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    Game Script by Shifen

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/28/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                   ____  __  __  _  _  _____    ____  _____  ____
                  (  _ \(  )(  )( \/ )(  _  )  (  _ \(  _  )(  _ \
                   )___/ )(__)(  \  /  )(_)(    )___/ )(_)(  )___/
                  (__)  (______) (__) (_____)  (__)  (_____)(__)  
                             MMMMMMMMMR      :5,2@MMMMMMR
                        .MMMMK         Ri   K2        .RMMMMX
                     jMMMN.  ,jZ5;      #L NL  .   RN5;    5MMMX
                   MMMK    .,:::79Ni     M5N  ..  M5;;7jj7;.  PMMM
                 MMM;  .;i77i777i:7M7 .  5#5 .., XN,7jjj22j2ji.,2MMM
               MMM:. :i77777j7jjj7:9M ., :M2 ,,, @#:222222L2LL2j:;ZMM@
             PMM7ii,77jjjjjjjjjjj2;PM ,,  MP ,,, 7MijLLLLLLLLLLLLj;29MM
            MMMZ N;ijjjj2jj7ii;::, XP     H#   .  MNijLLLZZLZZZZZZ2,KKMM
           MMR9  ML;jj7;:,;7L59XXXMM77Z2 MMMR ;i;  MMji7j22LLLLLL27XM7MMM
          MMRR   RMj :2X#MMNH@X9HMM. ii ;M7iM. 7jj: MMM#X9XX999PPRMM5  MMM
         PM#R  .  7MMMMRPZZPRNMMMi  ;:  MX;iLM. ,i;.  2MMMMMMMMMMMX  . :MMM
         MMjN  ,i7.  9MMMMMMMK:   :;  iM9:j2;2MP  :;;.    ,72j;     ::. MMM
         MRRKM  ,;;:.          ,;:   MM7:7jjj::MM   ,::::.      .::::,  MKM
        @MP# HMM    ::;;;;;;:,    7MML.:777777;.iMM;    ,:::::::::,    MMKM
        MM@# . RMMH:          7#MMK:.:i7777777ii: :HMM5             9MM M@M
        XMKH i:  .PMMMMMMMMMMMXi  ,:iiiiiiiiiiiii;:  ,PMMMMMMN#MMMM#2   MMM
         M@M ,;;;:.           ,:;iiii;i;;i;;i;;;;;;;;,      .,,        RMMP
         MMH:  ,::::::::;::;;;;;;;::;;;::;:::::::::::::::::,,..,,,,.  5MMM
          MMH    ..,,,,:,:::::::::::::::::::::::::,::,,,,,,,,,,,..   9MMM
           MMNi    .....,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,..    .#MMP
            MMM@        .......,..,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,..,......        #MMM
              MMMM;               .............                LMMM@
                HMMMM7                                     :KMMMM
                   RMMMMMP:                           :9MMMMMK
                        PMMMMMMMMMR5j;,.    .:j5RMMMMMMMMM2 
    I realize there is already a script FAQ for this game at GameFAQS, but the
    script in that FAQ is the script created by Sonic Team; immediate typos and
    grammatical problems are noticeable. This script faq encompasses the US version
    of this game. (I personally think the other script is much too vertical.)
    Anyway, in short,
    Read more about the different versions in the Information->Reading section
    I created this FAQ for the purpose of spreading the humour and interest of Puyo
    Puyo, or Puyo Pop. This is a rather old game, three years about, but it's still
    fresh in the sense of its dialogue. Perhaps this FAQ will most likely be too
    discreet for its own good, but if I worried about that I wouldn't be doing
    this. Anyway, this is definitely one of the funnier dialogues I've read in the
    Puyo series. Puyo Fever doesn't have much going for it in terms of dialogue,
    even though it was made by the same team three years after. So that's why I
    decided the older game over the newer one. This FAQ is meant for people who
    like to remember the funny parts or for new people who just randomly stumbled
    here. So, without further ado, have fun laughing your butt off, and try to buy
    the game!
    The dialogue here is the US version of the game. Sure, the Japanese version has
    English as well, but it's often grammatically incorrect and riddled with a few
    spelling errors. Generally, the US version of the game is better because even
    though both versions have Japanese and English, the US version has better
    English. If you somehow have the Japanese version, this FAQ will pretty much be
    useless. The English isn't butchered at all by the way, if you bothered to
    read, you'll notice it's actually quite humorous.
    A small note, I'm pretty meticulous, so everything here is word for word,
    letter for letter, ellipses for ellipses, lengthened tone for lengthened tone,
    straight from the game.
    Dialogue = US version.
    Purpose of FAQ = Spread the funny and Puyo interest.
    Version History
    09/28/2004: Initial release, and probably final. There's nothing more to add,
    1.00        unless it's to fix a small error or two.
    This FAQ is very straightforward and doesn't require a real detailed index.
    To find what you want, it's most easily located by pressing CTRL+F and typing
    in the area you wish, because chances are, if you're looking for something, 
    you most likely know which area the conversation took place in.
    The area names area as follows:
    [Hajimari Forest] ...actually, just scroll down a few centimetres.
    [Gachinko Dungeon]
    [Magical Tower]
    [Dark P. Castle]
    If you wish for specific character's conversation, I have provided codes to
    CTRL+F as well. For each character, just open up the find window and copy in
    one of the corresponding shortcuts:
    (You'd put "vs. Schezo" in your CTRL+F window, the number of conversations is
     just extra information)
    vs. Skeleton T      2 conversations
    vs. Incubus         2 conversations
    vs. Seriri          1 conversation
    vs. Kikimora        3 conversations
    vs. Suketoudara     2 conversations
    vs. Harpy           2 conversations
    vs. Nohoho          1 conversation
    vs. Zoh-Daimaoh     2 conversations
    vs. Minotaur        2 conversations
    vs. Lagnus          2 conversations
    vs. Draco           1 conversation
    vs. Rulue           2 conversations
    vs. Schezo          2 conversations
    vs. Dark Prince     1 conversation
    vs. Carbuncle       1 conversation
    TOTAL:              26 conversations
    As for character descriptions, just read one of the conversations and you'll
    get more than enough out of it :).
    There's a Japanese section for script comparisons, it's quite interesting. To
    find out more, CTRL+F: (Jap)
    Credits and Copyright are at the end.
                                    |   THE   |
                                    | SCRIPTS |
    -[Hajimari Forest]-
    Personal Favourite Scenario in Hajimari Forest: They're all really funny to me.
    One fine day, Arle was playing with Carbuncle as usual when...
    Arle: Oh no! Carbuncle!! What did I tell you about eating stuff on the ground!?
          Say Ah! Ahhh!!
    Carbuncle: Aaah...
    Arle: I can't take you anywhere...
          Huh? What's this? (holding a golden rune) Hmm... Huh? (gate appears)
          Did that gate just materialize out of thin air? Or am I dreaming?
    Carbuncle: Gugaa!
    Arle: Hey! Carbuncle!! Where do you think you're going! Wait for me!!
    Carbuncle: Gugaa! Gugaaaaa!
    And so begins another strange adventure for our dear little Arle.
    Stage One, vs. Skeleton T
    Arle: Hey, hey you... A strange-looking gate appeared at the forest entrance.
          I was just wondering if you knew anything about it.
    Skeleton T: Don't worry about it.
                Just rest your bones and have some tea with me.
    Arle: Uh, thanks. (Gulp-gulp...)
    Skeleton T: MWAHAHAHAHA! You've fallen straight into my trap!
    Arle: What?! Is... is the tea poisoned?!
    Skeleton T: No, I made this tea with... USED TEA BAGS!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!
    Arle: Noooooo!! ...But, hey. It's actually not that bad.
    Skeleton T: What?! If you can drink tea that's been brewed from a used bag...
                You are either a tea connoisseur or you have no tastebuds at all!
    Arle: Like you should talk! You don't even have a tongue to begin with!
    Skeleton T: What?! How dare you! That's it! I challenge you to Puyo Pop!
    Stage Two, vs. Incubus
    Incubus: Hey, baby. Come here often?
    Arle: ...
          Go away.
    Incubus: Hey! I just want to get to know you! What's your sign, baby?
    Arle: Octagon. As in "stop."
    Incubus: Oooh, I like a girl with a sense of humor!
             Let's make jokes together...
    Arle: That does it.
    Stage Three, vs. Seriri
    Seriri: Uh... H-hello...
    Arle: Oh, hello there.
    Seriri: Did you come here to play with me?
    Arle: No, not really. I was actually just...
    Seriri: I knew it! You're here to eat me because I'm a mermaid, right?!
    Arle: No, not really. I was actually just...
    Seriri: The story about never aging if you eat a mermaid isn't true!
    Arle: Really? If you eat a mermaid you won't age? I didn't know that!
    Seriri: Ah! Darn it! I let another secret slip out!
            I won't give up without a fight!
    [After Puyo Match Win # 1, when receiving rune]
    Seriri: I guess this means I am done for. Goodbye, cruel world...
            It was a short, but wonderful life...
    Arle: Um... Hello? I wasn't planning on eating you...
    Seriri: Y-you weren't?
    Arle: I just wanted to ask you for directions.
    Seriri: Oh, was that all? I guess I got my fins crossed for nothing...
    Arle: Well... don't worry. It's no big deal.
    Seriri: Sorry about that. Let me make it up to you. Here take this...
    ARLE received the MERCHANT RUNE! You can now go to GOLDTOWN!
    (Or a card, etc. if it's the second+ time thru)
    [After Puyo Match Win # 2, when delivering item]
    Seriri: I guess this means I am done for. Goodbye, cruel world...
            It was a short, but wonderful life...
    Arle: Um... Hello? I just came here to bring this to you...
    ARLE takes out the SCALE PENDANT.
    Seriri: Oh! Thank you so much!
            I lost it a while back and I've been looking for it ever since!
    Arle: Well, I'm glad I could help you.
    Seriri: Thank you so very much. Take this as a token of my appreciation.
    ARLE received the GODDESS RUNE!
    You can now go to the TRIAL LABYRINTH!
    Yes, Arle says "No, not really..." twice. It's not a mistake. I checked.
    Personal Favourite Scenario in Goldtown: vs. Suketoudara
    Stage One, vs. Kikimora
    Kikimora: Welcome, welcome. Are you new here?
    Arle: Yes I am but... why do you ask?
    Kikimora: Because the rules are a bit different here.
              You'll have to deal with Block Puyo called "Point Puyo."
    Arle: Point Puyo?
    Kikimora: If you clear a POINT PUYO, you can...
              ...send Point Puyo to your opponent!
    Arle: Now those sound like handy little puyo.
    Kikimora: But, your opponent can do the same thing to you, so be careful.
    Arle: Hmm... Good point. Watch out for counterattacks, right?
    Kikimora: That's right.
              First, try practicing here to get the hang of it.
    Stage Two, vs. Suketoudara
    Arle: I'm getting so hungry. My stomach is starting to rumble.
          What shall I have... Something refreshing and light...
    Suketoudara: Hey! Watch me dance! I'm more graceful than a fish out of water!
    Arle: I know! I'll have sushi!
    Suketoudara: ...Huh?
    Arle: I don't know why, but I got a sudden craving for sushi!
    Suketoudara: ......
    Arle: Hm? Where'd you come from?
    Suketoudara: Don't turn me into sushi, please...
    Stage Three, vs. Harpy 
    (Just pretend ¶ is a music note)
    Arle: Hey, hey, you over there.
    Harpy: Yes?¶ What is it I can do for you?¶
    Arle: Can I ask a favor of you?
    Harpy: What?¶ You'd like to hear me sing? Gladly!¶
           Okay! Get ready to be moved to tears!¶ Here I go!¶
    Arle: Huh?
    Harpy: La ta ta ta!¶ La da di da!¶
    Arle: Ack! Talk about tone-deaf! My ears! My ears!
    Harpy: Well! You ask me to sing and then you insult me?! How dare you!
    Stage Four, vs. Minotaur
    Arle: Hey! It's you!
    Minotaur: Moo.
    Arle: Why aren't you with Rulue today?
    Minotaur: I'm just out buying groceries to cook for tonight's dinner.
    Arle: Oh, I see. Hey, there's something I've been wanting to ask you...
    Minotaur: Moo?
    Arle: Don't you find it hard being with Rulue all the time?
    Minotaur: What do you mean?
    Arle: Well, Rulue is a bit selfish at times, don't you think?
          You should tell her how you feel sometimes.
    Minotaur: Mooo! I won't have you badmouthing my Rulue!
              I shall avenge Rulue's honor by defeating you! Mooo!
    Stage Five, vs. Nohoho
    Nohoho: Nohoho! See anything you like?
    Arle: Sorry... I didn't come here to shop.
    Nohoho: Regardless, you still have to buy something. Store policy.
    Arle: Well, I don't need to shop. But I do need some directions...
    Nohoho: Okay then... let's play Puyo Pop!
    Arle: Huh?
    [After Puyo Match Win # 1, when receiving rune]
    Nohoho: Nohoho! I can't believe I lost!
    Arle: Well... since I won fair and square, you have to give me directions.
    Nohoho: Well okay then... Here take this.
    Arle: No, I said I didn't come here to shop...?? Huh? What's this?
    ARLE received the WARRIOR RUNE! You can now go to GACHINKO DUNGEON!
    (Or a card, etc. if it's the second+ time thru)
    [After Puyo Match Win # 2, when delivering item]
    Arle: Well... I won again!
    Nohoho: Nohoho! That round didn't count!
    Arle: Really? Maybe you'll change your mind once you see... THIS!
    ARLE takes out the NOHOHO RUCKSACK.
    Nohoho: Hey! I've been looking for that!
    Arle: What are the magic words?
    Nohoho: I give up. You win...
            Here! I'll give you this! Just give me back my rucksack!
    ARLE received the SCALE PENDANT!
    Bring it to Seriri in HAJIMARI FOREST!
    -[Gachinko Dungeon]-
    Personal Favourite Scenario in Gachinko Dungeon: Stage Five, vs. Draco
    Stage One, vs. Kikimora
    Kikimora: Oh, welcome!
    Arle: Huh? Oh, it's you again.
          I've guess you've got some wacky new rule for me to learn, huh?
    Kikimora: You guessed it. There's a new Block Puyo called "Hard Puyo." 
    Arle: Hard Puyo?
    Kikimora: They are pesky little Puyo who don't disappear in one move.
    Arle: Man, they sound like a real pain.
    Kikimora: They are! Here, I'll show you! Let's practice!
    Stage Two, vs. Harpy 
    (Just pretend ¶ is a music note)
    Harpy: Why, hello there¶
    Arle: Oh, no... It's you again.
    Harpy: What are you up to this time?¶
    Arle: Uh, well... Not really anything in particular.
    Harpy: Oh, really?¶ So you're just killing time, huh?¶
    Arle: Uh oh...
    Harpy: Then why don't you stay and listen to my new song?¶
           La-ta-ta-la¶ La-di-da-da¶
    Arle: Geez! You're just as bad as last time! Haven't you practiced at all??
    Stage Three, vs. Zoh-Daimaoh
    Zoh-Daimaoh: None shall pass!
    Arle: Why not?
    Zoh-Daimaoh: Well, um... because I said so! 
                 No one may pass unless you beat me in Puyo Pop!
    Arle: Forget it, then. I'm going home.
    Zoh-Daimaoh: What?! Y, you can't!
    Arle: Why not?!
    Zoh-Daimaoh: Since you're here, we have to play Puyo Pop!
    Arle: I don't understand your logic, but okay... I'll play.
    Stage Four, vs. Rulue
    Rulue: Well, if it isn't Arle. What ever are you doing here?
    Arle: Rulue! Perfect timing.
          Actually, I got lost and I was wondering if you could tell me...
    Rulue: Silence!!
           I know what you're up to! You're going to see the Dark Prince!
    Arle: Dark Prince? What? Well, that wasn't what I was doing. I was...
    Rulue: Hah! All lies! I know you all too well, Arle!
           I'll defeat you and be the one to see the Dark Prince!
    Stage Five, vs. Draco
    Draco: Arle!
    Arle: Oh, it's you, Draco...
    Draco: If you want to get by, then you have to beat me in a contest!
    Arle: A contest? What... another beauty contest?
    Draco: Heh... a beauty contest?
           You seriously think that I would challenge you to a beauty contest??
    Arle: What?! You mean to say that you're really going to challenge me to...?
    Draco: Beauty queens are soooo passe. 
           Girls with big horns are the big thing now.
    Arle: ...Right. Now go back to bed and let me bring you your medicine.
    Draco: Poor Arle... It must be frustrating feeling so behind the times.
           But don't worry! I'm here to put you out of your misery!
    [After Puyo Match Win # 1, when receiving rune]
    Arle: Haha! You're not even in my league, Draco!
    Draco: I can't believe it! I lost again!
           But that's the way the cookie crumbles. Here's your prize.
    ARLE received the CONJURER RUNE!
    You can now go to MAGICAL TOWER!
    (Or a card, etc. if it's the second time+ thru)
    [After Puyo Match Win # 2, when delivering item]
    Arle: Haha! Try as many times as you like! You'll never beat me, Draco!
    Draco: I can't believe it! I lost again!
           Wait... Arle! Is this what I think it is?
    Arle: What? This thing?
    ARLE takes out the FLAME EXPANDER!
    Draco: That's it! That's the ever-popular FLAME EXPANDER!
           I ordered one three years ago and it never came!
    Arle: Really? Here. You can have mine.
    Draco: Really really really?? Everyone should have a friend like you!
    Arle: Alright, now. Don't get all mushy on me.
    Draco: Oh, I almost forgot! Take this as a token of my appreciation.
    ARLE received the NOHOHO RUCKSACK!
    Bring it to Nohoho in GOLDTOWN!
    I agree with Draco. Everyone should have a nice friend like Arle.
    -[Magical Tower]-
    Personal Favourite Scenario in Magical Tower: Stage Four, vs. Schezo
    Stage One, vs. Kikimora
    Kikimora: Oh, hello.
    Arle:You again. Alright, lay the rules on me.
    Kikomora: Hey now... you could at least pretend like you are excited to see me.
              Maybe I shouldn't tell you. That oughta teach you a thing or two.
    Arle: Oh, come on! Just get on with it! Tell me!
    Kikomora: Well, I guess you seem enthusiastic enough. Okay, I'll tell you.
    Arle: I didn't realize you could be so annoying.
    Kikomora: Here, there will be black puto on the field from the start.
    Arle: From the get-go? So I should probably erase them first, huh?
    Kikomora: That might work but... It's smarter to use them to your advantage.
              And if you can make chains on top of them, you'll do great!
    Arle: Hmm... it all sounds a little difficult...
    Kikomora: Well, you know what they say! "Practice makes perfect!"
    Stage Two, vs. Suketoudara
    Arle: Uh oh, I've got a case of the munchies again. What should I eat...
    Suketoudara: Hey! Watch me dance! I'm more graceful than a fish out of water!
    Arle: I know! I'll have some grilled fish!
    Suketoudara: ...Huh?
    Arle: Fish is so healthy. It's low in fat AND it tastes great!
    Suketoudara: ......
    Arle: Huh? You again?
    Suketoudara: You! You're doing that on purpose!!
    Arle: Huh? Doing what on purpose?
    Suketoudara: Don't give me that! You won't get me without a fight!!!
    Stage Three, vs. Incubus
    Incubus: Hey, baby... Fancy seeing you here!
    Arle: Great... You again.
    Incubus: Couldn't get enough of me, eh? I know, I know. I'm hard to resist.
             But wait... can you hear that? I think it's destiny calling!
             It's fate baby! There's no fighting it! We belong together!
    Arle: Don't you EVER give up?
          Maybe this time, if I beat you, you'll never bother me again!
    Stage Four, vs. Schezo
    Schezo: Arle!
    Arle: ...
    Schezo: After today, your power will belong to me!!
    Arle: ......
    Schezo: You can't just ignore me, Arle! I have come to take your powers!!
    Arle: ......
    Schezo: Why?! Why is it that you always manage to make a fool out of me?!?
    Arle: That's it. I give up. You're hopeless.
    Schezo: I see you are coming to accept your fate! Arle! Hear me now! I am...
    Arle: Oh! Did you think I was actually paying attention to you?
    Schezo: What did you say!!
    Arle: For the people of this world! For every man, woman, and child!
          I will shut you up once and for all! En garde, Schezo!
    Stage Five, vs. Witch
    Witch: Yo!
    Arle: Yo.
    Witch: One more time! Yo!!!
    Arle: Um... Yo!
    Witch: Come on! Show some enthusiasm! Yo!
    Arle: Yo!
    Witch: Alright! Now we can play with vigor!
    [After Puyo Match Win # 1, when receiving rune]
    Witch: Owwwch!
    Arle: Alright! I won!!
    Witch: Rats... I can't believe it!
           Fine, I'll give you this if you just go away!!
    Arle: What is this thing?
    ARLE received the MONARCH RUNE!
    You can now go to DARK PRINCE CASTLE!
    (Or a card, etc. if it's the second+ time thru)
    [After Puyo Match Win # 2, when delivering item]
    Witch: Yeeeooowwwch!
    Arle: I win again!
    Witch: Rats... but you know what? There's something I wanted to ask you...
    Arle: What's that?
    Witch: I happened to see that book you're carrying with you...
    Arle: What, this old thing?
    ARLE takes out the DUBIOUS BOOK!
    Witch: That's it! I knew it!! I thought I recognized it!
           Uh, Arle... I've got a little preposition for you...
    Arle: Fine. Take it.
    Witch: Huh?
    Arle: You want this book? You can have it. I don't need it anyway.
    Witch: Yes, I'll take it! And don't ask for it back. It's mine now.
    Arle: You could at least say thank you.
    Witch: But, wait... Come to think of it, a little while back...
           ...a TV shopping show sent me the wrong thing.
           It's not much of a trade, but here... I don't need it, so you have it.
    ARLE received the FLAME EXPANDER!
    Bring it to Draco in GACHINKO DUNGEON!
    -[Dark Prince Castle]-
    Personal Favourite Scenario in Dark Prince Castle: vs. Dark Prince (and Schezo)
    Stage One, vs. Lagnus
    Lagnus: I am Lagnus the Brave!
            Fair damsel! Who knows what danger lurks in yon castle!
            It is too perilous for you to go forth alone! I shall protect you!
    Arle: Um, right. Sorry but...
          I don't have time to play house with a little kid like you!
    Lagnus: What?! How dare you call me a little kid!
            En garde! Though I may be little, I am fierce!
    Stage Two, vs. Zoh-Daimaoh
    Zoh-Daimaoh: None shall pass!
    Arle: I know, I know. "None shall pass unless we play Puyo Pop," right?
    Zoh-Daimaoh: Hmph... I hate when people steal my lines!!
                 I'll teach you not to try and upstage me!
    Stage Three, vs. Minotaur
    Minotaur: Mooo!!
    Arle: Whoa!! Warn me before you do that! You scared the life out of me!
    Minotaur: Arle... I bear no hatred for you but...
              I must detain you until Rulue arrives! It is my duty!
    Arle: Rulue again?! Doesn't she ever give up?!
    Minotaur: Prepare for battle!
    Stage Four, vs. Skeleton T
    Skeleton T: It's "T" time!!
    Arle: Whoa!! You almost scared the pants off me! ...Wait a minute.
          What are you doing out here? Aren't you way out of your league?
    Skeleton T: Hahaha! If you think you can easily beat me this time, guess again!
    Arle: Hm. He looks like dead serious. He may be tougher than I hoped.
    Skeleton T: Now, have I got a bone to pick with you!
    Stage Five, vs. Schezo
    Schezo: Arle! Surrender your magic powers to me now!
    Arle: Oh, Schezo! Perfect timing!
    Schezo: ???
    Arle: I just saw a girl who said she likes you!
          She was carrying a love letter and went that way.
    Schezo: Wh, what?! Are you serious, Arle?
    Arle: Nope. I was kidding.
    Schezo: How could you do this to me? I'm the one who should be teasing you!
            I'm gonna make you regret making fun of me like that!!
    Stage Six, vs. Rulue
    Rulue: So, Arle, you've made it this far.
           Now, just quietly hand over that "rune" and be on your merry way.
           Then maybe I'll pretend I didn't see you.
    Arle: Huh? Why do I need to give it to you?
    Rulue: Don't stall! Just let me have it!
    Arle: Why should I?! Do you even have a clue what this is, Rulue?
    Rulue: Don't play dumb with me! But if that's the way you're going to be...
           I'll just have to beat it out of you!
    Stage Seven, vs. Dark Prince
    Dark Prince: A-ha-ha!! You were lucky to make it this far, Arle!
    Arle: Dark Prince! I should've known you'd be behind all this!!
    Dark Prince: Huh? Behind what? What are you talking about?
    Arle: Hmm... I really don't know. Forget I mentioned it.
          But, whenever I see you, I can't help but think you're up to no good.
          Maybe it's the horns and wings. They make you look so eeeevil.
    Dark Prince: Blasted fool! You've caught on to my plans!
    Arle: What!! Oh, no, not again!!
    Dark Prince: I will tell you my secret plans! But first, you must fight me!
    Arle: I thought we were going to fight anyway? Oh well...
    [After win]
    Dark Prince: Heh... You are as strong as ever, Arle!
                 You... have defeated me. Perhaps it was destiny that interfered...
    Arle: Trying to be cool, Dark Prince? You usually have a fit when I beat you.
          Regardless, you promised to tell me your evil plans if I beat you!
    Dark Prince: Arle... You didn't happen to find five runes on the way here?
    Arle: Runes? Maybe that's why Rulue wanted these things so badly...
          What are they anyway?
    Dark Prince: Turn them over and line them up. Then all will be revealed...
    Arle: Turn all of them over?
          !! What's this...
    Dark Prince: A ticket for twos night at the Love Springs with Dark Prince!
    Arle: Gimme a break! Who in their right minds would want this??
    Dark Prince: Hmph, hmph... You're blushing.
                 Of course, we can take Carbuncle with us!
    Arle: I can't believe this! I know what I'll do! I'll throw it away!
    Dark Prince: Nooo! How could you?!
                 Do you know how long it took me to make that?!
    Arle: Let's go, Carbuncle.
    Carbuncle: Guu gaa!!
    Arle: Huh? Carbuncle? What's that thing you've got in your mouth?
    ARLE received the DARK PRINCE MASK!
    You can play as Dark Prince in DOUBLE PUYO POP!
    (Or the DUBIOUS BOOK which you trade to the Witch if it's the second time
     you beat Dark Prince, and cards and such for each other time you beat him)
    Arle: See you around, Your Darkness.
    Carbuncle: Guu Gaa!!
    Dark Prince: Don't leave me...
    The end animation is a cute short little thing showing Arle cooking Curry,
    giving it to Carbuncle, and Carbuncle walking away with it then tripping, thus
    dropping the load of food on Dark Prince's head who's under a pile of Puyo
    from the previous battle.
    -[Trial Labyrinth]-
    Stage One, vs. Lagnus
    Arle: Where is this place? It doesn't look like Dark Prince's maze...
    Lagnus: That's right, m'lady!
            This labyrinth was built for those seeking to level up!
    Arle: Hey! I remember you! You're Lagnus!
    Lagnus: All the enemies that appear here are mere illusions...
            But be warned, they are much more powerful than in real life!
            I, too, am but an illusion.
    Arle: Wha?
    Lagnus: I, Lagnus the Brave, challenge you!
    I have to agree with Arle here. "Wha?"
    The rest of the battles here on have no dialogue, but they'll be listed anyhow.
    Stage 2, Skeleton T
    Stage 3, Seriri
    Stage 4, Incubus
    Stage 5, Nohoho
    Stage 6, Kikimora
    Stage 7, Suketoudara
    Stage 8, Harpy
    Stage 9, Zoh-Daimaoh
    Stage 10, Draco-Centuar
    Stage 11, Minotaur
    Stage 12, Witch
    Stage 13, Schezo
    Stage 14, Rulue
    Stage 15, Dark Prince
    Stage Sixteen, .vs Carbuncle
    Arle: I made it! I beat all of them!!
          Hey, look! A treasure chest!
    Carbuncle: Guuuuuu.
    Arle: ?? 
          What's up, Carbuncle?
    Carbuncle: Gugraaa.
    Arle: Carbuncle!
    Arle: What are you doing?! Aaaack!
    [After Win]
    Arle: Carbuncle! Are you okay?
    Carbuncle: Guu!
    Arle: Whew, that's good to hear.
    Carbuncle: Guu. Guu.
    Arle: Oh! I almost forgot about the chest! Let's see what's inside...
    Arle opened the treasure chest...
    Arle received the DINNER BELL!
    You can use Carbuncle in DOUBLE PUYO POP!
    Arle: Alright, let's go home, Carbuncle!
    Carbuncle: Guuu!
    THE END!! ....or not.
                                    |    THE     |
                                    |  SCRIPTS   |
                                    | COMPARISON |
    I can read a bit of Japanese, but I'm still studying. But that's not too much
    of a problem here because I can read well enough to understand the bulk of this
    game. Anyway, this next section isn't going to be too long. It's just pointing
    out significant differences in the Japanese and English scripts.
    Don't blame me if my Japanese sucks too. I'm fifteen for crying out loud.
    By the way, Dark Prince is called Satan in the Japanese version.
    Carbuncle is called Kaa-kun, a shortened nickname.
    Hajimari Forest (for the record, Hajimari means "Beginning")
    Intro is the same, roughly. 
    Arle doesn't mention the tongue in Skeleton T's conversation, but the rest is
    the same. That line is placed with "Shut up! Leave me alone!"
    Scenario with Incubus is quite different. Full translation:
    Incubus: Hey baby, where are you going?
    Arle: Geh! Looks like I ran into an unwelcome jerk.
    Incubus: Oh honey, even your troubled face is cute.
    Arle: Uu.. I just got a chill...
    Incubus: Aww, let me warm you up~
    Arle: Stoooop~
    It appears it's quite different from the Sonic Team English translation as
    well as the US translation.
    (That "Octagon. As in stop." line is still a masterpiece, I think! Haha.)
    Seriri's conversation has two points to note:
    "Fu~n, I thought I heard something like that elsewhere, but I see now."
    replaces "Really? If you eat a mermaid you won't age? I didn't know that!"
    And, "I won't give up without a fight!" is replaced with, "Since you found
    out, prepare yourself!"
    Explanation with Kikimora... well, it's an explanation so nothing's changed.
    Suketoudara still has the same problem, except it's not sushi. I don't know
    what it is, though. I can't read the Kanji.
    With Harpy, it works around a word that means to listen and to ask. Therefore,
    Arle wants to "ask" something, so Harpy misinteprets it as listen. To her song.
    It's interesting how the English translation was able to be worded perfectly.
    Nothing changed with Minotaur.
    Nohoho's is a bit different, different enough to garner a full translation.
    Short note: The "Excuse me~" is said when coming into someone's house or
                a shop like this. I suppose. I say this because here, you don't
                really say "Excuse me" when you enter a shop.
    Nonoho: Noho, Welcome!
    Arle: Excuse me~... wait, I didn't come to buy anything.
    Nohoho: Well, since you came, you still have to buy something.
    Arle: Hmm... if it's something then I want some directions.
    Nohoho: Yossha Hoijaa, let's play Puyo Puyo!
    Arle: Why~~?!
    Don't ask what Yossha Hoijaa is. I don't know myself. It's one of those
    meaningless sayings, I'm guessing.
    Gachinko Dungeon
    Kikimora and Harpy's are unchanged.
    The "I don't understand your logic" with Zoh-Daimaoh is
    changed to, "This is what I wanted to do in the first place anyway..."
    "Hah! All lies! I know you all too well, Arle!" with Rulue conversation is
    replaced with, "Don't play dumb!"
    This is where I become useless.
    Draco: Beauty queens are soooo passe. 
           Girls with big horns are the big thing now.
    Arle: ...Right. Now go back to bed and let me bring you your medicine.
    Draco: Poor Arle... It must be frustrating feeling so behind the times.
           But don't worry! I'm here to put you out of your misery!
    These lines are all different. The only one I can read is Arle saying "Haa?"
    instead of the line above. Sorry, too much Kanji! But catching what I can
    read, I do notice that it is considerably different. If I ever learn more,
    or if someone helps me out, I'll one day update this tiny footnote, haha.
    And since the after win conversation carries on from the previous, I can't
    translate that too.
    Magical Tower
    Kikimora's is... guess!
    Suketoudara's is the same also... and this time, it's actually the same:
    grilled fish. Maybe last time's was some sort of sushi? It wasn't the Kanji for
    For Incubus, in Japan, they have a thing called "Red String of Fate" or
    something like so. So that's what he mentioned, Arle and him must be attached.
    "Don't you EVER give up? Maybe this time, if I beat you, you'll never bother me
    again!" is replaced with "Ahh! Shut up! I'll beat you once more so that we'll
    never meet again!" It's not really too different. The English translation
    just changed the wording so it'd make more sense.
    (I find it sort of creepy how they both use "Boku" and "Kimi". Maybe it IS the
    red string of fate! Well, it's different when males and females use it.. sorry,
    too troublesome to explain for you other people.)
    Schezo... hilarious guy. 
    "That's it. I give up. You're hopeless." is replaced with.. well, it's
    essentially the same save for "You're hopeless." I think they should've taken
    that out to make Schezo's next line more clear. 
    Speaking of his line, "I see you are coming to accept your fate! Arle! Hear
    me now! I am..." is replaced with, "It'd be easier for you if you were obedient
    from the beginning." ...Wasn't she? What a dork.
    "Oh! Did you think I was actually paying attention to you?" is replaced with,
    "Who'd listen to you?!" which is much less harsh.
    "For the people of this world! For every man, woman, and child! I will shut you
    up once and for all! En garde, Schezo!" is replaced with, "For the world! For
    the people! And above all else, for my sake! I will beat you! Prepare yourself,
    Schezo!" The English works easier but I like the Japanese because of the "for
    my sake" part. Schezo = Biggest dork ever.
    Witch. Yo is Oissu. It's that thing you hear her say. Oissu. Yeah. Oissu!
    Same meaning just about. Just a Japanese "Yo." Do it with me now, Oissu!
    Get her card (#11) if you want to hear her say it over and over.
    G-Satan Castle
    I've no idea what that G is doing there. But it's there, in the game.
    For Lagnus, "Sorry, but... I don't have time to play house with a little kid
    like you!" is replaced with,  "I don't really get it but... Now isn't the time
    to be playing "Hero" with a little kid."
    "En garde! Though I may be little, I am fierce!" is replaced with, "Fine...
    little boy or whatever, it's alright with me if you see for yourself!"
    Zoh-Daimaoh: "I'll teach you not to try and upstage me!" is "I'll show you my
    blow of anger!" or something around there.
    Minotaur: "Warn me before you do that!" is "Whoa, so sudden!",
    "Doesn't she ever give up!" is "Give me a break!", "Prepare for battle!" is
    "Then, here I go!"
    Skeleton T deserves full translation.
    Skeleton T: Teaaaa~~~~!!
    Arle: Whoa! You scared me! ...Huh?
          Don't you think you're mistaken being out here?
    Skeleton T: Hapapapa! You still think I'm the same old me!
    Arle: Uu... this seems pretty tough.
    Skeleton T: Now, let's have our usual fight!!
    Basically, there aren't any puns.
    Enter Schezo, the dork.
    "How could you do this to me? I'm the one who should be teasing you! I'm gonna
    make you regret making fun of me like that!!" is now "Kuu... Arle! No matter
    where it is you manage to get me!" (or something) and then followed by another
    different line with a word that doesn't seem to appear in the dictionary.
    If I remember correctly, Schezo uses a lot of old/medieval Japanese or
    something like that, so it's a bit difficult. I'm assuming it's something like
    "I'm gonna beat you to a pulp!"
    With Rulue, it's the same, except Arle sounds more girly. I should mention that
    she sounds much like a different person in Japanese than in English. She
    stretches her words a lot. You know, "Eeeeeeh?!"
    Satan deserves a full translation.
    Sorry, Arle tends to stretch a lot of her words but most of those stretched
    words don't work in English, so I have to stretch some that do.
    Also, there's a word for hot-spring in Japanese "Onsen" but for some reason it
    just says steamy waters, so I'm sticking with that. I think it's supposed to be
    more erotic or something.
    I translated one line as "Fufufu... You don't have to be too excited."
    but the truth is, I ran into an unfamiliar verb "teru" which apparently means
    to shine. It didn't really make sense when he said "You don't have to shine
    too much." So yeah.
    Satan: Fuhahahahaha! Well done in coming this far, Arle!
    Arle: Satan! I kne~~~~~~ew you were the one behind all this!
    Satan: Huh? What did I do?
    Arle: Hmm... now that I think about it, you didn't you anything huh.
          Iyaa~~ When I see your face, I just suddenly get the feeling that your
          planning something boring again...
    Satan: Just as expected of you Arle! You noticed well!
    Arle: Wha~~~at!? Then you we~~~re planning something! 
    Satan: I'll tell you my plans! That is, if you can beat me...
    Arle: Just what I wanted to do!
    [after win]
    Satan: Fufufufufu, I'd expect n-nothing more than such from you!
           W-well done in defeating me!
    Arle: That line doesn't suit your state at all, eh Satan?
          [He's blobbed by a gigantic pile of puyo, remember?]
          Now, properly explain what you were planning!
    Satan: Arle... You didn't happen to find five runes on your way here?
    Arle: Runes? Speaking of them, Rulue seemed to want these.
          What in the world are these things?
    Satan: Fu... You'll see if you turn them around and line them up...
    Arle: Turn them around...? Ha! This is...!
          A ticket for a date with Satan-sama for two nights and three days at the
          Love-Love Steamy Waters?!
          What the heck is up with this~?
    Satan: Fufufu... You don't have to be too excited.
           Of course, Kaa-kun will can come together too!
    Arle: I don't need this. (Poi!) [She threw it on his head.]
    Satan: Ah~~~! That's so cruel~~~!!
    Arle: Let's go Kaa-kun.
    Carbuncle: Guu!
    Arle: Hm? What's that Carbuncle?
    [you get cards, etc., whatever]
    Arle: Later Satan.
    Carbuncle: Guguuguu~!!
    Satan: This can't be happening...
    This is actually my first time translating stuff. I find it really difficult to
    pick which words work in English, because most of these sayings don't work in
    both languages.
    THE END! ...Really!
    "Puyo Pop" ASCII Text Title: 
    ASCII Picture Conversion: 
    Picture found at Official Site: 
    (Although it's for another GBA Puyo game, Puyo Puyo Fever.)
    The following Puyo Puyo information site:
    (It's a really neat introduction to the series.)
    Insane Puyo Puyo tournament videos, it helped in some way I guess.
    It's pretty darn entertaining if you're into Puyo Puyo.
    Gamefaqs for hosting this FAQ, and just being useful in general.
    Kudos to Sonic Team for the funky dialogue in the game. They made the game.
    I just extracted the dialogue.
    More Kudos to Moo Niitani. He made Puyo Puyo.
    Also to Japan.
    Copyright and Legal Information
    If you want to risk using this FAQ for profit purposes, keep in mind that the
    script belongs to Sonic Team. I didn't do anything but type it out in a neat,
    organized manner, for simple reference purpose and to spread the humour.
    I am providing no information and nothing is my own, except for the
    organization of the FAQ. And such, the organization of the FAQ and the
    translation information (script comparison section) is copyright Wilson H. If
    you wish to use it for your website or such, please ask for permission first,
    and if you are granted permission, please give credit where credit is due,
    even if you used just a small portion of it. Don't claim it as your own work.
    It is strictly prohibited using this document for profit purposes.
    Basically, don't use this without asking.
    Copyright Wilson H. 2004.
    Contact: arcwind at gmail.com
    Final Word
    Schezo = Dork. Satan = Dork#2. Incubus = Dork#3. Rulue = Dork#4.
    Draco = Dork#5. Arle = Surrounded by dorks. Don't be a dork.

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