"A Good Idea Gone Down the Drain"

Since their early Sega Genesis (or was it the SNES?) days the Mortal Kombat franchise has never really gotten respect as a fighting game. Mostly because of it's basic ''bash your opponent brains out while their blood flows like water'' look. The fighting system has been past it's prime for years, but it can still bring back nostalgic memories from fans. But somewhere along the line this game was somehow changed from a decent idea to a horrible result.

Graphics - Even for a handheld game the graphics are pretty poor. The characters are too tiny and extremely generic looking. The backgrounds are deviod of animation and life. Basically the background might as well have been a cardboard box with some paint on it. And after years away from the MK fighting series now the blood looks hardly realistic, it's just dull.
Score - 1/10

Sound - Possibly the only good thing about this sorry excuse of a videogame. The music gives the levels a sinister feel to them. The screams are as blood-curdling as ever. And the announcer's trademark ''Finish Him'' will bring a smile to every MK fans' face. But remember this is the only good part of the game.
Score - 8/10

Story - MK games have stories? Bah. Just keep moving along...
Score - N/A

Gameplay - MK games have never been known for their depth in gameplay. Also the controls are a bit off, making it impossible to use combos that were seen in older games. But that's actually a good thing because they made the game incredibly unbalanced. This game really feels like Mortal Kombat Trilogy for the Playstation, except without the unbelievable load times. And forget about winning against the computer in some situations. no matter how good you get the computer will always be better, always.
Score - 2/10

Overall - Do not let the allure of 35 MK characters in one game fool you. Nearly all of them are exactly the same character, just with different color schemes. Really do we need two versions of Sub Zero instead of Raiden and Bakara? This felt like a hasty port of a bad game. Hopefully Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance , for the PS2 and Xbox, can redeem the sins of this travesty of a game. If anyone tells you to buy this game I have a few words of advice, FINISH HIM!

...Yeah, I know it was lame. Just don't buy this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 07/23/02, Updated 07/23/02

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