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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shadowruler

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    For Game Boy Advance
    Guide written by Shadowruler
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this guide are owned by their own
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright 2003 Neil Edwards
    This Guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal or
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. If you wish to use this guide on
    your site, you may, but contact me before doing so.
    Now that that's out of the way, let's get down to business shall we?
    1. Introduction
    2. Game Controls
    3. Story
    4. Characters
    5. Tools and Relics
    6. Useful Strategies
    7. Walkthrough
    8. Boss Strategies
    9. Final Words
    This guide was written with the intent to provide as much help as possible in
    the different areas of this game. Keep in mind, this may or may not be the
    fastest route through the game, but rather, it is intended to help you get the
    most out of the game. I chose to write a guide for this game because I believe
    it to be a wonderful game, and I don't think people give it the attention it
    deserves. So without further ado, let's begin.
    Controls for this game are not hard to learn by any means, but familiarizing
    yourself with them before playing the game is always a good idea.
    -Directional Pad: Up, Down, Left, Right, Diagonal Up+Right, D-Up Left, D-
    Down+Right, D-Down+Left. These are the directions in which the character can be
    moved on the screen. Menu Screen, used to move through options
    -B Button: Used to fire weapons. Hit B once for a Normal Shot, hold B down for
    a Force Combo, and tap B repeatedly for Triple Shot. On Menu Screen, used to go
    back to the previous screen.
    -A Button: Hold A down to run, combine with directional buttons to run in
    different directions. You must hold A down after you start moving to run. You
    cannot run from a stand still. Also, if you release the directional pad while
    running, you will stop running. On Menu screen used to select options
    -L button: Used to cycle through available tools by pressing this button
    -R button: Activate selected tool by pressing this button
    -Start: Pause the game and view statistics and available tools, On Menu screen,
    used to select options
    -Select: Alternate control to cycle through Tools
    Long ago, there lived 2 brothers, Percy and Victor Frankenstein. Both of these
    brothers loved experimenting with living creatures, and creating new living
    creatures. However, the creatures would scare the people in the land they lived
    in, so they moved to Monsterland, where they could continue creating monsters.
    But one day, 3 of these such monsters, Frank, Drac, and Wolfie, awoke to find
    their master, Victor, missing. Together they headed across Monsterland to find
    Percy, who they hoped would help them find Victor. You, playing as one of these
    three monsters, will navigate through 36 levels, broken up into 9 stages, and
    try to find Percy, who can help find Victor.
    Frank, better known as a teen version of Frankenstein, is the first of the
    three characters available to you at the start of the game. Frank is the
    strongest of the trio, however, his lack of speed makes up for his incredible
    strength. Frank will have a very easy time defeating enemies, but will have to
    dodge a lot, as he moves slow, and fires slow.
    Drac, a teen version of the famous Dracula, is the second character available
    at the beginning of the game. Drac is not very fast, yet not slow. Likewise he
    is not the most powerful, and not the weakest. Drac is the definition of the
    all-around character. Drac moves at an average speed and has average attack
    strength as you might guess. He has an ok response time for firing, and can
    evade enemies easily enough.
    Wolfie, a.k.a Wolf Man, is the last character available at the start of the
    game. Wolfie is extremely fast moving, but his attacks are rather weak. If you
    don't want to spend time looking at the scenery, or just want to whiz right
    through some areas, Wolfie is ideal for speed. However, his attacks are quite
    weak, but very fast moving. You will spend the most time defeating bosses and
    enemies with him, but will easily run around enemies and whip right through
    some levels.
    -Secret Characters (SPOILERS)-
    Mina is a mummy-like monster that you will encounter in the first few levels of
    the game. Mina is fast, and very powerful. Since she is a secret character,
    it's obvious that she is the best of all the monsters, but she can be very
    unfair to play with. If you play through the game with her you will have a much
    easier time, and ultimately you would only be playing through for the enjoyment
    you have while playing the game again. Mina is unlocked after beating the game
    (more information soon)
    Unlocked after beating the game with Gold Status on every level.
    Tools and Relics (to be updated)
    These are the items you can buy through Igor's Shop. Igor is Victor's assistant
    throughout the game and will provide many helpful hints and information about
    areas and things seen in the game. N addition to that, when you beat a level,
    you will appear at his shop, where you can buy tools and relics (more info on
    relics later) Throughout the game, depending on the stage you are on, the tools
    will be upgraded, and will be more powerful. However, Igor's shop is different
    on every level, so you need to know which level you will play through in order
    to get certain tools.
    -Heart Lvl.1
    Restores a portion of your health.
    -Heart Lvl. 2
    Restores a large portion of your health.
    -Heart Lvl. 3
    Restores huge amount of your health.
    -Magnet Shot Lvl. 1
    Force Combo Grabs Atoms.
    -Magnet Shot Lvl. 2
    Force Combo Grabs Atoms, Farther
    -Magnet Shot Lvl. 3
    Hurts all Enemies on Screen
    -Bomb Lvl. 2
    X-ray Shot Lvl. 1
    Force Combo Shoots Through Walls
    Reflect Shot Lvl. 1
    Force Combo Bounces off Walls
    Reflect Shot Lvl.2
    Force Combo Bounces off Walls, stronger, longer duration
    Invincible 1
    Gives Short Invincibility
    Invincible Lvl.1
    Gives Medium Invincibility
    Double Shot Lvl.1
    Force Combo Shoots in 2 Directions
    These are the items that can only be purchased via Igor's Shop after beating a
    Relics affect attack power, luck, and health amounts. Relics are essential for
    strength, and some levels will be impossible if you have no relics. So purchase
    relics whenever you see them, provided you have enough atoms.
    Attack Ring 1
    Normal Shot Power Up
    Attack Gauntlet
    Large Normal Shot Power Up
    Force Ring 1
    Force Combo Power Up
    Force Ring 2
    Gives a Luck increases
    Armor Ring 1
    Gives a Health Increase
    Armor Gauntlet
    Gives a Large Health increase
    (more soon)
    6.Useful Strategies
    -Hints and Strategies to Keep in Mind While Playing-
    -Learning how to navigate the different kinds of areas throughout the game
    through running is essential. In some Trials in stages, you must practically run
    the entire time, and running into a wall can be the difference between
    succeeding and failing. Perfecting your running skills is best saved for regular
    levels, as there is no time limit. So learning how to run around corners without
    hitting walls is very important. Failing a Trial because you had 2 seconds left
    and were about to get to the exit, and ran into a wall is quite frustrating, and
    will happen again and again until you learn how to properly run. Keep this in
    mind when you are playing.
    -The best way to earn atoms in levels is to kill your enemies in clusters all at
    once. Killing groups of enemies will yield tons of atoms, but killing them one
    at a time is not good. The same goes for pumpkins that need to be destroyed. Do
    your best to destroy pumpkins in lines and groups as well, because blowing them
    up one at a time will only give you minimal atoms per pumpkin. In some areas,
    pumpkins will change from an X to a number. This means you must hit the pumpkins
    after the x is gone. If there are large groups like this, if you time it right,
    you can gain massive amounts of atoms. Remember, destroy pumpkins and enemies in
    groups for the best amount of atoms.
    -In the first few levels of the game, you will learn about a lot of different
    types of enemies. You will learn of the ones that require a lot of hits to kill,
    and the ones that die in one shot. When gaining atoms is your best interest,
    killing the harder enemies will net you more atoms, and the weaker enemies will
    give you less. However, usually the weaker enemies will come out of generators,
    and will keep coming unless you destroy the generator. If you are looking for an
    easy way to gain atoms, do not destroy the generator and just keep killing the
    hordes of enemies in groups and you will gain a lot of atoms.
    Another very important strategy to remember about enemies while playing is this:
    If you know that one enemy is very hard to kill, and not worth the atoms it
    gives you, and there are easier enemies in the room, ignore the harder ones.
    They won't follow you to the next room, but do your best to avoid their attacks.
    If you keep these things in mind while playing, you will learn that you do not
    have to kill every enemy to beat a level, not to mention save a lot of health.
    ----Staying Alive----
    In this game, health is the most important thing to keep in mind. Pumpkins will
    leave Health Increases sometimes when you destroy them, and you should use these
    sparingly. You can sustain getting hit around 3 times before you die, so if you
    get hit once, do not immediately use a Health Increase. If you know you will die
    if you are hit once more, definitely use these. Do not charge headlong into a
    group of enemies, shoot them from afar to insure you are not hurt. Later in the
    game, you will come across different Heart Increases, that give you more Health.
    If you need to use a Heart increase to heal yourself, use the lowest level
    possible before using powerful ones. Heart Lvl.1 only heals a little energy,
    where as Heart Lvl.3 heals almost all of your health. So, when using items, make
    sure you use the lower level items before the higher ones. Easy enough.

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