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    Bonus Room Walkthrough by KingTiger

    Version: 0.25 | Updated: 01/04/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    P     R     E     S     E     N     T     I     N     G     .     .     .
       W           W                            ##
        W         W                             # #
         W   W   W A R I O                      ##  O N U S
          W W W W                               # #
           W   W                                ##
                   L                            **
                   L                            * *
                   L    A N D                   **  O O M
                   L                            * *
                   LLLLLL                       * *
                       4     4                  WALKTHROUGH v0.25 by KingTiger
                       4     4
                       4     4
                       4     4
                       444444444  F O U R
    W     W L========================================4 4
     W W W  L                CONTENTS                4444
      W W   LLL========================================4
    1.  Legal Stuff
    2.  Intro
    3.  Frequently Asked Questions
    4.  Game Controls
    5.  Walkthrough
        A.  The Emerald Passage
            a)  Palm Tree Paradise
            b)  Wildflower Fields
            c)  Mystic Lake
            d)  Monsoon Jungle
        B.  The Ruby Passage*
            a)  The Curious Factory*
            b)  The Toxic Landfill*
            c)  40 Below Fridge*
            d)  Pinball Zone*
        C.  The Topaz Passage*
            a)  Toy Block Tower*
            b)  The Big Board*
            c)  Doodle Woods*
            d)  Domino Row*
        D.  The Sapphire Passage*
            a)  Crescent Moon Village*
            b)  Arabian Night*
            c)  Fiery Cavern*
            d)  Hotel Horror*
    6.  Contact
    7.  About the Author
    "*" indicates that a section is incomplete.
    W     W L========================================4 4
     W W W  L             1. LEGAL STUFF             4444
      W W   LLL========================================4
    I thought it would be best to put all of this stuff first...
    Copyright 2003 Corey Oltman.
    This walkthrough may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
    any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright.  You may print out isolated portions of this
    walkthrough, but you may not e-mail the actual walkthrough, or any part of it,
    to another party.  You may, however, e-mail a link to the page that LEADS TO
    this walkthrough.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Nintendo does not endorse this walkthrough or affiliate with me (Corey Oltman)
    in any way.
    Now that that's out of the way, we can get on to the good stuff...!
    W     W L========================================4 4
     W W W  L                2. INTRO                4444
      W W   LLL========================================4
    Welcome to my first walkthrough!  I hope you find it satisfactory.  It's here
    to help you find the Bonus Rooms and get the money in them.  The bonus rooms
    are the rooms that you can only enter through a purple Pipe, and each level has
    two purple Bonus Pipes.  Each one has a diamond in it (although in Super Hard
    Mode, some of the Bonus Rooms do not have diamonds), and you have to solve a
    puzzle to get to it.  Keep in mind that if you mess up in a Bonus Room, you can
    leave it and go back in, and everything will be reset, except for the "!"
    switches (which can be reset simply by whacking them).  This walkthrough covers
    (or will when it's finished, at least) all of the Bonus Rooms in all difficulty
    modes, so that should hopefully be really helpful.  Another thing to remember
    is that I am only walking you through the locations and the solutions of the
    Bonus Rooms, and I skip a TON of secrets, so look around a bit if you want to
    get the Treasure Chests and get more money.  Now keep reading!
    W     W L========================================4 4
     W W W  L      3. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS     4444
      W W   LLL========================================4
    None yet, so e-mail me your questions!
    W     W L========================================4 4
     W W W  L            4. GAME CONTROLS            4444
      W W   LLL========================================4
    Jump:  Press the A button to jump.  This is the simplest of all moves.
    Crouch:  OK, so I was wrong!  This is the simplest move:  press down to crouch,
         or duck.
    Crawl:  Press left or right on the D-Pad while crouching.
    Body Slam:  Press the B button to do a Body Slam.  This move will break blocks
         and kill enemies.  Please note that if you body slam the spiky side of an
         enemy, the enemy will be unharmed, but you will not!
    Grab, Throw:  You pick up enemies simply by walking into them, but only when
         they are flipped upside down.  You can flip an enemy over by jumping on it
         unless it has spikes on its top.  You can also pick up an enemy if you are
         underneath it (for example, if it is falling), but it still has to be
         upside down!  You can also pick up rocks by simply walking into them.  You
         throw an item or enemy by pressing or holding and then releasing the B
         button.  The longer you hold the B button, the farther you will throw the
         item or enemy.  If you just tap B, you'll just throw the item or enemy
         right in front of you.  You can also throw an item or enemy upwards by
         holding up on the D-Pad.
    Swimming:  When you are underwater, press the A button to swim upwards and
         press the B button to swim forward.  Pressing B plus a direction on the
         D-Pad will cause Wario to swim in that direction.  You can also use the
         D-Pad by itself to swim slowly.  To kill enemies when underwater, hit them
         from beneath.  You can kill spiked fish by hitting them on their
         underbellies, which are exposed to the side when they are swimming up and
         down.  Please note that you cannot kill the large water monsters that come
         out of the holes in Mystic lake.  One final note on swimming--you cannot
         pick up enemies or items when underwater.
    Roll:  Stand on a forty-five degree slope and press down to roll.  You are
         invincible while rolling and will blast through blocks and enemies
         (although I am not so sure about spikes...!).
    Jumping Body Slam:  Press the A button while doing a Body Slam.
    Dash Attack:  Hold the R button (or the L button, whichever you prefer) while
         walking.  This move will break blue blocks and make you run faster.  The
         attack ends when you release the R button.
    Smash Attack:  Press down on the D-Pad while in mid-air.  This move will break
         blocks and smash enemies (as long as they have no spikes on their top...)
         and ends when you release the D-Pad.
    Super Smash Attack:  Hold down on the D-Pad for about a second.  This move will
         break blue blocks and does NOT end when you release the D-Pad.
    Stomp Jump:  Hold A when jumping on an enemy to jump up high!
    Flying Carpet:  Jump while on a flying carpet and the carpet will float higher, 
         and it floats down when you are stationary.
    Crouching Jump:  Press the A button while crouching.  This enables you to fit
         into small spaces that cannot be reached simply by crawling.
    Crouching Slide:  Press down on the D-Pad while doing a Body Slam.  This move
         is nice for getting through tight squeezes quickly on the ground.
    Ladder Slide:  This one isn't in the manual.  Press down and B while on a
         ladder to slide down it quickly.  A similar slide happens if you are on
         a ladder and something shakes the ground.
    Whoo, that's a lot of moves!
    W     W L========================================4 4
     W W W  L             5. WALKTHROUGH             4444
      W W   LLL========================================4
    Okay, this is how it's going to work:  For each level, I will tell you what
    room and/or screen each bonus pipe is in and how to get to it.  I will then
    tell you how to solve the puzzle in each room.  'K?
    # The Emerald Passage #--------------------------------------------------------
    %#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%  Palm Tree Paradise
    ROOM 1:
    Go to the fifth screen and enter the cavern door.  Climb up the ladders and
    kill the enemies, if you want (by Smashing the ground to flip them, and then
    Smashing their soft underbellies).  The purple Pipe is in the ceiling; enter
    This little guy with the magnifying glass is the Professor.  Credit for this
    name goes to EOrrizonte.  He is indestructible, but useful for throwing around.
    Pick him up and throw him at the "!" block, then use the stairs that appear to
    get the diamond.  Then get out and continue the level.
    ROOM 2:
    You'll see it above you when you enter the seventh screen, but you can't reach
    it yet.  Eat an apple from the monkey and break open the ground that looks a
    little different from the rest by jumping on it.  It's on the little rise.  Hit
    the "!" block in this room and then use the pipe to get out.  Proceed left to
    where the Bonus Pipe was and use the blocks that have appeared to enter the
    Once in the Bonus Room, climb up the red ladder and jump up the platforms to
    where the Professor is.  Grab him and throw him to the right, through the small
    blocks.  Quickly fall back down, stand next to the edge of the platform
    above the pipe, and catch the Professor as he falls.  This may take a few tries
    for a beginner.  Then throw the Professor to the left, through the blocks,
    climb up the ladder, and do a crouching jump from the edge of the platform to
    enter the room where the diamond is.  Grab the diamond and exit.  Now, finish
    the level!
    # The Emerald Passage #--------------------------------------------------------
    %#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%  Wildflower Fields
    ROOM 1:
    In the third screen, climb up the platforms and go to the right.  Do a Super
    Smash Attack to break the blue block below, then Smash the normal blocks and
    enter the screen below.  Go right, Super Smash the blue block that's all the
    way at the bottom, and enter the hidden Bonus Pipe.
    Grab the Professor, jump up, and throw him upwards while in mid-air to get him
    over the wall.  Slide down the ladder and repeat this procedure to get him over
    this wall.  Then slide down this ladder, grab the Professor again, and throw
    him near the left wall.  Use the Stomp Jump move to get up on the platform
    above you, grab the diamond, and exit the Bonus Room.  Continue the level.
    ROOM 2:
    In the screen with the Frog Switch, let a monkey feed you and jump on the blue
    block to break it.  Go left and enter the Bonus Pipe.
    Grab the Professor and throw him at the "!" switch.  Climb up the ladder, grab
    the Professor again, stand on the "!" switch, and throw the Professor at the
    red "!" switch.  Climb up the ladder.  Now this part is tricky, because if you
    don't do it just right, the Professor will fall down the space that the ladder
    occupies and you'll have turn off the red "!" switch and throw the Professor at
    it again to get him in the right position.  Keep bumping into him from the
    right until he hits the wall and flips over, then pick him up and jump through
    the space between the red "!" switch and the corner of the ceiling (the floor
    of the room that the diamond is in), landing on the switch.  Throw the
    Professor to the left, do a crouching jump into the room, grab the diamond, and
    get out.  Finish the level.
    # The Emerald Passage #--------------------------------------------------------
    %#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%  Mystic Lake
    ROOM 1:
    In the third screen (the second screen that has water), you will see some
    breakable blocks below you, but, unfortunately, you cannot do a Smash Attack
    when you are underwater.  So, you must do a Super Smash Attack from above and
    Wario will continue the Super Smash move when he enters the water.  (If you
    don't understand what I mean, just keep following the instructions and you'll
    figure it out.)  But how do you get above the water?  If you continue right,
    you will see that part of the ceiling is lower, and there will be a heart a
    little to the right.  Go to the center of this low part and press the A button
    to smash open a secret block with your head.  Press A again to break the block
    above the first, go up, and jump out of the right side of the water.  Grab the
    item there and go across to the other side of the water.  Now, jump off the
    ledge, and do a Super Smash Attack by holding down on the D-Pad, making sure
    that you stay on the right side of the shaft.  Wario will go down through the
    water and break open all of those breakable blocks in the floor.  Go left to
    grab the two hearts, then go right, out of the water, and into the Bonus Pipe.
    Grab the Professor and throw him across the water to the left side of the room.
    Swim across the water, pick up the Professor, and stand on the line between the
    third and fourth floor squares from the right edge.  If you don't stand right
    there, the Professor will miss the block in the floor, and when he's underwater
    you can't pick him up.  Now, press B.  That's right, PRESS it, don't hold it.
    If you hold B instead of just tapping it, the Professor will either fly across
    to the other side of the room or land in the water in the wrong place.  Once
    you've broken the block, swim down into the room below and grab the diamond.
    Now you can leave.
    ROOM 2:
    This Bonus pipe is in plain sight to the left of the Frog Switch.  You can't
    miss it!
    This is a bit of a tricky one.  Once inside the Bonus Room, use the platforms
    to the left and above the Pipe to get near the top of the water tank.  Pick up
    the Professor and stand, facing left, so that the Professor (while still in
    your hand) is just to the right of the wall.  Throw him upwards so that he goes
    over the wall and into the water.  If done properly, so that the Professor
    doesn't bounce off any part of the tank, he will fall to the bottom and trigger
    the "!" switches.  Immediately after you throw the Professor over the wall,
    fall back down to the bottom, walk left under the tank and jump onto the ladder
    before he hits the "!" switches.  You must do this VERY QUICKLY, or else the
    platform you use to get onto the ladder will disappear, seeing as it is made of
    "!" blocks.  Grab the diamond, leave the Bonus Room, and finish the level.
    # The Emerald Passage #--------------------------------------------------------
    %#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%#%  Monsoon Jungle
    ROOM 1:
    Jeez, this one's REALLY easy to find!  It's to the left of your starting
    Once inside the Bonus Room, use the R button to do a Dash Attack to the right.
    When you see the "!" switch in the ceiling, jump and hit it WITHOUT STOPPING
    THE DASH ATTACK.  A rock that was sitting on "!" blocks will fall and your Dash
    Attack will knock it to the right so that it doesn't fall into the water.  Now,
    pick up the rock, throw it through the little blocks on the right, and grab the
    gem.  Be sure to hit the "!" switch on your way out, or else the exit Pipe will
    be blocked with "!" blocks.
    ROOM 2:
    After you pass a bunch of swinging  platforms with crocodiles underneath, you
    will enter a large room with a very high ceiling.  You will see a blue block
    in the floor and a weird-looking Native approaching you.  Use the large leaf
    platforms to get to the upper-right corner of the room.  The Bonus Pipe is
    there, in the ceiling.  Go in it.
    Go left and stand on the edge of the floor, next to the water.  Let the Native
    shoot an arrow, then walk to the right before it hits you so that it follows
    you aaaall the way to the right side of the room, and THEN let it hit you.
    Wario will swell up like a balloon and float up, getting you the diamond.  Now,
    leave, and finish the last level of the Emerald Passage!  Woohoo!
    W     W L========================================4 4
     W W W  L               6. CONTACT               4444
      W W   LLL========================================4
    You can contact me, KingTiger (Corey Oltman):
         E-Mail:  actorfreak@cox.net
         Secondary E-Mail:  tiger_nerd@hotmail.com
         AIM:  EugeneGS01
         MSN:  KingTiger
    Please don't use the Hotmail address unless you absolutely have to.
    W     W L========================================4 4
     W W W  L           7. ABOUT THE AUTHOR          4444
      W W   LLL========================================4
    Obviously the least pertinent section...
    Corey Oltman is an accomplished pianist, video gamer, and high school junior.
    He is planning to go to a technical college for computer classes (although he's
    not sure which or where) and then after that, he's planning for even MORE hard
    studying at Arizona State University, where he wants to become a piano
    performance major.  (LOTS of hard work in this crazy guy's future, huh?!)  He
    will use his computer training to keep on his feet while at ASU.  He is a Sonic
    fanatic, and he has over 125 of Sonic's comic books.  He proudly proclaims his
    Christianity, and wants the world to know it!
      _/\___             @@@ O N I C   T H E   $ $ E D G E H O G
     ///  \.\            @                     $ $
    /// ___\_\           @@@                   $$$
    ///( \___ )            @                   $ $
    /// \----/           @@@                   $ $
                         F    O    R    E    V    E    R    !    !

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