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    Glitch FAQ by Dragon Spork

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 03/07/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       _  ---  __
      ___-----____                                     ttt        lll
     ////                                              ttt        lll
    ///                                   sssss        ttt        lll
    ///                  aaaa           ssss sss  ttttttttttttt   lll
    ///               aaaaaaaa         ssss       ttttttttttttt   lll      eee
    ///              aaa    aaa        sss             ttt        lll    eeeeeee
    ///             aaa      aaa        ssss           ttt        lll   eee   eee
    ///            aaa        aaa        ssss          ttt        lll  eeeeeeee
    ///            aaa      aaaaa         sss          ttt        lll  eeee    
     //// ___ ---   aaaaaaaa aaaa   ssss  ssss         ttt        lll   eeee  eee
      ---_____----   aaaaaaa   aaaa  ssssssss          ttt        lll    eeeeeee
     _____            _____                               iii
     \   I            I   /                               iii
      \   I          I   /    aaaa                                     aaaa
       \   I        I   /  aaaaaaaa        nnn   nnn      iii       aaaaaaaa
        \   I      I   /  aaa     aaa      nnn nnnnnnn    iii     aaa     aaa
         \   I    I   /  aaa       aaa     nnnnnnn nnnn   iii    aaa       aaa
          \   I  I   /  aaa         aaa    nnn      nnn   iii   aaa         aaa
           \   II   /   aaa       aaaaa    nnn      nnn   iii   aaa      aaaaaa
            \      /     aaaaaaaa aaaa     nnn      nnn   iii    aaaaaaaa  aaaa
             \____/       aaaaaaa   aaaa   nnn      nnn   iii     aaaaaaa    aaa
    				Harmony	of Dissonance
    Harmony of Dissonance Glitch FAQ: By Scott Ostrander AKA Dragon Spork 
                                    Ver. 1.0
    Some Glitches came from http://www.inverteddungeon.com/mudt/
    1.0 - !New! 11/30/03
    1.5 - !Changed a few things, added Belmondo! 3/07/04
    -The Menu-
    *Press Ctrl+f to make finding the certain glitches easier*
    -Door Glitch (DG)
    -The Good (Glitches)
      - Gorgon Stone Glitch (GSG)
      - Talk Backwards Glitch (TBG)
      - Ice Fist Glitch (IFG)
      - Floating Fire Glitch (FFG)
      - Respawning Candle Glitch (RCG)
    -The Bad (Glitches, not Door Glitch)
      - The Dark Room Glitch (TDRG)
      - Failed Entry Glitch (FEG)
      - Belmondo (BEL)
    -Credits / Legal Stuff
    Q: Why is the Door Glitch in it's own section?
    A: Because it is too long, and there are a couple of bad things that could 
    happen, so it doesn't belong to "The Good" or "The Bad".
    Q: Why Can't I get the Door Glitch to work?
    A: It is a little difficult to perform and may take a bit of time. Remember to
    try to time it just right, or rapidly backdash.
    -The Door Glitch DG-
    This is MY glitch. I was the Founder, and this is the one that inspired me to
    make this FAQ.
    Anyway, back to it. First off, find a door. Second, as you walk through the
    door, press the backward dash button (L or R), and if timed right you will
    magically skid backwards through the door, and end up on the side you
    just left. I have done it a couple ways, the first one is to press BD
    (BackDash) RIGHT when the screen comes back from being black.
    I have also Done it JUST before you enter the black screen, although it is a
    little more rare. And the third way is to press the BDB as fast as possible
    right before you enter the black screen. This one has the best chance^_^
    So far the only things that I have found that it is useful for is...
    -Get the Lizard Tail Very early
    -Use the Door connecting Luminous Cavern and Castle Treasury in Castle A,
    It'll Teleport you to the merchants room in the Castle Treasury in Castle B.
    BEWARE, if you do it in Castle B, you'll teleport to a black screen that you
    can't get out of!
    -Use the door connecting Skeleton Cave and Castle Treasury in castle B, It'll
    just teleport you down to the very first slit trail in the same castle in
    Skelly Cave.
    -Use the door in the Sky Walkway/Aquaduct of Dragons where you
    need the Night Goggles at, to teleport to the Merman Boss.
    -Use the door in the Clock tower/Sky Walkway after you fight the Demon in
    Castle A (Or before, depending on where you are coming from) to teleport to
    the room in Castle B, in the Chapel of Dissonance with the windows that
    sometimes have faces on them.
    -Same door as before, only in Castle B. This time it'll teleport you to the
    room before the Ball Maze in Castle A. BEWARE, you must hit the guy with the
    hammer before doing this, or you will be trapped down there, so if you
    didn't do it yet, I would Use the Save Room in your Menu Screen,
    -Use the door connecting Luminous Cavern A, and Aquaduct of Dragons A
    to teleport to the room right of the save spot in Luminous Cavern A (The room
    that basically serves no purpose). You can get there EARLY!!! I'd get the
    Crushing Stone before you go there if I were you.
    That Concludes this (For now at least).
    -The Good (Glitches)-
    *This is where the Good Glitches will be posted*
    -- Gorgon Stone Glitch GSG --  -me
    Sometimes when you hit a gorgon (The creature Before Dracula's Chamber in
    Castle A) in the face over and over, when it blows out the stoning spray,
    It'll look like his head is shaking with nothing coming out.
    -- Talk Backwards Glitch TBG --  -me
    After you fight Pazuzu in Dracula's Throne Room, if you skid backwards into
    the next room where Lydie is, The game doesn't give the itself enough time to
    react to turning back around because the Cut Scene starts too early, and it
    looks like you are talking to Lydie backwards (I keep wanting to type Maria).
    -- Ice Fist Glitch IFG --  -machinegunsg 
    This Glitch lets you get onto ledges and stuff. To Peform this Glitch, you
    must first obtain The Ice Book, and The Sacred Fist (Sub-Weapon). What you
    gotta do is jump up to a ledge you JUST can't reach, and press up + B to 
    activate the spell, and voila, you're up there. This Glitch is useful
    especially for getting the Ring of Vlad, and to get the Platinum Tip early.
                     JJJJJJJJ  -- Can't reach
    Before             JJJJJJ
    __________________JJ JJJJJ           J = Juste
                                         I = Ice Fist
                                         _ = Platform
         IIIIIIIIIIJJJJJJ      -- Pushes legs up
    After      IIIIIIIJJ JJJJJ
    -- Floating Fire FFG --  -machinegunsg
    This glitch has Holy Water flame in "high" spirits! To perform this Glitch,
    first you must get the Holy Water Sub-Weapon. Second you must find a corner 
    (Bottom Left or Bottom Right). Third, you must throw the Holy Water (No Magic)
    almost directly in the corner, you may need to adjust where you throw, and if
    you performed it right, the fire should be floating above ground (Although it
    still obeys the law of Gravity)
    -- Respawning Candles RCG --  -unknown/GameFaqs Boards/machinegunsg
    This glitch you will need an Axe Sub-Weapon, or the Knive Sub-Weapon although
    you can use other things, these are just easier. Anyway, find a candle, bring
    the candle to the edge of the screen (left or right), and use a Sub-Weapon
    so that it hits the candle, skid backwards a little so the candle is off the 
    screen, come back and the candle should respawn, as though you never hit it.
    Yes, the item that dropped is still there.
    -The Bad-
    Here are the Deadly or Bad and usless Glitches are.
    --The Dark Room Glitch TDRG--  -machinegunsg
    When your in the Dark Room in the Sky Walkway, if you test your Griffin Wing,
    to me, it seems to go faster than normal. To perform this glitch, all you
    need is the Griffin Wing.
      First off, Stand where you first enter the Dark Room
    coming from the Sky Walkway, stand to where you almost come off the screen,
    in the room before it is light. Stand there, and use the Griffin Wing, and
    then suddenly, it will go to a black screen. You do not need to see the feet,
    it just happens sometimes though.The other place you can do it is in the
    opening above where you get the Hint Card.
    --Failed Entry Glitch FEG--  -Unknown/machinegunsg
    This is performed at the begining, when Talos runs after you and the 
    Draw-Bridge "Normally" Closes and Talos Falls.
      To perform this Glitch, first of all get somewhat near the Draw-Bridge,
    kneel down and let Talos hurt you. For some reason, when you kneel, you
    don'tfly away. Anyway, let the Draw-Bridge get a little past the center of the
    screen, then immediatly Jump and Whip, so that Talos hurts you and you fly
    back even more, giving more time for the Draw-Bridge to close. This is a hard
    glitch to perform, you usually jump a little higher than normally to get over
    the bridge, but if it closes up before you jump onto it, causing you magically
    to teleport to the Clock Tower. All you can do in the Clock Tower is do the
    Ball Maze, but when you try to go, the screen doesn't  scroll with you. The
    reason why you can only do that is because the other platforms are too high,
    so you can't even get in the save room. This is why it is marked bad.
    --Belmondo--  -This guy
    When you take out your cartridge while you have your status screen up, the
    name will change from "Juste Belmont" to "Juste Belmondo". I can't garuntee
    that all your game data will be safe, although my games where fine when
    I tried it.
    Credits/Legal Stuff
    Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance/White Night Concerto Glitch FAQ
    Copyright 2003 Scott Ostrander.
    As the owner of this fine FAQ, I give you these rights....
    1: This is a FREE FAQ! Under NO circumstances will anyone be able to make
    profit off this FAQ, unless it is me :)
    2: You may put this on your website only if you leave this FAQ Completely 
    unchanged, and I do mean COMPLETELY Unchanged! Unless you get my Latest 
    Version, but that you must keep unchanged as well.
    Me (Dragon Spork) - I wrote it! ^_^
    Machinegunsg - For letting me use his Glitches
    Dai - The only person who supported me (other than my Mother).
    My Mother - The person who got this game for me on Christmas.
    Konami - For Making this Very fine game.
    Castlevania, and other trademark Castlevania names/games/etc. belong to Konami.

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