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    Boss FAQ by Lagoona

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                                    MONSTER FORCE
                                (for Gameboy Advance)
                                      Boss FAQ
                                     by Lagoona
      Table of Contents:
      (1) Introduction
      (2) Preparations
      (3) Boss List
      (4) Boss Strategies
      (5) Version history
      (6) Contact
      (7) Legal stuff
      (8) Credits
     (1)                          + Introduction +
    Monster Force for the GBA can be described as a 3rd person maze shooter. You 
    play as a young version of a famous monster (Drac, Wolfie or Frank) who has to
    fight his way through maze-like levels while shooting monster minions, using 
    switches and finding keys in order to get to the exit.
    The levels have different theme settings, and at the end of each theme - after
    two regular levels and a trial level - you fight a boss. While the levels 
    themselves can already be quite tricky and the trials may often seem 
    impossible (luckily, you don't have to beat them, you advance even if you fail
    them), the level bosses can be hard as well if you don't know what you're 
    doing. And this is where this guide comes in, of course.
     (2)                          + Preparations +
    This is a quite general tip: if you're having trouble with a boss, make sure 
    you're well prepared for the fight in terms of equipped relics and tools!
    The game allows you to replay beaten levels as often as you like, so use this
    to collect atoms and buy the relics you find useful. Useful relics are e.g. 
    Health increase and Normal Shot power-up, and as far as tools are concerned, 
    Health refills are vital - I always made sure I had at least three of the 
    strongest ones available - and maybe Invincibility, depending on the boss.
    The Force Combo power-up relic loses its usefulness when you progress, 
    especially for boss fights. You will most often not have the time to charge 
    long enough because the boss is too fast - and triple shots are in my opinion 
    just as effective and slightly faster, just make sure you get the timing 
    Use the red arrow indicating the boss' position when he's off screen.
     (3)                            + Boss List +
    Here's a list of all bosses you'll encounter in the game, in order of their 
    first appearance in the game.
    Cemetery Shadow   (end of Cemetery zone, Castle Level 1)
    Village Shadow   (end of Village zone)
    Pumpkin Boss     (end of Garden zone, Castle Level 3)
    Atlantis Shadow  (end of Atlantis zone)
    Dragon Boss      (end of Temple zone, Castle Level 4)
    Desert Shadow    (end of Desert zone, Castle Level 2)
    Clouds Shadow    (end of Clouds zone)
    Factory Shadow   (end of Factory zone)
    Sergeant Smash   (end of Castle zone)
     (4)                         + Boss Strategies +
    I will address the bosses in the order you encounter them in your playthrough.
    I'll give you the 'level start info', then I'll try to rate them in terms of 
    difficulty and give strategies that hopefully help you where you may have 
    *     - very easy
    **    - easy
    ***   - medium
    ****  - hard
    ***** - very hard
    Name        - Cemetery Shadow
    Where       - End of Cemetery zone
    Tagline     - Destroy the Shadow Creature!
    Time Bonus  - Finish under 1:30
    Difficulty  - * (very easy)
    This guy looks quite funny. I'd describe it as a big black Blob with yellow 
    eyes, thin legs and long gummy arms. His attack pattern (what an exaggeration)
    is simply chasing you around. So (after shooting the stone pumpkins for their 
    atoms) your tactic will be to get away from him, turn around and shoot him, 
    then rinse and repeat when he comes close. You can beat him even without 
    running (but simple walking), but if you do run, you'll get a bit more time to
    shoot him. The only annoying thing in this fight is the very narrow space you 
    have, shaped like a broad cross with two additional small openings, so try not
    to hit a corner while running, or the Shadow Creature might get you.
    If you want, you can try to get a Force Combo in, but I'd prefer the triple 
    shot. He should go down in no time. This was the first, but by far not the 
    last time you saw this Shadow Creature guy.
    Name       - Village Shadow
    Where      - End of Village zone
    Tagline    - Return of the Shadow Creature!
    Time Bonus - Finish under 1:30
    Difficulty - ** (easy) to *** (medium)
    Well, this is actually the same Shadow Creature again (only without his yellow
    eyes), and this time he's a bit angered... The good thing in this fight is 
    that you have much more space to run around - and trust me, this time you need
    to run, walking will be too slow. The bad thing is that he's learned a few 
    This time, he will not only come after you, but he also attacks you by 
    swinging his arms in a clapping motion to crush you. Additionally, each time 
    you evade his attack (except for the very first one, as far as I've noticed), 
    even though that wins you some time where he stands still, he spawns a small 
    green pumpkin enemy that also comes after you. Fortunately, these things are 
    very slow, but may still get in your way when you run from the Shadow 
    Creature. So I'd advise you to ignore the green pumpkins as long as you can 
    and only get rid of them when there are too many and you have the time (triple
    shot works best). It's still better to shoot the Shadow Creature instead, 
    because when you kill him, all his minions will disappear.
    If you thought that would be all, you're wrong, as with each shot you land, 
    the Creature will get a bit faster. And after he loses about half his health, 
    he even spawns two green pumpkins at a time instead of only one. After that 
    point, he'll become so fast you'll have trouble evading him at all. So be 
    ready to use your Health tools. And as the green pumpkins drain less of your 
    HP when hitting you, you'll prefer getting hit by them than by the Shadow 
    Creature. With enough Health tools you can even use this strategically - get 
    damaged by the green pumpkins while simply standing and firing triple shots at
    the Shadow Creature and replenish your HP when needed. Also, if you have an 
    Invincibility tool, use it wisely towards the end of the fight when the 
    Creature is already very fast and there are lots of green pumpkins.
    One final note - if you manage to get quite far away of the Creature, his 
    position is indicated by a red arrow. Use this indicator to shoot at him and 
    don't wait until it comes back into vision.
    Name       - Pumpkin Boss
    Where      - End of Garden zone
    Tagline    - Destroy the Pumpkin Boss!
    Time Bonus - Finish under 1:30
    Difficulty - *** (medium)
    This fight starts with you against two big pumpkin heads with a scary face. 
    While they swirl around, you cannot harm them, so wait until they stand still 
    and their face shows. And also now, Do NOT use the Force Combo, as it just 
    bounces off them without doing any damage. Stick to normal shots and triple 
    shots! After a few shots, each big pumpkin will split into two medium sized 
    pumpkins that move in the same pattern, but a bit faster. They move around in 
    horizontal, vertical and diagonal straight lines. You'll have to wait again 
    till they stop and you can see their face. After a few more shots, each of 
    them again will split into two small pumpkins, which also zoom around in the 
    same way, but now they're quite a lot faster. So try to evade them until they 
    stop and show their face, then immediately shoot them. They don't take many 
    hits, but if you wait too long, they swirl around again, so aim well.
    I found it easier to concentrate on only one of the big pumpkins first while 
    leaving the other one big and slow - he's easy to evade that way and you'll 
    not have eight small but fast small pumpkins zooming around and hitting you. 
    You can even try to optimize that by also only shooting one of the medium 
    sized pumpkins, then take out the two small ones before taking out the second 
    medium sized one and his two small off-springs. That way you cut down the 
    maximum amount of small, fast, hard-to-hit on screen at the same time to two.
    If you do get hit a few times, don't forget to use your Health tools. Of all 
    the attack tools, none is actually helpful. The Bomb tool, which may seem 
    useful when there are several small pumpkin heads zooming around, doesn't do 
    any damage, as far as I've seen. So the only other useful tool is 
    Invincibility, especially if you're going for the Crystal rating.
    Name       - Atlantis Shadow
    Where      - End of Atlantis zone
    Tagline    - Son of Shadow Creature!
    Time Bonus - Finish under 1:30
    Difficulty - *** (medium)
    Again a fight against a Shadow Creature. This time, it takes place in a quite 
    large place which is separated into two areas by water, an inner part where 
    the Shadow Creature is and an outer part along the outer walls. This is where 
    you are restricted to. Additionally, the walls and water areas are not smooth 
    but have corners, so there's no easy straight running.
    As expected, the Shadow Creature comes after you. Even if he can't leave the 
    inner island, he can still hit you if you pass through a narrow part of the 
    outer section, but not if you're in or near one of the four corners. 
    Additionally, he shoots blue water balls homing in on you (he indicates this 
    by shortly blinking white), but they only follow you for a short time.
    The best strategy here is to run away, especially from the blue balls, and 
    just when they disappear, turn towards the Creature and fire away at him, 
    until he's either coming dangerously close again or shoots balls at you again.
    And remember, if you get far away from him and he's not visible on the screen,
    his position is indicated by the red arrow, so use this to also hit him off-
    screen. This is quite easy in the first part of the fight, but after a few 
    hits, the Shadow Creature gets faster, just like in the Village Shadow fight, 
    so you might need some Health tools if you're not careful.
    A different strategy, that involves getting hit a few times but almost always 
    works if you have a few Health tools, is simply waiting in one corner except 
    for the upper right one (you can't really hide there) and shooting at the 
    Shadow Creature (preferably with triple shots). Sometimes it even happened 
    that the Creature's blue shots didn't even hit me but disappeared against a 
    wall corner.
    Name       - Dragon Boss
    Where      - End of Temple zone
    Tagline    - Destroy the Shadow Creature!
    Time Bonus - Finish under 1:30
    Difficulty - **** (hard)
    Hey, big change, not a Shadow Creature. This time you fight a dragon that 
    consists of five round balls, a head part and four tail parts, which initially
    are all connected in a row. The battleground is a medium-sized square with two
    small inaccessible part in the top right and the bottom left corner. And by 
    inaccessible I mean only you can't run over the patches, the dragon still 
    can... First of all, the charge combo doesn't work, it bounces off the dragon 
    without effect. So stick to single shots or, if you get the time, the 
    occasional triple shot. Once you hit the dragon a few times, his last part 
    will deconnect and roll around almost aimlessly. Hit it more and a second part
    will deconnect and roll around freely. Rinse and repeat until there's only the
    head left, then you can kill the dragon by shooting his head. It's no use 
    shooting the deconnected tail parts rolling around, this has no effect on 
    them. One more nasty thing is that when a deconnected part hits you, 
    additionally to you taking damage, it will confuse you (the question mark 
    above your head indicates that the controls are inverted).
    I've found two strategies to work for this fight. The first one is more 
    tedious but could be applied when going for a crystal rating, while the second
    one is cheaper and you're sure to get hit a few times.
    Strategy 1: Get a few hits in right at the beginning of the fight. Then lure 
    the dragon in one corner and let him get somewhat close, then run as far away 
    as you can in the opposite corner and immediately get a few shots off at him. 
    He'll soon be quite close again, so dash off to the opposite corner again and 
    shoot. Apply this pattern for the whole fight. It gets harder when more parts 
    of his tail are detached and rolling around, so you may have to adapt and 
    change your corners. (Initially, the upper left and bottom right work a bit 
    better because there's no inaccessible patch.)
    Strategy 2: This one is a bit cheap but much easier than the first one. 
    However, you're sure to get hit a few times, so make sure you have some Health
    tools ready and don't forget to use them when you get low on health. First, 
    get very close to the dragon, then stand still. He will then circle around 
    you. If he hits you, slightly adapt your position, it should be possible to 
    find the right position where he won't touch you anymore. I never managed to 
    do this without him hitting me at least once, but that's ok, because you 
    should be able to sustain more than one hit. When you have him circling around
    you, shoot away to your heart's content. The only thing to worry now are the 
    deconnected tail parts. They are bound to hit you from time to time - but for 
    that we have the Health tools. And as you're standing still, you also don't 
    have to worry about the confusion effect of the hits. :-)
    If you're aiming for a crystal rating, you can try strategy 2 together with 4 
    green Invincibility tools. I haven't tried this myself yet, but if you have 
    enough firepower from relics, you could be able to defeat the dragon fast 
    enough before you run out of tools.
    Name       - Desert Shadow
    Where      - End of Desert zone
    Tagline    - Return of the Shadow Creature!
    Time Bonus - Finish under 1:30
    Difficulty - ** (easy) to *** (medium)
    This is the Shadow Creature again, but this time in ninja style! He isn't 
    black this time, but semi-transparent blinking silver. Much like the ninja-
    pumpkins encountered in the Desert zone levels, you can only harm him when you
    activate the switch and he turns solid. However, after touching the switch, 
    the effect of the switch runs out pretty fast, so fire away fast. Again, don't
    bother with the Force Combo but use the triple shot instead.
    The Shadow Creature generally comes after you in a pretty straight motion, and
    he also tries to smash you with his long arms (mind you, he does hurt you even
    when transparent!). Additionally, he spawns the already mentioned ninja-
    pumpkins, like he did with the green pumpkins in the Village zone. Don't 
    bother with these, though, and only get rid of them when they block your way 
    around the Shadow Creature, because they are immobilized while the switch is 
    active (the ninja-pumpkins, too, can only be hurt when solid while the switch 
    is on).
    So what you'll want to do is always stay close to one of the two switches and 
    keep them activated (it doesn't matter which one you touch, they get activated
    simultaneously). The available space is quite long, but not very broad, and 
    the two switches are located towards one end of the battlefield each. At the 
    start of the fight you can directly activate one, then go a bit to the right 
    until you see the Shadow Creature, then immediately run back to the switch and
    start shooting at him. As soon as the timer runs out, reactivate the switch 
    and continue shooting. When he comes too close, activate the switch again, 
    then run around him to the other switch and continue firing at him from the 
    other side (again: red arrow indicates his position if you left him too far 
    behind, just fire away). Rinse and repeat. Remember to keep the switches 
    activated all the time (also when you change position), so the ninja-pumkin 
    minions can't shoot at you. It shouldn't take too long until he goes down. And
    with him, also his minions dissappear.
    Name       - Clouds Shadow
    Where      - End of Clouds zone
    Tagline    - Destroy the Shadow Creature!
    Time Bonus - Finish under 0:30
    Difficulty - *** (medium) to **** (hard)
    Surprise, it's the Shadow Creature again. :-)  This time, at the start of the 
    fight, he releases four mini-versions of himself. They start running towards 
    the corners of the square battlefield, and then they come after you - as does 
    the big Shadow Creature. The difference is that the mini-shadows (normally) 
    run only in straight diagonal, vertical or horizontal lines, while the big one
    moves freely. The key to victory here is to defeat the mini-shadows, then the 
    big one will disappear as well. With every mini-shadow you kill, the big one 
    becomes faster, so prepare to run fast and don't forget to use your Health 
    tools when needed.
    This is probably the only boss fight where I recommend using the charge combo 
    at least a few times. The triple shot is still more effective in killing the 
    mini-shadows, but if you hit one with a force combo shot, you'll slow him down
    and make him wander around slowly, like the big one in the beginning. Just 
    take care to not hit them straight from the front, or the shot may simply 
    bounce off them. Also the big Shadow Creature can be be stopped in his tracks 
    by a force combo shot for a little while (except straight from the front, as 
    with the mini-versions), so use this time to fight off the mini-shadows. You 
    could even kill them with force combos, but it takes much more time than with 
    triple shots.
    Name       - Factory Shadow
    Where      - End of Factory zone
    Tagline    - Destroy the Shadow Creature!
    Time Bonus - Finish under 0:30
    Difficulty - ** (easy)
    Well, right, yet another fight against a Shadow Creature. This time, it takes 
    place on a big square place, but it's rather him that uses the place (if you 
    let him) and not you. His attack scheme in this fight is running around 
    horrendously fast - luckily only horizontally, vertically and diagonally until
    he hits a wall, then anew in your direction. If he hits you, it takes a big 
    chunk of your health bar, and you get confused (the question mark above your 
    head indicated the inversed controls). However, if you know what you're doing,
    this guy's a joke. If you approach him slowly at the start, you can see his 
    feet first. He stands there and only slowly turns around, trying to look in 
    your direction so he can speed off to hit you. Now all you have to do is make 
    sure to always stand behind or beside him by running around him, and he'll 
    turn around endlessly. Well, not endlessly, if you keep shooting him when you 
    got behind him. :-)   He takes quite a few hits, but if you hold true to this 
    strategy, he'll go down without leaving his starting position and without 
    hitting you.
    If you should happen to cross his line of sight and he starts dashing around, 
    get away from him as far as possible. Now use the red arrow to find his 
    location and shoot him from far away. Keep moving a bit, so you could evade if
    he should run at you (it can happen that you won't see him again and kill him 
    off-screen). If you can't seem to hit him, go closer to him cautiously until 
    you see him. You may have to evade an attack, but at least you got a few shots
    in and now know again where he is.
    Name       - Shadow Creature
    Where      - Castle Level 1
    Tagline    - Revenge of the Shadow Creature!
    Time Bonus - Finish under 1:30
    Difficulty - * (very easy)
    This is the exact same fight as the very first one against the Shadow Creature
    at the end of the Cemetery zone. Only this time, you are quite a lot stronger 
    than last time, so you'll breeze through in a few seconds. Most probably a 
    single triple shot should be enough.
    Name       - Desert Shadow
    Where      - Castle Level 2
    Tagline    - Revenge of the Desert Shadow!
    Time Bonus - Finish under 1:30
    Difficulty - * (very easy)
    This is the exact same fight as the one at the end of the Desert zone. So 
    considering you have more health and, more importantly, more firepower, you 
    should be able to get rid of that Shadow in a short time. Activate the switch 
    close to your starting position and run to the right, till you see the Shadow 
    Creature. Immediately run back to the switch. Keep it activated while shooting
    (preferably triple shots) at the Creature, and he should go down even before 
    he reaches you.
    Name       - Pumpkin Boss
    Where      - Castle Level 3
    Tagline    - Revenge of the Pumpkin Boss!
    Time Bonus - Finish under 1:30
    Difficulty - *** (medium)
    This is the exact same fight as the one at the end of the Garden zone. The 
    pumpkins of all three sizes take as many hits as last time. So the only 
    advantage you got is that you have more health than before. So basically apply
    the same strategy: shoot the pumpkins when they stop and their face shows and 
    evade them when they zoom around. Remember, the force combo shot doesn't work,
    it will simply bounce off them. It shouldn't be hard to win this fight.
    Name       - Dragon Boss
    Where      - Castle Level 4
    Tagline    - Revenge of the Dragon Boss!
    Time Bonus - Finish under 1:30
    Difficulty - **** (hard) to ***** (very hard)
    This is basically the same fight as the first dragon boss fight at the end of 
    the Temple zone, but not entirely. In the top left corner of the battlefield 
    is now a small patch of spikes that hurt you quite a lot. And the dragon moves
    slightly faster than last time. So even though you have more HP and a stronger
    shot, these two new things make the run and hit strategy (see Strategy 1 in 
    the first dragon boss fight) much more difficult. At least I wasn't able to 
    beat him that way, even with 4 Max Health tools. So I'll suggest the second 
    strategy. Get close to the dragon and stand still until he circles closely 
    around you. Adapt your position slightly until he doesn't hit you anymore. Now
    fire away at him. The detaching tail parts will again hit you from time to 
    time, so don't forget to use your Health tools in time, but this way you 
    should be able to beat the dragon more easily.
    Again, also in this fight, you can try to go for a crystal rating with 4 green
    Invicibility tools equipped. It may be enough to kill the dragon before you 
    run out of tools. I haven't tried this yet, so maybe you have to time their 
    use such that you only activate them right before a tail part hits you.
    Name       - Sergeant Smash
    Where      - End of Castle zone
    Tagline    - Destroy Sergeant Smash!
    Time Bonus - Finish under 1:30
    Difficulty - ***** (very hard) to ****** (unfair)
    Prepare for a very hard fight against a very big mean pumpkin! The fight takes
    place on a medium sized battleground that is a bit longer than wide, but at 
    least has no obstacles. Smash has four small pumpkins circling around him. He 
    moves around the place in horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines, and when he 
    stops, the four pumpkins fire sonic-boom-like shots at you (one each). This 
    behavior stays constant during the whole fight. However, the small pumpkins 
    In a first stage, they are transparent and don't have any effect. After a few 
    hits, they turn solid - and as they are pumpkins with an X mark, they deflect 
    all shots that hit them, so only shots passing between them will hit Smash. 
    After a few more hits, the small X pumpkins will turn into mini-versions of 
    YOURSELF. They then act like small protective voodoo dolls that even transfer 
    damage to you when they are hit! Talk about mean and cheesy! This forces you 
    to aim well and time your shots such that you only hit Smash and not the 
    circling clones around him. This is, obviously, the hardest part, and you'll 
    need as many Health tools as possible.
    Generally, your main objective should be not to get hit by the moving Sergeant
    himself or the four pumpkins around him, as this takes away a LOT of your HP. 
    The sonic-boom shots hit for less damage, but of course, you should also try 
    to avoid them. You had best not stand still for a long time while shooting, 
    but move around (and away from Smash) constantly. Shoot at him when you're 
    sure he's not gonna ram you or shoot you right away (e.g. right after evading 
    his shots) with single or triple shots. Force combo shots work well on him, 
    but you'll soon see that they're not recommendable. In the first stage, they 
    are ok; but in the second stage (when he has the X-pumpkins around him), the 
    combos rarely get through to Smash. And in the third stage, you are guaranteed
    to hurt yourself a lot by hitting the mini-versions of yourself. And one more 
    important thing: during stage three, even if you use an Invincibility tool, 
    you'll lose HP when you hit a voodoo doll yourself. So there's no easy way. 
    Just have your Health tools ready.
    Now this is how I beat him. At the beginning of the fight, I used an 
    Invincibility tool and quickly whittled Smash's HP down with triple shots so 
    he reached his third stage. Fighting carefully, you can do this without the 
    Incincibility tool, replacing it with one extra Full Health tool, but this is 
    the safe way. Then I sticked to single shots (not risking to hurt myself with 
    the powerful triple shot) in rapid succession, while evading Smash himself and
    his shots. Making sure to only be hurt by shooting the voodoo dolls (which 
    takes off the least HP), it's easier to time and make best use of the Full 
    Health tools. So I didn't care too much about going near Smash and timing my 
    shots so they'd only hit Smash, but relied on the fact that he'd go down 
    before I had no Health tools and no HP left. And it worked!
    One additional hint: if you're about to be rammed by Smash himself, quickly 
    shoot a voodoo doll, thus you'll get very short invincibility while only 
    getting hurt a bit and you can get away from him again. 
    Good luck on this fight, you'll need it!
    If you cannot seem to beat one of the later bosses (especially Sergeant 
    Smash), there's always the possibility to replay already beaten levels for 
    atoms and spend them in Igor's shop for best suitable relics and tools. 
    Especially, go for the black colored tools (called Scrolls), they raise your 
    attributes (HP, normal shot, force combo) PERMANENTLY. So this may be the 
    ultimate way to raise your HP and power to a degree where you are able to 
    finish the game.
    I beat Sergeant Smash and with him the game using DRAC who had the following 
    Force Level:  39%
    Attack Level: 22%
    HP:           45
    Relics: green normal shot power up
            green armor (HP power up)
            green force combo power up (exchange this for boss fights)
            red luck power up (lol, no good for bosses, only helpful for atom
                               quota, and even for that it's the weakest version)
    Tools:  1x green Invicibility
            3x black Health (max)
     (5)                        + Version history +
    Version 0.9  - All boss strategies written.
    Version 1.0  - Added the 'Addendum'. This is the first official, accepted
                   version. But the table of contents is still missing.
    Version 1.01 - Added Table of Contents. Minor format changes and update of the
    (03/27/08)     credits section.
     (6)                           + Contact +
    If you have a question, found a mistake or would like to have something added,
    don't hesitate to contact me at: DrLagoona (at) hotmail (dot) com.
    Of course, you're welcome to simply drop a line saying that this guide was
    helpful to you. :-)
    Please have <Monster Force Faq> in the subject header when doing this.
     (7)                         + Legal Stuff +
    This guide is copyrighted 2007/2008 by Lagoona. 
    The only websites allowed for hosting and public display are up to now
    No part of this file can be used without the permission of the author and
    credits to the author. To get permission to host this guide on your website
    drop a line asking for it to DrLagoona (at) hotmail (dot) com, wait for an 
    answer and abide to it. Of course, you can also use this address if you have 
    comments or questions about my guide. Make sure you have <Monster Force Faq> 
    in the subject line, or else I'll shred and eat the e-mail without reading it.
    Monster Force is a trademark of Vivendi Universal Interactive.
     (8)                           + Credits +
    ...to Digital Eclipse and Universal Interactive for creating and publishing 
    this game.
    ...to http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ , as the header ascii was created 
    with this ascii-generator.
    ...to myself for having the patience to finish this game and write this guide.
    And thanks to CJayC for running GameFAQs. Well, actually, for having created
    GameFAQs - and to Sailor Bacon (aka SBAllen) for taking over.

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