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    Boss FAQ by The Pup

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    The UnOfficial Guide To
    ||[[[[\\  ||[[[\\   ||[[[[       //=\\     ::::++:::: ||    ||
    ||     || ||    ||  ||          //   \\        []     ||    ||
    ||     // ||    ||  ||         //     \\       []     ||    ||
    ||]]]]]]  ||[[[//   ||]]]]    //|||||||\\      []     ||||||||
    ||     \\ ||   \\   ||       //         \\     []     ||    ||
    ||     || ||    \\  ||      //           \\    []     ||    ||
    ||[[[[//  ||     \\ ||[[[[ //             \\   []     ||    ||
                  //===\\                               ///============\\\
                 ||     \\                              |||             |||
     //===\\     ||                                     |||             |||
    ||     || ]]][][[[                                                  ///
    ||     ||    ||                                                    ///
     \\===//     ||                                                   ///
    ||[[[[[ ]]][[]][[[ ||[[[\\   ||[[[[                             ///
    ||         [[]]    ||    ||  ||                                ///
    ||         [[]]    ||    ||  ||                               ///
    ||[[[[[    [[]]    ||[[[//   ||]]]]                          ///
    ||         [[]]    ||   \\   ||                             ///
    ||         [[]]    ||    \\  ||                            ///
    ||      ]]][[]][[[ ||     \\ ||[[[[                       |||========|||
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    ||\\  ||    ||         \\        \\  |||||        \\  |   111        22222 |
    || || ||    ||         //        //  ||           //  |   111        22    |
    ||//   \\==//   \\====//  \\====//   ||||| \\====//   | 111111  (+)  22222 |
                                     By Shaun Campbell    \\==================//
    I. Intro
    II. Characters
    III. Bosses
    IV. Practice
    V. Helpful Items
    VI. Cooking the Items
    VII. Spells that always help
    VIII. Junk and Bugs
    IX. Tips
    X. Tricks
    XI. FAQ
    XII. Challenge
    XIII. Thanks
    XIV. Version Info
    XV. Contacts
    XVI. Legal
    Well let's see...You have any trouble with the bosses? Or are you trying to 
    find out how to make township fly? Well is you are in good hands, so come on in
    and enjoy the show!
    Definition of "boss":
    Controller of a part of a game that is usually stronger than normal enemies or 
    Prognosis of BoF2's bosses:
    Hard at the beginning and stronger and weaker(alternates randomly) at the end. 
    You can beat the heck out of mostly all the bosses using one strategy.
    The characters in the game are here. I'll list the goods the bads and the uses 
    for the characters here and there is a thing for the best ability.
    How to read it:
    Name- The name.
    Rating- The rating I gave him/her.
    Ability- The base ability and the best if any(I'll just post the base for
    The good- Character's good traits.
    The bad- What the character's weak points are.
    The ugly- Jokes or something that the character has that is one of the worst of
    in the game
    Name: Hero(defalt is Ryu)
    Rating: 7/10
    Ability: Guts(Allows for a small restoration of HP)
    The good:
    Ryu is very strong in physical attacks. His dragon spells(i.e. G. Drgn) do
    major damage to any enemies he may face. He is probably the character of
    choice(well you actually have no choice) to be on your party. He also has high
    guts rating.
    The bad:
    He stays in your party all the time exept for times when characters fight by
    themselves. He is pretty average for the good eye. Ryu's spells tend to be MP
    using and the early spells are weak and for the most part useless exept for
    the Timewarp spell. The dragon spells are good but they cost Ryu all his AP
    and the less AP Ryu has the less damage the dragon does.
    The ugly:
    He can't combine with any shamans.
    Name: Bow
    Rating: 9/10
    Ability: Shot(Alows for 1 hit kills, but does 1 damage mostly all the time)
    The good:
    He gains lots of cure spells(Cure X) and defense spells(Defense Up X) and has
    high HP and defense and AP. Gains levels quickly. He can get those 1 hit kills
    and they help alot! Good cure master. Two of his weapons have special
    abilities(TwinBW: Attack twice; AutoBW: attacks all enemies). His shamanized
    form looks great!
    The bad:
    His attack power. It makes up for his special weapons abilities. Most of his
    weapons are weak. He is also another average character.
    The ugly:
    You get him nearly halfway through the game(again...).
    Name: Nina
    Rating: 7/10
    Ability: Will(Just like Ryu's Guts but restores MP)
    The good:
    She is a strong magic user. She has strong spell and a bunch of MP to go with
    it. She can be even deadlier in her shamanized form which allows her to scare
    away enemies but shamanize for the extra power.
    The bad:
    Average HP, low defense, and attack power. This is the making of a quick death.
    Put her in back rank and feed her Pwrfood, she needs it. also get her some
    decent armor for a change.
    The ugly:
    Putting her up front in the party. That means she'll die fast...
    Name: Rand
    Ranking: 8/10
    Ability: Wake(Revives characters to 1 health if dead, stops the sleep status)
    The good:
    Very strong, has defense and HP, full of cure spells with an average amount of
    MP to match. This is the works for the best up fron defender.
    The bad:
    Super slow. If he had a super hero name it would be "The Slug." He can't wear
    much armor(rendering his base defense as the sheild). He has alot of HP! This
    may not seem bad for several reasons...but if you want to heal him it would
    take about 3-5 HelpBls to get him up and running.
    The ugly:
    His shamanized form. Still the same but with a boost so small its useless. Save
    the shamans for others.
    Name: Katt
    Rating: 9/10
    Ability: Dare(This makes all enemies attack Katt), Chrge(Charge up then on the
    next does a huge amount of damage! 4x the amount of one of Katt's normal
    Critical hits!)
    The good:
    She is fast! Cute too... She has above average attack and super speed. She gets
    the strongest spell very early in the game. Shamanize her so you can really so
    the damage. Her Chrge ability allows for her to do 4 specials worth of damage!
    The shamanized form allows for her to have more MP for her spells.
    The bad:
    She got the weakest MP rate in the game. If it was higher I'd give her a 10/10
    but she get all those good spells...That's why you should shamanize her to get
    her AP boosted. I wouldn't count defence or HP or defense, but the took away a
    quarter point each because they are below average.
    The ugly:
    The Dare ability. Why do we want a "thing" attack Katt? She obviously has that
    HP and defense problem.
    Name: Sten
    Rating: 8.5/10
    Ability: RIP(Rest In Peice, makes enemy think Sten is dead while cutting down
    defense), Sweh(Switches enemies for others found in the area)
    The good:
    Fast, strong, and average. Shamanized form for finding practice partners or for
    the rare enemies for items.
    The bad:
    Average defense + average HP + Dumb spells = Below average carpet if skinned
    and sold.
    The ugly:
    RIP = 2 gravestones, 1 for sten and one for the person behind Sten. Sten's
    defense is reduced by half of his normal defense.
    Name: Jean
    Rating: 8/10
    Ability: Jab(attacks all and divides attack by how many enemies attacked and
    deals that much damage to all enemies), Chop(Instant death to all but bosses
    after a 1 turn charge)
    The good:
    He is average and his shamanized form give him the Chop ability and it makes
    him look alot better.
    The bad:
    He is average and the spells he has are just not enough.
    The ugly:
    How does he loose all the weight after shamanizing him?
    Name: Spar
    Rating: 4/10
    Ability: Ntre(he calls out to green to get other bonuses), Bud(he becomes
    uncontrollable and gets a boosted attack like the berserk in FF games...too
    badthere was no controlling him)
    The good:
    Average with high HP. Some stat altering spells. Ntre is good at some points
    but is a remember the battle scene thing for there are many effects.
    The bad:
    Ntre is annoying for the reason that lotsa people don't like the randomness.
    His spells are weak.
    The ugly:
    Sitting back...relaxing and wondering: Is it a boy or girl?
    Name: Bleau
    Rating: 9/10
    Ability: Shed(Health is restored 100% with small defense decrease with each
    The good:
    The bad:
    Guts rating is very very low. She got 1 flame at level 63.
    The ugly:
    No shamanizing.
    The bosses! This will show you how to prepare for these bosses.
    Name: Beak
    Prep: n/a
    Just attack. You will never beat this boss with your own hands. Once you get
    down to 1 HP you get into an in-game cinama. But then your saved by a Sonic
    Boom spell. Just fight and somebody else will save you.
    Name: Barubary
    Prep: Follow the tail
    Just attack. You'll die and that's that. Just attack or defend nothing special
    about it. Another one of those can't kill bosses.
    Name: Palo, Puti, Peach(3)
    Prep: Battle those monsters, stock up on potions, ect.. Do this until Ryu and
    Bow are about Lvl 10.
    This fight is hard! Always heal Ryu with Bow and concentrait on one of the
    Harpies. They will concentrait on Ryu and Ryu only until Ryu is dead. If Ryu
    is near death have Your party heal Ryu. The sisters will attack each other
    somewhere in the middle of the fight. This will probably kill the one you were
    attacking. When its down to 2 Harpies attack just one and then concentrait on
    the other.
    Name: Cockroaches(6)
    Prep: Battle in the cave where Azusa is in. You can gain alot of XP here.
    Same for the Harpies but heal more often. Ryu and Bow can take out a Cockroach
    together in 3 hits(2 from Bow and 1 from Ryu). If you want it to end a little
    bit faster these little freaks will go down in one hit from Bow's Shot ability
    with some luck. Don't use the FireStn you found near Azusa unless your really
    Name: Giant Cockroach
    Prep: Your little battle with the mini cockroaches.
    Attack with Bow and Ryu. Heal when needed. This boss will go down easy. Don't
    use the FireStn.
    Name: Baba
    Prep: Get Ryu to Lvl 10 or higher, preferably Lvl 15. Herbs.
    Just Atack. Heal when HP falls below 60.
    Name: Dir. Hr
    Prep: Ryu Lvl 10 at least. Herbs
    Attack and heal when needed.
    Name: Katt
    Prep: None needed
    Just attack. She'll mock you causing you to do only 1 Damage to her. Just
    ignore this and attack.
    !!The next boss you will need Katt badly for her speed or you will have to use
    the FireStn you got! To save Katt you must press up and push her into the door
    of the arena! If you do not save Katt you will have to fight the next boss
    with Rand only!
    Name: Demon1(Arena owner(I'll name the demons Demon1, Demon2, ect.. Unless they
    have special names that I remember.))
    Prep: Save Katt(Have the FireStn if she got hit and is in the bed recovering
    instead of Ryu.), Buy Herbs and LifeBls.
    If Katt isn't with you use the FireStn. If she is, start attacking full force
    and don't use the FireStn. If someone is injured or dead have that character
    revived or healed immediatly. When it says the boss is saving energy, start
    healing all the characters and resume the process. Have Katt heal and attack.
    Ryu attack. Rand heal and attack.
    Name: Joker Minion and Spider
    Prep: An Antdt(or 3) for after the battle.
    Have everyone attack the spider. If anyone gets poisoned don't worry. Use the
    Antdt after the battle. After the Spider is dead kill the Joker.
    Name: Demon2(Joker)
    Prep: n/a
    Have Ryu attack, Katt heal, and Nina use Cold. Do this until Joker Dies.
    Name: Demon3(Baby bug)
    Prep: All Characters over Lvl 17, reccomended at Lvl 20+. Bring a whole bunch
    of WFruits and HelpBls for Sten and Nina. Use Katt for healing. Lotsa LifeBls.
    These bosses(yes, there are more after) are a pain in the rear. They take the
    damage and give back just as much. You are allowed to heal between battles if
    you didn't touch any others. Just attack and heal in battle. If you are mad,
    don't worry get your characters' Lvls up out of town and then try again.
    Name: Demon3(Mother bug)
    Prep: Get your hands on all the healing items you can get!
    Have Sten use Bomb. Nina use all of her strongest spells. Katt heal and attack.
    Ryu attack. This is hard. If you have the FireStn use it now because this boss
    has 1300 HP(I think) and it takes the damage and spits it out like gumballs.
    The thing can control a character for 1 turn, damage all characters and do big
    damage to one character. It is possible to beat the boss without the stone but
    your characters will be hurting throughout this battle.
    Name: Villagers and Brainbugs
    Prep: n/a
    Kill the Villager for one less  carpenter to build your houses or kill the bug.
    Kill the bug and it'll be done. But just kill the villagers. It's better(You
    only need one and he's not infected). Do that and you'll get to teach a
    character Cure 2.
    !!Teach Cure 2 to Nina she's the best for it.
    !!Talk to the red girl after you come back again to get the "Puppy" Dragon
    Name: Nimufu
    Prep: You'll get a whole bunch of XP when you go through the is tower.(Hint:
    The only girl statue you can talk to again she's a shaman.)
    Atack and Heal. That's it. Use the Puppy spells and use WFruits after each on
    !!After you get Jean, Get into the top lake and drop down the
    waterfall...there's a wonderful gift: 3 Dragon Spells! Better than the puppy
    in 2 ways. 1) 2X more damage. 2) All enemies get the full blast. But don't use
    it one one of the bosses that I'll point out(near the end, I'll explain why
    Name: WildCat(fight before witches party and captured Jean for ChopChop)
    Prep:  Read the signs.
    !!Signs 1-5: Follow. You lose lose your Items at the doorman.
    !!Sign 6: Choose
      Rare=1/4 Damage from health
      Medium= 1/2 Damage from health
      Well Done= 1 HP left
    !!You Have to Fight a Bouncer if you don't follow directions
    !!Pick Rare
    Use any Puppy or Dragon spells with Ryu. Use the most powerful spells you got.
     Use the Cure 2 magic with nina immediately after someone is injured. Doing
     this you will win.
    Name: GoldFly(First Fight)
    Prep: Lotsa Health Items. Have Katt, Nina, and Rand in party.
    Have Nina Use Sonic Boom. Rand Attack. Katt Heal and attack. Ryu should use a
    dragon spells and then attack. If anyone's injured heal them and continue.
    Then it's little bug butt will run away.
    Name: Blue Cockroaches
    Prep: Healing items
    Remember the things in the well at Capitan? Well here they are...more
    babies...But they are easier this time(and less ugly). Just beat the bug guts
    out of them...and just like in the well There are alot more of them.
    Name: Large Cockroach
    Prep: Healthy Characters
    Just like the fight with GoldFly but faster and easier. Don't waste your Dragon
    spell unless you were annoyed badly by the first coackroach at the begining.
    Name: Large Worm
    Prep: Healthy Characters and items to prevent sleep.
    OK. This is where Rand comes into play. Start by using a dragon spell from Ryu.
    Then use physical attacks to kill it. If your team is asleep use Rand to wake
    them or Nina to attack them to wake them up.
    Name: GoldFly(Second Fight)
    Prep: Full AP for Ryu and Nina.
    Unload your best spells. Dragons and Sonic Boom work really well for Ryu and
    Nina. Have Katt and Rand use healing items and WFruits and get in extra
    Name: Demon4(Imposter Jean)
    Prep: Healing Items
    Use Katt and Rand or Katt and Sten to deliver physical attacks and to heal the
    party. Have Ryu cast a Dragon Spell and Nina give out the big bull of spells.
    This boss should go down easy.
    Name: Trout(Demon5)
    Prep: Store all money in bank.
    This fight is a two way battle. You can either pick just Bow or Bow and Ryu.
    But the battle is the same. If it is just Bow, attack and then heal when
    needed. If it with Ryu have Ryu use a dragon spell. The reason for storing all
    the money in the bank is that Trout steals coin equal to the amount of damage
    you receive. Trout will use EggBtr if you are out of pocket change so it would
    be a quick battle either way.
    Name: Demon6(Stone Ghost Doll)
    Prep: Lotsa items for health. Have Katt(you need her to attack the adams
    apple(and it is necessary!). Have Rand and Nina in party too since they are
    the best for this part of the game.
    This boss will attempt to put all your characters to sleep(just like the Large
    Worm, see why I picked Rand?) so have two characters on watchgaurd duty, which
    should be Rand(for Wake) and Nina(low attack power and attacking team always
    helps). Ryu should immediately use a dragon spell against the "Doll".
    Following a sleep attack have Rand and Nina wake up the others.
    !!The time to get Bleau is now so get her! See FAQ for details.
    !!Go to Practice section to find a great training spot!
    Name: Algeron and and Friends(3)
    Prep: All characters in party at full health and some healing items.
    Have Ryu start this by a Dragon Spell. Algeron has a bunch of HP but her/its
    Sisters don't so this will kill both sisters fast. then have the party
    concentrait on Algeron. Have Nina use Sonic Boom or Flame. Algeron has some
    strong spells like Freeze, so if she uses it do not hesitate to heal the
    characters that were affected by this spell. Algeron's sisters will come back
    after a few turns so have one character go after them if they pop up.
    Name: Upa(Pronounced Oo-Pa)
    Prep: Lotsa healing items if you fight them all.
    If you catch one(even the right one) be shure not to attack it physically...If
    you do there is 100% chance that it will counter attack. If anyone is
    attacking make shure they are healed because the Upas are strong. You'll be
    sticking to magic for all Upa fights, so WFruits are essential. You'll know
    when you've got the right Upa when you see it begging. If you let it go you
    will get a BusterSD. So release it. If you catch it...you will gain no items.
    Name: M.C. Tusk(Demon7 aka Carnival Owner)
    Prep: Healing Items. Sten in Party w/ Katt and Nina.
    Have Ryu start with his Dragon and Follow it up with Flame spells from Sten and
    Nina. Use Katt to heal.
    Name: Trubo(Fight 1)
    Prep: Buy some items from the store and rest at the Inn. Make Shure Sten is at
    Lvl 25+. Recommended at Lvl 28.
    This fight is cool at the beginning! Use Flame. Heal if you get under 100
    health. Attack after 1 or 2 Flames(1 is recomended for that you need for the
    fight after).
    Name: Trubo(Fight 2)
    Prep: n/a
    This battle will end after 3 turns so deal big damage to him fast. Use Flame as
    many times as possible.
    Name: Portal
    Prep: n/a
    Don't use any Spells on it. Use Attack Up on Ryu and have the whole party
    Name: Shupkay(Demon8)
    Prep: Some healing items
    Have Ryu start with the usual Dragon Spell. And then if you have Spar or Bleau,
    use Attack Up on Ryu. Then have Ryu attack. and the rest heal, attack or use
    Name: Aruhamel(Demon9)
    Prep: All the anger from entering the dungeon and getting annoyed at the
    eyesight bubble(The hardest dungeon with the most annoying monsters in the
    game(Jacky is the monster I hate!))
    Aruhamel is the monster that made Ryu's town forget him. So if you annoyed
    about the plot or the dungeon, now's the time to take it out. Use Spar's Hush
    or Idle and have Ryu beat it up. If a character(Bleau) has Bolt X use it and
    make the pain harder on Aruhamel. Kill the Demon fast for it can make your
    characters forget Spells for this battle.
    Name: Gardian of the Mark
    Prep: Nina with full AP and HP with a bunch of healing items. Have Katt in
    party if you want to see an amusing comment if Nina is to fail the test.
    If Nina dies before getting to the boss it is ok(Katt will ask Nina if she can
    beat the test monsters up). Nina will have 1 HP if she dies so if you want to
    heal do so.
    Now for the Boss, Use Sonic Boom and keep on using it unless you have better
    spells. Use healing items if it get a lucky shot on you.
    !! Spoiler! Skip this if you want to see who the Gardian is for yourself!
    !! The Gardian is Nina! Well...Nina From the old BoF.
    !! After you have the Great Bird you can go to Night Rider Island. See practice
    section for details.
    Name: Gaurd
    Prep: Rand at Lvl 28+ and fully healed
    Attack this boss and if he attacks you...Use Cure 2.
    Name: Tiga
    Prep: n/a
    Alas! Another battle you can't win.
    Name: Zombies
    Prep: None
    Don't use Dragon spells! Have Ryu attack. Nina Cast Sonic Boom or any other
    Stronger Spell. And if you have Bleau, use Bolt X.
    Name: Demon10(Head of the church you raided)
    Prep: Lots of LifeBls.
    Now have Ryu use his Dragon Spell. Bleau use Bolt X and Nina use spells and
    heal. If a Death Spell works use a LifeBl immediatly on the character that
    !! Spoiler!
    !! This part is more of a explanation of the story mixed in with the strategy.
    Name: Ray in his Dragon form(Demon11)
    Prep: Fully Healed and ready. Have Ryu at full AP and health.
    Ray will attack normally and possesses the blood of the Dragons and St. Eva has
    corrupted him. He has binded a friendship with Ryu strong enogh that he will
    give Ryu a gift as a demon. You have to make Ryu use a Dragon Spell(not a
    puppy spell). Ray will take the damage and say:
    "This is all I have"
    Then he will use a spell of some sort on Ryu. Now Ryu has the power of Green.
    Check his spells and Ryu now has G.Dragon(Green Dragon). Use it on Ray and the
    battle ends. There is a parting action from Ray after the battle and he dies.
    Ryu is now left with the true power of the Dragon God.
    Name: Archer(1st)
    Prep: None
    Name: Archer(2nd)
    Prep: None
    Same as the 1st.
    !! You will see some Eyes in a hall and when you pass them they will shoot each
    of your characters with a beam. This will lower you characters HP. This makes
    the next fight harder.
    Name: Gurd Eyes(3) and Old Man.
    Prep: None
    Before the fight the Old Man will tell you to kill him...Don't do it! Don't
    even attack him! This is the time for Ryu to only use his Puppy Spells. Don't
    use any Dragon Spells(not even G. Dragon). The dragon spells will kill The old
    man. Use a Puppy on each eye and then use Freeze one any living eye. If you
    kill(or hurt) the man you are not able to get a secret and added story in the
    !! Spoiler!
    !! The Old Man is Ganer(Ryu's Father)
    Name: Babaruku(Demon12)
    Prep: Lotsa AP
    Use G.Dragon as the first move. Then have someone cast Atk-Up on Ryu. This
    battle should go quickly if Bleau keeps on using Bolt X. Ryu and everyone
    attacking after the Dragon spell. Babaruku will use Sap on your characters so
    use magic fast as you can.
    !! You will have a choice to extend your game if you choose to defeat the
    demons inside. Or if you choose the other option to wait the game will end.
    !! This FAQ will Cover Infinity soon! Probably in the next few versions.
    Here are some areas that are good practice training spots in the game:
    Azusa's Cave
    This spot is located after the attack of the Harpy Sisters. You'll find a man
    named Azusa in a cave. The room you found Azusa in is the best training spot
    for Low level characters in the game. You may find hoards of leeches or
    corpses, these are good XP builders.
    At the undergroud area(where you get the mark) there are some tough monsters
    that give out good XP. Come here, it's good training.
    Hey! Low level characters should train here! It's open all the game.
    Head to this spot before you enter the witch tower! It has lots of Bouncers!
    The trick is go inside and attack a couple of Bouncers and get out. Then go
    back in and repeat. You can also get ChopChop here if you follow the signs
    and defeat WildCat and be nice to him(See FAQ).
    Theive's Tomb
    South of HighFort. You will come here as a part of the story. There is the
    StarBrngrSD if you battle enough on the strange looking face. If you visited
    for the storyline on finding patty again battle on the Happy(fortune) space
    for a while until you see a message "Found a Shortcut." This place offers
    practice on many different situations. Plus as and added bonus, the enemies
    are easy and give out 3X more XP than expected! Good to level up low level
    characters here.
    This is a monster infested temple and it is good training if you battle here.
    It is west of FarmTown and infested with mosters.
    Gate(Infinity 1)
    Yes...I have been here...One rule:
    Dologany(Infinity 2)
    To all of you wondering why I haven't gotten around to tell you about Infinity
    I STILL HAVN'T(is that a word?) GOTTEN TO THEM YET!
    Plus on the enemy side:
    The Carms here ar nasty! But! They give out the MeowSt(Katt).
    Monster Island(aka Island of Giants)
    Go to capitan and head south for the beach and enter the whale. You can only
    get to this if you have the whale. After that go west and hug the shore. When
    the shore goes north go north and head between the gap. Keep hugging the shore
    until you reach the area above the wrecked Granny's house. From there tap up
    three times and head east. You will find an island that is north-east of the
    hunters house. This is Monster Island. It has 1 house and is small. I will
    list the monsters here like bosses(because they are like them but harder) but
    with HP instead of Prep:
    Name: Gonghead
    HP: 900
    Attack it. It will heal itself with Cure 4 but it can only use it about 3-4
    times. It will use Freeze or attack so heal! But keep attacking until then.
    Name: A. Sludge
    HP: 900
    A simple Death spell will work 100%. Has low Defense so just beating the goo
    out of it is safe too.
    Name: Chorking
    HP: 25
    IMO these are part of the TOP TEN LIST OF ANNOYING MONSTER OF BOF2. They have
    crazy defense ratings, if you want to test it out ok...but you will do 1
    damage most of the time! You can fo 5 damage with specials if you can. They
    also have Magic defence to all spells but Puppy spells, Dragon spells and item
    spells(ie: ShaveIce). Those spells have something special that ignores Magical
    defense. Kill chorkings fast or they will cast RotBrth(Rot status to all
    party, then party will become zombies), PsnBrth(Poisons all party), and
    SwtBrth(Makes party fall to sleep). Worry about SwtBrth and RotBrth now, and
    PsnBrth after the battle. It's also ironic that they drop ShinyBRs after some
    Name: K. Sludge
    HP: 1000
    If you don't have G. Dragon and your at Lvl 30-50 without good armor, your in
    trouble, big time. You face 2-3 of them in a battle as they travel in packs
    and  you are at a 95.5% chance of losing battles with these. If you encounter
    them you are more than likely to die! You can defeat them without G. Dragon
    but it is not worth it. To beat them you have to use a normal dragon spell and
    then use Bolt X the rest of the battle. These have crazier defense than
    Chorkings and the same magical defence. Once you have G. Dragon you can breeze
    through these easily.
    !! Added Note: If you've got good armor and weapons and levels 45+ with
    G.Dragon you can kill these with hand to hand combat.
    NightRider Island
    East of the island of St. Eva church. Has a few palm trees and a building with
    good armor(until Barreta). Has 2 monsters.
    Name: D. Bringer(Death Bringer)
    HP: 300
    Bolt X. Or the MP conserving attack with all party...These have blue horses.
    Name: N. Rider(Night Rider(The themed monster))
    HP: 1000
    Has a purple horse. A dragon spell(preferably G. Dragon) and alot of Bolt X
    spells if you don't have the dragon. Bow can use his Shot ability if he has
    high Luck, this is useful in 2 N. Rider fights. Heal when necessary. They drop
    MedusaSH and NoTwinRP, which you may want.
    Helpful Items
    This part list some useful items:
    Biscuit - Casts Cure 4 and Defense Up X on party
    ShaveIce - Casts Blizzard, ignores magic defense
    Frizbie - Casts Sonic Boom, ignores magic defense
    F.Spice - Casts Flame, ignores magic defense
    PwrFood - Permanent Increase in Strength
    G8Bait - Fishing item, catch almost anything
    Dinker - Permanent Increase in agility
    MoonDrop - Restore all status and HP to a party member
    WiseBL - Restore 100 MP without penalty
    Goldbar - Sell for 6000, no other use
    MisoSoup - Permanent Increase in Wisdom
    LuckCndy - Permanent Increase in Luck
    HelpBl - Casts Cure 2(restores 100 HP)
    Roast - Casts Cure 4(restors all HP)
    SprRib - Same effect as Roast
    Gold - Fishing Item, Catches Treasue and Maniro(Mermaid)
    DeadSoup - Casts Death, ignores magic defense bet doesn't work on bosses
    Extract - Casts Cure4(restore all HP)
    Van. Extract - Casts Cure 3(restore 120 HP to all characters in party)
    ShinyBR - Equip, Imunity to all status effects
    LoveBR - Equip, Restore health while walking on world map
    CureAl - Heal any status effects
    Egg - Restore all HP and AP
    Stamina - Permanent Increase in Stamina
    WiseFruit - Restore 20 AP and takes away 20 HP
    Urchin - Fishing Item, catches Treasure and some fish
    Cooking the Items
    You can cook items if you saved the one carpenter that wasn't infected with the
    parasites. He lives in the Regular brick houses at the far right of Capitan.
    There are some rules to cooking:
    1)You can combine 1-4 items to cook
    2)You may get either of these conditions if you cook:
            Condition A. An item
            Condition B. Carcoal item
            Condition C. Two of the same item as in Condition A
    3)You have to "Eat" the items before cooking again
    Charcoal + Charcoal = Herb
    Dinker + Dinker = Biscuit
    Medicate + Medicate = PwrFood
    ShaveIce + ShaveIce + ShaveIce = PwrFood
    Roast + Roast + Roast + roast = DeadSoup
    ShaveIce + F.Spice + Frizbie = LuckCndy
    Charcoal + Charcoal + Charcoal + Charcoal = HelpBl(thanks Xie!)
    Herb + Herb + Herb + Herb = LifePl
    Cond.Up + Cond.Up + Cond.Up = GoldBar
    Tuna + Tuna = Dinker
    Tuna + Tuna + F.Spice = Stamina
    Stamina + Tuna + Tuna = WiseBl
    There are more recipies but I forgot some of them...see if you can find more
    Spells That always Help
    Here are some useful spells:
    Spell(AP) - Effect
    Bolt X(30) - Major thunder elemental damage to all enemies
    Hail(7) - Major Ice elemental damage to all enemies if there are puppies after
    the initial spell it does extra damage
    Missle(26) - Explosion magic on all enemies
    FireBall(20) - Major Fire elemental damage to all
    Renew(10) - Revive and restore 70 percent of HP
    Renew X(20) - Revive and restore 100 percent of HP
    Heal(8) - Remove Bad Status
    Cure 1(4) - Restore 40 HP
    Cure 2(7) - Restore 100 HP
    Cure 3(20) - Restore 120 HP to all of party
    Cure 4(14) - Restore all HP
    Cure X(50) - Restore all HP to all of Party
    Death(10) - Kills non-undead, non-spirit, non-boss enemies
    Sap(0) - Drain AP from enemy for own use
    Drain(5) - Drain HP from Enemy for own use
    Freeze- Large ice damage to one enemy
    Def-Up(5) - Defense Increase 30 percent
    Atk-Up(6) - Atack increase 30 percent
    FirPuppy(all AP) - Puppy summon on one enemy, Max DMG=256
    IcePuppy(all AP) - Puppy summon on one enemy, Max DMG=256
    T.Puppy(all AP) - Puppy summon on one enemy, Max DMG=256
    FireDrgn(all AP) - Puppy summon on one enemy, Max DMG=512
    IceDrgn(all AP) - Puppy summon on one enemy, Max DMG=512
    T.Drgn(all AP) - Puppy summon on one enemy, Max DMG=512
    G.Drgn(all AP) - Puppy summon on one enemy, Max DMG=999
    BoomBada(20) - Half of enemies HP
    ChopChop(0) - 70 points of damage unaffected by stats or defense
    Junk and Bugs
    These are some bugs in the game that I call junk and bugs:
    1. Question in shaman combination house in township is "Do you want to learn
    how to combine with shamans?" The answers are flipped so pick 'Yes' to start
    fuse and 'No' to learn how to combine.
    2. Agil-Up spell has no effect! It just eats up AP!
    3. GutsBl does not raise Guts.
    4. The Dragon and Puppy Spells have no elemental attribute. So it can attack
    any enemy without resistance.
    5. When inside the main building in TownShip, shamanized characters take on
    their original form.
    6. After going inside the main building and getting out of it in TownShip, Your
    current formation is reset back to Normal Formation(ie You set your formation
    to Scramble and when you enter and exit the main building it resets the team
    back to Normal Formation).
    -Save often
    -Never enter a dungeon without a person with the spell Exit
    -Always level up if you have trouble with enemies
    -If encountering a group of enemies use spells that attack all
    -Never go to Monster Island with characters level 28 and under!
    -Run when in trouble
    -Store some money in the bank so if you are killed you still have some money
     that is safe
    -Make use of the TimeWarp Spell it is very useful for talking to people at
     night and entering shops at day
    -Use the Warp Spell to travel to places that you've been to that are important
    -If your hunting for Upas in the Upa Cave and your scene in battle is fighting
     monsters above water while your on land, use Hail. After the spell and the
     puppies had appeared the water wil be frozen
    -When you get the whale use him to explore all the world in BoF2
    -When your at Nina's "Test of the Mark," have Katt in your party, she'll say
     some funny stuff
    -If your short on cash and your done with Ageron, getting the Owl Fruits and
     selling them is a best bet. You pick them, sell them and go back to picking
     them and selling them
    Q: How do you get Bleau?
    A: First you have to find her house which is located to the south of Theive's
    Tomb in the desert on the other side of the mountains. This is hard because
    the house blends in with the sand(the house is a whirlpool shape). Second talk
    to everyone inside the house and don't forget the one in the back. Third go to
    HomeTown and go into M. Shool. Get on the second floor and talk to averyone
    Q: Where can I find the EmpireSD?
    A: Go to the east of TownShip with the Great Bird. and you will find land in a
    shape of a paralelogram on the side of the mountains. Land there and fight
    until you see a fishing spot at the corner. Then fish out the Treasure with
    the Charm Rod. You can only do this before you see the demons released from
    the mountain in Gate.
    Q: Where is the LoveBR?
    A: Go to Monster Island and fight until you see a fishing spot. Go into the
    fishing spot and get the LoveBR in the Treasure Box at the bottom.
    Q: What are the Recommended levels for Monster Island and Night Rider Island?
    A: Monster Island at level 30+ and Night Rider Island at level 40+
    Q: How do I get TownShip to fly?
    A: First you have to save The Old Man in the boss fight with the Gaurd Eyes. Do
    not kill the Old Man! Second, you have to find Eichichi(or whatever her name
    was) in Guntz. Go into the big house behind the town and go to the very back
    of the house. Gobehind all of the bookshelves and  you will enter a secret
    room. Talk to the bull girl that is interested in machines and invite he to
    your town and go back into the well. Talk to the girl and Ganer comes in. Now
    township can fly!
    Q: How do you get Boombada/ChopChop?
    A: I will not explain how to get Boombada spell for the reason that it is so
    hard to get. 
    But I got some new info on getting ChopChop! Here's what Xie Zong Han wrote on
    getting ChopChop:
    "...to get ChopChop, go to Wildcat Restaurant before the Witches Reunion 
    and obey all the signs, choosing Rare at the last sign.  Fight the Chef and 
    chase after him after you defeat him.  Choose no and yes to his question and 
    you'll get ChopChop."
    Q: What is the best carpenter for TownShip?
    A: I would say IMO that it may always be the normal buildings carpenter that builds
    a restorant. He allows you to max out your stats by cooking items. He also
    lets you make super strong items too. But if you want to know how to use those
    tolens, get the carpenter that has those treehouses on stilts. If your into
    bragging rights though, get the one in the Arabian style house(the big one
    near the enterance to the dock). Tolens are basically useless you get
    the carpenter of treehouses on stilts.
    Q: What are the best people to let join into TownShip?
    A: IMO I think Daiye, Barretta, Poo, Barose, Maclean, and Hanz. Why? Look:
    Daiye - He sells fish! Makes it easier to make WiseBls.
    Barretta - This girl is amazing with her armory! Lotsa Good weapons that cast
    Poo - HAHA! I said #2! Well he sells MoonDrops that help in Infinity.
    Barose - Teach characters some powerful Spells.
    Maclean - He gets you to a fishing spot with all Porgy and Snpr.
    Hanz - The 2 cooking Items he sells are useful.
    Q: Who's Maniro?
    A: A mermaid who sells rare items for insane prices, fish for him using gold.
    Q: Why did you get this game?
    A: There was no Golden Sun in stock so I picked BoF2 and I got addicted.
    BoF2 Challenges! Test your medal!
    Challenge: Broken Inventory
    What to do:
    When Characters come into play, they can only wear the armor/weapons they start
    Challenge: Inns are Out! Healing Ponds too!
    What to do: Don't use any Inn in the game. Use of shops is OK and useful. But
    No Inns. Use Inns to get the Items there but do not use them. Don't use
    healing ponds either!
    Challenge: Dinner Time!
    What to do:
    Get all the napkins, plates, and forks you can(possible?)! And use them for all
    the game!
    Challenge: No Shaman Challenge
    What to do:
    You can't use any shamans. 'Nuf said.
    Challenge: No Item Challenge
    What to do:
    You can't use any Items in battle and anywhere else. But you can use
    Challenge: No Dragon Challenge
    What to do:
    You can't use any dragons on anything but Ray.
    Challenge: No Spells Challenge
    What to do:
    You can't use spells from all characters inventory. Find a loop hole...
    (Hint(5 letters): ___M_)
    Challenge: 1 Player Challenge(from the FF3J FAQs)
    What to do:
    Kill off all your characters but one(If they come back to life due to an event,
    kill them again). Try to beat the game like that.
    Challenge: Ultimate kRaZy Challenge!
    What to do:
    No Items, No Shamans, Keep characters equiped with the same armor that they
    start with, and No spells. Simple.
    GameFAQ for their great FAQS!
    Credits to:
    Xie Zong Han for his ChopChop directions and for his recipe correction!
    <your name here> for reading this FAQ
    Version Info
    Version  Notes
    -------  -------
    1.0      Initial Release
    1.1      Updated ChopChop in FAQ. Entered new training area, WildCat's.
             Added Version Info. Various minor corrections/additions.
    1.2      -Added Big Easy Read version # at title
             -Added Challenge Section
             -More Detailed Version Info
             -Updated Bleau's Bad info
             -Added Windia, SimaFort, Gate to practice section
             -Made Recipies list "User Friendly" with added recipies
             -Explained my TownShip
             -Thinking About Infinity
             -Various corrections and updates
    VideoGB150@msn.com - Shaun Campbell
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    for this FAQ.
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