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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jet2x5

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                                                            Megaman Zero  Capcom
                        THIS GUIDE USES A U.S./NTSC GAME VERSION                    
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                        | Table of Contents              |             00.00
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    Easier navigation through this guide has been made by the use of Find Codes.
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    Table of Contents- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 00.00
    Introduction - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.00
         About Me / Donations- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.01
         Story - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.02
         Controls- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 01.03
    Logbook, A History of Changes- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 02.00
    Walkthrough- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.00
         1. Nameless Mission - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.01
         2. Nameless Mission - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.02
         3. Retrieve Data- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.03
         4. Destroy the Train- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.04
         5. Find the Shuttle - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.05
         6. Occupy the Factory - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.06
         7. Danger: Base Attack- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.07
         8. Find Hidden Base - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.08
         9. Rescue Colbor- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.09
         10. Protect Factory - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.10
         11. Duel in the Desert- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.11
         12. Stop the Hacking- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.12
         13. Danger: Base Attack - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.13
         14. Neo Arcadia - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 03.14
    Weapons and Elements - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.00
         Weapons - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.01
         Elements- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 04.02
    Credits- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 05.00
    Legals, Copyright and Info - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 06.00
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                        | Introduction                   |             01.00
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    | About Me / Donations                                             01.01 |
    Hi; the name's Duane! I started writing some video game guides/FAQs when
    I was just a kid. Across a couple years, I put out fifteen (15) guides,
    and then life took over and I pretty much vanished.
    It's been a decade or so and I'm a student trying to work my way into the
    world, though I have a few years before I can get there. I intend to pick up
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    THANK YOU very much, everyone.
    | Story                                                            01.02 |
    Megaman Zero is an installment to the Megaman series, featuring Zero and some
    new characters. Megaman X himself has apparently been long gone...or has he?
    Zero is somewhat a legendary Reploid now. Even though Zero IS essentially a
    Maverick, because he was created by Sigma, he considers himself a Reploid too,
    as he saw through the evil in Sigma. Sigma also, appears to be long gone, this
    for sure. Zero now meets new people and has to fight with all his might against
    a mighty new tyrant.
    Wait, this can't be right. The tyrant...is X?
    The introduction sequence of the game displays Ciel, a resistance fighter for
    the Reploids, running through a jungle with her squad of soldiers. Some type
    of robots are following them, and the soldiers are retaliating to their shots.
    The soldiers are instantly shot down by the robots. After, bigger and meaner
    robots are released into the jungle to chase down Ciel. Ciel reaches her
    destination, the resting place of Zero.
    Zero is known as a legendary Reploid who can save them from the evil that
    plagues the world now. Zero is to be ressurected to do his job as the Reploids'
    savior. The soldier with Ciel tries to get near Zero but is knocked back. All
    of the sudden, more robots appear. The soldier is killed. Now, the Baby Elf
    with Ciel says that she should use her power. Ciel is reluctant, but the elf
    reassures her, that even though she'll die, she did it for a good cause (or
    something along those lines).
    Ciel does so, and Zero is resurrected! Time to kick some ass!
    | Controls                                                         01.03 |
    My default controls below are likely different than yours...
    D-Pad = Move
    A Button = Jump
    B Button = Main Weapon
    L Shoulder = Dash
    R Shoulder = Sub Weapon
    Start = Pause/Menu
    Select = NOTHING
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                        | Logbook, A History of Changes  |             02.00
    O===================|                                |===================O
    Feb. 01, 2005 - Sorted layout. Began work.
    Feb. 02, 2005 - Completed up to Mission 7's starting.
    Feb. 03, 2005 - Completed up to the last section of Neo Arcadia.
    Feb. 04, 2005 - Completed the guide. Wow, I'm fast. By the way, TODAY IS MY
                    BIRTHDAY! Hoorah.
    Jan. 15, 2013 - Update contact information, guide info, copyrights,
                    some stylistic changes and so on. Making a revival of
                    my guides!
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                        | Walkthrough                    |             03.00
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                                     [NOTE 1]
    ONE HUGE NOTE: if you are afraid of spoilers, then be wary! I will likely
    divulge some things along the way, if not good portions of things.
                                     [NOTE 2]
    This walkthrough uses altered controls. Instead of pressing R+B for the Sub
    Weapon, it is just R. It shouldn't make a difference much for you, though.
                                     [NOTE 3]
    I will not be listing the locations of Cyber Elves. I'm sorry if this upsets
    | Nameless Mission                                                 03.01 |
      The Mission
    NOTE: Read the Story section for the introduction sequence.
    After being ressurected, you're pitted right into battle, heh. This is easy,
    though. Just shoot up these fools. Head east until you reach some webbing
    hive. Out jump some spiders, so kill them. Drop down another level for some
    bigger spiders. Continue east for even MORE! Hop over the edging to the right
    and face some more ugly spider robots. At the top of this tiny hill is another
    spider hive. Close by is a flashing blue screen on the wall and another spider
    hive. Dish out pain to all these buggers.
    Climb up and continue east some more. Now we meet more robots, but they wield
    some type of laser sword. Dish out some pain to them. Drop down some levels
    and go right again. Here is a little floating orb. When it gets near the robots
    coming towards you, you can shoot it to blow them up. From now on, these robot
    guys will be called Soldiers, ok? Now, continue on your merry way. More Soldier
    jerks will drone in a line towards you. After taking them out, proceed east
    once more.
    You'll reach a dead end. Ciel will stand on some blue pipe, which you can
    obviously guess what happens. She falls through it, but Zero saves her. Once
    you land down here, she claims it is some kind of prehistoric library. Follow
    her to find a dead end again. All of the sudden, one of the bigger robots we
    saw in the intro will shoot its hand through the rubble and grab Ciel. Zero,
    of course, dashes after her. A mechanical door locks behind him. Great.
      BOSS: Golem
    This is the first boss in the game. Quite annoying, mainly because the Buster
    can't harm him worth crap. The main thing to do is keep doing your one shots
    at this lugs head/upper body. Also, be quick. Every couple moments, the Golem
    will squeeze and harm Ciel. You can't let her die. The fiend has 2 attacks.
    One is the laser, which you just walljump to avoid. The other is the ceiling
    laser, which is where he shoots the ceiling and causes big, chunky, square
    rocks to fall down. To avoid this, get close to him, and once the all fall,
    jump/walljump over them and walljump the left wall. He will slam the wall/rocks
    so that is the way to avoid it.
    After this guy has taken enough damage, you've taken enough, or some time has
    elapsed, something in the computer will create a sword. It is the Z-Saber, and
    Zero can use it. Do so, in which the Golem dies in ONE HIT. Booyah! After this
    guy is totally DESTRUCTED, a cutscene issues. Follow Ciel through the door.
    In here, stand on the teleporter, press DOWN, and choose "Return to Base."
    You'll get your Mission Results.
      After the Mission
    You arrive at the rag-tag Resistance Base. Ciel talks with you more about
    Zero's past and how he fought alongside X over 100 years ago. Zero says that
    the name is familiar. Now, Ciel gives him disturbing news. She says that X is
    STILL alive and trying to retire all Reploids like them. For a sidenote, if
    you don't know, retiring robots is like the same as destroying/turning off
    for good, or whatever.
    She'll ask you to help. Of course, you must or you can do nothing but walk
    around the crummy base. Talk with her again (stand near her and press UP) and
    choose to begin the mission. You can also save now.
    | Nameless Mission                                                 03.02 |
      The Mission
    We have to destroy a Disposal Factory. How fun! Begin by going east and wasting
    the Spike Wheel. Continue on and chop another one. Go east more and destroy
    the Soldiers. Up this hill is one more Spike Wheel, and another. Jump across
    the tiny spike pit and continue. Wow, it must be magical rain! If you go back
    west, it stops. Across the pit is another Spike Wheel. Go right and start
    climbing the destructed building, defeating Soldiers in the process.
    At the top is a Soldier on the ledge. Getting up here reveals some air problems
    and a flying Aerosoldier. Dispose of the Aerosoldier, then slash the flashing
    warning arrow thing to stop the wind. Go east and drop off the building. Dash
    some ways right, then when the pillar thing appears, chop up the things inside.
    Continue eastwards. Soon you'll run into a series of 3 pillar things. After
    destroying them, keep moving.
    Now is a good time to start leveling up the Z Saber and Buster Gun. Check
    section 04.01 for info. A good, cheap, but long way to do so is to go to one of
    the pillars, and repeatedly waste them with the weapons. It takes a while, I
    know. Now, after you're ready, continue east. Over here, climb up to the top
    while initiating some Soldier destruction.
    Up top is another wind thing, so stop it. Now, I REALLY recommend you do what
    I said, level up your weapons. To see what level you're at, press Start. Press
    A on either the Main or Sub Weapon choice. Highlight the weapon you want to
    see, and down below by the name will be stars, one for each level. The Buster
    Gun has 4 in the end, and the Z Saber has 7. I recommend getting up to those
    already, as it makes the upcoming boss much easier.
    Climb over the wall to the east, and go down. At the bottom, keep going east.
    Jump over the spike pits, and destroy the pillar thing. Walljump up the car,
    and enter the boss door to the right.
      BOSS: Aztec Falcon
    This whole fight, the spiked platform is moving down to crush some Reploids.
    You must defeat Aztec Falcon before it does that. The strategy is simple, just
    avoid his flying attacks and use your Z Saber. If you got some upgrades and
    can charge it, then it does MAJOR DAMAGE. After the fight, you pick up the
    Thunder Chip.
      After the Mission
    You'll get the Escape Unit from Ciel, which lets you abort missions, but they
    will be counted as failures. That means you must do it over. Now talk to Ciel
    again and start Mission 3.
    | Retrieve Data                                                    03.03 |
      The Mission
    Go west and start walljumping. If you equip the Thunder Chip and charge your
    weapon, you can stop the spinning things from moving. At the top, destroy the
    orbs. Continue west. Keep going until you get to the top of a big hill. Kill
    the robot spike thing and continue on. Soon, you'll run into spiders again.
    Kill them and move on. Soon you'll reach the area with rubble in the background
    picture. Keep going on again.
    Soon you'll reach the boss door.
      BOSS: Maha Ganeshariff
    WEAKNESS: Thunder
    The weak spot to this foe is his head. Charge up the Z Saber and let loose
    some electricity by equipping the Thunder Chip. This not only takes off a
    chunk of health, but also paralyzes him for some moments. Take this chance to
    recharge again and repeat the attack. Soon the fight will end.
    After the fight, the place starts to collapse. You must dash back to the
    beginning and exit before you are crushed in the rubble. You better be quick!
      After the Mission
    Head out left and go down to the bottom. Proceed right and into the little
    room for a new weapon, the Triple Rod. Now go back and start a mission.
    | Destroy the Train                                                03.04 |
      The Mission
    Go down the ladder, then head all the way east to the end of the area. Enter
    the boss doors.
    MINI BOSS: Shielder
    This guy is one big pushover. Just charge up the Buster Gun and shoot his head.
    When he falls back, run forward and get in some slashes with the Z Saber.
    Continue this while evading the spike mace, and he'll be gone soon.
    Now, continue on again. Outside, jump on the train and it'll start moving. You
    have a timer of 3 minutes to get to the next area of the train and rescue the
    captured Cyber-elf. Dash as quick as you can. You'll pass up some Aerosoldiers
    and Brutes on your way. The inside of the 2nd train car has a health upgrade.
    Inside the 4th car is the boss.
      BOSS: Train Core
    WEAKNESS: Thunder
    This thing is an upgraded Soldier inside some core engine thing. Evade the fire
    it shoots and watch out for the rising platforms. Those will push you right
    into spikes which will kill you. Charge up your Z Saber and Thunder Chip, then
    attack this thing. Keep hitting it and the train will be destroyed.
      After the Mission
    Nothing new; choose the mission.
    | Find the Shuttle                                                 03.05 |
     The Mission                                                   03.5A
    Start heading west. Kill the sandsnake and keep going. More sandsnakes appear,
    so defeat them. Soon you'll reach some sand pit type thing. To the left is a
    trap, so destroy it before stepping on it. Continue west some more. Soon is
    another sand pit, but an active one. Avoid the traps on either side, and defeat
    the thing in the middle to stop the pit from moving. To the west is some column
    formation. You can shortcut across the top of it; avoid the gritty looking
    parts as they fall when you move across. At the end of this path is a Cyber-elf
    if you care.
    West are more snakes, and then the shuttle ship appears. It has obviously
    crashed. Continue west to see some tornado thing. Shoot the middle thing to
    stop it. To the left is another trap. Further on is another tornado, surrounded
    by four traps. Right after that is the boss.
      BOSS: Anubis Necromancess the Third
    WEAKNESS: Flame (we don't have it)
    First off, remove the Thunder Chip if you have it on. Now just use charged
    Z Saber swings. Evade his spinning staff moves. Soon after, he'll conjure two
    pillars with spikes on the top. They surround you and try to squish you. To
    avoid it, walljump and jump over one of them. There are 3 sets of those pillars
    so be careful. After that, he conjures some Mummy Soldiers. Just slice them.
    Keep up the pattern and you'll win soon.
    After the fight, go left to find a soldier guy. You must take him ALL THE WAY
    back to the beginning. And you must protect him. And you must be SLOW. This guy
    will not move fast at all. After that annoying task is over, it's back to HQ.
      After the Mission
    Nothing new; choose the mission.
    | Occupy the Factory                                               03.06 |
      The Mission
    Keep heading east until you get a message from Ciel. You'll have to face
    shielded enemies on the way, though, so the Z Saber works well. Head right
    and you'll see some cameras. DO NOT get in the little targets moving around.
    The shutter will close and you'll get a Game Over if you do, because it is
    almost impossible to make it to the shutter before it closes. You can if you're
    caught by, say, the last camera, but that's all. Make your way up and through
    the shutter.
    Hit the switch and go to the bottom. Head right now. You must use these wood
    carrying robots to get across. Once you get to where the 2nd set of robots
    start to go down, you can jump up to get a Life Up. Once up on the second floor
    area, you must head west and avoid all the electricity. At the end, go up the
    ladder and into the boss door.
      BOSS: Mecha Dragon
    WEAKNESS: None
    It isn't really a dragon, but oh well. To damage this thing, you must wait for
    a pair of its colored arms (attached to mecha dragon heads) to come out. Then,
    the weak spot in the middle will be revealed. Charge up and attack it. The
    heads do as far as this:
      Yellow: Ram you
      Red:    Shoot fire at you
      Green:  Shoot electricity at you
      Blue:   Freeze you
    Don't bother destroying the heads, they come back. The best chances to attack
    are when the Yellow or Green heads are out. The Red and Blue attacks are hard
    to avoid and be attacking at the same time.
      After the Mission
    An automatic event takes over.
    | Danger: Base Attack                                              03.07 |
    BOSS: Mechaniloid
    First off, this little cone thing in the front is the target. Every once in a
    while, it is pulled in to release mines. After the cone is gone, target the
    tiny hatch on the top that bats and things come out of. After that is gone too,
    finally target the big missile thing on its back. Charge up the Z Saber to hit
    Back at the base, there are three things you can do, one of which you MUST do.
    The first is optional. Go down to the bottom again, past Cerveau's place. (guy
    who gave you Triple Rod) There is a guy lying down. Give him about 250 crystals
    and he moves. Go through that way and there is a room with a Cyber-elf.
    The second is getting a new weapon, the Shield Boomerang, from Cerveau. The
    last thing, of course, is starting a new mission.
    | Find Hidden Base                                                 03.08 |
      The Mission
    Back in the desert, argh. The enemies are basically in the same places. Now
    keep going west and after you pass the tank, a camel robot appears. Slash its
    head to stop it from spitting fire and attack its body. Keep moving. Down in
    the sand pit, destroy the thing and drop down that hole. Down here, move right
    and Ciel disarms the trap.
    The following little part is a little drop with spikes. The best thing to do is
    jump and slide down the right wall, until you see spikes facing down on your
    left. Jump left and get beside those spikes (don't slide down that wall) and
    you'll fall. Right when you see another wall to the right, slide down that.
    At the bottom, jump off to the left.
    In this place, the next two little alcoves in the ground contain spinning traps
    that move quicker when you touch the ground they're on. After that is a long
    spike floor. Jump up and shoot the stalactites with your Buster Gun to create
    platforms. Drop down into the next area and move along the ice until you reach
    a ladder. Climb that and climb the next one. After Ciel unlocks the door, climb
    up another floor.
    Up here, we need to save 7 people. Go right and down, then break the door for
    Person 1. Go left and bypass the upper ladder, then climb down the lower ladder
    you find. Free Person 2. Go back to the upper ladder and climb up. Go left and
    kill the guard. Don't let these guys see you, or an alarm will go off. This
    causes a MASS of enemy attacks, and locks the cell doors to the people. Climb
    up the first ladder and free Person 3.
    Go back down, but BEWARE. The guard will be back. Proceed left, kill the guard,
    skip the second ladder, and go down the third one. Free Person 4 from here.
    Go back up and head left again. Climb up the next ladder for Person 5. Go back
    down and left once more. Skip the first lower ladder, then climb down the
    second one. Proceed left to free Person 6. Go back up and left. Climb up the
    next ladder to free the final Person 7. Climb back down.
    Proceed left, skipping the ladder, then you'll see the people. After they talk
    to you, enter the boss doors.
      BOSS: Blizzack Staggroff
    WEAKNESS: Flame
    Load up the Flame Chip and slash him with charged Z Saber attacks. His attacks
    are to make ice spikes on the ground, shoot ice spikes at you, shoot a BIG
    ice ray, or jump to try and slam on you. If he shoots the ice ray, don't let
    any snowflakes (yes, snowflakes) get on you. They slow you down a lot. Also,
    DON'T touch the ice spikes on the floor; they will freeze you. Keep laying
    the heat on him and he'll die.
    Collect the Ice Chip as your winning.
      After the Mission
    Nothing new; choose the mission.
    | Rescue Colbor                                                    03.09 |
      The Mission
    Wow, some subway thing? Head east to see the sea! Take care of the Soldiers
    and Aerosoldiers, and keeping hopping the platforms. Keep going until you reach
    a ladder going and a turtle to the right. Don't go up, just kill the turtle
    via charged Buster Gun shots. Do a dash/jump/walljump combo to get up to where
    the turtle was. Continue right until you see another platform thing above you.
    Don't walljump it, just do a dash/jump combo right and land on the little tiny
    platform. Do this again with precision to reach another one with a Life Up on
    Jump once more with a dash to reach another platform. Jump on the little thing
    and slash it so it moves right. Once you reach the end, walljump onto the land.
    Continue east past the dead bodies of the Reploids.
      BOSS: Harpuia
    I didn't know if this was a guy or girl at first, but if you hear the heraiden
    shout or whatever, it sounds definitely like a dude. I conclude Harpuia is
    male. Anyway, load up the Ice Chip and charge the Z Saber. This guy is rough.
    Try to avoid the things he shoots, and slash the little spiky pins or whatever
    he makes. DEFINITELY avoid him when he comes swooping down. He will pick you
    up, fly upwards, and come back down to slam you on the ground. That hurts.
    Keep working at him to win.
      After the Mission
    Nothing new; choose the mission.
    | Protect Factory                                                  03.10 |
    NOTE: You fight the Boss first, THEN do the mission.
      BOSS: Phantom
    WEAKNESS: None
    Things to watch out for is his rushing attack and his shuriken. Avoid those and
    you'll be find. Once again, Z Saber charges work well. Also, when he does his
    four image attack, attack the Phantom that looks more life-like. It could have
    been a glitch in my game, but the clones were flickering a lot too, while the
    real one stayed pretty solid. If you don't find the real Phantom quick enough,
    or slice the wrong one, Phantom jumps out and attacks you. Keep attacking with
    the Z Saber and you'll win.
    Now you start the mission!
      The Mission
    You are now on a 3 minute timer. You must disarm eight bombs to save the place.
    Head eastwards. Go into the building, then climb up to the top floor. Head east
    to see a bomb. Slice it with the Z Saber. When it falls, pick it up. That takes
    care of Bomb 1. Hit the switch to take the elevator. Bomb 2 is on the first
    alcove on the right wall. Bomb 3 is on the third alcove on the left wall.
    Continue east. Now you need to use the wood carrying robots again. Bomb 4
    will be easily findable, as it will be above you while you ride your 2nd wood
    robot thing. Right when you get on your 3rd robot, jump up to find Bomb 5.
    After you pass the first electric gun while still on the 3rd robot, there will
    be a medium sized alcove above you. Climb it and go left for Bomb 6. Get back
    on the robots. Climb up and go west. When you pass the 2nd electric thing, jump
    up to find Bomb 7. Go west and jump across. Climb the ladder for Bomb 8. That's
      After the Mission
    Nothing new; choose the mission.
    | Duel in the Desert                                               03.11 |
      The Mission
    Just head all the way west, busting through the barrage of enemies. They
    include Soldiers, roly-poly things, camels, traps, and others. Once you get to
    the crashed shuttle thing, a helicopter appears. It spits out Soldiers, so take
    them out. Proceed to where Anubis was.
      BOSS: Fefnir
    WEAKNESS: Thunder
    This guy is one big pushover. The only attack to watch out for is if he dashes
    at you. He'll shoot you up in the air, which hurts. Other than that, charge
    the Z Saber and Thunder Chip for some power attacks.
      After the Mission
    Nothing new; choose the mission.
    | Stop the Hacking                                                 03.12 |
      The Mission
    The desert, AGAIN. Proceed back to the hidden base. Inside, go back to where
    the ice was. It is now water. Continue west until you reach a ship. Bypass
    that and go to the second one. Beware that they'll squish you if you're under
    them in a narrow passageway. Once you're at the end of the second one, climb up
    and board it. Go to the end of it, dodging missiles. At this end, do a
    dash/jump combo to reach the first ship. Go until you reach a ladder. Climb it
    to get back into the base. Inside, go left and climb the ladder. Go all the
    way right to enter the computer room.
    Destroy all the computer systems. After, proceed back to the water area. Go
    right until you're on the platform between two spike pits.
      BOSS: Leviathan
    WEAKNESS: Flame
    Take out the Flame Chip and charge up your Z Saber, AGAIN. Keep laying on the
    hits to take her out easily. Any of her attacks can be stopped with the Flame
      After the Mission
    Another base attack occurs!
    | Danger: Base Attack                                              03.13 |
    A lot of stuff happens, then Ciel tries to explain something about X, but an
    earthquake causes her to just send you off. She wanted you to leave, but we
    can't just do that, right?
    Proceed to the bottom and go to Cerveau. Save him from the Soldiers. Go back to
    the elevator shaft and go to the top floor. Head west until you reach the
    ladder labeled Energy. Climb down it. Enter the door here.
    BOSS: Hanumachine
    Some kind of monkey. He has the weakness of Thunder. Use it well against him.
    This guy is rough, but shouldn't be too hard.
    After the mission, a cutscene issues. The mystical thing from the beginning
    says that it cracked the Neo Arcadia (bad guys place) Trans Server, so you
    can teleport there now. The being tells Zero to go to Neo Arcadia and terminate
    that copy of him. Apparently, this little light being is the soul or something
    of X, and the X that rules Neo Arcadia is a copy.
    Go out and down one floor. Enter the room, choose Change Area, and then Neo
    Arcadia Shrine.
    | Neo Arcadia                                                      03.14 |
      Neo Arcadia Shrine
    Exit to the left. Outside, make your way eastwards. Terminate the dogs and
    vultures. Keep going east until you're inside some place again. Navigate
    through here while dodging the electricity. Exit out the right side. Outside,
    go east again. When you reach the platform thing, hit it and get on it. Use the
    other ones to get back on solid land. Go west and inside the building.
    BOSS: Stone Soldiers
    These guys are pushovers. Unequip any chips, then just keep charging the Z
    Saber to take them out fast. You only have to dodge some regular bullets.
    Continue on with the level. Go west and you'll reach some mountainous platforms
    to jump on. Travel on them. At the end is another boss.
    BOSS: Ashura
    This guy has 2 health bars, and is weak against Thunder. The easiest chance to
    attack is when he spins around. He moves slow and his attack is stopped with
    the Thunder Chip. Keep on him and he'll go down quick.
    Go all the way east to the end. Use the disappearing blocks to make your way
    westwards. You MUST jump right when the next block appears or you'll fall from
    the current one. Continue using the blocks until you arrive at the top. Enter
    the boss doors.
    BOSS: Herculious Anchortus
    This guy has 2 health bars too, and is weak against Ice. Equip it and use the
    Z Saber to slash this guy's butt. Keep on him; avoiding the electric hands are
    key to survival.
    Go through the doors and teleport back to the base. Here, just save and go on
    and choose to start a new mission.
      Neo Arcadia Tower
    Head right and go onto the platform. Take it to the top while bashing the evil
    robots on your way: Soldiers, helipods, walltanks, etc. At the top, the
    platform will disappear. Start walljumping up the wall. Now, you must use the
    tiny moving platforms to get to the very top. At one point, you reach some on
    and off electricity blocks. You want to jump on them when the electricity is on
    the bottom. Use them to continue on up.
    At the very top, you'll see Earth itself. Enter the boss doors.
    BOSS: Demon Blob
    This multicolor fiend has 3 health bars, and is weak against Flame. Charge up
    the Z Saber and waste this slug, as Zero calls it. He can change form and split
    up, so avoid those attacks at all costs. He shouldn't be that much trouble.
    In the next room, we see Ciel has come. She explains that she made the copy of
    X. She thought it would be good for the people, but it turned out disastrous.
    Now you can save, which you must kinda stand beside the door so you don't go
    inside the teleporter room, when you talk to Ciel. After that, exit via the
    right door.
      Neo Arcadia Core
    Head east, killing enemies. Enter the doors at the end for a special room.
    You have to re-fight each boss in this room. The bosses are behind each door as
    listed below. Beside them are their corresponding weaknesses.
    Anubis (Flame)      Blizzack (Flame)
    Herculious (Ice)    Ganeshariff (Thunder)
    Now you must go east again. If you want a shortcut, before the drop down, dash
    and jump across to the door. After you're done in this area, go through some
    more doors.
    Harpuia (Ice)       Fefnir (Thunder)
    Phantom (None)      Leviathan (Flame)
    NOTE: After defeating Phantom this time, he explodes. Move to avoid it.
    Head east some more, then once you reach the wall, you must dash/walljump to
    get up. Continue on until you reach the end. Enter the last boss door.
    A cutscene issues. The guardians come to stop you, but X appears. They leave,
    and X talks to Zero. He says that Zero and the original X could never
    accomplish the utopia of that which is Neo Arcadia. After some more talk, a
    fight ensues.
    BOSS: Copy X
    This copy of the original X has 2 health bars. He has weaknesses, but since
    they change so much, I recommend equipping no chip. Just keep charging up the
    Z Saber like usual to defeat this guy.
    Some more talk and the form of the copy changes.
    BOSS: Angelic X
    This guy is annoying. He also has 2 health bars, but powerful attacks. He is
    not particularly weak to anything, but the Ice Chip will add some extra damage.
    Avoid the rings that come down, as they grab you and can make you fall or be
    ambushed by another one of the copy's attacks. He also makes fire on the plat-
    form and shoots lasers. Keep the Z Saber on him to win.
    The copy falls and talks a little, then explodes while Zero escapes. The real
    X appears in front of Zero as a hologram, and says he leaves the world to him.
    While Zero is still lying down, X tells him he is sorry, and disappears. Zero
    gets up and says so be it. He then says that it's why they are the best part-
    ners. Zero looks to see a whole bunch of Neo Arcadian Soldiers. We see Zero
    slice one in half, then the credits roll.
                        |                                |
    O===================|                                |===================O
                        | Weapons and Elements           |             04.00
    O===================|                                |===================O
    | Weapons                                                          04.01 |
      Buster Gun
    DESCRIPTION: This is probably the second best weapon in the game. It comes in
                 handy a lot, especially when you get the charging upgrades.
    DAMAGE: 6 out of 10 ; 10 being the highest, 1 being the lowest
      Z Saber
    DESCRIPTION: This is the BEST weapon you'll possibly get in the whole game. It
                 is quick, adaptable, and SUPER POWERFUL.
    DAMAGE: 10 out of 10 ; 10 being the highest, 1 being the lowest
      Triple Rod
    DESCRIPTION: Find the engineer after the Retrieve Data mission to get this.
                 It is overall round in damage, and pretty long in range, but not
    DAMAGE: 5 out of 10 ; 10 being the highest, 1 being the lowest
      Shield Boomerang
    DESCRIPTION: This is personally the CRAPPIEST most WASTING weapon EVER. This
                 thing doesn't even do real damage until you upgrade it. Pah, and
                 you know how annoying that is?
    DAMAGE: 2 out of 10 ; 10 being the highest, 1 being the lowest
    | Elements                                                         04.02 |
    To get Elements to work, you must obtain the chips. Next, press Start and
    choose a chip to equip. Now go back out, then charge up a weapon. Attacking
    with the charged weapon will cause the effect of the chip you're wearing.
      Flame Chip
    OBTAINED: After winning Occupy Factory mission
    EFFECT: Engulfs enemies in flame
      Ice Chip
    OBTAINED: After defeating Blizzack Staggroff
    EFFECT: Freezes enemies for a small amount of time
      Thunder Chip
    OBTAINED: After defeating Aztec Falcon
    EFFECT: Paralyzes enemies for a short time
                        |                                |
    O===================|                                |===================O
                        | Credits                        |             05.00
    O===================|                                |===================O
    Thanks to Capcom for making this game.
    Thanks to GameFAQs and Cheat Happens for hosting this. :)
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                        | Legals, Copyright and Info     |             06.00
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    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright  2005-2013 Duane Niles
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
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