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    Management of the Ring Guide by Cactusjack1999

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/08/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    *   Final Fire Pro Wrestling - Dream Match   *
    *          (Fire Pro Wrestling 2)            *
    *    Management of the Ring Guide v 1.0      *
    *                                            *
    *    Written, Compiled, and Edited by        *
    *       Cactusjack1999 (Matt Ziemba)         *
    1. Copyright info
    2. Update info
    3. Management of the ring info
    4. Menu Translations
    5. Picture translations/meaning
    6. Secret Characters and Scouting.
    7. Thanks and Contact info
    1. Copyright info
    This guide is copyright 2002 Matthew Ziemba. This guide may not be reproduced
    in any way shape or form
    without the expressed written consent of the author. This guide may be used for
    personal use only.
    This guide may not be sold, reprinted for profit, or used to make a profit
    without the author getting paid.
    This guide is licensed to be used ONLY on the following sites and only the
    following sites:
    If this guide is found on any other site without my permission, contact me at
    Final Fire Pro Wrestling (and all related indicita) is (c) 2002 Spike/VAiLL
    2. Update info
    07/07/30 - Added a disclaimer about MOR not being in the american version of
    the game. I was getting sick and tired with all teh e-mails I was getting
    asking how to get it.
    08/01/02 - Added info from Viper Mask about the merchandice and the Backstage
    stuff. Added info about the second Ledendary 5 from Fujita Fury and corrected
    by The Locust
    07/29/02 - Added realrockyboy's info on unlocking the Legendary 5. Added info
    sent to me by Jeff Weaver on the 4th main menu option.
    07/26/02 - Started adding info on the TV options and the Backstage selections.
    Added wrestlers unlocked by means other than the scouting options.
    07/25/02 - Fixed some spelling mistakes. Added some info to the card section.
    Added some thanks to the bottom. Added some new hiddens, Corrected
    PuroThemeHunter's name in the
    thanks section.
    07/23/02 - First version of the guide, v 0.5
    3. Management of the Ring info
    Management of the Ring is a new play mode created for the latest Fire Pro Game
    for the Game Boy Advance. The object of the mode is to make a promotion the
    greatest in the world. You have to hire wrestlers, sell merchandise, promote
    the show, purchase TV time, hold interpromotional cards, and scout wrestlers.
    4. Menu Translations
    The translation covers the main menu, and some of the subsequent submenu's of
    the game.
    As well as some of the selectable options.
     -Book a show
       - Alter your card (Unselectable until after you book a complete card)
       - Book Show
          - Normal Card
             - Normal
             - Deathmatches
             - Gruesome Fight
                - Country:
                - Venue:
                - Advertising:
           - Tournament Card
             - Tournament Brackets
       - Reset the entire show (Unselectable until after you book a complete card)
     - Hire a wrestler from another promotion to work 1 show for you
     - Send a wrestler to a specific promotion to work
     - Challenge another Promotion to a PPV
     - Back to Main
     - Purchase Back Stage equipment
       - Medicine Ball
       - Doctors
       - Medicare Room
       - Refresh Room
     - Purchase Merchandise for sale
       - T-Shirts
     - TV Programming
       - None
       - Worldwide PPV
     - Back to Main
     - Scout a Wrestler
       - Scout
       - Style
       - Country
       - Months searching
     - Hire a wrestler
     - Send a wrestler to another country
       - County
       - Months away
     - Release Wrestler from Contract
     - Back to Main
    ??? (If you know any info contact me)
     - Promotion
     - Other Promotions
     - Ranking
     - Belts
     - Advice
     - Back to Main
     -Back to Main
    Simulate Month/Run Card
    The L Trigger screen.
    When attempting to hire a wrestler from the 4 free agent pools or another feds
    pressing the L trigger will show a
    screen with information about the wrestler.
    NOTE: Please keep in mind this is highly incomplete.
    If you have info please contact me.
    [Wrestlers physical Condition]   [Promotion]    [Wrestlers Style]
                                     [Titles held]  [How popular the wrester is in
    each of the
                                                    4 regions (Japan, America,
    Mexico Europe)]
                                                    [Loyalty to their company]
                        [Wrestler's Name]
      [?????]                                    [?????]
      [?????]                                    [Wrestlers Current Salary]
    The Custom Promotion Screens
    If you select the custom promotion to start off with in Management of the Ring
    here's what the screens mean.
    First Screen:
    [??????]                   [Promotion Name]
    [Promotion Logo]          [How the Fans rate the federation]
                              [Current Rank]
                              [Current MP]
                              [Ranking points???]
                              [No. of Years that can be simmed]
    [ Styles that the promotion does (Represented by color) ]
    Blue = Strong Style
    Yellow = King's Road Style
    Orange = Showman Style
    White = Stoic Style
    Green = Lucha Style
    Red = Hardcore Style
    Light Blue = Freestyle
    Second Screen is the name screen. This is where you would name your custom
    federation. (Translation coming later)
    Third Screen: The Logo Screen. This is where you choose a Logo for your custom
    [New Japan]    [Team 2000]      [All Japan]
    [NOAH]         [Zero-ONE]       [U.F.O]
    [FMW]          [Michinoku Pro]  [Toryumon]
    [WWE/WWF]      [WCW]            [AAA]
    [RINGS]        [Pancrase]       [PRIDE]
    [UFC]          [FREE Agent]     [Legendary]
    [BattlArts]    [LLPW]           [CUSTOM 1]
    [CUSTOM 2]     [CUSTOM 3]       [CUSTOM 4]
    [W.A.R]        [K-1]            [CUSTOM 5]
    [UWA]          [Big Japan]      [Osaka Pro]
    [CUSTOM 6]     [CUSTOM 7]       [CUSTOM 8]
    [CUSTOM 9]     [CUSTOM 10]      [CUSTOM 11]
    Fourth Screen: Custom Promotion set up screen
    [Location]               [Strong Style]
    [Years To be played]     [Kings Road Style]
    [Starting MP]            [Showman Style]
    [Ring Colors]            [Lucha Style]
    [Style Percentages]      [Hardcore Style]
    [Ring Color Preview]     [Total Style Percentages]
    5. Picture Translations/meanings
    This is a listing of all the pictures (That I've seen atleast) and what they
    might mean)
    Guy with Arms raised: Wrestler wins title in another promotion/your promotion
    Wrestlers with Blue Sashes: ???
    Wrestler and Guy in Suit with Microphone at table: Wrestler is in talks with
    another promotion
    Wrestler with Microphone: Wrestler want's to work 1 show for your fed
    Magazines: Your magazine has been featured in a Magazine (Free Publicity)
    Merchandise: Merchandise sales, New Merchandise is available, Merchandice has
    stopped being sold/produced
    Wrestler and guy in Suit shaking hands: New Wrestler Unlocked/Wrestler has been
    hired from Free Agent pool
    Party: Pay ??? MP for ?????
    Wrestlers around an announcer: Your first show (I've only seen this once and it
    was for the Custom Promotion)
    Your Desk: ???
    Wrestler Walking into Sunset: Wrestler has quit a promotion
    You at your desk: Scout has failed to find new talent/An Unknown Wrestler has
    challenged your fed (Possiblilty to
    earn a hidden)
    Wrestler on Stretcher: Wrestler is Injured
    Guy in Jacket talking to Nurses: Wrestler has just come off of the injured list
    Wrestlers Surrounded by Children: ???
    A Beach: You take a month off from booking and take a vacation.
    A scene with a large red crack in it: A wrestler has split the company
    A shop: Merchandise sales
    A Talk Show TV Set: Wrestler makes appearance on TV show. (Free Publicity for
    your promotion)
    Guy Holding Head: Your Promotion has Failed, Game Over. Other Fed as Failed.
    If there are anymore please tell me.
    6. Secret Wrestlers and Scouting
    Scouting Screen Translation
    1. The Scout. (Dunno the choices by name)
    2. Style you want to search for. Strong Style, King's Road Style, Showman
    Style, Stoic    Style, Lucha Style,Hardcore Style, Shooter Style, Freestyle/Any
    3. Which country you want to search: Japan, America, Mexico, Europe, or
    4. How many months you want the scout to search 1~12
                                         [The Scout's Fee]
    Styles and the secret's unlocked
    NOTE: I dunno if which scout you pick to search dictates if certain wrestlers
    are unlocked. The ones below were all found using the first 2 scouts (The
    Default and the one to the immediate right) Also most of the hiddens below are
    listed as how I found them, if you find a different way, I'd like to hear about
    The Table below is read like this
    Style Searched+Country Searched = Secret in the Free Agent pools
    Strong+Japan =
    Strong+USA = Bill Goldberg
    Strong+Mexico = Junji Hirata
    Strong+Europe = Roland Bock
    Strong+Anywhere =
    Kings Road+Japan =
    Kings Road+USA = Stan Hansen, Gary Albright
    Kings Road+Mexico =
    Kings Road+Europe = Giant Singh
    Kings Road+Anywhere =
    Showman+Japan =
    Showman+USA = Stacy Kiebler,
    Showman+Mexico = Giant Silva, Tajiri
    Showman+Europe = Killer Khan, Dynamite Kid
    Showman+Anywhere = Giant Kimala
    Lucha+Japan = Takehiro Murahama
    Lucha+USA =
    Lucha+Mexico = Dos Caras Jr., Great Muta(I don't understand it as much as you
    Lucha+Europe = Aleksandr Karelin
    Lucha+Anywhere =
    Hardcore+Japan = Mammoth Sasaki
    Hardcore+USA = Nightmare Freddy (Freddy Kruger)
    Hardcore+Mexico =
    Hardcore+Europe =
    Hardcore+Anywhere = Trish Stratus
    Shooter+Japan =
    Shooter+USA =
    Shooter+Mexico =
    Shooter+Europe =
    Shooter+Anywhere =
    Any Style+Japan =
    Any Style+USA = D-Von Dudley
    Any Style+Mexico =
    Any Style+Europe = Steven/William Regal
    Any Style+Anywhere =
    Wrestlers Unlocked Via Other Means  - Ric Flair, Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris
    The only "other means" I can vouch for is you'll see a screen after a month has
    been simmed with a pic of you at your desk. The text will ask you a Yes/No
    question. Answer yes and your Match 5 will be against a mystery wrester (It's
    not really a mystery cause they do name him, but I can't read japanese.
    Answering Yes also negates the Random select, much like facing another
    promotion in a PPV) If you beat this wrestler. He'll be added to your list of
    selectable wrestlers in One Night Match. There are also "Style" titles that you
    can win. The only one I know so far is the Showman Style title, which unlocks
    Ric Flair. To earn this, play MoR as WCW and do your best to be successful.
    Hopefully you'll unlock Flair (I don't know exactly how it works). I know there
    are other Style titles, I know you can unlock The Sheik like this. But I
    haven't been able to try it as of yet.
    Unlocking the "Legendary 5" - Submitted by realrockyboy
    Just play any organization and get a score like 8xxxxx, and a group named
    "Legendary 5" (Rikidozan,Karl Gotch,Lou Thesz,Bruiser Brody, Andre the Giant)
    will challenge you. It will be a 5-match show, one on one!!! Lou Thesz for
    strong style, Bruiser Brody for hardcore, Andre the Giant for showman, Karl
    Gotch for SHOOT FIGHTING, and Rikidozan for king's road. And to unlock them
    all, you need to beat all of them and get a overall rating higher than 80%.
    I've heard that there is a Second Legendary 5 in the game if you play as a
    shoot fighting fed (Pancrase, RINGS and the hidden PRIDE). I've also hear that
    this might just be K-1. Unfortunatly these guys are also hiddens.
    1st Fighter: Mirko CroCOp Filipovich
    2nd Fighter: Francisco Filho
    3rd Fighter: Peter Aerts
    4th Fighter: Jerome Le Banner
    5th Fighter: Ernesto Hoost
    7. Thanks and Contact Info
    Spike: Makers of this awesome game
    HUMAN: Original Creators of the Fire Pro Series
    ?????: Dumped the rom.
    Chris Der: Translated alot of the secrets and some of the menu's. Also a great
    guy with a lot of knowledge about Japanese Pro Wrestling. You rule man
    PuroThemeHunter: The guy that made the save for the rom with all the defaults
    renamed into English.
    realrockyboy: Found a way to unlock the Legendary 5.
    Vipermask: Contributed info about the merchandice and the Backstage stuff.
    Fujita Fury: Contributed info on there being a Second Legendary 5
    Jeff Weaver: Info on the 4th option on the main menu, some info on the
    backstage stuff.
    Jeff Scott: The guy that runs GSWF.org. A great place for info and downloads
    for Fire Pro D
    "Icemaster" Frank James Chan: The god of Fire Pro, now retired. This guy made
    the best guides for Fire Pro 6MS, G, D and A. It's too bad he's gotten out of
    Fire Pro for good. Your still the best man, wherever you may be.
    ZForce, Lyger479, |Freakshow|, royzoom, and MST3Claye: 5 of the nicest guys on
    #firepro on Altnet. Thanks for supporting me guys.
    If you have any info or criticism for me e-mail at: mziemba@bentcom.net

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