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Reviewed: 08/20/02 | Updated: 08/20/02

A new level of krap

With the onset of my 16th birthday, I once again looked forward to a new game for my good old GBA. Upon recieving my gift my heart sank. I had heard many bad reviews for Mortal Kombat Advance, and was a little wary of the game's quality. But then I thought about how I seemed to be the only person in the world who enjoyed UMK3, and so I thought, if that was the reason for bad ratings, then I would enjoy this game. Oh, how wrong I was.

Graphics 5/10- At first glance, my impression was that these graphics were a near perfect representation of the SNES game, and by looking at the screenshots it appeared to be true. When I played the game however, I found that I was mistaken. The characters move awkwardly, and touches such as explosions from some projectiles were missing as well. An amusing quirk I discovered is that when a character dies, he or she always falls the same way, so If a fatal blow knocks you down, you will get up and immediately proceed to fall back down. Overall graphics gets half credit for only doing half the job, looking good in stills but not in motion.

Sound 2/10- I think there were about three music tracks total and the same number of voice samples. One for the guys, one for the girls, and one for Liu Kang. They all sounded awful, especially Liu Kang. As for sound effects, all attacks sounded the same, and sometimes blocked attacks still sounded like landed ones. Overall, awful.

Control 1/10- First of all, the damn controls leave you with a grand total of two attack buttons, and that makes some attacks impossible to execute. Sluggish and sometimes unresponsive controls make the problem even worse. Just plain awful.

Gameplay 1/10- If I could give a negative score I would. First of all, the difficulty is through the roof because not only are your controls hard to deal with, but the the AI is relentless, especially because it doesn't have to deal with that crap. To get through any difficulty you will eventually have to resort ot the same cheap tactics again and again, and that is no fun at all.

Lastability 1/10- Any vs options and hidden secrets go out the window simply because this game is not any fun. You wont want to struggle with the controls against a friend any more than against the computer.

Rent? Buy? Burn? Steal? Whoseya tells all!
And I thought that the original gameboy MK was bad, at least they had an excuse then. The GBA is supposed to be superior to the SNES, but this game is the definition of half-assed. RENT only if you are curious to see how bad it really is for yourself, otherwise don't even bother with it unless you recieve it as I did, in which case go with option number three.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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