Review by Richard Walker

"Make it stop mommy... MAKE IT STOP!!"

The Mortal Kombat series is my favorite gaming series. I have all the games, some DVDs, a Mortal Kombat site, and some other junk. Mortal Kombat Advance falls under the junk catergory. This is just a terrible, terrible game, perhaps the most crap game I've ever played. Please, read my review and spare yourself of this game. And before reading, note that this is a port of previously made Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for SNES.

Graphics in Mortal Kombat Advance aren't half bad. They're well ported and clear. They're tiny, but it's a GameBoy Advance game, and I don't suppose it could get much bigger. The backgrounds are clear and recognisable from the SNES, where it orginally came from, although there is no background animation at all. Speaking of animation, the character animation is smooth, but pretty bad. But everything is clear, at least.

Low points include the fatalities. They suck major ass and look terrible.

Ugh... the music here is terrible. It was ported from SNES, but it's just... too repetitive! The first battle music is just so hypnotising! It's just so crap, it's unbelievable. The only saving grace is that no matter how repetitive, it was still ported kind of OK from the SNES. It's recognisable at the least.

The SFX ain't bad. You can hear Scorpion's famous quote 'GET OVER HERE!' very clearly, and the SFX are ported kinda well from the SNES. There's nothing paticularly bad about the SFX at all.

This is where Mortal Kombat Advance fails, and fails miserably. OK, you have your traditional Mortal Kombat battle tower, simply fight your way up until you come to the ugly Motaro and the simply sadistic Shao Kahn himself(If you want to play that much of this game). Also it has a link up mode, where you may play with a friend with this game using a link cable.

But I'm not concentrating on that. What I will talk about it the control. The control is CRAP. The control is non- existant, in fact. You have barely any control over your character, and it's hard to pull off special moves and the odd looking fatalities. There are supposed to be kombat kombos in Mortal Kombat Advance, but they do not work because of the terrible control.

If that wasn't enough, the unbelievable crap AI this game means you will be trying to figure out what Shang Tsung's fireball move while getting your ass whipped square up! Even on the Novice battle tower, the difficulty on Very Easy, and the handcap meter pumped up to the max, the fights are still hard chores to complete. I shudder to think what the highest difficulty in the game will reveal. Perhaps a new level of Revenge of Shinobi.

Mortal Konbat Advance has no reedeming qualities at all. It's not playable, and it's a mind poisioning game that if taken seriously, will have you breaking your GameBoy Advance/SP. I myself, have required 8 months of therapy following my try of this game! I hope you don't have the same experience.

Please. Please. Pleeeeeease. Just like WWE beg you not to try proffesional wrestling moves at home, I beg of you, do NOT buy Mortal Kombat Advance. At any price. Not even for a collectors item. Do not except it as a gift. If you somehow wind up with a copy, either burn it, or sell it to a store. Whatever the price, you'll be ripping the store off.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 07/31/04

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