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This whole game is more boring than boring, more stupid than absurd, more of a waste of time... than staring into a blank wall. Midway comes again with a horrible game...
In fact, i have played 4 mortal Kombat games and at first they could be considered good relative to other games (at that time), but as the years pass, its the SAME thing, the same crap that has been produced for 10 years. This game was more horrible than even the other Mortal Kombats. I COULD NOT STAND THIS GAME FOR MORE THAN 5 MINUTES!!!!

At first, was the secret character that another reviewer pointed out. Is a secret a secret if its given to you?? That was dumb. Then it got worse and worse... more boring and boring until i either couldn't bear to be near it or until i fell asleep (and get caught by my parents with a Game Boy Advance... Im not supposed to happen). Anyways... If you still want to read on... go for it. I already told you everything about it... basically.

Hmm. The basic controls work for the two moves that there are. But when it comes to combos, the computer can always break it, and it gets really annoying. Also, the special ending moves are difficult to do. The reason i gave it a 3? it uses only 3 of the 5 keys (usually) on the Game Boy color.

Fun?:1 (i would give it a 0 or BELOW if i could)
NO...NO...NO...!!! Im falling asleep! Ill get caught with my game boy Advance at night... This game is so unfun that if you have a TI-83 graphing calculator, you would certainly play that than this game(even graphing quadratic formulas is more fun than this). Its all 2 moves, and sadly enough, it makes you feel that your just pressing buttons.

Very pathetic. The sound can drive a person crazy, especially the stereotypical ones. Basically, its a short track of poor music and ayaaa! or uhhhh! The sound is VERY limited. Better turn the sound off than leave it on. =)

Not fun at all to watch, and sucks in every other way possible. Not much to say at this sub-subject.

I can only say that for a game boy Advance, the graphics are OK. The people are sometimes too far spaced apart or lacking in detail, and a limited background take make this merely satisfactory. But still, this is the best part of an unimpressive game.

Nothing else really

I hate to say this since i like to give good ratings to games, but this game is just too terrible. I can't find something to do that can be more boring than this, and i cant find a game which less time was spent on (besides the simplest games like tetris or pac-man, or even connect four).

Buy Rent?
NO. Never. Never. Never. It was the biggest game mistake in my life to even PLAY this game. If you see this game as a gift, you can inply that it be exchanged for any other gift. If they refuse, try to see this game to an unwary buyer, if you can't do that, sell it on the internet... BUT DO NOT OPEN IT!

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 03/19/02, Updated 03/19/02

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