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    Game Shark Codes by ARemsen

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/06/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    By Arend T. Remsen(aka F'mitga, Goatpuzzle, and Squirrel Taskmaster for the
    denizens of the net)  (e-mail:  mryay@hotmail.com)
    Best viewed on some text editor that displays at least 79 chars/line...as if
    there was any other kind. :)
    God knows why, but Interact didn't bother to hack any codes for these games to
    use with the Gameshark Advance.  I had some free time, so I took the liberty
    of doing their dirty work for them. ;)
    This guide is (c) 2002 Arend T. Remsen.  All rights reserved.  If
    you want to put it on your website, email me and in all likelihood I'll let 
    you do it...just make sure you ask me first. :)  This guide may not be altered
    in any way.  It may not be used for ANY commercial purpose, including but
    not restricted to:
    Selling it/giving it away with a game, or any other merchandise
    Printing it in any players guide/magazine/or other publication
    Putting it up on a commercial website
    Charging any money whatsoever for it
    Profiting from it in any way
    Gameshark is a trademark of Interact
    Medabots is a trademark of Kodansha, under license by Natsume
    All rights not specifically mentioned are hereby acknowledged.
    I.    Version History
    II.   The Enable Codes, and a Few Notes
    III.  In-Battle Codes
    IV.   Have Medal or X Part Codes
    V.    Thanks/Credits
    v1.0- 09/06/02 Hacked some codes, since there aren't any yet for whatever
                    reason.  Decided to throw 'em into a file and put them where
                    people could see them.  Any future versions of this text will
                    depend on how many and what type of codes I might get requests
                    for, though outside of that event this is the first and last
                    version I'll make.
    As with all Gameshark Advance games, you must input an enable, or master code
    to get the game to run at all.  If you've never input a master code before,
    it's really simple.  Just make the code like normal, except either make it's
    name be (M), or you can optionally press the M button on the code input pad.
    As for the rest of the codes, rest assured that they work on either version
    of the game.  Be sure to let me know if I typed one in wrong or somesuch.
    Enable - Rokusho
    5B7247E1 2AC27350
    FE0D797F 03A3D288
    Enable - Medabee
    5B7247E1 2AC27350
    773678AF E30E2E09
    Get level 99 after one battle
    796F0F21 5DBCB9A5
    Weapons energy
    B98C573F 64F1CCE2 - head energy
    54FFD7AA FCA5E3DD - right arm energy
    C806DBF8 A3CBD5D4 - left arm energy
    Unlimited head ammo
    D0DFC6B8 DE699A9B
    Medaforce is always full
    F9D9A82C 26F28523
    Have Medals (will also set a medal back to lv 1)
    A9135821 48910E85 - Kabuto
    D1B1B7EF 939CE46C - Kuwagata
    11E9414F 2D5299AB - Mermaid
    1C09B7B0 C783AC4F - ?
    D917879E 46E31F31 - Spider
    6558E356 80467097 - Bear
    3B5C4D96 6DC41D16 - Monkey
    0DA9D10D 5A052B48 - Devil
    6BCE2525 377B598E - Unicorn
    8BFF89D0 7727CAFC - Phoenix
    B4084137 6C07080F - Ghost
    340EADA4 F691553D - Alien
    Male head parts
    B46E262B 1244A356 - Missile
    328C10EC 08815927 - Antenna
    970A346E B6A4553B - Hunter
    E0BBBF91 2BF6DF95 - Tension UP
    027C8549 DED83E6F - Deathbreak
    BC72CD16 94625100 - Fracture
    8FAEAB51 2E400ED9 - Guardian
    08E2A470 5B7A4DC0 - Hatchin
    4F314AC9 1C197D86 - Tyranolaser
    97DECAAF 0BF06737 - Spydertrap
    F81DD42B 82D84255 - Cover-Up
    25060B43 4A0A6EC2 - Head Cannon
    AA2F26B0 2E4820A3 - Missile Base
    27B08103 D373759B - Helmet
    8BF63CF6 2B51250F - Blast gun
    9C2EA282 BEDB8066 - New Wave
    450AF5AA A8F77768 - Power Driver
    7E1BBFB3 89EC72D9 - Grave Lane
    98C275F8 D755F7A3 - Dogu
    C55151FC 8B114C36 - Clear Shield
    A00DA89F AF1F7187 - Pan
    56E2398A 6C40211A - Peck Strike
    9F873FF4 EE76946C - Prominence
    Female head parts
    6730969E E41DE420 - Variablehair
    9D450BB0 3629685C - Holy Helm
    55A11E59 A1676A8C - Pretty Face
    281DB011 08C381D8 - All Repair 
    5C087694 0684522E - Flip 
    105496D9 B0BBD1F5 - Sala-Head 
    A0E9C8EC 487262B9 - Light Circuit
    Male leg parts
    11A160B5 D7FC00F8 - Ochitsuka
    3328B25F A3164E92 - Tatacker
    C3B2AC0B DEC07C74 - Sharp Edge
    83D65EE2 FF833FDC - Abductor
    0ADE6591 9858D05C - Deathcrawler
    9160CD35 AEBF6E81 - Umbilical
    C982ACBB 2D9B3417 - Ace Hooves
    368379C8 57D28504 - Swick
    B16BEB26 B2086B1A - Rollertank
    C75D502D 3F9B972A - Multi-leg
    444E3871 09DD17C0 - Tiptoe
    23D8BD32 4B010595 - Howzer
    9CF1DA14 CF856D74 - Limptank
    14B70359 1404044D - Helchaos
    6ADBB1E1 48E8F359 - Red Tail
    31A203E4 6799C3D0 - Fishtail
    6C19DCF2 DE4A5624 - Smacker
    E4D9032F DF16D684 - Protoauto
    8DD82F8C 38B65A83 - Dokan
    4C2131D7 23728DD7 - Trojan Horse
    E63011CE EE90CC3C - Squashbasher
    621BCF98 4E2A7BF9 - Wanafly
    E3B52149 7ED43E8C - FireWorks
    Female leg parts
    6653EF82 F0C9F2A2 - Flaregather
    0061048B 65E53D23 - Petticoat 
    36A7EB54 2682D62E - Queendresser 
    4C244A3B C8639F09 - Purple Fin
    E3E93C9C 2F5DE317 - Flavor
    08572637 542C4104 - Sala-Tail
    95DDD953 B47ACF48 - Quick Alert
    Male right arm parts
    5C32FDE0 B747EF2B - Revolver
    0C1EEBE0 8C8A989E - Sword
    9ECA87CF 9B9DA1BA - Flexor sword
    E617F890 DA6C810F - Shoot Barrel
    B331E5E4 BC5B73EC - Deathmissile
    E4AF47E7 6FE7383A - PastTouch
    40786902 5F1CED24 - Canceller
    595F0727 D030FD13 - Catch
    15099667 0DCA7689 - Megalaser
    C39701EB 5D097606 - Cheapertrap
    EAC4C528 B9D198F2 - NinjaDagger
    2E4B81D8 ECC058FD - Aim Rifle
    8795153A 58216DE1 - Intermissile
    EC81A456 29CB30E4 - Helmight
    E729F3DA 53BBEB88 - Fire Gun
    B66B2592 B6613A30 - Clinch Wave
    4B66D551 90453F61 - PlusDriver
    36F19C74 6FFAA3DB - Judge Shield
    6C8F01EA 8852FD6D - Dohtack
    6A42D3EF 1A7888D5 - Knightshield
    D786B79A 648788C0 - Pun
    D3021993 0F43A1FA - Dondon Punch
    68B3EDA2 94945C0D - Ignition
    Female right arm parts
    6D3DF264 21EAE9D3 - PateriVulcan 
    187905F6 BD00F646 - Donor 
    1BE10098 FD9FA0B9 - Pride Viper 
    B82EB23F 7ADD3A75 - Cute Hand 
    102D7EE9 1CFC4205 - Flap 
    78A2E88C 2B20868B - Sala-Hand 
    D9FA6DBE DC2EBBF3 - Light Jab 
    Male left arm parts
    9139F126 22C12164 - Submachingun
    7DDE097A EAEBBAF1 - Pipo Hammer
    3B471D86 5D83CE85 - Straw Hammer
    4B0ABC0C 7AB80A6A - Range Shooter
    264C9337 EAB3395D - DeathLaser
    97A9ACD1 3FCB77BB - Past Feel
    F42508A5 D188686D - Recovery
    6EC16B24 D79F64F3 - Twist
    DB518C31 342E66B9 - Gigalaser
    899DB000 F97B6966 - Cheaptrap
    835402D0 DFB00445 - Ninja Blade
    C14F3820 1E175258 - Battle Rifle
    40C0A215 A8C06069 - Guidemissile
    DA549FCD ABCA71FF - Helming
    DDADD0DE 73E7CB48 - Flame Gun
    D55B1289 07319941 - Nibble Wave
    B0342A7B 5A8D34BF - Minus Driver
    B934AD81 005F3D05 - Crime Stick
    BED864B9 102BD849 - Dohtatack
    CFE3D567 011C6CC7 - Greatshield
    348FB758 B9639F2A - Keen
    6DCA9159 C70D88D3 - Dopa Punch
    0B97B523 2FC65AC4 - Explode
    Female left arm parts
    E9196BD2 073297A1 - Short Shot 
    3DF2DF50 10042269 - Translate 
    0D10936A 2AABD7B8 - Desire Bison 
    863B50A2 4366C05E - Repair Arm 
    5336641F 802869D6 - Flop 
    51E2A8F3 D256164E - Sala-Arm 
    8C3101FC 22777B84 - LightBlow 
    Not much to stick here.  The game wasn't half bad for something I bought out
    of desperation(i.e., I had beat every other damn GBA game I've got and needed
    something to gnaw on, so to speak).  So, without further ado...
    Thanks to GameFAQs of course, for being THE most comprehensive and complete
    gaming information site today.
    (c) 2002 Arend T. Remsen (e-mail mryay@hotmail.com)
    All your Medaparts are belong to us!

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