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    Boss FAQ by The President

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    GRADIUS GALAXIES BOSS and Power-up FAQ By The President
    This FAQ is meant to help you prepare for the bosses of Gradius 
    Galaxies for the Gameboy Advance portable system, and to tell you what 
    kind of Power-ups you can get and a summary of them. This will not tell 
    you anything besides that. Remember, this my first FAQ attempt so I 
    shall try to get most of the main points in battling the bosses in 
    normal mode There are loops in this game, but the bosses stay the same, 
    only a few of the enemy patterns. Remember, this is just to help the 
    needy. If you do not want help for the bosses, or be spoiled by some 
    things I say, turn back now. Ready? Good.
    Copyrighted (c) by The President, and this shall only be posted on 
    www.gamefaqs.com, unless some other place along the way tickles my 
    If any person wants to contact me on something that I forgot or messed 
    up on in this FAQ, my email is good_and_evil24@hotmail.com. If you 
    would like to contact me on AOL Instant Messenger, it is 
    Beginning version 5/23/02
    I have all of the bosses done or normal difficulty. It also shows what 
    is the best type of upgrade you can get before you face the boss.
    Version 1.1 1/24/03
    Decided to add one of the harder parts of the game in, right it right 
    before the last boss. Fixed some spelling. Added info about Gradius 
    1. Introduction   	
    2. Controls
    3. Types of Power Ups
    3.5. Kinds of ships
    4. Boss 1
    5. Boss 2
    6. Boss 3
    7. Boss 4
    8. Boss 5
    9. Boss 6
    10. Boss 7
    11. Boss 8
    12. Boss 9
    13. Semi Boss
    14. Final Boss
    15: Special thanks to...
    The Game Gradius was made by Konami in 1985, and has spawned sequels, 
    including Gradius 3 and 4, a collection of the later Gradius games on 
    the Playstation 2. Gradius Galaxies came out in 2001, for the Gameboy 
    Advance Portable System. Gradius is a side scrolling space shooter, 
    meaning that you go on the screen from right to left, unlike most space 
    shooters, which you move down to up. Gradius Galaxies, the newest 
    version of Gradius, is exactly like its brethren. The bosses could be 
    challenging, and that is why I am writing this FAQ. Remember, this only 
    has what you need to beat the bosses, and will not tell you what to do 
    during the game. Gradius 5, the newest installment of the Gradius 
    series, has just been announced by Konami to be released on the PS2. It 
    is being made by Treasure, one of the greatest rail shooter makers 
    ever, making such classics as Radiant Silvergun and Ikaruga. Hopefully 
    they can do justice for a great series like this.
    D-Pad: Go Left, Right, Up, and Down
    B Button: Fire Main Weapon
    R Button: Fire Missiles
    A button: Sets up power-ups
    Start: Pause game
    In Gradius, you can have different types of power ups. Each kind of 
    fighter you select has a different kind of power up. 
    SPEED UP: This makes your fighter move faster than before. All speed 
    ups are the same no matter what ship you try
    MISSLE: these are just as strong as your main gun, but instead of going 
    forward, they go up or drop down onto enemies.
    DOUBLE: This increases the amount of ways your main gun can shoot at 
    the same time.
    LASER: This make you shoot as your main gun a laser-type weapon, 
    ranging from a large laser blast to twin small laser beams.
    OPTION: This gives you a small clone of your ship that shoots whatever 
    you are shooting at the time. Missiles, Lasers, anything. The option is 
    still the same no matter what ships you have.
    Those are the general power ups. You have 4 types of ships to choose 
    the variations of them 
    BALANCED TYPE: This is an average between the 3 other ships that you 
    can choose from.
    The Missile: It drops down, hitting whatever robot is below you. When 
    you are in a cavern, it fallows the floor, hitting one thing and 
    Double: You shoot one main gun forward another at a 45-degree angle 
    upwards. Along with missiles, they form a devastating combo.
    Laser: You have a green laser that stretches to one end of the screen 
    to the other, killing anything in its way.
    WIDE AREA TYPE: The ship has weapons that spread over a long area. My 
    personal favorite.
    The Missile: Two missiles shoot up and down, exploding as soon as they 
    hit something or fall off the screen.
    Double: You shoot one main gun forward, while the other is shot 
    Laser: You shoot a ripple laser, getting the most robots out of the 
    front of your way.
    POWER TYPE: This uses brute force over finesse. Brings most damage in 
    least amount of time.
    The Missile: falling at a 45-degree angle, and only stop when they hit 
    Double: Exactly as Wide Area.
    Laser: Bring 2 large cones of fire that can go threw anything directly 
    in front of you.
    AIR-TO-GROUND TYPE: These focus on shooting things that will come at 
    you from the ground and from the air.
    The Missile: Falls and releases a small area blast; kills anything that 
    moves or is in that blast.
    Double: Same as Balanced type.
    Laser: Two twin lasers come shooting out of your main gun, leaving room 
    in the middle.
    PART 4: BOSS 1
    Best Power up you can achieve when starting at the boss: 2 speed ups.
    Recommended Type: Power
    This boss comes encased inside a rock shell; to kill it, you must get 
    rid of the shell. Around the boss, you see small fracture points along 
    the shell. You must shoot those parts to get rid of that part of the 
    shell. Once you get rid of the two front pieces of shell, you can see 
    the main gun. That has already started shooting two laser beams from 
    the front of the shell as soon as it gets into the area. You will be 
    able to slide in-between those two laser beam to hit the main reactor. 
    However, you must destroy the back 2 parts of the shell first. Just 
    shoot those and they will come of the robot boss. You see that they 
    have small grates protecting the reactor, you must shoot and destroy 
    those first before you can get to the reactor. The reactor is the green 
    bulb right in the middle of the robot. Once you get enough shots onto 
    the reactor, you will see that it turns red. That means that it is 
    almost dead. Once the reactor is gone, the robot explodes in a 
    spectacular fashion. Be careful, meteors surround the boss and could 
    kill you if you get close enough. When he shakes, he is getting all the 
    meteors to form a band to protect him. However, you have holes to shoot 
    threw. Not a tough boss.
    PART 5: BOSS 2
    Best Power up you can achieve when starting at boss: 1 Speed up
    Recommended Type: Wide Area
    This boss begins when you see 6 generators come out of the ground. Stay 
    as far back as you possibly can when these generators come out of the 
    ground. They will release ice squares that move around, but cannot hurt 
    you if you stay all the way to the back and in the middle. When the 
    generators go back into the ground for a short time, now is your 
    chance. You will want to get rid of the shield grates that protect the 
    5 reactors that move in a line. They move down to up. You will want to 
    get as close as possible and get rid of the middle shield grate. Don't 
    bother with the shield grates at the top or the bottom; you do not need 
    to get rid of them to beat this boss. As soon as you get rid of the 
    middle shield grates, you should be able to get inside the spot where 
    the grates were. Go inside that spot and you will be able to get the 
    most amounts of shots on the reactors as you can in that amount of 
    time. When you see the ice block generators come up again, get out and 
    as far back as possible. Repeat until all the reactors are destroyed.
    PART 6: BOSS 3
    Best Power up you can achieve when starting at boss: 2 Speed Ups, 1 
    Recommended Type: Wide Area
    The area for this boss has been expanded, giving you more freedom to 
    move. At the top and bottom of the area, they will become a wall of 
    fire, so do not go to close, or you will die. Out of the top, you will 
    see a lion/serpent come out. He is your boss. Try to hit the lion part 
    of it will falling missiles and your main gun. After it goes back into 
    the flames at the bottom, it shall appear on the opposite side in which 
    it first appeared. That cannot hit it then unless you have the 
    backwards shooting double. Once the lion/serpent gets back to the top, 
    it shall appear once again, except now at an angle, moving around the 
    area. It shall also shoot out purple balls. You will want to shoot 
    these as fast as possible. Otherwise, they shall explode almost right 
    under you, releasing diamond debris. If you shoot them quick, the 
    debris will be more spread out, giving you a better chance to avoid it. 
    That is all the tricks this boss can do. This is the toughest boss as 
    of the 3rd level.
    PART 7: BOSS 4
    Best Power up you can achieve when starting at boss: Nothing!
    Recommended Type: Balanced
    This boss is a lot like the first boss in the game, however, it has 
    added on more laser cannons, and has come along with a friend. Along 
    with the small pod, you see a huge behemoth of a robot in back of him, 
    moving freely. The small pod shoots 4 lasers, but you must stay in the 
    middle of him to shoot. You cannot get shot in the middle. First, you 
    will want to get rid of the smaller robot. Get rid of the shielding 
    protecting his reactor. Once you get rid of that (that's the easy part) 
    you will see that the larger pod will move around at strangest angles 
    and fast. You will want to stay as far and back as possible at this 
    time. Stay in the middle and shoot has shielding for his core. Soon 
    enough, you will see faint red lines coming from the large pads next to 
    THOSE RED LINES! Soon, you will see a huge red laser beam come roaring 
    out of that spot. As soon as that dissipates, the robot will be calm 
    for a while. That is your time to attack. Get rid of the shielding and 
    shoot the reactor! You will most likely se about 2 more huge laser 
    blasts before you beat him.
    PART 8: BOSS 5
    Best Power up you can achieve when starting at boss: 1 Missile, 3 Speed 
    Recommended Type: Power
    You will see 3 large tiki heads at the top, middle, and bottom of the 
    crater that you are in. All of a sudden, they come out of the ground. 
    Releasing non-harming glass at you. Then, they all begin to spin. Get 
    as close as you get without getting hit by them, and attack with your 
    main gun and missiles on the highest tiki. If you do it enough, it 
    might turn red and maybe explode. If he doesn't back off when they stop 
    spinning. When they stop spinning, get about in the middle of the 
    screen. The tikis will release from their mouth rings that will kill 
    you. Stay in the middle and shoot everything you have, and all the 
    rings should be destroyed or not in your way. After that barrage, the 
    top (if it is still there) and bottom tikis go into the ground, and 
    come out with legs, walking on the top and bottom of the craters. The 
    middle one stays where he is. You must maneuver between the 2 moving 
    tikis, and shoot the middle one. Then, they go back to spinning. They 
    keep repeating that until you beat the middle tiki. The best time to do 
    that is when only one tiki with feet is there. Then go all out on the 
    middle tiki, and it should explode. Boss done.
    PART 9: BOSS 6
    Best Power up you can achieve when starting at boss: 1 Speed up, 1 
    Recommended Type: Wide Area
    You will see a large, rather bulbous looking eye come out of the red 
    intestine tissue. He will sprout 2 odd looking appendages on the wall, 
    and then move around a little. It will then get out 3 more appendages, 
    Enveloping you in one tiny spot, with small projectiles coming around 
    to hit you. Then you will hear voice shouting, "Shoot at his eye!" That 
    is what you want to do to kill him, but it would make it a lot easier 
    if you destroy a few of those appendages first. That is why you want 
    those missiles. You shoot the eye with your main gun and take out some 
    appendages with your missiles. When any appendages get destroyed, the 
    eye shall move towards you, trying to hit you. When you get rid of the 
    2 appendages that are directly above and below you, that gives you 
    enough room to maneuver to hit the eye for a much longer time then 
    before. Soon enough, that eye will have its pupil handed to him on a 
    silver platter. Possibly the easiest boss if you know what you are 
    PART 10: BOSS 7
    Best Power up you can achieve when starting at boss: 1 Speed Up
    Recommended Type: Wide Area
    Like the boss on level 4, this boss is a souped up version of the first 
    boss you face. This boss has double the reactor shielding than normal, 
    and it shoots 4 beams: 2 right on his noses, and on by his huge laser 
    guns. The nose cannons can be hard to ignore because they provide the 
    most protection by the shield core. Move in-between those 4 lasers, 
    while taking shots at the shielding. After moving around and taking 
    about 4 or 5 shots, it will move in to the middle to release one of it 
    major attacks. You can see that the 2 side guns move at about 30 degree 
    angles when the ship gets to the middle. They will release yellow 
    lasers, which move and will kill you if you are near them. Also, large 
    black missiles will come out of the ship and begin moving in your area. 
    The lasers are easily avoidable, but the missiles might take some hard 
    maneuvering. They (meaning the missiles) attack from above and below 
    you, so you will just keep moving left to right to avoid them. While 
    this is happening, take as many shots as you can on the shielding. 
    Eventually, the attack will stop and it will go back to firing the 
    little lasers. After about 6 shots, it will go back into the middle, 
    and fire one last shot. This is the time to maneuver into place to that 
    you are between the inner two lasers. After that shot, you will want to 
    get really close to the shields, possibly inside the boss's "mouth." 
    Shoot like crazy, and if you did a good job before this, he should be 
    destroyed by then. If not, he will repeat those 2 main attacks, so just 
    keep hitting him.
    PART 11: BOSS 8
    Best Power up you can achieve when starting at boss: Nothing
    Recommended Type: Power
    This is the hardest boos of them all, and this is not even the last 
    boss! This boss has 3 parts, all of them as long as a normal boss 
    fight, and possibly longer. Every boss has some type of machine to help 
    them, which makes the task of beating this robot harder. The 1st boss 
    has two squid looking robots shooting 4 lasers. That main guy shoots 
    two lasers, which are easily avoidable, until they turn into shooting 
    stars and plummet down on you. All during this time, you must dodge all 
    of these while hitting the shielding off and blowing up the reactor. 
    The easiest of the 3 parts.
    The 2nd part of a little bit harder, just by one thing that the main 
    boss shoots. In the 2nd part, you see that the reactor and the shielding 
    are back, and instead of squid like characters, you have two large, 
    laser cannons putting the hurt on you. First, they shoot continuously 
    straight forward for about 5 seconds. This is when you will want to get 
    rid of about 2 or 3 shields. The, move to the back of the screen as the 
    cannons will move FAST to about as far as two ships' length away from 
    the back of the screen. Then the fun begins. They will move forward and 
    backward, not as far as the back of the screen, so you shall be safe. 
    However, the hardest part of this boss shoots out of the bosses' main 
    gun. It looks like a small maroon ball, easily shot and destroyed. 
    However, when you shoot it (or let is go to the end of the screen, the 
    same thing will happened anyway) it will release large amount of stuff 
    that will kill you dead! If it gets to end of the screen, it will 
    explode anyway, releasing those evil killers at an even better range 
    and virtually no space to get away from them. Make sure that you shoot 
    those maroons balls as soon as you can, so you have more room to get 
    away from the diamond shaped killers. If you are able to do this, this 
    boss part is a breeze. 
    The 3rd, and last part, is the hardest. Now, you have possibly been threw 
    3 other bosses, and they pull this on you. One of the hardest things 
    you will ever face in this game, I assure you (except the next boss.) 
    This boss has 2-firing stars to help him, though they don't shoot fire, 
    but debris. When you see them appear, move the bottom right of the 
    screen. As you are doing this, those blue robots that track you will 
    appear, and begin to hunt and find you. When you begin to move, move 
    up, and they will not have the time to change course. Then move up to 
    shoot the shields. However, the wheels aren't done yet, as they will 
    throw metal parts at you. They are easy to dodge, and can be shot. They 
    just block you from shooting. Also, the dragon has a fireball come out 
    of his mouth, making you move from shooting. MAKE SURE TO NOT SHOOT THE 
    FIREBALLS! When shot enough, they will explode, making a ring of fire, 
    taking out some of the metal debris, but you most likely with it. This 
    is very hard, because you will find that dodging metal and fireballs 
    does not rock the casaba. It can't even rock the pet shop; it's so hard 
    to do. And time consuming. You will get the job done though. Make sure 
    to stay far away from the main mouth of the ship; it is easier to not 
    get hit, but longer to do.
    PART 12: BOSS 9
    Best Power up you can achieve when starting at boss: 2 Speed Up, 1 
    Type Recommended: Power
    You can see the boss has 5 reactors and shielding protecting them all. 
    You see a laser protecting the boss, so you cannot get close the boss 
    at the beginning. Once the laser goes away, you move as fast as you can 
    to the Bottom Reactor, get inside the part between the 2 cannons 
    protecting it, just enough so that the main lasers will not target you, 
    but far enough that your missile will hit the ground. Once you get 
    finished with the first core, wait for the patrolling enemy to be hit 
    by your missile (the main reason why power is necessary.) Wait for the 
    least amount of enemies on screen, and move up the next reactor. Now 
    you must watch out for the enemies to move inside the small tube, 
    giving you no way to get out, and that just plain sucks. Move out of 
    the tube after a few seconds to release a missile, taking out the 
    mobile enemies. Once you get inside the middle, wait for all the robots 
    to go back inside to the hiding spots. (The right of your screen.) They 
    move right through the back, and you can shoot them. After doing that, 
    exit out for proceed to the very top of the screen. There, use the 
    missiles to get rid of the reactors, and your primary fire on the 
    Best Power up you can achieve when starting at boss: None
    Type Recommended: Any
    Oh, this is the last part of the game; you're almost there! But first, 
    you must face the GIANT WHEEL OF DOOMEDNESS, also known as the Last 
    Stand. This is the last thing that is between you and the big bad, and 
    it puts up a good fight. When the wheel first appears, there are 2-
    robot patroller scuttling around on the top and the bottom. Go the to 
    top and take out one. Then, you see it. A large wheel. The other robots 
    runs back make sure that you kill that sucker. Now, the wheel is 
    slowing turning to the right of the screen. Now, really, this is the 
    easiest part of the semi boss. Just go inside one of the small holes 
    covering it (they look like little notches) and follow the movement 
    until the wheel reaches the other side, then it stops. Make sure the 
    you're in a position so the ships falls in a little notch, other then 
    be crushed. Just ride it out except backwards. Soon as you get threw, 
    just fly to the top right. Prepare to face the pixilated wheel of 
    DOOMEDNESS. It grew to large proportions, and if you go between the 
    little notches too early, you will be crushed. Not go, and you will be 
    crushed. There is only one opening. Stay in the right side until the 
    wheel is just trilli-meters from the ship, and take the next notch 
    down. Move as fast the ship can take you. Hopefully, if the right notch 
    was taken, the wheel will stop before it turns you into road kill. 
    Then, the thing shrinks, and you must proceed into the top right corner 
    of the screen again. However, the thing is still moving, but will 
    shrink, and blow itself up. Phew.
    Best Power up you can achieve when starting at boss: Nothing
    Type Recommended: Balanced
    This is the final boss, you went threw a lot of hardship to get there, 
    and they give you...a brain! What kind of boss is that? And this boss 
    doesn't even up a good fight. All you need to go is go into the water 
    that holds the eyes and shoot and destroy the eyes. You will be treated 
    to a big explosion Death Star style. CONGRADULATIONS, YOU HAVE BEATEN 
    GRADIUS GALAXIES FOR THE GAMEBOY ADVANCE ^_^! No go read those credits.
     Part 15: Special thanks to...
    www.gamefaqs.com: for making such a cool site.
    The survivor board at GameFAQS: for giving me a home on the boards, 
    when I was searching for one.
    Konami: For making such high quality games.
    Toe Jam and Earl: Bringing me into the fold of videogames.
    Pie: Because I like the pie I like the pie yeah.
    If you find anything wrong with this, tell me about it and I will fix 
    it, and put it in my special thanks.

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