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    FAQ/Walkthrough by bluehellstar

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/14/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mech Platoon FAQ
    VERSION 1.0
    This FAQ was written by bluehellstar (bluehellstar@hotmail.com)
    Hello. My name is Albert Ortiz Baltazar. This is the first FAQ I have 
    ever written, so forgive me if I make a bad job about it. I hope I can 
    update the FAQ frequently, so I can share with you the information I 
    get. If you've got any questions or something you may want to add to the 
    FAQ, just send me an E-mail to bluehellstar@hotmail.com and I will be 
    more than glad to answer you. Well, lets get to the FAQ.
    1-Version Review
    2-Introduction to the game
    3-Game Controls and Main Menu
    7-Legal Stuff 
    *Version Review*
    Version 1.0
    Today, I began writing the FAQ for Mech Platoon. I hope I can get a lot 
    more done in the next versions, because for now, I have only finished 
    the Tutorial missions, but I will begin to work on the different 
    *Introduction to Mech Platoon*
    The wise men say "there is no end to the truth". In this war-torn place 
    there are two things without end, the universe and greed.
    Glittering stars give the impression of eternal serenity, but the 
    reality is that they hide a lie. Among them blazes an endless war over 
    limited resources, skirmishes that grow as universe expands.
    Well, after an impressive cinema, the game finally starts. This is the 
    first Real Time Strategy game on the Gameboy Advance. It is a great 
    game, with a lot of missions, and many mechs to discover. Also, you can 
    join a friend to see who is the best in this universe. OK, lets get 
    *Game Controls and Main Menu*
    --Game Controls--
    Control Pad: Move in the menus, and move the cursor inside the game.
    A: Choose options, and select units and options inside the main game.
    B: Cancel options, and cancel the selection of units and options inside                          
    the main game. Also, if you press B, and then L or R, you can jump 
    through your units.
    R: Not used unless you press R & B so you can use the jump-through-your 
    -units function.
    L: Not used unless you press L & B so you can use the jump-through-your
    -units function.
    Start: Just used to choose menu options.
    Select: Brings out the map in the main game.
    --Main Menu--
    In this option you can begin the main game, or the tutorial if it is 
    your first time playing.
    If you have a saved game, you can continue it here.
    If you have a friend that has another Mech Platoon game, you can 
    challenge him to a battle to see who is the best in this universe.
    This option appears once you finish tutorial for the first time, choose 
    this option if you want to replay the tutorial.
    Now I shall describe each an everyone of the races that are selectable 
    in the game.
    A nation of proud and skilled assasins, the Leon army is an unseen force 
    in the universe. No one is inmune to their long range attacks.
    My opinion: Good race, with the longest range of attack in almost all of 
    its units, but sometimes weak against the Minos, who are good with 
    upclose attacks, devastating the Leon group because of their lack of 
    close-range attacks. But this problem can be eliminated further in the 
    game, when you can get other units.
    Basic Unit Name: AZAZEL
    Comprised of highly mobile mercenaries, the Trampler army moves like a 
    tempest, striking fast, striking hard, and leaving only ruin.
    My opinion: I think this is the best army to start out with, because 
    they have a good attack, and a speed that no other army has. I suppose 
    this is army has no real weakness, and can overcome many problems that 
    the other groups cannot find an answer until later in the game.
    Basic Unit Name: CAIM 1
    The allied army of Minos specializes in close range combat and features 
    heavy armor units. It is the toughest force in the universe.
    My opinion: Slow and Strong, that's the best description of this group. 
    Their attacks are stronger than any other groups, and a few units can 
    take an army of enemies. Sometimes strong against the Trampler and Leon 
    armies, but because of the slowness of the units, they can be out-runned 
    by the Tramplers, and another weakness would be that since Minos 
    specialize in close range attacks, the Leon can easily destroy them with 
    their long-range attacks.
    Basic Unit Name: ORIAS 1
    *The Tutorial*
    Here is the Tutorial walkthrough. There are several small missions here 
    so you can understand better the game. It's really easy, but for the 
    people who got stuck (which a doubt there was someone) here is the 
    Blessed with a mild climate Tenzan is a paradise in this war-torn 
    universe. Unlike a typical resort, this is a military training facility. 
    The roar from a drill instructor and screams from recruits reverberate 
    in the canyons and dissipate into azure skies.
    Welcome to planet Tenzan. This planet is a training facility for new 
    recruits. In order to succesfully complete your basic training, you'll 
    need to pay attention.
    Here's your first mission: Soldiers without a base have no place to 
    regroup after battle. Soldiers will give maximum effort if they have a 
    Base to protect. You will organize your men and build a Base. After all, 
    victory and survival do not depend on strategic might alone.
    Winning Conditions: Construct a base.
    Losing Conditions: None.
    Battle Strategy:
    Here is the overview. You start out with 3 labor units, right? Well, you 
    must first choose the one that is being pointed by the computer. Then, 
    you select the move option and you move the unit to one of the shiny 
    circles (the one that is being pointed). After that you have to select a 
    group of units and move them to the other circle, which is very simple. 
    After that, you get to build a base. Just press A on a unit a select the 
    BUILD option and after that select the BASE, and build it wherever you 
    Stockpiling natural resources is essential for projecting power in any 
    combat theater. Order the workers stationed in Delusion Valley to 
    collect natural resources. After work is initiated, build a Warehouse to 
    store the gathered resources.
    Winnning Conditions: Create labor units and build a Warehouse.
    Losing Conditions: None.
    Battle Strategy:
    You start out with 3 labor units and a base. You must now collect the 
    necesary resources and build some labor units and a warehouse. Begin by 
    selecting your labor units and putting them to work on the MATERIAL 
    ROCK. After they get enough MATERIAL ROCK, begin building more labor 
    units and send them to work the ENERGY SAND. After you get enough ENERGY 
    SAND, select 1 or 2 labor units and put them to build a WAREHOUSE. After 
    the Warehouse is finished, the mission is over.
    Before you can build a structure you'll need to acquire skills. 
    Developing your unit's engineering skills is critical for the success of 
    any mission. A trained soldier is worth more than a squad of untrained 
    Winning Conditions: Recycle and collect a 100 Laser Crystal.
    Losing Conditions: None.
    Battle Strategy:
    In this mission you'll have to recycle 100 LASER CRYSTAL. You'll first 
    have to upgrade your building skills so begin by sending your units to 
    work the MATERIAL ROCK. After you've got enough MATERIAL ROCK, select 
    the Base, and choose the Raise Build Skill Level option. After that, 
    wait a while until the upgrade is done. Meanwhile collect ENERGY SAND. 
    After you've got enough ENERGY SAND, select a few Labor Units and Build 
    the RECYCLE FACILITY. After you finish building it, Recycle 100 ENERGY 
    SAND for 100 LASER CRYSTALS. After that, th mission is over.
    You need to be resourceful in order to survive. Recover the abandoned 
    battlefield ordinance and salvage anything of value. Then build a 
    labortory to improve our army intelligence.
    Winning Conditions: Salvage 3 wrecks and build a lab.
    Losing Conditions: No more than 3 wrecks can be salvaged.
    Battle Strategy:
    When the mission begins, some vehicles explode. After they explode, they 
    leave their wastes. You MUST grab these, because sometimes they contain 
    Mech Parts that can help you create many different mechs. Well, getting 
    back to the mission, send 3 Labor Units to the places where the mechs 
    exploded and grab the wreckage. After that, send your labor units to get 
    some ENERGY SAND, so you can build a laboratory. After you get 120 
    ENERGY SAND, grab one of your Labor Units and build a Laboratory. After 
    it gets finIshed, the mission is over.
    Nature is the most feared enemy. Terrible monsters are in control of the 
    planet. You must neutralize all of the monsters nesting in the 
    highlands. We will be the ruler here.
    Winning Conditions: Eliminate all mosnters!
    Losing Conditions: No allied units survive.
    Battle Strategy: 
    Finally, you get to battle some monsters. It's really easy though. 
    First, begin by collecting some ENERGY SAND so you can build a Factory. 
    After you get enough ENERGY SAND, select a Labor Unit and send him to 
    build a Factory wherever you want. After it is built, collect some 
    MATERIAL ROCK and build some more Labor Units, and send them to work the 
    ENERGY SAND and the LASER CRYSTAL. After you're full on resources, 
    select the Factory and build some units (I suggest the ZAREN unit) and 
    send them to your closest enemy. After that, send them to your other 
    enemies. Remember to use your radar to check on your enemies positions. 
    And after you destroy all the WEAVER enemies, the mission will be over.
    Defense is as important as offense. Winning the battle is nearly 
    impossible when there is a balance between them. Strengthening your 
    defense is essential for survival.
    Winning Conditions: Build a Laser Base.
    Losing Conditions: Allied base destroyed.
    Battle Strategy:
    First, send your ZAREN units to destroy the enemy that's attacking the 
    base. After that, send your units to destroy the other enemy that is 
    closer to the base. Then, select a Labor Unit and repair your base.
    After it's repaired, select the base and choose the RAISE TECHNOLOGY 
    LEVEL option. By doing this, you will be able to build the Laser Base. 
    While the upgrade is being finished, send your Labor Units to work on 
    the LASER CRYSTAL. After the upgrade is finished and you get enough 
    LASER CRYSTAL, select a Labor Unit and command it to build a Laser Base. 
    After the Laser Base is built, the mission is over.
    This is your final task. Remember everything you've learned so far. 
    Watch the enemy carefully, then plan your strategy. Win this battle and 
    your training will be complete!
    Winning Conditions: Destroy all enemy units!
    Losing Conidtions: Allied base destroyed.
    Battle Strategy:
    First, select the base and choose the RAISE MILITARY SKILL option. Wait 
    for the upgrade to be completed. While you wait, send your units to 
    attack the nearby enemy group (Or you can wait for the upgrade so you 
    can defeat the enemies more easily). Careful because they've got the 
    same range as your mechs. Once the upgrade is complete, select the 
    Laboratory, and choose the Upgrade Unit option. Select Upgrade unit 
    ABYSS 1 ~ ABYSS 2, and the upgrade will begin. Wait until it's finished. 
    Once it's finished, send your units to destroy the enemies (which will 
    be an easy task due that your units are a lot stronger). After you 
    destroy the remaining enemy units, the Tutorial Missions will be finally 
    *Before Going In To The Main Game...*
    Once you finish the Tutorial Missions for the first time, you won't need 
    to play the Tutorial anymore once you begin a New Game. Now you will be 
    able to skip the Tutorial. If you want to practice some more, the new 
    Tutorial option will now be opened also.
    OK, since you finished the Tutorial, you will get to choose Leon, Minos 
    or the Trampler nations to fight aside with them. Each nation has 
    different missions and different styles of fighting so choose wisely.
    *I will get to the other missions later, sorry for he inconvenience!*
    *Legal Stuff*
    This FAQ is copyright 2002 by Bluehellstar. Any unauthorized duplication 
    or hosting of this FAQ (other than Game Faq's) is an ilegal action and 
    will be punished by the law.

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