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"Tekken in GBA"


Tekken Advance is the first Tekken game for GBA. This Namco game resembles Tekken 3 more than anything else does. Despite being one of the better fighting games in GBA, by no means this game is perfect, or even comparable to its playstation counterpart. While I have to admit that Namco has done a good job porting Tekken over to GBA, at the end of the day they are still a poor counterpart of the Playstation version.

Gameplay 8/10
Many variety here. You have variety of options, such as the classic arcade mode where you played with single character. The Time attack mode, Survival mode, Tag battle mode, and an unlockable Team Battle mode. While Tekken Advance doesn't have the Tekken force mode unlike its playstation counterpart, the tag battle mode, which allow you to battle using a team of three is a worthy addition. There's also the practice mode that allows you to practice the character's moves.

In addition to that, you can also play in a two-player mode in a regular versus mode or tag battle mode. This could be done using the link cable. Consequently, it could be a bane if you know no one that plays this game. In order to be able to play all the game modes, you'll need some connectivity. At the same times though, this is also an edge that Tekken Advance has over Playstation's Tekken 3 - portability. You can carry your GBA everywhere, but you can't expect to do that with your playstation.

Moving on to the battle, Tekken Advance stood out from the rest of the fighting games. You could say that it's more realistic. Projectiles are a few, compared to more established fighting games like the King of Fighters series, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Instead, the characters rely more on a hand to hand combat.

Graphics 9/10
This is a GBA games, without any doubt the graphics are still inferior to its Playstation counterpart. However, the graphics is impressive enough. Although they look more pixelated, the characters still resemble their playstation counterparts closely. Moreover, the game has a 3D feel to it with the stage rotation. Namco truly did a good job in the graphics department. However, it is not flawless. The frame progressions aren’t exactly smooth at times.

Controls 6/10
Controls are important in fighting games. In Tekken Advance, the differences in the game controls are one of the prominent differences between Playstation's Tekken and GBA's Tekken. There are only 4 buttons in GBA, as a result the punches and kicks buttons have been condensed to two, from an original four in Playstation, one for each actions. This could led a frustrating situation for many, as you'll have to press many buttons to pull off a moves, and a ridiculous number of buttons to pull off a combo.

Characters 6/10
If you've played Tekken 3, you'll find a lot of similarities between the two games, even the playable character. Tekken Advance has 9 playable character (The original Tekken 3 lineup + P Jack minus Eddy Gordo and Lei). However, it lacks the secret characters that Tekken 3 have. Tekken 3 contains loads of secret characters, that you'll be able to play more than 15 characters. However, Tekken Advance only contains the original 9 characters plus one hidden character (Heihachi). In the end, there aren't really many choices in term of characters available.

Replay Value7/10
At least the game does have some connectivity. This means that you could challenge your friends, families, pets, etc. However, the single player modes do not provide much replay value. Once you have beaten the arcade mode with all the nine original character and unlock the boss - Heihachi, there aren't anything much to do. You might want to pick up this game from time to time, but not always.

Final Words
So at this point, you might be asking a question: Should I buy this game? If you like a fighting games and you don't have a playstation, go ahead. If you have the playstation version, I would recommend you to stick with it. Portability aside, Playstation's Tekken games are much superior in every aspects be it in visual, gameplay or characters selection.

Final Score: 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/07/04

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