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Reviewed: 07/03/02 | Updated: 07/03/02

Hitting the a or b button over and over qualifies as a video game? Hit that one more time!

Introduction: What in the hell am I doing? I'm about to review a game which stars Britney Spears. Yes, you heard me. I am actually going to REVIEW this game. What makes you ask? I have no idea, I'm not in my right state of mind. No offense should be taken to Britney Spears fans after I make fun of her music. I don't want a bunch of you freaks IMing me.

Modes: You've got the following in this solid game.
-Practice: Are you this ignorant that you need me to explain something that simple?
-Concert: Main mode of this game, you do the same thing you do in
-Practice only for hidden stuff. Isn't that amazing?
-Video Book: Which is just pictures of the lovely lady who can't sing worth a damn.
-Video: Interesting to say the least. It's a video clip of her actually singing. End up on mute on my GBA. But it amazes me that the video quality isn't bad at all, and that's a major plus and good thing for future Gameboy Advance titles.
-Puzzle: Uhm, a bit strange but you unlock puzzles of Britney
-2 Player: Yes, this game has 2 player support. I've never tried it. Who would? :)

Graphics: High point for this game. Like I stated earlier the little video of her singing is great. Also watching the dancing Britney isn't that bad either. But everything else seems to be a bit generic.

Sound: Plus on this game. I'm not about to lie to you. I loath Britney Spears. She is the soul reason that this game exist. Yet oddly enough, I enjoy the redone music in this game. You see, NONE of her songs have lyrics. Making them bearable, and not that bad to listen too. Only part she speaks in is the refrain and that isn't too bad. All of the songs sound like what they are supposed to also.

Game Play: Well if you can stand pressing A and B for 3 minutes each song. This is the game for you! No kidding! this game is AWESOME if you want to mindlessly sit at your Gameboy bashing a or b. It's great. I love it!

Rent/Buy: Who am I actually going to kid? I enjoyed the hell out of this game. It was something I'd never thought I enjoy and yet I did. It's freaky in some kind of weird way. I also enjoyed the PS2 version. But it was really weird, the music fits the PS2 version really well while this version just isn't as good. Solid Game, I recomend it to Britney Spears fans only or fans of Dance Dance or PaRappa The Rappa.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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