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"Its hard to say that Symphony Of The Night is better"

I have beat many, many castlevanias [9] But among all those Symphony Of The Night was the best Castlevania I have ever played. I though that Circle Of The Moon could be as good as this game, while it is a very good game it simply did not touch SOTN, but now we have this, Harmony Of Dissonance just as good as Symphony.

Graphics 10 - Slightly lower in quality than those found in Symphony Of The Night. From begining to end, everything is bright, lushly detailed and easy to see unlike Circle Of The Moon's dark hard to see graphics. Juste leaves a trail of shadows like Alucard and looks very impresive. But what stands out the most is the level of details in the bosses. Amazing.

Sound 9 - The director of this game said that this is this games weakness.... this is true but it is still amazingly good. Remember back in Symphony when it hurt soooo bad hitting start into the stats screen because it would stop the music? Well that feeling is back... very well composed music and good sound but poor quality. Great job here.

Story 9 - Very good as well. It has refrenses from past CAstelvanias and introduces a cool cast of new characters. i liked it allot.

Gameplay 10- Heres the real reason this game is so great. From begining to end this game is insanely addictive. You travel through beutifully detailed areas with great music and awsome monsters... lvling up with the very fast wip cracking action. The game is more action filled than Symphony hands down. As for the DSS system, well its not in this game, instead we have the spell books wich has almost as much depth as DSS and more depth than that of Symphonys.
Another wonderful thing about this game is the constant boss battles. You like bosses? Your guna love this game, the bosses are much more fun than those of Symphony. With your wip powerups, you can charge your wip up like MEga Man can charge up his arm cannon to unleashe massive damage, wich overall makes the game even more fun. The spellbook strategy is very fun to mess around with and unleash your favorite combo on bosses. And what happens when you finish this amazing game? Boss Rush Mode. Old school gameplay, just fight all of the games bosses one after another, just reminds you of the good old days. And thats not all, you get to play another old school type gameplay option-play as Maxim. No story, no lvling, just plain old school gameplay. The game is to easy for ya? Well play on hard mode. This game has it all.

overall 9.5- simply amazing. Buy it!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/05/02, Updated 08/05/02

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