GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

Save Game File02/05/04Great Link64K
1st save: before mechaloid, 2d save: before attacking neo arcadia 3th save: new game on hard mode
Save Game File07/20/13Muktasid64K
Everything unlocked (Ultimate,Hard,Minigames and EX skills)
Save Game File04/25/04Mykas064K
Game finished once, saved at its beggining with 700 cristals.
Save Game File07/21/04TokoYami20064K
Hacked game, with maximum health, all the weapons, always S ranked missions, all Cyber Elves and infinite crystals
Save Game File12/16/03Darkloud64K
Hard and Jackson modes unlocked. All elves, all completely fed, MAX level weapons. Everything!
Save Game File07/25/04TokoYami20064K
Hard Mode Completed, hacked game with infinite, full grown elves, maxed skills, always get S ranked and other goodies
Save Game File01/05/03ReyVGM64K
Last Stage, Got all items

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