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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Green Guyyy

    Version: 0.2a | Updated: 06/29/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      BB   BB  RR   RR  EE  E      AA T   T   T  HH   HH
      BB   BB  RR   RR  EE        A A     T      HH   HH
      BBBBBB   RR  RR  EEEEE     AAAAA    T      HHHHHHH
      BB   BB  RRRRR    EE      A    AA   T      HH   HH
      BB   BB  RR  RR   EE  E  A      AA  T      HH   HH
                     RR                  TTT
                      RRR         _
             O    O F      FF  F | |  RR   RR  EE  E TM III   III
             O    O FFF    FF    \ /  RR   RR  EE       III   III
              OOOO  F      FFFF  II   RR  RR  EEEEE     III   III
                           FF    II   RRRRR    EE       III   III
                           FF    II   RR  RR   EE  E    III   III
                          FFFF   II  RRRR  RR EEEEEE   IIIII IIIII
                                IIII        RR
                         *for the Gameboy Advance*
               The extremely comprehensive walkthrough, plus
           integrated item guide, equipment guide, and spell guide.
     Green Guyyy (green_guyyy@hotmail.com)
     Last Update: May 15, v0.2
     i. LEGAL INFO (Boring stuff now, okay?)
       Copyright 2002 by me!!!
       Well let's see, you may not plagerize, rip off, steal, or in any
       other way this FAQ. If you do, you will be cursed forever (among
       other things...). Anyway, I hold the exclusive copyright to this,
       blah blah etc. etc. And yes, you can print it out, but not sell it.
       And one more thing: Only GameFAQs can have this FAQ. Nobody else.
       (But if a site did, I would feel very, very good as my guide would
       be valuable enough to steal.) (Yeah, right.) You can't change this
       walkthrough/FAQ either. I spent many, many, many, etc. hours on
       this work. So be nice, follow the law, and enjoy! ^-^
        i..................................LEGAL INFO
        ii..........................TABLE OF CONTENTS
        iii..............................VERSION INFO
          B..............................Your First Job
          C.......................On to Bigger Horizons
          D.........................It's all About Nina
          E......................More Random Adventures
       Version 0.1
         - Walkthrough started.
         - Chapters A and B completed.
         - Some items and spells put out.
       Version 0.2
         - Walkthrough continued up to E.
         - Lots and lots of spells listed, and the AP costs.
         - More equipment and items.
       Version 0.2a
         - Little bit of stuff...
     I. STORY
       As you start the game, an eye will open up, and speak:
         Eye thing: ......, I don't have enough strength
         Eye thing: ......, Give yourself to God
         Eye thing: Pray to God! Praise God! You must become God's
                    strength ......
       Then, it will close and a scene will unfold. There is a little girl
       walking around.
         Ganer: Ah! Hey! Wait! Yua!!
       The girl is Yua, and she just left the building. Ganer is chasing
       after her.
         Ganer: Yua! Nap time!
         Ganer: ...... Oh, she got away from me.
         Ganer: Hey Ryu!
         (By the way, Ryu is the main character)
         Ganer: Ryu, come here for a minute.
       Now, you control little Ryu...
       A. Flashback
         (TreePole, Herb x2)
         You start out with Ryu, in his house.
         First of all, there is some basic info you need to know:
           A is the action button. 
           B makes you run, or cancels things.
           Select gets you to the menu.
         So now, go ahead and check the drawers for a TreePole
         Now, go ahead and walk down the stairs. You've got a decision to
         make with Ganer.. You could say Yes or No. But actually you don't 
         have much of a choice. Yes leads onto the next part, where you
         find Yua, but No leads to about the same thing:
         Go ahead and walk out of the house, to get into town.
         If you walk around and talk to the townspeople you will get to
         learn some information. After that, enter the building northeast
         of your house. Inside, go up the stairs that are to the north, then
         find the drawers and check them for an Herb. Now leave the house.
         Now, enter the house all the way north in the village. Go inside,
         and check the shelves in the north, that are left of the stairs.
         You'll get an Herb. Now, leave the house and find the shaking bush
         that is at the north of the town (go around the north house).
         Use A to get rid of it, and go up.
         You are now in the fields. Take the left path, then go up at the
         intersection. Now go all the way up, staying right at the
         intersection. Enter the cave, and the black-and-white scheme of
         color will disappear, and you'll get full color. Now go up, and
         you'll get a surprise. Hey, look! There's Yua! And a Beak that's
         trying to kill you! Go ahead and fight it. You can use an Herb
         if your health goes down, but actually a magical bolt will come
         out of nowhere and kill the Beak. You discover that the bolts
         came from Ganer, and he talks a little bit. And pick Not True! at
         the choice question. Then, Yua and Ganer will leave, and you have
         a choice to close your eyes or not. Yes leads to a picture of the
         Eye at the beginning of the game. No does nothing.
         Now, return to the village. If you talk to the people, you find
         weird things... that they don't recognize you. Just walk down to
         the church, where your house used to be, and talk to the priest.
         He'll let you rest. Eventually, you'll wake up. You'll have to
         get Bow to join the group. Go downstairs, and leave the church.
         Then, leave the village.
         Go west, and Bow will say it's raining, then you'll have to go
         into the cave. Go ahead adn follow the tail. You'll have to
         fight Barubary, in which you can't win. Finally, some text will
         pass by before 10 years pass...
       B. Your First Job
         1. Ten Years Later
            (LifePl, Antdt)
           You find out the Bow and Ryu have become best friends. And now,
           they're looking for a job. The elder gives him a job, but it's
           about finding a pet, actually Mina's pet, and its name is Suzy.
           Go ahead and check the upper-right shelves for a LifePl. These
           are really nice because they heal all HP and your status. Exit
           the room, and the next one to get outside. Just for your info,
           the second house from the left that you come across is where
           you live. You can go up and then sleep in the beds in the upper
           left of the house. Next, you can go to the Inn and go upstairs
           and check the northern drawers for an Antdt, which cures Poison.
           Right now, you might want to do some shopping. If you want, you
           can sell your LifePl for 250 Z (that's a lot of money) and buy
           some equipment. You'll be able to afford the BronzeSD for Ryu,
           or the FalseBW for Bow (If you select the option Trde, which
           sells your current weapon and then uses the total money to purchase
           a new weapon.). Now, go ahead and leave the village.
         2. It's Travel Time
           Outside, you'll see a carnival that's not very important. When
           outside, you can use the TreePole you found earlier to fish, along
           with a Worm or two of course. This will find you some items.
           When you're in a little grass patch you can also find items.
           Also, in battles you might notice that there is the new option
           GUTS for Ryu and SHOT for Bow. These are just special techniques.
           GUTS heals, and SHOT is just a stronger attack. Anyway, go ahead
           and level up to about level 4 while getting some items, and using
           your money to buy some more equipment. Bow should learn Cure1,
           which acts like an Herb, healing 40 HP. He should also learn
           CurePsn, which cures Poison like an Antidote. If you're injured,
           just go back into town and rest up.
           Once you are around level  4, do a few things. First, if you're
           not at full health, go rest up. Next, I hope you've been saving
           all that money of yours. You should go into the equipment shop
           and purchase at least a SaladBwl for both. Now, leave town and go
           right, all the way through the path. You can push A next to the
           patches of fluttering grass if you want to have a little fun.
           Anyway, keep going around south until you reach Mt. Fubi. (If you
           are feeling a little tough, try crossing the bridge and whooping
           some big baddies. They're pretty dang tough, though.) Mt. Fubi is
           kind of hard to miss, so I passed it the first time I went through,
           and got whooped by the baddies across the bridge. Oops. But don't
           let this happen to you; Mt. Fubi is near the first mountain patch,
           and it has a mountain around the right with a kind of pathway going
           up the mountain. Enter the mountain...
         3. Mt. Fubi we go!
              (SaladBwl, FireRock)
           Go ahead and walk up the first two ramps. By now you've probably
           fought some little monster. The S. Goblins are small, but annoying
           when in groups. Go inside the cave, and you'll probably notice the
           fountain. If you walk up to it and push A, it'll heal your HP.
           But, you'll probably find those utterly screwed up Corpse monsters
           attacking you. The cave is pretty straightforward. Outside, right
           before you get up the ramp, you should heal up, either with Herbs
           or Bow's Cure1 spell. Why? You're going to fight your first boss:
           The three winged females!
           /------------------BOSS BATTLE------------------\
           | Enemy: Palo, Puti, and Peach                  |
           | Health: 64, 64, and 64                        |
           | Strategy: If Bow has learned Def Up, you might|
           |           want to cast it on Ryu. Otherwise,  |
           |           just keep attacking and healing.    |
           |           Halfway through, they'll argue and  |
           |           whack each other. Anyway, it's easy.|
           | Experience Received: 600                      |
           | Coins: 64                                     |
           Heal yourself afterwards. Keep going, and after the third ramp
           you'll see a rock. Go ahead and walk up to it, then push it off.
           It'll cause a chain reaction and almost hit someobody below. Then,
           enter the cave above you. Move through the cave until the second
           set of stairs. Instead of entering the opening below, go right then
           down to get to a chest, which has a SaladBwl. Now, enter the
           opening back after the stairs. Take the left path for a chest that
           has a FireRock. This rock does Fire elemental damage in battle
           when used. Now keep going, and you should find a hole, which you
           fall into. You can talk to the guy. Then, leave the cave and take
           the paths down so you end up on the left side of the mountain.
         4. Rescue!
             (500 coins)
           After getting out of that mountain, go left and enter the small
           house. You should hear some conversation about "Help!" and things
           like that. Before you enter the house, you should see a dragon
           statue on the left. Talk to it, and it will save your game. And
           oh my goodness, our friend is being terrorized by... cockroaches?
           Anyway, talk to the cockroaches and "beat them up." It's an okay
           fight, but make sure to heal and stuff. But now, "Papa Roach"
           will appear (literally)! He's simple, and just beat him.
           Now, Niro, who is the old man, will offer you dinner. How sweet.
           But dinner seems to be a little... odd. It consists of Suzy, the
           pig you're looking for. Oh boy! Now, you'll have to deliver the
           prize all the way back to town. Oh boy.
           Now, once in Mt. Fubi, you don't need to go through all that
           annoying traveling. By going right on the path, up the ramp, all
           the way right, then down, you can bypass it all! Good. Now, walk
           back to town. Inside, enter the underground job place again, and
           go back into the back room with the elder. Go ahead and finish
           your job, and you'll be rewarded with a good 500 coins.
           Once you get outside, Bow will complain about being tired. Now,
           you can either say Yes or No. If you want to upgrade your weapons,
           pick Yes. Otherwise, pick No. The outcome is the same, though. If
           you picked Yes, upgrade your stuff, then save at the dragon statue
           right of the shops. Then, go to sleep at your house.
       C. On to Bigger Horizons
         1. Oh, dear Bow
           In the middle of the night, Bow should wake up to answer the
           tapping on the door. Kilgore comes in and talks about a job
           proposal to go "resteal" what a thief stole from Kilgore. So of
           course, Bow says yes, and he's stuck to resteal "The Magic Hood"
           for Kilgore. He'll take off without Ryu.
           Now, you should wake up with Ryu. You need to leave the house,
           and go outside. It's kind of dark outside. The good thing now
           is that you can now access the other half of town that the two
           townspeople blocked before. So go ahead and try to walk up...
           and get bumped by someone who appears to be Ryu's twin, but in
           female form. She'll leave off. You should go to the other part
           of town. Walk up the set of stairs, and talk to Kilgore. He'll
           say some "oh i'm sorry" stuff. You should now return to your
           house, and whadda ya know! find Bow. Say No when he asks you if
           you think he stole anything. He'll explain the story to you.
           You'll learn the girl that bumped into you earlier was the real
           thief. A soldier will soon come in and try to find Bow. But of
           course, Bow has hid in the trash can already. He'll tell you
           that you must hide him in Niro's house, the old man who took
           Suzy. Get out of your house, and you'll find a nice guard in 
           blue that'll let you through. So go ahead and do that long, 
           tiresome walk back through Mt. Fubi to the house. But remember
           the shortcut that's just up, left, down, and left, and down.
           After you hide Bow away, Niro will recommend that you go to
           Coursair and ask around for a suspicious woman. So, go ahead
           and do that...
         2. Coursair we go!
             (Bum'sCL, Herb)
           Remember that bridge east (or right) of Mt. Fubi? I said that
           if you were feeling tough you could risk yourself out there.
           Well, now it's time to go there. You might find travel a bit
           difficult, so you might want to purchase at least 5 extra
           Herbs for your trip. After you've done so, go ahead and start
           the eastward journey. You better get yourself at least to level
           7 or 8 as the battles that come ahead will be pretty dang tough.
           After a while of walking along the path, you should reach a
           small clearing that is sandy. Go north here and you should pass
           over a bridge, then find Corsair. Enter it.
           When you enter you'll notice the front two shops. Enter them
           and purchase some items. If you don't have at least 2 or 3
           Antidotes, go buy some. You should also update your weapons.
           You'll come across some new items in the Item Shop, like
           TearDr, which cures Zombie and Smoke, which lets you avoid
           monster battles.
           Now, if you want, you could go into the church. Here, you can
           talk to the Father. He'll give you options to Save, Consult,
           or Donate. Save saves. Consult consults about some information.
           Donate gives him 100 Z, but if you have less then 100, he'll
           give you 10 Z. There's a sneaky way of getting free money. You
           can keep getting free money until you'll over 100. Then, go
           deposit it all in the bank. Repeat. It's timeconsuming and
           morally wrong, but this is a game. Next, you can find a free
           Herb in the shelves of the area which you can access with the
           stairs all the way left in the church. Leave now.
           If you want, you can go up north and find out about the
           Coliseum, the place where fighters battle. Next, enter the Pub.
           You can go upstairs and check the drawers in the south for
           Smoke. Now you can either talk to the bartender in the Pub to
           pass time, go out and kill monsters, or take a nap in the Inn
           and then pass time or kill monsters. The choice is yours,
           really. (If you're a very greedy and evil person, the two
           sets of drawers upstairs in the Inn contain Bum'sCL as well
           as an Herb. Greedy person.)
           Once tiem has gone by and it's evening, go to the Pub. You'll
           find a tough looking guy in the northern part of the place.
           Talk to him about how you can find the girl in the Coliseum.
           Well, now you'll have to find Baba and get a ticket. Okay,
           then, heal up and leave town.
         3. Time to find Baba
             (Herb x 2, 200 C, Gold, Smoke)
           Go north of Coursair, and to the patch of forest and woods
           northwest of the town. Enter the small opening to the bottom.
           When you enter, first go left until you find a chest. Open it
           for an Herb. Next, go up, and hug the wall right until you
           see a chest. Open it for 100 C. Now, go up and follow the path
           up, right, and down for a chest with another Herb. Retrace
           your steps to the second chest. Go left and you'll find a
           treehouse. Enter it, and you'll find yourself transported
           in the bucket to the northern side of the forest, also called
           Tagwood. Go right, down, and southwest (that's down-left) for
           a chest that contains Gold. It's used for fishing, strangely
           enough. Now go into the "bucket tower" north of you to be
           transported right. As you go, you'll see a chest under you.
           Climb down, and go get it. It is another Smoke. Now, go all
           the way down, and I mean all the way. You'll find a dead end,
           as well as a chest containing 100 C. Now, go back up to the
           tree stump, and go left and through the windy path to find
           Baba. You should heal up to full before you fight him. Also, 
           you should really be at level 8 at least. Now, talk to him
           and get ready.
           /------------------BOSS BATTLE------------------\
           | Enemy: Baba                                   |
           | Health: 180                                   |
           | Strategy: This is actually a pretty easy bout,|
           |           that is if your level is around 8.  |
           |           Just slice him a few times, then    |
           |           use Cure 1 or an Herb to heal up.   |
           |           Or Guts for minor damage.           |
           | Experience Received: 300                      |
           | Coins: 300                                    |
           Afterwards, Baba will hand you his ax, and have you fight in
           place of him. So now, make the trek all the way back to
           Corsair. Yes that's right, all the way back. Remember, up
           to get to the first bucket tower, then left, then right and
           down to get out of Tagwoods. Then, go southeast to get back
           to Corsair. Now, go to the Inn and heal up.
         4. Coliseum!
             (1000 C)
           After you wake up, it wouldn't hurt to make your weapons the
           best possible and stock up on Herbs. Put it this way. If you
           are at level 7, make sure you have 15 Herbs. At 8, have 12.
           At 9, have 10. And if you're so lucky or persevering to be at
           level 10, you'll only need about 7. Instead of Herbs, you
           could buy HelpBLs at the rate of 5 Herbs to 2 HelpBLs.
           Now, enter the Pub and have the bartender make it evening.
           Talk to the tough-looking guy again, and he'll think you're
           Baba because of your Ax. And odd thing is now you'll be known
           officially as Baba by everyone. Now, get out and enter the 
           coliseum. Enter, and go to the room that is all the way right
           and then up. The receptionist will tell you a doctor will give
           you a final "interview." Go into the north door, and you'll
           fight an easy but disturbing Dr. HR. Now, go to the right
           door to meet the manager, Augus. He'll talk a little of the
           devious scenario about poison needling the girl, and stuff
           like that. And he hints at a "payment"... Go out of that
           room, the receptionist area, then make your way around the
           bottom to the left for the locker rooms. Enter the right door
           for a great 1000 C of money. Goodies! Now talk to the guard,
           and DO NOT TOUCH THE DOOR!!! If you want that money you've got,
           get out of Coliseum, go to the Bank at the Item Shop, deposit
           it all, and come back. Push A at the door, and the rough guy,
           who you know as Rand now, will come up and question you. He'll
           try to get all your money (0 coins, haha) and go "buy some
           antidotes" with it in case of emergency. After the scene with
           Augus and his devious ideas, you'll be in control. Make sure
           you're healed full, and go up to begin the fight with Katt.
           /------------------BOSS BATTLE------------------\
           | Enemy: Katt                                   |
           | Health: 240                                   |
           | Strategy: This will really depend on your     |
           |           power. A high level is probably good|
           |           but a basic strategy will suffice.  |
           |           Just attack for as much as possible,|
           |           then heal. It works well, but she's |
           |           really strong.                      |
           | Experience Received: 400                      |
           | Coins: 240                                    |
           After the battle, the poison needles will go flying. Now, there
           are three possible things that can happen now:
           1) Get hit by a needle, but not Katt:
             You'll wake up with Katt next to you. She'll talk a little,
             then join your party.
           2) Katt got hit by a needle, but not you:
             You'll be safe. Find the Inn, and go up the stairs there.
             Katt will be in bed. She'll get up and talk a little, then
             join your group.
           3) Both get hit by a needle:
             You'll wake up with Rand next to you and Katt in bed. Rand
             will join you.
           4) Nobody gets hit by a needle:
             Katt will talk a little then join.
           (If you get Katt in your group, you could withdraw your money
            and get her the best equipment possible. I recommend it. The
            same goes for Rand if he joins you.)
           Now, go back to Augus's room, but heal up first and get some
           Herbs, HelpBLs, or even a LifePL if you're rich enough. Once
           you find Augus, he'll talk a little, before transforming into
           a monster. Before that, during the talk, Rand may join if you
           don't have him. But now, it's time for the battle.
           /------------------BOSS BATTLE------------------\
           | Enemy: Augus                                  |
           | Health: 480                                   |
           | Strategy: This might be a very hard fight.    |
           |           Especially if you don't have Katt.  |
           |           Anyway, have everyone attack, but   |
           |           when you have to heal, let Rand use |
           |           his healing spells to heal you.     |
           |           In case one person is seriously     |
           |           dying, have Katt, who goes first,   |
           |           use an Herb or something to heal    |
           |           them. In case somebody is dead, Rand|
           |           has a special ability called WAKE   |
           |           and that revives people. Other than |
           |           that, just fight and heal.          |
           |           Oh yeah, one more thing. If you're  | 
           |           totally screwed, use the FireRock.  |
           | Experience Received: 900                      |
           | Coins: 900                                    |
           After the battle, Augus talks about a God, which is actually
           the eye in the beginning. Then he... spontaneously combusts!
           A little talk goes past, and you'll need to put Rand in the
           old man (Niro)'s house. So go travel there. Once you get there
           some talks will occur, blah blah. Now would be a good time to
           save, before you go on and go back to HomeTown.
       D. It's all About Nina
         1. Time to find her
             (LuckCndy, SilverDR, 1100 C)
           At HomeTown, go to the Magic School. Before you can go in,
           you'll se Nina and some evil bandits trying to "make the boss
           see her." Katt will say how it's amazing that Nina can use
           magic, and things like that. You'll need to enter the building.
           Once inside, head up the stairs in front of you. Go down, and
           then walk through the arch on the right side to where a girl
           with purple wings is (they're actually supposed to be black).
           Talking will happen, blah blah. You'll learn about the Joker
           Gang, and... Ryu and company have to go find them! And then,
           a Hood[lum] will coem up and say how Nina and Mina are cute...
           and er... give... "dirty" looks. Perverted monkey. Anyway,
           you have to save Nina and Mina now. Get out of town, and take
           the path you took to get to Coursair, but instead of taking
           the bridge going north, go left and you'll see a small ledge
           leading up to a path. You'll find a patch of mountains as well
           as a cave entrance. Enter it.
           When you talk to the first guard person, he'll fight you. A
           simple fight. Good amount of experience and money, too. Go
           up to the intersection, and go left. Don't worry, the Hood
           won't fight you. Keep going up and go right so you can enter
           the hole above you. Go up and talk to the Hood on the left of
           you. If you answer "Pain" to his question, he'll open the door.
           Any other answer will result in a fight. Then, you can push
           the button to open the door. Anyway, go up and put your hand
           in the hole to get bitten and poisoned by a spider, then have
           a battle with a Hood and a spider. Make sure you use an Antdt
           after the battle (I told you to stock up!), as well as an Herb.
           Walk up and go down the stairs. Down here, you'll have to be
           wary, as there are groups of up to 4 Hoods to fight! You've
           been warned. Go right, down, and left to get to a chest, which
           has a LuckCndy. This raises Luck by 1. Give it to Ryu, or you
           could save it. Go back up, then go right, down, right, and up
           to find another chest, which has a SilverDR. Equip Ryu with
           this. Go back and enter the hole that is around the middle of
           the room. In this next room, hug the right wall to get to a 
           chest that has 100 C. Go left and up the stairs. Then, walk
           up the other stairs and through the door. Go right and around
           so you go down the stairs. When you try to pass, you encounter
           a Hood, and have to fight him. A cutscene then occurs. It looks
           like the boss, the Joker, wants to "have" Nina... ugh... but
           she blasts the Hood under her with fire! Yay! But the evil
           Joker wants Nina to become his slave. But not quite! Ryu and
           company to the rescue! Go up the stairs on the left, and go
           around the path so you get to Mina. Katt will rescue her, then
           the 4 Hoods will fight you. They can use the BackUp spell,
           which revives a Hood. Everything will be fine after... before
           Joker turns into a monster and you have to fight him!
           /------------------BOSS BATTLE------------------\
           | Enemy: Joker                                  |
           | Health: 585                                   |
           | Strategy: This could be a tough fight. It     |
           |           shouldn't really be, though. Joker  |
           |           has a weakness to Ice attacks, so   |
           |           have Nina use Cold to do around 65  |
           |           damage each turn. Keep doing this,  |
           |           and let Ryu use Cure 1 when needed. |
           |           This'll be done in no time.         |
           | Experience Received: 1800                     |
           | Coins: 600                                    |
           Yes, the day is saved once again. Nina says you have to go to
           Windia once again. By the way, that's the place with people who
           are winged. So, get out of the Joker's hideout until the first
           room. Go to the southwest corner of the room, and the chest
           that was blocked will now be unblocked. It has 1000 C! Goodies.
           Now, leave the hideout.
         2. And now, to Windia
           From the Joker's hideout, go southeast past the ledge path.
           Keep going like you're going to Tagwoods, but when you're about
           to go up the ledge, go left instead. Now, go all the way left
           and down the ledge and all the way left again. Go up the ledge
           to the lake, and from there go right and up. Past the bridge on
           the left, you'll finally get to the town of Windia. But there's
           more in store for you...
           It turns out there is a maze built to keep away evil people.
           The guard knows Mina, so you can pass. This maze has a few
           possible ways to get out. Go up, then left to the next screen.
           Here, go all the way left. Here, go left again. Then, go down
           at this new screen. Go right. Go right again, then down at the
           screen. Finally, go up the stairs below you to get into town.
           A cutscene will go through, and Nina's mother acts as though
           she doesn't know her. This is because of her black (purple)
           wings. Then, you'll end up outside. The guard will give you 
           some advice. The only way to go is down, so do that.
           The monkey-man, Sten, will make Ryu go poof! and disappear into
           some "other dimension." Nina and Katt will be worried, and Sten
           will begin flirting. But luckily, Ryu comes back out from the
           other dimension... *cough* *cough* I mean dirt. And goodie. Sten
           joins the group! You should take the time now to go buy some
           things. A visit to the Item Shop wouldn't be bad. Make sure you
           have 5 Herbs, 2 HelpBLs, 3 Antidotes, maybe 1 WFruit, and 1 Vtmn.
           That'll prepare you. Go out, and go down the stairs below, then
           go left and into the equipment shop. Upgrade equipment for as
           much as you have money for. Then, leave. Go save at the dragon
           statue, then leave Windia via the south exit.
       E. More Random Adventures
         1. Travel time
             (HelpBL, Tolen, SuedeAr, WFruit, GutsBL)
           Right now, you'll probably want to run around near Windia and
           level up. But be careful. You'll run into a monster called a
           Demon, Which is really annoying because of its Poison Breath
           attack, which can poison everyone. You'll also find some little
           blue goblin creatures. They're easy, but know Def.dwn so watch
           out. After you feel tough enough, go west and along the coast
           to the left and above. You should reach a small house. You can
           go inside, search the drawers for a HelpBL, and talk. Now, go
           down and left from the house. You should find a ledge path that
           goes up. Continue upward, and you should find a town. Enter.
           The first thing to do now is to go into the Inn and have a rest,
           as you're probably all worn out by now. Afterwards, head up the
           stairs and search the northern and southern drawers. You'll
           receive a Tolen, which you will use later on in a board game,
           and SuedeAR. Go to the item shop and do whatever. Then, enter
           the building right of the Inn, and search the top room's shelves
           for a WFruit. From that house, go to the upper right purple
           one, and search the northern shelves there for a GutsBL. What
           this does is increases the Guts stat. Make sure you're ready,
           then enter the well in the northwest part of town.
         2. Monsters in the well?!
           (Van.Ext, Charm)
           You will go past a cutscene where a magic-using girl fights a
           monster. Then, another will come for you. Beat it! Then, you
           should Yes when she asks you to help her. She'll take you to
           another room, where the bottom is blocked by her and a monster.
           Now, you have to find the boss monster in the cave and save the
           little boy who got lost... how heroic. Let's go!
           Go up along the path, and go through the northern door. Ride
           the turtle up to the small island with the man, then ride to
           the one above and beat the monster. Take the turtle left of you
           to the chest southwest of you. You'll get a Van.Ext, which
           heals 120 HP to everyone. It's good in emergencies. Go back,
           and take the turtle above. Don't go right to the boy. Fight the
           monster above and take the chest's contents: a Charm. This will
           block a curse. You should probably equip it on Ryu. Now go back
           and heal up before you talk to the boy. Once you are done, talk
           to him and a boss battle will begin!
           /------------------BOSS BATTLE------------------\
           | Enemy: Terrapin                               |
           | Health: 1340                                  |
           | Strategy: This will be pretty boring. Have    |
           |           Ryu and Katt attack, while Nina uses|
           |           Tornado, and Sten uses Bomb if he's |
           |           learned it or Spark if not. In case |
           |           anyone is hurt, have Katt heal with |
           |           an Herb or HelpBL, or Ryu with Cure |
           |           1. Once Sten is out of AP, have him |
           |           give Nina a WFruit. Terrapin has an |
           |           attack called Brainwave. This makes |
           |           one of your allys attack one of your|
           |           allys. He also has Fire Breath, so  |
           |           watch out. You might actually die.  |
           |           Remember, you've got the FireRock, I|
           |           hope...                             |
           | Experience Received: 1800                     |
           | Coins: 1500                                   |
           Gee, that was hard. If you're lucky, you shouldn't have needed
           the FireRock... Anyway, that's done. Go out of the cave, and
           you'll run into Ray. She'll say the dam is about to overflow...
           and whaddaya know! It does! (Boy you didn't expect that, did
           ya?) But Ray makes a barrier! Goodies! She needs you to save
           the villagers in the cavern. Come out and enter the hole on the
           left. Talk to the guy, and yes he's real. Now, get out of the
           well and go to the Inn, cause you'll really want to heal up.
           Now go back. Remember the room with the three holes? Go into
           the left one. Fight the guy, then go to the right hole, fight
           the guy, and the real monster. Now go back to the initial
           room in the well that has the stairs. Go thorugh the right
           hole, then fight the guy above. Enter the hole above, and fight
           the monster. Come out and enter the right hole. Fight the bug,
           as well as the guy. Enter the hole above, and talk to the man.
           Now you're done, but you've got to receive your award. Go back
           to the room with Ray, who was holding up the water. Answer Yes,
           then run!!! Once out, Ray will thank you, and ask you to go
           to where all of you "meet"... she means where everyone will be.
           That's Niro's house, where you left Rand and Bow. Heal in the
           Inn first, then leave town.
         3. Travel back home
           Go up north of town, and enter the forest patch at the opening.
           Go north and enter the house. Search the drawers for a LifePl,
           which you may need later. Now go all the way back to the town,
           and go south. Keep going right, and up, and around over the
           mountains, and as if you were going to Windia. Instead, use R
           a few times to switch Sten to the front of your party. Find the
           pole in the southeast corner of the area and face right on it.
           Then, push A to go across. Now, make your way back to your
           "hideout" with Bow and Rand. You should know where to go. Go
           around the lake going down, past the ledge, all the way right,
           down at the sign, past the bridge all the way down, left all
           the way past the bridge, through Mt. Fubi, and finally back
           to Niro's house. Whew!
           The first thing you should notice is the new building and Bow,
           who is walking around the front. Go through the door. Everyone
           will leave Ryu alone, and Ray will say that you can use Cure 2.
           Talk to Ray again and say Yes to his question. Who should you
           bless? I don't know, it's your choice. Katt may be okay as she
           is the fastest, so can heal quickly. But she has low AP. You
           could also give it to Nina as she has lots of AP. But not Rand,
           or Ryu. Make your choice, and Ray will leave, and you're off
           to do other things, like cross the Sten's Gap that you saw
           above Coursair...
         4. Crossing the gap, literally
           Coming soon!
     Format: Item (Sell price) - Description
     A. Healing
       1. Herb (4) - Heals 40 HP.
       2. LifePl (250) - Heals all HP and status.
       3. Antdt (6) - Cures Poison.
       4. HelpBL (25) - Heals 100 HP.
       5. WFruit (100) - Heals 20 AP.
       6. Vtmn (100) - Reverse a curse.
       7. TearDr (50) - Cures Zombie.
       8. Roast (200) - Recover HP completely.
       9. Beef (100) - Recover HP.
       10. Meat (100) - Recover HP.
       11. Liver (100) - Cures Poison.
       12. Van.Ext (500) - Everyone recovers 120 HP.
     B. Battle
       1. FireRock (400) - Does Fire elemental damage in battle.
     C. Stat Bonuses
       1. LuckCndy (50) - Increases Luck by 1 point.
       2. GutsBL (50) - Increases in Guts by 1 point.
     D. Fish
       1. Srdine (30) - Recover HP.
       2. Unagi (30) - Recover HP.
       3. Bait (30) - Decreases HP to 1.
       4. Mckrl (30) - Looks tasty (Recover more HP.)
     E. Other
       1. TreePL (50) - Used for fishing.
       2. Worm (2) - Used for fishing.
       3. Smoke (50) - Meet the enemy less.
       4. Gold (N/a) - Used for fishing.   
     Format: Something, Sell value*, Equippable to whom?**
     *Remember, purchase price is always double the sell value.
     **The equip characters are R-Ryu, B-Bow, K-Katt, Ra-Rand, N-Nina,
     Weapon (WPN) Class
       1. TreeST, ?, R
       2. BoyDR, 50, RS
       3. ShortBW, 75, B
       4. BronzeSD, 125, R
       5. FalseBW, 150, B
       6. HexadST, 125, K
       7. HandKN, ?, Ra
       8. FalseRG, ?, N
       9. MagicRG, 530, N
       10. LongSD, 620, R
       11. RevetKN, 460, Ra
       12. WoodenDR, 290, S
     Armor (ARM) Class
       1. Shorts, ?, R
       2. Bum'sCL, 25, RBKN
       3. SuedeAR, 150, RBRa
       4. LeotrdCL, 160, KN
       5. RangerCL, 255, R
       6. ChainML, 720, RKRaK
       7. HolyRB, 530, KNS
     Shield (SHD) Class
       1. RistBand, 5, RBKRaN
       2. SteelAR, 60, RBKRa
       3. BronzeSH, 510, RRaS
     Headgear (HLM) Class
       1. Bandana, 5, RBKRaN
       2. SaladBwl, 30, RBKRa
       3. BronzeHT, 195, RBRa
       4. GlassRG, 380, RKRaNS
     Miscellaneous (ETC) Class
       * You can equip other stuff here, but I'm only listing the things
         that have an effect.
       1. Charm, 500, Blocks curses.
     V. SPELLS
     Format: Spell (AP cost) - Description
     A. Healing
       1. Cure 1 (4) - Heals 40 HP.
       2. CurePsn (4) - Cures Poison and/or Zombie.
       3. Cure 2 (7) - Heals 100 HP.
       4. Heal (8) - Recover status.
       5. Renew (10) - Recover ability by 70%.
     B. Stat change
       1. Def up (5) - Increases ally's defense.
       2. Ag-down (5) - Lowers the enemy's agility.
       3. Pwr.down (5) - Lowers the enemy's power.
       4. Ag-up (4) - Increases ally's agility.
     C. Attack
       1. FirPuppy (All) - Massive Fire attack.
       2. IcePuppy (All) - Massive Ice attack.
       3. T.Puppy (All) - Massive electrical thunder attack.
       4. FireDrgn (All) - Inflicts serious Fire damage on all enemies.
       5. IceDrgn (All) - Inflicts serious Ice damage on all enemies.
       6. T.Drgn (All) - Inflicts serious electric damage on all enemies.
       7. Tornado (5) - Vacuum blade attacks an enemy.
       8. Thunder (6) - Thunder arrow shoots all.
       9. Cold (4) - An ice stone attacks an enemy.
       10. Spark (4) - A flame stone attacks an enemy.
       11. S.Boom (11) - Dancing thunder attacks all enemies.
       12. Drain (0) - Absorb the enemy's AP.
       13. Flame (12) - A triangular flame engulfs all the enemies.
       14. Typhoon (14) - A vacuum tornado engulfs all the enemies.
       15. Freeze (10) - A freezing snowstorm engulfs all the enemies.
       16. Angel (12) - Holy power engulfs all the enemies.
       17. Death (8) - Possibly kill an enemy in one hit.
       18. Hush (5) - Seal the enemy's spells.
       19. Idle (6) - Seal the enemy's movement.
       20. Sap (5) - Absorb the enemy's HP.
       21. Fireball (20) - A flame storm engulfs all.
       22. Hail (17) - An icy fang engulfs all.
       23. Bolt X (30) - A thundering iron hammer attacks all.
       24. Bomb (6) - An atmospheric explosions hits an enemy.
     C. Other
       1. TimeWarp (0) - Move time forward.
       2. Smoke (6) - Same effect as the item Smoke; meet the enemy less.
       3. Exit (8) - Escape from a dungeon.
       4. Warp (8) - Warps to a town you've been to.
     Hmm, let's see... me, myself, and I for actually not being lazy and
     writing something. Who else... my parents. The internet. GameFAQS.
     Blah, blah, etc. etc. Okay, if you ever e-mail me something good,
     anything at all, I'll put you here. My address is here:
     (Plus, if you e-mail me about stuff I already know I'll ignore, too)
     And the nice people are...
       -ben west (benzo58@yahoo.com) for sending me numerous spells and
                                     the AP costs.
       -Your name could be here!!!
     Yeah, um, that's it. Copyright 2002 remember. (see top for more legal

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