Review by Juste Belmont

"Konami Strikes Again!"

Castlevania : Harmony of Dissonance is another great game from Konami. Its not as perfect as Circle of the moon but its still a must for the fans.


I have to admit the graphics in this Castle are better ( In my opinion) than in CotM. They look how I say more alive, if you will. Everything in CotM seemed the same dull color over and over. In HoD they seem more striking and very well defined. You can see right from the beginning. The spells look better and theres a lot more of them. Great job there!


Al right. Maybe one mess up. So what! Konami makes up for it. Like in CotM the play one or two repetitive songs. Which at times can get a little annoying. I myself didn't notice it that much. Also like in cotm they use a different song for each different part. like if your going from a hall into ? a sewer ? the music will change. If only it could change more.


The story is excellent. More in depth than cotm. Theres lots of secrets. Hush,hush. You could play it a whole lot.
the story line in cotm wasn't that good. But its improved a lot here. I've never played SOTN for Play Station but I'm sure that this is better. Its more involving and not as boring. OH yeah lest go through out this whole castle just to save this old geezer. YEAH FUN! No,no not here . Much improvement over the other. Another fine job well done in this department.


Like my name is this is the main character you play with. (Cough,cough , for those of you who know) The main character's family has been in other CV titles out there. There's just one thing I don't get if your a vampire then why are you trying to kill the other monsters? Might I say another winner?


The controls in this one are easy just like in cotm. much of the game is like cotm. the stat bars are at the top and they have a lot of the same sub weapons as cotm. there is one new feature with the whip which you can move yourself with the analog pad. Gameplay is out standing.
Its really simple to get the hang of it.
Fine work.

Last Impression

For fans of the series ,you must get it , and for those who just think it looks good get it. Its excellent whether you've been here through the very first one or just began. I just started my series with cotm. I find this one to live up to its expectations.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/10/02, Updated 06/10/02

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