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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TSC

    Version: 1.31 | Updated: 08/12/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By TSC
    E-mail: ts_chapman@yahoo.com
    Version: 1.31
    This game was produced by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance(tm)
    ---Legal Stuff---
    No Plagiarizing:
    This walkthrough is intended for private and personal use ONLY. This
    walkthrough, in whole or in part, can only be reproduced or distributed
    with the permission of (me) the author. (TSC). This walkthrough has
    been designed to aid you in the game [Wario Land 4] and not to be
    used for profitable purposes. Anyone who wants my walkthrough on
    his/her website will have to write and ask (me) unless I offer to let
    them use it. Violation of this agreement is prohibited and punishable
    by law.
    "Wario Land 4" and all related characters and elements Copyright ((c))
    2001 Nintendo
    "Game Boy Advance(tm)" is a registered trademark of Nintendo
    "Wario Land 4 FAQ/Walkthrough" Copyright ((c)) 2002 TSC
    All copyrights and trademarks of things in this walkthrough which have
    not been specifically mentioned in this section are acknowledged.
    All Rights Reserved (r)
    Well, that deals with that. On with the guide!
    + E-mail Guidelines
    + Introduction
    + Controls
    + The Story
    + Game Basics
     + Game Structure
     + Keep Wario Alive!
     + Wario's Reactions
     + Collectible Items
     + Types of Blocks
     + Mini-Games, Medals, and the Item Shop
     + A-Z of Enemies
    + Walkthrough
       + Entry Passage
       + Emerald Passage
       + Sapphire Passage
       + Ruby Passage
       + Topaz Passage
       + Golden Pyramid
    + FAQ
    + Version History
    + Credits
    E-mail Guidelines
    Anyone who read the contents noticed that there is a FAQ section.
    But you can't just send me anything or my mailbox would be flooded out.
    Here are some guidelines to sending a question.
    Rule 1: Please put 'Your Walkthrough' or 'Wario Land 4 FAQ' or
    something similar as the subject. It makes my life a lot easier and you
    wouldn't want me to mix your message up with junk mail and delete it or
    Rule 2: MAIL I WILL ACCEPT: Constructive criticism (such as 'you missed
    so-and-so out) and also actually submitting a question to the FAQ.
    Rule 3: MAIL I WON'T ACCEPT: Threats, insincere or bogus stuff, or
    inconstructive criticism (such as 'your FAQ stinks' 'I've seen a better
    FAQ written by monkeys') and so on. Any mail like this will be ignored
    and any further contributions by that author will be deleted
    Rule 4: Your e-mail must be sensible/legible. If I can't understand it,
    it goes in the trash.
    Rule 5: If you want credit for your question/constructive criticism,
    send your name or nickname with the e-mail.
    Welcome to my third walkthrough! Wow, I'm really starting to like this.
    I'm no good at writing this sort of introduction, so on with the guide!
    All Buttons: Make Selections in menus
    Left/Right: Move Wario
                Jump off a ladder
    Up: Enter a door
           Climb a ladder
           Grab a ladder (in mid-jump)
    Up+A: Enter an overhead pipe.
    Down: Crouch
          Climb down a ladder
          Enter a pipe that you're standing on.
    Confirm Selections in menus
    B+D-Pad Left/Right: Bash Attack
    B+D-Pad Down: Slide down a ladder
    L/R+D-Pad Left/Right: Run/Dash Attack
    Go to the Pause Screen.
    Walk into projectile/stunned enemy: Pick up
    B while holding something: Throw
    Hold B while holding something, then release: Power Throw
    D-Pad Underwater: Swim
    B Underwater: Quick Paddle
    A Underwater: Underwater Headbutt
    D-Pad Down on slope: Roll
    A while rolling: Rolling Jump
    B+A: Jump-Bash Attack
    A+D-Pad Down: Stomp
    A+D-Pad Down from a high spot: Super Stomp
    Stomp on enemy, then press A: Stomp Jump
    Hold D-Pad Down, then A: Crouching Jump
    B+D-Pad Left Right, then D-Pad Down: Crouching Slide
    D-Pad Left/Right: Move
    A repeatedly: Go Higher
    D-Pad Down: Go Lower
    The Story
    November 19, 2001
    On a peaceful morning filled with the chirps of cheery birds, I was
    reading the morning paper and doing a little nose-cleaning. "Wh-Wh-
    What!?" I exclaimed in surprise. I was so surprised by one article in
    the paper, I accidentally jammed my finger straight up my nose!
    "Aaargh! I think I just poked my brain!" Anyway, enough bout' that. The
    headline of the article said that a legendary pyramid had been
    discovered. Hmmmmm... When I read the article, I learned that the ruins
    held the buried pyramid where the princess Shokora , who once ruled
    this area, had been put into a cursed sleep by the arrogant, selfish,
    money-crazed Golden Diva. "Do I smell treasure again?" I thought. "Heh,
    heh, hehhhh!" As this wicked laugh floated through my mind, I was
    already thinking about the money and nothing else! Forgetting even to
    take my mid-morning nap, I hopped into my fantastic Wario car and
    headed for the Golden Pyramid. "All that treasure for me! Guhahaha!"
    Game Structure
    The ultimate objective of the game is, of course, to defeat the evil
    Pyramid Master, but there are tons of other things you have to do
    + The game unfolds inside six passages: Entry, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby,
    Topaz, and Golden. Each passage contains four levels and one boss, with
    the exception of Entry and Golden, which have one level and one boss
    + To complete each level, you must find the Keyzer, step on the Vortex
    Switch (which will activate the time bomb), then get back to the vortex
    before time runs out. You don't have to find the Keyzer, but you need
    it if you want to unlock the next level.
    + Each level contains four Gem Pieces. (Ruby Pieces in the Ruby
    Passage, Topaz Pieces in the Topaz Passage, etc.) Find all four Gem
    Pieces in a level to get the level's Gem.
    + Complete all four levels, find all four Keyzers, and find all four
    Gems in a passage to unlock that passage's boss.
    + Defeat the Bosses on the Entry, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, and Topaz
    Passages to unlock the mysterious Golden Pyramid.
    + Defeat the evil Pyramid Master, Golden Diva, in the Golden Pyramid,
    and you've won the game! Well not quite...
    + There are other things you can do too if you want to completely
    finish the game!
    Firstly, you must obtain a Crown in every level. There are three types
    of Crowns (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) and each one requires you to get a
    certain amount of coins. To get the coveted Gold Crown, you must get at
    least 10,000 coins in a level! Wow! If you have Gold Crowns on every
    level, you can unlock the Wario Karaoke feature in the Sound Room.
    Secondly, you must find every CD. CDs are found in Silver Chests, and
    you can listen to any CD's you find. The CD's are:
    E1: About that Shepherd
    E2: Things that Never Change
    E3: Tomorrow's Blood Pressure
    E4: Beyond the Headrush
    S1: Yesterday's Words
    S2: The Errand
    S3: You and Your Shoes
    S4: Mr. Ether and Planaria
    R1: Driftwood and the Island Dog
    R2: The Judge's Feet
    R3: The Moon's Lamppost
    R4: Soft Shell
    T1: So Sleepy...
    T2: The Short Futon
    T3: Avocado Song
    T4: Mr. Fly
    And thirdly and finally, the bosses all have three treasures behind
    them (except the first and last ones). As time runs out, the treasure
    starts to vanish. Beat the boss before any treasure can vanish! On the
    last boss, any treasures you collected on the previous four bosses will
    be there. Defeat the final boss, and you'll get to keep any treasure
    left! The secret ending is different depending on how much treasure you
    Keep Wario Alive!
    Unfortunately, unlike on his previous adventures, Wario is no longer
    immortal. He has a total of eight hearts, and if he loses them all,
    he'll get kicked out of the level and, if he got any coins, gem pieces
    or CDs that weren't saved on a previous run of the level, he'll lose
    them! However, there is no game over. If Wario loses all his hearts
    he'll simply return to the Stage Select Screen.
    There are two ways to lose hearts:
    + Get hit by an enemy attack.
    + Fall into or onto anything deadly (e.g. lava, spikes)
    And there are, fortunately, three ways to gain hearts:
    + Find a Heart lying around.
    + Collect 8 small Heart orbs.
    + Collect a Heart Medal from a Heart Chest (this restores all your
    At the end of a level, your Hearts will be added up and you will get
    bonus coins depending on how many you have left.
    Wario's Reactions
    As well as losing hearts, these things can happen to Wario:
    --Bouncy Wario--
    How it happens: Get hit by a Malletman.
    Controls: D-Pad Left/Right: Move
              A: Jump extra high.
    Pros: Bounce up to high places or through blocks.
    Cons: Only lasts a short time.
    Remedy: Runs out after a few seconds, or you can hit a ceiling to end
    it faster.
    --Bubble Wario--
    How it Happens: Get touched by a Bubble
    Controls: D-Pad Left/Right: Move
    Pros: Float through currents.
    Cons: Bubbles can be very hard to avoid if you don't want to be Bubble
    Remedy: Steer the bubble into an underwater ceiling, or wait for it to
    reach the surface.
    --Fat Wario--
    How it Happens: Eat an Apple Chimp's apple.
    Controls: D-Pad Left/Right: Move
              A: Jump
    Pros: Can knock out enemies by walking into them.
          Can break Blue Blocks in a single jump.
    Cons: You're really slow and can't jump very high.
          Can't use ladders or enter doors.
    Remedy: Exercise! (Walk around a lot)
    --Flaming Wario--
    How it Happens: Get hit by a Torch, a Fire Gargoyle, one of Aerodent's
    fireballs, etc.
    Controls: A: Jump
    Pros: After a few seconds, turns into the useful Fireball Wario.
    Cons: Run around crazily, like a madman, for a few seconds.
    Remedy: Wait a few seconds, you'll turn into Fireball Wario. Or just
    fall in water.
    --Fireball Wario--
    How it Happens: Spend a few seconds as Flaming Wario
    Controls: D-Pad Left/Right: Move
    Pros: Can break Flame blocks.
    Cons: Slow, can't jump.
    Remedy: You'll turn back to normal after a few seconds. Or just fall in
    --Flat Wario--
    How it Happens: Get crushed by a hammer.
    Controls: D-Pad Left/Right: Move
              A: Jump
    Pros: Can fit into small passages, and go right over holes in those
    passages that normal Wario can't crawl over.
          Glides when he jumps.
    Cons: Jumping can be very annoying.
    Remedy: Fall into water, enter an Unflattening Machine*
    * Unflattening Machines are found only on The Curious Factory (Stage
    --Frozen Wario--
    How it happens: Get hit by an Ice Troll.
    Controls: None
    Pros: Can destroy enemies and go through spikes while sliding.
    Cons: Can't control your sliding.
    Remedy: Hit a wall.
    --Puffy Wario--
    How it happens: Get stung by a Beezley, get hit by one of Catbat's
    spike balls, get shot by an Archer.
    Controls: D-Pad Left/Right: Move in the air.
              B: Rise faster
    Pros: Float up to high places.
    Cons: Sometimes you don't want to float up to high places.
    Remedy: Hit a ceiling.
    --Snowman Wario--
    How it happens: Get hit by falling snow.
    Controls: D-Pad Left/Right: Walk
              A: Jump
    Pros: Turns into Snowball Wario on a slope.
    Cons: Slow, can't jump high.
    Remedy: Become Snowball Wario.
    --Snowball Wario--
    How it happens: Go on a slope as Snowman Wario.
    Controls: None
    Pros: Can break Snow Blocks.
    Cons: Uncontrollable.
    Remedy: Hit a wall.
    --Vampire Bat Wario--
    How it happens: Get bitten by Minicula.
    Controls: A Repeatedly: Fly
              D-Pad Left/Right: Control direction in the air.
    Pros: Fly to high places.
    Cons: Can't get through narrow spaces.
    Remedy: Fly into a light.
    --Zombie Wario--
    How it Happens: Get hit by one of Ghostly's attacks.
    Controls: D-Pad Left/Right: Move
              A: Jump
    Pros: If you jump when standing on a Through-Floor, you can go down
    through Through-Floors.
    Cons: Really slow, can barely jump.
    Remedy: Enter a light.
    Collectible Items
    Gem: If you find all four Gem Pieces in a level, and make it back out
    of the vortex, they'll piece together into a Gem. Find all four Gems in
    a passage to unlock that passage's Boss.
    Gem Piece: There are four in each level, scattered around in treasure
    chests. Sometimes they're well hidden, sometimes they're right in your
    way. Find all four in a level to earn that level's Gem.
    CD: You don't need CDs to finish the game 100%, but you can listen to
    the ones you've got in the Sound Room.
    Treasure: Bosses guard treasure. Rumor has it that if you get the
    Treasures from all four bosses, the mysterious Golden Pyramid will
    Medals: Awarded in Mini-Games. You can use them to buy stuff in the
    Item Shop.
    Heart Medallion: Found in Heart Chests. Restores your life gauge to
    Heart: Gives you one heart in your Life Gauge.
    Heart Orb: Collect 8 to earn one heart in your Life Gauge.
    Coins: Use them to buy Mini-Game access and earn Crowns.
    Small Coin: Worth 10 coins.
    Bronze Coin: Worth 50 coins.
    Silver Coin: Worth 100 coins.
    Gold Coin: Worth 500 coins.
    Blue Crystal: Worth 10 coins.
    Red Crystal: Worth 100 coins.
    Big Diamond: Worth 1000 coins.*
    *These are so valuable that I will specifically list their locations in
    my walkthrough.
    Types of Blocks
    Small Block: Any attack destroys it. Roll into blocks wedged into
    narrow spaces.
    Large Block: Same as small block, only bigger (what did you expect?)
    Blue Block: Only a Dash, Super Stomp, or a jump by Fat Wario will beat
    this block.
    Snow Block: Only Snowball Wario can break these blocks.
    Flame Block: Only Fireball Wario can break these blocks.
    Frog Block: Jumping on the Vortex Switch turns outlined Frog Blocks
    into solid Frog Blocks and vice versa.
    '!' Switch: Turns outlined '!' blocks into solid '!' blocks and vice
    '!' Block: Is changed from outline to solid by a '!' switch.
    Cat Face Blocks: Found only in Toy Block Tower, these blocks, if
    broken, reappear if you leave a room and come back.
    Domino Blocks: Found only in Domino Row, these can only be broken if
    you jump on the flags before the Dominoes hit them.
    Mini-Games, Medals, and the Item Shop
    With the coins you collect in levels, you can play Mini-Games. They
    cost 5000 coins for 1 play. In Mini-Games you can earn Medals to spend
    in the Item Shop. These are the three Mini-Games:
    (If you have a Best Score on any Mini-Game that you'd like to share,
    send it in along with your name. I'll post it next update.)
    --Wario's Home Run Derby--
    Controls: A to swing bat.
    Cost of Medal: 3 Home Runs.
    Objective. Hit the ball the pitcher pitches. 3 Strikes=Out=Game Over.
    Fouls also count as Strikes, but after 2 Strikes, Fouls don't count.
    Home Runs erase Strikes.
    My Best Score: 25 Home Runs (8 medals).
    Reader Best Score:
    --The Wario Hop--
    Controls: A to jump.
    Cost of Medal: 15 Obstacles Cleared.
    Objective: On your unicycle, avoid obstacles. If you hit an obstacle,
    it's Game Over. Simple!
    My Best Score: 45 Obstacles Cleared (3 medals).
    Reader Best Score:
    --Wario's Roulette--
    Controls: A to select a feature.
    Cost of Medal: 3 Correct Faces.
    Objective: Look at the face in front of you. It will soon disappear.
    Then, you must choose the correct eyes, nose and mouth on the roulette
    wheel. One incorrect face = Game Over. As time goes on, you will have
    less time to look at the face, and the roulette wheel will go faster.
    My Best Score: 10 Correct Faces (3 medals).
    Reader Best Score:
    --The Item Shop--
    Before you face a Boss you will have the opportunity to buy Items.
    There are nine: Smile (which is free but does nothing, I don't know why
    it's there), Apple Bomb, Blast Cannon, Vizorman, Bugle, Black Dog,
    Large Lips, Big Fist, and Black Dragon. The four latter work much
    better then the five former. The latter four is each particularly good
    against a particular boss, and will reduce that boss to barely any
    health: Dog against Catbat, Lips against Aerodent, Black Dragon against
    Cractus, and Big Fist against Cuckoo Condor. (I have used the Fist on
    Cuckoo Condor, and it reduces him to just 2 health.) As you progress,
    prices inflate.
    A-Z of Enemies
    ALLIGATOR - Living in the waters of Monsoon Jungle, these crocs attack
    any trespassers on their lake.
    APPLE CHIMP -- These guys throw apples to you. If the apples hit you,
    you become Fat Wario.
    ARCHER - An Archer's arrow transforms you into Puffy Wario.
    AX RABBIT - Native to the Sapphire Passage, these crazed pink rabbits
    run at you with an ax. A good stomp takes care of them.
    BALLERINA - On Doodle Woods, some posters of ballerina pigs turn into
    real ballerinas. Jump on their heads to knock them down, then bash or
    stomp them to finish them off.
    BEEZLEY - The sting of a Beezley turns Wario into Puffy Wario.
    BOULDERCHUCK - These bad-tempered enemies toss boulders at Wario.
    Bashing doesn't affect them.
    DICEMAN - These guys appear in The Big Board if you land on a Diceman
    space. They are walking dice with spears.
    DRILLER - Drills on legs. The white ones simply try to run you over,
    while the red ones toss spikes at you.
    FANG BAT - They try to knock you off your flying carpet in Arabian
    FIRE GARGOYLE - They spit fire, and can turn you into Flaming Wario.
    FIRE TORCH - This 'Goblet of Fire' (if you've read Harry Potter) can
    tip over and light fires on the ground. These fires turn you into
    Flaming Wario.
    GHOSTLY - These ghosts fly around throwing goo. If a blob of goo hits
    you, you become Zombie Wario. If you touch a Ghostly as Zombie Wario,
    the ghost becomes solid and can be attacked.
    GOGGLEY-BLADE - These water-dwellers have spikes strapped to their
    fins, and attempt to chase Wario while he's underwater.
    HOGGUS - The 'Flying Artistic Pig' can create Spike Pigs at will. He is
    also invulnerable.
    ICE TROLL - These icy cousins of the Boulderchuck can turn you into
    Frozen Wario with their icy breath.
    MALLETMAN - These mallet-wielding creatures attempt to smash you with
    their hammers and turn you into Bouncy Wario.
    MINICULA - These vampire bats turn you into Bat Wario when they bit
    MUTANT TOAD - These hole-dwelling creatures pop out and attack with
    vicious teeth when you least expect it.
    PIRATE PHANTOM - He lives in Crescent Moon Village, and makes a living
    out of stealing coins from the ground.
    PORCUPINE - Found only in Mystic Lake, they roll at Wario and are
    extremely fast.
    PURPLEY - Purpleys are the most pathetic enemy of all - they don't even
    damage you! If you stomp the ground near them, they turn red, and drop
    more coins when killed. Why the programmers put them in, I don't know...
    ROBO-GUY - Another non-damaging enemy, Robo-Guy is found in the pipe
    bonus rooms. He is invincible.
    SPEAR-MASK - These spear-wielding guys change color from yellow to blue
    to red when you stomp the ground near them.
    SPIKEBOT - These spiky robots throw their heads (which are also spiky)
    at you. Once they do this, they are vulnerable to a stomp.
    SPIKEBUTT - These enemies parachute down, trying to impale you with the
    spike on their rump.
    SPIKE CLAM - Another underwater enemy, the Spike Clam attacks by
    jumping up a Wario.
    SPIKE HEAD - These little balls have spikes on their heads. They are
    vulnerable to a stomp when they lower their spikes to charge.
    SPIKE LAUNCHER - These enemies, found only in the Pinball Zone, throw
    spiky balls at you. They are invincible, but can sometimes be used as
    SPIKE PIG TYPE 1 - These pigs drift down slowly out of the air. They
    have a spike on their head. They are thrown down by Hoggus.
    SPIKE PIG TYPE 2 - Another of Hoggus' masterpieces. These pigs crawl
    along and have spiky shells. They will sometimes roll at you. They can
    be killed by a stomp on the unspiked part of their shell, which is
    revealed after they roll.
    SPINEBACK - These guys look like spiky turtles. Stomp the ground near
    them to flip them over, then stomp their soft underbellies
    WARIO CART - These Wario clones ride around in little cars with spikes
    strapped to the front. Stomps can easily destroy them.
    WORM - One of the rarest enemies in the game, it is found only in a
    certain area in Wildflower Fields.
    Perfection is hard to obtain, but I'll do the best I can with this
    guide. Whenever I refer to a Gem Piece, Keyzer, or Vortex Switch. I
    will write it in ALL CAPS with <triangular brackets> around it so its
    location is easier to see. TR means Top Right Gem Piece, TL is Top
    Left, BR is Bottom Right, and BL is Bottom Left. Also, if you found a
    CD or Big Diamond that I didn't write, don't be surprised: I probably
    a) don't remember where it is, or b) haven't found it yet. If I miss
    something, send what is and its location and I'll put your name in the
    I have listed the passages in order of difficulty and accessibility
    (Entry, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Topaz, Gold). If you disagree with
    this order, I apologize.
    On with the guide!!
    Entry Passage
    Training Stage
    Hall of Hieroglyphs
    This is the easiest level in the game (well duh... it's a training stage)
    and you can learn Wario's multitude of moves here. Let's get started!
    At the start, hop up the platforms and go right. Go down the pipe, kill
    the purpleys, and go up the other pipe. Head right and grab the <TR GEM
    PIECE>. Keep going right, bash the block, then jump-bash the next one.
    Kill more annoying purpleys, and get the <BR GEM PIECE>. Bash the
    block, dash the next one, and jump-dash the next. Now, in the tight
    corridor, jump into the block on the far right of the ceiling,
    revealing a Big Diamond. Bash and dash your way to the next area.
    Here, you need to pick up a rock, powerthrow it through the blocks,
    then go in after it. If you're running short on hearts, bash the right
    block, then grab the Heart Medal; if not, just ascend the ladder. Throw
    the rock up at the block above you, then hop up the platforms and crawl
    past where the block was. Powerthrow the next rock, go after it, and
    get the <BL GEM PIECE>. Keep going, roll through the blocks, jump
    through the through-floor and get the <KEYZER>. Roll through yet more
    blocks, then get the <TL GEM PIECE>. Before getting the piece, though,
    jump on top of the chest and get the crystals and Big Diamond. KO the
    spear guy, go into the next area, and stomp the block. Now continue
    left, climb the ladder, and Super Stomp the blue blocks. (Don't forget
    the Big Diamond, which is right in the path of your stomp.)
    Fall down, get the crystals, and bash the blocks. Now jump on the
    TIME LIMIT: 1:00
    Backtrack a ways, get the rock, and powerthrow it through the blocks.
    Crawl after it to reach the Vortex.
    Training Boss
    Spoiled Rotten
    TIME LIMIT: 1:00
    The boss - a gigantic eggplant - may seem strange, but compared to the
    bizarre bosses you'll meet later on, it's an everyday object. Just
    avoid the small eggplants it releases, and bash attack it. When it gets
    ugly, and bares its sharp teeth, you can only hit it in the back. It is
    quickly and easily defeated. PASSAGE CLEAR!
    Emerald Passage
    Stage E1
    Palm Tree Paradise
    Dash right, jumping off the blocks to get gems. Smash the blocks once
    you're done, then kill the purple guy. Plow through more blocks, bounce
    of the red guy to get crystals and a heart, jump up onto the platform
    for some blue crystals. Jump on top of the chest, jump to get crystals,
    then open the chest for the <TR GEM PIECE>.
    Head to the next area, KO-ing enemies along the way for coins, and grab
    the <BR GEM PIECE>. Bash the blocks, then dash the blue one. Ahead, do
    some more block-breaking to reveal a door. Enter the door.
    In the cave, climb the ladder, stomp to flip the Spineback, then stomp
    on its underside. Climb the next ladder, get the <BL GEM PIECE>, and
    climb the next. Go up the pipe. Grab the robot guy, powerthrow him at
    the '!' switch, then hop up the stairs for a Big Diamond. Go back down
    the pipe, fall to the right to get gems, and exit by the same door you
    entered by.
    Go right, and enter the next cave. Hop up to the first platform, then
    walk right. You'll go through the wall. Get the CD, then continue
    hopping up the platforms. At the top, go left for the <TL GEM PIECE>
    and another 'Amazing Vanishing Wall' with a Big Diamond inside. After
    getting it, head right. Get hit by an apple and turn into Fat Wario,
    then stomp on the suspicious looking floor and fall down. Fall down
    here, hugging the left wall, and smash another block for a Big Diamond.
    Swim up, hit the '!' switch, and enter the pipe. Head left, hit the '!'
    switch, and hop up the steps for crystals and a <KEYZER>.
    Go right, open the Heart Chest, then step on the <VORTEX SWITCH>.
    TIME LIMIT: 1:30
    Getting back to the Vortex is astoundingly easy. Just dash left,
    dispose of anything in your way, and you're at the Vortex before you
    know it.
    (Note: As you go left, you'll notice some filled-in '!' block, which
    give you access to a pipe. Enter, and climb to the top. Throw Robo-Guy
    through the blocks, then the other blocks, and crouch-jump over for the
    Big Diamond.)
    Stage E2
    Wildflower Fields
    Wow, compared to the last two, this level is COMPLICATED. You have to
    really know your way around to find everything. There is a secret here:
    If a Beezley lands on a flower, after it flies away, you can destroy
    the flower for coins. Only a limited time offer, however.
    Head to the first large daisy. Here, get stung, turn Puffy, and float
    to the first level of platforms. Rake in the cash, then drop back down
    and float up to the second level. Here, get more money, drop down, and
    float the the THIRD level for a CD. Drop back to ground level, and go
    right into the next area.
    Here, go right until you see a vine platform above you. Turn puffy,
    float up, hit the ceiling, and land on the vine platform. Super-Stomp
    the blue block, and fall down.
    Head left and drop down. Now head right and hop up the platforms until
    you reach a rock. Throw it up at the block above you. Now head left,
    bash the block, and return to the top. Crawl right and get the Big
    Diamond. Now jump back up, and head right to the next area.
    Jump up the leaf platforms, then head right and Super Stomp. Stomp some
    more blocks, and drop down. Enter the pipe. Throw Robo-Guy over the
    wall, then go down and get him. Throw him over again,and bounce off for
    a Big Diamond. Now leave. Head left, and ascend the platforms. Enter
    the door, drop in the water, and swim left. Enter the upward current.
    Keep going up, until you reach a left-right fork. Take left, keep going
    up until you reach the surface. Go left, and super stomp for a Big
    Diamond. Now take the same path as before, but go RIGHT at the fork,
    and you'll be carried to the <BL GEM PIECE.> Roll right, drop down for
    gems, then go back to where the Gem Piece was. This time enter the left
    Drop down, swim up, and let the current take you to the top of the
    tree. Enter the door at the top.
    Keep heading right, jumping gaps, then drop down and get the Heart
    Chest. Head left for the <BR GEM PIECE>. Now drop down left, and head
    right. Drop to ground level, become Puffy, and float up past the
    outline Frog Blocks. At the very top, float left, hit the ceiling, and
    get a Big Diamond. Drop down the left left, and you'll be back where
    the BR Gem Piece was. Go back to where the bee was that stung you when
    you floated up to the most recent Big Diamond. This time, head right,
    get the <TL GEM PIECE> and go  into the next area.
    Head to the far right and get hit by an Apple Chimp. Break the nearby
    Blue Block, get the crystals,and go down the pipe. Pick up the robot
    guy and powerthrow him at the '!' switch. Climb the ladder to him,
    stand on the '!' switch you just hit, and powerthrow the guy at the
    next '!' switch. Climb the ladder, get him AGAIN, stand on the '!'
    switch, and powerthrow him through the block. Crouch-jump after him,
    and get the Big Diamond. Descend the ladder, and go back up the pipe.
    Go back to the guy who made you Fat. Climb the ladder next to him
    (DON'T get hit!) and when you reach the top, jump to the left. Super-
    stomp to break the Blue Block, and hit the Vortex Switch.
    TIME LIMIT: 2:30
    Go back to that same bee that stung you a while ago, hop up the
    platforms beside him, and go left to the next area. Pass the now
    outlined Frog Blocks, get the <KEYZER>, then enter the next area. Keep
    heading left, jumping gaps and get the <TL GEM PIECE>. Keep heading
    left, break the block, crawl through, keep heading left, drop down,
    keep heading left, and enter the Vortex.
    Stage E3
    Mystic Lake
    At the start, go right and enter the door. In the next area, descend
    the ladder, hop across the water for a heart and crystals, then go back
    and dive into the first pool. Keep swimming right for crystals and a
    heart. Keep on swimmin' until you get to the next area.
    In the underwater cavern, swim right, avoiding enemies, until you see
    the <TR GEM PIECE>. Jump out of the water to get it, then go back in
    the water, and swim right into the next area.
    In this area, you need to be careful around the holes in the wall,
    because if you get too near one with a pair of glowing red eyes in it,
    a gigantic toad will pop out and damage you. Swim up, avoiding enemies,
    until you reach a choice of paths. Take the left, break all the blocks,
    then swim up. When you see surface, go back down, take the right fork,
    break the blocks, get the Big Diamond, and swim to the surface. Head
    right into the next area.
    In this area, dodge the Malletmen, and get the <BL GEM PIECE>. Then,
    get Bouncy, and shoot up through the suspicious-looking ceiling. Defeat
    the Purpleys for coins, then go back down. Progress to the next area.
    In this area, go in the water, and swim to the right, getting the
    crystals and avoiding the bubbles (if you turn into Bubble Wario,
    you'll get carried up through a through-floor and you'll have to get
    past mutant toads to get back to where you were). However, on the last
    section of this area, turn into Bubble Wario and you'll be carried up
    past the current to a Big Diamond. Once you've got past all the bubble-
    and-mutant toad areas, go up, past the fish, jump out of the water, and
    exit the area.
    Now, go in the water, dog-paddle right, and go up the pipe. To get the
    Big Diamond here, you have to jump up to the top, get the robot guy,
    powerthrow him into the water, drop down, head left, and quickly jump
    up on the ladder. When the guy hits the '!' switches, platforms will
    appear and you can go up for the Diamond. Exit out of the pipe.
    After leaving the pipe, head right and hit the <VORTEX SWITCH>.
    TIME LIMIT: 3:00
    Head left, drop into the water, and swim down and right. Go up past the
    spike-toting octopus and get the <KEYZER>. Now, swim down, left, and
    up, and go back to the last area. Jump up the platforms, and get the
    <BR GEM PIECE>. Head left, keep going left, grab the <TL GEM PIECE> on
    your way, and once out of the jungle area, start dashing. Dash through
    the blue block, break the blocks, and get the CD. Now go back, enter
    the door, and enter the vortex.
    Stage E4
    Monsoon Jungle
    Right off the bat, paddle left and jump into the pipe. Here, dash
    right, and as you dash, jump and hit the '!' switch. With any luck,
    you'll grab the rock before it falls in the water. Pick up the rock,
    throw it through the blocks, and get the Big Diamond. Now, go back
    left, hit the '!' switch again, and go down the pipe.
    Swim left, and go to the next area. Here, you have to cross leaf
    platforms and swinging logs without falling in the water. If you fall
    in, you'll most likely get hit by the alligator in the water. Sometimes
    the alligator  jumps out of the water to attack you on a leaf or log.
    When you come to the end of the area, drop in the water, and swim left
    to an area with a Heart Chest. After getting the chest, swim back to
    the right, jump over the alligator when you come to him, and once you
    get back on dry land, cross the logs to the left, and exit the area.
    Immediately, get hit by an Apple Chimp's apple, and break the blue
    block. Fall down, collecing crystals along the way, and when you land,
    smash another block to the right. Get the Big Diamond, jump up the
    platforms, and get the <BR GEM PIECE>. Now crawl left, stomp the block
    on the far left, and keep stomping the ground to send the Malletman to
    the top. Go to the top yourself, let the Malletman hit you, and press A
    to shoot up, collecting crystals.
    If you did it right, you'll break a block in the ceiling. Roll right,
    and get the CD. Hop up the platforms, go back to the left, and drop
    Now, work your way over to the top right corner of the area. Jump in
    the pipe here. Here, go to the left, and get the archer to shoot an
    arrow at you. Run away from it, and stop under the hole in the ceiling.
    Let it hit you, become Puffy Wario, and float up for a Big Diamond. Hit
    the ceiling and go back down the pipe.
    Now, jump across the leaves to the top left of the area. Exit the area.
    Cross the swinging logs to the left, and exit THAT area too.
    You know what to do here. Cross the logs, avoid the alligator, and get
    to the next area, Here, drop down, get the <BL GEM PIECE>, break the
    blocks, and when you come to blocks in the floor, stomp the one on the
    far left to make your life easier. Drop down, but DON'T STEP ON THE
    SWITCH YET! Instead, break the Blue Block, climb the ladder, pick up
    the archer, throw him down beside the toad, and let him shoot you.
    Float up, out of the top of the area. Here, jump across the leaves to
    the left and get the Big Diamond. Go back down and step on the <VORTEX
    TIME LIMIT: 4:00
    Run right, past the now outlined Frog Blocks. Keep going right, and
    break the second set of blocks. Enter the now revealed door and jump up
    the platforms. Drop down to the left and get the <TL GEM PIECE>. Now
    break the block, crouch-jump, and exit the by the door you entered by.
    Keep running right and, once you get out of the area, drop down right
    and get the <TR GEM PIECE>. Now go right, climb the ladder, cross the
    logs, jump up the platforms, go right, climb the ladder, and go to the
    next area. Drop down and go all the way right and into the next area.
    From here, it's the same as the start of the level, only backwards.
    Cross the logs and platforms to the right, dodging alligator attacks,
    until you're out of the area. Jump on the log, then onto the Frog
    Blocks, and get the <KEYZER>. Go to the far right of the area, cross
    the logs, and jump in the Vortex.
    Emerald Boss
    TIME LIMIT: 4:00
    Probably the second easiest boss, after Spoiled Rotten. When you gain
    control of Wario, Dash Cractus's pot. He'll come to life and attack. He
    has five attacks: One where he flies in the air, the top of his head
    offscreen, slashing with his leaves (he only does this when you're on a
    ladder). Then a high attack, medium attack, and low attack; he slashes
    at you with his leaves on all of them. Finally, one where he floats
    around, dropping goo. This goo turns you into Zombie Wario, but never
    fear, if it happens, a firefly will come. Jump into its light and
    you'll turn back to normal. The way to defeat him is to just stomp on
    his head, whenever you get the chance. Just keep wearing away at his
    health, and you'll be done in no time!
    Sapphire Passage
    Stage S1
    Crescent Moon Village
    Immediately, get hit by a Ghostly and turn into Zombie Wario. Jump on
    the through-floor. You'll fall down, and get tons of crystals. Once you
    land in the water, swim down, left and up, grabbing hearts and avoiding
    bubbles. Enter the pipe.
    You'll be back at the start. Jump up the platforms, and enter the door.
    Go left, break the blocks, and knock out the demented ax rabbit. Climb
    the ladder, go right, and enter the door.
    You'll immediately notice a strange ghost. He steals coins from the
    ground, but he's not so annoying - for now. Go right, break the blocks,
    kill the Spinebacks, and hit the '!' switch. Go left, jump up the now
    filled in blocks, and get a Big Diamond. Go right again, hit the '!'
    switch again, jump up the stairs, and enter the door.
    Go right, jump up, break the blocks, and go left. Roll right, and jump
    over the hole. You'll roll through some blocks. Climb the ladder, turn
    into Bat Wario. Fly all the way to the left, ignoring the door and
    avoiding the candles. At the far left, fly into the light and get the
    <TR GEM PIECE>. Go back right, turn into Bat Wario again, and this time
    go up to the door. Fly into the candle beside the door, and enter the
    Keep going right, smashing blocks and knocking out Spinebacks, until
    you reach a big drop. Get the Big Diamond, drop down, and break all the
    blocks on your left. It'll make your life easier later. Go left for the
    <BR GEM PIECE> then return right. Keep on goin' right, raking up
    crystals, until you reach a ramp. Roll down it to the left, and roll
    past where those blocks were (I told you breaking them would come in
    handy) and get the CD. Roll right, all the way to the other end of the
    area. Go down the pipe.
    Go right, get hit by a Ghostly, then go left, jump on the Through-
    Floor, and fall in the water. Jump out, get the ball from the ball-
    dropper, jump up, go right, and use the ball to break the blocks.
    Crouch-jump and get the Big Diamond. Then fall to the left, jump to the
    top, and go back up the pipe.
    Crawl left, ascend the stairs, and enter the door. Now run right, climb
    the ladder, and hit the '!' switch on your left. Roll right, jumping
    ledges, and you'll smash into a room with three ax rabbits. Roll into
    them, and line your pockets with their money. Now go back to the big
    slope by the door you entered by. Roll off it, get the <BL GEM PIECE>
    and enter the door.
    Keep headin' right. When you get to a whole bunch of crates, keep
    breaking them until you break one that reveals a pipe. Go up the pipe.
    Powerthrow the robot guy over the wall into the block, then crawl past
    the place where the block was. Drop in the water, and when the
    Spikeheads try to get you, they'll fall in the water and leave tons of
    coins. Get the coins, then exit the way you came in. Keep breaking
    crates and going right. When you see a hole in the ground, drop in it,
    and collect crystals while swimming left. When you see the surface,
    don't go up, but go in the current which takes you left. When you hit
    dead end, break the crate, swim up, get the Big Diamond, go right, get
    the <TL GEM PIECE> and go up the pipe. Now continue right until you
    reach a door. Enter it.
    In here, turn into Bat Wario, fly up, and get the Big Diamond . Fly
    into the candle and hit the <VORTEX SWITCH>.
    TIME LIMIT: 3:30
    Getting out of the Vortex is basically just doing the level backwards,
    with a couple of small differences. First, once you hit the switch, you
    need to fly up to the very top, past the outlined Frog Blocks, and get
    the <KEYZER>. Second, the pirate ghost flying around in the outdoor
    areas can steal your Keyzer. If he gets it, chase him down until you
    get it back. And third, in the area where the CD was, you need to go to
    where the BR Gem Piece was and jump up the platforms if you want to
    continue going back. When you reach the first area, drop down and enter
    the Vortex.
    Stage S2
    Arabian Night
    Start off by entering the door. Then, fly on the carpet up to the next
    door. Enter, drop down, then ride the carpet up to the pipe. Enter the
    pipe. Jump over the Spinebacks, then go down to the '!' switch. Hit it,
    and the Spinebacks will all fall in the water. Line your pockets with
    their coins, then exit the pipe. Get on the carpet, and fly to the door
    at the upper right.
    In this room, work your way down, breaking all the crates. Then return
    to the top, become a zombie, and fall through all the platforms to the
    very bottom. Jump in the water, grab the Big Diamond, go back up, get
    the <TR GEM PIECE> and enter the door. Go right and enter the next
    door. Get on the carpet and fly all the way up, getting crystals. Don't
    forget to make a stop at one point for the <BR GEM PIECE>. Once at the
    top, enter the door. Now drop down, don't go in the door yet, and get
    the carpet. Fly left, past the door you just exited, and get the Big
    Diamond and assorted crystals. Just don't fall off the carpet, or
    you'll have to do the big flying carpet room over again. Fly back to
    where you got the carpet, and enter the door to your left.
    In this room, ascend the platforms, and drop through the pipe with a
    Beezley picture on it. Now go right, let Beezley sting you, and floay
    up through the pipe with Minicula's picture. Now, go left, turn into
    Bat Wario, fly through the narrow passage, then go get the <KEYZER>.
    Fly back, drop in the water, and exit. Now go right, get the carpet,
    fly up, and enter the door at the upper right.
    Scale the room to the very top, then become a zombie and walk through
    the spikes. When you are between the last two rows of spikes, jump,
    then get the crystals as you fall. Get the <BL GEM PIECE>, then descend
    the ladder and hop on the <VORTEX SWITCH>.
    TIME LIMIT: 4:00
    Drop through the outlined Frog Blocks, then jump in the water and swim
    to the far left. Jump out, get the <TL GEM PIECE>, then jump to the
    carpet. Use it to fly around, collecting cash. If you see a crystal
    arrow, stomp on the place it points to for more goodies. Ultimately,
    you must exit at the lower left side of the room. In the next room, get
    the carpet, and fly up to the ceiling. There are TWO Big Diamonds up
    there, plus crystals galore. At the upper left, get the CD, then break
    the block and ascend the pipe. Exit the door to your left, then enter
    the Vortex.
    Stage S3
    Fiery Cavern
    The first part of this level is straightforward, but annoying. Just
    keep going right, avoid falling in lava or getting hit by fire, and
    dodging the boulder chucking enemies. Enter the first door you see.
    In this next room, go right further, and when you reach a dead end,
    wait for the flames to go down, then jump down the platforms to the <TR
    GEM PIECE>. Then, jump over to the left and enter the pipe. In here,
    drop down and get the robot. Carry him to the top and throw him through
    the blocks. Crawl after him, then get him again and throw him at the
    '!' switch (above the Big Diamond) which makes a bridge over the lava.
    Get him one last time, then throw him through the spike at the second
    '!' switch. This allows you to get the Big Diamond. Now ascend the
    platforms and leave the room.
    This time, go all the way right. Climb the ladder and enter the door.
    Go left, across the lava, then get the <BR GEM PIECE>. Return ALL the
    way right until you reach a door at the far end. Enter it. Now stomp
    through the blocks, and land on the <VORTEX SWITCH.>
    TIME LIMIT: 5:00
    Here's where it starts getting strange. The entire level turns into an
    ice cavern. All the lava becomes ice, and all the Boulderchucks become
    Ice Trolls. Go right and through the door. Jump up the platforms, and
    keep going up until you reach a door. Enter it. Jump across the
    platforms to the right. Go down and get the <TL GEM PIECE>, then go
    right, breaking blocks, and become a snowman. Roll left and enter the
    door. Immediately enter the next door. Go right, become a snowman, and
    roll left to get the Big Diamond. Go right again and jump up. Go left,
    break the blocks, hop up and continue left. Enter the door. Now hop up
    the ice pillars to the left. First go right for the <KEYZER>, then
    return left. Dash the block, and continue left until you reach a door.
    Enter it. (Note: Before entering the door, you can continue to the
    upper left for a Big Diamond.) Go left and up as far as you can (you do
    have to drop down once), then when you reach the top, break the block
    for the <BL GEM PIECE>. Stomp the block, go down, and go left. Enter
    the Vortex.
    Stage S4
    Hotel Horror
    Right off the bat, go all the way right for the <TR GEM PIECE>. Then go
    left into Room 102. Here, become a bat, and fly to the upper right for
    goodies, including a Big Diamond. Leave, and this time go to Room 104.
    Hit the '!' switch, and climb the ladder on the right. If you want a
    heart, and a few coins, enter room 204. Once out of 204, hit the '!'
    switch to the left. Go right and ascend the ladder. Enter room 304. Go
    left for the <BL GEM PIECE>. You have a choice of two doors: 302 and
    303. Go in 302. Then, go left into 301. Go left again and you'll find
    yourself on the fire escape. Enter the pipe at the top.
    In this room, be careful not to touch the blue walls, as they teleport
    you back to the top of the pipe. First, grab the Apple Chimp at the top
    of the left-hand set of platforms and bring him down. Make him turn you
    Fat, then break the blue block. Get the Big Diamond. Now, get the
    Malletman on the right-hand platforms. Turn into Bouncy Wario, then
    bounce up through the blocks for another Big Diamond. Go down the pipe.
    Go into the next area on the right.
    Go in room 401. Go up for the Heart. Now go down, become Flaming Wario,
    and jump up. Become Fireball Wario, then break the block and get the
    <KEYZER>. Leave, and go back on the fire escape. Turned into a zombie
    then drop down all the way to the bottom of the fire escape. Turn back
    to normal, then go back up. On the way up, you'll get a Big Diamond (if
    you didn't get it whilst falling, that is). Go back in the building. Go
    in 301, then hit the '!' switch and go down the stairs. Enter room 201.
    Go right for the <BR GEM PIECE>. Then enter Room 202. Break the blocks,
    become a bat, thn fly up the shaft on the right. Fly to the upper left
    for a Big Diamond, then drop down and enter 402. Get the <TL GEM
    PIECE>. Enter 403. Break all the blocks, then hit the '!' switch and
    get the heart. Don't become Zombie Wario or you'll have no choice but
    to fall down to 303. Leave, and enter 404. Coax out the Apple Chimp,
    then carry him to the top. Become Fat Wario, then smash the Blue Block
    and land on the <VORTEX SWITCH>.
    TIME LIMIT: 4:00
    Leave 404, and enter 403. This time, become a Zombie, and drop through
    to 303. Enter the door, then enter 302. Jump over and enter 301. Go out
    on the fire escape, go up, become a zombie, and drop to the very
    bottom. Go right. If you don't want the CD, jump in the Vortex now. If
    you do, go right and enter the now unlocked 103. Ascend all the way to
    a Ghostly. Become a Zombie, then drop down to the right. Now become
    normal, get the CD, break the block, and leave. Head left and jump in
    the Vortex.
    Sapphire Boss
    TIME LIMIT: 4:00
    Another easy boss. Just don't fall in the water, because there is some
    sort of submarine-drill there that will damage you, and don't get hit
    by the Spike Balls, which turn you into Puffy Wario. Basically, all you
    have to do is jump on his tidal waves, then jump-bash the miniature cat
    on his head. Eventually, you'll destroy the cat. Now you must stomp on
    his head instead. And especially beware the red spike balls: they
    damage you. This is the easiest boss to get all three treasure chests
    Ruby Passage
    Stage R1
    The Curious Factory
    This level starts out simple enough; just go right. To defeat the
    Spikebots, wait until they throw their heads, then stomp on their
    bodies. To control the ferris wheels, jump on the platform which is in
    the direction you want to go (for example, if you want to go right,
    jump on the right platform). When you reach a ladder, go down it, and
    get the <TR GEM PIECE>. Then go up and ride the wheel right. Get
    flattened, then go back. Float to the left, and jump up the platforms.
    Go left and get the Big Diamond. Return to the hammer that flattened
    you, and this time continue right. Drop down for crystals, then break
    the block at left and go down the pipe.
    Get the robot and fling him at the '!' switch. Then roll left for the
    Big Diamond. Exit the pipe again. Continue right. Soon you'll reach a
    room full of wheels. You must use the wheels and platforms to reach the
    top. If you fall down and can't get back, just leave the room, return,
    and everything will be reset. There are tons of crystals for the
    collecting here. In the next room, jump on the first conveyer belt, and
    bash the wall to the left. Go in the pipe beyond the block.
    Pick up the rock, carry it past the hammer, and throw it through the
    passage. Get flattened, then float through the opening and land in the
    water. Go up to the rock, bring it down, and throw it through the
    block. Go back to the hammer, and float down so that you're standing on
    a small block. Then float left for a Big Diamond. Exit.
    Ascend the conveyors to the upper left. Bash the wall, then bash the
    Purpleys for coins. Now exit at the upper right. Slide down the ladder,
    get set on fire, break the Flame Block, and get the heart. Now go right
    for the <TL GEM PIECE>.  Dash the far right wall, then fall down.
    Ascend the spinning elevators to the top for crystals and a Big
    Diamond. Climb the ladder at the upper left, then jump up and ascend
    the next ladder. Cross the conveyor belts to the right. Fall down the
    second gap, and land on the <VORTEX SWITCH>.
    TIME LIMIT: 3:30
    Crawl right, then go back left, and climb the ladder. Cross the
    conveyors, this time all the way right, getting the <KEYZER>on the way.
    In the next room, fall down, collecting crystals and bashing
    Spikeheads, and get the <BR GEM PIECE> at the bottom. Keep going left.
    You'll find yourself in the wheel room again. Fall down and drop down
    at the lower right. (Note: If you want the CD, get flattened by the
    hammers in the BR Gem Piece room, then, when you reach this point,
    drift into the passage for the CD.) Cross the wheels and flying
    platforms to the upper left, where you'll find a Big Diamond, the <BL
    GEM PIECE> and a pipe. Go up the pipe. From here, it's a straight path
    left to the Vortex.
    Stage R2
    The Toxic Landfill
    Start the level by falling down to the bottom of this room, collecting
    crystals along the way. You will see a stack of items. Jump on top of
    the lowest level then bash, bash, stomp, bash and enter the next
    area.Get fattened by the left Apple Chimp, then stomp the nearby Blue
    Block. Get the <BR GEM PIECE> but don't enter the door yet. Instead,
    climb back to the top. Go right, and smash the Blue Block on the right.
    Get the Archer to shoot you, then become Puffy and float all the way
    up. Go to the very top, avoiding spikes, get the Big Diamond, and enter
    the pipe.
    Jump up, get a rock, and throw it at the '!' switch. Get another rock,
    jump up and left, and hit the next '!' switch. Go down, get a rock, and
    throw it onto the second '!' block platform, then get another rock,
    jump to the same platform, and hit the '!' switch. Get the rock you
    threw up earlier, jump to the third platform, throw it at the FOURTH
    '!' switch, then get the Big Diamond. Drop down and leave.
    Collect crystals and hearts on your way back down to where the BR Gem
    Piece was. Enter the door there. Cross the platforms to the next door,
    and enter. Get the <BL GEM PIECE> then stand under the 4th block from
    the left. Spring up, and enter the door. Jump off to the right, and
    stomp down. Swim left, then up, for a Big Diamond. Avoid bubbles on
    your way back down and right. Collect the crystals in the current, then
    jump out and hop up the platforms. Exit the way you came in.
    Drop back down to the Malletmen. This time stand under the 3rd block
    from the right. Become Bouncy, spring up, and go right. Dash the Blue
    Block, then go up for the <TL GEM PIECE>. Go back down, past where the
    Blue Block was, and Bash every block until you reach a door. Go back,
    until you reach the 15th step from the bottom. Then stomp, bash left,
    bash left, bash left, bash left, bash left, bash all the blocks, and
    get the CD. Then go down to the sixth step from the bottom. Stomp it,
    then smash blocks all the way left for a Big Diamond. Go right, stomp
    more blocks, and enter the pipe. Cross the blocks, then become Fat and
    kill all the Spinebacks for cash. Exit the pipe. Return to that door
    and enter it. Go right and activate the <VORTEX SWITCH>.
    TIME LIMIT: 5:00
    Get fattened, then go left and smash the Blue Block. Fall all the way
    down, and jump out to the right. Stand under the second block from the
    right. Get bouncy, spring up, and fall down. Now stand under the 5th
    block from the left. Spring up, get the <KEYZER>, then Super-Stomp
    through where the second from the right column of blocks was. You'll
    break a blue block. Fall down.
    Fall all the way to the bottom, then dash left. Jump up and dash right.
    Headbutt up until you reach the top. Stomp one block, then climb the
    ladder and Super-Stomp the rest. Then just keep using Dash to break
    rows of blocks, and finally a Blue Block, and climb the ladder out.
    Go right for the <TR GEM PIECE>. Then let the Archer shoot you. Float
    up to the Vortex.
    Stage R3
    40 Below Fridge
    Do the obvious and run right. Climb the ladder when you reach it, then
    cross the conveyors to the upper left. There is a Big Diamond there.
    Then go to the upper right and Super Stomp down. Drop into the gap.
    Drop down and head right. Get turned into a Snowman and roll right.
    Jump onto the platform you stopped against, and continue right. Enter
    the door.
    Jump across and get the <BR GEM PIECE>. In this room, most of the
    platforms lead to goodies. Here is a list:
    Top level: <BR GEM PIECE>
    2nd from Top: Big Diamond
    3rd from Top: Heart & Big Diamond
    Middle level: Nothing
    4th from Bottom: Exit
    3rd from Bottom: <KEYZER>
    2nd from Bottom: Nothing
    Botom level: Heart
    From the top of this room, Super-Stomp to access a pipe. Enter the
    pipe. Grab the crystal orbs and hit both '!' switches to gain access to
    a Big Diamond. Then exit. Go to the 4th level from the bottom, and
    follow the path to the door. Exit.
    Go right, climb up, and become a Snowman. Roll right, then climb up for
    the <TR GEM PIECE>.
    (Note: To get a Big Diamond, after getting the TR Gem Piece, roll left
    through the seemingly solid wall.)
     Ascend the platforms and ladders to the very top to become a Snowman.
    Then, drop all the way to the bottom. Get on the left slope, and roll
    right as a Snowball. You'll automatically go all the way to the top and
    reveal a door. Enter the door.
    The <TL GEM PIECE> is immediately on your right (how easy can you
    get?). There are a lot of things in this room, and I'll list how to get
    <BL GEM PIECE>: Go to the lower left of the room.
    Numerous Crystals: Become a Snowman with the snowdrift immediately to
    your left at the start. Then, roll on the slope to the right.
    Heart: Go all the way to the upper left.
    Pipe: Use the snowdrift to the right of the Heart to become a Snowman.
    Then, roll on the slope to the right of that snowdrift.
    (In the Pipe, carry the Ice Troll to the 2nd large platform up. Allow
    him to freeze you, then slide left for a Big Diamond. Exit the room.)
    Big Diamond: Roll left on the slope below the first snowdrift. Then,
    just ascend the platforms.
    Big Diamond #2: Roll normally off the ledge you used to get to the
    Pipe. But, jump as you're about to roll off of the slope onto the
    Exit: Become a Snowman at the Snowdrift near the door. Descend to the
    bottom, then roll left from the tiny ledge.
    In the next room, you'll automatically smash a Snow Block. Go left past
    it, and jump on the <VORTEX SWITCH>.
    TIME LIMIT: 4:00
    Frog Blocks will vanish, giving you access to a ladder. Climb it, then
    become a Snowman and roll left. You'll break some Snow Blocks and fall
    waaaay down. Bash your way to a ladder. (There is a Big Diamond
    concealed in one of the blocks.) Climb the ladder, and  keeping going
    up and across until you reach another ladder. Climb it all the way up
    to the Vortex. However, if you want the CD, go right instead. Climb the
    ladder, then cross the conveyors to the upper right. Drop down, then go
    to where you fell waaaay down before. Break the block above, then fall
    down again. Return to the Vortex AGAIN and go right AGAIN. By now,
    you'll probably be short on time, so hurry. Crawl right, get the CD,
    then crawl left and enter the Vortex. (Whew...)
    Stage R4
    Pinball Zone
    Immediately, roll right. Now jump and climb, avoiding Spikelaunchers'
    balls, and enter the door.
    In this room, you must throw pinballs into all four goal boxes. Once
    you have activated all four, the main block will vanish, giving you
    access to a door.
    Roll right again, then smash the seemingly solid wall for the <TR GEM
    PIECE>. In the next room, do the same as before with the pinballs. The
    pinball encased in a box (at the lower right) may seem impossible, but
    it is made up of breakable walls: a simple bash-jump will take care of
    it. The <BR GEM PIECE> is in an obvious spot on top of the same box. To
    get the upper-left ball, stomp the ground so it falls down, use the
    same trick combined with a bash-jump to break the block to get the
    upper right.
    (Note: Once you have destroyed the left goal box, there is an opening
    behind it: jump into this opening for a Big Diamond. Similarly, bash
    the block on the right to access a pipe. Once inside, get set on fire,
    then jump up onto the '!' block platform. Hit the '!' switches to
    activate more platforms to break a Flame Block, behind which is a Big
    Once you've completed the pinball room and are in the next room, cross
    the ladder-covered wall left (the best way to dodge the balls is to
    stay below the Spikelaunchers) and enter the next door. Get fattened (
    I never knew an apple could be so fattening. I thought Wario Land 3
    made more sense, where they used donuts) and smash the Blue Block for
    the <BL GEM PIECE>. If still Fat, then go right and jump up and down to
    get the ball in the box; if not, stomp instead. Then get the ball at
    left. Carry it to the top and powerthrow it over into the upper center
    box. Then, go left. Stomp the floor so the ball goes in the box, then
    do the same at the upper right. Enter the door at center.
    Roll right yet again. In this room, you must use the Spikelaunchers as
    platforms to reach the CD (upper left) and exit (upper right).
    Yet another pinball room. Hoo boy... Before doing anything, get the <TL
    GEM PIECE> on the right. Carry the first ball to the upper right and
    throw it in the box. Do the same at the upper left. Now, get a third
    ball. Go to the door platform, then jump up three platforms to the
    right. Powerthrow the ball into the notch in the wall, then follow it
    through and chuck it into a box. Super-Stomp to access a pipe.
    Drop down and throw up Robo-Guy. Throw him through a block, then follow
    him. See those two blocks? You've gotta get Robo-Guy, fall down and
    chuck him at the block AS YOU'RE FALLING. Then climb the ladder and
    smash the second block for a Heart Chest. Exit the room.
    Back in the pinball room, stomp the false floor on the left. Carry the
    ball down, then throw it up into the box. Enter the now-open door.
    Jump up the platforms, then crawl through the tiny gap and land on the
    TIME LIMIT: 6:00
    Enter the door. These next rooms are pretty complicated, so I'm just
    going to list ball and box locations:
    ROOM #1
    Ball #1, 2, 3, 4: Go to the left. There is a box with a false floor.
    All the balls are in this box.
    Box #1: Jump up the furthest right platforms. Throw the ball over and
    Box #2: Same as #1, just throw it right instead
    Box #3: Ascend the far left platforms, and when you see a gap in the
    wall, throw in the ball.
    Box #4: Climb the same platforms as for #3, but this time roll the ball
    down the highest ramp.
    Exit: Above the ball box.
    As soon as you exit this room, you will drop down and automatically get
    a <KEYZER>. Enter the door on your left.
    ROOM #2
    Ball #1: Ascend the right-hand platforms, and stomp to drop the ball.
    Ball #2: After getting #1, jump up the platforms to your left. Stomp to
    make the second ball fall.
    Ball #3: Ascend the left-hand platforms. The ball is in plain sight.
    Ball #4: After getting #3, stomp the lowered floor section where the
    Ice Troll is/was. Stomp again. Then fall down for the ball.
    Box #1,2: Climb the middle platforms. Throw the ball left. After the
    first box disappears, another will be below.
    Box #3,4: Same as #1 and 2, just throw the ball right instead.
    Exit: At the far right.
    Now, jump up the platforms, and start rolling. Keep on rollin' wherever
    the ramps take you. Eventually, you'll get to the Vortex.
    Ruby Boss
    Cuckoo Condor
    TIME LIMIT: 4:00
    A simple yet difficult boss. Know what I mean? This bird would be
    strange enough even if he didn't inhabit a flying clock. This is
    probably the most bizarre boss of all (barring Golden Diva). The
    easiest thing to do is to use a Big Fist from the Item Shop to reduce
    him to 2 HP, but for those of you who don't like to 'cheat', or those
    of you who want the satisfaction of beating him properly, here's how it
    goes. The first section is simple. Just run underneath him. He'll lower
    his claw; bash it and it'll swing up and hit him in the face. Also,
    watch out for his electric bolts; his gears; and getting picked up by
    the claw.
    After a while of this, the clock will explode, and the bird will come
    out. When it throws an egg, grab it before it hits the ground, and
    throw it at the little bird on his head. If the eggs hit the ground,
    they'll hatch into exploding ducks. With enough hits, the bird will
    explode, leaving behind a pair of earrings. Phew!!
    Topaz Passage
    You know how every passage has a theme? Emerald is Nature, Sapphire is
    Spooky, and Ruby is Hi-Tech? Well, I think the theme here is Surreal.
    Almost everything is out of the ordinary. Races against dominoes, giant
    game boards, enormous block castles... even a flying pig cartoonist!
    Stage T1
    Toy Block Tower
    (Note: Whenever I say 'throw the pyramid into the slot' it means get
    the pyramid block and throw it at the pyramid outline above the door.
    Also, another bit of info... the cat face blocks regenerate if you leave
    the room, then return)
    Break the blocks on the right. Then, get the pyramid, carry it over to
    the door, and throw it into the slot. Enter the door.
    Go right, get the next pyramid, and throw it into the slot. Enter the
    door. Get the <TR GEM PIECE> then climb up and smash that annoying
    little cart. Break the block, then bash the ball all the way right.
    Jump off it for crystals. Exit the door. Break the blocks, then go left
    for some crystals. Return right and enter the upper door.
    Immediately break the three Cat Blocks, then enter the door. Grab the
    crystals, Heart, and <BR GEM PIECE>. Enter the door. Climb the ladder,
    break the Cat Blocks again, and jump on the block. Jump up to the
    platform. Break the elevated blocks, then go down. Break the small
    block in the left wall, then crouch-jump into the space. Go down the
    pipe. In here, go down and hit the '!' switch. Then hit it again
    quickly to catch the blue blocks before they hit the floor. Dash left
    across them for a Hear Chest. Now, exit. Go back to where you were
    before, but continue onward and upward. Roll the ball left, then go up,
    and enter the door.
    Now, break only the top and bottom Cat Blocks, NOT the middle one. Then
    go past, and jump up from the blue block for crystals. Retrace your
    steps, but drop down this time. Break every single Normal Block you
    see. Go to the far right, then dash left. Jump up on the blocks and
    keep dashing. Jump again to smash the Blue Block and get a Big Diamond.
    Now, go right again. Jump to the platform, then dash left nonstop
    through the Cat Blocks for goodies. Now enter the door on the right.
    Make your way over to a Fire Gargoyle. Get set on fire, then break the
    Flame Block. Get caught on fire from the Gargoyle at the far right, and
    jump up all the platforms. Break the Flame Block and grab the Pyramid.
    Ascend to the top, throw the Pyramid into the slot, and enter the door.
    (Note: The wall at the upper right of the room is fake. Jump to it, and
    it will disappear, revealing a pipe. Enter it. In this room, climb the
    ladder, and push the ball left. Super Stomp from it to break the left
    Blue Block, then Dash the right. Push the ball into the groove under
    the Big Diamond, then get the Big Diamond. Now exit.)
    You'll see two Blocks supported by two Cat Blocks each. Break both Cat
    Blocks under the left block, and break the top one under the right.
    You'll have made a stairway to the upper level. Go up and across, then
    fall down and enter the door. Get the <BL GEM PIECE> then get set on
    fire. Break the Flame Block, then break all the blocks except for the
    Cat Block under the normal one. Enter the door. Smash the carts for
    coins, then leave and hop on the <VORTEX SWITCH>.
    TIME LIMIT: 4:00
    Jump on the Frog Blocks, then through the through-floors and enter the
    door. Break both Cat Blocks on the left, then use the remaining blocks
    as stairs. Go right, get the <KEYZER> and go down the pipe. Get the <TL
    GEM PIECE>. Go left, jump the pit, and duck-jump into the small gap.
    Jump over and break both Cat Blocks. Now jump from the Blue Block to
    get the Big Diamond. Fall in the gap. Go left, get the pyramid, and
    throw it into the slot. Enter the door, get the CD, and exit. Go back,
    past where the pyramid was, and jump up. Go up to the highest platform,
    and crouch-fall into the gap. Get the Big Diamond, break the block,
    fall, and go back left. Enter the pipe. Enter the door, and climb the
    ladder. Enter yet another door. Now it's a straightforward path back to
    the Vortex.
    Stage T2
    The Big Board
    This level takes a lot of explaining before you even start. Throughout
    the level are dice. Hit the button on the bottom of the dice when it
    shows the number you want (1-6), and you'll advance that number of
    spaces on the board below. What happens depends on what space you land
    Platform: Turns all outline blocks in the level solid and vice versa.
    Wario Head: A certain reaction happens (depending on where you are).
    Big Diamond: Wario gets a Big Diamond.
    Diceman: Three Dicemen appear.
    Heart: Wario gets a Heart.
    Lightning: Wario loses a Heart.
    Goal: Goal Blocks disappear (only one Goal space at the end of the
    Now on with the Level!
    At the start, head right until you reach a Dice. Any number you get
    will land you on a Platform Space. Use the first platform to get
    crystals and a Heart, and the second to clear the block. Now continue
    Get the <TR GEM PIECE> under the blocks, then jump up to the top of the
    blocks. There are goodies on the platforms up there. Once you've got
    'em, head right again.
    Now, try to use the Dice Block to hit a Wario Head Space. You'll become
    Flaming Wario. Jump up and break the Flame Blocks for a Big Diamond.
    Then go down, and drop in the gap. Smash the wall on the right, and
    enter the pipe. Get the glass balls from the green thing, and smash
    both rows of blocks. Then, use the Wario Carts to cross the spikes to
    the Heart Chest. Exit once you have it.
    Now, smash the blocks on the left. Get the <BR GEM PIECE> and go up.
    Continue right, as before.
    Get the <BL GEM PIECE> below, then use the Dice to land on a Diceman
    space. Throw one of the Dicemen at the blocks on the right to access a
    Big Diamond. Then hop up, and break both blocks in the right column and
    the top one in the middle column. Use the remaining blocks as stairs to
    reach some crystals. Then, go right.
    Now simply go right, getting all the goodies (including the <TL GEM
    PIECE>). When you see a Dice, use it to land on a Wario Head and become
    Fat. Smash the Blue Blocks for a Big Diamond. Return to the top and
    continue right. In the cave, go down and use the Dice Block to become
    Flat with a Wario Head. Jump up the platforms to the small one above
    the pole. Then float to the blocks and continue right. Get the CD, then
    become normal again. Use the Dice to make the platforms outlines, then
    stomp the floor and bounce on the upturned Spineback for crystals. Go
    left some more, and enter the door.
    Just ignore the dice here (unless you want a Heart or Big Diamond, then
    go to the upper right (it's a straight path) and enter the door. Roll
    right, you'll automatically hit the <VORTEX SWITCH>.
    TIME LIMIT: 3:00
    Jump up to the upper left. Enter the door.
    In this room is a Dice that never disappears. Keep hitting it until you
    land on a Goal Space. The blocks that spell 'Get a Goal' will vanish,
    and you can stomp the blocks and fall down for a <KEYZER>.
    From here on, just repeat the level, only backwards, and you'll reach
    the Vortex.
    Stage T3
    Doodle Woods
    Jump on the platform. Jump again, and that fake blue wall will vanish,
    revealing a <TR GEM PIECE>. Now go right.
    Here, just go right, avoiding Hoggus and his Spike Pigs, until you
    reach a crystal arrow pointing to the lower right. Drop down where you
    see it. Head left until you have to drop down. Smash the half-block and
    go in the notch where it was. A fake wall will vanish, permitting you
    to go through to a pipe. In this room, roll left, hitting all the '!'
    blocks. You'll get a Big Diamond. Once you've got it, work your way up
    and exit. Continue left.
    You'll see what looks like a dead end, but it's just another fake wall.
    Go through, and behind the second fake wall, you'll see two blocks.
    Break both and enter the door behind them. The <BL GEM PIECE> is there.
    Exit, and go left, then drop down. Go right until you reach a dead end.
    Go up, and all the way left, until you reach a wall. Go up and enter
    the pipe. Go all the way right. When you see a set of platforms,
    memorize their location, because a fake wall will appear hiding them.
    Once you get the Big Diamond, roll left and exit. Break the blocks and
    go right. Eventually, you'll reach some blocks with an arrow pointing
    down. Smash the blocks, go down, and hit the <VORTEX SWITCH>.
    TIME LIMIT: 6:00
    Go right, fall down, go left. Get the <KEYZER>. Roll left, then jump up
    and continue left. In the next room, bash the pencil. Go down, then
    jump up, staying to the left. Hit the pencil on the left, then the one
    on the right, and use them as platforms to continue up.  Use the pencil
    to reach the <BR GEM PIECE>, then hit it. Keep going up until you see
    two pencils; a blue on the left and a purple on the right. Hit the
    purple, then use the blue one to continue up. Go right, fall down onto
    the purple pencil, and exit the room.
    Now, keep going right (stay on the highest platforms for a Big Diamond)
    and enter the next room. Just keep jumping up (the <TL GEM PIECE> is on
    the way) until you reach two pencils. Hit the top one, then the bottom:
    then drop down and use them to continue up. Then exit, roll left, and
    walk left; at the far left is a door with a CD behind it. Leave, and
    hop up the platforms; then walk left and exit the Vortex.
    Stage T4
    Domino Row
    (Note: In this level, there are dominoes. You must race the dominoes to
    the flag. If you jump on the flag before the dominoes land on it, the
    Domino Blocks will vanish).
    Run right and hop on the flag. The Domino Blocks will vanish. Enter the
    Now you have your first Domino race. If you beat the Dominoes and hop
    on the flag, the Domino Blocks will vanish, revealing two Hearts and
    two blue crystals. Once you get them, enter the door. Now, race right
    again, hopping over Wario Carts. If you beat the Dominoes, you'll gain
    access to the <TR GEM PIECE>. Once you've got it, enter the door.
    In this race, whenever you reach a dead end, drop down and continue in
    the other direction. Keep in mind the crystals only appear during a
    race, with a few exceptions. If you beat the dominoes, you'll release a
    Malletman. Turn Bouncy, then spring up into the opening. Enter the
    Carry Robo Guy to the top platform, and throw him through the blocks.
    The Spinebacks will all fall in the water, yielding plenty of coins.
    Once you've filled your pockets, exit the pipe. Drop down to the right
    for crystals, then stomp the blocks and break the Blue Blocks (it'll
    make your life easier later). Now head right and enter the door. (If
    you didn't beat the dominoes, you'll have to crawl past and jump over
    all the spikes.)
    As soon as you trigger the dominoes, roll right. Once you stop, jump up
    the platforms and roll left. Jump and roll right, and you'll
    automatically trigger the flag (if the dominoes didn't get there
    first). Jump up and enter the left door (it'll only be open if you beat
    the dominoes. If you didn't beat them, enter the right door). There are
    lots of crystals on the way up, as an alternative to the spike-ridden
    route you have to take if the dominoes won. Once you reach the top,
    throw the Wario Cart there through the blocks. Then go over and bounce
    off a Cart for a Big Diamond. Enter the door.
    In this room, work your way down. When you get to the water, swim
    right, then work your way up to the Flag. Once the race is over, you
    can go down and get the goodies you missed, including the <BL GEM
    PIECE> which is accessed by headbutting a block whilst in the water.
    Once you are done, enter the door.
    Beware, this next room is difficult. Not only are the dominoes faster,
    but the room is ridden with spikes and the platform layout as
    confusing. If you win, you'll access the upper door. If you don't, go
    down, break the block, and enter the lower door.
    A walkthrough for both ways follows:
    Upper Door:
    Go right and get the CD. Then, smash the Blue Block. Super-Stomp
    another Blue Block, then swim down and enter the pipe. Jump-bash the
    '!' switch, then land on the platform and jump-bash the next '!'
    switch. Keep doing this until you reach the top, where a Big Diamond
    awaits. Then exit the pipe and hop on the <VORTEX SWITCH>.
    Lower Door: Go in the water, and swim over (beware... the water is full
    of Goggley-Blades and Spike Clams) and hop on the <VORTEX SWITCH>.
    TIME LIMIT: 4:00
    Swim over to the lower door. Enter it, then drop down past the outlined
    Frog Blocks. If you beat the Dominoes earlier, you can simply go left,
    but if not, you must work your way down, left, and up. Enter the door,
    then work your way down to another door (enter it). Now, roll left, and
    stay on the upper path for the <BR GEM PIECE>. Go down, and enter the
    Work your way to the upper left, and guess what? Enter the door. From
    here, just go left, and when you see two outlined Frog Blocks, drop
    past them, grabbing the <KEYZER> on your fall. Work your way left,
    staying on the lower path (this requires a lot of stomping) until you
    see a rock. Go over and throw it up, then climb up after it. Keep
    throwing the rock to kill all the Spinebacks in your way, then get the
    <TL GEM PIECE>. Do some more block stomping to get a heart, then take
    the upper path to a pipe. Enter it, then enter the Vortex.
    Topaz Boss
    TIME LIMIT: 4:00
    Another boss where it would be wise to use his weakness (which is Large
    Lips) if you want all three treasures. He starts by throwing down a
    Spikebutt. Jump on its head, then throw it up at the bear. It will
    deflate slightly, and sink. Its feet will start flashing. Jump-bash one
    to flip him over, then jump-bash the Rat. Rinse and repeat. Eventually,
    that darn rat will start tossing down fireballs. They don't hurt you,
    but the do turn you into Flaming Wario which wastes your time. After
    beating him, you'll get the final piece of Boss Jewelry, the Necklace.
    After all four bosses are beaten, the Golden Pyramid at the center of
    the Passage Select room will rise, and the sixth and final passage, the
    Golden Passage, is open to you. The Pyramid Master awaits!!
    Golden Pyramid
    Final Stage
    Golden Passage
    Immediately, when you start the level, you'll land on the <VORTEX
    SWITCH>. However, you can't go back in the Vortex yet, not until you
    have all the Gem Pieces.
    TIME LIMIT: 9:30
    Run right, jumping over pits (if you fall in a pit, you will land in a
    fast-moving current which will take you back to the start of the level)
    and avoiding falling chandeliers, which will turn you into Flaming
    Wario if they hit you. There are two Big Diamonds right in your path,
    above the falling platforms. Keep going right and exit the area.
    DON'T get hit by the Ice Troll. If you do, you'll become Frozen Wario,
    and slide into the pit. Jump over him instead, and break the blocks to
    his right. NOW get hit, and you'll slide through the spikes and drop
    into the water. Swim down, and, when you get the opportunity, go right.
    Avoid the bubbles, as they will carry you into the current and back to
    the surface. Instead, get hit by a bubble on the far right. It will
    carry you up past a Big Diamond. Hit the ceiling at the top, then go
    into the current going left. Jump out when you reach a gap, and get the
    <TR GEM PIECE>. You have no choice now but to go back in the water and
    get carried left, to the start. Go back to the same bubble and this
    time, when you hit the ceiling, swim right, jump out of the water, and
    go into the next area.
    Avoid the Malletmen, and drop down. Get the <BR GEM PIECE> and enter
    the pipe. You'll get taken back to the Malletmen. This time turn into
    Bouncy Wario, drop down to where the bottom right Gem Piece was, go to
    the right edge of the platform, and press A to shoot up. You'll
    automatically get a Big Diamond. Now go into the next area.
    Avoid the Ax Rabbits, and get the Big Diamonds above them as you
    continue right. Also watch out for Ghostlies. Go into the next area.
    Don't get hit by an Apple. Go right, and when you see a lump of snow,
    turn into Snowman Wario. Roll down as Snowball Wario, smash the Snow
    Block, and get the Big Diamond. Go left, go up the pipe, and hop up the
    platforms. Go right, this time avoiding the snow, and jump up above
    where the Snow Block was. Go right, get turned into Bat Wario. Fly up
    and left, avoiding the candles, and get the <BL GEM PIECE>. Fall down,
    get turned ino a bat again, fly up and right, and go to the next area.
    Climb down the ladder, and break the blocks. Go right, hit the '!'
    block, and go back up the ladder. Go right, and roll right. Once you
    stop rolling, go left and get the <TL GEM PIECE.> Stomp the block on
    your right, let the water carry you left, and jump out once you reach a
    wall. Go right, get the robo guy, carry him right, and powerthrow him
    through the opening at the block. Go left, up the ladder, and roll
    right again. This time, you'll keep on rollin'. Get the Big Diamond on
    your way and, when you stop, get the <KEYZER>. Go left, fall in the
    water, and let it take you left. When you reach a wall, jump out of the
    water, and break the blocks on the left. Drop down, get the Big
    Diamond, and get carried aaaallllll the way left. Once you reach the
    end jump out, go up the pipe, and jump into the Vortex. The Final Boss
    Final Boss
    Golden Diva
    One thing to remember about this boss is that no Item Shop item affects
    her/him/it (I'm not really sure which) that much.
    When you enter the Boss Room, the Pyramid Master Golden Diva, who turns
    out to be some sort of ghost thing, descends in a beam of light. The
    cat you saw in the intro movie attacks, but Golden Diva fires a tractor
    beam out of her eyes and pulls in the cat. The room lights up, and the
    battle begins!
    TIME LIMIT: 6:00
    The boss begins with four masks orbiting its face. It sends one at you,
    and you must jump on it, then throw it at the boss's fan. Do this with
    all four masks to destroy the fan. Now it starts its cycle, which has
    four attacks:
    + It sends a green spiky thing out at you. Jump on it, then throw it at
    the Diva's face.
    + It throws a teddy bear ball at you. This explodes after about 5
    seconds, so quickly bash it so that it flies over and hits the Diva in
    the face.
    + It drops black eggs, which are similar to Cuckoo Condor's, but even
    the unhatched eggs explode. Catch them in mid-air, and throw them in
    the Diva's face.
    + It throws a spiky hammer. The spikes will retract, so pick up the
    hammer and powerthrow it in the air. Position yourself so it lands on
    you, and you'll become Bouncy. Spring up into the Diva's face.
    After two cycles of this, the Diva goes crazy. Now, it will attack
    faster (for example, if she throws a green spiky thing, she may throw a
    teddy bear ball before you even hit here with the green spiky thing),
    but it uses the same attacks as before. After it's taken four hits in
    this manner (the attacks you use against her don't matter) its mask
    will explode, revealing its true (very ugly) face. You must run under
    it, and when it smashes down, jump-bash its face. After three hits, the
    Diva will explode, and a pair of flashing lips will fall down. Stomp on
    them, and the game is beaten!
    If you don't want the ending spoiled, don't read this section.
    Unlike most, this game only has one ending, although it differs
    After defeating the nefarious Golden Diva, Wario followed a black cat
    as it climbed a ladder to safety. Wario and the cat escaped just as the
    Pyramid collapsed in a heap of rubble. "But what about Princess
    Shokora?" wondered Wario. "What will happen to her?" As he though this,
    the crown, bracelets, earrings, and necklace, which had been blown
    clear when the Diva disintegrated, were absorbed into the cat! It was
    transformed, before his very eyes, into...Princess Shokora!! (Note:
    Shokora's look changes depending on how much treasure you got from the
    Golden Diva. The more treasure you earn, the prettier Shokora looks.)
    She thanked Wario for all his help, then disappeared in a beam of
    light, surrounded by miniature flying angels.
    The lights lit again on the Wario Car as it sped into the night once
    again. Is it treasure that Wario is after again? Not really... An
    advertisement flies out behind the car...
    ALL YOU CAN EAT...$ 10!
    The credits roll.
    FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
    Sorry. This section is under construction since no-one has sent in a
    question yet. For question-sending guidelines, look at the E-mail
    Guidelines section.
    Version History
    --Version 1.31-
    Changed my E-mail address to ts_chapman@yahoo.com
    --Version 1.3--
    I completed my revision of this FAQ, and am ready to send it in a
    second time.
    --Version 1.2--
    GameFAQs didn't accept it, so I'm preparing for a HUGE update. First, I
    changed the entire FAQ to an acceptable font and size. Since I was
    missing some Keyzer locations, I added those in, and made some other
    changes in places where the walkthrough was wrong/didn't make sense.
    --Version 1.1--
    Finished writing this (finally) and am ready to send it in.
    Me -- I slaved away at this walkthrough for days on end, researching
    the game, even compiling an enemy list. I think I deserve a little
    credit, don't you??
    Nintendo - For churning out another cool Wario game.
    Jeff 'CJayC' Veasey - For posting my previous two FAQs, and (hopefully)
    posting this one.
    Vienticus Prime - His guide helped me with a couple of difficult parts.
    You - For reading and using this guide (I didn't write it for no
    reason, you know.)
    And last but not least,
    Wario - For being cool about all the times I caused him to die! ^_^
    The End...Or Is It?
    Oh, just so you know... the only sites that can host this FAQ without
    permission are...
    If anyone else wants this FAQ, please write and ask.

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