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"Great, but some minor flaws."

Well, this is my second review, so, let's get started. In Castlevania: White Night Concerto (or Harmony of Dissonance) you play as Juste Belmont, the 16 year old grandson of Simon Belmont. He was declared Vampire Killer, of course, and then his best friend Maxim left on a 2 year training voyage. He comes back, covered in wounds, saying that their childhood friend and main chick, Lydie has been kidnapped. Of course. So, you wander, find a castle, go inside, and the game starts. Now, time for the number review part.

Alas, tis one of the best parts in the game. The sprites are much bigger than in Circle of the Moon, so no strained eyes. They move fluidly, and are quite detailed. The only annoying thing is the blue trail that follows Juste as he moves-nothing major, but it gets, after a while, kinda: Okay, stop following me. It can be remedied, but not until way later, and then you have to use a mediocre item to do so. But, that's just my opinion. Anyways, the graphics are very good. 10/10

The gameplay mechanics are good, but not great. The controls are alright, and the built in dash is useful-although, sometimes, the controls can be a bit confusing when using the L and R dash-sometimes you run into an enemy and take damage -_- but after a while you get used to it all. As for the actual GAMEPLAY gameplay mechanics-in the beginning it's easy, not frustrating, etc-until about 1/3 through when the whole ''other castle'' concept begins- similar to Symphony of the Night. Each castle has different items and stuff, and travelling between the two can get VEEEERY confusing. But, same with the controls, eventually you get the hang of it-it's just reeeeeal annoying. And as for the leveling up system, it works well, no level problems or anything. Spell system lacks-only 30 spells compared to CoTM's 100, and you can only do 5 at a time at max-the system works like: If you had the Knife subweapon, and the Wind Spellbook on, and pressed Up and B, you'd do a spell-unleash lots and lots and lots of knives. And, with only 5 spellbooks, not a lot can be done. The combat system is typical, just like any Castlevania game, run, whip, jump, whip, etc. All in all, I give HoD an 8.5/10

The plot is OUTSTANDING. Lots o' plot changes and stuff-very very good. The only thing keeping it away from a 10 is some rather stupid stuff- like collecting furniture and decorating a room. I mean, come on, it's like-hold on Drac, gotta make a room like pretty! Although, it is rather fun, just dumb. 9.5/10

Subcategory A: Sound Mechanics-10/10
The sound comes out of the tiny speaker very well. Although....
Subcategory B: Music-3/10
The worst soundtrack EVER. Seriously. Whoever composed this garbage should be beaten with a shovel. Not only is it off-key and stuff, it puts you in no mood to go after Drac-it puts you in a mood to go and, yes, beat YOURSELF with a shovel. But....
Subcategory C: Sound Effects-10/10
The sound effects are very good. You can recognize the HUZZAH! Of a lightning attack very well.

So, you beat the game. Now what? Well, there is quite a bit of stuff. For one, you can play the game over as Maxim-the sword bearing co-star. And, if you meet certain conditions, you can unlock sound mode-but, read up-that's nothing special. The real treat is a mode called Boss Rush Mode. In this, you can play as Juste, Maxim, or an ultra secret special character-no spoilers, but I can tell you it isn't Lydie-and whip your way (no pun intended) through every boss in the game, one after another-hence ''Boss Rush.'' There is different difficulty levels, so for a quick, 5 minute dose of CV, you do easy, which consists of 5 bosses, or Medium, Hard, etc. Anyways, good stuff. 10/10

A very very good game. Worth the $29.99 it costs for both CV lovers and....uh.....people that have never heard of CV but own a GBA...ers.....alike. It has some problems, but what game doesn't? So, I'm gonna stop. Boss Rush time!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/22/02, Updated 09/22/02

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