Review by DarkLink89

Reviewed: 08/29/03

So bad that you will want to sell your GBA.

Mortal Kombat Advance is based on Mortal Kombat 3:Ultimate for the Arcade but don't think is the same thing. Mortal Kombat Advance has to be the worst game ever,it's extremely hard and the controls are really messed up. This game was made not to give people a good experience but to get quick money since Midway knew it was going to sell well.

Graphics 4/10

The graphics in this game look fairly decent,the stages are nice and well detailed and the characters look good and well animated.The problem is that the attacks are just looking stupid(specially Liu Kang's fireball) and the fatalities are not that cool. At least this game has decent graphics.

Sound 6/10

The sound is decent and the music is creepy perfect for this game.The announcer saying ''Finish Him'' sound very good and the blood falling in the ground sound very real.Good sound for a horrible game

Gameplay 0/10

This is the worst part in this game,the gameplay is going to make people cry. In 1-Player mode the computer is a real cheap bastard,It do does combos like crazy that you will never perform ever in your life, and if you want to beat the computer you have to put it in a corner and start doing multiples kicks and punches like crazy,no really fun.The controls are messed up, you punch and kick with the A and B buttons,run with L and block with R.You will give so little damage while the computer with just an attack will take half of your health.The uppercuts are really hard to perform and and to perform an attack you will have to rely on pure luck.The 2-player mode is decent but it's nothing special since your friend or brother will not want to get this game.

Replay 1/10

The only reason this deserve I gave the replay a one is for the 2-player mode but that's actually all. Why would someone want to play this game again. The unlockable characters are stupid and there isn't anything special like a trophy or something like that.

Overall Score 2/10

Why would somebody want to buy a game like this,because it's the Mortal Kombat licence but this game is just to crap that you will wish if you could go back in time to avoid buying this game.The worst thing is that you wouldn't want to rent it either. Even the most diehard Mortal Kombat fan should stay away from this game.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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