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    FAQ/Walkthrough (JIS) by Shdwrlm3

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 08/31/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                Wario Land Advance FAQ
                                        V 0.2
                             Last Updated: August 31, 2001
                           by ShdwRlm3 (shdwrlm3@yahoo.com)
    Table of Contents
         1. Intro
         2. Story
         3. FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
         4. Gameplay/Controls
         5. Walkthrough
               Getting Started
               Beginning Passage
               Green Passage
               Red Passage
               Yellow Passage
               Blue Passage
               Gold Pyramid
               Sound Room
         6. Item Shop
         7. Bosses
         8. Mini-Games
         9. Miscellaneous
         10. Version History
         11. Credits
         12. Copyright Info
    |\  \/\/  /                      1. I N T R O                          |  |  |
    | \      /                       ------------                          |  |__|
    |__\ /\ /______________________________________________________________|     |
         The latest in the Wario Land series, Wario Land Advance is Wario's first
    outing on Gameboy Advance (unless you count Mario Kart:Super Circuit).  A
    revamped gameplay system means everyone's favorite pudgy Italian is no longer
    invincible!  While this is a great departure from the No-Death system of Wario
    Land II and 3, the gameplay is still classic Wario, with Wario being able to
    transform into various other forms.  The graphics take a cue from Yoshi's
    Island and are enhanced by the Gameboy Advance's sprite-scaling abilities.
    The Gameboy Advance also allows Wario Land Advance to have the best music of
    any Wario game yet.  Though it's quite a bit easier and shorter than Wario
    Land 3, Wario Land Advance is still worth the wait, and is a worthy addition
    to the Wario Land series.
    |\  \/\/  /                      2. S T O R Y                          |  |  |
    | \      /                       ------------                          |  |__|
    |__\ /\ /______________________________________________________________|     |
                                  PYRAMID DISCOVERED!
    August 21, 2001
         As the birds chirp early in the morning, Wario sits down to have
    breakfast and read his morning paper, "The Nintendo News."  As he picks his
    nose, he reads the front page and is surprised to read the headline, "PYRAMID
    DISCOVERED."  Wario reads on to discover that the ruins of an ancient pyramid
    have recently been discovered in the jungle interior.  An ancient treasure,
    the treasure of Yooki, had almost been discovered, but numerous accidents had
    prevented anyone from even coming close to finding it.  Undeterred, Wario
    jumps into the Wario Car and sets off on another adventure.  He almost runs
    over a poor, cat as he leaves the city and enters the desert, with the jungle
    his next destination...
    |\  \/\/  /                       3. F A Q s                           |  |  |
    | \      /                        ----------                           |  |__|
    |__\ /\ /______________________________________________________________|     |
    1) Q. When will Wario Land Advance be released in the United States?
       A. I haven't heard an official release date yet, but various sources say it
          will be released some time in November.
    2) Q. Can I e-mail you with a question?
       A. No.  To be more specific, wait until I finish the walkthrough before you
          ask me a question.  I will try to answer your e-mail if you do e-mail
          me, but be warned that I have a tendency to delete e-mails asking about
          portions I haven't completed yet.  PLEASE just wait until I finish, or
          post a message at the GameFAQs message board for WLA.
    |\  \/\/  /          4. G A M E P L A Y / C O N T R O L S              |  |  |
    | \      /           ------------------------------------              |  |__|
    |__\ /\ /______________________________________________________________|     |
    Unlike in Wario Land 3, Wario starts with all of his moves intact in Wario
    Land Advance.  That means you can Bash, Stomp, and Swim to your heart's
    content, as well as perform new moves.  Thankfully, it also means people won't
    e-mail me asking how to Stomp :)
                              B a s i c  C o n t r o l s
    A. Map/Menu Screen
    These are the controls used when Wario's on the Stage Select Screen or in a
    Menu Screen.
    Directional Pad
         Left-Move Wario/Cursor Left on the Map/Menu
         Right-Move Wario/Cursor Right on the Map/Menu
         Up-Move Wario/Cursor Up on the Map/Menu
         Down-Move Wario/Cursor Down on the Map/Menu
    A Button-Enter Stage/Confirm
    B Button-Exit/Cancel
    L Button-Nothing
    R Button-Nothing
    B. Basic Controls
    These are the controls used when Wario is actually in a stage.
    Directional Pad
         Left-Move Wario Left
         Right-Move Wario Right
         Up-Enter Doors
           -Press and Hold while jumping to enter upside-down pipes
             -Press and Hold while on slanted surface to roll
             -Press and Hold to enter pipe
    A Button-Jump
            -Swim Up
    B Button-Bash
    L Button-Press and Hold while using the Directional Pad to Dash
    R Button-Press and Hold while using the Directional Pad to Dash
    Start-Menu Screen
    Other moves include:
         Crawl- Press and Hold Down-Right or Down-Left to crawl
         Bash Jump- Press B then A to jump farther
         Bash Duck- Press B then Down to slide
         Ducking Jump- Press and Hold Down then Press A to jump while ducking
         Bashing Duck- Press B to Bash, then immediately Hold Down to Duck
    Mini-Game Controls are explained in the Mini-Games section.
    C. Difficulty
    Wario Land Advance is different than the other Wario games because for the
    first time ever you can choose a difficulty level.  The difficulty levels are
    as follows:
    Normal-Few enemies, more time, less-expensive items.
    Difficult-Many enemies, more dangerous enemies, less time, expensive items.
    So far, those are the only known differences, though it's possible beating the
    game on Difficult will open something up...
    D. Transformations
    One thing that stayed intact was Wario's ability to transform into other forms.
    However, from what I've seen it isn't used as much as in Wario Land 3, and I
    haven't seen any new forms _yet_.
    Fat Wario
    Enemies/Traps: Apple-Tosser
    As Fat Wario
         Directional Pad-Move Wario Left and Right
         A Button-Jump
    Cure: Walk it off
    Flat Wario
    Hot Wario
    Puffy Wario
    Zombie Wario
    Bouncy Wario
    Snowman Wario
    Bat Wario
    Bubble Wario
    Wario Land Advance is a bit different than Wario Land II or 3.  Each Passage
    (except for the Beginning Passage) contains 4 stages and a Boss.  In each
    stage are 4 Pieces of a Relic.  Complete 4 Relics to open the Boss Door.  Also
    in each stage is a CD that will allow you to listen to music in the Sound
    room.  You must also collect the Key Ghost and bring it back to the exit with
    you.  Once you step on a Frog, the exit (the warp where you started from) will
    open up, and a timer will start.  If you run out of time, your Coins will act
    as a timer.  When you run out of Coins, you'll have to start the stage all
    over again.
    |\  \/\/  /                5. W A L K T H R O U G H                    |  |  |
    | \      /                 ------------------------                    |  |__|
    |__\ /\ /______________________________________________________________|     |
                                   Getting Started
    Push Start on the Title Screen to reach the Data Select Screen.
    If you're starting a new game, choose either Save File (you get 2) to get
    started.  The bottom option will allow you to Erase Data.  Next, choose a
    difficulty level.  The first option is Normal, while the second option is
    Hard.  For now, this Walkthrough will be based on the Normal difficulty.
    Again, enemies, time limits, and Relic locations will change on Difficult, so
    only follow this walkthrough for Normal.
    Wario enters the Pyramid, only to find the Black Cat he had nearly ran over
    previously.  He follows the cat into the next room, where it jumps down a hole
    in the floor.  Wario soon follows, his journey truly underway...
                                  Beginning Passage
    Beginning Ruins
    This is basically a training stage.  Here you'll learn how to perform Wario's
    various moves (unlike Wario Land 3, you'll be able to perform most of Wario's
    moves from the beginning).  Each Walkthrough is split up into 5 sections:
    Upper-Right Relic, Lower-Right Relic, Lower-Left Relic, Upper-Left Relic, and
    Exit.  They will NOT always be in that order!
    |      \
    | Right |
    1) Jump up the thin platforms on the right.  Head right through the opening
       you see.
    2) As the picture suggests, Press Down to go down the pipe.
    3) The enemies in this next room won't be able to hurt Wario.  Simply take
       them out with a Bash attack or Butt Stomp.  Pick up the Small Red Coins to
       build up the Heart Bar (8 Small Red Coins recovers a Heart) and Small Blue
       Coins worth 10 Coins each.   Collect the Blue Jewels, each worth 10 Coins,
       then Press A to Jump and Hold Up to go throught the pipe.
    4) Head right to the next screen.
    5) Kill the enemies for more Orbs, then collect the Jewels (Red Jewels are
       worth 100 Coins).  To open the Chest, either Bash it or Stomp it.  You'll
       receive a Coin worth 500 Coins and the first quarter of the Relic.  Keep
       heading right to the next screen.
    | Lower |
    |      /
    1) Press B to Bash the block, then keep heading right.  As the diagram
       suggests, stand where the Red Arrow is, then Press B to Bash, and
       immediately Press A to jump so you can Bash through the block.  Head right
       to the next room.
    2) Break the block for a Red Coin worth 50 Coins, then defeat the enemies,
       collect the Jewels, and open the Chest for the second piece of the Relic.
       Continue to the next room.
    | Lower |
     \      |
      \ Left|
    1) Stand where the Red Arrow is and Hold R.  Next, Hold Right on the
       Directional Pad to perform a Dash Attack.  This will allow you to break
       through large blue blocks as well as the large brown blocks.  Head right
       and stand where the next Red Arrow is.  Again, Hold R and head Right.  As
       you're Dashing, Press A where the second Red Arrow is to jump.  Head right
       to the next screen.
    2) Break the blocks and you'll discover a Large Blue Gem that's worth a
       whopping 1000 Coins.  Perform a Dash Attack to break through the blue block
       (if a trail of shadows isn't following Wario, you won't have enough power
       to break through it, so make sure to start from a distance).  Continue to
       the next screen.
    3) To pick up the Rock, simply walk into it.  Wario will automatically pick it
       up.  Next, Press and Hold B to charge up Wario's power, then release it to
       throw the Rock into the blocks.  Duck, then squeeze through the passage.
       Head right and jump up the thin platform.  Break the brown block and
       continue right to find an enemy (this one can hurt you) and a Heart Chest.
       The Heart inside the Chest will completely heal you.
       Once you're done, head back left and climb up the ladder.  Pick up the Rock
       on the right, then walk below the brown block.  Press and Hold Up, then
       Press and Hold B to charge Wario's power.  While still Holding Up, release
       B and Wario will throw the Rock up into the block, destroying it.  Jump up
       the thin platforms on the right, then Duck through the narrow passage.
       Pick up another Rock and break the blocks, then keep going left to the next
    4) Another Chest awaits you here.  Defeat the enemies first, then open the
       Chest for another piece of the Relic.  Continue left.
     /      |
    | Left  |
    1) Stand on the slanted surface, then Press and Hold Down and Wario will begin
       to Roll.  Keep Holding Down until Wario rolls through the blocks.  Jump up
       through the thin platform and have the Key Ghost follow you.  Once again,
       Roll through the blocks and into the next room.
    2) Defeat the enemies and open the Chest for the final quarter of the Relic.
       Head left to the next room.
    | Exit |
    1) As the picture indicates, Press A to jump, then Press and Hold Down on the
       Directional Pad to Stomp through the block.  Head left and climb up the
       ladder.  To break large blue blocks, you'll need to jump from a higher
       place.  Stomp through the blocks.
    2) Pick up the Rock and head right.  Drop the Rock for a second then jump on
       the Frog to get rid of the Frog Blocks.  A timer will start, and you'll
       have 1 minute (60 seconds) to reach the exit.  Seeing as the Exit is
       clearly marked Exit and is right next to you, it should pose no problem for
       you to get the Rock, throw it into the blocks, squeeze through the passage,
       and jump into the Warp.
       Don't bother trying to go anywhere else- Frog Blocks will block (no pun
       intended) off the rest of the stage.  If you let the timer run out, you'll
       start losing Coins.  Once you run out of Coins, the time will be up and
       you'll have to start the stage from the beginning.  Lucky you ;)
    Beginning Boss Pinky
                                    Green Passage
    Palm Tree Island
    Time Limit: Normal    1:30
                Difficult 0:45
    Tropical trees fill this island.  As the first real level, it's unbelievably
    easy, and most of the hidden things aren't too hard to discover.
    |      \
    | Right |
    1) Dash right to the next screen.
    2) Destroy the blocks (so the path will be clear when you want to reach the
       Exit), collect the Jewels, and head right to the next screen.
    3) See those Exclamation Points in the background?  Those blocks will appear
       when you hit the right Switch Block.  Don't worry about them for now.  Just
       keep heading right and open the Chest for the Relic Piece.  Proceed to the
       next screen.
    | Lower |
    |      /
    1) Another easy piece to find.  Just keep going right and the Chest will be on
       the way.  Jump on the thin platform a bit past the Chest, then jump left
       into the wall to reveal a hidden passage with a Large Blue Gem.  Head back
       right and break the blocks to reveal a door.  Enter it.
       (On Difficult, the Relic Piece will be where the Large Blue Gem is).
     /      |
    | Left  |
    1) Head left and climb up the ladder.  Stomp the floor to flip over the Spiny,
       then stomp on its soft underbelly.  Climb up the next ladder and collect the
       Piece of Relic.
        .'   `.
       /       \
      |    o    |
       \       /
    1) Climb up the ladder to the left of the Chest, then jump up into the pipe.
    2) Jump on the Researcher and pick him up.  Throw him into the Switch Block
       (the solid Exclamation Point Block) to make the Purple Exclamation Blocks
       appear.  Remember, to throw up, Press and Hold Up, then Press and Hold B,
       then release.  Jump up the blocks and collect the Large Blue Gem.  Go back
       down the pipe on the right.
    3) Head right and fall down.  Collect the Jewels as you fall down, then exit
       through the door on the bottom.
    4) Back outside, head right to the next screen.
    5) Inside the cave, head right and jump up the FIRST thin platform.  Head right
       through the hidden passage to collect the CD.
    | Lower |
     \      |
      \ Left|
    1) From where the CD is, jump back to the left.  Jump up the thin platforms and
       you'll see the Chest on the left.  After you open the Chest, head left
       through another secret passage to find a Large Blue Gem (and a shortcut for
       use later on).
    | Exit |
    1) From where the Lower Left Piece was, dash right to the next screen.
    2) Eat and Apple from the Apple Monkey to become Fat Wario.  In the middle of
       the screen will be some suspicious looking ground.  Jump onto it to reveal a
       hole.  Jump down the hole.
    3) Make sure you're still Fat Wario when you fall into the water.  Stay to the
       left when in the water to break a block.  Swim down to find another Large
       Blue Gem.  After you get it, swim back up, collect the Jewels, and hit the
       Green Switch Block.  Jump up on the blocks, then jump into the pipe.
    4) Head left and hit the Red Switch Block.  Jump up the Red Exclamation Blocks
       and get the Key Ghost.  Collect the Jewels, then head left and jump on the
       Green Exclamation Blocks.  Jump up into the pipe.
    5) I'll refer to these as Coin Rooms from now on.  Whenever you enter a room
       like this, it is OPTIONAL, and only to get Large Blue Gems or Coins.  If you
       don't care about getting a good score, skip these rooms.  Anywho, climb up
       the ladder and jump up the thin platforms, then pick up the Researcher.
       Throw him through the blocks on the right, then head back down and catch
       him.  Throw him through the blocks on the left.  Next, head up the ladder
       onto the thin platform, duck, then fall down and Hold Left as you're falling
       to enter the narrow passage and collect the Gem.  Head back down the pipe.
    6) Head right to the next screen.
    7) Just keep going right and open the Heart Chest on the way to refill your
       Hearts.  A little more to the right will be the Frog.  Step on it then get
       ready to run for your life.  On Normal, you'll have 1:30 to get back to the
       beginning.  Dash back left to the next screen.
    8) Again, don't waste time and dash to the left.
    9) Dash to the left, and remember to use the hidden passage as a shortcut.
    10) Dash to the left.  Repetitive, ain't it?
    11) The Red Exclamation Blocks are now solid.  If you have time, collect the
        Jewels if you didn't before.  When you're ready, dash to the left.
    12) Dash to the left again.
    13) Head left and jump into the Warp.
    Flower Garden
    Time Limit: Normal    2:30
                Difficult 1:20
    Fragrant flowers fill this garden.  Beware the Bees, cause their stingers cause
    an allergic reaction in Wario.  Trick the Bees into pollenating the Flowers
    (ask your parents about it) to make them bloom, then break the bud when it's red
    for the most amount of Coins.  Of course, if you wait too long, the Flowers
    will wilt.
        .'   `.
       /       \
      |    o    |
       \       /
    1) Run to the right and get stung by the Bee to turn into Puffy Wario.  Go
       through the opening in the vines, then immediately float to the left and up
       to the next screen.
    2) On the next screen, immediately float to the right.  When you're past the
       vines, float to the left and open the Chest with the CD.
    |      \
    | Right |
    1) Drop down to the right from where the CD was.  Next, Bash Jump to the right
       across the Thorns to collect some Jewels.  When you're done, head left and
       fall back down to the first screen.
    2) Back on the first screen, jump across the Thorns on the left and collect
       more Jewels.  Head right and fall down through the hole.  Head right to the
       next screen.
    3) Dash to the right.  Stop when you see a large blue block.  Lure a Bee nearby
       and turn into Puffy Wario.  Float up near the thin vine platform and return
       to Normal Wario.  Jump to the left and Stomp to break through the large blue
       block.  Fall down to the next screen.
    4) This is an optional room.  Head left (stomp the floor to get the Drill Mole
       out of the ground so you can beat him) and fall all the way down.  Head
       right and jump up the platforms there until you see a Rock.  Pick it up and
       jump up the remaining platforms.  Throw the Rock into the large block above,
       then head left and break the large brown block there.  Jump up the
       platforms and head right to collect the Large Blue Gem.  When you're done,
       head a little to the left and jump up the platform back to the previous
    5) Dash all the way to the right to the next screen.
    6) Jump up the vines and leaves (careful of the Spear guys) then head right
       through the opening, fall off, and Stomp down.  Stomp through the remaining
       block, then fall down to the next area.
    7) Head right and fall off.  Stomp as you fall to break through a large blue
       block.  Go down the pipe into a Coin Room.
    8) Again, all Coin Rooms are optional.  To get the Large Blue Gem here, pick up
       the Researcher, and toss his up over the barrier (Hold B to charge up power,
       then Hold Up and release B).  Head down the ladder, pick up the Researcher
       again, and toss him over another barrier.  Head down the ladder, pick up the
       Researcher, and drop him to the left.  Perform a Step Jump on him (Press A
       to Jump, then continue to Hold A as you jump on top of an enemy and you'll
       jump higher than normal) to reach the Large Blue Gem.  Exit the room the way
       you came.
    9) Head left and jump up the platforms, when you see a door, enter it.
    10) Head left and jump into the water.  Swim to the left and be careful of the
        Armor Fish.  When you see a curren that heads up, swim into it.  When the
        current heads right, immediately swim up into the normal water.  Swim up,
        then swim into the current on the left.  As the current circles around,
        make sure to swim up into the normal water.  Jump to the left and fall off.
        Stomp as you fall, and when you reach the water you'll break a hidden block
        that leads to a Large Blue Gem.
        Swim back up into the current that heads up.  Again, swim up into the
        normal water, but this time head right into the current that heads right.
        Once the current ends, jump out of the water and open the Chest for the
        Relic Piece.  Roll down the slanted platform and break through the blocks
        if you want more Jewels.  Otherwise, exit through the door on the left.
    | Lower |
    |      /
    1) Jump into the water then let the current take you up.  Collect Jewels along
       the way and exit through the door.
    2) Here's something a lot of people miss for extra Coins.  Pick up and
       Caterpillars nearby, then throw them into the Sunflower for Gold Coins!  You
       can do this up to 4 times for an extra 1000 Coins.  When you're done, dash
       to the right and open up the Heart Chest to heal.  Next, dash to the left
       and open the Chest for another Piece of Relic.  Head left and fall down to
       the next screen.
     /      |
    | Left  |
    1) Head right to the next screen.
    2) Fall down to the right and get turned into Puffy Wario.  As you float up,
       make sure to head right so you won't hit the Thorns.  Float up to the next
    3) Float up, then land to the left.  Collect the Blue Gem, then dash to the
       left and fall down.
    4) Again, head right.
    5) Dash all the way to the right and the Chest will be on the way.  Head right
       to the next screen.
    |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|       ____
    | Lower |      /    \
     \      |     | Exit |
      \ Left|      \____/
    1) Eat an Apple to become Fat Wario, then break through the large blue block
       on the right.  Collect the Jewels, then head left and go down the pipe.
    2) Coin Room.  Pick up the Researcher and toss him up into the Switch Block.
       Climb up, pick up the Researcher, then jump up onto the Switch Block and
       toss him into the Red Switch Block.  Next, throw the Researcher into the
       blocks on the left to reach the Large Blue Gem.  Exit the way you came.
    3) Head right and jump up.  Climb up the vine, then jump to the left and Stomp
       as you fall to break the block.  Head left and jump on the Frog.  This will
       be your first experience having to collect a Relic Piece while the timer is
       counting down, so it may be tough at first.  Get used to it though, since
       it'll happen a lot in later stages.  You have 2:30 to get out of this place.
       Jump down to the right.  Then dash left to the next screen.
    4) Dash to the left, then quickly jump up the vines and exit left.
    5) Head left and pick up the Key Ghost on the way.  Head left to the next
    6) Dash to the left and open the Chest on the way.  If you still have time,
       Stomp through the brown floor.  (If you don't have time, just head left,
       roll through the blocks, and skip to the second part of step 8)  Fall down
       and get turned into Puffy Wario.  Float up and through the opening near the
       Red Jewels.
    7) Just keep floating up, collecting Jewels on the way.  Collect the Large Blue
       Gem at the top, then fall on the platform to the left.  Fall down to the
       left and you'll end back up on the next screen.
    8) As you fall, you'll get another Large Blue Gem.  Head left to the next
    9) Head left, fall down, and jump into the Warp.
    Puzzle Point
    Time Limit: Normal    3:00
    The translation for this stage name is so wrong it's not even funny.  Puzzle is
    in it, but I wouldn't know what the second part means.  Ah well...
    |      \
    | Right |
    1) Head right and go through the door.
    2) Head down the ladder and pick up the enemy.  Jump across the platforms, then
       toss him through the blocks.  Duck Jump into the narrow passage and head
       right the the next screen. jump into the water.  Swim right to the next
    3) Pick up the Rock, then throw it up and over the wall to break the block.
       Open the Heart Chest, then head back left.
    4) Jump into the water and swim to the next screen on the right.
    5) Swim right to make the Spiked Clam go up.  Swim below it and hit it from
       below to defeat it.  Swim a little more to the right until you find an
       off-color section of the ceiling (the Jewels lead into it).  Swim up into it
       to break it, then keep swimming up and jump out of the water.  Head to the
       right to find a Large Blue Gem, then head left and fall off.  Stomp as you
       fall down to break the large brown blocks in the water.  Collect the hearts,
       then swim right, jump out of the water, and go down the pipe.
    6) Coin Room.  Pick up the Researcher and throw him to the other side of the
       room (Hold B).  Head to the left and pick him up again.  Lightly throw him
       into the water to break the block so you can reach the Large Blue Gem.  Exit
       the way you came.
    7) Jump back in the water and swim up.  Next, swim to the right until you find
       another opening in the ceiling (not the one you went through previously).
       Jump out of the water there to find the Piece of Relic.
    | Lower |
     \      |
      \ Left|
    1) Jump back into the water and swim right to the next screen.
    2) This area has a lot of holes in the background.  If you see red eyes in the
       holes, then one big giant Fish is gonna gobble you up as you pass by, so be
       careful.  Swim up and avoid the Fish.  Take the right path for a Large Blue
       Gem (if you want Coins, make sure to break the blocks on both paths).
       Continue to swim up and jump out of the water to the right.  DO NOT head
       right to the next screen just yet.  Instead, make sure you have plenty of
       room, then perform a Dash move and make sure you jump over the water and
       onto the other side.  Continue dashing through the wall to reach a Large
       Blue Gem.  Now you can head right to the next screen.
    3) Lots of Hammer Natives here.  Get turned into Bouncy Wario, then bounce
       through the off-color ceiling in the middle of the room.  Defeat the enemies
       for Coins, then fall down to the left.  Head right and you'll see the Chest
       on the way.
       /ŻŻŻŻ|       ____
      /Upper|      /    \
     /      |     | Exit |
    | Left  |      \____/
    1) Head right to the next screen.
    2) Jump into the water and swim down.  Swim to the right and through the
       opening.  Try to avoid being Bubble Wario and take the downward paths to
       collect the Jewels.  On the last part with Bubbles, however, become Bubble
       Wario and float all the way up past the currents to reach a Large Blue Gem.
       Jump back in the water and swim to the right.  Swim all the way up and jump
       out of the water.  Head right to the next screen.
    3) Head right (don't swim down just yet) and head up into the pipe.
    4) Coin Room.  Head up the platforms and pick up the Researcher.  Toss him over
       the left wall so he falls in the water.  Make your way back down, then head
       left and up the ladder before the Researcher hits the Switch Blocks.
       Collect the Gem and exit the way you came.
    5) Activate the Frog nearby, and you'll have 3:00 to escape.  Don't worry, the
       last two Relics are on the way, as is the CD.  Jump into the water on the
       left, then swim all the way down.  Head right and carefully swim past the
       Octopus.  Jump up to get the Key Ghost, swim past the Octopus, and swim up
       and to the left.  Exit left.
    6) Just keep dashing left and the Chest will be on the way.
    |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|       ____
    | Lower |      /    \
    |      /      | Exit |
    |Right/        \____/
    1) After the Upper-Left Piece, head left to the next screen.
    2) Be careful in this area, because Spiked Objects will fall out of the trees.
       Just keep dashing left and the Chest will be in plain sight.
        .'   `.         ____
       /       \       /    \
      |    o    |     | Exit |
       \       /       \____/
    1) Head left to the next screen.
    2) Just Dash to the left and you'll break a large blue block.  Continue left.
    3) Just break the blocks and open the Chest for the CD.  Exit back right.
    4) Enter the door.
    5) Head left and jump into the Warp.
    Jungle of Rain
    Green Boss Flowerna
                                     Red Passage
    Suspicious Factory
    Secret Waste Processing Plant
    -40°C Freezer
    Pinball Tower
    Red Boss Condlar
                                    Yellow Passage
    Brick Castle
    Dice Game Country
    Graffiti Forest
    Domino Street
    Yellow Boss Sickey
                                     Blue Passage
    New Moon Ghost Town
    Arabian Night
    Cave of Flames
    Technically it should be Flame Cave to fit in with the theme for the rest of
    the stage names, but translating it this way is more nostalgic :)
    Horror Mansion
    Blue Boss Cabot
                                    Gold Pyramid
    Last Passage
    Pyramid Master Yokey
                                     Sound Room
    Here you can listen to the various CDs you've collected.
    |\  \/\/  /                      6. I T E M S                          |  |  |
    | \      /                       ------------                          |  |__|
    |__\ /\ /______________________________________________________________|     |
    There's usually an Item Shop in the Boss Room that offers items that will help
    you defeat the Bosses.  Usually they'll just zap off a bit (sometimes a lot)
    of the Boss's health, which helps IMMENSELY on Difficult.
    Beginning Passage
     Item      |Cost (Normal)|Cost (Difficult)|Damage
     Bomb Apple|2            |                |2
     Cannon    |2            |                |3
     WhiteMan  |4            |                |6
     Trumpet   |6            |                |8
     Smile     |Free         |                |None
    Green Passage
     Item      |Cost (Normal)|Cost (Difficult)|Damage
     Bomb Apple|2            |                |
     Cannon    |2            |                |
     Whiteman  |4            |                |
     Trumpet   |6            |                |
     Black Dog |10           |                |
     Lips      |10           |                |
     Fist      |10           |                |
     Black Crow|10           |                |
     Smile     |Free         |                |
    |\  \/\/  /                     7. B O S S E S                         |  |  |
    | \      /                      --------------                         |  |__|
    |__\ /\ /______________________________________________________________|     |
    Health: 10
    Time Limit: Normal    1:00
                Difficult 0:30
    A giant eggplant.. that's purple... yet named Pinky... Ooooookaaaay.....
    Don't waste your medals buying items, because this guy's a cinch.  First, take
    care of the Mini-Eggplants or else they'll get in your way (don't stomp them
    unless they're charging at you).  Next, just keep Bashing at Pinky (front or
    back) until he's down to 3 Health.  When he is, he'll be a little angry, so
    you won't be able to Bash him in the front anymore.  Jump over him and Bash
    him in the back 3 more times to kill him.
    Time Limit: Normal    4:00
    I swear, they use a horrible, horrible font for the Kana.  I think its name
    is Flowerna, but who knows how they'll translate it.
    Time Limit: Normal
    The Katakana literally is translated to Kondoraa
    Time Limit: Normal
    Literally, his name is Shikkii, but that just doesn't roll off the tongue.
    Besides, I think Sickey will be what they translate it to, but who knows.
    Time Limit: Normal
    Time Limit: Normal    6:00
    |\  \/\/  /                 8. M I N I - G A M E S                     |  |  |
    | \      /                  ----------------------                     |  |__|
    |__\ /\ /______________________________________________________________|     |
    Nope, no Wario Golf this time (as far as I know), but there are plenty of
    mini-games to play, nevertheless.  The first time you play, each Mini-Game
    will cost 2000 Coins to play.  After that, the regular price is 5000 Coins.
    The main point of the Mini-Games is to win Medals.  Medals allow you to buy
    Items in the Item Shop that will help you defeat the Bosses quicker.
    \                               Wario Home Run                               /
    A Button-Swing Bat
    3 Home Runs=1 Medal
    Sports afficionados will enjoy this Home Run Derby.  Try to get as many Home
    Runs as you can, but beware the pitcher's wild pitches.  As you play, the
    pitcher will throw lots of trick balls.  As always, 3 strikes and you're out.
    A Home Run will erase any strikes or fowls.
    \                                Wario Hopper                                /
    A Button-Hop
    15 Hops Over Obstacles=1 Medal
    This is for people with musical abilities.  Follow the beat and you'll know
    exactly when you should hop over the various obstacles.  As you move on, the
    beat will eventually get faster and faster.
    \                               Wario Roulette                               /
    A Button-Stop Roulette
    3 Correct Faces=1 Medal
    Any players of Mario Party will be familiar with this type of game.  When the
    game says "Look," look at Wario's face and memorize it.  A Roulette of Eyes
    will begin.  Press A to stop it from spinning when the correct Eyes show up.
    Repeat for Nose and Mouth.  As you progress, the Roulette will spin faster,
    and you'll be given less time to memorize Wario's face.
    |\  \/\/  /              9. M I S C E L L A N E O U S                  |  |  |
    | \      /               ----------------------------                  |  |__|
    |__\ /\ /______________________________________________________________|     |
    |\  \/\/  /            10. V E R S I O N  H I S T O R Y                |  |  |
    | \      /             --------------------------------                |  |__|
    |__\ /\ /______________________________________________________________|     |
    V 0.1-August 21, 2001-First release.  Beginning Passage (Beginning Ruins,
          Pinky) Walkthrough complete.  Green Passage (Palm Tree Island)
          Walkthrough started.  Everything started.
    V 0.2-August 31, 2001-Green Passage (Flower Garden, Puzzle Point) Walkthrough
          updated.  These walkthroughs are taking longer than anticipated, and I
          have to prepare for school, so I don't know how fast I can finish.  I'll
          try my best :)
    Stuff Needed
         -Honestly, WLA uses a strange font for the Kana (took me a while to
          distinguish between Me and Na), and a lot of it is hard for me to
          translate.  If you'd like to help with any wrong translations, feel free
          to do so :)
         -BTW, I've already completed the game on Normal (with all CDs and all
          Treasures, so I DON'T need any hints or tips at the moment.
    Stuff Planned
         -Complete Walkthrough
         -CD Locations
         -ASCII Art
    |\  \/\/  /                   11. C R E D I T S                        |  |  |
    | \      /                    -----------------                        |  |__|
    |__\ /\ /______________________________________________________________|     |
    This section lists all the people and places that have helped me make this FAQ
    what it is today.  Many thanks to everyone!
    I'd like to thank the following:
    Nintendo- For making yet another fabulous Wario game!  Now just make a Wario
    game for Gamecube and I'd be really happy!
    CjayC- For maintaining THE best FAQ site out there.
    Zwackery- For information on some endings and secrets that I'll add next
    update.  Thanks a bunch!
    |\  \/\/  /             12. C O P Y R I G H T  I N F O                 |  |  |
    | \      /              ------------------------------                 |  |__|
    |__\ /\ /______________________________________________________________|     |
    This FAQ is Copyright İ 2001 to Shdwrlm3.  This file is for non-profit use
    only.  Do not print it out and sell it or use it to profit in any way.  You
    may keep a copy of this file on your hard drive and you may print it out for
    personal use.  Do not use information from this FAQ that is not general
    knowledge without asking for permission first.
    As of yet, this FAQ has been permitted to be posted at the following sites:
    GameFAQs- http://www.gamefaqs.com
    The latest version can always be found at GameFAQs!
    If you see this FAQ anywhere else, please e-mail me the URL of the site or
    the name and e-mail address of the magazine/publication.

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