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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Klown God

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    Welcome to my very own walkthrough and level guide for...
                            GOEMON: New Age Shutsudou!
    1. About Me.
    2. Overview Of Goemon: New Age Shutsudou!
    3. Characters.
    4. Level Guide/Walkthrough.
    5. Conclusion.
    1. About Me.
    First off this is the first ever playguide walkthrough level guide i have ever
    done!...so go easy on the harsh remarks about this k?
    Anyway I plan to make various other guides for other games as well so if this
    one helps you..then look out for my others as well..when i make em that is.
    Also this Goemon game is completly in Japanese. And i dont understand any of
    it. But stick with me k?
    2. Overview Of Goemon:New Age Shutsudou!.
    Well ive played and finished most of the American released and Japan released
    Goemon games and I have to plainly say that Goemon:New Age Shutsudou!
    Is unlike any of the previous Goemon game releases. Goemon looks kind of
    different than he did in all the other games. Just like the game itself. Goemon
    looks a bit older and way more futuristic. The Game also has a new player to
    choose from!. In this one you can choose to play as either Goemon himself
    or a new female character called Ebisu!.
    This Goemon game uses the GBA's power well!. The game has picture scenes in
    which the characters are 3D. These are in a way cut scenes. the game has
    gameplay that is very similar to Goemon 2 on the snes. the game is a fast
    action packed side scroller, but unlike goemon 2 and all the other Goemon
    this one is seems to be set in the present time. or a bit into the future, i
    dont really know!.
    3. Characters.
    There are 2 characters to play is in Goemon:New Age Shutsudou!.
    The hero. What would a Goemon game be without Goemon himself??...well it
    wouldnt be a goemon game i guess!. Anyway Goemon looks great in this game.
    a bit different but great still. he has steel leg and arm bands. a red and
    yellow vest and that same old Purple spikey hair!
    Goemon has his classic old pipe that he has in all the other games. he can also
    SHoot coins as he did in all the others but this time its slightly different.
    Goemon shoots the coins via a small gun looking weapon.
    Goemon is a great character. the two dont differ all that much. But choose
    Goemon anyways he rules.
    Shes new to the Goemon world. I dont have a clue how she got into the game. We
    need an english translation for the game Damn it!.
    Ebisu looks really cool in this. She wears a purple ninja type of suit and
    goggles and some sort of purple hat.
    Ebisu has a big hammer for her main weapon. Kinda reminds me of Ebisumuru or
    whatever his name is!. She can also shoot a weird exploding projectile.
    I think its a Ninja star or something, Looks cool anyway!
    Shes cool. But pick Goemon hes cooler!
    4.  Level Guide/Walkthrough
    First off i dont know japanese. and this game is Japanese. So no spoilers even
    if i wanted to, But ill try to give a level guide and tips on all the levels in
    the game.
    So lets get started
    It dosent matter who you choose to play as the same little cutscene happens for
    both characters and also you can change by pressing start and
    selecting the middle option. the Intro shows Goemon and two other guys. I dont
    for sure but i think Goemon meets Ebisu at this point and they both are sent on
    a quest. Where and Why?..well i dont know!
    Before the level starts there is a little cutscene in which the heros look
    shocked. then it begins.
    this level is really cool. it has a nice set out. you are travelling down a
    highway with trucks to jump on and various other things, There is a nice
    with Japanese temples scrolling as you move through the level.
    The level is very short and not too hard!. hit the blue crystal to end the
    ENEMIES: Walking Mimotaur creatures, red men, Minotaur men on bikes, falling
    bride sections and falling traffic signs.
    This level is well cool!. There are no enemies so it aint hard. its a town
    level with a cool moving background, there are ships and small boats and also
    a bridge behind you. there is a 24 hour open store which sells batteries(i
    think) in small medium and large. There is a food and drink store which can
    your health. There is also a Hotel to replensih your health. there is another
    24 hour store which sells dumplings and 2 other items.
    This is a big up high level with the city scape as a background. you fight
    various enemies as you move along the steel girdirs upwards to the end of the
    But the level is damn hard. the enemies are alwayas knocking you off the
    platforms. When you reach the first crystal you get transported to another
    part of the level. you have to keep moving from carriage to carriage as they
    fall. the sides of the carriages are breakable so smash through them to get to
     the next one.
    ENEMIES:Minotaur men that shoot fireballs. Red flames that shoot fire, Minotaur
    men and blue flames that fly at you.
    This level is a lot like Edo Tower, just a little bit harder and there are
    platforms that open and close so get on em and off em quick. the level is short
    easy after a while. Afterwards there is a cutscene which shows Goemon and Ebisu
    talking as they look over the city from the top of the tower,
    when all of a sudden a green and yellow evil ninja appears this triggers a
    battle. a very tough battle!
    First Boss Fight.
    This guy is damn hard!. I mean it he is really hard!. But he is beatable!. he
    has two forms. the first form is relativley easy. he attacks with Ninja stars
    you can dodge by ducking and then he runs at you. When he runs hit him with
    your pipe or hammer. Keep doing this until he explodes and then changes
    into a tougher boss. Now it gets hard. He appears in different spots and shoots
    ninja stars and occasionally he runs at you. hit him when he runs and try
     and attack him before he can shoot off his Ninja stars. He will thenuse new
    attacks. He will curl up into a spikey ball and fly at you. and he will appear
    shoot projectiles at you and he will also shoot flameballs which you have to
    carefully jump in between. I suggest using Goemon for this part. Use his
    (Coin throwing) rapidly on the boss keep dodging his attacks and doing this and
    eventually he will blow up, leaving you with another cutscene.
    FIRST IMPACT BATTLE! - Hide Impact
    This level is really cool. First you get a nice cutscene where the two heroes
    are looking at something and then Goemon holds his pipe up in the air.
    then Impact appears. The enemy flies in his name comes up as Hide impact. it
    looks like its the same boss you just faced. seems he aint dead huh?.
    Anyway onto the battle. its a tuffy. But its fairly simple once you get used to
    it. Hide Impact shoots blue discs and he flies towards you alot. destroy his
     discs with your own gun (Impacts nasal Gun) and when he flies at you hit him
    and then hit him again to score double damage. save some of your bullets for
    near the end, Hide Impact shoots off missiles at you. Use your Nasal gun to
    stop these and keep on punching him until he is defeated!...then get ready for
    After the battle a cutscene starts, with Goemon holding his pipe to the head of
    the yellow and green Ninja that you just fought. they talk for a bit and then
    Ninja stands up and they continue to talk and then it looks like Goemon and
    Ebisu let the ninja go. Now its time for the next area.
    I am unsure what the first level is called due to the fact that its name is in
    Japanese. but lets continue anyways. The level starts up with a cutscene.
    and Ebisu meet a girl in purple, they talk for a minute and then the next level
    starts and its a quite cool level might i add. its totally underwater!. Im not
    whether you play as Ebisu or the girl they just met but either way you are
    playing as a girl(i think its YAI) with a mermaid's tail. The girl dosent have
    many attacks. Only a
    small blue force feild that comes out in front of her to kill the enemies and
    she can also shoot missiles. come to think of it!. she has quite cool attacks.
    Anyway the level, it is totally hard!. you have a time limit so dont mess about
    trya dn collect the coins but be as quick as you can! there are time extenders
    hidden in the level. get em if you need to. keep moving and get to the blue
    ENEMIES: Scuba Men, Spikey monstors and tentacles that fire at you!.
    The names in japanese again!..oh well. its another water level but its easier
    than the last its short so you wont have to worry about the time extenders.
    There are big fish that you can kill. you have to go around them. there is a
    long tunnel towards the end where the big fish come flying behind you, just
    moving towards the small safe spots in the walls and then the end is not far
    away...and then a cutscene!..Goemon ad Ebisu talk to the girl again and then it
    she leaves them, mabye she was helping them?..oh well next level.
    ENEMIES:Big Fish, Scuba Men, Spikey monstors and tentacles that fire at you!.
    No english name yet again!...this level though you are on the ground and can
    play as either Goemon or Ebisu. This level is a cave level with spiders
    that climb on walls and jump at you. Becareful you dont fall. there are
    platforms that fall and geysers that shoot out of the walls.
    ENEMIES:Spiders, Flame guys,Geysers
    This is another town level so no enemies, except theives who steal some of your
    cash!. Catch them andhit them to get your money back.
    It has the same old shops as the last, so get through here to play the next
    The name is in Japanese again. this level is an ice level. the floor is
    slipperey and i think your in some sort of palace or something. there are
    platforms that
    you have to jump on and there are spikes in the floor a bit later on. keep
    follwing the icy trail to the end of the level!.
    This one is a real twister!...seriously!..the level rotates as you go. carefuly
    make your way through the level and to the red crystal...hit it to trigger a
    The cutscene shows a togh soldier looking person. he talks a little and then
    you have to fight him!
    2nd Boss Fight
    this guy is tuff!. He transforms into a robot and shoots bullets at you.
    Becareful when he shoots the roof because he causes icey spikes to come
    down. keep hitting with your close up weapon until he changes and starts using
    second attacks. he will then start to lob explosive bullets at you and he
    will come and try and hit you. Attack him when he isnt red, and when he comes
    smashing towards you stay in the corner and jump as his arm comes down to
    hit you. after this he transforms into a big bug like creature and he shoots
    bullets which you have to jump, spike balls a yellow laser and a wavey blue
    You can jump over all of these but hit him before he can shoot off his spikey
    balls so he cant use them against you. hit him when he isnt red enough and
    defeat him. Afterwards a cutscene takes place with Goemon and Ebisu looking at
    the evil guy in his first form. they chat for a bit then the cutscene ends
    letting you go to the next area.
    enter the first level and a cutscene opens and guess who?!!...its SASUKE!. They
    all talk for a moment before the level starts and you get to play as Sasuke.
    This one is a flying level Sasuke can only shoot missiles at the enemies that
    come from across the screen. Shoot the blue crystal at the end to complete the
    Afterwards a cutscene plays with Sasuke Goemon and Ebisu. they look shocked!
    ENEMIES: various flying enemies
    This is another one of those town levels...watch out for the thiefs!..get
    through here and head to the next level!
    This is a cool temple level..but kinda difficult. be on your guard and hit the
    samurai monstors as they run towards you.Do the same with the blue Flame Guys
    there are many retractable spike traps you have to get past also. But it aint
    that hard. Hit the blue crystal to end the level!
    ENEMIES: Samurai monstors, Flame guys, blue flame guys
    This is another temple level that looks  a lot like the last. Except instead in
    this one you have to head upwards. the spies are the most annoying part of this
    but luckily they dont do too much damage!....the real proble is the time
    factor!..its a long level and not enough time....be real quick!!
    ENEMIES: Flame Guys
    This is another one of those twisting levels like before..its hard to provide
    help for these types of levels! so just get through it and get to the cutscene!
    the cutscene has a evil girl looking at a map of Japan and its the YAI in the
    background who is tied up..shes the mermaid girl from earlier..i think its Yai.
    Goemon and Ebisu make a grand entrance and then a boss battle starts.
    3rd Boss Fight
    This girl is tuff...She has a flute or something that he throws at you, She
    disappears and reappears and tries to hit you with it as well.S he also plays a
    tune on his
    pipe and the notes cause damage. use your coins and keep hitting her. it dosent
    take long before She transforms, in this form She shoots lighting bolts down
     at you, she flies at you and she shoots waves at you...i suggest you keep
    useing projectiles on her...if you run out of coins switch to Ebisu and use her
    dodge the waves she throws. carefully jump over her when she flies towards you
    and keep moving left to right when she uses her bolts on you...defeat her
    and you get a cutscene, the two heroes confront the villan and it seems its
    time for an IMPACT battle
    2ND IMPACT BATTLE-Black Impact
     Ok, this ones called Black Impact, he shoots green discs, he flies towards you
    he slowly shoots off green bullets, he shoots off random bat
    creatures and random blue bullets and he also has a very powerful laser that
    does lots of damage. just keep hitting him when you can and when you run out
    of bullets, shoot his ones to get more..after the battle there is a cutscene
    with Goemon, Ebisu, the boss and some other guys
    When you enter you get a cutscene with the two heroes looking at what they
    thought was water...but its actually some strange liquid or something. A
    man appears and talks with them. you play as him in the next level as he can
    fly. this level is long and hard. there are enemies everywhere. Just keep
    on grabbing the green health items and keep on shooting to get to the blue
    crystal. Afterwards there is a cutscene with goemon helping up the guy
    you just played as.
    This next level has a dark evil background with dark japanese temples and you
    get to play in a graveyard area. there are geysers and few health pickups
    but it aint too hard of a level,
    ENEMIES: Red Spiders, Zombies, Blue Stars
    4th Boss Battle
    When you enter the level a cutscene plays with a guy thats all curled up with
    light around him..he then lashes out at the two heroes triggering a boss
    he shoots burning drops, his own arms!! and spikey balls before he transforms.
    in his second form he shoots a meteor shower, a wheel, a pulse laser type of
    keep on useing the projectiles between the two characters to defeat him. After
    he dies a lady comes down from the sky. You may have noticed that its the same
    girl that always changes the bosses into their next form...my guess is shes one
    of the last bosses or so..once she comes down a cutscene starts and she
    says a few words...and then its time to fight her
    I hope you bought some health at the last town..it will be very useful. She
    shoots a V shaped beam at you, small beams, lightning strikes...the works...but
    shes quite easy
    make sure you have lots of money, if you dont go back and do some earlier
    levels for some. then go to the IGA TOWN and go to the shop..buy head and chest
    armour and a dumpling health item..when you face the boss, keep attacking her
    with your projectiles until she dies
    After the battle there is a cutscene with the evil girl, she is on her knees,
    it seems she has admitted defeat..she talks for a bit, then it goes to Goemon
    and Ebisu who
    exchange words. After that an old man and a young girl appear, they talk with
    Goemon and Ebisu for a moment. then the young girl has some private words with
    Goemon. Goemon and the Girl hold hands as they run off.
    After the credits are finished the game asks you a question in Japanese. Choose
    the first answer or your game will be deleted.
    5. Conclusion
    I personally thought that GOEMON: New Age Shutsudou!, is one of the best Goemon
    games ever made. Of course it isnt as good as
    Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon on the Nintendo 64 or Goemon's Great Adventure,
    also on the Nintendo 64. but it has solid good gameplay
     that dosent get boring or dull. the graphics arent too bad and the cutscenes
    are nicely done. The levels are plain great!. With great moving backgrounds
    and other nice elements, make this Goemon game very enjoyable. there arent many
    secrets in the game, although there are map pickups in a lot of the levels.
    You have to take these map peices to the big office buildings in the towns to
    put together the puzzle. Overall, This Game rocks!!!

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