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    FAQ/Walkthrough by KingMattress

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                      Three rings for the Elven-kings under the sky
                    Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone
                            Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die
                        One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
                        In the Land of Mordor where shadows lie
                               One Ring to Rule them all
                                 One Ring to find them
                               One Ring to bring them all
                             And in the darkness bind them
                        In the land of Mordor where shadows lie
                                  Lord of the Rings
                              The Fellowship of the Ring
                                 Guide by KingMattress
                                        for GBA
    2. Intro
    3. The Story of Lord of the Rings
       a. The Hobbit
       b. The Fellowship of the Ring
    4. Characters
       a. Main Characters
       b. Supporting Characters
    5. Walkthrough
    6. Level Ups
    7. Item List
    8. FAQ
    9. Cheats
    10. Really Bad Glitches
    11. Contact Info
    12. Version History
    13. Things to Come
    14. Thanks
    15. Legal Stuff
    I'm sorry for all of you innocent out there reading, but I need to do this.  And I'm sorry also
    because I'm about to break the coveted "don't type in all caps" rule.  But I'm completely fed
    up with these morons who can't seem to get the message through their heads.
    I did run into the ones where people wouldn't drop stuff in Rivendell, but I SAVED BEFOREHAND!!!
    I'm sorry you had to sit through that.  But maybe people will understand now.  Oh, one more
    2. Introduction
    Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is and RPG based on the classic book by J.R.R.
    Tolkien.  Lord of the Rings is a three-part book series about Middle-Earth, and the War of the
    FotR was recently made into an incredibly successful and incredibly good movie by New Line
    Cinemas.  The cast was made up of some unknown actors and some of Hollywood's biggest, like
    Elijah Wood, Ian McKellan, Liv Tyler, and Cate Blanchett.
    The Game Boy Advance game is an RPG that follows the book more than the movie.
    3. The Story of Lord of the Rings
    This contains spoilers, and if you don't want to know what happens, don't read this.
    a. The Hobbit
    The Hobbit, while not part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is the prequel, so I felt it
    In The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins is an ordinary Hobbit (a halfling, lives in the Shire, a little
    known area and race.  Don't like adventures, are hearty eaters) until one day when an old
    friend named Gandalf the Grey shows up at his house with a party of dwarves.  Bilbo is swept
    into an adventure to help the dwarves gain back their hometown and treasure, which were taken
    by the dragon named Smaug.  On the way they face many obstacles, one of which is the Misty
    Mountains.  While staying the night, the party (except Gandalf) is captured by Goblins.  While
    hostage, Gandalf reappears and aids in the escape.  However, Bilbo falls into a pit on the way
    out.  When he comes to, he finds a ring, and the creature Gollum.  After a riddle game that
    Gollum loses, he plans to cheat and use "his precious" to hide himself and eat Bilbo.  Bilbo
    slips on the ring and finds himself invisible.  He escapes, and the company continues to the
    forests of Mirkwood (without Gandalf, who left the party).  After escaping some elves with whom
    the party had some misunderstandings, they ride the river to their hometown, Dale, and the
    Lonely Mountain, resting place of Smaug.  After Bilbo tricks him, Smaug attacks Dale, where he
    is killed.  The people of Dale want the payment they were promised from the dwarves, and march
    on the mountain with the elves of Mirkwood.  Meanwhile, Thorin, the leader of the dwarves,
    sends for help from a dwarven army.  Just as war is about to break out, Gandalf reappears with
    startling news: Goblins and their Warg (evil wolves) friends are marching to attack as well.
    Thus began the legendary Battle of the Five Armies, in which Men, Elves, and Dwarves battled
    Goblins and Wargs.  After the battle, Bilbo leaves for home, and thus the story ends.
    b. The Fellowship of the Ring
    Sixty years after the Battle of the Five Armies, Bilbo is preparing an incredible party to
    celebrate both the 111th birthday of himself and 33rd of his favorite nephew, Frodo.  In the
    middle of the party, Bilbo disappears and leaves everything to Frodo, his house, riches, and
    ring.  Due to Bilbo's suspicious ways, Gandalf starts to wonder about the ring and disappears.
    Years later, Frodo is living a normal life in the Shire when Gandalf reappears.  He asks to see
    the ring and, after throwing it into a fire, proves what he feared.  The ring is The One Ring
    Of Power, crafted by the dark lord Sauron.  In this ring is the power to rule middle earth.
    Gollum had been captured and told of the Shire to the Dark Lord, and the only way for Middle-
    Earth to survive was for the ring to be destroyed in the fires of Mt. Doom, where it was
    Frodo sets off with his best friend, Samwise Gamgee while Gandalf is off taking care of another
    pressing matter.  When they arrive at a pitstop, if you will, a secret conspiracy in unveiled
    and Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took join Frodo and Sam.  They travel through the old
    forest, where they meet Tom Bombadil, to Bree.  Along the way they encounter the Black Riders,
    the nine men who received Rings of Power and became Sauron's most deadly henchmen.  At Bree,
    they meet a mysterious ranger named Strider.  Strider guides them to Weathertop, where they're
    ambushed by the Ringwraiths (Black Riders).  In battle, Frodo is stabbed by a Morgul Blade.  He
    is rushed to Rivendell while the nine are swept away in the bordering river, temporarily
    At Rivendell, a council is held to discuss what is to be done with the ring.  Many surprises
    occur, including Gandalf (who has returned) warning them that Saruman, the leader of the
    wizards, has joined with Sauron, Strider revealing himself as Aragorn, heir of Isildur (the man
    who defeated Sauron in his first rise to power), and Frodo volunteering to be the Ring-Bearer,
    the one to carry the ring to Mordor.  He and Sam (who is being punished for sneaking into the
    secret council) are to go to Mordor with seven other companions.  They are chosen from the
    races of Middle-Earth.  Going along are Gandalf as the leader, Aragorn and Boromir (greatest
    warrior of the land Gondor and son of the duke) for Men, Legolas (prince of Mirkwood) for Elves,
    Gimli son of Gloin (one of the dwarves who accompanied Bilbo in The Hobbit) for Dwarves, and
    also along for the ride are Merry and Pippin (Meriadoc and Peregrin).
    They depart from Rivendell and, after being cut off of the safe route, travel through Moria,
    hall of the dwarves and kingdom of Balin (another of Bilbo's companions).  They learn, however,
    that Orcs took over, and are attacked.  In their escape, a Balrog emerges.  This ancient evil
    is battled by Gandalf, the only one with the power to defeat it.  However, he falls into
    darkness with it and is lost.  Aragorn, the party's new leader, guides them to Lothlorien,
    another land of elves.  They depart down the great river Anduin.  At one stop, Boromir tries to
    seize the ring.  Frodo escaped right before an army of specially bred orcs from Isengard
    (Saruman's home) attacks the company.  Hunting the halflings, they quickly find Merry and
    Pippin.  While Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli battle in another area, Boromir appears and tries to
    save them.  He falls, however, and Merry and Pippin are taken.  During all this, Frodo intends
    to finish the journey alone because he knows that the ring could seduce any one of them next,
    and he wants to risk no harm to them.  He begins crossing the river to the otherside when Sam
    appears and makes Frodo take him with.  So ends The Fellowship of the Ring.
    I had written summaries for The Two Towers and The Return of the King, but I realized they were
    unnecessary, as they would take up space and are not part of the game.
    5. Characters
    Lord of the Rings features some of the most unforgettable characters in story-telling history.
    a. Main Characters (In order of listing in game)
    Frodo Baggins, the Ring-Bearer
    Race: Hobbit
    Homeland: The Shire
    Starting Stats: Skill:4  Health:11
    Frodo is the main character of Lord of the Rings.  He is the nephew of Bilbo Baggins, the
    hobbit who found the One Ring of Power in The Hobbit.  He loved a peaceful life in the Shire
    until, after his uncle had left the One Ring in his care, he must take a quest to the ring to
    Rivendell.  From there, his journey is extended to destroy the ring in Mordor.  He has the
    fellowship behind him, but eventually decides to go it alone.  The quest turns him into a mere
    shadow of himself.
    Samwise Gamgee, the faithful servant
    Race: Hobbit
    Homeland: The Shire
    Starting Stats: Skill:3  Health:11
    Frodo's best friend.  He is with Frodo from the beginning.  Sam is a good friend, but often
    slips up.  He refuses to let Frodo go anywhere by himself out of worry, and follows him into
    Peregrin Took, the village idiot
    Race: The Hobbit
    Homeland: The Shire
    Starting Stats: Skill:4  Health:10
    Peregrin, or Pippin, is a distant relative of Frodo.  He learns of the quest from Sam, and
    joins the quest at a meeting in Crickhollow.  Pippin's intentions are good, but he's a bit of
    an klutz.  Later, the quest makes him much more experienced and valuable.
    Meriadoc Brandybuck, the loyal friend
    Race: Hobbit
    Homeland: The Shire
    Starting Stats: Skill:5  Health:9
    Merry and Pippin are best friends.  Merry is the more intelligent of the two, and joins with
    Aragorn, Isildur's heir
    Race: Man
    Homeland: None
    Starting Stats: Skill:12  Health:35
    Strider is a ranger.  These people know the wilderness very well and are incredible trackers
    and fighters, but are often shunned from society.  Later, it is revealed that Strider is
    actually Aragorn, son of Arathorn, and is the heir to the throne of Gondor.  He strayed from
    that path long ago, but the fact remains that he is the only one who can bring the world of men
    together, and unite them all.  Later in the stories, he becomes a character of importance that
    rivals Frodo's.
    Gandalf the Grey
    Race: Maia
    Homeland: Valinor
    Starting Stats: Skill:11  Health:35
    Gandalf is an incredibly mysterious and powerful character.  He seems to know everything and
    has limitless powers.  He sort of seems almost like a puppet master in the world.  He is the
    most powerful of all wizards, save maybe Saruman.
    Boromir, son of Gondor
    Race: Man
    Homeland: Gondor
    Starting Stats: Skill:11  Health:37
    Boromir is son of the duke of Gondor.  He is captain of the armies and their best warrior.  He
    desires nothing more than the power to save Gondor from Sauron, with whom he has been fighting
    for years.  The desire to save Gondor drives him to try and seize the ring, and dies in a
    battle with orcs very soon afterwards.  In his dying breath he admits that Aragorn is the king
    of Gondor, a huge surprise, as he had always said Gondor had no king.
    Legolas, prince of Mirkwood
    Race: Elf
    Homeland: Mirkwood
    Starting Stats: Skill:10  Health:35
    Prince of Mirkwood and an incredible archer.  He joins the fellowship representing elves.
    Despite hostilities between the races, he becomes best friends with the dwarf Gimli.
    Gimli, son of Gloin
    Race: Dwarf
    Homeland: Lonely Mountain or the Blue Mountains
    Starting Stats: Skill:8  Health:50
    Gimli is the son of Gloin, one of Bilbo's dwarf companions in The Hobbit.  He is chosen to
    represent dwarves in the fellowship.
    b. Supporting Characters
    Bilbo Baggins
    Race: Hobbit
    Homeland: The Shire
    Bilbo is the main character of The Hobbit, and Frodo's uncle.  He traveled with dwarves on an
    adventure to their homeland.  Along the way he came across Gollum, a strange creature who lived
    beneath the Misty Mountains.  Here he comes across Gollum's ring, the One Ring, though he
    didn't know it at this time.  After escaping Gollum, he finishes the journey with the dwarves
    and gains his fortune.  In the beginning of FotR, he leaves the Shire to go see the elves again.
    He leaves everything, including the ring, to Frodo.
    Race: Formerly Maia, now has no true race or physical form
    Homeland: Formerly Valinor, now Mordor
    Sauron is The Lord of the Rings.  He's the one who forged the One Ring and used it to take over
    Middle-Earth.  However, when the Last Alliance of Men and Elves went to battle against Mordor,
    the ring was cut off his hand by a man named Isildur, king of Gondor.  He half died, half lived
    through the ring.  Actually, it's not told how he survives, but later is seen as just a giant
    red eye, lidless, seeing everything.  He seeks the One Ring to restore himself to power, and
    sends forth the nine Ringwraiths to find it.
    Sauron was once a Maia like Gandalf and Saruman, but was corrupted by Morgoth, the Lord of the
    Balrogs.  It is later he rises to power.
    **Thanks to Leon Faihurst for this information.**
    Tom Bombadil
    Race: Unknown
    Homeland: The Old Forest
    Tom Bombadil is a mysterious character that the Hobbits come across when passing through the
    Old Forest.  Here, he saves them from an old grumpy willow tree and later in the Barrow-Downs.
    Tolkien wrote a short story (written in poem) about Tom called "The Adventures of Tom
    Race: Elf
    Homeland: Rivendell
    Elrond is the leader of the remaining elves of Middle Earth.  He is several thousand years old
    and was a general in the original battle of the ring.  He was there when Isildur refused to
    cast the ring into the fires of Mount Doom.  He provided shelter for Bilbo (who later goes to
    live with him) and the dwarves in The Hobbit, and then calls together the secret council where
    the future of the ring is decided.  He also the one who picks out the fellowship and the father
    of Arwen.
    Race: Elf
    Homeland: Rivendell
    Arwen is Elrond's daughter and Aragorn's lover.  They marry after Return of the King.  She does
    several small things throughout Lord of the Rings, but plays a bigger part in the movies.
    Saruman the White
    Race: Maia
    Homeland: Valinor
    Saruman is the leader of the wizards of Isengard.  He is corrupted, however, and joins forces
    with Sauron.  It's his army of orcs that attacks the fellowship at the end of FotR.
    Race: Unknown
    Homeland: Unknown
    Gollum is the mysterious character from whom Bilbo stole the One Ring.  He was once a creature
    similar to hobbits and lived in a land near the river.  He lived there under his true name,
    Smeagol, and was here he aquired the ring.  He then disappeared under the Misty Mountains,
    where  he lived for 500 years.  When Bilbo appeared and took the ring, he finally left his home
    only to be captured by the minions of Sauron.  It was there he spoke the two fateful words that
    started the hunt for the ring: Shire, Baggins.  He escapes Mordor, and later plays a very large
    part in Frodo and Sam's adventure.
    The Black Riders
    Race: Men (twisted and changed)
    Homeland: Mordor
    The Black Riders, the Ringwraiths, the Nazgul.  These guys have a few names to them.  There are
    nine of them.  They were once men, the ones who were tricked by Sauron and given the nine rings
    of power for the men.  With the power of the One Ring, Sauron twisted them into what they are
    now.  They cannot be killed by normal means, and their one purpose is to find the One Ring.
    4. Walkthrough
    {The Shire}
    The first area of this game is also one of the longest, but it's easy and, when you get the
    hang of it, you can breeze through.
    After the long yet choppy opening sequence, you find yourself in control of Frodo and Sam.
    Explore your house, making sure to pick up the GOLD and BRONZE COINS, SILVER SPOONS, and
    SANDWICHES.  Head out of the house and head immediately left past the fence, grabbing the DRIED
    LEAVES.  Head south along the paths until you reach the next screen.  Turn left and enter the
    house.  Through the left door is Pippin, enter and get him.  Head through the north door and
    talk to Milo Burrows.  Have him make some PIPE WEED (any kind I think, but just in case I'd
    wait 'til he offered Southern Star, the best available).  Head through the north and east doors
    to end up outside and grab the YELLOW MUSHROOM.  Go back through the house and head south to
    the merchant.  You can choose to buy the DAGGER, I would.  Head right into the house and give
    Lobelia Sackville-Baggins.  Give her the SILVER SPOONS to get a STICK.  Equip it to Sam or
    Pippin.  Also head through the next door and grab the CABBAGE.  Head south past the next house
    on the path, then head east and grab the WILLOW WITHIES.  Head south to the next house and have
    Master Grub make a STICK from the WILLOW WITHIES.  Equip the unequipped member.  Now head back
    north.  When you reach the house where you got Pippin, head east and destroy the scarecrow to
    let Frodo level up.  On your way out, stop in the house next to Lobelia's and get the MESSAGE
    for Amos Appledore.  Now you can head south and out of town.  Head along the path and give the
    PIPEWEED to the Woodsman.  Take the DAGGER and COIN (I think the COIN only appears when you
    give him Southern Star).  Give Sam or Pippen the DAGGER.  Head along the paths and up the
    stairs.  There you'll fight your first real enemy, a Big Dog.  Easy to kill.  Head along the
    southern path.  There will be some talking and you'll have your first encounter with a Black
    Rider.  After the event, Frodo will level up. Head into the house right next to you to get a
    MESSAGE for Sancho Proudfoot.  He's all the way back in your house, but you should deliver it
    for the gold coin.  Money's short right now.  Anyway, after you receive the coin Sancho robbed
    from your house, go back to the area you came from.  Follow the north path up the stairs and
    kill the big dogs (Pippin'll probably fall).  Grab the RED MUSHROOM and GOLD COIN.  Then keep
    heading south along the pathes to reach a Merchant.  Buy a piece of armor for Pippin.  Head
    along the northern path, then, when you see the end of the trees, wheel around into the
    clearing among them (sorry if it's kinda hard to understand, you literally need to see it).
    You'll meet Gildor the Elf.  He'll give you a tune, Low Note, High Note, Medium Note, Medium
    note.  Head east along the path until you get to three tree stumps.  Touch them in this order:
    Left, right, top, top.  You'll meet the elves, and Sam will level up.  Black Riders are
    straight ahead, so you have to go onto Farmer Maggot's property.  Outside, grab the BRONZE COIN,
    but NOTHING else.  Head southeast through the crops and enter his house.  Head through the
    right door and talk to Farmer Maggot.  If you didn't steal anything outside besides the coin,
    he'll give you two red mushrooms and Pippin'll level up.  Go upstairs and get the BRONZE COIN,
    then back down.  Head south two doors.  Grab the GOLD COIN, and head back outside.  Head east
    until you reach a path.  Follow it south to the next screen.  Pick up the three DRAUGHTs on the
    table.  Follow the path and enter the first house to the right to grab some OLD TOBY PIPEWEED.
    In the bar, you can trade it for some CABBAGE.  While you already have a lot of cabbage, I
    haven't found another use for the weed.  Keep on the path south (turn into the house on the way
    to get a sling).  When on the next screen, take out the big dogs.  Grab the BRONZE COIN, then
    step on the button.  Drop one of your CABBAGEs on it, then step on the ferry.  Make sure
    everything's taken care of, 'cause you can't go back.
    A small area, pretty much all you have to do it get Merry.  As soon as he enters, he'll join
    you, and reveal the "conspiracy."  Head through the north door to grab the GOLD COIN and a
    STICK and through the east door to grab some DRAUGHT and SANDWICHES.  Head out of the house and
    into the one right in front of you for some more SANDWICHES, then back outside and into the
    dirt patch for some REEDS.  Head straight east into a house to sell a cabbage for a BRONZE COIN.
    Head north and up the stairs to have your reeds made into BOG SHOES, then into the house if you
    want some better equipment.  Head out and up the stairs for a BRONZE COIN.  You can't continue
    due to a Black Rider, so head back down the stairs and north.  With the bog shoes, you'll cross
    into the Old Forest.
    {Old Forest}
    The old forest works like many maze-forest-things in video games: take a wrong turn, and start
    over.  The key, as Frodo says, is to keep going in the same direction.
    As soon as you enter go right and grab a RED MUSHROOM.  Head through the western path, making
    sure to grab the other RED MUSHROOM.  Kill the trailing plants if you wish, and head north.  In
    this area, head along the path until the tree grabs Merry and Pippin.  Go back, and keep
    heading west until you reach a house.  Head down into the fenced area and kill the spider and
    grab the FEATHER beyond it.  Head back, and keep going south this time.  Kill the plant, and
    grab the BRONZE COIN.  You can throw it into the well to hear a tune, but I'll save you that
    coin and tell you it's easy as Note 1, 2, 3, and 4.  Now head north, killing the plants and
    grabbing the GOLD COIN.  Exit however you wish, and finish it up by using the east paths until
    you make it to a clearing with four stumps.  Touch them in this order: west, east, north, south.
    Tom Bombadil will appear.  Talk to him and give him the feather.  Now keep heading south.  Kill
    some plants, grab a BRONZE COIN and along the dirt path that "looks promising," you'll find the
    WILLOW WITHIES.  Also, there are two quests off this path.  Head east to find someone whose
    house has been overrun by spiders.  There are two spider 1s on the way to the house, and two
    downstairs.  Everytime I complete this one, however, the game freezes, so I don't know what
    it's good for.  If you head along the west path, and then up, you'll encounter Hamor, a man who
    is trapped by eight trailing plants.  Kill them (or walk around them and talk to him) and Hamor
    will whistle a tune: High Note, Low Note, Medium Note, Low Note.  There is a GOLD COIN left of
    the whole situation, be sure to grab it.  Now go back to where you got the withies, head west
    again, now south.  Past the spiders are three stumps.  Play the notes to get the KNIFE FOR THE
    DEAD, a nice weapon for any hobbit.  Now head back, then go west and north.  Plant the withies,
    and you'll free Merry and Pippin.  Head back to Tom's house (west paths) and go inside.  Talk
    to him (he's in the first door to the right) and Merry and Pippin will level up.  Grab the
    DRAUGHT, then the SANDWICHES to the south.  Go upstairs and through the series of doors to get
    a GOLD COIN.  Head through the right door and get the RUNE F (Used later, very important). Head
    through the left doors out of the house (You could bother with getting even more CABBAGE, but
    I'd think you have enough and it doesn't restore HP).  Head out of the south and out into my
    least favorite area of the game, the Barrow-Downs!
    I have gotten countless e-mails and contacts about not finding the Willow Withies in the Old
    Forest.  Well here are the directions.  From the beginning, head west one screen.  Now go south.
    Kill the plants, here is where the bronze coin is.  Follow the path south, and you'll end up in
    the lower left corner of the area.  Head south.  The withies are on this path.
    {The Barrow-Downs}
    Wow this area sucks.  The enemies are too hard for just the hobbits, but you have to deal with
    them.  Oh well, there are some items you probably shouldn't miss.
    Walk along the trench you're in until you reach a clearing.  Hug the right wall and grab the
    ACORN, then head far left and up into the door.  Head through the tunnel and kill the Barrow-
    Wight (these things are a pain to kill, and I'd suggest trying to avoid them at any time
    possible).  Use the acorn to open the door.  Also grab the BARROW-BLADE to the left, using
    these makes it easier to hit the Barrow-Wights.  Anyway, head through the door and grab the
    BRONZE COIN and SMALL SHIELD.  Head back out and right to the other tunnel.  Go into the right
    room to grab a BARROW-BLADE and head back out.  Go straight, grabbing the SMALL HELMET and
    BRONZE COIN, dealing with the Barrow-Wight as you see fit.  Head through the door and across
    the field into the next tunnel.  Head into the next room and grab the REEDS, the hug the lower
    wall into the door.  Grab the GOLD COIN.  Head through the south door and into the clearing.
    Go through the door on the right wall.  Grab the BARROW-BLADE and get rid of the Barrow-Wights
    guarding the door.  Go through to grab the FINE SMALL LEATHER.  Head back to the room where you
    got the reeds, and head right to take out some Barrow-Wights.  Use the reeds in the hole to
    leave this god-forsaken place and make it to Bree, where you finally get a real fighter!
    Crap, this is going to be hard.  I'll put it this way: Bree has a lot of doors and very few you
    can use.  I'll try the best I can.
    Upon entering Bree, move north and enter the second door on the left and get that message for
    Amos Appledore off your hands.  Pippin will level up.  Head into the next room for a SMALL
    HELMET.  Leave the house and take the north route into the next area of town.  Head north until
    you see the way into the town's next area, and enter the house all the way to the north and buy
    a FINE SWORD.  Also, there's a merchant in a house here selling some OLD BOOTS.  Buy them.
    Head back south along the left wall and head into the town's eastern area.  The huge white
    building in front of you is The Prancing Pony.  Enter it, and walk left until Mr. Butterbur
    talks to you.  Go through the southern exit into a room with a dwarf.  Give the dwarf the old
    boots for a GOLD COIN and a level up for Sam.  Now go out and talk to everyone in the bar
    (including Strider) and head into the hallways and explore the rooms, picking up the BRONZE
    COIN, DRAUGHT, and have Aragorn join you (equip him with the Fine Sword).  You will love having
    him right now, he's a great fighter and can take twice as much punishment as the hobbits.  Now
    explore Bree, stopping in shops and buying what you need (make sure to find the one with cheap
    armor in the northern area).  In order to get out of Bree, you have to complete another riddle.
    This one, however, you have to give up a valuable helmet.  And you have to USE it.  No dropping.
    I'm sick of people asking me this.  Oh well.
    {Area outside Bree}
    This area won't be fun to write a walkthrough for.  Anyway, start by going north-west and
    grabbing the ATHELAS.  Now head down the south-east path.  Here there are some feuding bandit
    brothers and a hint that there's a bandit cave to the north.  There are two different sets of
    stairs, one leads to a shield, the other to a cave and some ATHELAS.  After getting the athelas,
    go down to the cave on the second level of the hill, then south-west into the cave.  Go north
    into the next area, grab the SMALL SHIELD, and go up the stairs.  Kill the spiders and pick up
    ARTHUR'S NECKLACE.  Go right and into the next area.  Grab the two YELLOW MUSHROOMS, then go
    down the stairs to complete a circle in the cave, then leave.  Show the necklace to both groups
    of bandits, the top ones will give you a bow, while the bottom ones give you nothing.  Now head
    back north-west into the first area.  Head up the north path.
    {Midwater Marshes}
    Easy, straighforward area.  Head along the path you can walk on until you reach three buttons.
    Step on them in this order: middle, left, right, middle.  Go across the bridge and to the next
    puzzle.  Do these ones middle, bottom, top.  Head across the bridge and left, pick up the two
    RED MUSHROOMS, then back right.  Head along the right path and at the next fork, go left.  This
    puzzle is right, middle, left, right, and it must be done quickly.  Grab the GOLD COIN and
    SMALL SHIELD, then head back to the fork in the path.  This time go north.  This puzzle's a
    doozy.  Bottom left, bottom right, bottom left, top left, top right.  I think that was it.
    Anyway, on top of access to the bridge, Sam gains a level.  Take the right path on the bridge
    and exit.
    There's a lady in the area complaining about a wight.  According to Squirchu, if you go
    northwest before going across any bridges you'll find it.  When you kill it, the woman gives
    you a sword and a gold coin.
    Going south will bring you back to the area with the feuding bandits (there was a black rider
    in the way originally).  Head up the stairs, go left.  In the cave, get the MSG. FOR DWARF.
    Head out and right, kill the dogs (look how easy that is with Aragorn!).  Hit the button (it
    opens up a cave at the base, thanks to Jackie Miller for telling me this), then climb up two
    flights of stairs.  Go around the left to get some ATHELAS, then head up the third flight to
    reach the top of Weathertop.  Head to the center, and you'll set up camp.  But all's not well,
    Black Riders will surround you.  One will strike Frodo.  Then, with no exciting battle or cool
    scene, the riders will be gone.  Aragorn suggests giving Frodo some athelas, so I did.  Head
    back down to the bottom, then head right around the mountain, into a cave formerly blocked by a
    Black Rider (you have to have pressed the button on Weathertop for it to be there).  Go left,
    kill the spiders, and get the DWARVEN CHAIN MAIL, which is surprisingly comfortable on a hobbit,
    but won't fit on Gimli.  Head out of the cave and south-east.  The screen will fade out, and
    you'll fast-forward many days.
    {The Last Bridge}
    Head south.  There are some nice-ass weapons here, so stock up.  A woman in the bottom left
    house will offer to heal Frodo's wounds with some herbs, so remember this.  Also, in the shop
    that has watercress for sale, upstairs you'll find the dwarf that the message is for.  Give it
    to him for two SQUIB FIREWORKS and a level up for Frodo.  Head across the bridge.  Pick up the
    ELFSTONE, then go left and get the WATERCRESS.  Head back right, then go south-west on the path
    into the forest.  Follow the path around, picking up the GOLD COIN.  Go into the cave that the
    path will lead you to (if you follow it east) and grab the RUNE D.  Head south-east on that
    path, then go up the stairs.  Go into the cave, but be careful.  Head up the stairs twice and
    go right.  There's a big cave troll here, but in appears he doesn't attack.  Collect the GOLD
    COIN, but just in case, equip Aragorn with the Troll's Curse sword.  Go outside, then collect
    the two ATHELAS near your location.  Down the stairs is a gold coin and a mean troll.  Kill it,
    collect the GOLD COIN and WATERCRESS.  Head back up, pass the cave you came out of and into the
    next one.  Head right and down the first flight of stairs you find.  Kill the troll and Aragorn
    will gain a level.  Collect the GOLD COIN and ELVEN DAGGER in the corner.  In a little cave,
    you'll find a FINE DAGGER.  Go outside, then south-west.  Pick up the HAZELNUTS, then go back
    to town.  The herbalist will make you a nice HEALTH POTION.  Sadly, she fed you a load of bull,
    as this won't cure the wound.  Go back to the caves and go back to the place where you fought
    the troll guarding the watercress.  Go down the second staircase and then north-east into the
    next area.  Here, grab the RED MUSHROOM to the north-west and the GOLD COIN north of it.  Keep
    going north when OH CRAP!!!  BLACK RIDER AMBUSH!!!  Frodo will make a break for the river when
    all of the Black Riders will come for you.  The river will swell up and wash away the riders.
    Start things off by talking to Gandalf.  Go through the right door and talk to Lindir, who will
    sing a song: Note 1, Note 2, Note 3, Note 2, Note 4.  While here, grab the RUNE N.  Also, on
    the booksheves around here are the poem about the One Ring.  Now go through the door north of
    Gandalf to enter the council.  Move north until Elrond initiates conversation.  The company
    will be hastily decided in a rather undramatic way.  Go up the stairs left of Elrond and into
    the room to find Bilbo.  He'll give you STING and BILBO'S MITHRIL COAT for Frodo.  Go back
    downstairs to the room right of Elrond.  Talk to the elf twice to receive an AXE for Gimli.
    Head south past the hallway you started in.  The flower pots are the riddle for Lindir's song.
    Play the notes, and get LADY ARWEN'S AMULET.  Go up and into the room on the left wall.  Talk
    to Arwen a few times.  Frodo will level up.  Go back to the hall where you got the amulet.
    Talk to the elf and Pippin will level up... Again.  Go up the stairs and grab the EMPTY PHIAL.
    Bring this to Elrond for some MIRUVOR.  Head south two halls.  Pick up the NORMAL SHIELD for
    Aragorn.  Gimli (who may be invisible, due to a glitch.  Don't worry, you can still talk to
    him), won't leave without his axe.  How convenient that you picked it up.  Circle around and
    he'll take it, and you'll be ready to go.  Be sure to have an empty weapon slot open on Aragorn,
    or have the broken sword equipped so when you leave it will be repaired.  Talk to Gandalf to
    *NOTE* I have gotten countless e-mails involving glitch after glitch here.  This is apparently
    where things started to get rushed in development.  Anywho, a lot of you can't seem to get
    Bilbo to give up his armor or the elves to give up Gimli's axe, or get certain people to talk
    to you a second time, etc.  Remember to save before talking to these people.
    {The Mines of Moria}
    I'm sure this will be very confusing, it was confusing to do, especially type.  I apologize in
    advance.  I lied.  This is my least favorite area.
    Equip everybody and go around the right to enter the mines.  Pick up the RUNE E and RUNE F.
    Use the RUNE E on the tile with the same inscription.  Inside, grab the ELVEN SWORD ORC BITER
    and RUNE N.  Go back out and through the right door.  Head down the left stairs.  Climb down
    until you reach two orcs and a big dog.  Kill them, grab the RUNE I.  Go through the door, grab
    the GOLD COIN, FINE SWORD, and LEATHER ARMOR.  Head back up the staircases.  Go down right and
    keep going down the stairs, ignore the path.  There are some Orcs at the bottom, kill 'em.  Go
    right down the stairs.  Go up the stairs for a RUNE R and down the next set of stairs.  Kill
    some goblins, grab a YELLOW MUSHROOM and a RUNE E.  Head to the beginning of the area and use a
    Rune F to get through the door, then use the Rune R to continue.  There are some orcs here,
    kill them if you wish.  And you know you do.  Grab the CHAIN MAIL behind them.  Go up the
    stairs, grab the BRONZE COIN, then go use your Rune I to the right and go in the door (if you
    didn't notice, it's north-west of you).  There are some orcs in the way, do what you will with
    them.  Go north-east through the hardly visible door.  Go right and down the stairs until you
    reach some orcs.  Past where they were is some nice ORC LIQUID.  Head back up the stairs and
    into the entrance to the right.
    From here on I don't know how much help this will be.  This area is a maze that seems to go in
    circles, with multiple paths branching off.  If you want to get out fast, press the button in
    the room with the spiders and head back to the start.  You'll miss some nice items, but you'll
    skip a lot of grief.
    No turning back from here.  Head south, grab the RUNE R.  Go back up and use it.  Go through
    the door and right.  Circle around the wreckage, take out the spiders.  There's a SQUIB
    FIREWORK here, and a door.  Go through.  Skip this whole next part if you wish.  Go right and
    hug the wall to go through the door.  Walk forward through a door.  The first door on the left
    has a RUNE I, RUNE E, and SMALL ELVEN LEATHER.  Collect these.  The next door houses another
    RUNE I and an ELVEN BOW.  Go back out, use a Rune I to open the door.  Go around the path in
    almost a circle to enter a room with spiders.  Ignore the button on the way, it just opens a
    door to an earlier part of the mines.  Kill the spiders. Push the button in THIS room.  In this
    room is a GOLD COIN, a worthless FINE BOW, and door to your left.  If you're having a hard time,
    skip the next part.  *Go through, grab the HEALTH POTION, and go left through the door.  Use
    the other Rune I to get into the door with the I tile.  In this room is a LEATHER ARMOR and
    pretty worthless AXE.  Oh, and a RUNE N.  There's a doorway on the northern wall.  Walk along
    it until you go through.  It's pretty hard to see.  You'll end up all the way back in the room
    with the SQUIB FIREWORK.  Yeah, it's just been one big damn circle.  Moria sucks.*  Go through
    the door.  This time, go left and through the top door.  Kill the orcs if you didn't already.
    Go right to another door, get the HEALTH POTION and HELMET.  There's also a SUNSTAR FIREWORK,
    but I've never been one to use fireworks.  Once again, go back to the SQUIB FIREWORK.  Now haul
    your ass back to the room that was the beginning of this paragraph.  On the right wall a door
    opened.  Go through it, ignore the button, you can't keep it down.  Go through the door in the
    north-west area of the area, press the button.  Now head to the south-east door, press that
    button.  The center door will open, go on through.
    Back to a simpler way to do this.  Climb the stairs.  In this room are four buttons and a RUNE
    D.  Press them right to left, then the second one to the right.  Merry will level up.  Head
    across, and be sure to STAY CENTERED.  A glitch might cause you to walk onto nothing and get
    stuck if you wander off the path.  Head down the stairs, kill the spiders if they get in the
    way.  The button and door lead back to an earlier part of the maze.  Past the spiders is a nice
    RUNE F for you.  Backtrack to the entrance of this mazelike area.  Inbetween the door that you
    used to go into the area with all those gates and the stairs is another door, go through.
    South-east are some orcs with some pet dogs, kill them.  Gandalf will say that the way is
    blocked.  Go a bit Northwest and go through the door.  WARNING: THIS DOOR IS THE ONE WITH THE
    Go straight up the stairs that are oh so visible and head left.  Gimli will make a comment,
    head up the more visible stairs.  Grab the RUNE A and kill the goblins and orcs.  Or ignore
    them, whichever you prefer.  Go right through the door and go straight down this hall.  There's
    a Big Dog and and a Troll.  I'd ignore them, 'cause you're probably hurting and you get NOTHING
    for killing them.  In the next area, head south down the stairs and through the hardly visible
    door on the south wall.  Head through the south door and grab the two RUNE Fs and the RUNE R.
    There are ways to enter the rooms without using runes, but your inventory should be getting
    quite crowded.  If you're hurting for runes, go ahead and find them.  Go through the door on
    the west wall, then use an F rune on the F tile.  Pick up the two RUNE Rs and the firework, if
    you want it.  Go back one room and use a Rune R to get into the room with a nice CHAIN MAIL.
    Go back to the room with the F Runes, then go through the door with an F tile.  Head south a
    long ways past a bunch of rune tiles and down some stairs, through the door between two torches.
    There's a nice RUNE I here.  Also, more tunnels and doors than you can shake a sword at.  Take
    the northern door, then head left.  Collect the nice MUSHROOMS and a NORMAL SHIELD, kill the
    troll (who looks like an orc).  Go through the door left of his dead rotting body.  Head south,
    west a bit, and down the stairs.  You'll see a SMALL CHAIN MAIL, there's a pretty much
    invisible path to it.  Climb up the next two flights of stairs and press the button.  There are
    some orcs to the north, and west of them is a rune door.  Use an R rune to get through.  Climb
    the steps and go press the button, go through the door it opens.  Head up these stairs and use
    an I rune to open the door.  Walk along the left wall and you'll enter a door.  Enter the north
    door, do that again, and grab the RUNE I in this room.  There's a door on the north wall here
    too, go in.  Head right to the next area and use an I rune to enter the door (it's south of the
    tile).  Head down the stairs for a RUNE R.  Use an R rune to go through the southernmost door,
    then go south.  Pick up the RUNE I here, kill the spiders, collect the RUNE I behind them.  Go
    right from here and through the door on the north wall.  Follow the blue path and you'll
    finally leave...
    The area.  That was one big tease when I first got here.  But don't worry, you're almost there.
    Climb the stairs, stop for the RUNE I, then do what you will with the orc, use an I rune here.
    Through here is Balin's tomb.  Go up the stairs and collect the FINE SMALL CHAIN MAIL in the
    corner and the FINE CHAIN MAIL in the other corner.  Go through the left door, kill the goblins,
    use an F rune to go through the door.  Collect the RUNE R, RUNE G, and the RUNE I.  Head back
    to the tomb, go through the right door this time.  Kill the orcs, use an R rune, grab the RUNE
    N and SMALL DWARVEN CHAIN MAIL.  Once again, go back to the tomb, center door this time.  Head
    right, kill the single orc.  Go through the right door, kill another single orc.  Go left
    through the door.  Ignore the rune doors, the only good thing behind either of them is some ORC
    LIQUID, and it's not worth the fight to get it.  Instead, go right, take out the orcs, go down
    the stairs hugging the south wall.  In the next area, make sure to remove all important items
    from Gandalf, and go up the stairs and across the Bridge of Khazad Dun, despite Gimli's claims
    that it was earlier on.  The Balrog will then show up.  Gandalf will go and face the balrog,
    and both will fall.  And finally you're out of Mordor!  SAVE YOUR RUNES!!!  It was worth losing
    Gandalf to get outta that Hell!  Anyway, once out, head south, and you'll get a riddle from
    Durin's Stone.  You must make three circles, for men, elves, and dwarves.  This means walk
    around the stone once as Legolas, then Gimli, then Aragorn.  Some elves will emerge you and
    you'll enter Lothlorien.
    Start things off by going northeast one screen and grabbing some ATHELAS.  Continue on this
    path and talk to the elf, he'll give you a tune: High Note, High Note, Medium Note, Low Note,
    High Note.  Finish up here by heading along the path and grabbing the RED MUSHROOM.  Head back
    to the center area and go southwest.  Grab the RED MUSHROOM, take out the orcs, grab the ACORN
    NECKLACE behind them.  Go back, head southeast finally.  On the stumps, play those notes the
    elf gave you: left left middle right left.  You can now climb up the ladder the elf had been
    blocking.  Immediately go down the other ladder and follow the path to the next area.  Here
    there is an elf wanting a mallorn seed, remember that.  Now go southwest.  An elf here will
    sing you a tune for a coin, but I'll save you the money: Low Note, High Note, Medium Note, High
    Note, Low Note.  This is used to go back to the previous area of Lothlorien if you need to.
    Another elf here will sew you cloaks if you bring her some Silk Cocoons, we'll be finding those
    in a little bit.  Head head to the next screen, grab the SILK COCOON and the two RED MUSHROOMs.
    Climb up the ladder to get some LEMBAS.  Bring the Silk Cocoon back for a ELVEN CLOAK.  Now
    head to the place you got that cocoon, and go northeast.  Climb up the ladder here.  Go
    northwest, talk to Galadriel.  She'll give you some MIRUVOR.  Next door north, LEMBAS, the one
    after that is downstairs, go down and kill the spiders.  Now go back and head southwest in
    Galadriel's area.  Grab the BRONZE COIN, head to the next room.  For killing the spiders, the
    elf here will give you another useful ELVEN SWORD ORC BITER.  Head southeast, then southwest
    and talk to Celeborn.  Head back out, now go southwest down the ladder.  Grab the MALLORN SEED,
    now backtrack all the way back to the the elf wanting that seed and talk to him a few times.
    You'll get an ELVEN CLOAK and some LEMBAS.  Go back to where you got that seed and head
    northeast.  Here, follow Galadriel to the pesestal and talk to her.  You'll see a quick cinema
    of Frodo gazing into the mirror and seeing the eye of Sauron.  Head out southeast, then
    continue southeast along the path until you reach the river, the boats, and the elf.  Talk to
    him and say you're ready to go.  Galadriel and Celeborn will appear with some gifts, collect
    them to leave.  ALMOST DONE!!!
    THE GOLLUM QUEST: You can see Gollum in the game.  And he is part of a quest.  This is the
    exact E-Mail Brett Wyett sent me:
    I am emailing you to tell you about the quest with Gollum in Lothlorien. Celeborn will inform
    you that a strange creature, Gollum, has has been seen in the woods. If you see Gollum, then go
    see Celeborn for a reward. If you find an elf in the woods, you can pay him a coin, he'll play
    a tune. It goes: LOW HIGH MEDIUM HIGH LOW. If you go west, you'll find musical stumps. An elf
    that has been blocking a ladder moves. So, go west and then north. When you enter to the north,
    you'll see Gollum. Go back to Celeborn and tell him the creature is Gollum, and you can get the
    Bow of Galadriel.
    Thanks Brett!
    {Falls of Rauros}
    I've heard from many sources that Frodo leaves the group and you play as just him here.  In
    that case, give him a RUNE I and all the healing things you can fit on him, and avoid EVERY
    battle you can.
    This area starts out with being greeted by orcs, lots of orcs.  I highly suggest avoiding them.
    Head right, south, and right for a YELLOW MUSHROOM.  Continue south, and climb the stairs when
    you reach them, and enter the cave.  Kill the wargs, get the YELLOW MUSHROOM behind them.  Go
    back out and down the other stairs.  Enter this cave.  Follow the path along into the next area
    and kill the single warg.  Grab the HEALTH POTION and go up the stairs.  Kill the single warg
    and grab the RED MUSHROOM.  Head back out and backtrack 'til you're down the first flight of
    stairs.  Head southwest into the next area.  Once here, enter the cave.  Go northeast into the
    next area.  Head up the stairs and...  Use... an... I rune... this again.  Go up the stairs and
    right, killing the goblins.  Left is a SMALL ELVEN ARMOR.  Go up the stairs to the right and
    into the next area.  Keep going to exit.  That was easier than Moria.  Boromir will try to
    seize the ring from Frodo.  Frodo will put on the ring and disappear.  Boromir will flip out,
    and you'll see Frodo away from the group.  You'll see a series of cutscenes of Moria, and
    then...  Nothing...  Was that the end of the game?  Rather uneventful.  But congratulations,
    not many people have beaten the game, mostly due to  and if you're reading this, you probably
    have.  Good job!
    5. Level Ups
    This section is, obviously, a list of the level ups throughout the game.  If I missed any, feel
    free to tell me.
    1. In the Shire, defeat the Scarecrow.
    2. Automatically, happens when you avoid the Black Rider.
    3. Deliver message to dwarf at The Last Bridge.
    4. Bring Arwen her Amulet in Rivendell.
    1. Automatically, happens after you meet the elves in the Shire.
    2. Bring Old Boots to dwarf in the Inn of the Prancing Pony.
    3. Automatically, solve last puzzle in Midwater Marshes.
    1. Don't steal any crops from Farmer Maggot, talk to him in his house.
    2. Free from Old Man Willow, talk to Tom Bombadil.
    3. Deliver message to Amos Appledore in Bree.
    4. Bring Elfstone to Glorfindel in Rivendell.
    1. Free from Old Man Willow, talk to Tom Bombadil.
    2. Automatically, solve button puzzle in Mordor.
    1. Kill one of the trolls at The Last Bridge.
    7. Item List
    /Quest Items\
    Willow Withies
    Found: The Shire, The Old Forest
    Use: There are two sets of these, and two quests.  One is used to make a walking stick, the
    other to free Merry and Pippin in the Old Forest.
    /Hobbit Equipment\
    Damage: 1 to 2
    A stick...  That you hit things with.
    Damage: 2 to 4
    A... dagger.
    Damage: 1 to 5
    You throw a rock at the opponent.
    Knife for the Dead
    Damage: 1 to 7
    A very nice weapon, probably my favorite for Hobbits.
    Damage: 1 to 5
    Rather strong, especially effective against Barrow-wights.
    Fine Dagger
    Damage: 2 to 5
    A stronger version of the dagger.
    Elven Dagger
    Damage: 3 to 5
    See fine dagger.  Same thing.
    Small Leather Armor
    Defense: 1
    Nothing special about it.
    Fine Small Leather Armor
    Defense: 2
    Once again, nothing special.
    Small Elven Leather
    Defense: 3
    Nothing new, starting to see a pattern.
    Small Chain Mail
    Defense: 4
    Small chain mail.
    Fine Small Chain Mail
    Defense: 5
    Fine small chain mail
    Small Dwarven Chain Mail
    Defense: 6
    Very sturdy armor, oddly doesn't fit on Gimli.
    Bilbo's Mithril Coat
    Defense: 7
    Best Hobbit armor, doesn't fit Sam for some reason.  Bilbo got it on the quest he undertook in
    The Hobbit.  He'll give it to you in Rivendell, but there are a number of glitches when it
    comes to getting it.
    Small Helmet
    Defense: 1
    A helmet.
    Small Shield
    Defense: 1
    A shield.
    /Normal Equipment\
    Damage: 2 to 8
    A... Sword.  Wow.  Go figure.
    Fine Sword
    Damage: 4 to 8
    A better sword.  In fact, it's fine.
    Elven Sword Spider Slicer
    Damage: 5 to 9
    Very powerful, especially effective against Spiders.
    Elven Sword Troll's Curse
    Damage: 5 to 9
    Very powerful, especially effective against Trolls.
    Elven Sword Orc Biter
    Damage: 5 to 9
    Very powerful, especially effective against Orcs.
    Damage: 1 to 2
    Bows don't really work.
    Fine Bow
    Damage: 4 to 6
    A better bow that still doesn't work.
    Elven Bow
    Damage: 4 to 7
    A very nice, powerful bow.  Truly a shame that it DOESN'T WORK!!!
    Bow of Galadriel
    Damage: *
    A strong bow you get for the Gollum quest.  But it still doesn't work.
    Normal Shield
    Defense: 1
    A shield for the humans.
    Leather Armor
    Defense: 1
    Larger armor.
    Fine Leather Armor
    Defense: 2
    Stronger armor.
    Elven Leather
    Defense: 3
    Stronger stronger armor.
    Chain Mail
    Defense: 4
    Strong metal armor.
    Fine Chain Mail
    Defense: 5
    Strongest armor.
    Defense: 1
    A helmet.
    /Misc. Equipment\
    Gandalf's Staff
    Damage: 4 to 6
    Gandalf attacks with a spell.  Cannot be removed from Gandalf
    Damage: 4 to 8
    Gandalf's sword, cannot be removed.
    Damage: 4 to 6
    Gimli's weapon.  There's an oddly high number of these lying around.
    Broken Sword
    Damage: 1 to 2
    Aragorn starts with this, later is repaired.
    Damage: 5 to 10
    Aragorn's broken sword becomes this when you're done with Rivendell.  See Rivendell section in
    walkthrough for details.
    Damage: 2 to 8
    Bilbo gives this to Frodo in Rivendell, strongest Hobbit weapon.
    Squib Firework
    Damage: 9 to 10
    A one time use weapon, can be used by anyone.
    Sunstar Firework
    Damage: *
    A one time use weapon, can be used by anyone.
    /Healing Items\
    /Misc. Items\
    These items really have no use.
    A few pairs of these are found throughout the game.
    Elven Cloaks
    There are a few of these to be collected in Lothlorien.  Cool, but useless.
    Acorn Necklace
    Found in Lothlorien.  I think this may actually have a use, but I haven't found it.
    Sam's Box of Earth
    Galadriel and Celeborn give this to Sam as a gift when you leave Lothlorien.
    Phial of Galadriel
    Galadriel and Celeborn give this to Frodo as a gift when you leave Lothlorien.
    This section is very incomplete.  There are a few pieces of equipment that I forgot what the
    damage was and don't have anymore.  If you know what they are, please tell me.  They're marked
    with an asterisk (*).  I also forgot what the third firework was.
    8. FAQ
    Q. No matter how many enemies I kill, I don't level up!  What's wrong with my game?
    A. Nothing.  You only level up after certain events.
    Q. Then what's the point of fighting enemies?
    A. Usually useful, if not necessary, items are hidden behind them.  That, or they're usually
    blocking your progress to another area.  That, and later on it's kinda fun.
    Q. Why didn't you mention the {insert weapon name here} that I found in your walkthrough?
    A. If I didn't list it, chances are better than not that you don't need it and it'll just waste
    my time telling and your space picking up.
    Q. Should I buy this game?
    A. Check my review at GameFAQs.com  Note that this is just my opinion, most people didn't like
    the game.  Don't get pissy with me if you buy it and don't like it.
    Q. Should I get this or The Two Towers?
    A. The Two Towers for sure.
    Q. Too late, I got this!
    A. Oh well.
    Q. Why can't I put on The Ring?
    A. Because I said so.
    Q. My game froze in Moria!  Help!
    A. It's becoming well known that there's a glitch in Moria that causes your game to freeze and
    prevent you from further progress.  There is a way around it though.  This was an official
    solution provided by Black Label games about:
    "In the Mines of Moria, there is a large open room with an orc in it. When the player
    approaches the door to the northeast, Gandalf informs the player that the passage is blocked
    and that the player must go deeper into Moria. At this point, the player should save the game.
    If the game freezes, the player should reload from the saved game, walk toward the doorway that
    causes the glitch and push the Start button right before the screen fades. If the player does
    this correctly, the save menu appears as the screen is fading. Save the game, and then continue
    the game. The game will continue with the player on the other side of the doorway, and the
    player will be free to move. It is very important that the player pushes Start as he or she
    walks toward the doorway and the screen is fading."
    Thanks to Black Label for providing the information and Gamespot for posting it.  It takes some
    great timing to do this right.  So, like it says, save beforehand, and DO NOT save again unless
    the screen is fading while the save screen is up.
    Q. [INSERT CHARACTER NAME] didn't drop the [INSERT ITEM] they were supposed to!
    A. We all know how glitchy this game is.  I really can't help you if it's screwed up.  If you
    know someone is supposed to give you an item, save before talking to them.  I've gotten about
    umpteen different e-mails on Bilbo not giving up the Mithril Vest and the elves not giving up
    Gimli's axe.
    Q. A different glitch screwed me up and...
    A. If this is what your e-mail is sounding like, just stop.  Once again, I can't help you.
    Save often.
    Q. Why didn't you answer my e-mail?  I followed your guidelines.
    A. I don't answer a lot of them.  Either it's info
    Q. I told you where the dwarf at the Last Bridge was!  Why didn't you give me credit, I'm suing.
    A. About 200 people told me.  Cam Wonka was the first.
    Q. Yeah, well I told you about Gollum.
    A. Shut up.
    Q. I can't get the acorn, reed, helmet, etc. to work in the Barrow-Downs or Bree, and I'm stuck.
    A. Those of you who are dropping the items, you have to remember to USE them instead.
    Q. Is there anywhere I can heal the fellowship.
    A. Yes, press B, go to your inventory...  No.  You have to use items.
    Q. I heard Gandalf can learn/use spells.  How?
    A. He can't.  The only "spell" you use is when you attack an enemy with his staff.
    Q. I need help in Moria.
    A. I did my best to help you there.  The mere memory of that place brings tears to my eyes, and
    e-mails asking for my help there make me go curl up in a corner for a few hours, sobbing.
    Q. How do you get around this glitch?  I know you said you couldn't help, but surely you can
    help ME.
    A. I don't know.  Stop asking.  I can't help anyone on glitches.  That includes you.
    Q. How do you get around this glitch?  I know you said you couldn't help, but surely you can
    help ME.
    A. I don't know.  Stop asking.  I can't help anyone on glitches.  That includes you.
    Q. How do you get around this glitch?  I know you said you couldn't help, but surely you can
    help ME.
    A. I don't know.  Stop asking.  I can't help anyone on glitches.  That includes you.
    Q. How do you get around this glitch? I know you said you couldn't help, but surely you can
    help ME.
    A. I don't know.  Stop asking.  I can't help anyone on glitches.  That includes you.
    Q. Why did you just put the same question and answer four times in a row?
    A. 'Cause I'm @&!%ing sick of it and I want to get my point across.  People will still probably
    ignore it, though.  Too bad, I'll just block them.
    I will add more as I am asked frequently.
    9. Cheats
    Unlimited Money:
    Near the start of the game, you will hear the riddle of the bog shoes from a man. Near that man
    him is a Hobbit hole on a hill. Go up two steps to reach it. Inside are three bookcases. Two
    are on either side of the fireplace and the third is on the other wall. Search the lone
    bookcase to get a gold coin. Exit the room and reenter. The coin will be on the floor again.
    Lather, rinse, repeat.
    Duplicate Items
    Drop any item and save the game. Go back to the current game, and where you last left your
    items, there should be another extra item.  This can be repeated as many times as you want.
    This can be VERY useful in Moria with the Runes.
    10. Really Bad Glitches
    These are a few of the really bad glitches that people have encountered and constantly pestered
    me about in e-mails.  If your game ending glitch is listed here, please don't bother me with it.
    I CANNOT under ANY circumstances help you until I find the solution.  When I find it, it will
    be listed here.  If you have another game ending glitch, I can't help you there either.  I only
    encountered numbers 1 and 3.
    1. The infamous Moria glitch
    Location: The Mines of Moria
    What Happens: In this well known glitch, Gandalf says you must go deeper into the mines.  Well,
    when you go, the game freezes.
    Is there a solution?:  Yes, see the FAQ.
    2. Drop the damn axe!
    Location: Rivendell
    What Happens: When you collect Sting from Bilbo, you go to show it to the elves, right?  They
    should drop Gimli's axe, right?  Well, a lot of you have said that they won't drop the axe.
    Is there a solution?: No.  But I have a theory.  You might need Bilbo's Mithril Coat as well.
    If that's the case...
    3. Bilbo's missing armor
    Location: Rivendell
    What Happens: First off, I don't know if this is a game ending glitch.  But it might be.  In
    this very common glitch, Bilbo won't drop his mithril armor.
    Is there a solution?: No.  Just save beforehand and try again.
    I may have found a solution to the glitch dealing with Bilbo and the mithril coat and the
    elves with there axe and with dissapearing Gimli. first you do all of the things you said
    EXCEPT talk to Elrond next you sneak around him and talk to Bilbo, you are given sting and the
    mithril. next you talk to Elrond. finally you talk to the elves in the room north of the
    council. In my game it worked and I got all of the stuff and I hope it works for everyone else
    *UPDATE: JAB Simpson 13 believes he knows how to make the axe appear.  Just talk to Gimli
    before getting Sting...  Sounds simple enough.
    4. Where is everyone?
    Location: Rivendell... Again.
    What Happens: So you got Gimli's axe.  Or not.  Whatever the case, when you go to see the
    fellowship when you're ready to leave Rivendell, something's missing.  You only see Boromir
    there, no Gandalf, no Legolas, and still no Gimli.  Not even an invisible one.  You can't leave
    Is there a solution?:  No.  Try doing everything, make sure you have every item.  Including the
    mithril coat.
    *UPDATE: Phlfwd22 claims to have a way to avoid all of the Rivendell glitches.  Don't know how
    well it'll work, but if it calms the flow of e-mail about them, I'd even say eating some honey
    spread over bread before playing the game would help you avoid it.
    you do everything up untill you talk to bilbo. before you talk to him you should do the flower
    pot riddle get arwens amulet and go talk to arwen a few times for frodo to level up. talk to
    the other elf so pippin will level up. get the empty vial next and bring it to elrond so he
    could give you the miruvor. next go back to the hall were the companions are and get the sheild
    and talk to Gimli and he'll say that the elves took his ax. now go to bilbo and talk to him. he
    should drop both things. go to the room to the right of elrond and talk to the one elf once.
    walk away but not out of the room. walk back up to him and talk to him again. he should drop
    the ax. go talk to gimli and then gandalf and you should be on your way.
    5. Where'd I go, and how do I get back?
    Location: All over the game, but mostly in Moria and... Rivendell.
    What happens: You wander off the path, then you can't go anywhere but forward.  Unable to
    return, you just keep wandering off-screen.
    Is there a solution?:  No, but I can give advice.  When in Moria or Rivendell, when walking,
    stay on paths.  Especially on narrow paths above pits or a lower floor.
    More will be added as people complain about them to me.  And more people will be added to my
    block list.
    11. Contact Info
    E-Mail: kingmattress@hotmail.com
    AOL Instant Messenger: Moriquend17 (Preferred method of contact)
    MSN Instant Messenger: wontbeusingthis@hotmail.com
    ICQ#: 40115584 (Rarely on)
    Stuff to E-mail me about:
    Intelligent questions
    Reporting guide theft
    Stuff that will have you immediately blocked:
    Weapon Locations
    Complaining about anything
    Questions answered in FAQ
    Asking for a ROM
    Asking to sell my guide
    Anything stupid, pretty much.  I won't be angry if you overlooked something in the FAQ (please
    double-check, though) but if it's clear you didn't look, you're gone.  If you do any of these,
    I won't even get your e-mail anymore.  Need help after that?  Tough.  If you supply me with
    info that I missed, you will be given credit where it is deserved.
    I AM FED UP!!!  If anyone comes bitching to me about their glitches, which the game is full of,
    help with glitches (it's a programming error, and without a hacking device you can't change the
    programming), I meant that under NO circumstances CAN I HELP!!!  Don't go thinking "I know he
    said he can't help, but I'm sure he can help with mine."  NO I CAN'T!!!  People think I can,
    but I CAN'T!!!  SO JUST STOP!!!
    Another thing.  I WILL update this guide.  Stop asking.  I have school and a job, so stop
    pestering me to finish it.  I'll finish it when I can.  I have a life outside of video games.
    Not much of one, but it's still there.
    One more parting note.  After I've helped you, please don't stick around.  I don't mean to
    sound mean, but I don't want to be your friend.  I'm here to help you, not to chat with you.
    It's kind of annoying when people who I don't know and merely helped are all of a sudden asking
    me how my weekend was, if I like something, if I have something, etc.  I'm sorry to have to put
    that there.  But I feel it's only fair to you.
    If your e-mail seems worthy of my eyes, send away.  I'll either ignore it or you'll get a very
    speedy reply.
    12. Version History
    0.3: First published version of this guide.  Walkthrough through the Old Forest, the Main
    Characters, and about half of the stories. (Didn't get published after all)
    0.6: After a long absence from even playing the game (I got an Xbox, it's a bit time consuming),
    I updated.  Hoping that this version of the FAQ gets published.  Added solution to Moria glitch
    in FAQ, added more supporting characters, walkthrough extended up to Rivendell.  Added Cheats
    section and some contact information.
    1.0: The guide is incomplete, but I figured it's large enough for a version 1.0.  Walkthrough
    completed through Moria.  Damn Moria was hard.  Character information updated.  Contact info
    and thank yous updated.  Level up section created.  Enemy section created, no info yet.
    1.5: Guide complete, level up section complete.  I'm gonna go sleep now...  Maybe go out and
    buy Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.  Treat myself.  I'll revisit this to add an Enemies section
    sometime and update the FAQ.
    2.0: I decided to revisit the guide.  I noticed many small typing mistakes (forgetting to
    update section numbers and the such), so I fixed those.  There's a new thing listed under
    characters: starting stats for the fellowship.  I added a section for the glitches that people
    complain about most.  I also began an item list and scrapped the enemy section.  I personally
    don't have the means of finding out some of the info, and I'm not willing to spend $15 on a
    guide to find out.
    2.4: I fixed a few errors, and added some more info on items, the Gollum quest, and the Barrow-
    Wight.  Also, I will no longer stand for E-Mail about glitches, and added a really pissy
    message about it at both the top of the FAQ and Contacts section.  Any of you annoyed by it,
    you try writing an FAQ for such a glitchy game.
    13.Things to Come
    -More items.
    14. Thanks
    CjayC, for making GameFAQs.  You are a god.
    The late J.R.R. Tolkien, for writing the greatest story ever.
    Black Label Studios, Tolkien Enterprises, and Pocket Studios for making this game.
    Gamespot, for providing the solution to the Moria glitch.
    Leon Fairhurst, for information on Gimli, Gandalf, Saruman, and Sauron.
    Cam wonka, for the location of the dwarf at the Last Bridge.
    Jackie Miller, for telling me what that Weathertop button does.
    Squirchu, for telling me where the Midwater Marsh wight is.
    Rdesante, for a bunch of random character info.
    Elvanl, for a possible solution to the mithril and axe glitches.
    Brett Wyett, for telling me the Gollum quest.
    JAB Simpson 13, for possible Axe solution, and info on the Sword and Anduril
    15. Legal Stuff
    This guide is copyright J.J. Gabel, aka KingMattress.  Anyone caught using this guide on their
    site without permission, selling this guide, or stealing any of this guide in any way, shape,
    or form will be prosecuted with everything in my power.  If you wish to use this guide, ask me
    at welcometonirvana@hotmail.com.  The sites that currently have permission to use this guide
    are as follows:
    Thank you for reading.

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