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Reviewed: 07/17/03 | Updated: 07/17/03

Definitely the worst game to ever come out for any handheld game machine. Mortal Kombat Advance achieves only a 'new level of krap' indeed!

Mortal Kombat Advance is one bad game. Midway has definitely been milking the MK series for long enough- this is only one of the products of their copy and paste 'effort'.

When will the innocent consumers realize how bad the series has become? Its bad enough that Midway has been copy/pasting characters and scenes since the first series, but in this case the port was abysmally transformed onto the GameBoy Advance as well.

Not only was the port poorly transformed onto the Gameboy advance, but the port itself is not that great of a game in the first place. In Mortal Kombat Advance, you basically try to defeat a computer enemy running on 'Artificial Intelligence'. Artificially intelligent indeed! The programming must have been done in 20 minutes!

The enemy that you have to fight is one of the dumbest, most annoying bots that I have ever encountered. When you fight the computer, it manages to break ever combo you attempt- thus bringing your lifebar more than you brought down his. In order to actually kill the damn comp, you have to use the same move over and over again- and it will just keep walking up to you. One of the cheesiest ways- but most effective ways of beating the enemy is to just stand on one place and use a repeated kick/kick/kick attack.

Combos are MUCH worse than the same kick-kick-kick attack (and why does a kick knock you down to the ground?).


The gameboy graphics are supposed to almost match that of a S-NES. If you believed that this game could achieve that standard, think again. The graphics in this game are some of the worst i've seen- and would be considered bad on a gameboy color. The background is totally static, and the characters' faces are totally indistinct. Everything that the characters do are barely recognizable. Some of the moves remain a complete mystery (due to the fact the graphics were so poorly done). Moreover, the characters are far too small to be seen anyways.

The famous gore of MK is significantly reduced. The blood looks more like syrup- so bland it could be water for all I know.

The sound is no better. The music was not particularly well done and the 'sound effects' quickly get annoying. If only the programmers could think of something more innovative than this krap.

I have an urge to just toss this game in the garbage- but not even the garbage can deserves to hold such a terrible piece of plastic. My final piece of advise: Do anything with this EXCUSE for a game aside from actually putting it into your nice gameboy advance.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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