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    FAQ/Move List by Bloodspoor

    Version: 1.6 | Updated: 05/22/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ********  *******  **   ** **   **  *******  **      **
    ********  *******  **  **  **  **   *******  ***     **
       **     **       ** **   ** **    **       ** *    **
       **     *****    ****    ****     *****    **  *   **
       **     *****    ****    ****     *****    **   *  **
       **     **       ** **   ** **    **       **    * **
       **     *******  **  **  **  **   *******  **     ***
       **     *******  **   ** **   **  *******  **      **
    Version: 1.6  (05-22-02)
    -Cleaned up the Class 5 mess. In some places, I said something about a Class
    5 juggle. This was a misconception on my part as the true effects of Class 5
    juggles are the same as Class 4.
    Version: 1.5  (05-15-02)
    -Finished Juggle Section all except for example juggles for Nina. If you've
    got some, please send them to me or post on www.TekkenZaibatsu.com's GBA
    Version: 1.2b (04-22-02)
    -Finished Moves List and added Juggle section.
    Version: 1.0b (04-20-02)
    -First Draft, Most of Move List finished.
    by Bloodspoor & King's Spawn
    This guide is an attempt at being the most complete guide for the Gameboy
    Advance version of Tekken. We'll try to keep everything as short and
    printable as possible while going into as much detail as possible.
    You may distribute, print, and read this piece of work at your leisure.
    Please do NOT claim that this is your work as it, clearly, is not. Do not
    post this on any other sites without permission from Bloodspoor or King's
    Spawn. All characters and the Tekken name are copyrights and trademarks of
    Namco. All strategies are copyright Gregory Daily/Diego Alvarado.
    -Controls and Conventions
    -Move List
    -Juggle Combos
    ++Controls & 
    #       ___________________________          #
    #      /Change/             \ Throw\         #
    #     |------    __________  -------|        #
    #    /    _     |----------|     _   \       #
    #    |  _| |_   |----------|  _ /K\  |       #
    #    | |_   _|  |----------| /P\\_/  |       #
    #    |   |_|    |----------| \_/     |       #
    #     \ Pause O |__________|        /        #
    #      \_     O Change(also)      _/         #
    #        \_______________________/           #
    #                                            #
    #         P = Punch          K = Kick        #
    #    Change = Tag        Throw = Throw       #
    #                                            #
    P - Punch      K - Kick            T - Throw      C - change, tag
    f - forward    F - Hold Forward    b - back       B - Hold Back
    d - down       D - Hold Down       u - up         U - Hold Up
    qcf - quarter circle forward       qcb - quarter circle backward
    hcf - half circle forward          hcb - half circle backward
    c  - Counter Hit (the c will be typed after the properties)
    JG - juggle starter
    FC - Full Crouch
    ws - While Standing (getting up from a crouch position)
    SS - Side Step
    N  - Neutral
    +  - Buttons/Direction must be pressed together.
    ~  - Buttons/Directions must be hit IMMEDIATELY after.
    _  - Or (when used between moves, either can be done)
    <  - Moves following this can be delayed.
    =  - Means that these moves have different paths.
    -(New to Tekken Advance)-
    PS - Pop Stun. The opponent will bounce over his head.
    FB - Fall Back Stun. The opponent simply falls backwards.
    CS - Crumple Stun. The opponent grabs their stomach then, falls backward.
    EC - Extended Crumple Stun. Opponent grabs their stomach long before 
    GS - Gut Stun. The opponent grabs their stomach for a second.
    RB - Reel Back Stun. The opponent reels back for a second.
    SG - Side Gut Stun. The opponent grabs their side for a second.
    TB - Turn Back Stun. The opponent is forced to reveal their backside.
    -(Stun Descriptions)-
    Pop Stun. As described before, you bounce to unbelievable heights and are
    open for any juggle follow up.
    Fall Back Stun. This stun is one of the more common stuns in the game.
    Usually, it offers little to no follow up juggles.
    Crumple Stun. Similar to the Fall Back Stun but usually, you can follow up
    with a quick jab to start a combo. It depends on the recovery time of the
    move that caused the stun.
    Gut Stun, Side Gut Stun and, Reel Back Stun. All of these stuns take away 
    ability to block from the opponent for about « of a second. This stun allows
    nearly infinite standing combos. These infinite combo threads will not be
    posted in this guide at this time. Perhaps later, we'll add a few but most
    likely, it'll not happen. As for the two versions of the Reel Back Stun, One
    is a standing animation and the other is more of a crouching animation. The
    standing version allows the opponent to block afterwards MOST of the time.
    Turn Back Stun. This stun is incredible. It turns your opponent around, and
    usually allows you to follow up with a juggle starter.
    So as to not confuse you, We'll only be putting JG up after a move if it is 
    juggle starter that is not a stun.
    -(Ling Xiaoyu)-
    Basic moves:
    P,P              Bayonet                          hh
    P,d+P            Bayonet McTwist                  hh
    f+P,P            April Showers                    hm    RDS
    f+P,D/F+P        May Flowers                      hm
    P+K              Bird's Flock                     m
    b+P              Storming Flower                  m     KB
    d/f+K            Nutcracker                       l     FSc
    d/b+K            Knee Cracker                     !
    D/F+P            Belly Chop                       m
    d/f+P            Belly Chop Backward              m     RDS
    u/f+K            Cyanide                          m
    b+K              Phoenix Twin Kick                hh    RDS
    d/f+P+K          Thunder Strike                   !
    u+P              Single Fan                       m     RDS
    U+P              Single Fan Forward               m
    u+P+K            Double Fan Forward               mm
    =P               Hydranger                        m
    =P              Fortune Cookie                   m
    =K               Ginger Snap                      -     SS
    d+P              Sunset Fan                      mmm
    D+P              Flapping Wings                  mmm    AOP
    f+K              Cloud Kick                      h
    f,F+P+K          Front Layout                    m
    f,F+P,P          X Marks the Spot                mm
    f,F+K            Racon Swing                     m      RDS
    ws P             Sunflower                       m      RDS
    ws P~F           Sunflower Wake up Call          m
    ws K             Skyscraper Kick                 m
    fc D/F+P,P       Lotus Twist                     mm
    fc D/F+P~D/F     Quick Shady Lotus               m      RDS
    fc K,P,P,K       Fire Dancer                     Lhhm
    fc d/f+K,K       Double Map Sweep                LL
    fc D/B+P+K       Low Back Turn                   -      RDS
    b+P+K            Rain Dance                      -      RDS
    =K               Mistrust                        m
    =d+K             Back Circle Breaker             L      RDS
    =D+K             Back Circle Breaker Forward     L
    =d+P+K           Spin Tornado                    -      AOP
    =P+K             Spin Tornado Up                 -
    f+P+K            California Roll                 -      RDS
    =P+K            Cyclone Left                    m      RDS
    =f,F+K           Peg Leg                         m      RDS
    =P,P,K           Dark & Stormy                   hhm
    =f,F+P+K         Back Layout                     m      RDS
    d+P+K~P+K        Wave Crest Quick                m
    d+P+K            Art of Phoenix                  -      AOP
    =P+K             Wave Crest Power                m
    =d+P+K           Wave Crest Heavy                m
    =P               Left Handful                    m
    =f+K,K           Flower Garden                   LL
    =d+K             Knee Stabber                    L      AOP
    =u+K,K           Flower Power                    mm
    =u/f+K,K         Double Barrel Shotgun           mh
    =K               Back Kick                       m
    =K~b             Back Kick to Rain Dance         m      RDS
    =K~P             Firecracker                     L
    =d               Butterfly                       -      RDS
    =u               Jump                            -
    =b+P+K           Rain Dance                      -      RDS
    =f+P+K           Roll Ball                       -
    T                Jade                            h
    u/f+K, P, P, P+K, P, K, K, K, K, P
    Basic Moves:
    P,P              Zig Zag                         hm
    K,               Ballerina Kick                  h
    =d+K             Kangaroo Kick                   m      JG
    d/f+P            Basic Uppercut                  m      JG
    K~P              Kangaroo Kick                   m      JG
    B+P+K            Bad Stomach                     -
    =Any             Poison Breath                   !      CS
    F+P+K            Yoshimitsu Flash                !
    f+P              Manji Backfist                  h      TB
    =P,P,P,P,P,P     Stonefist                       mmmmmm
    [ws]P            Uppercut                        m
    =P,P,P           Door Knocker                    hhh    RB
    =F+P             Manji Backfist                  h      TB
    =P,P,P,P,P,P    Stonefist                       mmmmmm
    [ss]P            Shrine                          m      JG
    d+P+K            Indian Stance                   -
    =P,P,P,P,P,P     Stonefist                       mmmmmm
    =K               Kangaroo Kick                   m      JG
    =f_b             Vacuum                          -
    P+K              Flea                            !
    =d               Cancel                          -
    =u/b_u_b         Jump                            !
    =f,f_b,b         Running Flea                    !
    =K               Kangaroo Kick                   h      JG
    =d+K             Indian Stance                   -
    u/f+P+K          Poison Wind                     -      FB
    =b+P             Bronze Fist                     m
    =P+K            Steel Fist                      m
    =k              Silver Fist                     m      JG
      =P             Gold Fist                       !
    =P+K             Kangaroo Kick                   m      JG
    f,F+P            Sword Smash                     m      GS/CSc
    f,F+K            Fubuki                          m      JG
    f,f,n~K          Advancing Kick                  m      GS
    =P               Woodcutter                      !
    f,F+P+K          Reverse Cartwheel               m      RB
    =P+K             Shark Attack                    h      JG
    =P+K            Solar Kick                      m      JG
    b+P,P,P,P,P,P    Slap U Silly                    hhhhhh
    D/B+P,P,P,P,P,P  Stonefists                      mmmmmm
    d/b+K,K,K,K,K,K  Manji Low Kicks                 Llllll
    =f+K             Front Kick                      m
    b,B+P            Sword Stab                      !      RB
    =~P              Windmill                        !      RB
    d/b+P            Quick Slash                     !      GS
    =~D/B            Death Slash                     !      CS
    d,d/f,f+P        Moonsault Slayer                !!
    [fc]D/F+K        Knee Cap                        L
    [fc]d/b,B+P      Samurai Cutter                  l
    T                Sword Face Smash                h
    10 String:
    -(Nina Williams)-
    Basic Moves:
    P,P              Left, Right Combo               hh
    P,P,K            Bermuda Triangle                hhh
    f+P,K            Jab Roundhouse                  hh
    d/b+K            Slicer                          L
    =K               Geyser Cannon Combo             L,m    JG
    d/b+P+K          Geyser Cannon                   m      JG
    b+P+K            Power Charge                    !      CS
    =u,u             Cancel                          -
    d+P+K            Twisted Mind                    L
    f+P+K            Blonde Bomb                     m
    f+P,F+K          Double Smash                    m
    f+P,D+K          Jab, Sweep                      h,L
    =P               Uppercut                        m      JG
    =K               High Kick                       h
    f+K,K            Head Ringer                     hh
    K,K              High, Low Kicks                 hl     SG
    =P               Uppercut                        m      JG
    =K               High Kick                       h
    =D+K             Low Kick                        L      SG
    P,P,P,K          Biting Snake                    hhhL
    P,P,f+K,K        Jab, Jab, High Kickx2           hhhh
    P,P,D+K,K        Jail Crusher                    hhLh
    P,P,D+K,P        Jail Crusher Uppercut           hhLm   JG
    P,P,f+P+K        Double Explosion                hhm
    P,P,P,P,f+P+K    Double Explosion 2              hhhhm
    [ws]P,P          Uppercut, Jab                   mh
    d/f+K,K          Side Kick, High Kick            mh
    [fc]d/b+K,P      Low Kick to Chop                mh     RB
    d+K,P            Low Kick to Uppercut            Lh     JG
    d+K,D+K          Left, Right Low Kicks           LL     SG
    d/f+K,P,P        Leg Slicer Combo                mhh    RB
    d/f+K,f+K        Flash Kick Starter              mh
    =K,d+K           High, Low Finish                hL     SG
    =K,K             High Finish                     hh
    =K,P,P,F+P+K     Blonde Bomb Combo               hhhm
    d/f+K            Creeping Snake Starter          m      GS
    =f+P             Jab                             h
    =P,K            Creeping Snake                  hL     SG
    =f+K            High Kick                       h
    =D+K            Low Kick                        L
    =K              High Kick                       h
    =P,P,f+P+K      Assault Bomb                    hhm
    u/f+K,K,K        Can Opener                      hLh    RB
    f,f,N~K          Kneel Kick                      M      RB
    =T               Throw Cancel                    h
    f,F+K            Bad Habit                       m      GS/CSc
    d,D/F+P          Shut Up                         m      JG
    d,D/F+K          Wipe the Floor                  L      FB
    [ss]P+K          Spiral Explosion                m
    T                Interrogation
    d,d/f,f+T        Backhand Slap
    =P,K,P,T         Arm Snap
    =K,P,K,K,K       Triple Slaps
    =P,P+K,P,K,T    Neck Crusher
    =P,K,K,P,P+T    Leg Stretch Arm Lock
    =P,P,K,P         Arm Breaker
    =P,P,K,T,T      Double Arm Breaker
    =K,P,P,K,T      Falling Arm Breaker
    d,d/f,f+P+K      Crab Hold
    =P+K,P,K,T       Commando Arm Lock
    =P+K,K,K,T       Heel Hold
    =P,P,K,K        Double Snap
    =P,P,K,P+K,T    Double Heel Hold
    10 String:
    -(Forrest Law)-
    Basic Moves:
    P,f+P            Left, Right Jabs                hh
    f+K,u+K          High Kick to Somersault         hm     JG
    K,K,K            Shaolin Spin Kicks              hhh
    u/b_u_u/f+K,K    Backflipper                     mm     JG
    P,P,P,P,P        Machine Gun Arrow               hhhhh  RB
    f+P,P            Quick Rave War                  hh     RB
    F+P,P,P          Rave War Combo                  hmh    RB
    f+K,K,K          Triple Head Kick                hhh
    =f+K             Mid Kick                        m      GS
    d/b+K            Dragon's Tail                   l
    d/f+K            Mid Kick                        m      GS
    D/F+K,K,K        Step in Combo                   mlh    RB
    (U/B_U_U/F)+K    Somersault Kick                 m      JG
    f+P+K            Dragon Hammer                   m      FB/PSc
    d/b+P+K          Power Punch                     !      CS
    =u,u             Cancel                          -
    b+P+K            Tricky Step                     -
    =P               Backhand                        m
    =d/f+P           Uppercut                        m      JG
    =K               Low Kick                        l      SG
    d+K,u+K          Low Kick to Somersault          lm     JG
    d+P,K            Low Punch to Somersault         mm     JG
    u+K,K            Jump Kick to Somersault         mm     JG
    K,u+K            Crescent Kick Combo             hm     JG
    [fc]K,K          Double Impact                   Lm     JG
    D,U/B_U_U/F+K    Catapult Kick                   m
    D,U/B_U_U/F+P+K  Rainbow Kick                    M
    d/b+P,K,K        Junkyard Kicks                  mlm    JG
    b+P>P>P          Dragon Storm                    hmm    JG
    d+K              Low                             l      SG
    =K               High Kick                       h
    =u+K            Somersault                      m      JG
    =f+K            Mid Kick                        m      GS
    =K              High Kick                       h
      =u+K           Somersault                      m      JG
      =f+K           Mid Kick                        m      GS
      =K             High Kick                       h
       =u+K          Somersault                      m      JG
    f+K~P            Poison Arrow                    m
    [ws]P            Dragon Uppercut                 m      JG
    b+K,K            Side Kick to Somersault         hm     JG
    [ws]K,K          Front Kick to Somersault        mm     JG
    d,d/f,f+P        Power Jab                       h
    [fc]d/f,d,D/F+K  Slide Kick                      L
    T                Dragon's Fire
    10 Strings:
    -(Gun Jack)-
    Basic Moves:
    P,P,P            Jack Hammer                     hhm
    f+P,P            Cross, Elbow                    hm     GS
    =P               Uppercut                        m      JG
    u+P+K            Giant Foot Stomp                !      FB
    =P+K             Pump                            -
    =P+K            Double Pump                     -
    P+K              Hammer                          m      FB
    =P+K             Double Hammer                   m
    b+P              Piston Gun Assault              m
    f+P+K            Cut Saw                         m      CS
    =P+K             Low Cut                         m      FB
    =P               Cross Cut Blast                 m
    f,F+P+K          Sliding Attack                  M
    d+P+K            Double Axe                      m
    d/f+P+K          Thunder Slap                    L      FB
    d/f+P,P,P,P      Rushing Uppercut                mmmm
    d/b+P,P,P,P,P    Machine Gun Punches             lllll
    =d/f+P           Machine Gun Blast               m
    D/B+K,K,K,K,K,K  Cossack Dance                   LLLLLL SG
    [fc]P+K          Take Down                       L
    [fc]D/F+P+K      Low Cut Saw                     l      FB
    [fc]d/b+P,d/f+P  One, Two Blast                  Lm
    [fc]d/b+P,P,P,P  Hammer Rush 1                   LLmm   RB
    =d+P             Low sweep                       L
    =f+P             High sweep                      h
    =P               Uppercut                        m      RB
    [fc]d/f+P,P      Hammer Rush 2                   mm
    =d+P             Low sweep                       L
    =f+P             High sweep                      h
    =P               Uppercut                        m      RB
    [fc]d/f+K        Hammer Rush 3                   m      RB
    =d+P             Low Sweep                       L
    =f+P             High sweep                      h
    =P               Uppercut                        m      RB
    =P              Uppercut                        m      JG
    f,f+P,P,P        Windmill Punches                mmm
    =P               Backhand                        h      TB
    f,N~K~P          Dark Greeting                   !      CS
    [ws]P            Killing Uppercut                m      JG
    [ws]P+K,P+K      Double Hammer Alternate         mm
    b,d/b,d,D/F+K    Debugger                        L      FB
    b,d/b,d,D/F+P    Megaton Blast                   m
    b,d/b,d,D/F+P+K  Windup Uppercut                 m      JG
    T                Volcano                                JG
    10 String:
    Come Back Later.
    Basic Moves:
    P,P              Migraine                        hh
    =d+K             Low Kick                        L      SG
    =K              Home Surgery                    h      RB
    =f+K             Side Kick                       m      GS
    =K               Jumping Hook Kick               h
    f+P              Rusty Knife                     m      GS/RFF
    =F               Cancel RFF                      -
    d/f+P            Body Blow                       m
    K,K,K,K          Hoot Feel                       hhhm   RFF
    K,K              Right Kicks                     hh
    =F               Hard Rocker                     -      RFF
    =K               Kick to Right Flamingo          h      RFS
    =d+K            Blizzard                        L
    =b+K             Kick to LFF                     h      LFF
    =f+K             Kick to RFF                     h      RFF
    K,f+P+K          Rude Boy                        hm     GS
    K,P+K            Axe Murderer                    hm     GS/RFF
    f+P+K            Hook Kick                       h      RB
    =K               Grand Theft                     m
    d+K,K            Firecracker                     Lh     JG
    b+K              Nosebleeder                     h      RFF
    d/b+K            Crippler                        L      SG
    =~K              Feint Heel Drop                 m      FB
    f,F+P+K          Torpedo Kick                    m      RB
    f,N,K            Left Flamingo                   -      LFS
    =~K              Cheap Shot                      m      GS
    P~K              Flying Eagle                    mm
    d+K,K            Low Kick, Roundhouse            lh     RFF
    u/f+K,K,K        Hunting Hawk                    mmh
    u/b+K            Jump Kick                       h      LFS
    f,F+K            Rip Off                         m      RFF
    [ws]K,K          Tsunami Kick                    mm     RFF
    f,N,d,D/F+K      Sky Rocket                      h      JG
    f+K,K            Machine Gun Kicks               hm     GS
    =K               Machine Gun Kick                m      GS
    =K              Launcher                        h      JG
    =d+K             Low Kick                        l      SG
    =K,K            Hook, Middle                    hm
    f+K,K,K,f+K      Left Right Combo Kicks          hmmh   RFS
    =K               Total Outrage                   m
    d+P+K            Dynamite Heel                   !      CS
    b+P+K            Disrespect                      -
    =K               Plasma Blade                    m      JG
    P+K              Switch Stance                   -      RFF
    P,f+P            Migraine                        hm     GS/LFF
    P,P,f+P          Big Fists                       hhm    GS/LFF
    P,K,K            Reverse Kick Combo              hhh    LFF
    P,b+K            Punch, Spin Kick                hm     FB/RFF
    K,K              Reverse Kicks                   hh     LFF
    K,f+K            Chainsaw Kick                   hm     FB/RFF
    b+K              Misdemeanor                     h      RFF
    f,N,K            Right Flamingo                  -      RFS
    f,N,K,K          Grand Theft                     m      JG/RFF
    f,F+K            Screw Kick                      m      LFF
    =K               Back Side Kick                  h      RFF
    b+P+K            Low Sweep                       l      SG/RFF
    =K               Teaser                          h      LFF
    P~K              Backlash                        h      LFF
    f+K              Cheap Shot                      h      LFS
    =B               Disrespect                      -
    =d/b+K           Low Spin                        l      FB/LFF
    =d/f+K           Low Kick                        L      SG/LFF
    f,F+P+K          Ripoff                          h      RFF
    P                Trick Jab                       h      LFF
    f+P              Backhand                        m      GS/RFF
    u+K              Step Kick                       h      RFS
    d+K              Cutter Right                    l      LFF
    d/f+K            Cutter Left                     l      LFF
    f+K              Snap Kick                       m      RFF
    b+K              Spin Kick                       h      LFF
    K,K,K            Rocket Launcher                 mmh    JG/LFF
    K,K,f+K,K        Cannon Kicks                    mmhm   RFF
    P+K              Power Blast                     !      CS
    u_d_b_f          Movement                        -      LFS
    P                Right Punch                     h      RFF
    u+K              Step Kick                       h      LFS
    d/f+K            Right Cutter                    l      SG/RFF
    d+K              Left Cutter                     l      FB
    f+K              Snap Kick                       m      FB/LFF
    b+K              Spin Kick                       h      FB/RFF
    K                Right Kick                      m
    u_d_b_f          Movement                        -      RFS
    T                Bring It On
    10 String:
    -(Heihachi Mishima)-
    Basic Moves:
    P,P                       Double Punch                            hh
      = K                       = Roundhouse                          h
      = f+P                     = High Backfist                       h
      = f+P~P                   = Demon Executioner                   m    KND
      = f+P~(u_d)+P             = Demon Executioner cancel, sidestep
    P,P,P                     Shining Fist                            hhm
    P<b+P,P                   Demon Massacre                          hmm
    P<b+P,K                   Demon Lair                              hmm
    d+P                       Tile Splitter                           m
      = P                       = Deathfist                           m
    d/f+P,P                   Twin Pistons                            mm   JG
    f,n,d,d/f,N,P             Thunder Godfist                         m
    P+K                       Demon Breath                            m    KND
    b+P                       Demon Boar                              m
    f+P                       Demon Backhand                          h
    f,f+P                     Demon Godfist                           m    JG
    f,n,d,d/f+P               Wind Godfist                            Sm   JG
    f~n~d~d/f+P               Electric Wind Godfist                   Sm   JG
    qcf+P                     Deathfist                               m
    WS+P                      Dark Thrust                             m    FSc
    f+K                       Split Axe Kick                          m
    f,f,f+K                   Leaping Slash Kick                      h
    f,n,d,d/f,N,P+K           Demon Gut Kick                          m
    f,n,d,d/f,N,P+K           Demon Slice Kick                        L
    U/F+K,K                   Hell Axe                                mh
    (qcf_f,N,d,d/f,f_WS)+K<K  Delay Tsunami Kick                      mm
    f,n,d,D/F+K               Hell Sweep                              L
      = N+K                     = Rising Kick                         m
      = N+K,K                   = Tsunami Kick                        mm
      = N+P                     = Thunger Godfist                     m
      = K                       = Hell Sweep                          L
       = N+K                     = Rising Kick                        m
       = N+K,K                   = Tsunami Kick                       mm
       = N+P                     = Thunger Godfist                    m
       = K                       = Hell Sweep                         L
        = N+K                     = Rising Kick                       m
        = N+K,K                   = Tsunami Kick                      mm
        = N+P                     = Thunger Godfist                   m
    K~P                       Demon Scissors                          M
    d+P+K  Demon Tile Splitter  *!*
    10 Strings:
    d/f+K,P,P,K,K,P,K,P,P,P  10
    -(Paul Phoenix)-
    Basic Moves:
    P,P       Double Punch                     hh
    P,K       Reverse PDK combo                hh
    f+P+K     Hammer of the Gods               m
    qcf+K     Thruster                         h         FSc JG
    d+P       Tile Splitter                    m
      = P       = Deathfist                    m
      = K,P     = Falling Leaf                 Lm
    F+P+K     PK combo                         hh
    P,d+K     PDK combo                        hL
    f,f+P     Flash Elbow                      m
    d/f+P     Upper                            m
    qcf+P     Deathfist                        m
    WS+P      Thunder Palm                     m         JG
    FC,d/f+P  Jaw Breaker                      m
      = P       = Deathfist                    m
      = K       = Gut Buster                   m
    qcb       Sway                             --
      = P+K     = Tile Splitter                m         JGc
      = P       = Rubberband Fist              m         KNDc
      = K       = Rapid Fire                   L         RC
       = P,K     = Jaw Breaker, Gut Buster     mm
       = P,P     = Jaw Breaker, Stone Breaker  mL        JG
    SS+P+K    Shoulder Rush                    m
    SS+P      Thruster                         h         JGc
    uf+K,K    Shredder                         mm        JG
    f,f+K,K   Shredder                         mm
      = K       = High Kick                    h
      = f+K     = Mid Kick                     m
      = d+P     = Low Kick                     L
    f,f,N+K   Neutron Bomb                     m
    b+P+K  Burning Deathfist  !
    10 Strings:
    T                        Uppercut, Axe Handle            Front
    d+T                      Jumping Power Bomb              Duck
    QCB+T                    T-Bone Power Bomb               Front
    D,d/b,d,d/b+T            DDT                             Front
    f,HCF+T                  Giant Swing                     Front
    f,N,d,d/f,N,T            Standing Achilles Hold          Front
      = P,K,P,T                = S.T.F.
      = T,P,P,P                = Scorpion Death Lock
      = T,P,P,T                = Indian Death Lock
       = P,P,K,T,P+K            = Romero's Special
    f,N,d,D/F+T              Reverse Arm Hyperextension      Front
      = K,P,P+T                = Chicken Wing Facelock
       = P,P+K,K,T,P+T          = Rolling Death Cradle
       = K,P,P,K+T, K+T         = Dragon Sleeper
      = T,T                    = Double Hyper Arm Extension
      = T,K,K                  = Reverse DDT
       = K,P,L,P+K,T            = Arm Crucifixion
    f,D/F+T                  Reverse Arm Clutch              Front
      = K,P,T                  = Back Drop
       = K,K,T                  = Cannonball
        = P+K,T,K+T              = Manhattan Drop
         = P,K,P+K,T              = Superfreak
          = P,P,K,P+K,T,K,P        = T-Bone Power Bomb
          = K,P,P,K                = Giant Swing
       = P+K,T                  = German Suplex
        = P,K,T                  = Powerbomb
         = P,P,K,P+K,T,K,P        = T-Bone Power Bomb
         = K,P,P,K                = Giant Swing
    d/f+T                    Double Elbow Lock Multistarter
      = K,K,T                  = Cannonball                  Front
       = P,K,T                  = Powerbomb
        = P,P,K,P+K,T,K,P        = T-Bone Power Bomb
        = K,P,P,K                = Giant Swing
       = P+K,T,K+T              = Manhattan Drop
        = P,K,P+K,T              = Superfreak
         = P,P,K,P+K,T,K,P        = T-Bone Power Bomb
         = K,P,P,K                = Giant Swing
    Basic Moves:
    P,P,P                    Double Punch - Upper       hhm
    d/f+P<P                  Elbow String - Side Swipe  mm
    d+P,N+P                  Low Jab - Upper            Smm
    FC,d/f+1                 Ankle Smash                L         RC JG
    P+K                      Head SPinner               m         BT
      = P                      = Hand Knife             m
    f,N,d,d/f,N,P            Bouncing Knuckle Bomb      m         BNc
    u/f+P                    Knuckle Bomb               m
    WS+P                     Upper                      m
    b+P,P                    Straight Right - Elbow     hm
    f,f+2                    K's flicker                m         JG
    f,f,N+2                  Stomach Smash              L         FSc
      = P                      = Hi-Jack Back Breaker   throw
      = d+P+K                  = Jaguar Driver          throw
    f,f+P+K                  Black Shoulder             m
    (u/b_u_u/f)+P+K          Atomic Elbow Drop          M
    d/f+P+K                  Elbow Drop                 m
    d/f+K                    Rib Buster                 m
    d/b+K                    Roaring Drop Kick          L
    BT K                     Blind Kick                 m         FSc
    (WR_f,f,f)+K             Satellite Exploder         h
    SS+K                     Deadly Boomerang           h
    (d+P+K_FC,d/f+K_RN d+K)  Ali Kick                   L
      = P                      = Spin Upper             m
      = K,P                    = Ali Kick, Spin Upper   Lm
       = P                      = Spin Upper            m
       = K,K                    = Extended Ali Kicks    LL
    b+K                      Disgrace Kick              h         BT
    f,f+K                    Convict Kick               m
    f+K                      Rolling Sobat              m
    b+P+K    Moonsault Body Press  {!}
    f+P+K    Jaguar Lariat         {!}
    d/b+P+K  Atomic Back Hand      *!*
    10 Strings:
    -(Jin Kazama)-
    Basic Moves:
    P,b+P              Jab, Backfist              hh
    P,P,P              Shining Fist               hhh
    P, P               Jab, Jab                   hh
      = b+P              = Backfist               h
      = f+K              = Knee                   m
      = K                = Left Split Axe Kick    h
       = K                = Right Split Axe Kick  m
       = f+K              = Front Kick            m
    f+P                Overhead Shot              m
      = K                = Knee                   m
    d/f+P              Straight Mid Punch         m
      = P                = Overhead Shot          m
    P+K,P              White Heron                mhh
      = K                = Crescent Kick          h
      = d+K              = Crescent Sweep         L         JG
    f,N,d,d/f,N,P      Thunder Godfist            m
      = K                = Mid Kick               h
      = d+K              = Hell Sweep             L         JG
    WS+P               Uppercut                   m         JG
    f,f+P              Demon Paw                  m
    f,N,d,d/f+P        Wind Godfist               h         JG
    f~N,d~d/f+P        Electric Wind Godfist      h         JG
    b,f+P              Laser Blow                 m         FSc
    b,f+P<P<P          Laser Cannon               mmm
    b,f+P<P<d+P        Laser scraper              mmm       JG
    f,f+K              Split Axe Kick             m
    K                  Roundhouse                 h
    f+K                Knee                       m
    b+K                Demon Steel Pedal          m         FSc
    f,N,d,d/f,f+K,K    Tsunami Kick               mm
    d/f+K,K_WS+K,K     Tsunami Kick               mm
    f,N,d,d/f+K        Hell Sweep                 h         JG
    f~N,d~d/f+K        Electric Hell Sweep        h         JG
    u/f+K,K,K,K        Spinning Demon             hhLLm
    K~P                Demon Scissors             m
    b+P+K  Lightning Godfist       *!*
    B+P+K  Lightning ScrewGodfist  *!*
    10 Strings:
    f,f,N+P,P,P,P,K,K,K,K,P,P  10
    b+P,K,K,K,K,P,P+K,K,K      10
    In the next section, I'll describe each type of juggle starter. I'll also go
    into further detail under each character. Keep in mind that some of this
    stuff will be repeated in the strategy section later. First, let me start
    with the basics...
    **Juggle Basics 101**
    We'll start with the different types of Juggles. Juggles come in
    different "classes". Classes 1-4, 1 being the best/highest and 4 being the
    worst/lowest. The following illustration will better describe it than we can
    with words.
    Class S - As you might guess this type of juggle starter has special
              properties; described in further detail under each character.
    Class 1 - Opponent is sent VERY high into the air. Any juggle can be done
              following this type of launcher.
    Class 2 - Opponent is sent well over head level. This is your average juggle
              starter in Tekken Advance. Most combos can be done from this.
    Class 3 - Opponent is knocked into the air to about head level. This is the
              next most common juggle starter. Many juggles can follow this.
    Class 4 - Opponent is knocked down at knee level. This launcher is almost
              exclusive to the Fall Back Stun. Low hits usually follow.
    -(Ling Xaioyu)-
    Ling isn't a bad juggler. She just doesn't do as much damage as some of the
    other characters. She does, however, make up for this with style and flash.
    Her juggles are often high in hit count.
    Birds Flock (P+K) Class 3
    This starter is quite basic. It offers plenty of possibilities but not a lot
    of preperation time.
    Cyanide (u/f+Kc) Class 4
    This isn't a reliable starter as it requires a counterhit and it's one that
    Ling can't exploit very well.
    Thunder Strike (d/f+P+K) Class 4
    Again, not very reliable. It's a long charge move and recovery time is high.
    Also, as we stated before, Ling doesn't really have the power to exploit
    Class 4 Juggles.
    X Marks The Spot (f,F+P,Pc) Class 2
    This is one of Ling's coolest launchers however, it requires a counterhit on
    the SECOND hit to juggle, reducing its usefulness by a whole lot.
    Sunflower ([ws]Pc) Class 2
    Amazing. The fact that it needs to be a counterhit is more than made up for
    by putting her into her Rain Dance Stance. Also, she can follow it up
    Sunflower Wake-up Call ([ws]f+Pc) Class 3
    It's possible to start a juggle from this but it's a pain in the butt.
    Turning around takes time and reduces the effectivness of her juggle
    potential. Stick with the normal Sunflower unless you're just going for
    Skyscraper Kick ([ws]K) Class 4
    No counterhit required but like we said, Ling isn't great at following up
    Class 4 launchers. This one is somewhat useful though as it's easy to throw
    in as a free hit after any Gut Stun or Reel Back stun.
    Mistrust ([RDS]K) Class 2
    Easily one of Ling's best juggle starters. Just the opposite of her normal
    Sunflower in that she starts in RDS and finishes in normal stance.
    California Roll, Cyclone Left ([RDS]f+P+K,P+K) Class 1
    A very good launcher with very bad execution time. Her recovery time is also
    very good. Effective against high pokes.
    Wave Crest Quick (d+P+K~P+K) Class 2
    Wave Crest Power ([AOP]P+K) Class 2
    These moves are essentially the same thing but the second one does a tiny
    bit more damage and can be done any time durrin her Art of Phoenix stance.
    Either way, both offer the same recovery time and same juggle potential.
    Very good for avoiding high moves.
    Wave Crest Heavy ([AOP]d+P+K) Class 1
    Yes, a Class 1, non counterhit that avoids high moves! This, in my opinion
    is Ling's best juggle starter. If you have good timing, this is so abusable,
    Double Barrel Shotgun ([AOP]u/f+K,K) Class S
    The reason we give this a Class S ranking is that it knocks the opponent
    farther away from you than you would normally be used to. Other than that,
    it's a Class 1 with Class 4/5 properties.
    Jade (T) Class 4
    This throw offers slight follow up in the form of a class 4 starter.
    Sample Juggles:
    [ws]K, d/b+K, P, f,F+P,P
    [RDS]f+P+K,P+K, P, P, P, P,P, f,F+P,P
    [ws]K, d/b+K, F+P,P, P,P, f,F+P,P
    P+K, F+P,P, P,P, F+P,P, K
    T, D+K,P,P, u+P+K,P,P
    f,F+K, K, d/f+P, P,P, P, b+P
    [RDS]f+P+K,P+K, U/F+K, P, u+P+K,P,P
    [AOP] u/f+K,K, u+P+K,P, f,F+P,P
    T, D+K,P,P, F+P,P, d+K
    Yoshimitsu has good combo potential in this installment of Tekken. His
    recovery time is so much better than it has been in other games and it pays
    off well. Not to mention that he has a bunch of launchers.
    Uppercut (d/f+P) Class 3
    Basic juggle starter. It's quick and avoids high hits for a moment.
    Kangaroo Kick (K~P) Class 1
    Avoids high hits. This is probably the most commonly used launcher
    Yoshimistu posesses. Slow execution time.
    Bad Stomach (B+P+K,Any) Class S
    We give this a Class S launcher rating because if done at maximum range,
    Yoshi recovers before they "pop", allowing slower hits such as F+P. Aside
    from this small detail, this is a Class 3 Launcher.
    Shrine ([ss]P) Class 2
    Good launcher, probably his best as it side steps and is his only class 2.
    Yoshimitsu Flash (f+P+Kc) Class 4
    This move has one downfall. That is that it requires a counterhit or at
    least your opponent to walk into it. One noteworthy thing about it is that
    it's the only reversal/Parry to make it into Tekken Advance.
    Knee Cap ([fc]d/f+K) Class 4
    Very hard to follow up but since juggles are possible afterwards, we'll list
    Samurai Cutter ([fc]d/b+P) Class 4
    Just as the Knee Cap, this move is very hard to follow up but, it is
    possible so we'll list it. Neither of these are very useful as a juggle
    starter but you may find use for them.
    Sample Juggles:
    d/f+P, b+P,P, b+P, b+P,P, b+P,P, f,f,N~K,P
    f+P, d/f+P, b+P,P,P,P,P, d+P, [ws]P,P,P
    K~P, P+K, K
    K~P, U/F+K, b+P,P, b+P,P,P, f,f,N+K,P
    K~P, P+K, u/f, f,f
    K~P, f+P+K, b+P,P, b+P,P,P, U/F+K, [fc]d/f+K
    K~P, B+P+K,Any
    d/f+P, b+P,P,P,P, B+P,P,P,P, b+P,P,P
    B+P+K,Any, P+K, u/f, f,f
    -(Nina Williams)-
    Nina isn't exactly a combo powerhouse but she does have some decent
    potential. Her unblockable is a decent combo starter if you can get it off.
    Geyser Cannon (d/b+P+K) Class 3
    This is an ok launcher but we would only use it when switching up with the
    Geyser Cannon Combo. It's good to catch someone off guard when they're
    expecting a low hit.
    Geyser Cannon Combo (d/b+K,K) Class 2
    This is what we're talking about! High enough to do just about anything
    after it. The only bad part of it is that Nina has a slow recovery time
    afterwards. Switching between this and the Geyser Cannon is probably your
    best bet for getting a juggle combo started.
    Power Charge (b+P+K) Class 4
    Yet another unblockable that can be followed by a combo for extra damage.
    Unlike some other characters, Nina excells at following up Class 4's.
    Low Kick Uppercut strings (d+K,P) Class 3
    Nina has a bunch of moves that include this, check her moves list for more
    Bad Habbit (f,F+Kc_qcf+Kc) Class 4
    Both versions of this move require a counterhit to work but it's fairly easy
    to trick an opponent into attacking when you're out of range. Since this
    move has really good priority and recovery, you're safe abusing this a
    Shut Up (d,d/f+P) Class 2
    Avoiding high hits, Nina bitch slaps the opponent into the air. All around
    decent launcher for her.
    Wipe the Floor ([fc]D/F+K) Class 4
    One of the only follow ups after this is her [fc]D/B+K,P. Still, as it is
    possible to combo afterwards, I have listed it.
    Sample Juggles:
    None at this time. I could list a bunch of borring, already been done combos
    but I'm sure you can come up with those yourselves. Perhaps soon, I'll post
    -(Forrest Law)-
    Law's Flips are over abundant in this game and highly over powered but
    they're here so Law is a powerhouse. While his juggles aren't nessicarily
    great in varriation, they are heavy on the damage.
    Backflip (U/F+K_F+K,U+K_d+K,K,K,K,U+K_b+K,K_d+K,u+K_[fc]K,K) Class S
    Probably the most common of Law's juggle starters, this is fairly easily
    blocked and punished. Don't rely on them. Class S because you recover
    Double Backflip (U/F+K,K) Class 3
    If you hit with just the second hit, you'll recover standing and will be
    able to follow up with almost any move.
    Dragon Hammer (F+P+Kc) Class 3
    Slow execution and required counterhit make this more of a show off move
    than a useful tool. It does look good though.
    Charge Power Punch (d/b+P+K) Class 4
    Why are unblockables so easy to combo from in this game? Anyway, Law's is
    one of the harder to do so from. d+P will get you started though.
    Uppercut ([ws]P_B+P+K,d/f+P) Class 2
    Good for countering after blocking low or for taunting durring Law's Fake
    Step. The Fake Step version avoids high attacks for a split second.
    Hop Kick (u/f+K) Class 3
    A quick hop kick that launches the opponent to a decent height and you
    recover standing. The speed of this move makes up for the recovery time if
    Junkyard Kick (d/b+P,K,K) Class 3
    Decent combo but all to easily avoided. Easy follow ups even though the
    opponent is launched about 1/2 a character distance away.
    Dragon Storm (b+P,P>P) Class 2
    The only saving grace of this move is that the hits can be delayed. Other
    than that, you can see it coming from miles away. Recovery time is slow if
    Dragon's Tail (d/b+K) Class 4
    Follow ups are hard to come by with this move but they exist.
    Slide Kick ([fc]d/f,d,D/F+K) Class S
    The only follow up we know of is the lightning kick which is done by hitting
    Sample Juggles:
    U/F+K, [ws]K, P, d/b+P,K,K
    b+P,P,P, U/F+K, P, U/F+K,K
    b+P,P,P, P, F+P,P,P, f+P+K
    f+P+K, d,d/f,f+P, f+K~P
    b+P,P,P, F+P,P,P, d/b+P,K,K
    d/b+P+K, P, d/b+P,K,K
    b+P,P,P, P, b+P, P, f,f, d+P,K
    b+P,P,P, P, d/b+P, F+P,P,P, [fc]d/f,d,D/F+K
    -(Gun Jack)-
    Amazingly, Gun Jack is an uber-good juggler in this game. The only downside
    to this is that almost all of his starters are either too predictable or
    have horrendous recovery time. Also, he doesn't have that many.
    Jab Elbow Smash (f+P,P,P) Class 3
    The beauty of this move is that the last hit, the launcher, is usually
    unexpected. Also, he avoids high hits on the last hit.
    Hammer (P+K) Class 4
    We don't suggest you use this as a juggle starter but rather be on the look
    out for it so you can follow up with the cossack dance or debugger.
    Cut Saw (f+P+K) Class 3
    For Gun Jack, this move has good recovery. However, the combos that follow
    it are few and far between.
    Low Cut (f+P+K,P+K_[fc]d/f+P+K) Class 4
    Other than using this for finishing the Cut Saw, it's not that useful as a
    launcher. However, you can do some follow ups.
    Thunder Slap (d/f+P+K Class 4
    This move has a slow execution time but it hits low and some people might
    not see it coming. Juggles afterwards, again are kinda weak as it's a class
    Tripple Uppercut ([fc]d/f+K,P,P) Class 3
    I find this to be Jack's best launcher as all hits are mid and recovery time
    is good. It allows some of Jack's best juggles.
    Dark Greeting (f,N~K~P) Class 3
    Wow! Jack has a class 3 unblockable launcher. This is just astonishing. Not
    much here.
    Killing Uppercut ([ws]P) Class 3
    Damn, it seems that Jack only has Class 3 and 4 Juggle starters. Oh well,
    this is good for following up after blocking low. Recovery time is ok.
    Nothing to write home about.
    Windup Uppercut (b,d/b,d,D/F+P+K) Class S
    Yes, Jack DOES have a really good launcher. This is possibly the highest
    launcher in the game. This move has very little recovery time and has a push
    back property to it.
    Volcano (T) Class 1
    We belive that this is the only class 1 throw in the game. Since it's a
    throw, you don't need to worry about recovery time. Just wether they duck or
    Sample Juggles:
    T, P,P,P
    T, f,f+P,P,P
    T, f+P, f+P, f+P, f+P+K,P
    f+P,P,P, df+P,P,P,P, b,d/b,d,d/f+K
    df+P+K, [fc] db+P,df+P
    df+P+K, [fc] df+P,P,P, f+P+K,P+K
    f~N~K~P, f+P, f+P, f+P, b,d/b,d,d/f+K
    f+P,P,P, d+P,P,P,P
    [fc] df+K,P,P, f+P, f+P, f+P, f,f+P+K
    [fc] d/f+K,P,P, f+P, f+P, f+P, f+P+K,P+K
    [fc] d/f+K,P,P, f+P, f+P, f+P, f+P+K,P
    [fc] d/f+K,P,P, f+P,P, f+P,P, b,d/b,d,d/f+K
    b,d/b,d,d/f+P+K, [fc]d/f+K,P,P, f+P, f+P+K,P
    Hwoarang is the best skilled juggler in this game. No doubt in my mind.
    You'll see why if you look at the last combo listed below. High speed, low
    recovery time, lots of mixups make him perfect for juggles.
    Firecracker (d+K,K) Class 2
    This is a very basic, easily avoidable, low-high launcher. Because the whole
    thing can be blocked low, the usefulness of this move is reduced greatly.
    Feint Heel Drop (d/b+K,K) Class 4
    Mixing this up with the crippler (d/b+K) makes this move a bit more useful.
    Unfortunatly, the follow ups are few.
    Sky Rocket (f,N,d,d/f+K) Class 1
    For a very breif moment, this move avoids high hits which is good only
    against jabs and Mishima Wind God Fists. Although there is a slight push 
    when blocked, you are vulnerable long enough to get smacked anyway. It can
    also be ducked.
    Machine Gun Kicks (f+K,K,K,K) Class 3
    If blocked, this move offers a heafty push back stun but the last kick can
    be ducked completly and then countered.
    Dynamite Heel (d+P+K) Class 4
    Yes, another unblockable but this one is special. It allows for his best
    juggle in the game. Also, it's pretty easy to catch someone with.
    Plasma Blade ([BK]K) Class 2
    This move is great if you find yourself with your back to the opponenet. It
    comes out fast and allows decent follow up.
    Chainsaw Kick ([RFF] K,f+K) Class 4
    Misdemenor ([RFF] b+K) Class 4
    Not so great but it does combo with a few moves.
    Grand Theft ([RFF] f,N+K,K) Class 2
    This is a big launcher that comes from a flamingo feint. It's fast and
    fairly powerful.
    Cutter ([Any Flamingo] d+K) Class 4
    This move offers some trickiness while giving the same properties of the
    Dynamite Heel.
    Step Kick ([Any Flamingo] u+K) Class 4
    Very hard to combo from as you land in the opposite flamingo but there are a
    few follow ups.
    Rocket Launcher ([LFL]K,K,K) Class 3
    This move mirrors the last three hits of the Machine Gun Kicks.
    Sample Juggles:
    f~K, u+K, P, f+K,P, [iws]K,K
    f,N,d,d/f+K, P+K, P~K
    [RFF]f,K~K, P,K~f, P, k,f+K
    [RFF]f~K, d+K, d/f+K,K, P, f+P, b+K
    [RFF](ch)f~K,K, P~K
    f,N,d,d/f+K, U/F+K, U/F+K, f,N,d,d/f+K
    f,N,d,d/f+K, P+K, F+K,P, P, f+K,P, u/f+K
    f,N,d,d/f+K, f,F+P+K, d/f+K,K, u+K
    [RFF](ch)f~K,K, d+P+K
    D+P+K, d/f+K,K, P, f+K, P, f,F+P+K, d/b+K
    -(Heihachi Mishima)-
    Heihachi is an excelent juggler in this game as he has been in the past and,
    I'm sure, in the future. Like Paul, his juggles often consist of your
    average combo fare with power hits finishing them off however, unlike Paul,
    his in-between hits are more powerful. This makes his juggles one of his
    best offensive weapons. Learn his combos and learn them well.
    Deamon Breath (P+K) Class S
    This move is an amazing as it is not only very fast but, it allows for hell
    sweep follow ups on a counter hit if you're fast enough and plenty of other
    follow ups on a normal hit. The reason this is an S class is that it differs
    on a counter hit but it is still possible to follow up if you're quick.
    Demon Shout (F+P,P) Class S
    This move has the same properties of the counter hit Deamon Breath. It's not
    your average juggle starter but when using Heihachi, he can do a quick Hell
    Sweep follow up.
    Right Splits Kick (F+Kc) Class 4
    This move is only a juggle starter on a counter hit. It's good for hitting
    crouching characters but it's fairly slow.
    Twin Pistons (d/f+P,P) Class 2
    Heihachi's classic twin pistons are back and just as deadly as ever.  Both
    hit mid and if you get a counterhit with the first hit, the second is free.
    Always good for putting the pressure on as it pushes them back pretty far
    but be careful as some characters can juggle you if they block it.
    Hell Axe (u/f+K,K) Class S
    Again, this is just a move that Heihachi can take advantage of with his Hell
    Sweep. Nothing more than that though but extra damage is extra damage.
    Lightning Hammer (d+P+K) Class 4
    Still, another Unblockable that can be juggled after. It's slow, powerful
    and Heihachi can really take advantage of Class 4 juggles.
    Demon Uppercut (f,f+P) Class 2
    BIG uppercut that hits mid but I don't suggest doing this unless you're
    about 1.5 character distances away. It's pretty slow but he ducks high
    attacks for a split second so it's easy to get a counter hit off at times.
    Wind God Fist (f,N,d,D/F+P) Class 2
    Perhaps this move is over used by many but it's for good reason. It hits
    mid, it's fast as could be and there's almost no recovery if blocked. Fast
    characters can get a quick jab in but that's about it. I hate to say abuse
    this but unless your Com or friends sidestep a lot, it's safe to abuse this
    move without much problem.
    Jumping Low Kick (f,N,d,D/F+P+K) Class 4
    Heihachi recovers crouching so his follow ups aren't as easy as if he were
    standing but that doesn't mean it's impossible. Mix this move up with the
    Jumping Mid Kick (f,N,d,d/f,[F+K_N,P+K]) for maximum results.
    Hell Sweep (f,N,d,D/F+Kc,K,K) Class 4
    Note that if the first kick is a counter hit, you don't need to get any more
    hits off to start the juggle. The Hell Sweep is a great move because of it's
    range and that it hits low and grounded characters. You gotta love that! In
    addition to that, Heihachi is usually low enough to avoid high hitting moves
    while preforming this.
    Dark Thrust ([WS]Pc) Class 4
    Even though you need a counter hit to start this juggle, it's fairly easy to
    get one in the heat of a battle. Just try it and you'll see. In my opinion,
    it's Heihachi's best WS move in Tekken Advance.
    Sample Juggles:
    ewgf, P, ewgf, P, dewgf
    wgf, P,b+P, P,b+P,P
    ewgf, P+K, P,b+P, f,n,d~d/f+K,P
    f,n,d,d/f+K, d+P, f,n,d~d/f+K,P
    ewgf, P, ewgf, P, qcf+K,K
    SSR ewgf, P, P, tgf
    ewgf, P+K, P,b+P, ewgf (big)
    f,n,d,d/f+K, d+P,P
    ewgf, tgf, f~n~d~D/F+K,K,P, d+P (big)
    ewgf, ewgf, ewgf, ewgf
    ewgf, P,P, P,P, P,P, tgf
    -(Paul Phoenix)-
    Paul has a rather large ammount of combos in this game but they are pretty
    straight forward with power hits finishing them off. His best two finishers
    are his Deathfist (qcf+P) and Sway to Rapid Fire to Jawbreaker to
    Gutbuster_Stone Breaker (qcb+K,P,P_K). Just keep in mind that Paul does the
    msot damage while his opponent is on the ground...but a few extra free hits
    are always good and good fun.
    Hammer of the Gods (f+P+Kc) Class 4
    Because of the nessicary counter hit and Paul's somewhat slow recovery time,
    this isn't the best juggle starter in his arsenal. Also, his follow ups
    aren't all that great but as I've said before, extra damage is extra damage.
    Shredder (u/f+K,K) Class S
    This move is great if the first hit misses or if you just do a hop kick
    (u/f+K). Otherwise, they're a bit far away and the combos are few from 
    Hop Kick (u/f+K) Class 2
    After this move, almost anything is possible. In my opinion, this is one of
    Paul's best juggle starters. It's fast, pops them up high, and does a decent
    ammount of damage.
    Neutron Bomb (f,f+K,K) Class 2
    This is only a combo starter is the first hit misses. Aside from that, it's
    pretty much the same as the hop kick.
    Bone Breaker* (d+K,P) Class 4
    If you look above, you'll see a star next to the name of this move. That's
    because I didn't know what to call just the first part of it. For this to be
    a juggle starter, you have to omit the last punch. This move is great for
    catching someone off guard with a low move. I belive this and the following
    are Paul's only low-hitting juggle starters.
    Hang Over* (d+P,K,P) Class 4
    Just as with the bone breaker, this one requires you to omit the last punch.
    For more info, see the above caption.
    Thruster (d,d/f,f+K) Class S
    This move is great. Not only is it a Class 2 launcher on a normal hit but,
    upon a counter hit, it's one of two moves in this game that allow for a
    Change Combo! Because of the slow stun animation before they fall into a
    Class 4 starter, you can Change characters and finish the combo!
    Stone Breaker ([ws]P_QCB+K,P,K_[fc]d/f+P,K) Class 2
    I like this move. It's quite good considering that you can do it from a
    crouching position. In the case of the combo versions of this move, upon a
    counter hit, you get extra damage before the juggle starts.
    God Hammer Punch (d,d/b,b+P+Kc) Class 3
    Only upon a counter hit does this move cause a juggle starter but it's
    pretty easy if you know your spacing and can anticipate when your opponent
    will attack.
    Turn Thruster ([ss]Pc) Class 3
    The perfect juggle starter. Not only do you evade getting hit but you do
    lots of damage with your follow ups. Since in this game, side stepping is
    greatly rewarded, Paul only takes advantage of it with this move. The fact
    that this move needs to have a counter hit doesn't effect its usefulness one
    Sample Juggles:
    u/f+K, u/f+K,K, P, f+P+K
    WS+P, d/b+P, P, d/b+P, FC,d/f+P,K
    u/k+K, P, f,f, P, P, P, qcf+P
    d+K, WS+K, d+P,P
    WS+P, P, d/b+P, P, P, f,f+P
    u/f+K, P, iWS+K, P, qcf+P
    (ch) qcb+P, f,f, d+P, d+P,P
    WS+P, f+P+K, d+P,P
    (ch) qcf+K, u/f+K, P, UF,K, qcb+K,P,P
    King's not the greatest juggler but he does have some power which makes up a
    bit for his lack of high numbers. Not much flash here, either. King is a no
    nonsense character and it shows in his combos. On the other hand, King is
    one of the few characters that allows a Tag Combo! Check below to find out
    how to get them started.
    Moonsault Body Press (b+P+K) Class S
    *Sigh* Yet another unblockable that can be comboed after. Not much can be
    done but one of the easier combos I've come up with is included in the
    Jaguar Lariat (f+P+K) Class 4
    Yep. There's another one of those pesky unblockable combo starters. Sheesh!
    There's just too many ways to exploit this game! Nothing big here but I
    thought it worth mentioning.
    Capital Punishment (u/f+P) Class 4
    It would seem that most of King's juggle starters are Class 4. Just keep
    reading for the upper class starters. As for this one, It's ok when you're
    at about 3 character's distance from the opponent or when they're getting 
    Downward Elbow (d/f+Pc) Class 4
    On a counter hit, this move offers a small window for a juggle but it's not
    the best. I guess it's to compensate for there not being a face down
    animation in this game. Still, some combos are possible from this.
    K's Flicker (f,F+Pc) Class 2
    This move is ok. It launches the opponent high enough for just about
    anything but it's slow execution time and nessicary counter hit hinder it a
    Deadly Boomerang ([ss]K) Class S
    The same combos are possible as from his Moonsault Press.
    Crouching Uppercut ([ws]P) Class 2
    Good move for when you find yourself in a crouching position. Most any combo
    is possible from this move.
    Leg Breaker ([fc]d/f+P) Class 4
    Good, Low-hitting move but it's quite slow. The following combos are as you
    would expect from a Class 4.
    Atomic Blaster ([bk]P+K) Class S
    *See the Jaguar Lariat for what this move is capable of.
    Blind Kick ([bk]Kc) Class 4
    This move works well for when an opponent thinks they've got you where they
    want you. Because you need a counter hit, it loses it's effectivness.
    Stomach Smash (f,f,N+Pc) Class S
    This is the other move that allows for Change Combos. This is King's best
    juggle starter but the nessicary counter hit really sucks it's usefulness
    Black Bomb (f,N,d,d/f+P) Class S
    This move is Class S because it has different properties depending on how
    you hit with it. If it's a normal hit, the move is a Class 4. If, however,
    you hit with a counter hit, it's a Class 2 "bounce" juggle starter.
    Charge Backhand (d/b+P+K) Class S
    I'm not 100% sure if this move can be followed up but it is my belief that
    it can be. I belive a Black Bomb hits after it but I'm not sure right now.
    Sample Juggles:
    b+P+K, T, [fc]d/f+K,P
    (ch)f,f,n+2, f,f,n+2, f,f,n+2, f,f,n+2, f,f,n+2, f,f,n+2
    -(Jin Kazama)-
    Jin is another huge comboer. His abilities are second only to Hwoarang's and
    tied with Heihach. Being able to bring an opponent from low to high with the
    White Herron (P+K,P), really makes his juggability impressive. Keep this
    move in mind when you don't think you can juggle someone.
    Demon Steel Pedal (b+Kc) Class 4
    A counter hit is needed but not hard to come across with this move as it's
    deceptivly fast and hits mid.
    Double Lift Kick (d+P+K) Class 2
    This move can catch an opponent when they least expect it and in this game,
    it's quite a good launcher.
    Roundhouse to Hellsweep (u/f+K,K) Class 4
    This move requires you to miss with the first hit in order to pull off a
    quick hell sweep. Same properties as the hell sweep from there. See below.
    Shoot the Works (P,P,K,K_f+K) Class 4
    If you omit the last hit of this combo, you can follow up with your own
    Class 4 juggle.
    3 Ring Circus Combo (P+K,P,d+K) Class 4
    Just like the Hellsweep on the last hit. Mix it up with the normal 3 Ring
    Circus (P+K,P,K) to play mind games with the enemy.
    Left Splits Kick (f,f+K) Class 4
    This move functions exactly the same as the third hit of Shoot the Works
    combo. Also, just like Heihachi's version of this same move.
    Laser Scraper (b,f+P,P,d/f+P) Class 2
    One of Jin's most abused moves, this can cause some serious damage but can
    leave you quite open if you whiff.
    Wind God Fist (f,N,d,d/f+P) Class 2
    This is one of the better launchers in Jin's move list but it suffers one
    very major flaw. It hits high and therefore can be ducked and countered if
    they see it coming so I suggest you go for the Electric Wind God Fist
    (f~N~d/f+P). This version has faster recovery and sends the opponent just a
    tad higher into the air. Also, upon counter hit, it doesn't send them across
    the screen.
    Thunder God Fist to Hellsweep (f,N,d,d/f,N+P,d+K) Class 4
    Same as Hellsweep. Check below for slight more info reguarding this move.
    Hellsweep (f,N,d,d/f+K) Class 4
    Jin's main low-hitting juggle starter, as you can see from above. This move
    is quite good and in Tekken Advance, there's an Electric Hellsweep
    (f~N~d/f+K)! The electric version is just like the Electric Wind God Fist in
    that it comes out faster and the recovery is slightly better.
    Uppercut ([ws]P) Class 2
    This move has the same properties of the last hit of Jin's Laser Scraper
    with one minor difference - it is preformed from a crouched position and
    needs no other input before hand. Good for countering a high move.
    Sample Juggles:
    ewgf, P, ewgf, P, wgf
    (CH)b+K, d/f+P, b,f+P,P,P
    ewgf, P, tgf,K
    ewgf, d/f+P, ewgf, ewgf
    f~n~d~d/f+k, P+K,P, b,f+P,P,P
    ewgf, P, f,f+P, P, wgf
    wgf, tgf, [P]+K,P, ewgf (big)
    ewgf, ewgf, [P]+K,P, b,f+P,P,P
    ewgf, b,f+P,P,d+P, tgf
    ewgf, b,f+P,P,d+P, b,f+P,P,P
    Well, that's it for now. I'll update this FAQ as I see fit but as far as I'm
    concerned, it's complete. I would have liked to include a Finisher section
    but this has taken so much time off my hands already. Perhaps in the future,
    I'll add it but who knows?
    Special thanks to Namco for bringing this bundle of gaming goodness!
    -King's Spawn for his site, www.justframe.com and for many of the excelent
    combos that are featured in this FAQ.
    -Castel for bringing the many Tekken fans across the globe one step closer
    together via his site, www.tekkenzaibatsu.com.
    -BloodSpoor's girlfriend for being there whenever he needs her.
    -God for giving us something to live for.

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