu has amassed throughout the game.  Below these is the amount of Experience
    Gokuu must raise before he can gain another level.  The Box on the Lower Right
    gives numerical ratings for how much HP and KI Gokuu currently has, as well as
    just how long you've been playing the game.  In the box on the Lower Left, we 
    have several options which you can scroll through with the directional pad.
    Select the option you want A BUTTON, or Cancel with the B BUTTON.  
    ~"Quests" shows which Quests Gokuu has completed in the game.
    ~"Inventory" shows what items Gokuu has obtained.  If you need to use a Senzu
     or some Herbs, you may select them from this screen by moving the Cursor next
     to them and pressing the A BUTTON.
    ~"Attacks" shows which Ki Abilities Gokuu has learned at that point in the 
    ~"Save" allows you to save your game.  Upon selecting it, you will be prompted
     to select a Save File (there are 2 to pick from); you may select one with the
     A BUTTON or press the B BUTTON to cancel.  If you are overwriting another Save
     file, the game will tell you this and ask you if you really want to do so.
    ~"Options" lets you change some of the settings of the game.  These settings
     are Text Speed (Low, Medium, High), Music Volume (1-10), and Sound Effects
     Volume (1-10).
    ~"Credits" shows you who worked on the game.
    ~"Exit" is what you select to exit the menu screen.  You can also exit it by
     pressing the B BUTTON.
    Great, now let's get to the controls!
    ___~B~  Controls_______________________________________________________________
    A BUTTON        - Punch/Talk/Speed Up Text/Pick Up Items.  By simply 
                      pressing the A BUTTON, Gokuu will punch in whatever 
                      direction he is facing.  This is one of your 3 modes 
                      of attacking, and is a staple to Gokuu's survival in 
                      the game.  By moving next to a non-hostile person, you
                      can initiate a conversation with them by pressing 
                      TOWARDS them and pressing the A BUTTON.  Upon 
                      initiating Dialog, you can speed up the text by 
                      holding down the A BUTTON, and can skip to the next 
                      box of text by pressing the A BUTTON again.  Finally,
                      Gokuu can pick up items that are on the ground by
                      moving next to them and pressing the A BUTTON - much
                      like as if you were trying to talk to someone.
    B BUTTON        - Ki Attack/Show All Text.  By pressing the B BUTTON, 
                      Gokuu will use one of 3 Ki attacks.  Although he only 
                      starts with 1, Gokuu eventually learns 2 more Ki 
                      attacks to select from and utilize in battle.  Also, 
                      if Gokuu is in a Conversation with someone he can 
                      display all of the text they will say by pressing the 
                      B BUTTON, and can then progress to the next screen of 
                      dialog by pressing the B BUTTON again.  This can make 
                      your conversations a lot quicker.
    L BUTTON        - Ki Ability Selection.  Gokuu, throughout the game, 
                      learns 3 different Ki Attacks, but can only use one 
                      at a time.  In order to select a different Ki Attack, 
                      you can cycle through the trio by pressing the L
                      BUTTON.  Pressing it will select the next Ki Ability
                      that Gokuu has learned.
    R BUTTON        - Flight Mode.  By pressing the R BUTTON, Gokuu will
                      initiate Flight Mode.  During Flight Mode, Gokuu can
                      soar above (most of) the landscape, flying above 
                      enemies and (most) obstacles on the ground.  While
                      Gokuu is in Flying Mode, he cannot be harmed by any
                      enemy attacks, so he is relatively free from harm
                      while doing so...although he cannot attack his foes
                      either, so it's a trade-off (kinda like Oliyuke's
                      Resiliant Sphere, although Gokuu can recharge his
                      Ki while flying).  Unfortunately, Gokuu's ability to 
                      fly is severely impaired by the fact that, when 
                      flying around, he drains his "Flight Charges".  These
                      charges, representated by a number in the Upper-Left
                      corner of the screen (this temporarily replaces your
                      Health/Ki bars), quickly drains when Gokuu moves 
                      about.  Since you start out with an extremely low
                      Maximum of Flight Charges, you'd best not use it
                      unless it is absolutely necessary (or simply don't 
                      move while flying).  You can replenish Flight Charges
                      by picking up one of 2 different Flight Charge items.
    START BUTTON    - Menu.  By pressing the Start Button, you will be 
                      taken to the menu screen.
    SELECT BUTTON   - Flight Charge Display.  By holding the Select Button,
                      you can see how many Flight Charges you currently  
                      have.  The game displays both your maximum and 
                      current amounts, so you don't have to worry about
                      flying to find out.
    DIRECTIONAL PAD - Moving.  Use the Directional Pad to move Gokuu 
                      around, whether it is in the Flight Mode, on the 
                      ground, or simply moving the cursor up/down in the 
                      menu screen.
    Simple enough that I don't believe any of those require further explanation, 
    _____~C~  Ki Abilities_________________________________________________________
    Gokuu can do more than punch his opponents.  One of the hallmarks of the Dragon
    Ball world is the characters' ability to utilize "Ki attacks", the body's 
    ability to channel energy into damaging blasts of heat, light, etc.  Gokuu is 
    no exception to this, although he has been seriously downgraded in the games' 
    terms - he starts off with only 1 Ki attack, and has to learn the others by 
    completing tasks as the game progresses.  Each Ki attack has varying levels of 
    strength, depending on how long you hold down the B BUTTON before releasing the
    attack.  Let's talk about each attack individually, as well as where you get 
                           ########## Ki Blast ##########
    Gokuu's starting Ki ability is the Ki blast, a single ball of Ki energy that is
    hurled in a horizontal line along the directon Gokuu is facing.  The attack 
    itself has several levels of power, the level being determined by how long you 
    hold the B BUTTON down.  A Weaker Ki Blast is a puny ball of energy that 
    quickly fizzles out a short distance from Gokuu's body, and does paltry damage;
    I would not suggest using this often, as having a projectile attack with little
    damage and practically no range is a little detrimental to Gokuu's fighting 
    ability.  A Medium-sized Ball travels a good distance further and does moderate
    damage, roughly 2/3rds as much as one of Gokuu's punches.  The Strongest, 
    Largest Ki Blast will continue travelling indefinitely, and hits about as hard 
    as one of Gokuu's Punches.  At weaker levels, though, Gokuu has to put more 
    energy (i.e., more of his Ki Bar) into this attack to make it hit the higher 
    levels of power; once Gokuu hits a high enough level, Gokuu will become 
    proficient enough with the attack to not even bother with the Medium-sized ball
    (although the Weak blast can still be used, if you put absolutely no effort 
    into the attack).
    As with Gokuu's Kamehame-Ha, this attack grows in strength along with Gokuu's 
    level.  However, the attack cannot do any more damage than a certain set level 
    - meaning no matter how much energy you put in the attack (past a certain 
    point), it will not do any more damage.  Therefore, it does you absolutely no 
    good to power up a Ki Blast with all the energy in your Ki Bar, since most of 
    that bar will be wasted on an attack that could have done the same amount of 
    damage with less energy behind it.  Still, having a fairly-damaging projectile
    is quite nice, especially against pesky enemies that won't stay away.
    WHEN/HOW DO YOU GET THIS:  Gokuu starts with it.
                    ########## Taiyo-Ken/Solar Flare ##########
    Learning Japanese:  the attack "Taiyo-Ken" is the correct title of the Solar 
    Flare attack.  The word "Taiyo" means sun, while the word "Ken" commonly means 
    "Attack" - thus, the title "Sun Attack" would be most accurate, while Solar 
    Flare is close enough.  Technically, though, Solar Flare would be "Taiyo no 
    furea" (the romanization of "Flare" being necessary).
    The 2nd Ki Ability Gokuu learns, and (in my opinion) the most effective, is the
    Taiyo-Ken/Solar Flare ability.  Although it goes against my principles (that 
    being to use the original, CORRECT name), I shall endeavor to refer to the move
    only as "Solar Flare" so as to not confuse anyone.  This attack is fairly 
    straightforward - Gokuu charges up a ball of energy, then releases it as a 
    flash of light.  After doing so, all enemies (even those off-screen) will be 
    stunned for a short while, allowing Gokuu to attack them or flee at his 
    leisure.  The amount of time each enemy is stunned depends on how much energy 
    Gokuu puts into the Solar Flare attack.
    The reason I consider this to be Gokuu's most effective Ki ability is because 
    he can use it to escape from enemies, or simply wail on them with moderate 
    safety the entire time.  Since most enemies will stay a certain distance before
    moving in to attack Gokuu, you have a window of opportunity to charge up a 
    quick blast, stun your opponent, and then either get away or attack them.  
    Since the Solar Flare attack also works on bosses, you are free to charge up a 
    blast, move in and punch a few times, then still move to a far-enough distance
    to charge another blast up.  It's almost pathetic how easy the game becomes 
    when you learn this attack, since you really don't require any other abilities 
    besides this (and Gokuu's punch, of course).
    One thing that I find irritating about this attack, however, is that the length
    of time your enemies remain stunned does not change depending on your level.
    Enemies will always remain stunned the same amount of time for the same amount
    of Ki used, ALWAYS.  Also, there is a small amount of downtime between uses, so
    you actually have to wait a few moments before you can throw out another Solar
    Flare.  It may seem unfair, but it does stop enemies from throwing Ki Blasts 
    when you use it!
    WHEN/WHERE DO YOU GET THIS:  Upon aiding the various townsfolk in the Forest 
       Village and returning the Old Man's cat, you will be taught this attack by 
       the Old Man himself.  Just how the Old Man knows this attack is beyond me...
                        ########## Kamehame-Ha ##########
    Gokuu's last Ki Ability to learn is the fabled Kamehame-Ha, a powerful Ki blast
    that took Kamesennin Mutenroshi (aka Master Roshi) 50 years to devise.  In the
    series (and manga), Gokuu was able to learn the attack simply by watching Roshi
    perform the attack, but for some odd reason Gokuu doesn't know it in the game 
    until roughly 2/5ths through.  Strange.
    The Kamehame-Ha is like the Ki Blast in design - it is a beam of energy that 
    travels horizontally in the direction Gokuu is facing, and can power up to a 
    more powerful version by holding down the B BUTTON longer.  As with the Ki 
    Blast, the Kamehame-Ha has 4 levels of damage - weak, medium, strong, and 
    "Gokuu starts yelling, it's so darn powerful" - the difference between the 
    attacks being how much damage the attack does and how wide it is.  The 
    Kamehame-Ha, pound for pound, is much more damaging that Gokuu's fists OR the 
    Ki blast, so if you need to do a lot of damage in a pinch, this is the way to 
    go.  Plus, it's neat to hear Gokuu yelling "Kamehame-HA!!!" in the game when 
    you power it up to its srongest level.
    Unfortunately, the Kamehame-Ha does not have nearly the same range as the Ki 
    Blast.  In each phase (weak, medium, strong), the attack will only travel 
    across a small portion of the screen.  Thus, your enemies have to be moderately
    close to Gokuu if he is to hit them.  This is perfectly fine if you wish to use
    the attack in conjunction with his Solar Flare attack, but by itself you are 
    lookin' to hurt yourself.
    WHEN/WHERE DO YOU GET THIS:  After completing King Kai's training, he teaches 
       Gokuu this attack.  Strange, since Gokuu was supposed to have learned the 
       attack years before this...and why doesn't King Kai teach Gokuu how to use
       Kai-ou Ken or how to make the Genki Tama?  Eh?  Eh?
    _______~D~  Items______________________________________________________________
    There are 4 Items that appear frequently (or semi-frequently) throughout 
    Gokuu's adventures.  Those items are:
    Senzu Bean:  These little, green bean-shaped items are tough to find but well 
       worth the reward, as they completely restore Gokuu's health.  You can only 
       carry up to 3 at a time in the Inventory Screen, though, so make 'em last!
       Senzu Beans appear on the ground looking like little, green curls 
       (resembling beans).  Sometimes they are hidden under rocks or behind weeds, 
       so make sure you blast those out of the way if you're in need of health!
    Herbs:  Herbs aren't quite as potent as Senzu Beans, but they are just as 
       important.  Herbs replenish up to 1/4th of Gokuu's health, so they might not
       completely get you out of a tight situation.  However, the trade-off for 
       such a comparitively low yield is that you can hold 6 Herbs at a time (twice
       as many as Senzu Beans), and Herbs are far more commonly found.  Look for 
       darker patches of grass on t he screen and see if you can pick 'em up - if 
       you can, they probably are Herbs!  Some herbs have berries in 'em (red 
       spots), so don't ignore those, either!  They're just as good, honest!
    Green Flight Charges:  Flying can drain your Flight Charges in a hurry, so if 
       you need to do some floating about and you're out of charges, you'd best 
       pick up one of these!  Green Flight Charges recharge up to 10 Charges, 
       although they aren't too terribly common in the beginning of the game.  They
       appear on the screen as Orange Orbs with a green interior and a White Wing 
    Red Flight Charges:  First appearing on Snake Way and making occasional 
       appearances on Namek, the Red Flight Charges act just like the Green ones in
       terms of recharging your flying abilities.  The difference between the Green
       and Red ones, however, are that the Red Flight Charges return 20 Charges 
       instead of just 10.  If you need more flyin' time, this is the way to go!
    Aside from those 4, there are also "Quest Items" that you need to pick up in 
    order to progress throughout the game and complete certain quests.  Here are 
    those items and brief descriptions.
    Master Roshi's Magazines:  Roshi has 3 magazines lying about on his island for
       you to find.  Each look like small square objects with different covers on 
       them, and are required for the "Roshi's Magazines" quest.
    Stones:  There are 3 stones that are located in the Forest, all 3 of them being
       stand-out items (meaning they don't look like part of the background).  
       These items are required for the "Saved Old Man" quest.
    Pteradactyl Egg:  It's small, it's bluish, it's round, and it's going to hatch
       into a ferocious flying dinosaur (eventually).  Of course, since it's an egg
       this also means it has a mother (please don't e-mail me with "The Chicken or
       the Egg" philosophy, please), so you'd best find that egg and return it.  
       The egg is required for the "Found Dino Egg" quest.
    Toy Boat:  Well, it looks like a small toy boat, with a white sail on top of 
       it.  This item is required for the "Recovered Toy Boat" quest.
    Flowers:  There are 5 different patches of flowers, all of them located within
       he same grove.  Go ahead, stop and smell the roses, Gokuu, you deserve it.
       After a long days' work of saving the world and trying to stop your brother
       from hurting your son, you need a break.  These flowers look like small 
       patches of grass with Flowers protruding, and are required for the "Flowers
       for Sue" quest.
    King Yemma's Fruit:  After falling into the Home For Infinite Losers, Gokuu 
       will be quite hungry.  What better pick-me-up than a nice, healthy apple?
       Of course, this Apple is Sacred and can only be eaten by King Yemma, but 
       Gokuu is hungry enough to not care.  By helping one Oni, talking to another
       and tricking a third, Gokuu can finagle his way to one of the apples.  The 
       apples, by the way, yield infinite energy to the person eating them for 30
       days, and also allow them to not be hungry for the same duration.  This item
       is required for the "Ate Yemma's Fruit" quest.
    Capsule Corp. Capsules:  The Capsule Corporation is a giant in the world of 
       commercial industry, creating "capsules", small containers of technology 
       that can hold larger objects within their tiny frames.  Gokuu finds 2 of 
       such Capsules in the game, one of which being on the ground.  This capsule 
       appears as a small, grey-ish oval, and both are required for the "Found 
       Capsules" quest.
    Namekian Saplings:  Frieza and his goons have been wreaking havoc on Namek 
       while trying to find the Dragon Balls, and have caused a lot of destruction
       to the planets' inhabitants - including the plantlife.  Three Saplings have
       to be moved from their locations to a safer one near a Namekian's home, 
       appearing on the map as short trees with Dark Blue foliage (darker than 
       other trees).  All 3 saplings are required for the "Saved Saplings" quest.
    Namekian Artifacts:  As instructed by a Namekian, Gokuu has to restored a 
       recently-defiled temple's artifacts.  These artifacts are 3 oversized gems
       of different colors, red, blue, and green.  3 Large stones of bright color
       are a little difficult to miss, n'est pas?  They are required for the 
       "Namekian Artifacts" quest.
    _________~E~  Experience Chart_________________________________________________
    Here's where I give you a chart depicting how much Experience is needed for 
    each level-up (as well as the Total Experience you will have at that level), as
    well as how much Ki, Health, and Flight Charges you get per level.
    |         |       Experience        |          |         | Flight      |
    |  Level  |   Needed   |    Total   |  Health  |    Ki   |     Charges |
    |    1    |        350 |    ---     |     105  |     100 |     6       |
    |    2    |        150 |        350 |     200  |     150 |     7       |  
    |    3    |        400 |        500 |     325  |     200 |     8       |
    |    4    |        700 |        900 |     435  |     300 |     9       |
    |    5    |      1,600 |      1,600 |     600  |     350 |    10       |
    |    6    |      3,300 |      3,200 |     900  |   1,000 |    11       |
    |    7    |      6,300 |      6,500 |   1,100  |   1,000 |    12       |
    |    8    |     12,800 |     12,800 |   1,300  |   1,000 |    13       |
    |    9    |      4,800 |     25,600 |   1,500  |   2,000 |    14       |
    |    10   |      3,600 |     30,400 |   1,700  |   5,000 |    15       |
    |    11   |     46,000 |     44,000 |   2,000  |   6,000 |    18       |
    |    12   |     40,200 |    100,000 |   3,000  |   7,000 |    21       |
    |    13   |     40,600 |    140,200 |   4,000  |   8,000 |    25       |
    |    14   |     76,880 |    180,800 |   5,000  |   9,000 |    30       |
    |    15   |     97,680 |    257,680 |   6,000  |  10,000 |    33       |
    |    16   |     55,360 |    355,360 |   7,000  |  18,000 |    35       |
    |    17   |     89,280 |    410,720 |   8,000  |  25,000 |    40       |
    |    18   |    130,000 |    500,000 |   9,000  |  45,000 |    45       |
    |    19   |    170,000 |    630,000 |  10,000  |  60,000 |    50       |
    |    20   |    100,000 |    800,000 |  20,000  |  65,000 |    55       |
    |    21   |    100,000 |    900,000 |  40,000  |  75,000 |    60       |
    |    22   |  1,200,000 |  1,000,000 |  50,000  |  95,000 |    70       |
    |    23   |    900,000 |  2,200,000 |  80,000  | 110,000 |    80       |
    |    24   |    500,000 |  3,100,000 | 100,000  | 120,000 |    90       |
    |    25   |    ---     |  3,600,000 | 150,000  | 150,000 |    99       |
    ___________~F~ Quest List______________________________________________________
    I don't believe there are any spoilers located in this section, aside from boss
    battles fought and such...anyways, here are the quests throughout the game.  I
    will not be covering how to complete each quest in this section, as each 
    individual quest is outlined in the walkthrough itself.  The Quests are 
    designated by 5 asterisks (*****), then the quest name, rewards for the quest,
    etc.  So here are those quests!
    1)  Roshi's Magazines
    2)  Saved Lost Girl
    3)  Found Dino Egg
    4)  Saved Old Man
    5)  Recovered Toy Boat
    6)  Flowers for Sue
    7)  Returned Kitty
    8)  Defeated Raditz
    9)  Defeated Snake Queen
    10)  Gathered Spirits
    11)  Ate Yemma's Fruit
    12)  Caught Bubbles
    13)  Konked Gregory
    14)  Saved Lost Boy
    15)  Found Capsules
    16)  Stopped Robbers
    17)  Defeated Nappa
    18)  Defeated Vegita (me!)
    19)  Saved Saplings
    20)  Namekian Artifacts
    21)  Defeated Rikuum
    22)  Defeated Baata
    23)  Defeated Jiisu
    24)  Defeated Captain Ginyuu
    25)  Defeat Furiza
    Oh yeah - just so you know, quests won't show in the Quest Log until you've 
    completed them.  That sucks, I know...
    =============================== Legacy of Gokuu ===============================
          --------------------------IV: Walkthrough--------------------------
    =============================== Legacy of Gokuu ===============================
    As per usual with my Dragon Ball guides, the walkthrough itself will be done 
    from Vegita's point of view.  Take it away, Veggie!
    "Thank you, ugly.  ('HEY!')  Ok, so where do we begin?  Why don't you start by
    selecting the 'New Game' option?  Heck, even if you have a saved game, you 
    could start a new game over.  As long as you never get to the point where you 
    have to beat me, or that part near the end where I die, then I'm perfectly all
    right with you playing through the game.
    "...ok, so you actually want to play, eh?  Well, let's start from the 
    beginning.  After the introductory message boxes, you will be placed in the 
    role of Gokuu (hmph, wimp), located on Master Roshi's island.  
    _Master Roshi's Island_________________________________________________________
    "Feel free to talk to anyone there - the Turtle, Master Roshi, Kuririn, Gohan,
    or Bulma - to hear some inane chatter.  But wait, it would appear that Master 
    Roshi has a job for you to do!"
    ***** Quest #1:  Roshi's Magazines *****
    Reward(s):  2 Sensu Beans
                1 Herb 
                350 Experience
    "Master Roshi has lost his...erm, 'naughty' magazines, and wants you to find 
    them for him.  It would be in your best interest to do so, Gokuu, since Gohan
    is an easily impressionable child and you DON'T want him seeing that trash.  
    Therefore, your job is to locate Roshi's 3 'lost' (chuckle) magazines and 
    return them to him.  The first one is directly to the RIGHT of Roshi, so pick
    that one up (using the A BUTTON).  The next Magazine is on the UP and to the 
    LEFT of Roshi, so walk along the shore and pick this one up as well.  The last
    Magazine is in Roshi's living room, so enter the Kame House (walk up the stairs
    from the left, then walk straight up) and pick up that one as well.  If you 
    want to hear some of Gokuu's witty reparte, walk up to Roshi's refridgerator or
    the Closet next to the fridge.  The first 2 Magazines will net you a Senzu Bean
    each, while the 3rd will get you an Herb and 350 Experience.
    *** Quest #1 Completed ***
    "Since all you needed to gain a level was 350 Experience, this means Gokuu will
    gain a level up.  This oh-so-proud moment of the weak getting stronger is 
    spoiled by the arrival of Gokuu's older brother, Raditz.  See, Raditz knows 
    that Gokuu was sent to this planet to destroy all the life on it, but since 
    everyone is still alive, this means his brother has failed.  That doesn't 
    surprise ME any (Kakorotto is SUCH a lower-class Saiya-Jin), but to him it is
    a shock.  Gokuu refuses to help Raditz by harming anyone, which doesn't amuse 
    Raditz any.  Raditz then makes the decision that Gohan would make a more 
    suitable replacement as a warrior, and kidnaps him.  Gokuu, too weak to do 
    anything, is powerless to stop him (Gokuu is pretty darn weak, lemme tell ya).
    Raditz leaves, Gokuu and Kuririn bluster, and Bulma stands there, looking 
    attractive as ever (I DO end up marrying that girl, you know).  
    "Piccolo arrives shortly after, commenting on how Raditz is too powerful for 
    either Gokuu or himself to handle.  Therefore, you should set aside your 
    differences and team up against him if you want to succeed.  Gokuu, ever the 
    consumnate weakling ('Why get stronger than my opponent when I could have 
    someone help me?') agrees to this.  He then decides that the fastest way to 
    travel is with his riding cloud, the Flying Nimbus (which, of course, is 
    incorrect, as Gokuu could easily outfly that little thing under his own 
    power...by why am I nitpicking the game?).  Gokuu, displaying his vast 
    intelligence, immediately heads...back to his house.  His son has been 
    kidnapped, his supremely-powerful brother is threatening to kill everyone on 
    Earth, and his Arch-Nemesis is impatiently waiting for Gokuu to arrive...and 
    Gokuu goes HOME.  Folks, let's give a hand to the dumbest hero in the world.
    ___Gokuu's Home/The Forest_____________________________________________________
    "Hey folks, let's think about this logically - your only son has just been 
    kidnapped by your evil, violent, extremely powerful brother.  Your wife is 
    notoriously protective of your son, not even wanting him to train in the 
    martial arts because she doesn't want him to get hurt.  Therefore, if your son
    was kidnapped like Gohan has been, would you immediately fly to a location 
    where your wife could find out about what happened?  Of course you would, since
    Gokuu has the brains of a pea.  Heck, he doesn't even have a good REASON to 
    come home, yet here he is!  Well, I suppose you'll just have to make do with 
    what you're given.  If you want to see some of Gokuu's quick-thinking skills, 
    walk behind his house and talk to Chi-Chi.  Gokuu will be prompted - rather 
    heavily - to go save their son.  You'd best do that, then.
    "We might as well explore the area a bit and maybe gain a level or two while 
    we're at it.  When Gokuu first arrived at his house, he commented on a snake 
    problem.  Don't worry, it's hardly a problem - there are a lot of snakes, but 
    they don't pose much threat to Gokuu (he would have to sustain a LOT of bites 
    just to be seriously injured, so you're ok).  Follow the path South of Gokuu's
    home and you'll notice a Crab walking along near some water.  Go ahead, leave 
    the path and talk to the nice Mr...OUCH!  Hey, that Crab isn't very nice!  
    Gokuu, I DEMAND you kill that thing, pronto!  In fact, there are several near 
    that little pond - kill them too!
    "These crabs are nice experience, easily bumping Gokuu up to level 3 and 
    getting him fairly close to Level 4.  However, you need to fight more enemies
    to reach that level - and, more importantly, you'll need some Herbs and/or 
    Senzu Beans to replenish your life, should you get hurt too much.  Don't worry,
    both of them are very close.  First, walk Down, past the large rocks, and then
    head back Left toward the path (you'll be South of the water where you first 
    saw the Crab).  If you walk Down in this area, you'll see 6 patches of tall 
    grass.  Shoot the grass with Ki Blasts and you'll uncover a different-colored
    patch of Grass.  These are herbs, so pick them up!  You'll need them if you 
    want to heal!
    "If you walk North (up) from the pond where the crabs were located (which is to
    the Right of the Herbs you just found), you'll find a set of stairs moving up 
    to a higher area.  This one has a bunch of snakes on it, which aren't that good
    for experience OR healing, so don't bother with that one...instead, walk on the
    Right of side of this path, continuing Up until you find another path.  At the 
    top of this path are 2 Rocks that block the path to the Right; these rocks can 
    be removed by shooting them with Ki Blasts.  However, on the other side of the 
    rocks lies a Wolf, so be careful!  Once you release the dog, defeat it quickly 
    before it can hurt you too badly!  After getting rid of the dog, move right 
    along, then turn and walk down until you find a Senzu Bean on the ground.  Pick
    it up, Gokuu, you'll probably need it!
    "Ok, so you've beaten up on seafood, reptiles, canines, and...squirrels.  
    What's left in this place?  Well, let's start by moving back to ground level by
    walking down the stairs.  If you proceed Left from here, you'll notice a Flight
    Charge up on a hill directly south of you.  The funny thing about this Flight 
    Charge is that the only way to get it is by flying...so it seems a little 
    redundant, eh?  Ignore it and keep moving Left.  You'll find another patch of
    Tall Grass and a Wolf, hounding your progress (lame pun) - blast them both at 
    your leisure (preferably the Wolf first).  Continuing Left will eventually meet
    with the Path you originally started on.  If you'd follow the path, you will 
    see a lot of trees, a couple of snakes, and 2 patches of Herbs.  Therefore, 
    grab the herbs, ignore the snakes, and then head to the Upper-Left corner of 
    the map, where the path will lead you to the next area...
    _____Dinosaurs' Homes/The Excavation Site______________________________________
    "Welcome to the next segment of the forest!  It's a good thing you can survive
    fights with puppies and crabs, Kakorotto, because if you couldn't then I would
    be forced to come right out and smack the tar out of you!  In fact, you're so
    pathetically weak, I should probably do that anyways!"
    ::smacks Gokuu in the head::
    "Ok, I feel better now.  Anyways, you're located at the Lower-Right corner of 
    the map, and are on a makeshift path created by the trees around you (you'll 
    notice a rock to the left; keep that in mind for later).  You might as well 
    follow the path, Kakorotto, or else you'll NEVER get to feast your eyes upon 
    me!  And that would be a travesty.
    *Special Note:  If, at any time, you have to replenish your health or simply
    want to fight more enemies for more experience, leave the area you are in and
    come back.  All the items and enemies will be restored, so you can fight (or 
    collect) all over again.  If you need more herbs or Senzu Beans, you can simply
    walk Down (off of the screen) and return to the first area to recollect those 
    "Just north of the entrance to this area is a small stairway leading up to an
    oversized Nest, which is currently being guarded by a Pterodactyl.  Talk to the
    beast and it will relegate its story to you, talking of how it was born a poor 
    black-  ...wait, no, that's 'The Jerk' featuring Steve Martin!  My mistake...
    This Pterodactyl just bawls its eyes out, then tells you its egg was stolen by
    some heartless beast.  That sounds like a Quest to me, kiddies!
    ***** Quest #3:  Found Dino Egg *****
    Reward(s):  350 Experience
    [No, that's not a typo - the game lists this as the 3rd Quest, not the 2nd.
    You can complete the quests in any order you like (or not at all, if you so 
    choose), I just number the quests based off of the order they come up in the 
    "Quest" menu.]
    "So the dino lost its egg (or, rather, had it stolen from it), and it's up to 
    Gokuu to find it.  Gosh, I wish I could be a goody-too-shoes that does 
    everything that people ask me to.  Ah, no matter, let's just go find that egg.
    Climb down the stairs and turn left.  You'll notice that the path continues on
    to the Left, and there is a stairway leading up to a green plateau.  Take the 
    stairway (and kill the wolf, if you like).  The plateau continues left, with a
    stairway leading to another level (this one has rocks on it).  All that lies 
    past those stairs is another wolf, so skip it and continue left.  I suggest you
    move slowly, as there are 3 wolves in a pack ahead.  You don't want them ALL 
    coming at you at once, so lure them out 1 at a time and dispose of them 
    quickly.  Past them is a stairway leading up; take it.
    "This walkway banks left, then splits into two paths that head up through the 
    trees (one of them has rocks in the way).  It doesn't matter which one you 
    take, since they both lead to the same place, so pick one and head up.  The 
    path immediately turns back Right, past TenShinHan (his name actually IS 
    TenShinHan - I refuse to call him 'Tien') and Chao-Zu.  Stop and talk to them
    both, as each conversation will net you 500 Experience (and most likely a 
    level-up).  1000 Exp. isn't that easy a find at this stage in the game, so
    taking advantage of such freebies IS in your best interest.  Continue past the
    Triclops and the Mime, heading right along the path.  The Path will split 
    again, one path heading Down past a wall of rocks.  You can take out the rocks
    and trace the short path to a Flight Charge item (if you need it), or keep 
    moving.  It's your call, spud.
    "A little further Right on this path, you will see another fork in the road; 
    this split is a North/South split, the upper path having Weeds and Rocks in the
    way.  Blow away the Rocks, kill the wolves, and grab the rock that is lying 
    there.  Double-back and take the Southern path this time.  Just past the tree,
    you will see a cliff with a waterfall (ooh, pretty).  You can cross past the
    waterfall if you have any flight charges, as the path is broken (you can't walk
    past).  If you need any Flight Charges, you can simply walk to the path below 
    the Waterfall, since there is a Green Flight Charge item there.  Now that you
    can fly, skip to the other side of the Waterfall and head up the steps.  
    "At the top of the area, you'll see a Pterodactyl egg - and a Pterodactyl, this
    one not kind enough to share words with you.  No, this dinosaur wants to make 
    you bleed, so duke it out with the monster!  Having trouble surviving?  What I
    suggest is that you keep hurling Ki Blasts at it, and when it gets too close, 
    fly past it, land, then turn and fire again.  When you run out of Flight 
    Charges, keep walking Left and Right (the Pterodactyl will move horizontally 
    with you instead of trying to get closer) until the Charge returns, then grab
    it and fly off.  If you find yourself in a dire situation, just fly past it, 
    grab the egg, then fly off before it can catch up.
    ::waits for you to kill the Pterodactyl, or simply grab the Egg and run away::
    "Good job, you've got the egg!  All that remains now is to return it to the 
    not-so-greatful mother, and she will reward you with...well, nothing.  But you
    DO get 350 Experience for your troubles, as well as the experience from 
    TenShinHan and Chao-Zu and any enemies you killed.
    [To Summarize:  Follow the winding path to where the Egg is, grab the egg, and
    return to the Mother.  You don't HAVE to get the stone, kill the Pterodactyl, 
    or talk to TenShinHan & Chao-Zu, but I highly suggest you do.]
    *** Quest #3 Completed ***
    "Let's walk left again, taking the stairs up again.  This time, when you reach
    the split between the stairs and the path that leads downward (next to the 
    tree), head down along the path and you'll discover a tent in a clearing, the
    tent sporting the Capsule Corporation Logo.  Man, that company makes 
    EVERYTHING.  Anywho, you'll notice a partially-excavated Dinosaur next to the
    tent, and a wolf close by.  Blast the wolf, ignore the tent, and trod all over
    the dinosaur if you want.  You'll notice an island directly North (up) from the
    Tent with a man stranded on it; fly up there, land, and talk to the gent.
    ***** Quest #4:  Saved Old Man *****
    Reward(s):  Herbs
                350 Experience
                Speed Increase
    "Here's an interesting situation.  We have a man who hates water, yet is stuck
    on a small island in the middle of a river.  He doesn't want to be flown, he 
    doesn't want to swim, yet he wants off the island...I don't know how this guy 
    got out there, and frankly I don't care.  If I were there, I'd either nuke the
    man or simply blow away the entire river, making the man quake with fear 
    (quaking is fun, kiddies).  However, Kakorotto is a softy, and wants to help 
    the man out.  He suggests that if he had a bridge, he could get back...and, 
    conveniently, there are 3 stone-shaped spots between the island and the main 
    landmass where his tent is located.  Gokuu, haven't you seen 3 rocks lying 
    about?  Of course you have!  You picked one up in the northern section of this
    level, near where you got the Pterodactyl's Egg, another was next to the 
    Pterodactyl's Nest, and you saw the 3rd one when you first entered the stage!
    Let's go collect those now.
    "Returning to the beginning of the stage, you'll notice a funny looking plant
    directly in front of several trees (South of the Pterodactyl's nest).  If you 
    walk Up from the plant (on the right side of the two trees) you can pass 
    underneath the leafy foliage and grab the rock.  Return to the plant, then head
    straight left.  There is a break between the trees, creating a small path that
    leads downward.  Here is the 3rd stone.  Now that you have all 3, return to the
    Old Man and create a bridge for him.  He'll thank you for your efforts, give
    you some herbs, reward you with some experience, AND give you a speed increase
    (yay, Gokuu now moves marginally FASTER than a slug).
    *** Quest #4 Completed ***
    There is one more area to jump to in here, and it lies near the beginning.  If
    you head directly left from where the road first split (straight left from the
    Pterodactyl's Nest), you will find a large Dinosaur's Skeleton lying on the 
    ground (and a wolf nearby, but I doubt if the wolf did THIS).  Past these bones
    are a river, which Gokuu will comment on a 'powerful presense' being sensed 
    across it.  Hey, powerful stuff usually mean good experience, so fly across the
    river and continue to the Left.  Here, you will discover an incredibly powerful
    enemy, the Earthbound ('Scoliosis') Dinosaur.  In all seriousness, I would 
    suggest that you ignore the dinosaur for now, because he will positively ream 
    you.  Unless you resort to trickery, he is too darn powerful to take on, so 
    follow the path to the Left Side of the Screen to the next area...
    "...oh, if you DO want to try and fight the Dinosaur, your best bet is to hit
    him with some Ki Blasts, then lure him to the Right.  Keep shooting him, then
    fly across the river and pelt him from the safety of the opposite shore.  The
    Dinosaur nets you 600 Experience Points, so it doesn't take much to gain a 
    level-up from him (provided you survive, that is).
    _______The Forest Houses_______________________________________________________
    "Hey, some actual signs of intelligent life (even moreso than Gokuu, too!).  
    You start out roughly in the center of the far-right section of this map, next
    to a path leading South and some stairs leading North.  Take the Stairs, 
    killing the Wolf as you go, and enter the House at the top of the screen.  
    Inside you'll find an old man whom informs you that he can help you, but you 
    must first 'calm the forest' before he can aid you.  Well, let's start helping
    "Travel down, along the path this time, and you will pass a large house with a
    boy next to it.  Cory (that's the kid's name) is wondering where his friend Sue
    is.  Upon entering the building, you discover that Sue's parents are worried
    about where she is as well.  Great, Gokuu's going to embark on another one of
    his quests...
    ***** Quest #2:  Saved Lost Girl *****
    Reward(s):  500 Experience
                Required for the path to Raditz to be Opened
    "Follow the brown path all the way to the Left side of the map, past another
    house, where the path will shift directions and head up to a set of Stairs 
    (don't bother with the stairs that are blocked by weeds).  Walk up this path
    and you will find Yamcha and Puar; as with TenShinHan and Chao-Tzu, talk to
    them to receive 500 Experience each.  You'll also notice a Pterodactyl flying 
    along, and it may attack you.  Hey, 300 experience is nice enough, provided you
    don't get yourself killed, so you might as well take it out too.  Continue 
    along the path as it winds back to the Right, ultimately turning Up and opening
    onto a Grassy level with a pond.  Take out the wolves that are up here and turn
    Left, where you will see Sue standing next to a box (blow up the box to reveal
    a Green Flight Charge).  Talk to Sue, then return her by talking to her father.
    You can talk to Cory, too, and he'll be a little unhappy that Gokuu helped her
    out.  Gee, thanks for the gratitude, kid.
    *** Quest #2 Completed ***
    "By talking to Cory again, he'll grumble about wanting to get Sue something.
    Gokuu asks what, and he suggests flowers.  Hey Gokuu, didn't you see a grove of
    flowers near where Sue was (in the Upper-Left area, next to Yamcha and Puar)?  
    Yeah you did!  
    ***** Quest #5:  Flowers for Sue *****
    Reward(s):  400 Experience
                Required for the path to Raditz to be Opened
    "Simply head back to where you found Sue, but this time take the path beneath 
    where she was standing.  Blow up the rocks and weeds that are in the way, and 
    take out that annoying Pterodactyl again, then continue on to the dead end.  
    Gokuu will comment on how he can fly to the grove on the other side, so fly 
    straight up and land amidst the flowers.  You don't need to burden yourself, so
    just pick one (Gokuu, you pansy, I KNEW you liked flowers!  Wuss!).  Return to 
    Cory and he will be delighted at the flowers you brought him...er, that you 
    brought for him to give to Sue, that is!  Honest!
    *** Quest #5 Completed ***
    "The old man tells you that there is STILL some unrest in the forest?  Man, 
    what a picky guy!  Oh well...head Left from Sue's house, walking along the 
    path, and you will find another little boy standing next to a pond.  This 
    little boy is complaining about how his big brother, Cory, beat him in a fight,
    then took his Toy Boat and threw it out into the middle of the pond.  Man, that
    Cory is a Jerk.
    ***** Quest #6:  Recovered Toy Boat *****
    Reward(s):  200 Experience
                Required for the path to Raditz to be Opened
    "Gokuu, do you REALLY need an explanation of this?  Yeesh...fly out to the 
    middle of the island, grab the boat, then give it to the kid.  Man...
    *** Quest #6 Completed ***
    "Ok, NOW what?  Talk to the old man and he will tell you that the forest isn't
    quite yet at rest yet.  I'll make HIM rest...anyways, talking to him a second 
    time will reveal that his cat, Neko, has gone missing.  Go find that kitty, 
    ***** Quest #7:  Returned Kitty *****
    Reward(s):  Taiyo-Ken (Solar Flare)
                Required for the path to Raditz to be Opened
    "Let's go find a lost kitten, then!  Exit the Old Man's house (and kill the 
    Wolf again), then fly to the Left across the gap between this landmass and the 
    next (they are separated by trees).  If you don't have any energy to fly, then
    travel South, down the stairs, then Down and to the Left until you see a 
    plateau with a Green Flight Charge on it.  Shoot the weeds in front of it, 
    climb up, grab your powerup, and return to the area just south of the house.
    Walk left, ignoring the path leading down, then turn and head Up (killing 
    another wolf) until you come to 3 rocks.  Blast the rocks and walk past them
    to find Neko; talk to the kitty to get it to follow you, then fly back to the
    Old Man's house (there is a Green Flight Charge near Neko if you require it).
    If you would prefer to walk (although I can't fathom why), you can simply head
    back to where you found Sue, this time travelling Right from the green area 
    instead of Left.  The man will be happy to see his kitty returned, and Gokuu 
    will finally be rewarded.
    *** Quest #7 Completed ***
    "Great, so Gokuu can use a new attack (which I consider the most effective 
    attack in the game) and can finally progress onward to Raditz.  If you want to,
    go right ahead; however, if you would prefer to gain another level or two by 
    fighting the Dinosaur (use the Solar Flare trick!), that works as well.  When
    you want to go to Raditz, Gohan and Piccolo's location, simply walk through the
    Dinosaur's mouth.
    _________Raditz' Space Pod_____________________________________________________
    Remember, when you enter this area, you can no longer leave, so make absolutely
    sure you're ready!
    ***** Quest #8:  Defeat Raditz *****
    Reward(s):  4000 Experience
                Gokuu dies (hey, for some of us this is a reward!)
    "This area is rather straightfoward - there are herbs and Flight Charges strewn
    about the area, and Piccolo, Gohan, and Raditz are walking around.  Feel free 
    to talk to Piccolo and Gohan, and only talk to Raditz when you're ready to 
    fight him.  When you talk to him, he will initiate combat with you, trying to
    attack you, so be prepared!  I suggest being at level 7 or 8 before taking him
    on, or else you will easily fall with just 2 hits.  
    "After beating that trash-level weakling, Gokuu will die from Piccolo's 
    Mankaksopoppo (aka the "Special Beam Cannon")...
    *** Quest #8 Completed ***
    ___________King Yemma & Snake Way______________________________________________
    "Well Kakorotto, you're dead.  Now that I've completed all that I wanted to do,
    I'm going to walk away now."
    "Ok, so YOU want to keep going, that's fine.  I might as well help you, even
    though that means you'll ultimately face off against me, Vegita, in the game.
    Let's pick up with Gokuu's death (it's so much fun to say that).  
    "You'll find yourself standing in front of the oversized guardian of the 
    gateway to Heaven and Hell, Enma-Daiou (which, by the way, means "Great King
    Enma", but I suppose it can be sightly slurred to be "Yemma").  According to 
    Yemma, Raditz has already gone through and headed off to Hell, but Kami has a
    special task for you.  See, Nappa and I are coming to Earth now, and no one is
    strong enough to face off against Nappa (let alone me).  Thus, Gokuu has to 
    travel down Snake Road to arrive at King Kai's planet so he can receive special
    training.  You might as well head out to the road then, Gokuu!  Walk to the 
    right, off of the screen, to exit.
    "Well, here you are on Snake Road, the extra-long path leading to King Kai's 
    planet.  If you have any Flight Charges left, feel free to use them to hop 
    parts of the track; however, you will eventually run out, so ultimately you'll
    be forced to just walk the distance.  About halfway down the Road, you'll find
    a bluish lady with bright red hair.  This is the Snake Queen, and she lives on
    Snake Road (as hard as that might be to believe).  Unfortunately for you, 
    Gokuu, she's not very nice, and actually wants to eat you - so when you talk to
    her, be ready to fight!
    ***** Quest #9 Defeat the Snake Queen *****
    Reward(s):  3500 Experience
    "Uh...well, beat the Snake Queen.  Gosh, THAT was hard...
    *** Quest #9 Completed ***
    "After walking a certain distance on Snake Way, Gokuu will - for NO apparent
    reason - start to lose his balance, and fall off of the Road.  Good job, Gokuu,
    now you've REALLY done it.
    _____________Home For Infinite Losers (aka Hell)_______________________________
    ("Before I even go into the HFIL section, I should mention the fact that Gokuu
    cannot fly over the Spiky Rocks that line the paths.  If you want to get 
    around, you either have to follow the path or simply find a section where there
    are no Spiky Rocks to fly past.)
    "Gokuu managed to fall all the way from Snake Way - which is in the upper-
    regions of the afterlife - down to the very bottom, the Home For Infinite 
    Losers (which, by the way, was originally just "HELL", but FUNimation decided
    to edit the letters HELL into HFIL, thus avoiding any religious persecution 
    from overly-protective parents).  Well, you've royally messed up now that 
    you're in Hell, Gokuu, so you'd better get crackin' on finding a way out!  
    Start out by walking South, taking out the Wandering Spirits you encounter 
    (they may be tough, but they also give 1,000 experience, so you'll want to beat
    as many of 'em as you can!).  When the road Splits Left/Right, head Right, then
    turn back Down (you'll want to grab the Flight Charge you pass).  Your downward
    path will eventually come across the HFIL Health and Fitness building (with an
    Herb next to it).  You can't enter the building, but you should make a mental
    note of where it is - you'll be returning here a few times.  Walk around the
    front of the building, heading Left.
    "Hey, it's a blue Oni! [An "Oni" being a Japanese demon that likes playing 
    tricks on people - in the Dragon Ball world, however, Oni's simply work and
    live in Hell].  Talk to the spectacle-sporting imp and see what's up in the
    business world of the underworld, and he will tell you his beleagured tale of
    how he's going to lose his job unless he retrieves the spirits he lost.
    ***** Quest #10: Gather the Lost Spirits *****
    Reward(s):  500 Experience per Spirit (1500 total)
                Required to Exit HFIL (Hell)
    Note - you can only have 1 Spirit with you at a time, so once you get one, 
    return it.
    "As the Oni informed you, he lost 3 spirits.  Guess what your quest is, then?
    That's right, go find those lost Spirits and bring them back to Captain 'I 
    can't do my job very well because all Spirits look the same'.  Turn back and
    head back Right, travelling in the direction you first came.  When you reach
    the split in the road (where I initially told you to turn right), this time go
    Left.  The road will split again, this time going Up and Down - head Up (if you
    want to, go down and fight a Spirit for some quick experience).  Along the way,
    you'll notice a Spirit that is completely motionless on the Higher Area on the 
    Right.  This is the Spirit you're looking for, but you can't simply fly up 
    there.  Don't worry, you'll get to him in just a bit, so continue up.  
    "You will come to a dead-end (get it?  You're in Hell, and you found a dead-
    end...aw, no one likes my jokes)...however, this dead-end does not have rocks
    at the top of it, which means you can fly through the opening and land on the
    Higher Ground (make your Stevie Wonder/Red Hot Chili Peppers jokes now).  From
    here, you can walk Down along the left side of the screen to locate an Herb, as
    well as fight the Spirit on the Right.  At any rate, talk to the Spirit you saw
    motionless, and it will tag along with you.  Return to the Blue Oni and talk to
    him to return the spirit.
    "Great, apparently there are MORE lost souls out there.  Well Gokuu, let's find
     another one, eh?  Starting from the Blue Oni, fly up onto the path (no rocks)
    on the Left Side of the Health and Fitness building.  There are 2 Spirits here;
    fight them if you want, but don't let them doubleteam you (this is where the 
    Solar Flare attack comes in handy).  If you want, follow the path behind the 
    H & F building, blow up the rocks that block the path, and grab the Senzu Bean
    there.  Double back to where you fought the 2 spirits, this time heading South
    along the path created by the screen and the Rocks.  This path turns at the 
    corner of the screen, heading Right (with a Green Flight Charge), then turns 
    back Up (next to a pair of blue rock formations...and yes, that IS King Yemma's
    Fruit on the Right).  Here, the path will open up on the Right as well as 
    continue Up; there is no reason to head Right yet, so keep moving up (and take
    out the Spirit while you're at it).  North of another pair of Blue Rocks (and a
    Green Flight Charge) is the 2nd Spirit, so talk to it and return it to the Blue
    Oni for more experience.
    "The final Spirit is quite a walk away, and there are several ways to get to 
    it.  However, I believe the quickest route to be this:  travel Right, in front
    of the H & F building, then turn back Up (heading back to where Gokuu first 
    entered this Place).  This time, walk Right, path the large Blue...uh things 
    (they look like stone trees, I guess) until you come to the Fountain of Blood.
    Not a very pleasant site, but this IS Hell.  Why WOULDN'T Hell have a fountain
    of blood?  Gokuu, being as smart as the ground he's walking on, thinks it's a
    pool of juice.  Yeah, that's right Gokuu - it's juice.  Why don't you go drink
    some, eh?  ...better yet, don't.  For all I know, you might actually TRY.
    "Keep walking Right until you see the Red Oni.  He'll tell you that if you can
    catch him, he'll show you how to get to King Kai's...and promptly disappear.
    Don't worry about the amazing disappearing Imp, Gokuu, and keep moving Right -
    your priority is that of the missing Spirit!  A little further to the right 
    will be a wall with Spiky Rocks along the top edge...except for one portion 
    that is opened up (and even has a Green Flight Charge next to it).  Float to
    the upper level, fight the Spirit, and head to the Right to find the final
    Spirit next to a blue flame, in between 2 purple...uh...landmarks.  Fight the
    other spirits if you wish, and return the Spirit to the Oni.  If you want to
    take a different route, then you can explore the area around the Blood Pool to
    find a couple more sprits (and some herbs), as well as a path to the South of 
    it that has more spirits to fight.
    "Returning the Spirit nets Gokuu another 500 Experience and completes the 
    *** Quest #10 Completed ***
    "Gokuu, always thinking with his stomach, immediately asks this Oni if he has 
    anything to eat.  The Oni informs Gokuu that the only food here is King Yemma's
    fruit.  That's another quest, folks, although it is a rather small one...before
    completing this one, I would suggest travelling around and beating up all the 
    other Spirits for the Experience.
    ***** Quest #11: Eat Yemma's Fruit *****
    Reward(s):  Exiting the HFIL (Hell)
    "If you talked to the large Blue Oni (with purple hair), he'd tell you that the
    tree contains King Yemma's fruit, and no one but Yemma himself may eat the 
    fruit.  Talk to him again and he'll say that he MIGHT let you up the stairs if
    you help his friend by the Health and Fitness building.  This, of course, is 
    referring to the "Gathered Spirits" quest, so you have to solve that.  After 
    returning the souls, the Oni will tell you that the stairs leading up to the 
    Tree are guarded by the Red Oni's magical barrier, and cannot be removed as 
    long as he keeps it there.  He can lower the barrier, though, if you distract
    the Red Oni.  Go track down the Red Oni and talk to him; Gokuu will be told 
    that you have to be fast to get to the end of Snake Way, and the Red Oni will
    then run away so quickly that Gokuu won't be able to see him leave.
    "Well, that was easy enough.  Now that the Red Oni is hiding, your friend has 
    made the barrier Disappear.  Return to the tree, walk up the stairs, and eat 
    Yemma's fruit.
    *** Quest #11 Completed ***
    After eating Yemma's fruit, the Red Oni will reappear, telling you that you 
    can't eat that fruit.  Gokuu, as dumb as he is, knows that this is his 
    opportunity, and catches the Red Oni.  The Oni, realizing that he was tricked,
    opens up the exit to Snake Road for Gokuu...unfortunately, the path takes Gokuu
    back to the BEGINNING of Snake Way!
    _______________Snake Way and King Kai's Planet_________________________________
    "Hey, at least you're back on track, Gokuu.  Also, thankfully, there are 
    several Red Flight Charges strewn about Snake Way, so fly all the way to the 
    end (Gokuu won't fall off this time).  Upon reaching the Tail, Gokuu will 
    comment how he sees King Kai's Planet, and has to fly to it.  Fly to Kai's 
    planetoid (it's to the Left of the tail) and Gokuu will land on it.
    "Well, it's time for some training with Gokuu!  Head Up and Right to find King 
    Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory outside of their house.  Talk to King Kai to get a 
    brief history lesson on the Saiya-Jins, then you'll get your first assignment 
    - catch Bubbles.
    ***** Quest #12:  Catch Bubbles *****
    "Bubbles is much faster than Gokuu, so the key to this Quest is to use the 
    Flight Charges around you to replenish Gokuu's flying ability, then fly after
    Bubbles.  Since you can fly a lot faster than you can Walk, you can easily 
    catch up with Bubbles and punch him, ending the quest (yeah, it says 'Catch 
    Bubbles', but you actually have to punch him).
    *** Quest Completed ***
    "King Kai then hands Gokuu a hammer and tells him to go after Gregory.
    ***** Quest #13:  Kong Gregory *****
    Reward(s):  Gokuu learns the Kamehame-Ha
                1500 Experience
                Speed Increase
    "This quest is pretty much the same as 'Catch Bubbles', except you have a 
    Mallet that gives you a little more range to your attack.  Fly after Gregory
    and thock him in the head.
    *** Quest Completed ***
    "King Kai then informs Gokuu that the Dragon Balls have been collected and he
    is going to be wished back.  Good job, Gokuu, you're alive again...and soon, 
    you're going to get to fight me!
    "First, however, you are taken to Kami's Lookout.  Walk up and talk to Kami and
    Mr. Popo, who tell you that the Saiya-Jins are already here (and Kami gives you
    some herbs).  Head Left, then Up to find Korrin.  Korrin will give some Senzu 
    Beans.  Now that you are (hopefully) adequately prepared, walk off the Left 
    side of Kami's Lookout to return to Earth.
    _________________The Wasteland, City, and Military Base________________________
    "Here you are, Gokuu, ready to take on and a pair of Saiya-Jins.  Of course, 
    you have a definite course of action, so the first thing you do - logically -
    is NOT head to the place you're supposed to, instead travelling to an Icy Field
    in the middle of nowhere.  Good job, brainiac.  Your priorities are so out of 
    wack, I'm surprised you didn't stop to take a nap, eat lunch, and watch some TV
    while you were at it.  Well, you gotta make due with what you've got...
    "Head straight Left from where you start out and you will find a Wolf and a 
    Boy.  You are supposed to kill 1 and save the other (you can guess which from
    which), so after killing the Wolf (I'll bet you thought it was the boy), fly up
    and talk to the boy.  Gokuu, you're a little too helpful, you know that?
    ***** Quest #14: Save the Lost Boy *****
    Reward(s):  Capsule
    "The boy tells you that he was chased up there by wolves, and that he wants to 
    be taken home.  A simple enough task, so head Down, exitting this area and 
    entering the City.  Oh, and be aware that there is a Namekian Dinosaur in this
    area.  It looks like the Earthbound Dinosaur you fought earlier in the game, 
    but this one is leagues more powerful than its Earth counterpart (however, it
    also gives 4,000 experience, so if you want a level or two...).
    "In the City,  Walk South across the street, then cross to the houses on the 
    Right.  Enter the first house (of the 2 houses, it is the one on the Left), and
    talk to the woman inside.  This is the boy's mother, and will be happy that he
    is safely returned.  Her reward to you is a Capsule Corporation Capsule.  Don't
    worry, you WILL use this...
    *** Quest #14 Completed ***
    "A Capsule, eh?  I wonder what this is for...in order to find out, return to 
    the Top of the area, where you first entered the City, and enter the house on
    the Left (next to the little girl and the man in a business suit).  Inside, 
    you'll find a researcher that is obsessed with Capsule Corporation Capsules.
    ***** Quest #15:  Find Capsules *****
    Reward(s):  1500 Experience
    "The first Capsule is the reward for completing the 'Saved Lost Boy' quest (see
    above).  You should probably complete that quest before beginning this one.
    "Now you've got a capsule, you might as well make it a pair...exit the lost 
    boy's house and cross the Street, heading Up at the Bank and walking behind it.
    You'll find several patches of Tall Grass, which you should shoot with a Ki 
    Blast (or you could try out your new Kamehame-Ha to take out several at once).
    Underneath the grass is a Green Flight Charge and another Capsule.  Take both 
    capsules to the man in the house near the Entrance and he will trade take them
    from you.  Your reward for helping him is 1500 experience.
    *** Quest #15 Completed ***
    "Your next stop is the Bank, directly south of the Capsule-Fanatic's house.  
    The people outside will tell you that it was just robbed.  Gee, I wonder who 
    could have robbed the bank...possibly the 3 guys that are walking around, 
    wearing bandannas to hide their faces, and carrying guns?  Perhaps?
    ***** Quest #16:  Stop the Bank Robbers *****
    Reward(s):  1,000 Experience per Robber (3 robbers, 3,000 total)
                1,500 Experience (completion of the Quest)
    "Find all 3 robbers (which shouldn't be hard, as they are usually all in front
    of the bank) and beat them.  Gosh, ain't that hard?
    *** Quest #16 Completed ***
    "All that's left to do is to travel Down, then Right through the military base.
    King Kai will contact you telepathically, telling you to hurry because the rest
    of Earths' Warriors are getting beat down.  Before you go, though, you can blow
    up a few rocks in front of one of the buildings to replenish your Flight 
    Charges, and talk to the Nurse to have your health restored.  If you want to 
    gain a couple level-ups before entering the fray, go fight the Namekian 
    Dinosaur (kill it, leave the screen, then return).  At any rate, it's time to
    face off against your betters, Kakorotto!
    ___________________Nappa and the Irrepressable Vegita (Me!)____________________
    "Are you ready to fight?  Make sure you've filled your stock of Herbs (and have
    as many Senzu Beans as possible), because Nappa and I aren't very easy to 
    ***** Quest #17: Defeat Nappa *****
    Reward(s):  20,000 Experience
    "Talk to Gohan and Kuririn to find that they are the only ones left alive.  
    Beautiful...talk to Nappa to initiate the fight with him, then duke it out.
    He's a little slower than Gokuu, but is extremely powerful and can throw Ki 
    blasts at you.  Do be sure to beat him, as this request is kinda sorta required
    to beat the game...
    *** Quest #17 Completed ***
    "Upon beating Nappa, the man himself (that would be me, Vegita) will step up to
    the plate.  Gee, is that a quest?  Yeah, I think it is.
    ***** Quest #18:  Defeat Vegita *****
    Reward(s):  30,000 Experience
    "Here I am, are you ready?  Imagine Nappa's fight...now think about the fact 
    that you're fighting someone much stronger, even faster - if you haven't gotten
    all of the speed increases, then he's just as fast as you (if not faster) - and
    much, MUCH cooler than you are.  Sadly, though, it is required for me to lose 
    in order to move on in the game.  Very well, you can win this fight...the fight
    is fairly simple - you pound on me for a while, then I say how I'm not going to
    go any easier.  Then you have to point on me again.  When I fall down, you win.
    *** Quest #18 Completed ***
    "Yay, Gokuu beat me.  Of course, as I quickly demonstrate, I wasn't ACTUALLY 
    beaten (ha ha!), and power up to my Oozaru (giant monkey) form to tick you off
    even more.  This form stomps on Gokuu, causing Gohan and Kuririn to freak out.
    This is followed by that irritating Monk, Yajirobee, cutting my tail off.  
    Unfortuntely, the mini-orb (which transformed me into my Oozaru form) is still
    floating above, which causes Gohan to transform as well.  Gohan thrashes me, 
    causing me to finally lose.  From here, Gokuu is sent to the Emergency Room, 
    while Gohan, Kuririn, and Bulma give chase to me as I escape to Namek.  Gokuu,
    once healed, also heads towards Namek.  This, logically, takes us to the next 
    leg of your journey...
    _____________________Namek, Part 1_____________________________________________
    "Welcome to Namek, where the water is green, the ground and trees are blue, and
    everything is stronger than what you found on Earth.  Man, maybe it's because 
    those Namkians are green, eh?  I mean, it's not easy being green... (bad pun)
    "All right, so where do we go from here?  Well, by travelling up (through the 
    small path), you will find a Namekian standing next to a ruined house.  This 
    Namekian has been traumatized by Frieza's attacks on the planet, and can only
    think of the trees and how they need to be saved. Great, a friggin' 
    tree-hugging Namekian...no, Gokuu, don't help him, no-
    ***** Quest #19:  Save the Saplings *****
    Reward(s):  7,000
    "...phooey, stupid goody-goody.  Gokuu, you ARE allowed to say no.  You do NOT
    have to help everyone you see with every problem the have, ok?  Yeesh!  Well,
    this quest can be a little confusing if you don't know what you're looking for
    or what to do with them - which are, of course, 3 Namekian Saplings that need
    to be planted in the ground.  Let's go get the first one, then.  Travel Right,
    past the Pterodactyl on the upper ledge and beyond the crying Namekian, until
    you find one of Freiza's Henchmen (he's blue) standing next to a Green Flight
    Charge and the first Sapling.  Kill the henchman (which can be difficult due
    to his strength, so be careful), then walk up to the tree and take it (just 
    like you were picking up an item).  Since you can grab all 3 trees before 
    having to plant them (unlike the Spirits in the HFIL, which had to be taken 
    one-at-a-time), you might as well continue on and get the remaining 2 before
    "Grab the Flight Charge if you need it, and fly straight up onto the higher 
    ground.  Continue your path upwards, walking around the large rocks until you
    find a small path leading to an even higher level (it has a rock, removable by
    a Ki Blast, blocking the top).  Shoot the rock out of the way, and take out the
    Pterodactyl and Dinosaur located up there.  Further up on this plateau, you 
    will find a Green Henchman standing next to a Red Flight Charge and the 2nd 
    Sapling.  Kill one and grab the other two (I think you should know which from
    which), and continue along the path as it turns to the Left.
    "Along this path, you'll come across another Pterodactyl along the narrow 
    ledge.  Press onward, taking out the 'dactyl as you go, until the ledge opens
    up into a larger area.  Here you will find another Dinosaur, another 
    Pterodactyl, and another Green Henchman guarding the 3rd (and final) sapling.
    "3 of these things are not like the other, 3 of these things are kinda the 
    same...but 1 of these things is not like the others, which one could it be?  
    It's time to play our game!"  (End Sesame Street song.)  Grab the tree, then
    return to the Namekian house.  
    "You'll find 3 holes in the ground around this house.  Simply walk Up around
    them and act as if you were picking up and item from above; Gokuu will plant a
    sapling in the hole.  You get 7,000 experience, and a feeling of great 
    accomplishment...after all, you just successfully relocated 3 trees for no 
    bleedin' reason at ALL!  Way to go, Gokuu, you're so good at wasting time I
    think I'm going to remove an EYE!  G'AHH!!!!
    [In Summary - the 3 trees are located in the Upper-Left, Upper-Right, and 
    Lower-Right corners of this screen.  Find them and place them in the 3
    holes around the Namekian's house.]
    *** Quest #19 Completed ***
    "Aside from the token level-building (which, by the way, these enemies give MAD
    experience, so I would suggest doing so), there are quite a few herbs located
    throughout this area.  The best place to restock is one of the 2 Namekian 
    houses with a Child located inside.  One is Up and Left of the Saplings you
    just planted, the other is off to the Right (Up from the crying Namekian, Right
    from the breakable Rock and Pterodactyl, and Up-Left from where you found the 
    first Sapling).  Walk into either house, then exit (causing all monsters and 
    items to be recreated on the screen), pick up an herb or two, then re-enter 
    (and exit) the house.  Since there are herbs close to either house while 
    monsters are not, you can safely replenish Gokuu's life and restock his herbs
    without danger of being attacked. 
    "Oh yeah, one last thing - inside of the house that the Sapling Namekian was 
    next to resides another Namekian.  This one apparently has his composure 
    perfectly intact, as he recognizes you as not one of the ones that attacked the
    villages or his people.  He laments his inability to protect his temple or its
    artifacts, and how they desperately need to be replaced.  Oh joy, Gokuu's going
    to go on ANOTHER Quest...
    ***** Quest #20:  Namekian Artifacts *****
    Reward(s):  30,000 Experience
                Speed Increase
                Passage to the Ginyuu Squad Opens
    Well, your first step is to...step into the next area!  If you want to gain 
    levels, feel free to do so.  In my boredom, I worked Gokuu up to level 25, but
    I wouldn't suggest going THAT far...level 17-18 is plenty.  When you're ready 
    to move on, head to the Upper-Left corner of the screen (where the 3rd Sapling
    was) and take the pathway up into the next area.
    _______________________Namek, Part 2___________________________________________
    "After walking up the small path, you'll find...a very large temple with 
    Porunga's face adorning the sides.  Porunga, by the way, is the name of the
    giant, Namekian Dragon that sprouts from the Dragon Balls.  This is the Temple
    that the Namekians had been talking about, but your priority is finding those
    artifacts.  There is an herb here if you need healing, so grab it, leave the 
    screen, come back, and grab it again (repeated healing! yay!).  You can fly 
    over the temple and skip a portion of the walking here, but assuming you don't
    have any Flight Charges (which, by now, you should have plenty), let's take the
    walking route.  From the entrance of the Temple, start walking left.  From 
    here, you can either immediately walk Up, taking the small path, or you can
    walk to the Lower-Left and take a slightly longer route. Frankly, I don't see
    why you would take the longer route, since you have to fight the same enemies,
    it's longer, and there is more stuff in your way (making it harder to dodge and
    "Anywho, climb the small paths, taking out henchmen as you go.  The path will
    wind to the Left, then double-back to the right, taking you above the Temple.
    As you walk, you'll notice a Red Gem on the level above you.  If you can fly up
    there and grab it, then do so - it's the first Namekian Artifact - but if you
    cannot, you'll just have to keep walking Right.  When you reach the Right side
    of the temple, where the path leads Down again, King Kai will contact you and
    tell you that TenShinHan, Piccolo, Yamcha, and Chao-Zu have all arrived to 
    receive special training from him.  He also tells you that getting the Dragon
    Balls would be good, so that you could wish Piccolo back to life.  With Piccolo
    alive, the Earth's Dragon Balls would be restored again, and then they could be
    used to bring EVERYONE back to life.  That's nice, King Kai, but what does this
    have to do with ME?  Hello, Vegita here, ruler of all Saiya-Jins, powerful 
    fighter, great cook...hello?
    "Fine, he doesn't care.  Jerk.  Keep moving Down along the path, and it will 
    eventually come to a dead-end...but there is a Green Flight Charge here, and a
    plateau directly above you with another Green Flight Charge as well.  Might as
    well fly up there, eh?  Take out the Pterodactyl on that level, blast the Rock
    on the Right to reveal an Herb, and grab the Flight Charge as you move up to 
    the next level.  There's another Flight Charge on this level, as well as 
    another Henchman and a Path that leads Up and to the Left.  As you could (and 
    most likely would) assume, this path takes you to the Red Artifact.  Now then,
    return to the Upper-Right section of this map, flying up to the final height. 
    Here you will find a Green Henchman, a Dinosaur, a Green Flight Charge, the 
    Blue Artifact, and a blastable Rock.  This rock is concealing a Senzu Bean, so
    if you want to replenish your stock of those, leave the screen, fly back up 
    here, and nab a few more.  There is nothing else to do in this area, aside from
    gaining a few levels or getting those Senzu Beans, so progress into the Temple
    itself so you can find the last artifact and complete your mission.  
    _________________________The Namekian Temple___________________________________
    "This place is big, that's for sure, and is loaded with Teleport Pads of 
    varying colors.  The trick here is to know which teleporters to take, since 
    they always take you to the same place, and simply following the right order.
    For simpler purposes, I will tell you how to get to each Teleporter, as well as
    what color it is.
    "Start out by walking straight up, stopping in front of the oversized statue of
    a Namekian Warrior holding a 1-Star Dragon Ball (not real, though).  Directly 
    below this statue is a white square; this is the first Teleport Pad.  If you 
    want to grab any Flight Charges, there are 2 Red Ones on opposite sides of the
    room here.  When you're ready, step onto the White Teleport Pad.  This takes 
    you to a Room with a hand holding a Tablet directly North from here.  There 
    are several tablets like this located throughout the Temple, and do nothing but
    hold Namekian Wisdom for you.  If you want to read 'em, go right ahead. 
    "To continue - walk Down and Right around the torches, following the flames 
    (take out the Henchmen if you wish).  The path here will go Up and Right; you
    will want to take the Right path.  Continue moving past the Green Teleport Pad
    (and the Green Flight Charge...it's the Green section!), beat up the Blue 
    Henchman, and Follow the Hall as it banks and goes Up.  Your path will meet
    with another Namekian Statue Warrior, this one Holding a 2-Star Dragon Ball.
    Directly below the statue is a Namekian Statue of a Hand, pointing right.  
    That's a clue, folks - there's a hidden passage in the Right Wall.  Walk 
    through the Wall to find a hidden area.  What's inside this area?  Why yes,
    it's the 3rd and Final Artifact!  Now you can finish the blasted quest!
    "Exit the secret passage and walk Down, returning to the Green Telepad you 
    passed.  This will take you to a new room, one with 2 teleporters - one green,
    one blue - at the bottom of the screen.  Ignore these, heading up towards the
    next Namekian Warrior Statue (3-star Dragon Ball in hand).  Take a left at the
    statue, entering another North-South Hallway.  This hallway has a Namekian Hand
    Statue and a henchman.  Head Down to the Orange Teleporter.  In the next area
    you're taken to (with a Namekian Tablet directly Up from here), started heading
    Down.  You'll see the next Namekian Warrior Statue (with the 4-Star Dragon 
    Ball), and a Namekian Hand pointing Left.  Ignore the hand and the statue and
    take out the 2 Henchmen, then move to Yellow Transport Pad (which is Down and
    Right from the Hand Statue).
    "This puts you in a North-South hallway that quickly branches left, as well as
    continuing down.  Start heading Left, ignoring the 1st passage leading up, the
    Orange Teleport Pad, and the 2nd passage leading up.  At the end of this 
    corridor is a White Teleport Pad; this is the one you want to take (you're
    almost there, folks!).  Inside this room is a Henchmen that almost immediately
    attacks you, as well as 2 Namekian Statues (that do NOT attack you), holding 
    the 6- and 7-star Dragon Balls.  Walk straight up, between the 2 Statues, to 
    another White Teleport Pad.  Take it and you will be shifted to a room with an
    oversized statue of Saichourou (the Namekian Guru), with 3 squares of different
    color (Red, Green, Blue) around him.  Hmm...Red, Green, and Blue - why, you 
    have artifacts that match those colors!  Move to each spare and press the A 
    BUTTON next to them to place each Artifact.  When you do, you'll gain your 
    rewards and a new Teleport Pad will appear on the Left Side of the Screen 
    (which is White).
    [In Summary - Get the 2 Artifacts outside, and get the 3rd one by taking the 
    WHITE teleport pad in the first Temple Room.  Follow the Path Right and up, 
    walking through the wall that is next to the Namekian Hand Statue, to find the
    3rd Artifact.  Take the GREEN teleport pad, then the ORANGE teleport pad next
    to the Namekian Hand Statue.  From here, head Down and Right to find the YELLOW
    Transport Pad; take it to the next room.  Walk Down, then Right as far as you
    can go to find another WHITE Teleport Pad.  Take that, then walk straight up in
    this room to find yet another WHITE Teleport Pad.  This takes you to the 
    Artifact Room.  If you ever get lost, keep trying Teleport pads - one will
    eventually send you back to the beginning of the temple, allowing you restart
    the area.]
    *** Quest #20 Completed ***
    "Gokuu comments on how he heard a sound coming from the left; walk left to find
    a new (White) Teleport Pad.  There is another teleport pad in this room, in the
    Upper-Right, but you do NOT want to take that pad - it brings you back to the
    beginning of the Temple.  Gokuu even comments in the game how he has a bad 
    feeling about the pad...this should tell you NOT to take it, and instead take
    the White Pad instead.  You'll be taken to a new hallway leading up.  Move up
    through the corridor, grab the Green Flying Charge (and ignore the White 
    Telepad, as it will just put you back in the Artifact Room), and head out of 
    the Temple through the top of the screen.  This takes you to the next area, in
    which resides:
    ___________________________The Ginyuu Squad____________________________________
    "Immediately outside, you'll find myself standing about (oh, and those 2 little
    runts as well, Gohan and Kuririn).  Talk to them if you wish, DEFINITELY talk 
    to me (you'd BETTER), and then head Up and Left.  As Gohan and Kuririn informed
    you, Freiza is lookin' to get the Dragon Balls, and now his elite fighting 
    force 'The Ginyuu Squad' are here.  By walking Up and Left, you'll find a funny
    lookin' purple dude with 2 horns - this is Ginyuu, a powerful fighter in his 
    own right, with the ability to swap bodies with other people.  Unfortunately,
    Ginyuu doesn't actually do that in this game (a pity), so you're relegated to
    simple combat.
    "Talk to Ginyuu, and he'll tell you that he want the rest of his team to fight
    you while he works on a victory pose.  Great, the guy's loopy as well as 
    powerful...anyways, you might as well beat up the rest of his team, eh?  I
    would suggest, before taking on the Ginyuu Squad, that you head left and clear
    out the enemies (and restock your Herbs, if you need it).  Hey, if you have to
    run away, it's nice to have those other enemies out of the way so you can do so
    safely right?  Head straight up to find Rikuum (Recoome), the first member of 
    the Ginyuu Squad.  
    ***** Quest #21:  Defeat Rikuum (Recoome) *****
    Reward(s):  40,000 Experience 
    "Rikuum won't seem interested in fighting you at first, but Gokuu pushes 
    onward, prompting Rikuum to attack.  From here, you fight.  Beat up this 
    nincompoop, please...after all, it's just another fight!
    *** Quest #21 Completed ***
    "Moving up, you'll see Baata at the end of a small pathway on top of a plateau.
    Talk to the blue-foo' and initiate another fight.
    ***** Quest #22:  Defeat Baata (Burter) *****
    Reward(s):  70,000
    Uh...why is this a quest, anyways?
    *** Quest #22 Completed ***
    "Walk down the slope and head right to find the 3rd Mouseketeer...er, Ginyuu
    Squad Member, Jiisu.  You know the drill - talk and fight.
    ***** Quest #23:  Defeat Jiisu (Jeice) *****
    Reward(s):  70,000
    Blah blah blah.
    *** Quest #23 Completed ***
    "Upon defeating the last member of the Ginyuu Squad (you can fight Rikuum, 
    Jiisu, and Baata in any order, so long as you fight all 3), Ginyuu himself will
    challenge you. 
    ***** Quest #24:  Defeat Captain Ginyuu *****
    Reward(s):  90,000 Experience
                No more irritating fools
                Gokuu progresses to the area where Furiza's ship is
    "Dur hur hur.  Lookit me, I'm a member of the GINYUU SQUAD!  Aren't I coo!  I
    kan spel reel gud, two!  HO HO HO!!!  1337 5p34k 4-3VR!  Man, I wonder if 
    Ginyuu realizes that being the Captain of a bunch of complete dorks makes him
    an even bigger dork...
    *** Quest #24 Completed ***
    "With the Ginyuu Squad now toast, Gokuu says he wants a better challenge.  He
    says he sees Furiza's ship off in the distance (lord knows how, since he can
    only fly a little ways off of the ground in this game), and immediately flies
    off, landing just outside of an outpost.
    _____________________________Furiza's Henchmen_________________________________
    "Here you are, Gokuu, standing just outside of a location simply LOADED with
    Furiza's henchmen.  What's the most logical thing to do, being a hero and all?
    Why, simple - go on a killing spree, taking out everyone you see.  Heck, it 
    doesn't matter if they're simply a part of nature (Pterodactyls) or lowly 
    soldiers who might have been drafted into Furiza's group without wanting to...
    you need to start killing people!  I mean, you're the hero of the story, so 
    it's perfectly justified if you kill MORE people than the villain could 
    possibly hope to.  Heck, you could even take them out in particularly gruesome
    ways, like drowning them in a firetruck by filling the cab with water, and it's
    perfectly acceptable - heck, it's downright ENCOURAGED - because you are the 
    "...in case you ever wondered why I dislike the 'good guys', this is why.  
    They're such freakin' hypocrites, it's annoying.  Well, back to the game!
    "Gokuu, your only objectives left are to locate Furiza's ship, beat up Furiza
    himself, and NOT chuck this game in disgust.  Let's ignore that 3rd option for
    now, since it would do little good for my FAQ.  You start out in the Lower-Left
    corner of the screen, next to a building and a Blue Henchman.  If you need to
    refill your Herb Supply, enter the building (there are 2 Herbs located within
    a pair of boxes, shoot them to open them), then exit and re-enter.  Easy 
    "Welcome to the world of Startropics, folks!  Yes, that's right - the age-old
    Nintendo game where Mike Jones hopped from island to island, beating up enemies
    with a Yo-Yo, is back in full-force!  However, this time you play as Gokuu, and
    you don't really hop from island to island as you do just FLY.  Thankfully, 
    though, there are Flight Charges located on each island, so you can't possibly
    get stuck...aw, who am I kidding, this isn't ANYTHING like Startropics!  No, 
    Infogrames decides to copy a less-than-stellar game (Lagoon) than one of 
    quality like Startropics.  Feh...well, start flying to the left, beating up 
    anything you see and stopping to pick up Herbs and Flight Charges.  Exit this
    area to find Furiza's ship.
    "Ok, so here's the problem - this area is the last area that you can build 
    levels in, so if you're not at level 25 then I suggest you GET there.  The 
    problem is that...well...this place is FULL of enemies, including the new-and-
    improved Henchmen.  These guys are tougher than their teammates, and since 
    there's a lot of 'em, you could be in for some trouble.  Be prepared to do a
    lot of flying to the island area so you can refill your life and Herbs, then
    continue back again.  If you kill all of Furiza's Croonies in this area 
    (including the one on the island in the Upper-Right corner), you'll get a total
    of 240,000 experience.  That means that no level-up should take THAT long to
    reach.  Look at it this way - the most experience you need for any level-up in
    the game is 1,200,000 - that means you would only have to clear that screen 5
    times in order to gain a level-up.  C'mon, that would take what, 10 minutes? 
    Yeesh, man, get in there and reach your maximum!
    "After hitting your peak, fly through the hole in the Top of Furiza's ship.  
    You'll find Vegita, Gohan, and Kuririn again, all decked out in Saiya-Jin 
    armor.  They inform you that you need to hop in the healing tank before Furiza
    arrives (lord knows why, since you SHOULD be at peak health right now).  Make
    sure you have a full stock of herbs (and, if you have any left, some Senzu to
    go with it), and walk off the Right side of the screen to enter the healing
    tank area.  If you're not ready, then walk through the door on the back wall.
    At any rate, it's time to fight on one of the toughest scourges in the 
    _______________________________The Final Showdown: Furiza______________________
    "...ok, it isn't QUITE time to fight Furiza.  After healing, you'll find 
    yourself in an open pasture with a few herbs and Flight Charges lying around.
    As you might have surmised, this IS a battle ground.  Walk up and talk to 
    Kuririn and Gohan to find out that Furiza already killed me (NOOO!!!  
    ::cries::), and that the foul demon is over the hills in the North-East.  King
    Kai will also contact you (telepathically) to let you know Piccolo has been 
    wished back, and now the Dragon Balls are being collected.  However, Namek is
    unstable, and will blow up soon, so he'd best beat Furiza soon!  Therefore, 
    head Up and Right to find Furiza, then talk to him to start the battle royale!
    ***** Quest #25:  Defeat Furiza! *****
    Reward(s):  Form 1 - 300,000 Experience
                Form 2 - 500,000 Experience
                Form 3 - 600,000 Experience
                The fight is its own reward
                The end of the game
                Credits   (c'mon, these are all rewards!)
    "Furiza starts out in his base form, the short (and weak) version.  He is all
    white with purple spots on his body, and a pair of horns on his head.  Oh yeah,
    and he's not very difficult.  Punch him a few times and he'll power up 
    (::snicker:: power UP!  It's a riot!).  Punch him a few more times and he'll go
    up to another form.  Beat him down again and he will transform 1 last time, 
    into his true form - the sleek, mostly-white-but-still-has-those-weird-purple-
    splotches form (maybe they are some sort of rash, or birthmarks?).
    "This is where things get interesting...sort of.  The screen immediately 
    changes to a heavily-destroyed Namekian landscape, with Furiza walking around.
    Kuririn walks up, trying to encourage Gokuu, only to gte killed by Furiza.  
    This enfuriates Gokuu to the point of turning into a Super Saiya-Jin.  Ah, you
    gotta love the mystical power-ups in the series, eh?  Anywho, going SSj gives
    Gokuu another Speed increase.  From here, it's just another fight, so get in
    there and duke it out!  C'mon, kill the guy who killed me!  Please?  Pretty 
    _________________________________Quickie Walkthrough___________________________
    Here's the no-frills guide to getting through the game.  If a quest is 
    optional, then I won't list it here, and I also won't list things like when to
    gain levels, what items to get, etc.  If you want those, read the walkthrough.
    So here you go, 25 easy steps to victory.
    1  - Get Master Roshi's Magazines for him.
         (Raditz appears and takes Gohan, then Gokuu flies to his house.)
    2  - Travel to the Dinosaur Excavation Area.
    3  - Fly left to the Forest Homes Area.
    4  - Complete the quests "Lost Kitty," "Saved Lost Girl," "Recovered Toy Boat",
         and "Flowers for Sue"
    5  - Talk to the Old Man (Upper-Right house) to open the path to Raditz.
    6  - Defeat Raditz.
         (Gokuu dies and goes to the Gateway to Heaven/Hell.)
    7  - Travel down Snake Way until Gokuu falls off.
    8  - Collect the 3 lost spirits for the Blue Oni.
    9  - Talk to the Red Oni to trick him into hiding.
    10 - Eat King Yemma's apple.
         (The Red Oni reappears, thus tricked, and opens a pathway out of Hell for
    11 - Fly to King Kai's planetoid.
    12 - Complete the quests "Caught Bubbles" and "Konked Gregory."
         (Gokuu is wished back to life and is taken to Kami's Lookout.)
    13 - Talk to Kami, Mr. Popo, and Korrin, then fly off the Left Edge of Kami's
    14 - Travel Left to the City.
    15 - Travel Left to the Military Base.
    16 - Travel Right to the Battle Site.
    17 - Defeat Nappa and Vegita (me) in battle.
         (Gokuu goes to the doctor to get healed, then travels to Namek.)
    18 - Travel North to the Namekian Temple area.
    19 - Collect the 2 Namekian Artifacts (Red and Blue) that are outside of the 
    20 - Enter the Temple, find the 3rd artifact, and return all 3 Artifacts to 
         their pedestals.
    21 - Exit the Temple via the White Square and talk to Ginyuu.
    22 - Beat Rikuum, Baata, Jiisu, and Ginyuu in battle.
         (Gokuu travels to one of Frieza's henchmen bases.)
    23 - Fly Right to Frieza's Ship area.
    24 - Fly into Furiza's ship and enter the Healing Pod.
         (Furiza appears and kills me...NOO!!!!)
    25 - Fight Furiza through his 4 forms, Go SSj (Super Saiya-Jin), and beat the
    =============================== Legacy of Gokuu ===============================
          ------------------------V: Enemies & Bosses------------------------
    =============================== Legacy of Gokuu ===============================
    A sure-fire way to make any battle in the game a cinch is to use the "Solar 
    Flare" trick.  This trick is simple enough - Charge up a Solar Flare, punch 
    your enemy a few times, then rush back far enough so you can charge another
    Solar Flare before they can attack you.  If you need more distance, tap the B
    Button to do a no-effort Solar Flare (no Ki is used), stunning your opponent
    for a brief moment while you run away.  I was able to take out Frieza without
    taking a single hit using this method, and most everyone else in the game fell
    just as easily (hey, everyone makes mistakes).
    _~A~  Enemies__________________________________________________________________
    ##### Squirrels #####
    Experience:  5
    They're small, they're cute, they feed on acorns...and THEY'RE INCREDIBLY 
    DEADLY!  Squirrels are the lowest of the low in terms of enemies, as they're
    extremely weak and only give a paltry 5 Experience.  Gokuu would have to kill
    30 of these guys just to go from Level 2 to Level 3, for cryin' out loud!  
    Heck, you could simply avoid them and not have to worry about anything, since
    they pose no threat at ALL to our hero...you can't even be damaged by them!  I
    don't think I should list Squirrels under the "Enemy" category, but hey, they 
    DO give experience when you kill 'em.  Knowing the way this game is set up, you
    could probably get experience for knocking down a tree or taking a nap.
    ##### Snakes #####
    Experience:  5
    Imagine a squirrel, but make it longer, thinner, covered in scales, roughly the
    same speed...ok, just imagine a snake.  Snakes are pretty much exactly like 
    Squirrels in how they act and move, as well as how much experience they yield.
    Since these, too, are pathetically weak, you can ace them before they even get
    close to you.  However, they can come packs, making them mildly irritating at
    times.  Not dangerous, mind you, just irritating.  Snakes are also like 
    Squirrels in the respect that they do not attack (at least, not that I've 
    seen), so you're safe from harm again.
    Hmmm...although it hasn't yet happened to me, Jordon Blough (jordan@footbag.com)
    informs me that snakes CAN bite you.  Hey, if I'm wrong, then so be it...but if
    I'm right, now you know who to complain to!  (Just kidding, Jordan - thanks for
    the info.)
    ##### Crabs #####
    Experience:  70
    "It looks like Gohan has been feeding the crabs too much!" exclaims Gokuu as he
    stumbles upon the oversized crustaceans near his home.  Crabs will actually, 
    willingly close in on Gokuu to attack him, making them a lot more dangerous 
    than your average forest-faring denizen (i.e., squirrels or snakes).  Of 
    course, they still aren't THAT dangerous, as you can bust 'em up with Ki Blasts
    from a far, then punch them when they get in close (or run away and recharge so
    you can continue throwing Ki Blasts).  These guys give twelve times as much 
    experience as Snakes & Squirrels, so they are vastly superior in terms of 
    experience-gaining.  Beat up on a few, Gokuu - you deserve it!  Teach your son
    not to be friendly to the seafood anymore!
    ##### Wolves #####
    Experience:  70
    Wolves are rather pesky enemies.  They're stronger than crabs, they do more 
    damage than crabs, they're faster than crabs, and once they have Gokuu's scent
    then they will rush towards him and try to bite him to death!  Don't let these
    little nippers nip you to "another dimension", make sure you take them out 
    quickly!  Blast them from afar, then punch them when they get in close.  
    They're too fast to run away from (but if you feel like flying, go right 
    ahead), so you'll most likely have to duke it out with them.
    ##### Earthbound Pterodactyls #####
    Experience:  300
    These guys are a pain.  At every stage of the game that you can encounter these
    baddies, they do quite a bit of damage, take a lot of punishment, and have the
    ability to fly - meaning Gokuu can't easily hide behind objects and remain 
    safe!  The trick to Pterodactyls is to constantly try to keep them at a 
    distance and peg them with Projectile attacks.  If you have the Solar Flare
    ability, then charge up a shot, punch them or shoot them, then run away.  If 
    you need to beat a hasty retreat, throw out a quick Solar Flare and run like
    heck!  The most effective strategy I know of for them (aside from the Solar
    Flare trick) is to simply walk a distance, fire a few Ki Blasts at it, then
    walk perpendicular to it (meaning if it's Up, walk Left or Right, and if it's
    to the Left/Right, walk Up or Down).  The Pterodactyl will try to move to match
    your position, giving you enough time to walk further away - and allow you time
    to shoot it with more Ki blasts.  Just make sure you don't walk yourself into a
    corner (and if you do, fly out of there!).
    ##### Earthbound Dinosaurs #####
    Experience:  600
    Big, tough, ugly, and extremely strong, these Dinosaurs are NOT to be messed 
    with.  Resembling a cross between a Tyranosaurus and a Triceratops, these 
    beasties can easily take off over 1/2 your life with 1 chomp.  If you wish to
    fight them, make sure you keep your distance from them (unless you're absurdly
    powerful), or else you will probably end up dying from the biting.  It must 
    stink to be these dinosaurs, though, since they have the worst case of 
    scoliosis I've ever seen.  They walk on their hind legs (since their front
    paws are to short to carry any weight), yet they are so bent forward that they
    give the impression of a dinosaur that walks on all fours.  Maybe its weight is
    balanced out by its massive tail, or maybe it has the strongest proportional 
    backbone in existance...in any case, they're tough in close (unless you have
    the Solar Flare attack).
    ##### Snake Queen #####
    Experience:  3,500
    Funny how this woman fights just like Raditz does, minus the Ki blasts.  Oh 
    well...the Snake Queen is a rough fighter, trying to stay close to Gokuu while
    pummelling him.  Keeping your distance while attacking her can be difficult due
    to Snake Way's close quarters, but a Solar Flare can remedy this problem with 
    ease.  Heck, the Solar Flare trick can completely ruin the Snake Queen's day! 
    If you want an easy 3.5 K experience, go beat down this phantasm (she IS just
    an oversized snake pulling a fast one on Gokuu) before continuing down the 
    ##### Spirit Cloud #####
    Experience:  1,000
    They're cute, they're billowy, they look like clouds...and they will kill you 
    if they get too many hits on Gokuu!  These wandering souls are quite powerful
    pieces of fluff, slowly moving about and doing a rather high amount of damage
    for the undead.  I suggest taking out every Spirit Cloud you can come across,
    since they give a very nice amount of experience (given the point of the game
    that you fight them).  However, they can be rather troublesome, since you have
    no recycling herbs to grab if you're too low on life (meaning there are no 
    points where you can leave the screen and come back, making the herbs 
    ##### Namekian Dinosaur #####
    Experience:  4,000
    I don't really know how this guy managed to get to Earth, but here he is.  
    Maybe Vegita and Nappa brought it with them, hoping it would create some undue
    carnage.  Whatever the reason, this guy NORMALLY resides on Namek, but somehow
    managed to find his way to the Ice Field just outside of the City.  Gokuu, if
    you want to fight this guy, go right ahead - it's great if you want to gain a
    few levels - but be wary, since he packs a VERY powerful bite.  On average,
    the Namekian Dinosaur can bite half of your life off with a single well-placed
    chomp!  Oh yeah, and the Namekian Dinosaur looks exactly like te Earthbound
    version.  That's right, Infogrames didn't even attempt to palette-swap this
    guy to make him appear different.
    ##### Bank Robber #####
    Experience:  1,000
    Hey, there's only 3 of 'em, and technically they should be considered a "Quest"
    enemy, but I'm still gonna list 'em.  These 3 yahoos just robbed a bank, and 
    are now walking around, shooting things (namely Gokuu).  They have black bowl-
    cut hairstyles, sport red bandannas across their mouths, and have guns.  The 
    funny thing is, their guns pack a decent wallop against Gokuu, so you can't 
    simply rush in against them or else you might get hurt.  Stun 'em with a Solar
    Flare, beat 'em up, and collect your rewards.  Now, how is it that their guns
    can actually hurt Gokuu?  Mean, as a kid, Gokuu was shot in the head with a
    gun, and the most he did was complain about it hurting (he then proceeded to
    pick up Bulma's car and throw it).  These must be some seriously-powerful
    guns to be able to inflict damage on Gokuu!
    ##### Namekian Pterodactyl #####
    Experience:  1,000
    Well...uh...imagine it's the Earth version of the Pterodactyl, only it's 
    tougher and gives more experience.  That's about it, folks.
    ##### Frieza's Henchmen (various colors) #####
    Experience:  10,000
    These guys are quite irritating, simply because they are normal enemies that
    can decimate you in seconds!  The jump in enemy-difficulty-level from your 
    average opponent to these guys is a little steep...thankfully, though, the
    experience trade-off is well worth it.  These morons either appear as Lizard-
    men, Dog-Men, or Blue-Alien-Thingy-Men, all sporting the same headgear (a funny
    lookin' helmet) and the same Saiya-Jin armor.  If you treat these guys like you
    would a boss fight - that is, CAREFULLY - then you'll do fine, and soon have a
    high-enough level to effectively combat these fools.
    ##### Improved Frieza Henchmen #####
    Experience:  30,000
    These fellows differ from their weaker counterparts in the sense that they...
    uh...well, they're stronger.  They wear the same armor and helmets, meaning the
    only thing that sets them apart physically are their faces.  Isn't it fun to
    have trouble telling your enemies apart?  I mean, they're so uniform and all...
    by the way, the Improved Ones either have Red Skin (looking kinda like Jiisu),
    Pale Skin (these are the "human" types), or funny-looking brown heads and no 
    helmets.  They all are roughly as difficult as the Ginyuu Squad's individual
    members, yet don't yield as much experience.  Man, that stinks...
    ___~B~  Bosses_________________________________________________________________
    ##### Raditz #####
    Experience:  4,000
    Hey, it's your first true boss!  Raditz is a tough guy to deal with for a 
    variety of reasons - he's a good deal stronger than you, he's almost as fast as
    you (so you can't easily run away), he takes a LOT of punishment, and he has 
    more hair than an entire Head & Shoulders commercial.  To top it off, Raditz 
    can throw Ki blasts at you, too, so you even have to deal with him from 
    distances!  Raditz has you outclassed on almost every aspect, so you'll have to
    play against him carefully...thankfully, there are several tactics you can use
    against him.
    ##### Nappa #####
    Experience:  20,000
    He's big, he's bald, he's not too bright, and he commands the Saiya-Jin armies.
    It's Nappa, a moron combattant that has already taken out TenShinHan, Yamcha 
    (sort of), and Chao-Zu!  Nappa is a large bald man with a handlebar mustache,
    wearing the traditional Saiya-Jin armor.  He is just a little slower than 
    Gokuu, and can fire powerful Ki Blasts at you (although he requires charging
    them up, just like Raditz).  Nappa is extremely powerful, probably the toughest
    enemy you've yet fought (although whether or not he's more powerful than the 
    Namekian Dinosaur is debatable).  The main problem with Nappa (just like 
    Raditz, Vegita, the Ginyuu Squad, and Furiza) is that he will keep on your 
    tail, trying to punch you as much as possible.  You don't want to let him do
    that, so fly away, use a Taiyo-Ken on him, or simply shoot him from afar.  
    Watch out for those Ki Blasts, too!
    ##### Vegita #####
    Experience:  30,000
    So what if I'm shorter and less physically-imposing than General Nappa?  I'm 
    over 4 times more powerful than he is, so what's the big deal?  I hit harder
    than Nappa, I can fire Ki Blasts as well (only mine are cool-blue) and I just
    don't know when to quit.  I'm the slightest bit slower than Gokuu, so he can
    barely outrun me...however, if he stops even for a second, I'll be right back
    in his face.  The trick is to fly away, use Taiyo-Ken a lot, or whatever you
    can to keep your distance from me.  After beating me up once, I'll stop and
    tell you that I'm not going to kid around anymore.  That's right, I was only
    playing.  Now I can occasionally fire off Ki blasts without even charging,
    making me much more dangerous.  Beat me up until I fall down again, and you've
    succeeded in beating up the coolest person in the game.  I hope you're happy.
    ...wait a minute.  I "get serious", and the best the programmers could come up
    with is that I OCCASIONALLY fire blasts without charging?  C'mon, what the heck
    is this?  That's bunk!  Where's the flying, where's the different Ki attacks...
    oh, that's right, it's a game by Infogrames.  I shouldn't have expected decent
    gameplay or well-planned fights.
    ##### Rikuum (Recoome) #####
    Experience:  40,000
    Rikuum is a tall, beige-skinned, red-haired fellow wearing Saiya-Jin Armor (on
    his body) and a Scouter (on his face).  Aside from physical looks, Rikuum is
    nothing more than a more-powerful version of Raditz, Nappa, or myself.  Treat
    him the same way - run away and blast him or Taiyo-Ken/Punch him.  The only 
    thing that I find irritating about him is the fact that, as soon as you finish
    talking to him, he punches you - which means you're pretty much guaranteed to
    take some damage against him.  C'mon, that's not fair!
    ##### Baata (Burter) #####
    Experience:  70,000
    Baata is the large, bluish-alien member of the Ginyuu Squad, who wears the same
    armor and Scouter as his compatriots.  He also moves the same, attacks the 
    same, and dies the same.  However, he does give more experience than Rikuum
    does, and apparently takes more hits than Rikuum does before going down, so I
    guess there is SOME difference between the two...
    ##### Jiisu (Jeice) #####
    Experience:  70,000
    Jiisu is a strange member of the Ginyuu squad.  Granted, there's the same armor
    and scouter, but what kind of person has long, bright-white hair and red skin?
    Whatever the cause, that's what Jiisu looks like.  Once again, though, there
    aren't any differences between this member of "the squad" and other others 
    aside from superficial ones.  However, if you want to toy with 'em you can fly
    to the top of the Plateau directly Right and pelt 'em with Kamehame-Ha's.  
    It's funny, 'cause you can't even get hurt.  I don't recall ever seeing Jiisu
    firing a blast from the Left or Right, which means you're free to attack all
    you want.
    #####  Ginyuu (Ginew) #####
    Experience:  90,000
    Ah, the big moron himself has stepped up to the plate.  Too bad, he's not much
    stronger or faster than the rest of his team.  He is big, purple, wears the
    same old armor and scouter, and has bad breath.  Ginyuu can shoot Ki Blasts,
    punch you, cook a mean quiche, and peform an amazing rendition of "Amazing 
    Grace" if asked nicely.  Too bad, though, you just get to fight him.  Take the
    punk down in the usual fashion, Gokuu - Taiyo-Ken/punching are your bestest
    friends ever!
    #####  Furiza (Frieza) #####
    Experience:  Form 1 - 300,000 Experience
                 Form 2 - 500,000 Experience
                 Form 3 - 600,000 Experience
    Well, here he is, the final boss.  Too bad, though, that he has had no impact
    on you whatsoever, since this is the first time you've gotten to see Furiza in
    the game.  Oh well...if you're a fan of the manga or the anime, then you'll 
    know who he is, and won't mind the fact that he completely came out of the 
    Furiza starts out small and white, with purple strips on his body.  After 
    beating on him enough, he will grow larger, taller, gain bigger horns, and hit
    even harder.  Keep on him and he will shapeshift into a being that looks like
    one of those Aliens from "Alien/Aliens/Alien 3/Alien Ressurrection".  Keep on
    him again until he turns into his final form.  At this point, Furiza kills 
    Kuririn, Gokuu goes SSj, and the map changes into a "Planet Namek's gon' 
    'splode" map.  Fight on and win, Kakorotto.
    =============================== Legacy of Gokuu ===============================
          ----------------------------VI: Various----------------------------
    =============================== Legacy of Gokuu ===============================
    If it doesn't fit anywhere else, this is where I put it!
    _~A~ The Name Game_____________________________________________________________
    Throughout this guide, you have probably noticed quite a few names and words
    that different in spelling than that seen on Dragon Ball Z (the TV show).  The
    reason for this is because I prefer to go by my own interpretations of the 
    names, presented in the original Japanese (or as close as possible).  For 
    example, the move known as "Solar Flare" is a rough translation of "Taiyo-Ken",
    which is the original name the attack had.  While Solar Flare is a somewhat-
    accurate translation, I like to avoid as many arguments as possible on the 
    difference in interpretations, opting for the use of "Taiyo-Ken" (the original)
    over "Solar Flare" (the translated version).  The word "Saiya" is a pun on the
    Japanese word for vegetable (Yasai), and since the term "Jin" means people, 
    person, or man, the phrase "Saiya-Jin" means the Saiya-people (or the race of
    Saiyas).  Thus, I tend to use the term "Saiya-Jin" over the slightly less-
    correct "Saiyan".  Granted, Saiyan is a more Americanized version of the name,
    but I just like using Saiya-Jin instead.  Now you get another joke that was 
    included in the series - the "plant people" (Saiya-Jin) have people named 
    Vegita and Kakorotto (carrot).
    For names, I like to go with as close a romanization of the Katakana as 
    possible, although I do take some liberties with SOME names.  The name 
    "Vegita", for example, can be translated as a variety of ways from the Japanese
    (Vegita, Vegeta, Vejita, Vejiita, Begeta, Begita, etc).  The Japanese language
    has no separate B and V sounds, instead combining the two into what we 
    (English-speaking folk) would consider as a slurring of the sounds.  However,
    we know that the name is a pun on the word "Vegetable", so I choose a hard V
    sound instead of the slurred version; thus, when I write the name I will also
    choose the "V" sound instead of going to the extent of "V/Begita v/bounces the
    v/ball".  Truth be told, I randomly picked one of the myriad of spellings out
    there (the ones that start with V, that is), and the one I ended up with was 
    Vegita...and now you know why I prefer that spelling over Vegeta.
    Of course, then you have the name "Tien", which is wholly incorrect.  Certain
    words and phrases in Japanese are spelled out using Katakana and Hiragana - 
    formal and informal "letters", in a manner of speaking.  Each symbol represents
    a single syllable, such as "Te", "Ta", "Ti", "Se", "Sa", "Si", etc.  The name 
    "TenShinHan" is written using 6 Katakana symbols (syllables):
    Te - N - Shi - N - Ha - N
    It has always been written that way, as there really isn't much variation that
    you could put in there (maybe something along the lines of "TehnShinHahn" to 
    add emphasis to the vowels, but that would seem a little extreme).  Here's 
    where the dilemma of "Tien" comes into play - the guys at FUNimation translated
    his name in such a way that goes against how his name is pronounced and 
    written, and ultimately shows their inability to both read OR hear the Japanese
    language correctly.
    There are other names which I opt for different spellings - I prefer Kuririn
    instead of "Krillin", since his name revolves around 2 jokes and neither can be
    gotten from the spelling of Krillin: Kuri means chestnut (as Toriyama was 
    notorious for food-related joke names), and "Kurin" is slang for "Shaved Head"
    - since Kuririn is a monk with a shaved head (for most of the series), this is
    where the joke comes into play.  You'll probably also notice that I use double-
    vowels in the spelling of certain names, like "Gokuu" or "Ginyuu".  This is 
    partly due to repetition, partly as a designation of a "Japanese" word 
    (personal habit), and partially because I like to show the extended vowel 
    sound(s) by adding in that extra letter.  Granted, by this merit I should 
    probably write Vegita's name as "Vegiita", but once again it is just a personal
    preference.  I like the spelling of Frieza as "Furiza" instead of the logical 
    "Freeza", which completely defies my "double-letter" rationalization, yet it's
    (one AGAIN) just my personal preference.  You'll find a lot of those, which is
    why I took the time to explain this.  I hope I have not confused anyone, and 
    hope that my efforts will clear up any discrepancies otherwise created by my 
    U.S.         My Preferred
      Spelling      Spelling
    Goku       = Gokuu
    Roshi      = Kamesennin
    Vegeta     = Vegita
    Krillin    = Kuririn
    Tien       = TenShinHan
    Chao-Tzu   = Chao-zu
    Frieza     = Furiza
    Ginyu      = Ginyuu
    Burter     = Baata
    Recoome    = Rikuum
    Jeice      = Jiisu
    King Kai   = Kai-ou Sama  (which roughly means "Very Honorable King Kai", so I
                 guess that works)
    King Yemma = Enma Dai-ou (which roughly means "Honorable King Enma")
    Saiyan     = Saiya-Jin
    ___~B~  Revision History_______________________________________________________
    05-19-02:  I started this FAQ.  Granted, I don't have my Afterburner 
               installed on my GBA yet, but why should that stop me from 
               writing another guide?  Besides, I told Devin Morgan that 
               I'd do this, and I absolutely cannot stand backing out on my 
    05-23-02:  Various things happened all over the place, delaying my 
               ability to finish this guide until today.  Hey, it's fun to 
               have things finished...
    05-26-02:  I finished wrapping the guide to 79 characters-per-line 
               (which is the requirement for GameFAQs, and thus I like to 
               follow that standard).  Now, to send it in to GameFAQs and
               see if it's posted or not...
    05-27-02:  Jordon Blough informs me that I'm a fool, and should ride  
               the short bus to school.  Actually, he told me that the 
               snakes DO bite.  Hey, I thought they didn't...
    03-13-03:  Format revisions!
    _____~C~  Thanks_______________________________________________________________
    ~CJayC (CJayC@gamefaqs.com, www.gamefaqs.com) for putting this FAQ up.
    ~Al Amaloo (www.gamewinners.com) for being such a cool guy, and having a great
    ~Vertsk8pro@hotmail.com for giving me a heart attack with your childish "I 
     stole your FAQ and sold it with my name on it" antics.  Because of that, I now
     do dozens of things to make sure people don't steal my work.  If they do, I 
     know exactly what to look for to see if they took MY work or not.
    ~Uh...I can't exactly thank God for the role he's taken in my life, because 
     that would seem like I'm trying to force my religious opinions on someone else
     (which I'm not).  Therefore, I'd like to thank "Murray" for the role he's 
     taken in my life (Murray, you know who you are).
    ~Musical credits for this guide go to the folks behind the sounds of Trigun.
     That's a lot of rockin' music, I might add, and is quite enjoyable.  It's even
     more enjoyable, in my opinion, if you've seen the series, so I suggest 
     everyone see Trigun.  If you liked Dragon Ball, you'll probably love Trigun.
     I also recommend Hellsing to you DBZ fans, since it seems to feel like it's in
     the same vein as Trigun (musically AND style/story wise).  Heck, I'll even 
     recommend FLCL, Macross Plus, Cowboy Bebop, and The Vision of Escaflowne, just
     'cause I think they're great anime.
    _______~D~  NO THANKS__________________________________________________________
    If you write me asking for help with the game, I'll send you a link to my FAQ.
    If you ask for specific help, I'll try to aid you.  However, if you ask me 
    about something that is already covered in the FAQ, I will simply refer you to
    the FAQ again.  I wrote the FAQ so that your questions would be answered here,
    not so I could repeat that FAQ bit by bit through e-mail for the next few 
    years.  If you need clarification about something in the FAQ, ask about it - 
    but don't ask me to repeat anything.
                                        End FAQ
    The following are sites that can NOT use my work.  If you see these sites using
    ANY of my FAQs, please e-mail me ASAP.  Each of these websites are sites that
    have plagiarised myself or others in the past, or simply taken our work(s)
    without our prior permission.  Since they do not have enough respect for the
    authors (or an ignorance of the law), I am expressly forbidding them from using
    my work.  I will not promote such sites that partake in these actions.
       911 Codes                     http://911codes.com
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    (Taken from Jim "Red Phoenix" Chamberlin's FAQ Theft Guide, as well as added
    As I stated above, if you want to use one of my guides, I ask that you e-mail
    me to gain my permission first.  I like to keep track of which sites use my
    work, so I know where to send the updates, and it's a little difficult to keep
    you updated if you don't e-mail me.
    This FAQ Copyright Reverend Eric "Vegita" Johnson, March 2003

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