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    FAQ/Move List by Code Breakers

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                                                        GUILTY GEAR X
                                                     ADVANCE EDITION
                                                       By: Code Breakers
                                               E-Mail: the tepolka@aol.com
                                                   v1.5 - March 15, 2002
          Faq Was Created February 14, 2002 And Was Last Updated March 15, 2002
    1.Game Story
    4.Character Moves List
    6.Coming Soon
    In the year 2180, Justice-the most powerful and diabolical Gear ever to have
    been encountered by humans-was defeated in the international fighting
    tournament. The remaining Gears, now leaderless, were hunted down and
    eliminated. Humankind was finally free from the catastrophic menace brought on
    by the Gears.
    However... less than a year after the incident, information about the discovery
    of a particular Gear rose to the public's attention. The report stated,"This
    Gear is functioning properly, even though its activities should be inhibited by
    its lack of leadership. There are no signs of abnormalities or physical damage.
    It is also noted that no civilians have been harmed, either intentionally or
    accidentally. We have made several attempts to eliminate the Gear, but due to
    its tremendous combat capabilities, we have been unsuccessful. The number of
    casualties has yet to be confirmed. We are currently keeping the Gear under
    Gears are biological weapons that are programmed to blindly obey the orders
    given to them by their commander. In the absence of orders, they become passive
    and behave peacefully. However, all existing Gears have had their memories
    erased by Justice, and without orders, they are incapable of doing anything.
    Not only do they lack the instinct to protect themselves, they cannot even
    perform the essential activities they need to keep themselves alive. As long as
    a Gear is functioning properly, it should be following commands given by
    Understandably, the news of this Gear that seemed to have a will of its own
    stunned everyone. Humans became terrified by the possible emergence of a second
    self-reliant Gear like Justice. To make matters worse, rumors were flying that
    each nation was in possession of their own Gears for the purpose of military
    use, driving anti-Gear sentiment among humans to an all-time high. They would
    not give up their long-awaited peace so easily, and soon, an announcement was
    ~ Whosoever brings about the demise of this dreadful Gear shall be rewarded
    with the lofty sum of 500,000 World Dollars! ~
    Standard Controls:
    Forward: Move forward
    Back: Move back/ Block
    Down: Crouch
    Up: Jump
    Start: Pause Menu
    Select: No use
    4-button Mode:
    Punch: B
    Kick: A
    Slash: L
    Heavy Slash: R
    3-button Mode:
    Attack: B
    Slash: R
    Heavy Slash: A
    Extra: L
    Arcade - Tournament Mode
    VS - Fight With A Friend Using The Link Cable
    Training - Practice Your Moves And Specials Here
    Survival - Try To Defeat As Many Opponents As You Can
    Tag Match - 2 On 2 Tournament Mode
    3 On 3 - 3 On 3 Tournament Mode
    Options - Configure Your Button Settings, Save Settings, Colors, And More
    F = Forward
    B = Back
    D = Down
    U = Up
    P = Punch
    K = Kick
    L = Slash
    R = Heavy Slash
    HCF = Half-circle forward (Back, Back-Down, Down, Forward-Down, Forward)
    HCB = Half-circle back (Forward, Forward-Down, Down, Back-Down, Back)
    QCF = Quarter-circle forward (Down, Forward-Down, Forward)
    QCB = Quarter-circle back (Down, Back-Down, Back)
    QCD = Quarter-circle down (Back, Back-Down, Down)
    Note: Your Are Able To Do Overdrive Attacks And Instant Kill Moves Only When
    Your Tension Meter Is Fully Charged.
    Basic Moves:
    Run = F-F
    Dodge = B-B
    Double Jump = U-U
    Air Dash = (In Air) F-F Or B-B
    Throw = F+R (Near Opponent)
    Tag = QCF+K+R
    Characters Move List:
    Note: Everything Listed Has The Original name Like Unknown1 Is Unknown1, If You
    Find A Mistake Here Email me At: the tepolka@aol.com
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 163 lbs.
    Blood type: Unknown
    Eye color: Reddish Brown
    Birthday: Unknown
    Birthplace: America
    Hobbies: Listening to Queen
    Likes: The Queen album, "Sheer Heart Attack"
    Dislikes: Great effort, "Doing your best."
    Personal Info:
    Sullen and unrefined; only speaks to others when absolutely necessary.This is
    reflected in everything he does, and his fighting moves, while rough and
    unpolished, are executed with absolute precision.Not a friendly man, but not an
    inherently evil one.
    Once a subject of biological weapon research, Sol has spent the last 150 years
    living as a bounty hunter in order to conceal his past. His combat skills
    easily surpass those of his human counterparts, and he is immune to the affects
    of age. To avert further tragedy, he continues on his quest to find and
    eliminate all Gears and the scientist who created them. After the death of
    Justice, all the Gears around the world should have ceased their activities;
    upon receiving word of a still-functioning Gear, Sol sets out for the
    Tournament to investigate.
    Special Moves:
    Gun Flame: QCF + P
    Volcanic Viper: F, D, F + L or R
    Riot Stamp: QCB + K
    Grand Viper: QCB + L
    Wild Throw: F, D, F + K (Near Opponent)
    Bandit Revolver: QCF + Kick
    Overdrive Attacks:
    Tyrant Rave: HCB Then F + R
    Dragon Install: QCB, QCB + L
    Instant Kill Move:
    Napalm Death: QCF, QCF + R
    KY KISKE -
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 128 lbs.
    Blood type: AB
    Eye color: Blue-Green
    Birthday: November 20
    Birthplace: France
    Hobbies: Collecting teacups
    Likes: Everyone's smiling faces
    Dislikes: Sol
    Personal Info:
    Deadly serious, honest in work, truthful with others and devout in his morals.
    A firm believer in justice, eternally trying to help those weaker than himself.
    At the same time, he possesses a fragile mind that quickly erupts when he
    encounters anyone who breaks his rules or disrupts his order. In other words,
    he has a hard time dealing with freedom, a fact he has yet to realize.
    A charismatic and talented swordsman, Ky was appointed as the leader of the
    Sacred Order of Holy Knights when he was only 16. Since the Crusades, he has
    worked in the police force to keep his vigil over mankind. Justice's final
    words at the Tournament made Ky realize that the "justice" he believed in only
    served human purposes. Ky, who believed all his life that Gears were inherently
    evil, could neither agree nor disagree with Justice's message. It was then that
    he received word of a Gear that had no intention of harming humans. To
    determine the true meaning of justice, he decided to embark on a new journey.
    Special Moves:
    Stun Edge: QCF + L
    Stun Edge Charge Attack: QCF + R
    Vapor Thrust: F, D, F + L or R
    Stun Dipper: QCF + K
    Crescent Slash: QCB + K
    Overdrive Attack:
    Ride the Lightning: HCB Then F + R
    Instant Kill Move:
    Rising Force: QCF, QCF + R
    MAY -
    Height: 5'2
    Weight: 104 lbs.
    Blood type: B
    Eye color: Black
    Birthday: May 5 (the day Johnny found her)
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Hobbies: Thinking about Johnny
    Likes: Johnny
    Dislikes: Baldness
    Personal Info:
    A mischievous and happy-go-lucky young girl. Her values are based completely
    around her consuming love for Johnny. (If Johnny was on one side of a scale and
    everyone else in the world were on the other, Johnny would still weigh more in
    her eyes.) This pure and childlike exterior belies untold strength; she can
    hoist up a ship's anchor by herself. Simple-minded and selfish, nothing can
    stop her once she gets an idea into her head.
    Having lost her parents at a young age, May was picked up by the pirate Johnny
    and raised as a chivalrous bandit. Though she lived a rough life, over time she
    came to be charmed by her new guardian's kindness and broadmindedness. Ever
    since, her life has become completely dedicated to Johnny, and her reunion with
    him after the last Tournament brought her much happiness. One day, as Johnny's
    birthday was nearing, the crew decided to give him a present as a sign of their
    appreciation. Compelled by her growing feelings for him, May decided to give
    him a gift personally, in addition to the crew's gift. The problem was, she
    didn't have money… Soon after, she learned of the huge bounty put on the Gear,
    and decided to head for the new Tournament.
    Special Moves:
    Mr. Dolphin! (Horizontal): Hold B, then F + L or R
    Mr. Dolphin! (Vertical): Hold D, then U + L or R
    Restive Rolling: F, D, F + L
    Applause For The Victim: HCF + P or K or L or R
    Overhead Kiss: HCB + K
    Overdrive Attacks:
    Ultimate Whiner: HCB + R
    Great Yamada Attack: QCF, QCF + L
    Instant Kill Move:
    May And The Jolly Crew: HCF, HCF + R
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 106 lbs.
    Blood type: B
    Eye color: Blue
    Birthday: Unknown (Millia is an orphan)
    Birthplace: Village of the assassins (Russia)
    Hobbies: Playing with cats
    Likes: Virtue
    Dislikes: Zato, losing hair
    Personal Info:
    A cold, reticent woman, nothing ever appears to interest her. Indifferent
    towards her feminine side, perhaps because of her assassin upbringing. Sees
    everything in terms of black or white, and rarely makes a wrong decision.
    Although her mind is like a machine, there is still a little human left in her,
    and she is tormented inside by the recluse she has become.
    Losing both of her parents when she was still a child, Millia was trained by a
    group of assassins to use her hair as weapon. However, her conscience would not
    allow her to murder innocent people, and as a result, she left the
    organization. Being constantly pursued by the assassins, she decided that it
    was more efficient to put an end to the organization than to run away from it.
    She entered the tournament to defeat Zato, the assassins' leader. Her plan was
    technically a success and she did gain her freedom, but her feelings-the guilt
    of causing her former master to be overtaken by a shadow and the fear of having
    to confront him again-still troubled her. Finally, out of her agony came a
    conclusion… "I must finish him off, once and for all."
    Special Moves:
    Tandem Top: QCF + L or R
    Iron Saber: QCB + P
    Secret Garden: QCB + R
    Forward Roll: QCB + K
    Bad Moon: QCF + P (in air)
    Maximum Velocity Fall: QCF + K (in air)
    Overdrive Attacks:
    Winger: QCB, HCF + L
    Emerald RainL: QCF, QCF + L
    Instant Kill Move:
    Iron Maiden: QCF, QCF + R
    ZATO-One -
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 150 lbs.
    Blood type: A
    Eye color: Originally blue
    Birthday: January 28
    Birthplace: Village of the assassins (Spain)
    Hobbies: Attempting to understand the language of the flowers
    Likes: Pride
    Dislikes: Women
    Personal Info:
    A true assassin, cool-headed and brutal. His speech is moderate and prudent,
    but also scathing enough to show the listener who's boss. This is just an act
    of self-preservation, however, and deep down he is just another timid (or, to
    put it another way, vain) young man. There is still some goodwill left lurking
    within his heart.
    Zato, the leader of an international organization of assassins, gained the
    ability to manipulate shadows in exchange for his vision. Originally a lowly
    assassin, he gained new power through a forbidden ritual, which allowed him to
    rise to his present position. The repeated battles of the last Tournament took
    their toll on him, however, and a shadow seized control of his body. The shadow
    was cognizant that it was created as a weapon and that its intentions of murder
    and destruction were only programmed instincts. It had developed a will of its
    own-the ability to break away from its cursed fate. This newborn soul could not
    understand humans, and was filled with loneliness. While in search for others
    like it, the shadow came across the rumor of the Gear.
    Special Moves:
    Invite Hell: D, D + L or R
    Summon Eddie: QCF + P or K or L or R
     - Tiny Attack: P
     - Moving Attack: K
     - Anti-Aerial Attack: L
     - Drill Special: R
    Drunkard Shade: QCB + L
    Break The Law: QCB + K (Rapidly)
    Damned Fang: F, D, F + L (in air)
    Overdrive Attacks:
    Amorphous: HCB, F + R
    Executor: QCF, QCF + L (in air)
    Megalith Head: During Summon Eddie, HCB, F + L
    Instant Kill Move:
    Black In Mind: QF, QF + Hi-Slash
    Height: 8'
    Weight: 1,446 lbs.
    Blood type: O
    Eye color: White
    Birthday: October 18
    Birthplace: The floating continent, Zepp
    Hobbies: Drawing pictures
    Likes: Indestructible imperial pencil cases
    Dislikes: Pencils that can't endure four tons of weight
    Personal Info:
    Fiercely proud and pure of heart. His giant, overpowering mass conceals a warm,
    gentle character, in love with all of nature. Justice is his creed, and he
    cannot bear to see other people suffer-even if he himself suffers the most.
    Always faces up to any adversity in his way, but never fights merely for the
    pleasure of hurting others.
    Potemkin is a former slave soldier of Zepp, a militaristic nation that
    maintains a society based on science and technology. Having taken the rest of
    the slave soldiers hostage, he was sentenced by his superior to enter the
    Tournament. During the Tournament, he learned that a coup d'etat was in
    progress. In the end, the coup d'etat succeeded and Zepp was freed from its
    dictatorship. President Gabriel, Potemkin's former instructor, summoned him for
    a secret mission; to protect a Gear from the bounty hunters and bring it back
    safely to Zepp. Though Potemkin is unable to discern the mission's true motive,
    he decides to trust his former master, and accepts the mission.
    Special Moves:
    Mega Fist I: QCF + P
    Mega Fist II: QCB + P
    Sliding Head: QCF + L
    Hammer Fall: Hold B, then F + R
    Heat Knuckle: F, D, F + R
    Heat Extend: During Heat Knuckle, use HCB + R
    Potemkin Buster: HCB, F + P
    Overdrive Attacks:
    Giganter: HCB, F + R
     - Giganter Bullet: HCF, HCF + P
    Heavenly Potemkin Buster: QCF, QCF + L
    Instant Kill Move:
    Magnum Opera: QCF, QCF + R
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 148 lbs.
    Blood type: B
    Eye color: Red
    Birthday: February 9
    Birthplace: Insists on Japan (actually, it's America)
    Hobbies: Dreaming
    Likes: Sleeping pills
    Dislikes: Nightmares, the Mafia, gangs, the Yakuza
    Personal Info:
    Short in patience and long in fighting spirit. Takes a survival-of-the-fittest
    approach to life, and looks for the easy way out of everything except fighting,
    where his strategies are always exceptionally well thought out. Often flies
    into rages over trifling matters, although he's been working hard to hold his
    temper in check under his former master's admonitions. Wishes he could get
    himself to help others more often. Has a keen interest in Japanese culture from
    his former master, and possesses an image of that country that has little to do
    with reality.
    In his youth, Chipp was addicted to drugs and worked for the Mafia as a drug
    trafficker. Eventually, his drug dependency worsened to the point where he
    could no longer perform his job. No longer needed by the Mafia, Chipp was to be
    disposed of when a ninja, who later became his teacher, rescued him. Chipp
    began to open up to the man who saved his life, and became his apprentice. But
    that peace was short-lived, as eventually, the Mafia killed the ninja.
    Trembling in anger, Chipp vowed to take revenge on the Mafia. Unable to reach
    the final rounds in the previous Tournament, he learned that his heart, skills
    and strength were still lacking, and devoted himself even more to his training.
    Upon witnessing Justice's death, Chipp realized that deep down, even this
    monster that massacred countless people was searching for help. This made him
    think about what a true helping hand was. Now, he is once again ready to do
    battle for that which might truly save him, and so, he focuses his interest on
    the story of the Gear.
    Special Moves:
    Alpha Blade: QCF + P
    Beta Blade: F, D, F + L
    Gamma Blade: HCF + R
    Ressho: QCF + L
     - Rokusai: QCF + L
       - Senshu: QCF + K
    Genro Zan: HCF + K
    Tsuyoshi-Shiki Teni: D, D + P or K or L or R
    Tsuyoshi-Shiki Meisai: QCB + K
    Overdrive Attacks:
    Banki Messai: QCF, QCF + K
    Zansei Roga: HCB, F + R
    Instant Kill Move:
    Delta End: QCF, QCF + R
    FAUST -
    Height: 9'3
    Weight: 121 lbs.
    Blood type: Unknown
    Eye color: Fluorescent
    Birthday: Unknown
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Hobbies: Unknown
    Likes: Unknown
    Dislikes: Unknown
    Personal Info: Unknown
    Faust was once a good man and a great surgeon-one of the best in the world.
    After committing a simple mistake that cost a young female patient her life,
    his mind broke and he went on a murderous rampage. He was captured and sent to
    a dimensional prison after taking the lives of scores of innocent people using
    the most indescribable of means. The previous Tournament gave him a second
    lease on life, and now he has returned to his former self. Wishing to punish
    himself for his past, Faust resolved to take his own life. Not only would this
    act finally atone for his sins, but he realized it was the only way he would be
    able to escape the painful feelings that haunted him day and night. But just as
    he was about to end it all, Faust learned that the young girl's death so long
    ago was no accident, but rather a cold-blooded murder carried out by a third
    party. Finally seeing the light, he now sets out on a new journey to discover
    the truth behind the girl, saving as many lives as he can along the way.
    Special Moves:
    Thrust: HCF + K
     - Pull: hold B
      - Hello!: QCF + P
    What’s Next?: QCF + P
    Souten Enshin Rambu: QCF + L
     - Going My Way: QCF + R
     - Forward Move: F, F
     - Backward Move: B, B
     - Neck Periscope: P
     - Growing Flower: K
    Shower Hack: QCB + R
    In Your Face !: QCB + P
    Watch Your Back !: QCB + K
    From On High !: QCB + L
    Overdrive Attacks:
    Super What’s Next?: QCF, QCF + P
    Gamble Attack: QCF, QCF + L
    Instant Kill Move:
    This Week's Climax!: QCF, QCF + R
    BAIKEN -
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 99 lbs.
    Blood type: B
    Eye color: Peach
    Birthday: March 5
    Birthplace: Pre-destruction Japan
    Hobbies: Drinking
    Likes: Tokkuri (Sake bottles)
    Dislikes: Tanuki statues
    Personal Info:
    A spirited woman and a devoted martial artist. Her femininity has been
    suppressed in the wake of her supreme goal. Gets in fights over tiny matters;
    shoots first and asks questions later. Holds her beliefs firmly, and will argue
    with anyone who disagrees with her to the bitter end. At the same time, though,
    she is capable of changing her mind if she's obviously wrong.
    When the Japanese institution she lived in was raided, Baiken witnessed the
    horrible deaths of her parents and friends. This massacre was the work of the
    Gears, but what had been burned into her memory was the image of a man standing
    in flames, surrounded by his creations. Standing amidst the Gears, he silently
    gazed upon young Baiken. She became acutely aware, even in the absence of
    evidence, that he was an enemy. Her memory of this event has not faded; she can
    vividly recall the carnage every time she closes her eyes. She continues on her
    quest to find "The Man," to exact her revenge… her people's revenge on him.
    Special Moves:
    Tatami Gaeshi: QCF + K
    Zakuro: While Guarding, QCD + P
    Mawarikomi: While Guarding, QCD + K
    Sakura: While Guarding, QCD + L
    Suzuran: HCB + K
    Yozansen: F, D, F + L (In Air)
    Overdrive Attacks:
    Sanzu Watashi: QCF, QCF + L
    Baku KI: B, HCB + P
    Baku RIN: B, HCB + K
    Baku RYU: While Guarding, B, HCB + L
    Baku HOU: While Guarding, B, HCB + R
    Instant Kill Move:
    Garyotensei: QCF, QCF + R
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: Unknown
    Blood type: B
    Eye color: Brown
    Birthday: February 8
    Birthplace: China
    Hobbies: Cooking, observing, researching
    Likes: The kitchen, adolescence, well-built guys
    Dislikes: Indecisive men, ignorant fools
    Personal Info:
    Annoying, self-centered, conceited and every bit a sore loser. Treats herself
    with kid gloves, but rains down hatred upon anyone weaker or more indecisive
    than her. (Rock stars, though, are excepted from this.) Although she may seem
    hung up on all the ideals she holds dear, she is actually a stark realist, able
    to look at things from a more ironic perspective. She uses this to hide her
    true self from others. Her singular battle style is a result of harsh
    observation and a strong belief that her way, and only her way, is the best.
    Huma and Hanagata were both top-ranking restaurants in China, but their
    approaches were completely different. Huma's pride was in bringing joy to its
    customers through cooking filled with love, while Hanagata emphasized creating
    the most exquisite dishes using only the highest-quality ingredients. Even
    though they opposed each other like oil and water, they were both restaurants
    of high repute that every cook aspired to work for. Neither of these
    philosophies made any sense to Jam. She believed that their policies were
    nothing but hindrances to bringing delicious dishes to everyone. To prove that
    she was right, she needed to start her own restaurant. To obtain seed money,
    she seeks out the reward for eliminating the dangerous Gear.
    Special Moves:
    Ryujin: QCF + K
    Gekirin: QCB + K
    Kenrokaku: F, D, F + K
    Breath of Asanagi: D, D + K or L or R
    Hochifu: QCB + L
    Bakushu: QCF + L
     - Mawarikomi: P
     - Ashibarai: K
     - Hyappo Shinsho: L
     - Senri Shinsho: R
    Houeikyaku: In air, D + K
    Overdrive Attacks:
    Chokyaku Houosho: HCB, F + L
    Renhoukyaku: HCB, F + R
    Instant Kill Move:
    Gasenkotsu: QCF, QCF + R
    JOHNNY -
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 159 lbs.
    Blood type: O
    Eye color: Blue
    Birthday: October 24
    Birthplace: America
    Hobbies: Chasing beautiful women
    Likes: His cherished guitar collection
    Dislikes: Guys who don't "get" jokes
    Personal Info:
    Light-hearted in spirit and florid in tongue. Endlessly chasing after women.
    His apparent aloofness to the world is just a part of his foppish demeanor, and
    he is far more shrewd than he appears. Both knowledgeable and experienced, he
    can get past any tight situation without so much as breaking a sweat.
    When Johnny was thirteen, his father-the only person who cared for him-was
    killed by a Gear. Johnny's reluctance to open his heart to others became
    stronger after this incident; his fear of losing love again forced him to
    withdraw into himself. One day, he discovered that there were many other
    orphans just like him, and came to realize that they might not be strong enough
    to continue on living. From then on, Johnny chose to follow his father's path
    and live as a man of compassion. It doesn't matter to him if they are humans,
    animals, or even Gears; it is his duty to help those in need. Johnny decides to
    visit the Gear in person, to see if he can offer support. He hides his
    intentions from his crew, telling them that he is going after the bounty.
    Special Moves:
    Mist Finer:
     - High: QCF + P
     - Mid: QCF + K
     - Low: QCF + L
    Divine Blade: F, D, F + L
    Aerial Divine Blade: In air, QCF + L
    Glistering Gold: QCF + R
    Bacchus Sigh: QCB + P
    Overdrive Attacks:
    Johnny Special: HCB, F + L
    Instant Kill Move:
    Joker Trick: QCF, QCF + R
    AXL LOW -
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 172 lbs.
    Blood type: B
    Eye color: Blue
    Birthday: December 25
    Birthplace: England
    Hobbies: Billiards
    Likes: His girlfriend from his own time (Megumi)
    Dislikes: Preachy types
    Personal Info:
    The eternal optimist. Rarely thinks deeply about matters, believing that
    everything works out eventually. His lust for amour knows no bounds. He does
    have the ability to calmly examine and solve problems, but that's just not his
    style. A kind man by nature, he can never find it in his heart to kill
    anyone-not even the most evil of villains.
    Axl actually hails from the 20th century. Born in the slums, he placed himself
    in the middle of gang warfare to bring peace to the area, and with his
    extraordinary physical prowess he was able to achieve his goal-without any
    casualties-in six months time. Some time later, due to a cruel twist of fate,
    he was forced to travel 150 years into the future. Hoping to gain passage back
    to his own time, he entered the Tournament. Instead, he was sent to another
    time period for a year's time. During that period, he was bounced around in the
    time-space continuum for an equivalent of three years. Throughout his journey,
    he learned that in each time period, there were always rumors of another time
    traveler like him. Axl believed that by pursuing the traveller known as "The
    Man," he could come upon a way to go back to his own time once and for all.
    Sensing the presence of "The Man" behind the incident with the Gear, he decides
    to check it out for himself.
    Special Moves:
    Benten Gari: F, D, F + L or R
     - Continue to Axl Bomber: QCF + L or R
    Rensen Geki: Hold B, then F + L
     - Kyokusa Geki: U
     - Sensa Geki: D
    Rasho Sen: Hold , then F + R
    Raiei Sageki: HCB + L or R
    Tenhou Seki: QCB + P
    Overdrive Attacks:
    Hyakue Renshou: QCF, HCB + L
    Instant Kill Move:
    Midare Gami: QCF, QCF + R
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 150 lbs.
    Blood type: B
    Eye color: Black
    Birthday: January 1
    Birthplace: Pre-destruction Japan
    Hobbies: Vigorous sports, traveling
    Likes: Faith, freedom
    Dislikes: Obstinance, deception
    Personal Info:
    Just as his fighting style is smooth and dancelike, his actions are dictated
    more by feeling than by logic. His character is a combination of movement and
    silence. A straightforward man, he worries little of future consequences before
    acting-not because of optimism, but simply because he rarely thinks things
    through enough. Has little sense of justice, but isn't hung up about fighting
    against what rubs him. Enjoys playfully needling people as a way to seem
    Anji is one of the few that have inherited the precious Japanese blood. Because
    there are only a handful of Japanese in this time period, they are under
    government protection. Thus, they are viewed as international treasures, and do
    not receive the same treatment as regular citizens. Within the Japanese
    community, there are those that accept this treatment, and those that reject
    it. Anji is part of the latter; rather than being concerned about the
    preservation of his race, he wants to regain his freedom as a human being.
    Because of this, he disguises his nationality and travels the world in pursuit
    of "The Man"-the creator of the Gears and the one responsible for the
    destruction of the Japanese people. However, he pursues him not out of hatred
    or revenge...
    Special Moves:
    Shitsu: QCF + P
    Fujin: QCF + L or R
     - Nagiha: L
     - Shin Ichishiki: K
     - Shin Nishiki: P
    On: F, D, F + R
    Kai: QCB + P or K
    Overdrive Attacks:
    Issei Ogi "Sai": HCB, F + R
    Instant Kill Move:
    Zetsu: QCF, QCF + R
    VENOM -
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 146 lbs.
    Blood type: A
    Eye color: Blue
    Birthday: Unknown (Venom is an orphan)
    Birthplace: Village of the assassins (England)
    Hobbies: Reading, Chess
    Likes: Zato, sympathy
    Dislikes: Blood, those who oppose Zato
    Personal Info:
    Although he works as an assassin, his mind is pure and he has trouble hiding
    things from others. His actions are calm and scientific, but his thoughts are
    more on the romantic side. Raised in a cold environment, he has few desires in
    life other than to preserve his own while he searches for some meaning to his
    existence. His hatred of murder comes from the heart, and taking human lives
    outside of work is tough for him to bear.
    Orphaned at a young age, Venom was taken under the wing of a group of
    assassins. However, his sensibilities hindered his growth as an assassin. As
    time passed, he pondered the meaning of his existence. Before long, the
    organization saw him as worthless and ordered him to be executed. However, just
    prior to his execution, Zato, the new leader of the organization, recognized
    Venom's talent and spared his life. Venom pledged his loyalty to Zato out of
    deep gratitude for saving his life and giving him his raison d'etre. Zato soon
    fell out of favor, though, and rumors of his disloyalty abounded. Venom, who
    had served as Zato's right-hand man for many years, knew that this slander was
    not true, but the evidence against him was very strong. As doubts continue to
    rise, Venom receives some information regarding someone thought to be Zato, and
    departs to investigate.
    Special Moves:
    Stinger Aim: Hold B, then F + L or R
    Carcass Raid: Hold D, then U + L or R
    Double Head Morbid: D, F, F + L or R
    Ball Formation: HCB, F + P or K or L or R
    Warp: F, D, F + K
    Mad Struggle: In Air, QCF + L or R
    Overdrive Attacks:
    Dark Angel: QCB, HCF + L or R
    Red Hail: In Air, QCF, QCF + R
    Instant Kill Move:
    Dim Bomber: QCF, QCF + R
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 161 lbs.
    Blood type: Analysis Failed
    Eye color: Red
    Birthday: May 9
    Birthplace: Switzerland
    Hobbies: Thinking
    Likes: Kliff Undersn, potatoes
    Dislikes: Sol, Saitou-style martial arts
    Personal Info:
    A gentle-hearted and charitable man, willing to sacrifice everything to help
    others. He especially likes children, and has taken in several orphans in the
    past. To him, a criminal should not be punished for his crime, but forced to
    reassess his evil ways instead. His curiosity knows no bounds, but his hatred
    of violence borders on phobia.
    Testament was involved in a conspiracy and converted to a Gear irrespective of
    his intention. Bearing strong willpower, he managed to maintain his
    consciousness and memory but was forced to conform with the command of "mankind
    erasure" which was implanted compulsorily, and as such, he turned his fang to
    mankind. With the death of Justice in the previous Tournament, Testament
    recovered his original character but was tortured by the depth of his sins and
    felt despaired to live on his life as a human being. He wandered around in
    despair, until one day he got lost in the woods and stumbled upon a place the
    people called "the devil's living place." It was there that Testament met
    Dizzy. After hearing the narrative of her life, her existence became his reason
    to live. The only thing he could do is protect her from enemies. Not for the
    destruction of his opponents but rather "to protect his precious one,"
    Testament holds his scythe once again...
    Special Moves:
    Unknown1: QCF + P or K
    Unknown2: Automatic Attack
    Unknown3: QCB + P
    Unknown4: HCF + L or R
    Unknown5: QCB + L
    Overdrive Attack:
    Unknown6: HCB Then F + R
    Instant Kill Move:
    Unknown7: QCF, QCF + R
    DIZZY -
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 123 lbs.
    Blood type: Analysis Failed
    Eye color: Reddish Brown
    Birthday: December 25 (unconfirmed)
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Hobbies: Grooming her wings
    Likes: Foster parents, forest animals
    Dislikes: Poachers
    Personal Info:
    Born from a Gear and a human. Her growth has been dramatic, and despite her
    appearance, she's only just turned three years old. Her thirst for knowledge is
    ravenous, however, and her mental age is already above 20. Separated from
    others, her distrust of humans is the only blemish upon her soul. Enjoys
    interacting with nature and other people, but hates warfare with a passion. Far
    from a pacifist, though, she sees the existence of humans and their destruction
    of the environment as just a part of a natural cycle-one that's dealt her a
    cruel fate to fight against.
    It is said that when Dizzy was abandoned in the village as an orphan, she was
    just a human child. An old couple with no one to depend on took care of her.
    After half a year, the people of the village became scared of her because of
    the speed at which her body and mind developed. One day, Dizzy found that she
    had wings and a tail. It was then that the villagers decided to expel her as a
    Gear. But her foster parents did not agree, so they hid her in the woods, away
    from the people of the village. She was placed in an area called "the devil's
    living place," a place that no one dared to approach. Living alone there in a
    cave, her shelter was eventually discovered by humans and she was put away in
    confinement. The humans tried to hurt her several times but she always drove
    them away without seriously wounding anyone. To escape the cruel abuse, Dizzy
    finally decided to leave her dear old home...
    Special Moves:
    Unknown1: QCF + L
    Unknown2: QCF + R
    Unknown3: B, D, B + R
    Unknown4: B, D, B + P or K or L or R
    Overdrive Attacks:
    Unknown5: HCB Then F + L
    Unknown6: D + F, HCF, B, F + P
    Unknown7: F, B, F, HCF + R
    Note: The Following Secrets Were Contributed By Members At Game Faqs So I Give
    Them The Credit Thanks Y'All.
    5th Costume Color
    Press Start when selecting a character to get their 5th costume color.
    6th Costume Color
    Press Select when selecting a character to get their 6th costume color.
    Alternative Way to Unlock Dizzy
    Play survival mode until you see the ''Dare Devil'' message, you will then
    fight a golden Dizzy, beat her, and she will appear in the character select
    Alternative Way to Unlock Testament
    Play survival mode until you see the ''Dare Devil'' message, you will then
    fight a golden Testament, beat him, and he will appear in the character select
    Extra Mode
    To unlock a character's extra mode, you have to beat the golden or
    ''dare-devil'' version of them in Survival. Once you do that, you can select
    the extra mode for that character.
    Unlock Dizzy
    Get to Stage 10 on Arcade Mode where Dizzy will challenge you. Beat her to be
    able to select her.
    Unlock Testament
    Get to Stage 9 on Arcade Mode where Testament will challenge you. If you beat
    him along with Dizzy in the next stage, you be able to select him.
    I Will Be Adding More Stuff Such As Secrets As Soon As I or Somebody Finds Any
    That Is All Later.
    Copyright (C) 2002 All Rights Reserved By: Code Breakers

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