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    FAQ/Walkthrough by nucleargamer12

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    Batman Vengeance FAQ/Walkthrough by Kevin Zhu (nucleargamer12)
    Visit my site for more walkthroughs and guides: http://www.g-cubed.co.nr
    ***0: Contents***
    0) Contents
     0.1) Notes on the FAQ
    1) Introduction--About Me
    2) Version History
    3) Legal Information
    4) What is this Game?
     4.1) Why Use this Guide?
    5) Types of Levels
     5.1) Side-scroller Stages
     5.2) Puzzle Stages
     5.3) Batmobile Stages
     5.4) Batplane Stages
     5.5) Boss Encounters
     5.6) Advance Mode
    6) The Characters
     6.1) Heroes
     6.2) Villains
    7) Equipment/Items
     7.1) Batman's Items
     7.2) Robin's Items
     7.3) Batplane Equipment
     7.4) Batmobile Equipment
     7.5) Collectibles
    8) Enemy List
     8.1) Side-scroller Stages (Including Bosses)
     8.2) Puzzle Stages
     8.3) Batmobile Stages
     8.4) Batplane Stages
    9) Walkthrough
    10) FAQ--Frequently Asked Questions
     10.1) Tips and Tricks
     10.2) Password List
     10.3) Gameshark Help
    11) Credits
    12) End
    0.1: Notes on the FAQ
    ~ Printing:
    I advise you to print only important parts, as this FAQ is 1705 lines long.
    ~ Contacting the author:
    Suggestions, questions, or comments should be sent to nucleargamer12@gmail.com.
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    ~ About the game:
    Batman: Vengeance is copyrighted by Ubi Soft, DC Comics, WB, and Nintendo.
    ***1: Introduction--About Me***
    I felt that this game really needed a guide or two, so that's why this FAQ has
    been created. If you want to contact me for any reason, my Email address is
    nucleargamer12@gmail.com, and my AOL screenname is nucleargamer12. Please give
    feedback, questions, and anything else related to this FAQ. Suggestions and/or
    contributions would be very much appreciated to make this guide a better one.
    I've noticed that Batman: Vengeance is actually a decent game, despite all the
    jokes made about the Batman franchise. Since there are no other guides about
    this game, I've decided to write a FAQ for the few of you that DO own this
    game, like me. I hope this is helpful!
    ***2: Version History***
    V. 4.2 10/28/04 Updates: My Email no longer works, so I have an alternate
    address. I added my website URL, where you can find this guide and more.
    V. 4.1 8/19/04 Changes: Updated Legal Information, added another enemy to list.
    V. 4.0 8/6/03 Updates: Minor reformatting and spellcheck, correction on Email.
    V. 3.5 6/24/03 Updates: Added Gameshark codes. Final version of guide until
    further notice.
    V. 3.0 6/16/03 Updates: Entire content finished. This version will be the last
    update for some time: I will update eventually with any corrections.
    V. 2.0 5/10/03 Updates: Walkthrough completed. Other content is in progress.
    V. 1.0 4/30/03 Initial release: Content almost done. Walkthrough is halfway
    finished. Please Email suggestions or comments so this FAQ can become better.
    ***3: Legal Information***
    The text you're reading is my own work. Therefore, it is copyrighted 2004-2005
    by nucleargamer12. It may not be reproduced in any way without my permission.
    This FAQ is designed for personal use only. However...
    The FAQ may appear on the following sites, because permission was granted:
    ~ www.gamefaqs.com
    ~ www.freewebs.com/gameguidegalaxy
    ~ www.g-cubed.co.nr
    If, for some reason, you'd like to put my FAQ on your site, please send an
    Email to me regarding the use of this document. Please include the URL of your
    site so that I can view it. Consent will be given at my leisure. If permission
    is given, do not make any changes to my FAQ; paste it onto your site as it is,
    WITH the legal information included. Failure to use any of the above procedures
    may result in legal action. If you wish to print these pages, please do so, but
    only for your private enjoyment and leisure.
    Please note that I should not be held responsible to any problems of your own
    resulting in the reading, following, or downloading of this guide. Thank you in
    Now that the Legal stuff is taken care of, it's time for the FUN!!!
    ***4: What is this Game?***
    Batman: Vengeance was released by Ubi Soft in November 2001 for the Gameboy
    Advance portable. The game combines factors from many genres and puts it
    together in 21 levels of solid gameplay. These genres include Racing, Action,
    Adventure, Flight Simulation, and others. Overall, this game represents these
    genres pretty well.
    This game's save system is represented by a password option. If you want to
    skip a level you've already beat (or can't beat), just type the appropriate
    password on the menu screen. See chapter 9.1 for a full list of all the
    And now, the story behind Batman Vengeance (from the instruction manual):
     Danger was stirring in the shadows of the quiet GOTHAM CITY night.
     BATMAN was no stranger to the night-shrouded streets of Gotham...Nor to the
     dangers they hid. But on this particular night, he knew the hazards he was
     about to face were greater than usual. He would sum up the trouble in two very
     deadly words: THE JOKER!
     The CLOWN PRINCE OF CRIME was on another mad rampage, beginning with a raid on
     the GOTHAM CITY MUSEUM. Though The Joker had made good his escape, the Dark
     Knight was hot on his trail. He might have even caught the mad criminal genius
     before went to ground if not for the woman The Joker had left bound to a
     ticking bomb on the roof of the Museum! Batman freed her...mere seconds before
     the bomb blasted the Museum to a pile of flaming ruins!
     But the woman was a witness...and she had all the information Batman needed,
     directing him to The Joker's current location: the GOTHAM CITY BRIDGE.
     There, the Joker had prepared a trap for the CAPED CRUSADER. Maybe The Joker
     just got too cocky, but the trap he sprung for Batman backfired and the
     criminal clown wound up falling from the bridge. Batman tried to save him but
     The Joker chose death over dishonor and plummeted to the watery abyss far
     Then things really got crazy as the rest of Gotham City's criminals rushed in
     to fill the void left by The Joker's death!
     Now, utilizing every weapon and supercharged machine at his disposal, Batman
     must combat the criminal hordes threatening Gotham's peace...all the while
     trying to discover the identity of the unseen enemy plotting to plunge Gotham
     City to a fiery death!
    Also, ports of this game have been made in the Gamecube, Playstation 2, and
    Xbox. Please note the differences between this game and the others; this game
    is not three-dimensional while the others are. This FAQ is only written for the
    Gameboy Advance port of the game.
    4.1: Why Use this Guide?
    Heh heh... the answer is pretty simple: there are practically NO other guides
    for this game! Look in any search engine you want, a guide for Batman:
    Vengeance is pretty much nonexistent. So, you'll have to either beat this
    surprisingly hard title on your own, or consult my guide to do so.
    This guide has just about every piece of information about the game. Item
    lists, enemy descriptions, character biographies, walkthroughs... Why would you
    even want to look elsewhere?
    (Please note that some sections of this guide contains spoilers.)
    ***5: Types of Levels***
    There are several types of levels, or stages, throughout the game, and they all
    fit into the plot surprisingly well. There are side-scroller levels to get to
    another area, puzzle levels to open up a passage, Batplane levels to destroy
    aerial objects, etc. Here is a description of all the types of levels in Batman
    5.1: Side-scroller Stages
    Levels: 1, 2, 9, 12, 15, 17, 18
    Characters: Batman
    Description: The Side-scroller stages are the action-type stages where you move
    around in a 2-dimensional level from a side view. Batman himself stars in the
    Side-scroller, and he is armed with up to 9 Batarangs, up to 9 Smoke Balls, and
    up to 3 Health Bottles. He also has a grapple hook that can cling to metal
    Batman can perform a handful of attacks that will help dispose of his enemies.
    Below is a list/description of all of Batman's attacks, along with other moves
    he can execute:
    *Move Name*   *Buttons*   *Description*
    Walk          D-pad       Pressing left/right makes Batman walk. You really
                              can't get anywhere in a level without walking, no?
    Crouch        D-pad       Press down on the D-pad to crouch. Use this to avoid
                              high enemy fire, or combine it with other buttons.
    Look Up       D-pad       Press up on the D-pad to scroll the screen upwards.
                              Do this to search for secrets in the level.
    Jump          A, D-pad    Batman can jump with the A button. This can get 
                              him up to higher surfaces. Use the D-pad to control
                              the direction of his jump.
    Hang          automatic   When a ledge is in reach, Batman will automatically
                              hang from it in mid-jump. This will be used a lot.
    Drop          D-pad       When hanging, press down on the D-pad to drop.
    Climb Up      D-pad       While hanging, push up on the D-pad to climb up.
    Glide         A, A, D-pad When Batman is in the air, press and hold A. He will
                              glide for a few seconds. You can control the way he
                              glides with the D-pad. Useful for going over pits.
    Punch         B           Press B for Batman to punch. This will kill most foes
                              when used repeatedly.
    Low Kick      D-pad, B    Push down on the pad, and press B to kick on the
                              ground. This is useful when breaking barrels or
                              hitting enemies.
    Jump Kick     A, B        Press A to jump, and B to kick. This does twice the
                              damage than a normal attack.
    Slide         D-pad, A    When on a sloped surface, Batman will slide down. You 
                              can press A to jump while sliding.
    Elevator      D-pad       While on a lift, push up on the pad to go upwards.
                              Push down to go downwards.
    Hook Ride     A           If a hook is in sight, jump onto it with A. Batman
                              will ride along the hook and jump off automatically.
    Ladders/Vines A, D-pad    If a vine or ladder is hanging above you, press A to
                              jump on it. Move yourself by pressing left/right on
                              the D-pad. jump off by pushing down on the pad.
    Toggle Items  L           Press L to toggle between your items.
    Use Items     R           Press R to use the Item you've selected with L.
    5.2: Puzzle Stages
    Levels: 6, 7, 14
    Characters: Robin
    Description: The Puzzle Stages star Robin, Batman's famous sidekick. These
    levels challenge your thinking skills, and are displayed in an overhead view.
    Robin is armed with Batarangs, Health Bottles, and a Batcrawler. He needs to
    collect Card Keys and passwords to gain access to other places.
    Robin really has just one attack. But, here is a move list for Robin's levels
    *Move Name*   *Buttons*   *Description*
    Walk          D-pad       Self-explanatory. Walking is needed to go anywhere,
                              don't you think? Push the D-pad in the direction you
                              want to go.
    Punch         A           Push the A button to throw a jab. This will kill the
                              few enemies Robin has to deal with.
    Move Boxes    B, D-pad    Press and hold B to grab a Box. Then, push the D-pad
                              in the desired direction to push/pull the box. This
                              will clear paths for Robin to advance forward.
    Toggle Items  L           To toggle between items, push L until the desired
                              item appears.
    Use Items     R           Push R to use the item you've selected with L.
    Password      D-pad, A, B When you walk into certain locked doors, you'll be
                              taken to a screen where you type the password to open
                              the door. Push the D-pad in the right directions and
                              press A to confirm. You can press B to exit.
    Batcrawler    D-pad       As you activate the Batcrawler function inside a
                              hole in the level, you can use the D-pad to navigate
                              where the Batcrawler is going.
    5.3: Batmobile Stages
    Levels: 3, 8, 11
    Characters: Batman
    Description: The Batmovile Stages simulate a racing level. You can speed up,
    slow down, and fire missiles from your Batmobile. You have to reach a
    destination within a set time limit in order to succeed. Beware of roadblocks
    and other hazards that might slow you down!
    Here is the move list for the Batmobile Stages:
    *Move Name*   *Buttons*   *Description*
    Accelerate    A           Press and Hold the A button to go at top speed. This
                              should be held throughout the level.
    Steer         D-pad       To turn while driving, push the D-pad left or right
                              to steer to that direction.
    Shoot         R           YAY! The Batmobile has an infinite supply of electric
                              charges you can fire by pressing R. This will freeze
                              some cars and break some obstacles.
    5.4: Batplane Stages
    Levels: 5, 13, 21
    Characters: Robin, Batgirl
    Description: You get to ride a Batplane in these flight simulation levels of
    the game. Your plane is very vulnerable to enemy fire, so be cautious on where
    to go. The screen moves forward automatically in these stages, but you can
    control your position on the screen. You also have electric charges and shields
    to help fend off your many enemies.
    Your somewhat limited array of moves while on the Batplane are listed below.
    *Move Name*   *Buttons*   *Description*
    Move          D-pad       Since the screen automatically moves forward, you can
                              adjust your position on the screen with the D-pad.
    Use Shield    R           You can use the shield to protect yourself from enemy
                              fire for a few seconds using R. After your shield is
                              used, a meter charges up so you can use it again.
    Shoot         A           Press the A button to fire a charge. This will kill
                              many enemies/projectiles.
    5.5: Boss encounters
    Levels: 4, 10, 16, 19, 20
    Characters: Batman
    Description: There are four bosses in this game: Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Mr.
    Freeze, and, of course, The Joker himself. Each boss requires a different
    strategy to beat, ranging from using Batarangs to tossing Promethium bottles at
    your foe.
    Batman has all of his standard moves, but his items may be toggled around
    somewhat. Here are the items Batman can have at each boss:
    *Boss*            *Items*
    The Joker (1)     Batarang (5), Health Bottle (3)
    Mr. Freeze        Promethium Bottle (1), Health Bottle (3)
    Poison Ivy        Batarang (5), Health Bottle (3)
    Harley Quinn      Health Bottle (3)
    The Joker (2)     Batarang (5), Grapple Hook, Health Bottle (3)
    5.6: Advance mode
    The Advance Mode is a password-protected mode awarded to you only after you
    beat the game. Here, you will replay all the levels again, but with a different
    goal: to find the 3 hidden data disks in the level before the timer elapses.
    You will need to do this on all the non-boss and non-flying levels. On the
    Batplane levels (levels 5, 13, 21), you need to destroy all of The Joker's Pyro
    Toys and complete the level within the time limit.
    The controls/items for Advance Mode work exactly like the controls/items for
    normal mode, so consult that section of the guide for the information.
    ***6: The Characters***
    There are various characters from the Batman franchise in this game. Below are
    all the characters and the levels they appear at.
    6.1: Heroes
    Name: Batman
    Levels Featured: 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
    After witnessing the brutal murder of his parents, young Bruce Wayne dedicated
    his life and fortune to turning himself into a human weapon aimed at the heart
    of crime. As Batman, he is called upon to save Gotham City from the deadly
    schemes of a host of super villains.
    Name: Robin
    Levels Featured: 5, 6, 7, 13, 14, 21
    Learning that Bruce Wayne was the true face behind Batman's cowl, Tim Drake
    became the Dark Knight's sidekick. Though still in training, Robin is an
    invaluable aide to Batman's war against crime.
    Name: Batgirl
    Levels Featured: 5, 13, 21
    Barbara Gordon, daughter of Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon, took
    on the costumed identity of Batgirl to save her father. Now Batgirl fights
    alongside the Dark Knight, utilizing both her knowledge of computers and her
    surperior gymnastic skills.
    Name: Nightwing
    Levels Featured: none
    The original Robin, Dick Grayson soon outgrew his role as Batman's sidekick and
    adapted the identity of Nightwing. While usually a loner, Nightwing is always
    available to assist his mentor.
    Name: Alfred
    Levels Featured: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19
    Alfred Pennyworth, former agent in the British intelligence service, is both
    Bruce Wayne's Butler and an invaluable ally in Batman's war against crime. 
    6.2: Villains
    Name: The Joker
    Levels Featured: 4, 20
    The Joker was a small-time crook who plunged into a chemical bath while trying
    to escape from Batman. He emerged from the chemicals with is features forever
    distorted into a hideous clown-face...and his mind warped beyond repair! Now
    the Clown Prince of Crime lives for but one thing: to use his madness to
    bedevil his arch-enemy Batman.
    Name: Harley Quinn
    Levels Featured: 19
    A prisoner psychiatrist who fell under The Joker's mad influence, Harley Quinn
    is madly in love with her partner in crime. She will follow the Joker anywhere
    and do anything he asks...especially if it involves any scheme calling for the
    death of Batman.
    Name: Poison Ivy
    Levels Featured: 16
    Pamela Isley was a well-known botanist who discovered that she possessed a
    unique body chemistry that renders here immune to all known poisons and toxins.
    Now, as Poison Ivy, she turned that power to the cause of ecological
    terrorism... and a running battle with Batman!
    Name: Mr. Freeze
    Levels Featured: 10
    Rendered unable to live outside of sub-freezing temperatures by exposure to
    cryogenic chemicals, the scientist Victor Fries lost his mind...but found a
    career as the criminal king of cold, Mr. Freeze.
    ***7: Equipment/Items***
    Here is a description of all the equipment/items that the characters can
    obtain. These are essential to your quest!
    7.1: Batman's Items
    Health Meter: Batman's Health Meter displays Batman's remaining energy. The
    Meter goes down if Batman is hit, and goes up when a Health Bottle is used.
    When it is empty, you die. Maintain your health at a safe level!
    Batarang: The Batarang is a disk that will fly across the screen when used. It
    will do the same damage to an enemy as a regular punch would, but the range
    aspect makes it a great weapon. Batman can collect up to 9 of these goodies in
    barrels, and he starts off with 5.
    Batgrapple: This is called the Grapple Hook in my walkthrough. This hook can be
    stretched onto metal surfaces on higher platforms. Usually, a Grapple icon
    appears on the bottom right of the screen when the hook can be used. This
    useful item can be used infinitely.
    Smoke Pellets: These are called Smoke Bombs in my guide. These will be thrown
    when used, and result in a big cloud of smoke when it lands. A smoke Bomb will
    kill all enemies that touch the smoke instantly. Use this powerful gadget
    sparingly, as it's very rare to find in barrels. Batman only starts with one
    Smoke Bomb. Only one bomb can be on the screen at a time.
    First Aid: First Aid, referred as Health Bottles in my FAQ, will instantly
    completely refill Batman's Health Meter. Since these bottles can't be found in
    barrels, use them only when Batman's health is low. The Dark Knight starts out
    with 3 of these in each level.
    7.2: Robin's Items
    Health Meter: Robin's Health Meter displays Robin's remaining energy. The Meter
    goes down if Robin is hit, and goes up when a Health Bottle is used. Maintain
    your health at a safe level, because Robin will die if the Meter's empty!
    Batarang: The Batarang is a disk that will fly across the screen when used. It
    will do the same damage to an enemy as a regular punch would, but the range
    aspect makes it a decent weapon. Robin can collect up to 9 of these goodies in
    barrels, and he starts off with 5. The uses for the Batarang are limited in the
    Puzzle Stages, because Robin has less enemies to deal with.
    Card Key: Robin needs a Card Key to open all doors locked with green rays.
    These keys are found in barrels hidden throughout the level.
    First Aid: First Aid, referred as Health Bottles in my FAQ, will instantly
    completely refill Robin's Health Meter. Since these bottles can't be found in
    barrels, use them only when Robin's health is low. The Dark Knight's sidekick
    starts out with 3 of these in each level.
    Batcrawler: The Batcrawler is a unique item that can work only inside mazes in
    some little holes in the wall. Control these to the end of the maze, and you
    will get a hidden password (made up of arrows) from a computer. Type the
    password into the locked door, and the door will open, gaining you access to a
    further section of the level. This can be used infinitely.
    7.3: Batplane Equipment
    Health Meter: The Health Meter displays the Batplane's remaining energy. The
    Meter goes down if the Batplane is hit by enemy fire or a wall of a building.
    Unfortunately, the plane's health cannot go up because you can't use Health
    Bottles in Batplane Stages. Maintain your health at a safe level, or you will
    crash and burn!
    Electric Charge: An unlimited amount of Electric Charges can be fired from the
    Batplane. These charges will kill many enemies/projectiles in a number of hits.
    Use these to kill those pesky enemies. These charges are great weapons, since
    there isn't an ammunition limit.
    Shield: The Shield, when activated, will protect the Batplane from enemy fire
    for about three seconds. After the shield is used, a small meter located under
    your Health Meter will start charging. When the meter is full, you can use the
    Shield again. This should be used smartly when you're surrounded by enemies,
    because the charging of the meter will take a long time.
    7.4: Batmobile Equipment
    Electric Charge: An infinite amount of Electric Charges can be fired from the
    Batmobile. These charges will kill many obstacles, like small cars or Electric
    Charge: An infinite amount of Electric Charges can be fired from the Batplane.
    These charges will kill many enemies/projectiles in a number of hits. Use these
    to kill those pesky enemies/Boxes. It's a reliable weapon, since there's no
    ammunition limit.
    7.5: Collectibles
    These items can be found inside Barrels scattered throughout a level.
    Batarang: Both Batman and Robin
    Smoke Bombs/Smoke Pellets: Batman
    Card Key/Key Card: Robin
    Nothing: Both Batman and Robin
    ***8: Enemy List***
    On your quest in saving Gotham City, many enemies intercept your progress.
    These foes range from missile-bearing humans to toxic plants. Here is a list of
    all the enemies in this game (not excluding bosses, section 5.5), and a tip or
    two on how to beat them. These enemies do not have official names (as far as I
    know about), and thus are named by me from their attacks and characteristics.
    8.1: Side-scroller Stages (including Bosses)
    The Damage formula is determined by these factors. Batman has 10 energy points
    when he is at full health. The damage recieved is about how much energy points
    Batman loses from an attack. When Batman's remaining energy points are equal to
    or lower than 0, he dies.
    The name inside the parentheses state that this enemy may be referred to this
    name in the guide.
    Enemy: Running Enemies (Guys)
    Type: Human
    Number of Hits Needed: 3
    Attacks: punch
    Damage: 2
    Strategy: Take advantage of this guy's limited range/attacks. Since he only
    punches, you can low kick him without any fear of getting hurt. jump kicks work
    well too, but don't punch him outright.
    Enemy: Missile Enemies (Guys)
    Type: Human
    Number of Hits Needed: 2
    Attacks: missile
    Damage: 3
    Strategy: Again, these guys can't hit you low, so low kicks work exceptionally
    well. One jump kick will kill him.
    Enemy: Crouching Missile Enemies (Guys)
    Type: Human
    Number of Hits Needed: 2
    Attacks: missile
    Damage: 3
    Strategy: This guy can hit you, even if you crouch. So, jump over his missile
    and give him a jump kick. Weapons, like Batarangs and Smoke Balls, can also be
    used to defeat him effectively from afar.
    Enemy: Pits
    Type: Miscellaneous
    Number of Hits Needed: N/A
    Attacks: N/A
    Damage: 10
    Strategy: Jump over pits and onto the next platform, since jumping into a pit
    will instantly kill you. Gliding is a good technique for jumping over pits,
    since it adds more distance to your jump.
    Enemy: Smoke
    Type: Miscellaneous
    Number of Hits Needed: N/A
    Attacks: smoke
    Damage: 2
    Strategy: Jump over these smoke-producers. There are many variations of these
    enemies, and you can jump over all of them.
    Enemy: Ice Machines
    Type: Miscellaneous
    Number of Hits Needed: N/A
    Attacks: ice block
    Damage: 1.5
    Strategy: Jump over the only Ice Machine in the Side-scrolling levels, avoiding
    its Ice Blocks by jumping.
    Enemy: Ice-Beam Enemies
    Type: Human
    Number of Hits Needed: 3
    Attacks: ice-beam
    Damage: 2.5
    Strategy: Jump kick this foe when he has finished using the Ice-Beam attack.
    Follow it up with a punch. This enemy is similar to the Missile Enemies; they
    can't hit you when you crouch.
    Enemy: Kicking Enemies (Men)
    Type: Human
    Number of Hits Needed: 3
    Attacks: kick, double kick
    Damage: 2, 2.5
    Strategy: This guy has two similar attacks that he uses consecutively. The
    easiest way to kill him is to use the Batarang, but jump kicking him works
    quite well, too. This man can kick you even when you're crouching, so be wary.
    Enemy: Shield Enemies (Men)
    Type: Human
    Number of Hits Needed: 3
    Attacks: block, beam
    Damage: 0, 2
    Strategy: Shield Enemies have a pattern in their attacking: they block, shoot
    the beam, and block again. When they're shooting the beam, you can low kick the
    foe. Repeat this twice, and you will be victorious!
    Enemy: Ice Crystals
    Type: Miscellaneous
    Number of Hits Needed: N/A
    Attacks: N/A
    Damage: 1.5
    Strategy: Just like pits, jump over these sharp blocks.
    Enemy: Plant People
    Type: Creature
    Number of Hits Needed: 2
    Attacks: arm awing, flinch
    Damage: 2, 2
    Strategy: Punch it twice fast, or jump kick them once. When you punch the
    plant, it will flinch, trying to attack you in desperation.
    Enemy: Snapper Plants
    Type: Plant
    Number of Hits Needed: N/A
    Attacks: clamp
    Damage: 2.5
    Strategy: When this plant clamps its teeth, touching it will make you lose
    health. So, walk over it when it stops clamping.
    Enemy: Toxic Plants
    Type: Plant
    Number of Hits Needed: 2
    Attacks: toxic, low toxic, tackle
    Damage: 2, 2, 1.5
    Strategy: This is an all-out attacker. It spurts out a high toxic followed by a
    low toxic. If you try to punch it, the plant will tackle you fast. You can try
    jump kicking it for an easy kill, or to use Batarangs on it.
    Enemy: Tentacles
    Type: Plant
    Number of Hits Needed: N/A
    Attacks: flail
    Damage: 2
    Strategy: Tentacles hang from ceilings and floors. When you are close by, it
    flails itself and becomes dangerous. Jump over these nuisances.
    Enemy: Thorns
    Type: Plant
    Number of Hits Needed: N/A
    Attacks: N/A
    Damage: 1
    Strategy: These Thorns are along some walls, vines, and floors. They damage
    upon touch only, so don't touch them!
    Enemy: Mini Flytraps
    Type: Creature
    Number of Hits Needed: 2
    Attacks: chomp
    Damage: 2
    Strategy: This creature is very annoying when other enemies are on the same
    screen. It's too short to be affected by a punch, so when you're punching other
    enemies, this one can come and hurt you. jump kick/low kick the foe.
    Enemy: Running Guys (variation)
    Type: Human
    Number of Hits Needed: 6
    Attacks: punch
    Damage: 2
    Strategy: Same as the regular, just attack him more times.
    Enemy: Missile Guys (variation)
    Type: Human
    Number of Hits Needed: 3
    Attacks: rapid missile
    Damage: 3
    Strategy: This guy shoots very rapidly, so avoid the onslaught and throw him
    some kicks. Batarangs work well as a counter projectile.
    Enemy: Crouching Missile Guys (variation)
    Type: Human
    Number of Hits Needed: 3
    Attacks: missile
    Damage: 3
    Strategy: Same as te regular enemy, just attack him more times. Evasion is an
    important tactic here.
    Enemy: Switching Missile Guys
    Type: Human
    Number of Hits Needed: 3
    Attacks: high missile, low missile
    Damage: 3, 3
    Strategy: Switching Guys alternate positions, from standing to crouching, every
    time they fire a missile. Watch for their projectiles, and throw some punches
    and kicks.
    Enemy: Humping Guys
    Type: Human
    Number of Hits Needed: 6
    Attacks: body slam
    Damage: 2
    Strategy: If your energy is pretty high, just take the body slam damage and
    punch him to death. If you'd rather spare yourself the damage, just jump over
    the guy AFTER he finishes his body slam. Attack him from the back, and he's
    done for.
    Enemy: Barrels
    Type: Miscellaneous
    Number of Hits Needed: N/A
    Attacks: drop
    Damage: 0.5
    Strategy: These barrels are more beneficial than detrimental as an enemy
    because of a key reason: it will drop Batarangs when you're out of them. Avoid
    getting hit, and collect the Batarangs. Some barrels are on the ground, so them
    it to reveal what's inside.
    Enemy: Bombs
    Type: Miscellaneous
    Number of Hits Needed: N/A
    Attacks: N/A
    Damage: Varies
    Strategy: Depending on the color, Bombs can do 1-4 damage to you, if you touch
    them. Jump over these, and attack your target.
    Enemy: Promethium
    Type: Miscellaneous
    Number of Hits Needed: N/A
    Attacks: explosion
    Damage: 7
    Strategy: Catch these bottles, AT ALL COSTS! If they land on the floor, they
    will break, causing a huge explosion and a big dent in your life. When you toss
    these, be sure not to toss them back at your platform, and if you do get hurt,
    use health immediately!
    Enemy: Poison Ivy's Pet
    Type: Creature
    Number of Hits Needed: 5
    Attacks: whip, acid, heal
    Damage: 2, 3, 0
    Strategy: Check out the walkthrough (section 9) for information on how to
    defeat this overgrown monstrosity.
    8.2: Puzzle Stages
    Robin starts out with 10 energy points, and just like Batman, he dies when his
    remaining energy is less than or equa to zero. These chart formats are the same
    as Batman's.
    Enemy: Ice Machines
    Type: Miscellaneous
    Number of Hits Needed: N/A
    Attacks: ice block
    Damage: 1.5
    Strategy: Ice Machines usually are placed at the end of narrow passageways.
    Avoid the ice blocks by waiting for it to pass.
    Enemy: Missile Enemies (Guys)
    Type: Human
    Number of Hits Needed: 1
    Attacks: missile
    Damage: 2.5
    Strategy: Since this is an overhead view, you'll probably have to evade this
    guy's missiles quickly. Then, a punch is all it takes to eliminate him.
    Enemy: Robots
    Type: Creature
    Number of Hits Needed: N/A
    Attacks: ram
    Damage: 3
    Strategy: This is pretty simple, just run past the robot when he crosses your
    path. This may take some practice, though.
    Enemy: Lasers
    Type: Miscellaneous
    Number of Hits Needed: N/A
    Attacks: beam
    Damage: 10
    Strategy: Lasers will kill you in one shot as soon as you step into its beam.
    They're usually blocking you from a necessary passage on the level. The answer:
    push a box in the way of the beam, and emerge unharmed.
    Enemy: Ice-Beam Enemies (Guys)
    Type: Human
    Number of Hits Needed: 2
    Attacks: ice beam
    Damage: 2
    Strategy: Like the Missile Enemies mentioned above, the way to kill these guys
    is to evade their initial blast and punch them quickly thereafter.
    Enemy: Thorns
    Type: Plant
    Number of Hits Needed: N/A
    Attacks: N/A
    Damage: 1
    Strategy: These are like the linings of the level. Just be careful not to
    accidentally walk into them.
    Enemy: Red Thorns
    Type: Plant
    Number of Hits Needed: N/A
    Attacks: N/A
    Damage: 1
    Strategy: Avoiding these thorns is a much harder task on the fast-moving
    conveyor belts that they're placed. Run quickly through the conveyor belts,
    trying not to get hit.
    Enemy: Evil Plants
    Type: Creature
    Number of Hits Needed: 1
    Attacks: bite
    Damage: 2.5
    Strategy: Use one of your Batarangs for an easy end to this creature. If you're
    out, avoid these if you can, or punch them at the right time.
    Enemy: Batcrawler Damage
    Type: Miscellaneous
    Number of Hits Needed: N/A
    Attacks: N/A
    Damage: 0.5
    Strategy: When your Batcrawler self-destructs (when it hits an obstacle), you
    will lose an insignificant amount of energy. Try not to mess up too much!
    8.3: Batmobile Stages
    Since attacks don't do damage to the Batmobile, the chart will be a bit
    different for these enemies. Also, "Stoppable" means that you can stop the foe
    using an Electric Charge. "Effect" describes what will happen to the Batmobile
    when the enemy touches it.
    Enemy: Cars
    Type: Vehicle
    Stoppable: Yes
    Effect: Bump
    Enemy: Trucks
    Type: Vehicle
    Stoppable: No
    Effect: Bump
    Enemy: Boxes
    Type: Miscellaneous
    Stoppable: Yes
    Effect: Spin, Time Waste
    Enemy: Dirt Pits
    Type: Miscellaneous
    Stoppable: No
    Effect: Spin, Time Waste
    Enemy: Road Splits
    Type: Miscellaneous
    Stoppable: No
    Effect: Bump
    Enemy: Missile Cars
    Type: Vehicle
    Stoppable: Yes
    Effect: Bump, Time Waste
    Enemy: Missiles
    Type: Hazard
    Stoppable: No
    Effect: Time Waste
    Enemy: Ball-shaped Plants
    Type: Hazard
    Stoppable: No
    Effect: Bump
    Enemy: Tentacles
    Type: Hazard
    Stoppable: No
    Effect: Spin, Time Waste
    8.4: Batplane Stages
    There is really no need for an enemy list in these stages. The tactic in all
    Batplane levels is to keep shooting. If you know where and when to shoot,
    everything will be accomplished without much difficulty. Just remember: the
    edges of buildings are not good places to land.
    ***9: Walkthrough***
    All right... Here's the bulk of the guide, the walkthrough itself, with all the
    info you could want! The difficulty ratings below are from Very Easy to Very
    Hard, and each difficulty rating should be self-explanatory. Other than that,
    Enjoy the walkthrough!
    Level 1
    Enemies: Running Enemies, Missile Enemies, Crouching Missile Guys, Pits, Smoke
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Password: N/A
    Type: Side-scroller
    The first level should be used as a training place if you're a beginner. Learn
    how to dodge the enemy's missiles/punches by jumping or crouching, and master
    the gliding technique (section 5.1). Use the jump kick a lot; it will kill off
    the missile guys in one hit and the running guys in two hits. The Crouching
    Missile Enemies should be finished off quickly, since you can't evade their
    missiles by crouching. Attack the Running Enemies from behind, so they can't
    get the first strike.
    A good tactic to use on the regular Missile enemies is to duck when they fire
    their first missile, run until they're within punching reach, duck their second
    missile, and execute low kicks to defeat them. You won't take any damage, since
    their only attack doesn't damage you if you're crouching. Also, the Smoke found
    in this level can be easily avoided.
    Level 2
    Enemies: Running Enemies, Missile Enemies, Crouching Missile Guys, Pits, Smoke
    Difficulty: Easy
    Password: Gotham
    Type: Side-scroller
    This level contains many more Missile Enemies. These foes are arranged smartly:
    sometimes a ghost missile will come from a guy who is off the screen. Glide
    over the missiles, and jump kick the guys into oblivion. The missile guys will
    sometimes be placed something like this:
                         __     <__<-           --|\        ~   = Batman  
          ~             <__<-             --|\              __            
      --------------------------------------------------   <__<-= Missiles
    This can kill you fast, especially if you don't know how to counter it. Jump
    over the two missiles, and jump kick the crouching guy fast to kill him. Then,
    crouch when the standing guy shoots another missile, and kick him, too.
    Additionally, your Grapple Hook needs to be used in this level. When it can be
    used, a Grapple icon will show up on the bottom right of the screen. At that
    place, you can use the hook to boost your altitude.
    Level 3
    Enemies: Cars, Trucks, Boxes, Dirt Pits, Road Splits
    Difficulty: Easy/Medium
    Password: Batman
    Type: Batmobile
    The game's first Batmobile level requires you to complete the track in under 2
    minutes. Hold down the acceleration button to go at top speed, and avoid the
    big trucks and dirt pits. Steer left/right when the road splits into two roads,
    and shoot the Boxes/Cars with your electric charge. You'll beat this level with
    little difficulty, hopefully... Also, if you happen to drive into a Dirt Pit,
    it will speed your timer up by 2-3 seconds. That's why Pits should be avoided
    at all costs.
    Level 4
    Enemies: Barrels, Bombs, The Joker
    Difficulty: Easy/Medium
    Password: Barbara
    Type: Boss Encounter
    Here, you'll meet with The Joker himself...and he has set a trap just for you!
    There is a way to thwack his plan, though. Just scroll your weapons until the
    Batarang icon is selected, jump onto the conveyor belt, and jump-shoot your
    Batarangs, trying to hit the Box that the Joker stands on. If you hit, you will
    hear a sound of the box breaking apart. Hit the box about 4 times, and it will
    fall, causing The Joker to lose some energy. Now, you'll probably be out of
    Batarangs, so refill your supply from the Batarangs that the barrels will drop.
    Be careful not to get hit by them! 
                               _        ____                         
                       Barrel (_)      |    |      ^  = The Joker    
                                       |  ^ |                        
                                       |*[ ]|      ~  = Batman(start)
                                       |*[ ]|                        
                         Shoot Here ->   [ ]|      *  = Bomb Pellets 
                                       |  | |                        
        __~__     _____________________|__|_|      [ ]= Box          
                       Conveyor Belt                                 
    The Joker will now attempt to kill you with Bombs. Just avoid them and repeat
    the Batarang process on The Joker. When the second box breaks, the Clown Prince
    will get mad and drop pellets like crazy. Glide a lot to keep afloat, and keep
    shooting Batarangs at that last box. The Joker will soon fall off the bridge
    and die...or will he? Anyway, you won't have to worry about him for now, since
    you've beaten the game's first boss!
    Level 5
    Enemies: Missiles, Space-Shooter Aliens, Ice Guns, Bullets, Walls
    Difficulty: Easy/Medium
    Password: Grayson
    Type: Batplane
    This level is your first Batplane stage--and a pretty easy one at that. You'll
    have to fend off those Space-Shooter Aliens, Guns, and other obstacles with
    just your electric charge and your shield. It's a good idea to rapidly press
    the A button throughout the level; if an enemy surprises you, you'll still get
    the first shot. 
    Beware of the walls on the buildings, because they will instantly destroy your
    Batplane if you happen to bump into them. The Missiles can be destroyed with a
    blast from your electricity. Keep your energy at a healthy level, and you'll
    get past this level easily.
    Level 6
    Enemies: Ice Machines, Missile Enemies, Robots, Laser Beams
    Difficulty: Easy
    Password: Robin
    Type: Puzzle
    Robin gets off the Batplane and into a world of boxes and puzzles. You'll have
    to get past these levels in order to fight Mr. Freeze later on. Move the Boxes
    to empty spaces by pushing or pulling, and proceed through the level. Use your
    Batarangs for the few Missile Enemies that you'll have to face. Zigzag through
    the Robots, and ebb over the Ice Shooter Machines.
    The Laser Beams are deadly (they will kill you in one hit) if you pass through
    them. The solution? Push a Box onto the beam to cover up the Laser's ray, and
    pass through the free spot. If you had trouble in passing this level, just wait
    till you get to the next puzzle...
    Level 7
    Enemies: Ice Machines, Ice-Beam Enemies, Laser Beams, Robots
    Difficulty: Medium
    Password: Tim
    Type: Puzzle
    Boy... This level can get on your nerves. The Box puzzles are much harder, and
    it takes some amount of patience to get through them. Robots are very plentiful
    in this level. They can't be killed, and they will do a lot of damage if you
    get hit. The Ice-Beam Enemies won't do much damage with their missiles, but
    they fire very rapidly, making them annoying. The end of the level requires a
    Card Key to access. The key can be gotten by going through the upper path at
    the place with the two Laser Beams. Practice makes perfect...try over and over,
    and you're bound to succeed.
    There are holes in the wall where you can place your Batcrawler inside. They
    are indicated by a Batcrawler symbol on your screen's bottom right. Use the
    Batcrawler inside these holes, navigate the mazes within the hole, and collect
    the password found at the computer at the end of the maze.
    Level 8
    Enemies: Boxes, Cars, Missiles, Trucks, Dirt Pits, Road Splits
    Difficulty: Medium/Hard
    Password: Batgirl
    Type: Batmobile
    This is a pretty straightforward Batmobile level, with WAY more Pits than the
    previous Batmobile course, especially at the level's end. Watch out for the
    Pits that come in your way, because they will slow you down and shorten your
    timer by a couple of seconds. There are less boxes than level 3, which is good,
    but more trucks and cars will be in your way, which is bad.
    Also in this level are big gray cars that shoot missiles. These missiles will
    slow your vehicle down very much, so avoid them as much as possible. It is
    advised to shoot down the missile-shooting cars before it has a chance to fire
    any projectiles at the Batmobile. Memorize the approximate locations of the
    pits and obstacles in the course, and you'll do well.
    Level 9
    Enemies: Ice Machines, Ice-Beam Enemies, Kicking Men, Shield Men, Ice Crystals
    Difficulty: Easy
    Password: Fries
    Type: Side-scroller
    This level should be a breeze, after what you've been through... It's a
    moderately easy level with moderately easy enemies. Jump onto the Ice Shooter
    Machine for extra height in your next jump. The enemies you'll face here have
    strong projectiles, but are very weak defensively. A single jump kick will take
    care of most these foes. You'll need the Grapple Hook in a few places, so watch 
    for the Grapple icon on your screen! The level involves a lot of jumping, so
    you'll have to be quick on your feet!
    Level 10
    Enemies: Promethium Bottles, Missiles, Mr. Freeze
    Difficulty: Easy/Medium
    Password: Victor
    Type: Boss Encounter
    Mr. Freeze will drop Promethium Bottles at you in this Boss Encounter. The
    bottles, when dropped, will do A LOT of damage. I'm talking 3/4 of your full
    energy! Well, to avoid this from happening, you'll have to catch these bottles
    by standing below them. Once you have a bottle, throw it back up at Mr. Freeze
    using the R button! The explosion will take a chunk out of his life, and you'll
    start the process over again. If you get too much damage, heal up by scrolling
    to the Health Bottle icon.
    When Mr. Freeze has taken decent damage, Missiles will start to come from the
    sides of the screen. Avoid them by crouching or jumping/gliding. Sometimes,
    multiple amounts of Missiles will zoom at you at once. Jump out of the mess,
    and try to catch Mr. Freeze's next bottle. Also, be aware if you throw the
    bottle at your own platform, you'll still receive the damage. Build up enough
    hits on the villain, and he will be eliminated!
    Level 11
    Enemies: Tentacles, Ball-shaped Plants, Dirt Pits, Trucks, Road Splits, Boxes
    Difficulty: Very Hard
    Password: Alfred
    Type: Batmobile
    ARGH!!! Maybe I'm just not good at racing stages, but this level was so very
    hard for me! I spent about an hour trying to get through the stage's freakishly
    large amount of enemies, pits, and splits in the road. To beat this course,
    you'll have to memorize the location of almost every Tentacle, Box, and Dirt
    Pit in order to have a chance at succeeding...
               |    I    |        >= -_- = Tentacle      
               |    I    |         _                     
               |  _ I    |        / \                    
               |>= -_-   |        |_|    = Batmobile     
               |    I    |                               
               |    I_   |        I      = Center of Road
               |    / \  |                               
               |    |_|  |                               
    In this occasion, hug the right wall quickly by steering right. It doesn't
    matter if you lose a little speed from leaning on the edge; it's better than
    slowing down AND having your timer shortened.
    You have less than 2 minutes to get through the course. You'll probably get hit
    by many of those annoying Tentacles; they're exactly like Dirt Pits, but they
    appear at the narrowest stretches of the road, where you'll have to hug the
    other wall in order to pass through unhurt. That's why memorizing these
    Tentacles' positions on the track is so important. Also, try to stay out of the
    Ball-Shaped Plants' ways, they will bump you and slow you down.
    Level 12
    Enemies: Plant People, Snapper Plants, Toxic Plants, Tentacles, Thorns, Pits
    Difficulty: Medium
    Password: Catwoman
    Type: Side-scroller
    This level introduces many new enemies...well, to say the truth, all the
    enemies are new. The Plant People are just like the Running Enemies from level
    1, except they're a little bit smarter and can turn to face you anytime they
    like. The main worries of this level are the Toxic Plants. They emit a foul gas
    that hurts Batman very much, and have a tackle attack that they use if you hit
    them once. One jump kick will knock out these foes.
    The Tentacles will flail vigorously as you get near to them. They can't be
    killed, so just jump over them. The Thorns do little damage, and you can jump
    over them easily. There are also ropes that you'll have to climb, and if you
    don't know how to do so, consult Chapter 5.1 for the move list.
    Level 13
    Enemies: Plant Shooters, Missiles, Bullets, Walls, Amoebas, Vine Walls
    Difficulty: Hard
    Password: James
    Type: Batplane
    This level is awesome. It's got the right challenge level for me, and it's fun
    to dodge the jumbles of enemies assaulting your mission. If you remember back
    from the first Batplane stage, the Plant shooters are essentially the same as
    the Ice Guns from that level, except they do more damage and will shoot three
    missiles at you instead of one! Shift your position on the screen cautiously to
    avoid the blasts.
    The Missiles are the same as before, and the Walls...well, they're the same,
    too. But there are Amoebae things sticking to the roofs of buildings. These
    things are hard to kill, and do a lot of damage when you hit them. Also, Vine
    Walls are present, which are just walls that open up when you hit them 5 times
    with your Electricity. There is a better way to get through a Vine Wall...just
    use your shield, and ram straight through it!
    Level 14
    Enemies: Thorns, Red Thorns, Evil Plants, Lasers
    Difficulty: Medium/Hard
    Password: Drake
    Type: Puzzle
    As you enter this leves, you'll encounter some fast-moving conveyor belts with
    thorns on them. Quickly move along these belts, trying to avoid the thorns...
    You'll need your health for the bulk of the course. The first Box-pushing area
    is pretty tough if you're not puzzle-friendly. So, I've created a picture to
    help you through:
           |_| [8][9]_   |                                
          _|  _[1]  | |  |      [#]= Box                  
       ->    | |    |_|[5]       _                        
       -> _  |_|__[2]    |      |_|= Wall                 
           |___|____|    |                                
           |_  |    [4][3]      *  = Barrel               
           |*|_|[7] | |  |           (containing Card Key)
    First, push Box #1 right one space, then push Box #2 two spaces. Push #3 all
    the way down, and Box #4 a space left. Now, push #2 all the way down (figure it
    out), and Box #5 upwards. Now, pull #4 a space back, two spaces up, and all the
    way left. Push #6 inwards, and #7 once up, 2 times right, and up once again.
    Now, pull Box #6 right and up, and get your Card Key!
    Other than that, the Batcrawler areas can be a real pain, too. Another place in 
    the level contains many Evil Plants, which can be killed with a simple punch or
    a Batarang. There is an area with 2 lasers and one box. Disregard the bottom
    laser, and push the block to cover the top laser. The exit is near there.
    Level 15
    Enemies: Plant People, Snapper Plants, Toxic Plants, Mini Flytraps, Thorns
    Difficulty: Medium/Hard
    Password: Harvey
    Type: Side-scroller
    This level is a moderately tough Side-scrolling stage, but in my opinion, it's
    still not very hard. Toxic Plants and Plant People are more abundant now, as
    well as the introduction of Mini Flytraps. Batman will have to venture
    downwards into the level to reach the exit, climbing vines and sliding down
    sloped surfaces at high speeds.
    While sliding down a vine, you can jump a little ways. This is essential when
    you are avoiding those pesky Thorns growing on the surface. Jump at the right
    times, and you'll come down the vine with little problems. As for the Toxic
    Plants, the jump kick or the Batarang are your prime methods of killing them.
    The Mini Flytraps can be a pain to kill, since Batman is too tall to punch
    them. Use a jump kick or two Low kicks to knock these guys out. Break any of
    the barrels you can find; they hold helpful items.
    Level 16
    Enemies: Big Plant, Mini Flytrap, Acid, Poison Ivy
    Difficulty: Medium/Hard
    Password: Selina
    Type: Boss Encounter
    A pretty hard boss, Poison Ivy doesn't really attack you directly. Instead, she
    calls upon her horde of plants to launch a huge assault. The Big Plant to the
    right is your target. Hit its eye with a Batarang when it is about to shoot
    acid at you, and it'll lose some health. Continue hitting the eye at the right
    time. Soon, more and more Mini Flytraps will come intercept your progress. Jump
    Kick them quickly to destroy them. Use your Health Bottles if needed.
    If you wait too long to hit the plant, it will dig its head in the bushes and
    refill HALF of his own energy! You'll want to avoid missing him, since one miss
    could result in him restoring his energy again. If you run out of Batarangs, a
    refill will magically appear on the screen. Pick it up, and start hitting the
    plant again. Also, you won't want to get near the plant's whip; it can do lots
    of damage quickly. Eventually, Poison Ivy will fall in defeat!
    Level 17
    Enemies: Missile Guys (3 kinds), Running Enemies, Pits, Smoke
    Difficulty: Medium/Hard
    Password: Batarang
    Type: Side-scroller
    This course is a tough level with an industrial mood. The Joker's supposedly
    been seen, and it's off to the Gasworks to check things out. The enemies in
    here require lots of hits to kill, and the Missile Enemies shoot two times
    faster! To kill the Crouching Missile Guys, Use a jump kick followed by a
    Punch. The Rapid-Shooting Guys should be destroyed with one Batarang and one
    fast jump kick. There are hooks for Batman to hang on to, just jump onto the
    hook, and Batman will automatically start going across.
    The Running Enemies here require SIX hits to kill. Just Punch them rapidly
    until they fall. There are also Missile Guys that switch positions (from
    crouching to standing) after they shoot. Jump over their shots, and attack them
    after. Go up/down the elevators by choosing the direction while on the
    Level 18
    Enemies: Missile Guys (3 kinds), Humping Guys, Running Enemies, Pits, Smoke
    Difficulty: Hard/Very Hard
    Password: Bruce
    Type: Side-Scroller
    Oh, man. This is as hard as a side-scrolling level gets in the game, people. As
    soon as you start, a Humping Guy with an attack that's nearly impossible to
    avoid will bombard you. To kill him, try sneaking up from behind him and
    throwing a series of punches. You'll have to cross horizontal ladders in this
    level, too. The bad part of this is that there is a Missile Guy just waiting
    for you on the other side!
    To get through this situation, hang on the latter. When the Guy fires, press Up
    on the Directional Pad to rise, avoiding the attack. Now, you can get off the
    ladder and beat that guy up. The elevators in this level now stop at multiple
    floors, so go up again and again to reach the top. After some practice, you'll
    be able to beat this level without much trouble...
    Level 19
    Enemies: Harley Quinn
    Difficulty: Medium
    Password: Quinzel
    Type: Boss Encounter
    AAHHH! This boss is scary! After she pulled that trick on you back at the
    bridge, Harley Quinn has stopped at nothing to achieve this goal: to defeat you
    permanently! Quinn has a hammer attack that does HUGE damage, and that is the
    only occasion that she is vulnerable. When she charges at you, jump over her,
    and whack her back quickly with a punch. This'll take a chunk out of her life
    bar, and she'll do one of two moves.
    Sometimes, she'll charge again with her hammer. Take advantage of this and
    pound her back again. Sometimes, though, she'll do a fancy series of flips,
    trying to kill you that way. Jump over the assault, and wait for her to
    Hammer-charge. Use your Health bottles to refill your energy when needed. After
    punching her back six times, Quinzel will be defeated!
    Level 20
    Enemies: Missile (3 kinds)/Running/Humping Guys, Bombs, Barrels, The Joker
    Difficulty: Very Hard
    Password: Jack
    Type: Boss Encounter
    Finally! A real battle between you and The Joker himself...and it's not going
    to be easy, by any means! First, The Joker will be on an elevator platform high
    above, with you down below. Fight the Missile Guys and move on up. Here, you'll
    meet with a Running Guy, so kill him while avoiding The Joker's constant drop
    of Bomb Pellets. Use the Grapple Hook (there is no icon, you'll have to look up
    manually) up to the Barrel platform, and restore Batarangs if you wish. Now,
    kill the Missile Guy and constantly hit Batarangs at The Joker, who should be
    in sight. He will try to Bomb/Machine Gun you, but you can take the damage.
    After four hits, he will move on upwards.
    A shaft will open up for you. Use the Grapple hook to get up, and kill the
    Humping Guy to your left. Go up the platform using the Grapple Hook, and Jump
    Kick the Missile Guy twice. Replenish your Batarang supply and your health if
    necessary, and kill the Missile Guys and the Running Guy. Now, go up the
    platforms and jump-shoot the Joker, like in your first meet with him. He will
    throw Bombs at you like crazy, but take the damage, like last time. After four
    more hits, his elevator will move up for the final time.
    All right...the last stretch! Grapple Hook upwards again, and kill the Missile
    Guy to your left. Make your way up, and refill your energy supply/Batarang
    supply using the Grapple Hook to get up the platform. Now, go right, killing
    all enemies in sight, and go across the conveyor belt. Avoid The Joker's Bomb
    Pellet stream and the Missile Guy's shots, and shoot at The Joker for four more
    times. Refill your Health Meter if you wish in the middle of the final
    encounter, and the Joker will finally fall from your Batarang power. You've
    beat the game! ...NOT!!!
    Level 21
    Enemies: Assorted Balloons, Missiles, The Joker's Blimp
    Difficulty: Very Hard
    Password: Edward
    Type: Batplane
    This is it: the final level! Shoot The Joker's Blimp and bust it into oblivion
    before it's too late, or Gotham City will be reduced to a pile of flaming
    ashes! This level is HARD, no doubt about it. You have to avoid the rain of
    Balloons and Missiles, and destroy the Blimp within the very short time limit.
    Keep on shooting as fast as you can to have even a shot at succeeding.
       _                                         __
       _-__                                        --__
      |_ __>    *    *    *    *    *    *    *   --   
       _-                                         |  Blimp    
      Batplane                                    -- __
                    __                           __--
                   |  |Balloon
                     |             ____________________
           __         |           |
          |  |                    |
          |__|                    |       Building
            |                     |
             |                    |
    Well, just hit the blimp until its energy reaches zero. There aren't many tips
    I can give you, other than to shoot fast and to use your shield to block those
    incoming shots! When the Blimp is destroyed, the ending clip is shown.
    CONGRATULATIONS! You've beaten Batman: Vengeance! Now, try the Advance Mode
    quests on your own...
    ***10: FAQ--Frequently Asked Questions***
    Q. Where can I get this game?
    A. Most large retailers have it in stock, but a relatively unpopular game like
    this one probably isn't on the shelves.
    Q. In the Puzzle Mode, when do you use the Batcrawler?
    A. You can use the Batcrawler in small holes on the ground. A circular icon
    will appear on the lower right side of the screen, telling you a hole is near.
    Q. How do you beat the Snapper Plants in the Side-scrolling Mode?
    A. You can't. You can walk over a Snapper Plant when its jaw is open, but you
    will get hurt walking through if the jaw is closed.
    Q. I need more help on beating a level.
    A. Email or Instant Message me, and I'll send a reply. Be sure to be specific
    about the level you're talking about!
    10.1: Tips and Tricks
    * Learn to master the gliding technique. Not only is gliding an essential
      tactic in getting yourself to higher platforms, it also gives more safety to
      your jumps. If you don't glide when jumping over a pit, there is a bigger
      chance that you might fall in.
    * Don't stand on the very edge of platforms for too long. This game was
      designed so that Batman would automatically fall after 1-2 seconds on the
      edge of a platform, so be aware that standing on the edge may be your doom.
    * Always have the acceleration button pressed down on the Batmobile Stages.
      You'll keep moving at top speed this way, and have a better chance at
      completing the stage.
    * Write the passwords down. They will be easier to remember, so it's a good
      idea to write down all the passwords you acquire instead of playing the first
      levels over again.
    * Jump kick often. This is Batman's most damaging attack (barring the items),
      and it is easily executed (see section 5.1). So, you should take advantage of
      that and jump kick whenever an enemy is in sight.
    * If you want to be really cheap, you can type in LSMRTG in the password list
      in the main menu. This will grant Batman UNLIMITED SMOKE BOMBS!!! You can now
      pass any Side-scrolling level without any challange whatsoever. Good stuff.
    10.2: Password List
    These are the passwords that grant you entrance to later levels. Write them
    down once you achieve them; this game has no save slots!
    Story Mode Passwords
    Advance Mode Passwords
    Other Passwords
    All Cinema Displays-NORA
    Unlimited Smoke Bombs-LSMRTG
    10.3: Gameshark Help
    As if playing through the game with unlimited Smoke Bombs (see above password)
    isn't easy enough, I've listed some Gameshark codes to use with this game to
    quicken your progress. You must have a Gameboy Advance Gameshark (available at
    most retailers) to use these codes. Be sure to follow the Gameshark's
    procedures as stated in the instruction manual included with the Gameshark.
    Happy Sharking!
    This code must be on in order to use any other codes:
    This code gives you infinite Batarang uses:
    This code gives you infinite Smoke Bomb uses:
    This code gives you infinite First Aid uses, therefore making you invincible:
    This code gives you infinite Time in some modes:
    I am not to be held responsible to any problems you experience when entering
    these codes or playing a sharked game. Read the Legal Information (Chapter 3)
    for more information.
    ***11: Credits***
    Contributors to this FAQ will be listed here.
    ~ Nucleargamer12--hey, that's me! I created this FAQ.
    ~ Gamefaqs.com--for creating such a wonderful, comprehensive site!
    ~ Nintendo--if it weren't for them, this FAQ would be nonexistent!
    ***12: End***
    Thanks for reading this document, and have a nice day.
      ~~nucleargamer12~~          Gaming makes the world go 'round...

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