Review by Shogain

"Don't like short games? Then don't buy this."

My score may be a bit bad to some of you, but it actually isn't. If only it was a little longer, I would've given it an eight, just because the boss fights are awsome.

For a megaman game, and for being short, the story is pretty damn good. It's about Neo Arcadia, a city controlled by X, a former hero. It seems he's up to no good, and is killing innocent reploids. Because of this, Ciel and the resistance group resurrects Zero, thier last hope.

Now this is the highlight of the game. Intense boss battles, fast action, and platforming, it's all here. Now, to tell you the basics, you run/dash/jump through the stages, blast/slash/throw to kill your enemies. Throw? Yes, throw. Megaman Zero features four weapons you can level up. One of them is the Triple-Rod, a weapons that can be used in 8 directions. Another one is the shield boomerang, where you can use it as a shield, or throw it at your enemy. There's much to be said about the gameplay, and if your a megaman fan, then you shouldn't really bother if this game has any new features to the gameplay of the megaman series. But one new feature, are elves, which you can feed and raise. These elves can help you restore your energy, save you from a pit, or stun enemies. Though interesting, it's not much of a great new feature.

For it's time, the graphics were superb. When you slash your enemies, you can actually see them get slashed in two, instead of the usual exploding animations. The graphics are nice, the animations are pretty good, and the environments are also nice looking.

The sounds and music in this game are what you expect from a megaman game. You get the usual catchy megaman themes, and the explosion sounds. You can hear megaman's saber whir as you slash it, or you can hear the bullets when you fire your blaster. The music, however, isn't so bad.

Final Word -
In conclusion, if you don't like very short games, I suggest you don't buy the game, especially if you don't play through games you already beat. But, if your a megaman fan, and play the games atleast twice, or atleast try to complete it, then I suggest you buy this game. You won't be disappointed, with the challenging bosses and all.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/25/08

Game Release: Mega Man Zero (US, 09/09/02)

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