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    Multiplayer Guide by FoxDemon

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    Mech Platoon Multi-Player Guide
    by FoxDemon
    Copyright 2003
    1.	What is Multi-Player?
    2.	Map Strategies
    3.	Options
    4.	Man versus Man
    5.	Man versus Com
    6.	Strategies
    7.	FAQ Updates
    8.	Legal Stuff
    9.	Credits/Contact Me
    1.	What is Multi-Player?
    Multi-Player is a mode on Mech Platoon that allows you to play a game 
    (similar to Starcraft) rather than having a different objective and a story 
    mode to follow. The goal is to be the first team to destroy the other team's 
    2.	Map Strategies
    These are the available maps for two-player combat. In a later edition I will 
    also include the general layout as well as some key strategies for each 
    Map Name					Planet
    Ascetic Monk's River				Lichen
    Almost Extinct River				Lichen
    Lake Lichen					Lichen
    Forest of Quicksand				Ravine
    Weathering Ruins				Ravine
    Crater Area					Scorch
    Sunbaked Wilderness				Scorch
    Old Ruins Area					Ruin
    Old Warehouse Area				Ruin
    Old Downtown Area				Ruin
    -Ascetic Monk's River Tips-
    You'll either be in the northwest or southwest corner. In the northwest 
    corner are most of the resources, and some are towards the east, giving the 
    southeast player a big disadvantage. The only accesses to the southeast 
    player's base are bridges, which are very good spots to place defensive 
    units. The northwest player is a much more vulnerable target. For the 
    northwest player, I suggest getting a Laserbase as soon as possible. Don't 
    build it too close to your base, though, put it a little ways away so you can 
    get an early attack. The southeast player should build a Laserbase by the 
    bridge the opponent seems to be using, and should always send mechs over by 
    the labor units to protect them because of the distance they must travel. 
    Finally, this is one of those courses I would suggest the southeast player 
    goes for an Armory the whole game.
    3.	Options
    While in the preparations menu, if you choose MULT PLAY OPTS you can set up 
    some different things about the game.
    1P Color: Color of player 1's team.
    2P Color/COM Color: Color of P2/COM's team.
    Map: Choose the map to play on.
    Set Level: This option can be used to set different levels of starting 
    amounts of things for either player. You may set:
    -Build Level (Your starting building level)
    -Military level (Your starting military level)
    -Technology level (Your starting technology level)
    -Initial resources (Your starting minerals)
    You may set these on a scale of 1-3, three giving you the best/most possible.
    4.	Man versus Man
    This is where you can duke it out against a friend. Your army and all the 
    stuff you've gathered in your story file is all you get, while he probably 
    has a lot of different units than you do. This will really show who's better, 
    and there are never two games alike. To play 1 on 1, you and your opponent 
    must have a Game Boy Advance and a Mech Platoon game, and one link cable to 
    link the two game boys.
    5.	Man versus Com
    The computer doesn't prove to be too hard in story mode, but he may change 
    your mind in this mode. If you're a player who takes a long time to build 
    things and produce units, you're in trouble. The computer is always going to 
    be coming at you, but at times this can provide some fun. There is no setting 
    a difficulty level, but it has been confirmed that the computer's army is 
    that of whatever map you are playing on. If you are on:
    Scorch he is Leon
    Lichen he is Trampler
    Ravine he is Minos
    Ruin he is the unknown army on Ruin
    Every planet has 2-3 maps that you can play on, each containing a few more 
    obstacles than the last. My personal favorite way to play is to start on 
    course 1 and play every course. I keep track of every time I win and every 
    time the computer wins. After every course has been played (approx. 90-120 
    minutes), whoever has more wins is the winner (duh).
    6.	Strategy
    Here are some helpful hints that you (no matter how good you think you are) 
    might actually need to make your game better.
    -Build an Armory-
    Devote all of your labor units to building an Armory when it becomes 
    available. Purchase as many labor units as possible to help, as this building 
    won't do anything until it has all 900 HP. Once built, a one-minute timer 
    will start. When it hits zero, quick scroll over to the enemy base and watch 
    it be torn to shreads.
    -Organize Your Armies-
    Always try to group mechs of the same type into their own armies, and have 
    each army move out at a different time. An unorganized army tends to be much 
    weaker than a good, organized army.
    -Figure Out What You're Up Against-
    Never attack an enemy base without knowing what you're up against. Send one 
    mech over to the enemy ahead of all others to find out what the enemy tanks 
    can do. If you already know what you are up against, then don't waste your 
    time on this.
    -Don't Waste Mechs-
    Don't attack an enemy without having at least 3 mechs, or you're just wasting 
    -Build and Guard Your Laserbase-
    The Laserbase should be put in front of your base, and after an enemy attack 
    you should immediately send a labor unit to heal it.
    -Use the Recycle Facility Wisely-
    To easily increase unit production, use the Recycle Facility to change one 
    mineral into another. This could help increase unit production dramatically.
    -Build Your Factory Behind Your Base-
    This can protect your Factory better, even though you are risking your Base 
    being destroyed (but didn't you build a Laserbase in front of it?). Also, 
    your Factory can produce units than can protect your Base anyway.
    -Decrease Construction Time-
    Doing this will make the units and buildings that are under construction 
    appear several times faster. This is well worth the small fee, and works 
    really well for surprise attacks and building the Armory.
    -If the Recycle Facility Can't Make It...-
    You need to balance the amount of everything you mine. Don't get stuck with 
    too much of one mineral and not enough of the other two. Balance is critical 
    to your success. If you are unbalanced, use the Recycle Facility if possible.
    -Be Prepared-
    No, I'm not advertising for Boy Scouts. Always watch your map so you won't be 
    surprised by a sudden attack. Being prepared could save several HP on your 
    buildings, and the labor units won't need to make repairs. You also won't 
    have to worry about making mechs suddenly when you don't have enough 
    -I've Been Waiting 5 Minutes...-
    This mistake is caused by over 50% of players. It also happens on Starcraft 
    and Command and Conquer games. When you build a unit or building, do you sit 
    around and wait for it to be built? Doing so on any unit or building could 
    cost you some serious time. You should never have to stop moving around the 
    screen giving out orders. There always will be something to build or command. 
    If there isn't, then you're not trying.  If you pause at all no matter how 
    short or long, your opponent could easily get just the advantage they need to 
    win. Now move you lazy couch potato!
    -The Early Bird Gets the First Kill-
    Most players use several minutes to build several if not all of their 
    buildings. Most players don't even begin constructing units for several 
    minutes. Use this to your advantage by attacking early. Even if it fails 
    (which you shouldn't expect it to succeed anyway), the slightest impact on a 
    base could give you a temporary advantage, and may help you later on.
    -Be Persistent-
    If your first attack fails, attack again. Don't stop attacking because it 
    seems to be a needless effort. The enemy will start to diminish sooner or 
    -Don't Give Them the Slightest Chance to Heal-
    This means never let up on the attack or the enemy will just keep healing its 
    damaged buildings. If you have to, save some mechs for the next wave of 
    battle. To even prevent more healing, send one army as soon as the other is 
    halfway to their base.
    -But I Just Sent Them to do Battle!-
    While you are sending all of these units off to battle, always remember about 
    your base defenses, too. You could easily be creamed if you forget about 
    -A Strange Priority-
    Although it may seem odd to make killing labor units a priority, you could 
    prevent several things happening by destroying them. Mining materials, 
    producing buildings, and healing buildings can be stopped temporarily by 
    getting rid of them. The only downside to this is that labor units can be 
    rebuilt, but you will have a temporary advantage, which will definitely 
    change the game.
    -Too Slow to Attack-
    If a mech moves extremely slow (like the Orias) it is bond to have good 
    range, attack, and defense. Use these mechs to protect your base, and use 
    faster ones (like the Azaeal) to attack their base.
    -I Could've Sworn That Was the Real Thing-
    Mechs with the decoy ability can be one of the best types of mechs to have on 
    the battlefield against a computer or friend. They are tough to hit and can 
    distract the enemy from a whole other attack.
    -Keep Your Big Mouth Shut-
    Although you may not think you do, you might be talking out loud about what 
    your next move is. The best solution to this is to just simply shutup. Let 
    your friend tell you his strategies, but you keep yours to yourself. This is 
    a no talking game!
    This concludes the current version of the strategy section, but I will 
    definitely add some hints to it in the near future.
    7.	FAQ Updates
    4/17/03 - It has been a long time, and I will admit that I haven't got much 
    done on the map strategies section, but I changed some stuff. The updates 
    section is now newest add-ons at the top and oldest at the bottom. Also, I 
    did add one map strategy, but I've got a lot more to go.
    3/13/03 - Today there isn't anything to add. I want to let everyone know that 
    I am working on a one week to two week add on for the map section which will 
    include strategies for each map, so don't expect me to update this as often 
    as I did in the past.
    3/12/03 - I am trying to fix the maps section of the FAQ. For some reason the 
    planet names are in different columns when they appear on the site, and I am 
    trying to fix that, so hopefully that will be fixed today. If it is not fixed 
    today, I at least know I've got something to work at for a while. I am also 
    working on an expansion for the strategy section, which is what you came to 
    3/10/03 - I spent the last day and part of today playing Starcraft, but in my 
    extra time I wrote up a first version of the strategy section, which is now 
    up and ready to be read. I do plan on changing it a lot, so look for future 
    3/8/03 - I decided to change things a bit. I added two sections (which are 
    under construction), maps and options. I am currently working on a strategy 
    section, which will be in a later version. Be on the watch for constant 
    3/7/03 - I started throwing this all together. This will take a while, and I 
    will make sure to add a few things here and there. Hopefully I will add a 
    strategy section (which is the reason most people would want to read this FAQ 
    anyway, not that I expect anyone to read it at all).
    8.	Legal Stuff
    Of course, the legal stuff has to appear somewhere. Basically all I want to 
    say here is that this FAQ is copyright 2003 and was made by me, FoxDemon. You 
    are not allowed to post this on ANY website without the permission of myself. 
    If you see this on any webpage other than the ones listed below, then they 
    did not have my permission to do so. Please notify me at 
    TriviaPlanner@netscape.net if you see it anywhere else.
    Permission Given To:
    AND SOON www.neoseeker.com
    You may not take this FAQ anywhere and sell it for money; that is illegal. 
    You also may not take this and say this is your own work, that is plagerism, 
    which is also illegal. Thank you for cooperating.
    9.	Credits/Contact Me
    Created By:
    Game Created By:
    Special Thanks:
    Questions? Comments? Did I miss something? E-Mail me at 
    TriviaPlanner@netscape.net with whatever you feel like sending.

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