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"A good quality combination for old school Sega Fans"

I've always been a long standing fan of the Old Genesis System. It was my first gaming console, and it still is in good condition, and has survived many hours of game play. I've personally burned out two carts on the system, I loved it so much. If you're like me, you'll love this compilation for the GBA.

Firstly, its three games in one, and Sega took the time to ensure it didn't just give you three similar games, but instead dropped enough diversity to please almost anyone. For those into puzzles and problem solving, I recommend the graphical splendor of Ecco. For a simple hack-em and slash-um, Golden Axe is a wonderful choice. And for you old pinball and/or Sonic lovers, Sonic Pinball is a fun new look at a classic icon.

The game that is Ecco is the story of a dolphin who simply wants to find his pod. Through his many journeys and underwater exploration, he discovers a truly sinister force at work and finds himself not only fighting for his pod, but for all of the Earth. Ecco is a game of exploration and thought. Button mashers will have a hard time with this game, as it rewards memorization and tenacity. You will play each and every level many times through until you discover just the right path. One of the things that really set Ecco apart however is the graphics. For an old Genesis game, it still looks breathtaking.

Golden Axe
Few things are quite as fun as sitting down and destroying hordes of evil things. This is a game that delivers just that. With the choice of one of three heroes, you'll find yourself balancing power and magic as you stomp through worlds of baddies. While a noticeably short game, you'll find that it's Duel mode and head to head modes will extend the life time of this portion of your pack. That and it's just plain fun

Sonic Spinball
If you own a Genesis and you've never played this game, you're missing out. While not universally loved, this game is a must in any Sonic lover's collection. While some might scratch their heads at a Pinball game involving Sonic, I can assure you this is like no pinball you've ever played. With many of the objectives and other fun tricks of a traditional pinball game, having Sonic as the ball adds some fun benefits, like being able to move the ball without the flippers and running around in the little nooks and crannies about the board. As always, your goal is to defeat Robotnik and get back the Chaos Emeralds. All without giving Sonic too big of a headache!

All in all, this is a great package. With puzzle, action and pinball all rolled into a little bundle of fun; there is literally something for everyone in the Sega Smash Pack. I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoyed the wonders of the Sega Genesis.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/15/02, Updated 10/15/02

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