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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ffmasterjose

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    Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones FAQ
    Date Began: August 2nd, 2008
    Date Finished: August 10th, 2008
    Version: 1.00
    Author: Jose "ffmasterjose" Escamilla
    Email: ffmasterjose (at) gmail (dot) com
    [Table of Contents]
    I. Introduction........................................................[int01]
    II. Story..............................................................[st02]
    III. Controls..........................................................[cn03]
    IV. Passwords..........................................................[ps04]
    V. Walkthrough.........................................................[faq05]
                Level 1: Coruscant Rooftop.................................[cr04]
                Level 2: The Chase.........................................[tc08]
                Level 3: Downtown Coruscant................................[dc15]
                Level 4: Kamino............................................[ka16]
                Level 5: Geonosis Asteroid Belt............................[gb23]
                Level 6: Tusken Village....................................[tv42]
                Level 7: Paths of Geonosis.................................[pg77]
                Level 8: Geonosis Droid Factory............................[gf25]
                Level 9: Arena Battle......................................[ab31]
                Level 10: Dooku Takes Flight...............................[dk01]
                Level 11: Final Battle.....................................[fb12]
                Level 12: End Game.........................................[eg00]
    VI. Frequently Asked Questions.........................................[fqaJ]
    VII. Legal Information.................................................[legA]
    VIII. Version History..................................................[vrC]
    IX. Final Notes........................................................[fnK]
    I. Introduction [int01]
    Welcome to my FAQ for Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. This guide
    contains a walkthrough for the very forgettable title based off the very
    successful movie from the infamous Star Wars saga. It is very safe to say that
    this game is the official game of the movie, given that the entire story is
    merely that of the film, and it includes brief scenes from the movie. The game
    itself was panned by critics, after a while, everyone just forgot about it.
    I wrote this FAQ because at the time there were no other guides posted for it.
    I am also a fan of the Star Wars series, though my knowledge of it is very
    limited compared to others. Quite simply, I just wanted to help out GameFAQs
    by chipping away at the "impossible" dream of every single game listed having
    a guide for it. Here is to one day making that dream a reality. With all that
    being said, it's on the FAQ itself!
    II. Story  [st02]
    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away...
    Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones
    There is unrest in the Galactic Senate. Several thousand solar systems have
    declared their intentions to leave the Republic.
    This seperatist movement, under the leadership of the mysterious Count Dooku,
    has made it difficult for the limited number of Jedi Knights to mantain peace
    and order in the galazy.
    Senator Admidala, the former queen of Naboo, is returning to the Galactic
    Senate to vote on the critical issue of creating an ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC to
    assist the overwhelmed Jedi...
    Taken from the game's opening crawl. Classic Star Wars stuff right there.
    III. Controls [cn03]
    This is a basic run-down of what each button does in the game. Each character
    you play is identical to the other one in terms of control scheme.
    B button = Jump (Press R in air to do a flip, A to perform a kick)
    A button = Action button, must use directional pad to perform actions
    D-pad = Change direction character is facing, slash with Lightsaber, ducks
    Select = No use
    Start = Pause game
    R = Blocks with Lightsaber
    L = Uses Force Powers. Use with directional pad, Up yields Force Jump, Left
    or Right yields Force Push (depending on what direction you are currently
    facing). During a chase sequence if the player has picked up a shield generator
    this will activiate a temporary shield around the vehicle/ship.
    While playing levels which have you driving in a vehicle, the actions are more
    or less identical. Except in some vehicles A and B will shoot projectiles.
    IV. Passwords [ps04]
    Here is a rundown of all the passwords you can use in the game to access any
    level you want as well as the difficulty setting for each.
    BHDBGJ - Level 2
    BJFBHH - Level 3
    BJGBDH - Level 4
    BHHBFJ - Level 5
    BGKBCK - Level 6
    BGLBSK - Level 7
    BGMBTK - Level 8
    BGNBQK - Level 9
    BGPBRK - Level 10
    BGQBNK - Level 11
    BGRBPK - Level 12
    JFCGCG - Level 2
    JFDGSG - Level 3
    JFFGTG - Level 4
    JFGGQG - Level 5
    JFHGRG - Level 6
    JFKGPG - Level 7
    JFLGLG - Level 8
    JFMGMG - Level 9
    BJPGRM - Level 10
    BGQGNP - Level 11
    BHRGPN - Level 12
    JFCLCL - Level 2
    JFDLSL - Level 3
    JFFLTL - Level 4
    JFGLQL - Level 5
    JFHLRL - Level 6
    JFKLPL - Level 7
    JFLLLL - Level 8
    JFMLML - Level 9
    BHPLRS - Level 10
    BHQLNS - Level 11
    BHRLPS - Level 12
    V. Walkthrough [faq05]
    And here we are, the main meat and bones portion of the guide. Star Wars
    Episode II: Attack of the Clones is a very straightforward platforming title.
    There are two types of levels - standard "walk and slash" levels, and chase
    levels where all you must do is wait for the time to expire. Those levels
    severely limit you in terms of what you can do. So very often time this guide
    may sound like "Walk and Kill for Dummies" but that is precisely what this game
    is about. At the start of each level I will give you the in-game text that is
    displayed, then the broad overall mission objective, then I will dive into the
    walkthrough itself. Enjoy.
     Level 1: Coruscant Rooftop [cr04]
    "Senator Padme Amidala's Naboo Royal Cruiser approaches Coruscant. On the
    landing pad, an explosive device is intended to assassinate the Senator, but
    instead kills her decoy."
    "Following the failed assassination attempt, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin
    Skywalker are assigned to protect Senator Padme Amidala"
    "Later that evening, Anakin thwarts a second attempt on Padme's life. Obi-Wan
    crashes through the window and grabs hold of the would-be assassin, a probe
    Mission Objective: Make your way across the rooftops and into the hanger
    This first part of the level is a very simplistic move-forward and kill all
    that-you-see type deal. Just cut down all of the bigger droids as well as
    the probe droids that come across your path. Deflect enemy fire to send their
    laser shots back at them. This is a neat and effective trick that saves you
    some effort and allows you to take out foes from afar. You will eventually
    reach the second part of this stage.
    Hop to the blue platform and take out the droids that will ambush you. Make
    more series of jumps that will take you to a lower portion of the level. Use
    the lift to make a quick leap to yet another blue platform. As you continue
    forward you will be ambushed by four droids, take them out and keep moving.
    Jump to a moving platform, and hastily leap to the next blue platform. This
    is where things can get a little tricky. In fact, it is very possible to get
    yourself stuck at a part of the level that sees you stranded without anywhere
    to go. But to avoid this, make a giant jump down to yeah, another blue
    platform. Hop on the platform moving up, and ride it all of the way up to the
    highest point, then hop off and continue moving.
    Slice and dice everything you come across. Jump from the moving platform that
    will take you down and quickly keep moving, destroying the probe droids that
    drop bombs at you, as well as everything else that you will come across.
    You will soon come to the end of the level. You will know it is the end when
    Anakin raises his Lightsaber in triumph.
     Level 2: The Chase [tc08]
    "The probe droid is destroyed, sending Obi-Wan plummeting - but Anakin catches
    him in his speeder."
    "Obi-Wan takes the controls as Anakin jumps into Zam Wesell's speeder."
    Mission Objective: Chase Zam's speeder and help Anakin force her to the streets
    Welcome to your first chase level sequence. The objective is simple - follow
    the other vehicle until time runs out. There are shield pick-ups as well as
    objects to dodge. After 100 seconds have passed, the level is over and victory
    is yours. If you die and have at least one more life remaining you will simply
    start from where you were at the moment you died. Simple stuff. You can
    actually cling to the side of the "walls" and not take any damage, convenient.
     Level 3: Downtown Coruscant [dc15]
    "Zam's speeder crashes into a crowded city street, sending Anakin flying. Zam
    exits the crashed speeder and runs."
    Mission Objective: Chase Zam Wessel and defeat her thugs and droids.
    This level has you chasing down Zam Wessel through the streets of Coruscant.
    All throughout the level she will appear in front of you and shoot. Simply
    deflect her shots and take down the enemies that will come up to you, as well
    as the several droids that will pop up. Pick up as many Force Power pickups and
    health pickups as you can, you can never have too many of those.
    As you progress further you will start to encounter larger groups of enemies
    and Zam herself will begin to throw grenades at you as opposed to fired blaster
    shots. Just roll with the punches (or Lightsaber slashes, if you will) and be
    sure to try and kick or slash away any bombs that might get deployed by you.
    After a while she will disappear and you will be left to dispatch her remaining
     Level 4: Kamino [ka16]
    "Before Zam can reveal any information, she is killed with a toxic dart, fired
    by a mysterious rocket-man."
    "In order to protect Padme, Anakin secretly escorts her to Naboo"
    "Obi-Wan traces the saberdart to the cloning facilities on Kamino where he
    learns about the clone army and meets Jango Fett."
    Mission Objective: Defeat Jango's guards and collect three keys in order to
    access the exterior landing platform before Jango and Boba escape.
    Ohh, a small change of pace. As opposed to the typical arcade style hack n'
    slash we get some item collecting to do! Don't worry though, it's not too hard.
    Press "up" to enter some doors that you will come across in this level.
    In the room with a view that resembles an ocean you'll have to make a series
    of jumps to get to a giant green crate. Break it open with your Lightsaber
    and claim a key. You will know you have it when a yellow symbol shows up in the
    lower right hand corner of the screen.
    A second key can be found by entering the third major door that you encounter
    in the main hallway. You will pass a series of doors and encounter a slew of
    Geonosians. Behind the last batch you will find another giant green crate.
    Bust it open to claim another vital key. 
    The first door in a set of three contains the last key you need. It is in
    a green colored door in another giant green crate. Once you have obtained
    all three keys find your way to the main hallway once again. And walk all of
    the way to the end of this hallway. You will see a red door. With all three
    keys you should be able to enter it. Do so immediately.
    Now you have a small "boss fight" against Jango Fett. His son Boba will shoot
    at you from their ship. Unfortunately there is not much you can do about
    little Boba shooting at you. So take the fight to Jango. Knock him out of the
    air and follow up with numerous Lightsaber slashes. If your timing is right,
    he'll be finished well before you run out of health.
     Level 5: Geonosis Asteroid Belt [gb23]
    "Using the homing device, Obi-Wan follows Jango Fett through hyperspace to
    Mission Objective: Piloting the Jedi starfighter, pursue Jango Fett through the
    asteroid ring of Geonosis.
    Another chase sequence. This time you have to evade asteroids as well as
    firepower from Fett's ship. Fortunately you have blasters to help you out.
    Shoot any asteroids that come your way. Pick up any extra shield and do your
    best to evade Jango Fett's shots. The time to last is 99 seconds.
     Level 6: Tusken Village [tv42]
    "After surviving the encounter with Jango Fett, Obi-Wan follows him down to
    the planet surface."
    "Meanwhile, sensing that his mother is in danger, Anakin and Padme rush to her
    aid in Tatooine."
    "Anakin goes in search of his mother, Shmi."
    "After racing across the deserts of Tatooine, Anakin finds the Tusken Village
    where his mother is held captive."
    Mission Objective: Fight your way through the savage Tusken Raiders.
    Very very straightforward. Just keep moving and slicing through the hoardes
    of Tusken Raiders that you encoutner...as well as their uh..beasts. You are
    going to spend far too much time just hacking and slashing. 
     Level 7: Paths of Geonosis [pg77]
    "Anakin finally locates his mother, but he is too late to save her..."
    "Meanwhile, Obi-Wan sets off in search of answers in the dangerous planet of
    Mission Objective: Battle Geonosian warriors and find the secret base.
    Make your way up the path, slashing at the flying creature and avoiding the
    falling rocks as well as the pitfalls they fall into - as that guarantees
    certain death. Jump ypur way up and across the level. The path is very linear
    and you'll know when you have gone in the wrong direction.
    You should reach a bone cave type structure. Make repeat jumps to the left,
    all while ascending one level of the bone caves after another. The infinite
    flying creatures and falling boulders may eventually take their toll on you,
    so be careful. Once you reach the highest point in the level, Obi-Wan will
    pose triumphantly!
     Level 8: Geonosis Droid Factory [gf25]
    "Anakin and Padme receive a message from Obi-Wan asking for help on Geonosis."
    "After relaying the message to the Jedi Council, Anakin and Padme race to Obi-
    Wan's aid."
    Mission Objective: Fight battle droids and Geonosian warriors as you maneuver
    through the deadly factory.
    Avoid the smashing columns of metal, if you get hit by them you'll be killed
    instantly. Take out the droids as you move along the conveyer belt. You can
    easily time when you should move and when you should halt. More flying enemies
    will swarm you, but simply cut them down like you normally would. Keep pace
    with the conveyer belt and the smashers, and you will be absolutely fine. Wait
    for it..and yeah, victoy pose!
     Level 9: Arena Battle [ab31]
    "After surviving an attack by three deadly beasts, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Padme
    are trapped by Dooku's droids."
    "Mace Windu leads one hundred Jedi into the arena to save Obi-Wan, Anakin, and
    Padme. A giant battle ensues."
    Mission Objective: Defeat Jango Fett and the droid army!
    Yay, you get to play as Mace Windu! This level is very similar to the other
    ones. All you have to do is cut through the endless swarm of droids and every
    thing else. At the end of the level you face off against Jango Fett yet again.
    Fortunately the "end" comes quick and Fett ambushes you soon after you start
    to make your way through the level. This is probably the easiest boss fight
    of the entire game - the infinite number of droids provides you some easy
    health pick-ups if you need them. Neato. Slash at Jango and replenish your own
    health as needed.
    After you have depleted Jango's health, simply walk to the end of the level.
    That's all she wrote.
     Level 10: Dooku Takes Flight [dk01]
    "Anakin and Obi-Wan continue the battle outside the arena in a Republic
    Mission Objective: Prevent Count Dooku from escaping! Shoot his Geonosian
    protectors in order to bring him down.
    The last chase mission of the entire game. This one is identical to the other
    two, except that it is in your best interests to shoot down Dooku's two escorts
    that are on both sides of him. If you take them both down victory is instantly
    yours, and you won't have to endure all 99 seconds of this level.
     Level 11: Final Battle [fb12]
    "Anakin and Obi-Wan pursue Count Dooku to prevent him from escaping."
    Mission Objective: Confront the evil Count Dooku. May the Force be with you!
    This is an interesting fight. The first part sees you cutting through large
    amounts of enemies, then fighting Count Dooku himself. Count Dooku will utilize
    Force Push against you, so do the same to him. This also lets you get a few
    hits in while he takes time to recover. After you deplete his health as Obi-Wan
    he will Force Push you out of the fight, bringing Anakin in the battle. Do the
    same thing as before, Force Push him if you can, and strike him repeatedly.
    During the final stage of the fight, just block his strikes with your Light-
    saber and time your strikes well. That will be all she wrote for Count Dooku.
     Level 12: End Game [eg00]
    "Try as they might, the young Jedi's skills are no match for the powerful and
    experienced Count Dooku."
    "Before Obi-Wan and Anakin meet their end, Master Yoda enters the hanger and
    confronts the evil Dooku."
    "Dooku unleashes a barrage of Force Lightning, revealing to Yoda that he has
    become a Sith Lord."
    "While truly a formidable foe, Dooku is forced to retreat by Yoda's mastery of
    the Force."
    "Later on Coruscant, Count Dooku meets with Darth Sidious to report that he was
    successful...everything is going according to plan."
    "At the Jedi Temple, Yoda proclaims, "Victory? Victory, you say? Master Obi-Wan
    , not a victory. The shroud of the dark side has fallen. Begun, this Clone War
    "And in a secret ceremony on Naboo, Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala are
    Hooray, the end of the game! I hope this guide was at least a little helpful
    to you, the reader. May the Force be with you.
    VI. Frequently Asked Questions [fqaJ]
    Here are some basic queries about the game that I am going to answer here, some
    of it is information which I did not include in the general walkthrough or just
    assumed you already knew. But you know what they say about "assume".
    Q: How many characters can you play as in this game?
    A: Three. Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and for one level, Mace Windu.
    Q: How many different modes of play are there?
    A: There is only the single game mode present in this game. And there are two
    types of levels = standard platform levels, and chasing levels where all you
    basically do is survive while the clock at the top of the screen runs out.
    Q: What is the difference between the difficulty modes?
    A: You take more damage from enemies, and health recovers are weakened.
    Q: What is with the bar at the bottom of the screen?
    A: That bar is the measure of how much Force Powers you have left. You can
    replenish it by picking up icons that look like the Xbox 360 logo (heh). Once
    it is completely full enemies will start to drop heart pickups which refill
    health. So in some ways it is actually in your best interest to not use Force
    powers so that you will have some breathing room.
    Q: What Force Powers are avaiable for use in this game?
    A: Force Jump, and the ever-classic Force Push.
    VII. Legal Information [legA]
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective and copyright holders.
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any other website besides
    http://www.gamefaqs.com/ or otherwise distributed publicly at all. Use of this
    guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is prohibited,
    and a violation of copyright. I'm only granting GameFAQs permission to host
    this guide, so please refrain from requesting permission to host this anywhere
    else, as your request will be denied respectably.
    Copyright 2008 Jose Escamilla.
    VIII. Version History [vrC]
    August 10th, 2008: 1.00 - The initial FAQ itself.
    IX. Final Notes [fnK]
    I encourage feedback of any kind, and I can be reached at the email listed
    above. In addition to feedback, if you have errors or missing content to report
    I'll look into it, and if everything checks out credit will be given to you in
    a future update. Thank you for viewing my FAQ.

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