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    FAQ/Move List by Toxic

    Version: 0.9 | Updated: 11/02/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The King of Fighters EX Neo Blood Origin Mini FAQ
     ver 0.9
     Unpiblished work by Toxic (also know as Toxic Avanger)
      ICQ number: 146473636
    What is different from version 0.8:
     -Added a "THANKS" that was deserved and stupidly forgotten.
     -Added a few combos.
       * Organization is messed up; I will see to it later. *
     Note that this Mini FAQ can be found on:
    Legal Issues:
     This guide is meant for the Game Boy Advance KoF release; by all
    means, no person may use this information without giving any credit to
    the autor(s) and/or use any profitable business without the
    concentiment of the writter...
     This guide is mainly to instruct about the the differences and
    similarities of the game if we put it along any other MVS KoF title...
    note that this game has been developed by Artoon and produced by MMV
    (Marvelous Entertainment Inc.), licensed by SNK; now -out of the
    record- can't they do better??... it would appear that is their first
    game... I will be more thoughtful because of that.
    What can you find in this Guide?:
     I mostly construct my FAQs under the "Perfect Guide" title... they are
    not quite perfect, but I put much effort on them... the reason of why
    this FAQ will not or will not currently be called Perfect Guide is
    because it pretends to cover all the basics assets of the game and give
    a some raws impresion about gameplay and the game itself... and that is
    not what a perfect guide is about.
     In this Mini FAQ you will discover:
      - Small review of KoF EX NBO for the GBA.
      - Basic game play features.
      - Explanaton of the Handicap system present on the game.
      - Character's basic move list and background.
      - Notes on moves changed and Striker descriptions.
      - Game history and any other info available on this game web page.
      - How to unlock secrets on the game.
      - Some of options available on the game.
    Game System and FAQ features:
     This game incorporates a game system very much symilar to the one of
    the KoF 2000; so veteran KoF players may not have to look at this; the
    only few changes are on the striker system "propierties" and in the fact
    that counter mode and armor mode have different secuences.
     As usual; moving the pad foward or back will make your character walk
    foward or back; moving the pad down will make you crouch and up makes
    you jump; as in any other KoF; you can use back or down back to block
    high or low.
    Far: Far Standing
    cls: Close Standing
    cr: Crouching
    fwd: Foward
    dn: Down
    bk: Back
    A: Weak Kick (WK)
    B: Weak Punch (WP)
    LS: Strong Kick (SK)
    RS: Strong Punch (SP)
    Select: Taunt
    Start: Menu
    Run: Press the pad foward twice quickly.
    Back Hop: Press the pad Backwards twice quickly.
    Jump: Pressing the pad up makes you jump; if you press up fwd or up bk
          the jump will be directed towards the direction you pressed.
          Pressing the pad briefly makes a short jump; holding the pad
          makes a high jump; pressing down and up quickly makes your
          character give a quicker jump; this quicker jump may be high or
          short... Note that short jumps are way shorter than any other KoF
    Throw: Press foward or back plus SP or SK near the enemy.
    Throw Escape: Press foward or back plus SP or SK as you are being
                  throw... note that are some throws that are unescapable;
                  they are usually the ones that requires taping the pad
                  and the buttons to recover (like Choi's C throw)
    Roll: Press WK + WP... rolling will make your character evade non throw
          attacks, as always rolling may be performed foward or backwards;
          you can also use the roll to make a "safe landing" from being
          knocked down.
    Heavy Attack: Press SP + SK... this attack knocks down the enemy and can
                  be performed on air.
    Striker Summon: Press LS + A sumultaneosly... this action calls another
                    character to help you; but it uses a "striker bomb"
                    when you are using your first character you have 3
                    striker bombs, when you are using your second you have
                    4 striker bombs and your last character have 5 striker
    Defense Cancel 1 = Roll: While blocking; press Foward or Back + WK + WK;
                             using this; you may cancel your guard with a
                             front roll or a back roll; this action wastes a
                             power bar.
    Defense Cancel 2 = Heavy Attack: Using this will make you knock down the enemy
                                     canceling your defense; this action wastes a
                                     power bar and does no damage.
    Power Bar: Whenever your character attacks or recieve hits a small bar
               with the "POW" word under your character life bar fills;
               once it filled it becomes a stock; you can store up to 3
               stocks, note that there are moves that use one power stock
               (Striker Recovery, Desperation Moves) and moves that use 3
               power stocks (Max Desperation Moves).
    Counter Mode: Activate while MAX; press WP; SP; SK... using this you may be
                  able to cancel some of your special moves into desperation moves.
                  This mode last while the word "counter mode" is replacing your
                  power bar; in this mode Desperation Moves will have different speeds;
                  ones being faster; other being slower... in this move you have
                  no access to the Defense Cancel moves; in this mode your character
                  deals more damage... you can identify this mode because the character
                  flashs red during this mode.
    Armor Mode: Activate while MAX; press WK; SP; SK... in this mode your character
                deals more damage; also, you have partial inmunity to some normal
                attacks -you still endure the damage-; like standar fireballs;
                some multi - hitting moves can knock you out of this; also note
                that you recieve no tick damage by blocking special moves or DMs;
                these properties are not valid while you are jumping... your character
                flashes yellow during this mode; that last as long as the "armor mode"
                words are under your life bar.
    Striker Recovery: Perform a taunt when your character has spent one or
                      more striker bombs, note that this use a power stock
                      and, such as KoF 2000; you may not cancel the taunt.
    Active Striker System: Such as KoF 2000; you may call strikers on any
                           time; but unlike 2000; they have not the
                           posibility of juggling the enemy or hitting them
                           on the floor, striker may only hit from some
                           special attacks that leave the enemy vulnerable
                           (Such as Ryo's Upc + A) the "Bonus Striker
                           Action" (that happened when you throw a enemy or
                           you escape a throw and then call a striker) have
                           been abolished.
    Guard Crush: Blocking too much or blocking certain attacks will break
                 your guard for a moment.
    Handicap System: when you attack a enemy, handicap is engaged; note
                     that are some attacks that are inmune to Handicap;
                     such has Terry's High Angle Geyser, and other
                     attacks that are useless due to handicap (Ryo's
                     MAX Haoh Sho Ko Ken).
    Qcf: Quarter Circle Foward, that's down, down foward, foward or 236 as
         you may prefer.
    Qcb: Quarter Circle Back, that's down, down back, back or 214.
    Hcf: Half Circle Foward, that's back, down back, down, down foward,
         foward or 41236.
    Hcb: Half Circle Back, that's down, down back, back or 63214.
    Upc: Standar uppercut motion; that's foward, down, down foward or 623.
    Rup: Reverse standar uppercut motion; that's back, down, down back or
    . : Means hold the direction.
    ; : Means that the moves is a different move from the precious ones.
    , : Means that the moves are follow ups from the previous one.
    § : Means Striker hits
    * The COMMENT boxes are my own comments about the history. *
    Main History:
    Months have now passed since the battle with Orochi, a fearsome power of Gaia which
    seeks to eliminate the pestilence known as humankind from the face of the earth. Once
    more, invitations to the King of Fighters Tournament have been sent to the legendary
    fighters of the day by an unknown host. Despite their suspicions of an evil scheme brewing
    behind the event, the fighters are ready to enter the arena… prepared to determine who
    the true King of Fighters will be.
    Hero Team Prologue
    "The Hero Team is led by Kyo Kusanagi, heir to the Kusanagi style of ancient martial
    arts and bane of humankind’s enemy, Orochi. Along with Kyo’s friend and rival, the
    stylish super-shooter, Benimaru Nikaido, and the young Moe Habana, consummate master
    of the Way of the Slicing Fist, the reborn Hero Team stands ready for new battles!"
    A cloudy sky draped an ailing and grubby city. Sitting before a broken window frame,
    Kyo Kusanagi looked vacantly at the streets below. Suddenly, energetic footsteps were
    heard coming up the stairs.
    "Hey! You alive in there?" called a female voice through the door.
    Into the apartment walked a young girl who looked like Kyo. She was wearing a big
    smile and dyed hair. Glancing at her, Kyo gave a chiding remark.
    "Don't you knock before entering a person's house? Huh?"
    "Don't cop an attitude with me, eh?" the girl fumed. "I went to the trouble to
    bring you some food. And I'm the one who got this room for you, aren't I?"
    Kyo screwed up his face as if smelling something bad and closed his mouth.
    "Surly as ever, I see," she frowned. Sighing and shrugging her shoulders, the
    girl noticed a white envelope on the table next to the groceries and picked
    it up casually.
    "What's this?"
    "Hey! Wait. Stop it!" ordered Kyo.
    Ignoring his request, the girl ripped open the envelope without permission and
    began reading through the message. Shortly after, she looked up, appearing excited.
    "This isn't an invitation to KOF is it?" she asked.
    "Well, yeah," Kyo nodded grudgingly. "How do they always find out where I am anyway?
    Time after time these accursed envelopes always reach me."
    "Whatever. Stop whining. This'll get us in, won't it? Woohoo! Lucky!" The girl
    began to dance around the room, ignoring Kyo's grim face. He sighed heavily and
    brushed up his bangs.
    "You said that stuff before," he complained, "but this time are you really
    intending on entering KOF?"
    "Of course!" she squealed. "The ultimate tournament of fighting styles, King of
    Fighters! I've always wanted to enter. And since this invitation has come to you,
    I have no intention to let this opportunity go by!"
    "KOF is not the picnic you envision it to be, you know."
    "I know that," she said, stomping her foot in defiance. "You want to see what I'm
    really capable of, don't you?"
    "No, I don't. But I'm sure you can handle yourself."
    "Don't hide your feelings. Anyway, we need one or two more members, so let's blow
    this popsicle stand!"
    "Who put you in charge?" Kyo mixed his sigh with a painful smirk on his face. He
    knew he wouldn't be able to turn down her request. Earning money through street
    fighting, this girl—Moe Habana—had managed to find this apartment for him to live
    in and looked after his every need. Even though she had the petulance of a young girl,
    Kyo was obligated to honor her wishes.
    "Kyo, I guess I can't leave you alone," she smiled demurely.
    "What do you mean by that? Can't resist me, eh? I'll say this, though, as far as
    "Get serious, jerk."
    A hot dog from the lunch Moe had bought was suddenly headed for Kyo's face. Kyo
    caught it, took a hungry bite, and then stared at the tame expression on Moe's face.
    "True. The first time I met you, I did feel a shock of excitement," she admitted.
    "But not anymore."
    "Not anymore... Hmm."
    Kyo had that same feeling. At the time, he'd thought it had resulted from meeting a
    kindred soul in a foreign land. If he had met Moe before, he would not have been able
    to forget this slightly self-centered, cheerful young woman. In a brief instant,
    after the two fell silent, a voice of a young man came from the door.
    "Well, well. Look's like I'm intruding, am I?" the visitor called out.
    "Benimaru!" cried Kyo.
    "Looking good, Kyo," Benimaru grinned.
    Leaning against the opened door, Benimaru Nikaido, the genius shooter who had fought
    his way through many a KOF tournament with Kyo on the same team, gave his old teammate
    a friendly wink.
    "Benimaru. Your timing's impeccable as always," replied Kyo.
    "Timing, shmiming. It's one thing to summon a person, but you should have at least
    picked me up at the train station. Thanks to you, I had to mix things up with an
    irate taxi driver."
    "Sounds right. You can't expect to meet a friendly taxi driver in this part of town."
    As if assessing each other's abilities, Kyo and Benimaru lightly butted their fists
    together in place of a handshake. Staring at the two out of the corner of her eyes,
    Moe cleared her throat loudly to call attention to herself.
    "Kyo, aren't you going to introduce me?" she inquired. "We are teammates, after all."
    "Teammates?" asked Benimaru. Hearing this, Benimaru casually pushed his long lost pal
    Kyo aside and flashed his most handsome smile while making his way toward Moe. "I've
    heard our third team member was not decided on yet, but... you intent to join us?
    "Do you doubt my abilities?" asked Moe.
    "Quite the contrary. Only a fool would assume a woman to be weak on account of her sex.
    I welcome all beautiful women. And if you're strong, too, well, welcome to the team.
    Benimaru Nikaido, at your service."
    "I'm Moe Habana. I'm Japanese, by birth. The pleasure's all yours."
    "Moe, eh? I'm looking forward to KOF this year," smiled Benimaru.
    "You never change, do you?" sighed Kyo.
    Watching the ladykiller do his dirty work, Kyo felt disgust for Benimaru. But with
    Benimaru by his side, the realization that KOF was about to begin was becoming more
    concrete. His period of avoiding his real battle was drawing to a close. This brought
    about a slight feeling of tension… and an even more palpable feeling of elation. Along
    with this, Kyo knew that his nemesis would most certainly be waiting for him at KOF.
    Regardless of proof, Kyo felt it for sure in his gut.
    "If I'm alive here, he, too, will not have died so easily," mumbled Kyo under his breath.
    As Moe and Benimaru continued talking together as if they were old acquaintances, Kyo
    stared vacantly at the cheerful couple and felt very alone.
    "When I first met her, I knew I felt it," he thought. "Something was there. I knew we've
    met before."
     COMMENT: NESTS seems not to exist; Moe was the one who "captured" Kyo after '97.
    Fatal Fury Team Prologue
    Terry Bogard arrived at Southtown International Airport to meet his younger brother, Andy.
    He was surprised to see Mai Shiranui happily clinging to his exhausted brother's arm.
    "What gives, Andy?" asked Terry
    "Well, uh...," Andy stammered.
    "What's Mai doing here? Where's Joe? Didn't you say you'd meet up with him in Thailand
    before coming here?" Terry seemed upset.
    The opening of King of Fighters (nothing new for Terry and the gang, but still a reason
    to get pumped up) was rapidly approaching. The white envelopes had already been delivered
    to Terry, Andy, Joe, and the world's most fearsome fighters. Because Terry intended not
    only to enter, but to win this tournament, he planned to team up with Andy and Joe to ensure
    victory. But the backbone of the team, or, as he might say, the leader of the team, Joe, was
    no where to be found.
    "Joe's not coming," announced Andy. "He had to participate in a special match at the sudden
    behest of the king of Thailand, so he can't join KOF this year."
    "What?! R-really, Andy?" Terry asked, completely confused.
    "I'm afraid so. I went to Thailand to link up with Joe and that's what happened," explained
    Andy. "And then I met Mai there, who just happened to be traveling on a guided tour."
    That explained the extremely tired look on Andy's face—having been dragged around in the
    relentless sun of the southern land by Mai. Surmising such, Terry pushed down the brim of his
    cap and let out a long sigh.
    "Geez. So now whatta we do? We can't enter KOF without Joe," Terry said.
    "Hey, what am I, Terry? Chopped liver?" complained Mai. "I'm here, aren't I? Me! Mai, the
    mighty pinch hitter!" Mai slapped her chest and looked up at the dazed Terry. "I'm here to
    take Joe's place. You're lucky I showed up!"
    "Are you joking?" Terry asked angrily. "I bet you planned this all out!"
    "Just what are you implying? You gotta problem with my showing up with Andy. Andy, don't you
    have something to say? You should get rid of this wandering weenie!" howled Mai.
    "Hold on there, Mai," warned Terry. "How can you be so fickle?! You belong with King and Yuri,
    don't you?"
    "Well, Yuri's got the mumps and can't compete. And King's, well, King. Because she's joined
    the Kyokugen Team, I'm out of luck. So why don't I link up with you guys?" Mai shrugged her
    shoulders dramatically and sighed. But her mouth deceived her supposed dejectedness with a
    small smile. Whatever the circumstances, the prospect of fighting on the same team as her
    beloved Andy gladdened her to no end. "Come on. Que sera, sera. With me on the same tag team
    as Andy, there's nothing to fear! You can count on me 100%, Terry."
    Patting the shoulders of the overconfident and rashly boastful Mai, Andy let out a sigh.
    "The King of Fighters is not a tag-team match. It's a team effort," Andy explained.
    "Same difference, isn't it?" asked Mai. "Anyway, what we should do first is drop by the Pao
    Pao Café and celebrate!" Mai quickly foisted her luggage onto Terry, dragging the resigned
    guy from the airport lobby.
    "Well, she's got the ability, but when Joe hears what we've done, he's going to go nuts!"
    thought Terry. He couldn't help laughing wryly at Joe's previous complaint: "You Bogard's
    steal all the glory. How about giving me, the kick-boxing genius, a shot at the limelight!"
    "Terry! If you don't get it in gear, we'll leave without you!" called Mai.
    Chasing after the two, Terry left the lobby and squinted in the sunshine of Southtown at
    the rising buildings of the Southtown skyline on the horizon. Lest he forget, King of
    Fighters originally began because of the efforts of the resident of one of the tallest
    towers in that skyline.
    "Big bro. Something the matter?" Andy asked in a low voice, as if reading the unease in
    his brother's chest. For all KOF fighters, King of Fighters is a special tournament, but
    for these two brothers, it had a particular significance.
    "Perhaps this KOF, too... " mused Terry.
    "We'll find out soon enough… if we win," answered Andy.
    Pulling the brim of his cap up, a smile as warm as sunshine crossed Terry's face. A smile
    warm enough to chase away anyone's chill of unease.
    COMMENT: Nothing weird; I should say.
    Art of Fighting Team Prologue
    "Well, what do we do now, Ryo?" asked Robert.
    "How should I know?" Ryo replied.
    Sitting cross-legged in the center of a deserted karate gym, Ryo Sakazaki and Robert
    Garcia, the so-called "Invincible Dragon" and the "Mighty Tiger" of Kyokugen Karate,
    looked perplexed and exchanged groans.
    "Who'd have thought Yuri'd collapse right before the King of Fighters?" Robert sighed.
    Takuma Sakazaki, leader of Kyokugen Karate, had left the States to inspect his karate gym
    in Mexico. During his absence, invitations to the King of Fighters tournament were
    Unfortunately, since their team member Yuri had fallen ill suddenly, the Kyokugen's
    prospects for entering the tournament were grim. Incidentally, Yuri's illness was known
    as an acute contagious infection of the paratid gland—in layman's terms, "the mumps."
    "I know it's unkind to Yuri, but getting the mumps at her age! Isn't that a kid's disease?"
    asked Ryo. "At any rate, we can't enter KOF by ourselves. We don't have much time until the
    deadline comes. All we can do is wait for Pop to return."
    "But whenever you, me, and the Master enter, we get zapped, right? I don't like this," said
    "But we can't expect to enter Yuri, can we? She thinks she can do it, but it's impossible.
    When I saw her all feverish for the first time, I thought she was pigging out on something.
    Her cheeks were out to here!"
    Actually, when Yuri was feverish and groaning in her room, Ryo wasn't even aware of it.
    However, even Robert, who'd prefer Yuri to Takuma anytime, was well aware that Yuri was in
    no position to enter KOF.
    "Well, what can we do? I guess we'll have to settle for the Master," said Robert.
    "Hey. I'd can the 'settle' talk if I were you. My father would flatten you if he heard
    "If you keep quiet, he won't know. Anyway, shouldn't we get in touch with your father?"
    "Yeah. I guess so. We'll have to have him fix his itinerary and get back in time for KOF."
    As Ryo got up, a figure appeared in the entrance of the gym.
    "Well, what's up? Both disciples of Kyokugen Karate standing together with such droopy
    faces?" the visitor asked.
    "Oh, hi, King. To what do we owe the pleasure?" inquired Robert.
    There aren't many women who look more womanly in men's clothes than King. Robert, seeing
    King in her gallant ensemble, also noticed the bouquet of flowers in her hand and giggled.
    "What's that? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Ryo should be handing flowers to you,
    shouldn't he?"
    "Your powers of deduction depress me," smirked King. "These aren't for Ryo, pinhead. I
    heard Yuri was sick in bed and I came to check in on her."
    In gratitude, Ryo bowed politely to King. As he did so, Robert got a flash of inspiration
    and slapped Ryo on the shoulder.
    "That's it, Ryo!" hollered Robert.
    "Huh? What're you talking about?" Ryo asked.
    "This! It's the answer to our prayers! Right when Yuri's sick and can't enter KOF, here
    comes King, right? Talk about timing! Even a fool like you can put two and two together!"
    "Who are you calling a fool? I oughta... oh! Yeah! I get it!" screamed Ryo.
    "What? What are you two getting all worked up about?" King asked.
    Unable to contain their glee, Ryo and Robert tried to broach the subject diplomatically.
    King heard them out.
    "You want me to join your team in KOF? You two and me?" King queried. Her eyes almost
    popped out of her head in surprise.
    "Yup," said Ryo. "As the team in the top rank of KOF up till now, we'd like to keep up the
    Kyokugen tradition in the tournament. Yuri's sick. My father's in Mexico inspecting his gym
    there, and probably won't be able to make it back in time."
    "So, King," began Robert, "if you could help us out, we'd be in your debt. How about it?
    Yuri even said you're the only one who could take her place." The delirious rantings of
    Yuri were Robert's idea of a joke, but, certainly, if Yuri's replacement was to possess
    the same ability as Ryo and Robert, a second-rate replacement wouldn't do. In this respect,
    King was the only choice. But if King refused...
    King sighed deeply and a pained smile appeared on her face,"Very well. If that's the
    situation, then I'll be happy to serve as Yuri's replacement."
    "R-really, King?" the Tiger and Dragon pleaded.
    "Yes. I was going to enter KOF with Yuri anyway. If she can't get out of bed, then I guess
    I'd be in a pickle, right? But you'll pay big when we split the prize money. Agreed?"
    With this condition set, King gave the two a knee-buckling wink.
     COMMENT: Always recall that Ryo is the Tiger and Robert is the Dragon; it does not matter
              what SNK says... they are messed up.
    The Ikari Team Prologue
    When I thought of what to do while "on leave" the next day, I became as excited as a
    little kid and realized it was one in the morning. I hummed while polishing my gun.
    Suddenly, an emergency summons arrived from my C.O. It looked like I would have to put
    off my leave. I didn't ask for details. I pretty much knew what was coming. Twenty minutes
    passed. Putting my affairs in order, I appeared at the briefing room. Seeing my comrades in
    arms all gathered as I predicted, I almost burst out laughing.
    "What's so funny, Clark?" one of them asked.
    "Get off my case! And who are you calling a kid, huh?!" I snapped back.
    "Just complimenting you on getting in touch with your inner child," replied my colonel, Ralf
    Ralf often chides me for being a middle-aged man trapped in a young man's body, but after
    years with this man-child, I've had to become the adult even if I don't want to. It's the
    only way to strike any harmony. Regardless, in combat, Ralf's the best of the best. That I
    can confidently say.
    This ultimate partner must have been really P.O.'d about having his long-awaited leave
    canceled. The way he was angrily grinding his teeth gave that away. Watching him out of the
    corner of my eye, I put on my trademark sunglasses.
    "Having your leave canceled is nothing special. Leona's never complained about her leave
    being canceled, so don't you think you're overreacting a bit?" I asked.
    Even though I intended the comment to be for Ralf, Leona glanced briefly over at us. Of
    course, Leona's one who rarely opens her mouth. Even when the Colonel and I are jabbering
    away—or arguing together—Leona keeps wearing her mask of indifference. That's just Leona.
    The Colonel placed his hand on Leona's head playfully, and while frizzing up her blue hair,
    he bellowed:
    "Don't compare me with this chick whose idea of a holiday is touring munition factories!"
    "And I suppose your time off is spent so much more significantly, eh, Colonel?" quipped
    Timed almost perfectly to Leona's outburst, Heidern strode into the briefing room. Ralf's
    mouth snapped shut. Even a colonel wouldn't take on an instructing officer. And as for me,
    Heidern's one man I don't want to cross.
    "Sorry for canceling your leaves," Heidern growled. "A sudden duty has arisen that I cannot
    entrust to anyone else. If you want something to be upset about, direct your anger at your
    own inflated sense of superiority."
    "Enough of the sarcasm, my captain. What's the mission?"
    Heidern, sitting down at his mahogany desk, tossed an envelope in our direction. Even the
    stone-faced Leona raised her eyebrows in astonishment.
    "Not King of Fighters?!" exclaimed Ralf.
    "Well, looks like a few ne'er-do-wells are planning some festivities again, eh?" Heidern
    "So you're telling us to join the tournament again?" Leona queried.
    "Sad to say it, but we haven't been invited this time. It looks like this year's organizer
    doesn't want us to around."
    "Huh? Then what's this invitation?" Ralf asked, bemused.
    "Let's just say it's something that came into our hands."
    I have to point out, the agents in our organization are excellent. A feat like coming back
    with a KOF invite from one of the teams—regardless of the methods—is a walk in the park for
    us. At any rate, I sure wonder who'd want to exclude the team who keeps breaking the records
    for attendance.
    "Another group holding a large-scale gambling pool scam, maybe?" I asked.
    "We're not sure yet," replied Heidern. "We've seen no indication that any crime syndicate is
    involved in such activity. But trouble is KOF's middle name. It won't be easy, but I want
    you to enter KOF as contestants and determine what this is all about. We'll back you up from
    here as much as possible, but I can't guarantee that something won't go wrong. If anything
    happens, you're to act on your own. Dismissed."
    In short, nothing new. Something foul is bound to happen. We'll get through it, I'm sure.
    After receiving the indifferent orders from our C.O., we saluted as always and left the
    briefing room.
    Walking down the cool, sterile halls, the Colonel abruptly looked into Leona's face and
    confronted her.
    "What is it, Leona? Something nagging at you?" Ralf asked.
    "It's nothing. I just have a bad feeling about this," she answered.
    "Bad feeling? About the mission?"
    "No. It's just a feeling. But it's okay. It's our mission." Leona then saluted us and
    entered her quarters.
    "Wow. That was... unusual." I offered.
    "Yup. I used to think I was always talking to a robot, or something," Ralf replied.
    "Looks like Leona's trying to get in touch with her inner child, too. And she owes it all
    to you. It seems that you're going to have to mentor Leona more than ever."
    "Who are you calling a mentor?" Ralf inquired. "You always start that sad third-wheel act
    when I have any interaction with Leona."
    "Well, Colonel. Gotta get ready. Sir!" I chirped.
     Ralf's reaction was just as I imagined it would be. I managed to deflect his rage with my
    usual skill. The disappointment of my canceled leave was still fresh, but I looked forward
    to battling it out with my compatriots again. In fact, this was becoming second nature to
     COMMENT: Unusual... Clark is the soldier of more range in the Ikari team... more mistakes.
    Psycho Soldier Team Prologue
    Sitting in front of scenery that looked as if it was taken from a Chinese landscape
    painting, Kensu let out a heavy sigh.
    "Why has this happened to me?"
    Recently, Kensu had been spending more time alone. Gone was the cheerful smile he used to
    show to Athena and the others. Now he was no more than a brooding youth. Those who knew the
    light-hearted Kensu would be shocked to see the troubled soul he had become. But because he
    was Kensu, his self-imposed exile made sense—especially to Athena.
    Is that the reason that when he was alone, Kensu was able to let out his sighs that were so
    unlike him? What was to be done? He once had the same power as Athena. He once continued his
    training, believing that he alone was the real reason that Athena and he could fight together.
    But the one thing he believed in, his psychic powers, for some unknown reason, had begun to
    fade away day by day. No, perhaps it was best to say that they had disappeared.
    "What'll I do? If my powers don't come back, how will I protect Athena?" he asked himself.
    The tiny voice of a little boy wafted up from seemingly nowhere into Kensu's ears: "Kensu…"
    "Yah?!" Kensu called out. How many times had this boy heard his sighs? Emerging from his
    Zen position on top of a rock and looking behind him, Kensu saw a boy wearing a big hat
    gazing up at him.
    "How long have you been there, Bao?" inquired Kensu. "You scared me!"
    "I'm sorry. I called you more than once, you know."
    "Huh? Really? Sorry about that." Smiling with embarassment and scratching his head, ashamed
    that his mutterings had been overheard, Kensu dismounted from the giant rock. Regardless of
    his loss of psychic powers, Kensu still had the moves.
    "So, what's up, Bao? You need me for something?"
    "Yup. I wanted you to do me the honor of training with me."
    And with that, Bao assumed a one-legged stance, taking a position he had just learned.
    Although not exactly a novice, his stance seemed unsteady and unreliable. Kensu took Bao's
    hand and righted the boy while grumbling.
    "Hmm. Since my psychic powers have been in a slump, I haven't been able to teach you some
    things... but I can still teach you a thing or two about balance. OK. I'll help you out."
    The beaming and bowing Bao had no doubt alighted on this scheme as a childish way to cheer
    up Kensu. Realizing this himself, Kensu patted Bao on the head and laughed a little more
    cheerfully. Athena, too, witnessed this exchange from the shadows.
    Athena understood Kensu's agony. And that was exactly why she had kept quiet about it. If
    she were to try to cheer him up awkwardly, Kensu may have become even more dejected.
    Suddenly, from behind Athena came the kind call of a familiar voice.
    "Athena," the voice beckoned.
    "Master!" she answered.
    Until Athena heard his voice, there would have been no way to detect the presence of the
    Master. In spite of being well over 80, Chin Genzai was Athena's and the others' martial
    arts instructor. Although he appeared to be nonchalant, no one could match him in power.
    "I've come to give you this," he announced. Opening the white envelope given to her by
    the Master, a look of surprise seized Athena's face.
    "It's being held again. The King of Fighters," she whispered. "Are we going to enter
    "As for this year, I'm going to sit this one out. So you, Kensu and Bao must go it alone."
    "Huh? Us three? Alone?"
    "Exactly. You should try it once in a while. KOF is for the young, you know," smiled Chin.
    "Why this all of a sudden?"
    Chin refused to answer Athena's question and fixed his gaze on the sparring Kensu and Bao.
    Chin's expression was masked by his white eyebrows and beard, giving no indication of what
    he was thinking. Athena remained clueless as to the Master's intentions.
    "Recently I've come to believe that if Kensu's power doesn't return, then so be it," Chin
    said. "Of course, I know that Kensu is devastated by the loss of his psychic powers, but
    Kensu is still able to hold is own in battle, right?"
    "Yes," she nodded.
    "Kensu is trying to compensate for the loss of his psychic powers by making up for it in
    other ways. He's recently become more serious in facing his training. He's trying to develop
    himself further mentally. Thinking about that, his current condition may not be a negative."
    Chin turned to Athena with a look of confidence. "KOF will show us just what our little
    Kensu's capable of. Things as they are, you, of course, will have to keep the team together.
    Your burden will be great. How about it? Are you up to the challenge?"
    "I am prepared, Master." Seeing the look of resolve in her master's eyes, Athena bowed to
    acknowledge his expectations. "I will not let you down, Master. I, too, have loved ones to
    protect. In that, Kensu and I are equally determined."
    Looking at Kensu and Bao, glistening with the sweat of determination, Athena's eyes
    brightened with hope for an instant.
     COMMENT: Note that Kensu is actually KENSOU... it was so difficult at first to memorize
              the name of the characters; now they are change it... *sight*.
    Korea Team Prologue
    "I'm starving," I mumbled, looking up at a heartbreakingly clear blue sky while polishing
    my favorite iron ball. I don't get all this complicated nonsense about whether my meal is
    good for me or how many calories it has. All I know is that after having a crummy breakfast
    like I had today, I'm famished by the time I begin my training. I'm a growing boy, for crying
    out loud. But I can't tell that to Kim. He'd kick me senseless with that Phoenix Flail of
    his. Today, before we began training, Kim brought a white envelope to Choi.
    "Hey, Choi. This envelope addressed to you was delivered to me by mistake," said Kim.
    "A letter? For me?" asked Choi.
    "It's from your wife."
    Rumor had it that Choi had originally run a butcher shop with his wife. Butcher by day,
    mad slasher by night... and now imprisoned for his crimes. At any rate, one fateful night
    Choi's intended victim turned out to be Kim, and there Choi's luck ended. Of course I'm
    not exactly blessed by fortune either. Since then, we've been going through these days of
    strict training, never knowing when it will end. But I guess that's that. Choi's married,
    after all. I'm the only guy who's single.
    "I'm so ashamed. A letter from my wife. Haven't gotten one since before I got married."
    Yeah, right. A love letter from his wife. No way! Or so I thought. I guess I know nothing.
    I shouldn't take the wind out of Choi's sails. I peeked at the letter over Choi's back.
    "So, what does it say?"
    "My wife says she's doing okay. I bet she's paying for my crimes, too, but she doesn't
    complain. I've been a bad husband."
    As he said that, I noticed a little sparkle under Choi's sunglasses. Even a single guy
    like me knew what that meant. I knew what Choi felt then, so then I dared to give Kim a
    piece of my mind.
    "Master Kim!" I called. "Just how long must we continue this training? We've done our time.
    Are we not ready to contribute to society?"
    "You seem to have mended your ways," responded Kim, "but you've shown time and time again
    that you lack moral cultivation. I cannot take your rehabilitation so lightly. However,
    if you win this year's KOF, I may conclude that your training has been a benefit."
    "Huh? So what are you saying?" I demanded.
    "Well, if you win KOF this year, I'll allow you to go back home temporarily. I'll put in
    a request to the authorities."
    Choi beamed while clutching his wife's letter. I guess he was really happy at the prospect
    of reuniting with his wife. But in my case, I had no family awaiting my return home, even
    if it was temporary. I never gave it any thought years ago, but now for some reason I feel
    so lonely. Then Choi spoke to me:
    "Chan, if you feel like it, why don't you come home with me? Since I own a butcher shop,
    you'll be able to sink your teeth into lamb roasted whole on a spit! My wife's cooking
    is superb, you know!"
    That guy... he really knows which button to press.
    "OK, then," I accepted. "If you're offering, I'd be happy to join you. Roasted lamb, eh.
    It's been ages!"
    "Hey, KOF hasn't even begun and you guys talk as if you've won?" scolded Kim. "Kinda
    jumping the gun there, eh?"
    "We've always done our best, but this time we're going to go all out and win. Right, Choi?"
    I asked.
    "You said it!" cheered Choi. "Come on, Kim! Stop standing around let's get training!"
    "Geez, what a pair of mercenaries!" Kim groaned and smiled wryly as he rolled up the
    sleeves of his training clothes.
    Whatever, I don't care if I'm a mercenary. To get Choi back to his wife and my teeth into
     a rack of lamb… I'm gonna win KOF if it kills me!
     COMMENT: Psychotic little funny slicer mad man's can also have sex appeal.
     King of Fighters have now hit the streets on the portable format...
    a good thing is that you can practice while in the train, traveling,
    bathroom; any where... that is of you can surpass the faults of the
    game... any way; here is some features on this section:
     * You can combo throws after jumping attacks do that if you are feeling
    tired and want to make easy damage ¬_¬ *
     * Combo section has been growing... this is thanks to the efforts of
    nIwSe; so worship him has much as you like. *
     * There it may be some A, B, C or D included over there.... these are only
    mistakes produced by tiredness *
     * The names of the moves are taken from the other KoF '99 and KoF 2000
    FAQs available, such as Kao Megura's KoF 2000 mini faq, so credits are
    given to the people who has indirrectly helpe me. *
     * All characters have been given "titles" along their names, those are
    just the product of my imagination. *
     -Hero Team:
    Kyo Kusanagi: (The Sword of Fate)
     Grappling Techniques:
     Hatsugane                        When close, b / f + SP
     Issetsu Seoi Nage                When close, b / f + SK
     Command Moves:
     Ge Shiki: Naraku Otoshi          In air, d + SP
     Ge Shiki: Goufu You              f + WK
     88 Shiki                         df + WK
     Special Moves:
     114 Shiki: Aragami               Qcf + WP
     128 Shiki: Kono Kizu             Qcf + P from Aragami
     127 Shiki: Yano Sabi             Hcb + P from Aragami
     Ge Shiki: Migiri Ugachi          Press P from Kono Kizu / Yano Sabi
     125 Shiki: Nanase                Press K from Kono Kizu / Yano Sabi
     115 Shiki: Dokugami              Qcf + SP
     401 Shiki: Tsumi Yomi            Hcb + P from Dokugami
     402 Shiki: Batsu Yomi            f + P from Tsumi Yomi
     100 Shiki: Oniyaki               Upc + P
     R.E.D. KicK                      Rup + K
     75 Shiki: Kai                    Qcf + K, K
     212 Shiki Kototuki You:          Hcb + K
     910 Shiki: Nue Tsumi             Qcb + P
     Ryuu Iri                         Use Nue Tsumi as a high reversal
     Tora Fuse                        Use Nue Tsumi as a low reversal
     Desperation Moves:
     182 Shiki                        Qcf, Qcf + P, hold P to power-up
     Ura 108 Shiki: Orochi Nagi       Qcb, Hcf + P, hold P to delay
     MAX Desperation Move:
     SDM Ura 108 Shiki: Orochi Nagi   Qcb, Hcf + WP + HP (Hold buttons to
     Striker Action:
      ???    Kyo will rush from the corner for about half screen; then he
             will perform his Hcb + WK attack; sending the enemy to air
             allowing you to attack.
      Notes: His Hcb + Kick are his 99 moves, but now he rushes foward on
             both versions; I don't know of the autoguard has been kept;
             the weak version can still combo.
             On His Qcf + Kick, Kick you must delay the second kick in
             order for you to juggle.
             His MAX DM only hit once on the fire; but when delayed the
             fire on Kyo's body can hit up to tree times.
    Independent low combos:
     - cr WP; cr WP; Qcf + SK, SK; Upc + SP.
    Independent combos:
     - cls SP; Qcf + WK, WK; Qcb, Hcf + SP + WP. *
        This combo has several endings; like Upc + SP; Qcb, Hcf + SP...
     - Qcf + WK, WK; Qcf + WK; WK; Qcf + WK; WK; Qcf + WK; WK.
        nIwSe has pointed that this combo may be an infinite; but that he has
        manged to land it 4 times; if you get tired; naturally use other
        posible endings.
    Striker combos:
     - cls SP; Qcf + WK, call K', WK; Qcb, Hcf + SP.
     - cls SP, call Clark; Qcf + WK, WK; Upc + SP.
        Tricky timming.
     - cls SP; Qcf + WK, call K', WK; Qcf + WK, WK; Qcb, Hcf + SP + WP.
       This combo works when you are cornered; and for some character; works
       every where.
    Benimaru Nikaido: (The Blond Japanese Lightning)
     Grappling Techniques:
     Catch and Shoot                When close, b / f + SP
     Front Suplex                   When close, b / f + SK
     Spinning Knee Drop             When close, d + SP in air
     Command Moves:
     Flying Drill                   In air, d + WK
     Jackknife Kick                 f + WF
     Special Moves:
     Raijin Ken                     Qcf + P  (air)
     Iai Geri                       Qcf + K
     Handou Sandan Geri             Dn, Up + K from Iai Geri
     Super Inazuma Kick             Upc + K
     Shinkuu Katate-goma            Qcb + P
     Desperation Moves:
     Gen'ei Hurricane               Qcb, Qcb + K
     Raikou Ken                     Qcf, Qcf + P
     MAX Desperation Moves:
     SDM Raikou Ken                 Qcf, Qcf + WP + SP
     Striker Action:
     Elect Trigger:       Benimaru jumps next to the enemy and then holds
                          them for a while, this action can be blocked;
                          despesing being a throw.
      Notes: His Qcb x 2 DM can be blocked even if it hits; that is because
             the second attack is to slow to come out.
             You can not interrupt his Foward + WK, no matter if you combo
             His Qcf + WP or SP does leave you vulnerable even if its connects;
             same for the air version.
     - cr WK; cr WK; Qcb + SP, call Shingo; short jump SK; cd SP; Qcf x 2 + WP.
     - cr WK; cr WK; cr WK; cr WK; Qcf x 2 + WP.
    Moe Habana: (Cherry Blosoom Girls Are Not Always Nice)
    * Her move names are temporal; born from my imagiantion until I can
      obtain her official move list on English. *
     Grappling Techniques:
     Shoulder Stomp               When close, b / f + SP
     Happy New Year               When close, b / f + SK
     Command Move:
     Deep Punch                   While jumping; d + WP
     Turn Kick                    f + WK
     Special Moves:
     Advancing Turn                 Qcf + P (up to three times)
     Turn Swing                     Rup + P
     Flower Swing                   Upc + K
     Turn Rush                      Qcb + K
     Desperation Moves:
     Cherry Bloosom Tree Upc        Qcb, Qcf + P
     Andvanced Turn Swing           Qcf x 2 + K
     MAX Desperation Moves:
     SDM Cherry Bloosom Tree Upc     Qcb, Hcf + WP + SP
     Striker Action:
     Advanced Turn     She comes from the corner for about half screen
                       kicking ending up in a hienzan.
      Notes: Despise being a follow up move; Qcf + P will never combo all
             the hits; what is worst; you can be hit between the follow ups;
             even if they hit.
             Her Upc + D jugles the enemy enoug for you to hit them again.
             Not counting her Qcf + P; she can not combo ANYTHING.
             Her Qcb + K hit twice; but the second hit can be blocked even if
             the first hit.
             For some odd reason; her jumping CD can only be done from a neutral
             At least this character can take BIG DAMAGE from the enemy
             with the movements all by theirselves...
     ** Combos **
    Independent combos:
     - Upc + SK; cls SP.
    Striker combos:
     - Upc + SK; call Kyo; Upc + SK; cls SP.
    Hero Team Default striker:
     Shingo: ???
       He rushes from the corner and upon attacking he will hold the enemy
       briefly for you to attack them... despising being a throw; this
       action can be blocked either standing or low -remark that because
       the second hit appears to be low attack-.
     -Fatal Fury Team:
    Terry Bogard: (The Hungry Wolf)
     Grappling Techniques
     Grasping Upper                 When close, b / f + SP
     Buster Throw                   When close, b / f + SK
     Command Moves:
     Rising Upper                   df + WP
     Hammer Punch                   f + WP
     Special Moves:
     Power Wave                     Qcf + WP
     Round Wave                     Qcf + WK
     Rising Tackle                  Charge Dn, Up + P
     Power Dunk                     Upc + K
     Burn Knuckle                   Qcb + P
     Crack Shoot                    Qcb + K
     Desperation Moves:
     High Angle Geyser              Qcf, Qcf + K
     Power Geyser                   Qcb, db,f + P
     MAX Desperation Move:
     SDM Power Geyser               Qcb, db,f + WP + SP
     Striker Action:
     ???   Terry Rushes from the corner; then he does a uppecut (Qcf x 2 +
           K) that ends in the Power Dunk finisher.
     Notes: His Qcb + K now only hits on the last frames; similar to GMOW.
            His Foward + WP advances A LOT if you combo it.
            The command List of the game uses an incorrect motion for the
            Power Dunk (Rup)
            His Power Geyser does not combo; not as DM or as MAX DM; and
            the Power Geyser may not be perform as Qcb, Fwd + Punch, as it
            could in previous KoFs.
            Sometimes; the Rising Tackle can go up hitting and go down
     - cr WK; WP; Fwd + WP; Qcf x 2 + SK.
     - cls SP; Fwd + WP, call Chang; Qcb + WK; §; Qcb, db fwd + WP.
    Andy Bogard: (The New Heir of The Shiranui Ninjitsu Style)
     Grappling Techniques:
     Gourin: Kai                    When close, b / f + SP
     Kakaekomi Nage                 When close, b / f + SK
     Command Moves:
     Age Men                        df + WP
     Uwa Agito                      f + WK
     Special Moves
     Hishou Ken                     Qcb + WP
     Geki Hishou Ken                Qcb + SP
     Zan'ei Ken                     dn bk, fwd + P
     Shippuu Ouken                  Qcf + P from Zan'ei Ken
     Shouryuu Dan                   Upc + P
     Kuuha Dan                      Hcf + K
     Gen'ei Shiranui                In air, Qcf + K
     Gen'ei Shiranui: Shimo Agito   Press P upon landing from Gen'ei Shiranui
     Gen'ei Shiranui: Uwa Agito     Press K upon landing from Gen'ei Shiranui
     Gekiheki Haisui Shou           When close, Hcf + P
     Desperation Moves:
     Zan'ei Ryuusei Ken             Qcb, Hcf + P
     Choureppa Dan                  Qcb, db,f + K
     MAX Desperation Moves:
     SDM Choureppa Dan              Qcb, db,f + WK + SK
     Striker Action:
     ???   He jumps from the corner and then attack with a Zan'ei Ken; unlike
           '99 or 2k; he will not send the enemy up on the air; but if you
           are quick; you can still hit them.
      Notes: I HAVE been able to attack after his Hcf + P unblockable.
     - cr SP; df + WP (1 hit); db Fwd + WP; Qcf + SP.
     - cls SP; Qcb + SP, call Benimaru; Qcb, db,f + SK.
    Mai Shiranui: (The Last Gal of an Ancestral Ninja Tradition)
     Grappling Techniques:
     Shiranui Gourin                   When close, b / f + SP
     Fuusha Kuzushi                    When close, b / f + SK
     Yume Zakura                       When close, dn + SP in air
     Command Moves:
     Sankaku Tobi                      Jump ub against a wall, then press uf
     Dairin Fuusha Otoshi              In air, d + WP
     Ukihane                           In air, d + WK  (or d + K from Chijou)
     Yusura Ume                        In air, d + SK  (or d + P from Chijou)
     Benitsuru no Mai                  df + WK
     Koku'en no Mai                    f + WK
     Special Moves:
     Kachou Sen                        Qcf + P
     Ryuu Enbu                         Qcb + P  (can use during Sachiyo Dori)
     Sachiyo Dori                      Qcb + K
     Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi            Hcf + K
     Musasabi no Mai (Chijou)          Charge d, ub + P  (hold P to attack)
     Musasabi no Mai (Kuuchuu)         In air, Qcb + P  (or from Chijou)
     Toki Tsubute                      When close, Qcb + K from Chijou in air
     Desperation Moves:
     Mizudori no Mai                   Qcf, Qcf + P
     Hou'ou no Mai                     Qcb, Qcb + P
     Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi       Qcb, Hcf + K
     MAX Desperation Moves:
     SDM Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi   Qcb, Hcf + WK + SK
     Striker Action:
     ???  Mai Rushes from the corner; if the rush does not hit (she goes
          half screen) she will cheer for you; if the rush hits she will
          perform her Qcb x 2 + P DM.
      Notes: I could not get the "Toki Tsubute", but I listed it becuse it
             was on '99.
             Her MAX DM can not combo; either can her Qcb, Hcf + D (B
             version can combo).
     - cls SP; df + WK (1 hit); Qcf, Hcf + WK.
     - cls SK; df + WK (1 hit); Qcb + SK, Qcb + SP.
    Fatal Fury Team Default Striker:
     Joe Higashi:
      ???           He laps next to you with a kick and perform a multi -
                    hitting punch; if the punch miss he will leave
                    inmediatly; but if the punch connect he will perform
                    several hits ending on a uppercut.
    - Art of Fighting Team:
    Ryo Sakazaki: (The enbodyment of an Invincible Tiger)
     Grappling Techniques:
     Tani Otoshi                    When close, b / f + SP
     Tomoe Nage                     When close, b / f + SK
     Command Moves:
     Hyouchuu Wari                  f + WP
     Joudan Uke                     f + WK
     Gedan Uke                      df + WK
     Special Moves:
     Ko'ou Ken                      Qcf + P
     Zanretsu Ken                   f,b,f + P
     Kohou                          Upc + P
     Ko Hou Senpuu Ken              Qcb + P
     Hien Shippuu Kyaku             Hcb + K
     Mouko: Raijin Setsu            Rup + K
     Desperation Moves
     Tenchi Haou Ken                Qcf, Qcf + P
     Haou Shoukou Ken               f, Hcf + P
     Ryuuko Ranbu                   Qcf, Hcb + P
     MAX Desperation Moves:
     SDM Haou Shoukou Ken           f, Hcf + WP + SP
     SDM Ryuuko Ranbu               Qcf + WP + SP
     Striker Action:
      ???     Ryo jumps from the corner and throws an air fireball.
      Notes: His MAX Haoh Sho Ko Ken is worthless; the DM version deals
             more damage.
             His Ryuuko Ranbu are way faster than before; for example you
             can do Crouching WK x 4 and then Ryuuko Ranbu; either normal
             or MAX version.
             His Qcb + P seems to be invincible at the beginning, it
             also produces Guard Crush when blocked.
             Zanretsu Ken is Quick enough to combo from Weak attacks.
             His Ko'ou Ken does not combo.
             His High Defense (Fwd + WK) can only be canceled if it
             succesfully blocks an attack.
     - cr WK x 4; Far WP; Qcf, Hcb + WP.
     - cr WK x 2; Far WP; Fwd, Bk; Fwd + SP.
    Robert Garcia: (A Man With The Soul of a Raging Dragon)
     Grappling Techniques:
     Ryuuchou Kyaku                 When close, b / f + SP
     Kubikiri Nage                  When close, b / f + SK
     Command Moves:
     Kouryuu Koukyaku Geri          b / f + WP
     Ryuu Hanshuu                   b / f + WK
     Nidan Sokutou Geri             df + WK
     Special Moves:
     Hien Ryuujin Kyaku             In air, Qcf + K
     Ryuugeki Ken                   Charge b,f + P
     Hien Senpuu Kyaku              Charge b,f + K
     Ryuu Zanshou                   Charge d,u + K
     Sen'en Renbu Kyaku             When close, charge d,u + P
     Desperation Moves:
     Haou Shoukou Ken               f, Hcf + P
     Kuzuryuu Sen                   Qcf, Qcf + K
     Ryuuko Ranbu                   Qcf, Hcb + P
     MAX Desperation Moves:
     SDM Ryuuko Ranbu               Qcf, Hcb + WP + SP
     Striker Action:
     ???     Roberts comes from the corner and perform his Ryuuko Ranbu
             (DM version)
     Notes: You can put his Ryuuko Ranbu after his Dn, Up + P.
            His crouching B is no longer cancelable.
     - cls SK; Qcf, Hcb + WP.
     - cls SP; cr + WK; cr cp; df + WK (1 hit); Qcf, Hcb + WP. *
     * For some reason, the cls SP can be chained with weak attacks.
    King: (Brave Gal Raised to be as strong as a Man)
     Grappling Techniques:
     Hold Rush                      When close, b / f + SP
     Hook Buster                    When close, b / f + SK
     Command Moves:
     Trap Kick                      f + WK
     Sliding Kick                   df + WK
     Special Moves:
     Venom Strike                   Qcf + WK
     Double Strike                  Qcf + SK
     Surprise Rose                  Rup + P
     Trap Shot                      Upc + K
     Tornado Kick '95               Hcb + K
     Mirage Kick                    Hcf + P
     Mirage Dance                   When close, Hcf + P
     Desperation Moves:
     Silent Flash                   Qcb, Qcb + K
     Illusion Dance                 Qcf, Hcb + K
     MAX Desperation Move:
     SDM Illusion Dance             Qcf, Hcb + WK + SK
     Striker Action:
      ???    she rushes from the corner with a slide and if she hits the
             enemy she does a uppercut that juggles the enemy hitting them
             many times, despising being a low attack; this striker can be
             blocked standing.
      Notes: Her Trap Shot leave the enemy vulnerable to attacks; if you
             are on the corner you can get good profit from this.
             Her Double Strike is not as effective a it used to.
             Her Surprise Rose is the same as it was in AoF 2.
     - cls WK; cls SK (1 hit); Hcb + SK.
     - cls SK (1 hit); Qcb x 2 + SK.
    Art of Fighting Team Default Striker:
    Yuri Sakazaki:
     ???   Yuri rushes from the corner using 3 Uppercuts that leaves the
           enemy on the air. If the rush misses (goes like half screen);
           she will cheer for you.
    -Ikari Team:
    Leona Heidern: (The Lonely Lion)
     Grappling Techniques:
     Leona Crush                        When close, b / f + SP
     Ordeal Buckler                     When close, b / f + SK
     Heidern Inferno                    When close, dn + SP in air
     Command Moves:
     Strike Arch                        f + WK
     Special Moves:
     Moon Slasher                       Charge d,u + P
     Baltic Launcher                    Charge b,f + P
     Ground Saber                       Hcf + K
     Gliding Buster                     f + SK from (SK) Ground Saber
     X Calibur                          In air, Qcb + P
     Earring Bakudan 1                  Qcb + K
     Earring Bakudan 2 (Heart Attack)   Rup + K
     Kibaku                             Rup + K after Heart Attack
     Desperation Moves:
     Grateful Dead                      Qcf, Qcf + P
     Rebel Spark                        Qcb, Hcf + K
     V Slasher                          In air, Qcf, Hcb + P
     MAX Desperation Moves:
     SDM V Slasher                      In air, Qcf, Hcb + WP + SP
     Striker Action:
     ??? She will run at the enemy and then there it will be an explosion
         that will juggle them... note that the run does not hit.
      Notes: If you perform the Fwd + SK after the Hcf + SK to quickly,
             Leona will not perform the Hcf, she will only do the
             follow up.
     	   You can only interrupt the first hit of her close standing D.
             Her jumping D is not cancelable; her Jumping B is.
             The close standing SP; Fwd + WK, Qcb + WP can combo anywhere.
     - cls SP; Fwd + WK; Qcb + WP.
     - cls SK; cls SK; cls SK (1 hit); Qcb, Hcf + SK.
    Ralf Jones: (Man of War from the Past)
     Grappling Techniques:
     Dynamite Headbutt                   When close, b / f + SP
     Northern Light Bomb                 When close, b / f + SK
     Special Moves:
     Vulcan Punch                        Tap P rapidly, move f
     Gatling Attack                      Charge b,f + P
     Kyuukouka Bakudan Punch (Chijou)    Charge d,u + P
     Kyuukouka Bakudan Punch (Kuuchuu)   In air, Qcf + P
     Ralf Kick                           Hold K for a while, then release
     Ralf Tackle                         Hcb + K
     Super Argentine Backbreaker         When close, Hcf + K
     Desperation Moves:
     Baribari Vulcan Punch               Qcf, Hcb + P
     Umanori Vulcan Punch                Qcb, Hcf + K
     MAX Desperation Moves:
     SDM Baribari Vulcan Punch           Qcf, Hcb + WP + SP
     SDM Galactica Phantom               Qcf, Qcf + WP + SP
     Striker Action:
     ??? He comes from the corner and then he does a really slow Galactica
      Notes: His Super Agentine Backbreaker has very little range; even
             less than normal throws (Similar to Maxima's Hcf + K).
             Galactica Phantom takes years to come out.
     - cr WK x 3; cr SK.
    Clark Steel: (Restless Military Warrior)
     Grappling Techniques:
     Nageppanashi German               When close, b / f + SP
     Fisherman Buster                  When close, b / f + SK
     Death Lake Drive                  When close, dn + C  in air
     Command Moves:
     Stomping                          f + WK
     Special Moves:
     Gatling Attack                    Charge b,f + P
     Napalm Stretch                    Upc + P
     Frankensteiner                    When close, Upc + K
     Super Argentine Backbreaker       When close, Hcf + K
     Mount Tackle                      Hcf + P
     Clark Lift                        d,d + WP from Mount Tackle
     Sleeper Lift (D.D.T.)             d,d + SP from Mount Tackle
     Rolling Cradle                    d,d + K from Mount Tackle
     Flashing Elbow                    Qcf + P from any special move throw
     Desperaton Moves:
     Running Three                     Hcf, Hcf + K
     Ultra Argentine Backbreaker       When close, Hcb, Hcb + P
     MAX Desperation Moves:
     SDM Ultra Argentine Backbreaker   When close, Hcb, Hcb + WP + SP
     Striker Action:
     ???  He will come from the corner with a kick and then then he will
          grab the enemy and throw them; the sucky part is that the grab
          can be blocked and you may not hit after the grab.
     Notes: You can not combo any hit of his close standing C.
            His Upc + K grabs inmediatly; it is not a delayed throw as it
            was in other KoFs.
            His Super Argentine grabs have less range, either normal; DM
            or MAX DM (Similar to Maxima's Hcf + K).
     - cr WK x 3; Hcf + SP; dn dn + SP, Qcf + SP
    Ikari Team Default Striker:
            ???  She falls from the corner and whips the enemy three times;
                 if the fall hits she will juggle the enemy with her
                 Boomerang Shot.
    -Psycho Soldier Team:
    Athena Asamiya: (The Pheonix Hero Singer School Girl)
     Grappling Techniques:
     Bit Throw                      When close, b / f + SP
     Psychic Throw                  When close, b / f + SK
     Psychic Shoot                  When close, dn + SK in air
     Command Moves:
     Sankaku Tobi                   Jump ub against a wall, then press uf
     Phoenix Bomb                   In air, d + WK
     Renkantai                      f + WK
     Special Moves:
     Psycho Ball Attack             Qcb + P
     Psycho Sword                   Upc + P  (may be perfomed on air)
     Phoenix Arrow                  In air, Qcb + K
     Psychic Teleport               Qcf + K
     Psycho Shoot                   Hcf + P
     Psycho Reflector               Hcb + B
     Nu Psycho Reflector            Hcb + D
     Desperation Moves:
     Phoenix Fang Arrow             In air, Qcf, Qcf + K
     Shining Crystal Bit            Hcb, Hcb + P  (may be perfomed on air)
     Crystal Shoot                  Qcb + P from Shining Crystal Bit
     MAX desperation Moves:
     SDM Shining Crystal Bit        Hcb, Hcb + AC  (may be perfomed on air)
     SDM Crystal Shoot              Qcb + P from Shining Crystal Bit
     Striker Action:
     ???    She will come from the corner and restore some energy to the
     Notes: Her Psycho Shoot takes forever to come out, same goes for
            Pshyco Ball.
            Her Phoenix Fang Arrow does leaves the enemy standing.
            If I am not mistaken; her SDM crystal shoot can only go fowards;
            but in this game it shares the same properties of the DM Crystal
            Shoot (WP goes straight foward; C version may be aimed to the
      - cls SP; Fwd + WK; Qcb + SK.
    Sie Kensou: (The once Psychic Kung Fu Dragon)
     Grappling Techniques:
     Sunda                          When close, b / f + SP
     Tomoe Nage                     When close, b / f + SK
     Command Moves:
     Kobokushu                      f + WP
     Kousentai                      f + WK
     Special Moves:
     Sen Shippo                     Qcb + P
     Senkyuutai                     Qcf + K
     Ryuu Renga: Chiryuu            Hcf + WP
     Ryuu Renga: Tenryuu            Hcf + WK
     Ryuu Renda                     Upc + P, tap P rapidly
     Ryuu Gakusai                   Rup + K
     Ryuu Sougeki                   In air, Qcb + P
     Desperation Moves:
     Chouryuu Renken                Qcf, Qcf + P
     Shinryuu Seiou Rekkyaku        Qcf, Hcb + B
     Shinryuu Tenbu Kyaku           Qcf, Hcb + D
     MAX Deseration Moves:
     SDM Shinryuu Tenbu Kyaku       Qcf, Hcb + WK + SK
     Striker Action:
      ???   He jumps from the corner and then stands; he does
            eats a meat bum to -ramdomly- recover some player;
            this striker action seem to be triggered by some special
            circunstances; I will later inquire.
      Notes: his Upc + P has autoguard and the last hit can be blocked;
             mattering not if the previous ones hit.
     - cr WK; cr WK; cr WP; Qcf, Hcb + WK.
    Bao: (The Cursed Child)
     Grappling Techniques:
     Gen'ei Tougi                    When close, b / f + SP
     Critical Throw                  When close, b / f + SK
     Command Moves:
     Sankaku Tobi                    Jump ub against a wall, then press uf
     Soushou                         In air, d + WP
     Hikida                          In air, d + WK
     Kawasaki                        f + WP
     Senheki Shuu                    f + WK
     Senshou Shuu                    df + WK
     Rikatsu Shuu                    df + WP
     Special Moves:
     Psycho Ball Attack: Raise       Qcf + WP
     Psycho Ball Attack: Front       Qcb + WP
     Psycho Ball Attack: Bound       Qcf + WK
     Psycho Ball Attack: Reflect     Qcb + WK
     Psycho Ball Attack: Air Front   In air, Qcb + WK
     Psycho Ball Attack: Air Bound   In air, Qcf + WK
     Psycho Ball Crash: Raise        Upc + SP
     Psycho Ball Crash: Front        Rup + WP
     Psycho Ball Crash: Bound        Upc + WK
     Psycho Ball Crash: Reflect      Rup + SK
     Psycho Ball Crash: Air Front    In air, Qcb + SP
     Psycho Ball Crash: Air Bound    In air, Qcf + SK
     Desperation Moves:
     Psycho Ball Attack: MAX         Qcb, Qcb + P
     Psycho Ball Crash: SP           b, Hcb + K
     MAX Desperation Moves:
     SDM Psycho Ball Attack: MAX     Qcb, Qcb + WP + SP
     SDM Psycho Ball Crash: Ore DX   f, Hcf + WK + SK
     Striker Action:
     ???    He rushes from the corner and then he shoots his
            Qcb x 2 + Punch DM
      Notes: Major Motion Changes
    - cr WP; cr SP; df + WP.
    Psycho Soldier Team Default Striker:
     Chin Gentsai:
       ???      He comes from the corner and then he taunts; if the enemy
                is near during the taunt Chin will use his DP + Upc; if the
                enemy is out of range; Chin will taunt a few times and then
                he will do his Upc anyway.
    -Korean Team:
    Kim Kaphwan: (The Man With a Heart of Justice )
     Grappling Techniques:
     Kubikime Otoshi                When close, b / f + SP
     Sakkyaku Nage                  When close, b / f + SK
     Command Moves:
     Kuuren Geki                    f + WP
     Neri Chagi                     f + WK
     Special Moves:
     Hangetsu Zan                   Qcb + K
     Haki Kyaku                     dn, dn + K
     Hien Zan                       Charge d,u + K
     Ryuusei Raku                   Charge b,f + K
     Hishou Kyaku                   In air, Qcf + K
     Desperation Moves:
     Hou'ou Hiten Kyaku             Qcf, Qcf + K
     Hou'ou Kyaku                   Qcb,db,f + K  (possible on air)
     MAX Desperation Moves:
     SDM Hou'ou Kyaku               Qcb,db,f + WK + SK  (possible on air)
     Striker Action:
      ???     Kim falls with an air Qcf + K and then he changes it with a
              Kuu sajin finisher, juggling the enemy.
      Notes: His f + WK can combo.
             You can combo from his air Qcf + K; just like old times.
             His Far standing WK has a new stand
             He has a few "new" standing frames.
     - cr WK, call Chang; cr wk; Qcb + SK; Chang hits; Qcf, db Fwd + SK.
     - cr SP; Fwd + WP (1 hit); Qcf + SK; cls SP (1 hit); Fwd + WP (1 hit);
       Qcb, db fwd + SK.
     - cls SK (1 hit); Fwd + WP (1 hit); Qcf + SK, call Chang; cls SP (1 hit);
       Qcb + SK; §; Qcf x 2 + SK; Qcb, db fwd + SK.
     - air Qcf + SK, call Iori; cls WK; Qcb + SK; §; Qcf x 2 + SK;
       Qcf x 2 + SK; Qcb, db fwd + SK.
    Chang Koehan: (The Funny Military Leader)
     Grappling Techniques:
     Hagan Geki                     When close, b / f + SP
     Kusari Jime                    When close, b / f + SK
     Command Moves:
     Hiki Nige                      df + WP
     Special Moves:
     Tekkyuu Dai Kaiten             Tap P rapidly, move b / f
     Tekkyuu Funsai Geki            Charge b,f + P
     Tekkyuu Taiko Uchi             Hcf + K
     Dai Hakai Nage                 When close, Hcb,f + P
     Desperation Moves:
     Tekkyuu Dai Bousou             Qcf, Hcb + P
     Tekkyuu Dai Bokusatsu          Hcb, f + K
     Tekkyuu Dai Assatsu            Qcf, Qcf + P
     MAX Desperation Moves:
     SDM Tekkyuu Dai Assatsu        Qcf, Qcf + WP + SP
     Striker Action:
     ???     He rolls from the corner all a cross the screen.
      Notes: His Kick DM has a new secuence.
     - cls SK; Hcb, Fwd + SP.
    Choi Bounge: (A Small Not So Serial Killer)
     Grappling Techniques:
     Zujou Sashi                             When close, b / f + SP
     Geketsu Tsuki                           When close, b / f + SK
     Command Moves:
     Sankaku Tobi                            Jump ub against a wall, press uf
     Mukuro Zuki                             f + WP
     Toorima Geri                            b / f + WK
     Special Moves:
     Senpuu Hien Sashi                       Charge b,f + P
     Tatsumaki Shippuu Zan                   Charge d,u + P
     Hishou Kuuretsu Zan                     Charge d,up, ub or uf + K  (can hold K)
     Houkou Tenkan                           Any dir. + P / K from SHS / HKZ
     Hishou Kyaku                            In air, Qcf + K
     Hien Zan                                Upc + K
     Kaiten Hien Zan                         Qcb + P
     Kishuu Hien Zuki                        Press P from Kaiten Hien Zan
     Desperation Moves:
     Shin! Chouzetsu Tatsumaki Shinkuu Zan   Hcb, Hcb + P, move b / f
     Shin! Chouzetsu Rin-kaiten Toppa        In air, Qcf, Qcf + P
     Hou'ou Kyaku                            Qcf, Hcb + K
     MAX Desperation Moves:
     SDM Hou'ou Kyaku                        Qcf, Hcb + WK + SK
     Striker Action:
      ???    He comes from the corner and taunts; then, if the enemy gets
             close he will use his charge dn, up + A and will go out of
             the screen; if the enemy does not come cloes; Choi will do
      Notes: His Qcb + P will always send you behind the enemy; you
             can cancel -when it hits- with with Air Qcf + K.
             His Air Qcf x 2 + P DM will leave you open even if it hits.
             His dn, up + P can hit over 10 times; just like old times.
     - cls SP; Fwd + WK; cls SK; Qcb, Hcf + WK.
    Korean Team Default Striker:
     Jhun Foon:
     ???    He will run from the corner for about half screen; if the
            enemy is in range; he will do his Kuu sajin; if the enemy is
            out of range; he will use his dn, dn, + B, up + C overhead
    Iori Yagami: (The Power of the Moon Necklage)
     Grappling Techniques:
     Sakahagi                         When close, b / f + SP
     Saka Sakahagi                    When close, b / f + SK
     Command Moves:
     Ge Shiki: Yumebiki               f + WP, f + WP
     Ge Shiki: Goufu In "Shinigame"   f + WK
     Ge Shiki: Yuri Ori               In air, b + WK
     Special Moves:
     108 Shiki: Yami Barai            Qcf + P
     100 Shiki: Oniyaki               Upc + P
     127 Shiki: Aoi Hana              Qcb + P  (perform 3 up to times)
     212 Shiki: Kototsuki In          Hcb + K
     Kuzukaze                         When close, Hcb,f + P
     Desperation Moves:
     Ura 301 Shiki: Saku Tsumagushi   Qcf, Qcf + P
     Kin 1211 Shiki: Ya Otome         Qcf, Hcb + P
     MAX Desperation Moves:
     SDM Kin 1211 Shiki: Ya Otome     Qcf, Hcb + WP + SP
     Striker Action:
      ???      He will come from the corner and fire a Yamibarai;
               if the projectile hits; the enemy will be left on
      Notes: His f + WK WK second attack CAN NOT be canceled.
             His Hcb + K does recover pretty quickly now; if it is
             blocked he will not give the second hit.
             His f + WK can combo... but may not be interrupted.
     - cr WK; cr WK; cr SP; Qcf, Hcb + WP.
     - cr WP; cr WP; Fwd + WP; far SP (?); Qcb + SP x 3.
        I did not get this one; and since it has a ?; nIwSe may not get
        this one too often, neither do I.
     - Qcf + WP; Qcf x 2 + SP.
        When enemy is half screen away.
    Geese Howard: (The Owner of South Town)
     Grappling Techniques:
     Tate Katate Nage                 when close, f / b + SP
     Shinkuu Nage                     when close, f / b + SK
     Command Moves:
     High Point Heel                  f + WK
     Special Moves:
     Reppuken                         Qcf + WP
     Double Reppuken                  Qcf + SP
     Ja ei ken                        Hcb + P
     Shippu Ken                       while jumping, Qcb + P
     Joudan Atemi Nage                Hcf + WK (counter high - mid attacks)
     Chuudan Atemi Nage               Hcf + SK (counter low - mid attacks)
     Hishou Nichirin Zan              Upc + P
     Desperation Moves:
     Raising Storm                     db, Hcb, df + P
     MAX Desperation Moves:
     Raising Storm                     db, Hcb, df + WP + SP
     Deadly Rave                       Hcb, f + WK + SK (starter)
                                       WP, WP, WK, WK, SP, SP, SK, SK, Qcb + SP (follow up)
     Striker Action:
     ???        Geese will come in with a Ja ei ken; this attack will cover half
                screen; if the attacks miss Geese will Taunt and if the enemy comes
                close he will perform his Shinkuu Nage throw.
      Notes: Shippu Ken has a different frame.
             His Close standing D causes Guard Crush.
             His Deadly Rave can be performed by taping silly the buttons one after
             another (WP WP WP WP, WK WK WK WK); unlike Fatal Fury Versions in wich
             you needed to press the buttons with the correct timming.
             His Jumping C can still hit many times.
             His fwd + B "high point heel" can not combo; note that this name have
             been borrowed from AoF 3 Karman Cole; he not only has this move; also
             is because their fighting styles are so extrangely familiar.
     - cr WK; cr WK; cr WK; cr WK; Hcb, Fwd + WK + SK; follow up.
     - cls SK; Hcb, Fwd + WK + SK; cls SK; Hcb + SP
    Hidden Striker List:
      Narrow   He will jump from the corner with a jump attack; if the
      Spike    enemy is on the ground he will do a Sweep attack with
               the Black out sprite (juggles the enemy); if the enemy
               is on air he will do his C crow bites.
      Maxima    He will jump next to the enemy and then he will attack
      Gallows  (system 1); if the attack hits he will grab the enemy
                for you to hit them; if it miss he will do nothing.
      Hard            She will rush from the corner; if the enemy is hit
      Puncher         by her dash she will deliver 6 hard punchs; if the
                      enemy is not on her path she will punch the air 2
                      times; and if the enemy is hit but they are taken
                      outside Vanessa's punches range she will punch
                      2 times; if she did have given more than 2 punches
                      by the time the enemy is off her range she will
                      stop instantanely.
    Unlocking Secrets:
    To unlock Geese Howard:
      Beat the game with the Fatal Fury Team
    To unlock Iori Yagami:
      Beat the game with the Hero Team
    To unlock Extra Strikers -K', Maxima, Vanessa-:
      Beat team play once with any team.
    To unlock Extra Strikers -Yamazaki-:
      I have not unlocked this striker; a contributor has managed this.
      -he has provided very especific on what he has done with the cartridige-
       Play in "Single Play". I used Benimaru and Shingo (for striker). Play
       it all the way to the end, with no continue. I got 81579 for the score
       after I bet the game. When I sign my name, it is the 1st place. And I
       signed "K' ". I press K, then ', then start button. It will appear K'
       (with an empty space at the end, cause you can sign up to 3 letters)
       (It is unknow if you must not continue the game to achive the unlocking
       the secrets)
        * I tried this but failed to obtain the score; I will later try; obtaining
          over 82000 with other couple or team and other initials to see if it is
          an score related trick. *
      * It is unknow if you must not continue the game to achive the
        unlocking the secrets *
      * Extra Strikers will be available under the Korean Team *
    Well; KoF EX Neo Blood can surelly give a bite on the mean side; the
    hit detection and the animation are inferior to Fatal Fury 1; but
    at least they did what they could to provide a decent combo system.
     Once I am with enough strenght I will list the combos that are less
    affected by handicap; I mean, the ones that make decent damage.
    KoF EX Neo Blood Official Site:
    Original histories.
    Kao Megura, GunSmith & Joe Palanca:
    All the move names are taken from their FAQs.
    Mad Man's cafe and it's people:
    I can be usually be found here, BTW, fice folks.
    Unlocking Yamazaki and help in the present combo section for this guide.
    For doing and EXTENSINVE, huge and very complete research on combos
    (he has discovered for about 40% of the combos on this release);
    research that has hurried my project on at least 5 weaks... everybody
    For adding Leona and Kim's infinites (well; I did not put them as
    infinites but thanks are giving and deserved).
    Juan Ramirez:
    Being Insane, Cat Tuna eater and My dodge ball Disciple!!!
    "Hey! You are not up to Dodge Ball!!"

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