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"After well over 10 titles, Castlevania goes on strong!"

''Twas' a day just like any other day when I was stuck with the tough choices of games and $40 at my disposal when I came upon this, I seriously didn't know if I wanted to get this or not, especially hearing so much stuff about how much worse it was from its predeccessor, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, but I was stuck with a tough choice and decided to simply choose the first game that had the most R's on the back(a silly method, but it works!) and went home with Castlevania, Harmony of Dissonance. A extremely impressive game despite the qualities Circle of the Moon has over it.''

Controls 7/10:

Ahh, the classic stiff controls, gotta love em. As the previous sentence stated the controls are very stiff, which will get you killed far before any of HoD's vast amount of enemies will. The jumps are just like they were in the old school CV games, except not as hard to jump sideways. The attacking can get to be annoying as your whip is just short enough to miss the enemy while it's longer weapon takes you out with utmost speed. But slowly, as you gain relics you get all sorts of increasers that make the control alot less loose than you may get ( or already be ) used to

Storyline /10:

This takes place some time after Simon annihilated Dracula. His descendant, Juste and Maxim search all over a huge castle for remainders of Dracula to aquire clues about his childhood friend Lydie. So you unvravel a massive quest searching for Lydie in the castle with your friend Maxim and encounter all kinds of wild and challenging sidequests and discover secrets in this huge castle as you search for Lydie.

Graphics 10/10:

They fixed the darkness problem in this one! The animations in this game are smooth and candy to the eyes, the resize, rotate, and zoom effects are used perfectly in this game. These graphics have far surpassed anything of the other 2D CV games and looks great on the small GBA screen. The sprites are very large and detailed (Juste's coat could have used a little more in the shading, but that doesn't matter too much) like the dinosaur bones look not far from total realism, the backgrounds are vibrant and lively. The texture and coloring is just pure genious and even the 32x32 sprites(which there are few of) are detailed far beyond anything I've ever seen done on GBA.

Sound 10/10:

The sound on this game is great, the voices aren't gargled but are crystal clear and can be heard just fine on the GBA speakers. The chainwhip swinging, roaring flares, swinging blades... they ALL sound great and like they are really there, if you have speakers hook them up to your gameboy and with a TV adapter max out your gaming experience with this!

Music 6/10:

::sigh:: Sadly, the music for this didn't sound too inspired, it's still okay and all, heck, a few of them got the attention of my and my recorder, but there's nothing too special.. I think there are a few themes from past CV games but can't quite remember but this really couldv'e used some work.

Overall 9/10:

A great game for GBA that currently is #4 on my top 10 GBA games list.

Replay Value 7/10:

Try starting this over after beating it, it's fun all over again! And furthermore, there are secret characters to unlock and everything to add on to the exprience!

''To buy or to rent''

Definetely a buy, you will be taking alot of breaks so your thumb can rest and may take you well over 4 days to finish it the first time.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/23/02, Updated 09/23/02

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