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"Mortal Kombat Not-So Advance"

When the Game Boy Advance hit the market, games from the 16-Bit era were making their translation into the portable 32-Bit realm but as many say not every games from the 16-Bit era make a good translation. Mortal Kombat Advance is one of the not so good ones. For being a port of the Super NES and Sega Genesis version of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, this newer advance version seem to play much more terrible than MK entries before it. So what's so terrible about this game, read and find out.


For being a 16-Bit games, the graphics are meh and boring, backgrounds look like cookie cutter still frame, there are no special in-game effects like wind blowing newspapers in the Street stage, no spinning portal in the Soul Chamber, etc. All characters sprites are small and lack few frames of details and some characters such as the palette swap ninjas (male and female) often share similar fighting stances. If you are looking for eye candy in this game, you won't find any as the game doesn't had any of the console nor arcade visuals that those got, heck this game doesn't even had an attract presentation nor any of the game's character bios. This sucks and feel lazy and rush when compare to the 16-Bit versions of previous MK.


This is probably the only thing good about this port. The music in this game is good, all of the name shouts are back as well as Shao Kahn's other in-game encouragements (which were missing from the 16-Bit versions). While the music sounds good, the thing I don't like about them is that all of them doesn't match the background that they are supposed to be for example hearing the Temple stage theme playing in the Pit 3, the Street theme playing in Scorpion's Lair and so on. The sound samples while good to hear also isn't good to have and every character had sound that doesn't match them at all for example Scorpion having a female voice when jumping but a male one when shooting his spear.


This is mainly the most broken part about this game, the control sucks. You only get four buttons to use and of those some moves are difficult to get into. Whereas moves on the 16-Bit versions were executed with ease, moves for this game tend to have such delay in executing them, some won't even work unless an instruction manual is view. It's just so disappointing and broken that you might want to abuse your little GBA just to get it to work. Combos were also near impossible to unleash and this makes the control that much unresponsive.


This like the control are also broken and unbalanced, unlike the console versions, the A.I. in this game are such murderers and idiots at the same time. Often times they killed you off like a psycho bad-ass and other times they set themselves like a sitting duck waiting to be pummel silly. Never had any special moves ever hit them responsively, even projectiles won't hurt them as much. Whereas you can't very much perform combos or special moves because of the broken control, the A.I. for some reasons had the will to unleash them with ease and could at one time done other several tactic impossible for a human player. You could link play with another human player that is if you could find one which in this case the gameplay is okay but really do you really want others to feel the pain of this game.


No there aren't any, of course there are multi-playing options but since this game is so crappy, there won't be anybody out in the open who would link play with you. Also with no such features like vs. kombat kodes, kahn's treasures, cheat menus, lack of other cool stages, lack of more finishing moves, no in-game secrets, and no auto save features, this game is just a rush piece of garbage.

Is it Worth Getting?

If you are an MK fan or collector you might waste some cash getting it but to others stay far far away from this game. It is not anything like the 16-Bit versions of Ultimate MK3 and it isn't actually ADVANCE either. What you get here are craps that the 16-Bit versions left out (a.k.a. name shouts and left over stages) while at the same time losing a ton of what those versions were known for. Overall this game is an inferior port to the 16-Bit games, heck if you should get a portable more playable version of MK, go get MKII for the Game Boy or better yet MK: Deadly Alliances and Tournament Edition or any of the emulation ports for the PSP. If you only want a portable Ultimate MK3, find a Sega Genesis Nomad handheld and play that version instead or better yet again, get the more superior Nintendo DS version.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 10/17/08, Updated 08/03/12

Game Release: Mortal Kombat Advance (US, 12/12/01)

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