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    Shop Guide by The Lost Gamer

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    Version 1.3 10/19/03
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    Shop Guide
    An In-depth Guide
    by The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Copyright 2003
    For information on the latest version of this guide, check
    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  What the kupo is this guide about?
    003.  The List!
    004.  Shop Upgrades 
    005.  Shop Particulars
    006.  Shop Discounts
    007.  Credits
    001-General Information
    This is an in-depth guide for Final Fantasy Tactics Advance,
    which is a Game Boy Advance game.  If you want to use part
    of this guide for something, you should ask first.  You can
    e-mail me at ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com, but make the
    subject blank if you do.
    I encourage you to visit my website for more video game
    stuff; http://the_lost_gamer.tripod.com
    Thanks to Ancient Anguish, for the cool sword picture at the
    top of this guide.
    Thanks to Terence Fergusson for help about shop upgrades.
    002- What the kupo is this guide about?
    Well, throughout this game, there are various shops.  These
    different shops sell different things, at different times.
    This guide is made to help with understanding what items
    you can get at a shop, when, and how to get those items as
    cheaply as possible.
    Note that this guide does not cover Nono's shop, or any
    card shops.
    003-The List!
    Okay, here are all the items you can get in a shop.  They
    are arranged alphabetically.  Each item also follows this
    Item name, item type, town where the item can be bought,
    when you can buy the item.
    For the town where the item can be bought, most items can
    be bought at any shop.  These will simply be labeled all.
    However, there are a few items that can only be bought at
    a particular shop, and they will be labeled appropriately.
    For when you can buy the item, stores upgrade their
    inventories occasionally (see the Shop Upgrades section for
    more).  Listed will be the number of the shop upgrade at
    which the shop gets that item.  A plus after the number
    indicates that the item can be found in a shop after that
    upgrade.  For example, if an item is label 3+, you can get
    it after the third shop upgrade.
    There are some items you can get at the beginning of the
    game, and they are labeled 0+.  So, an item labeled 0+,
    like cuirass, is available the first time you enter
    a shop.
    If you're looking for a particular type of item (like a
    saber), press [Ctrl] + [F] to search for a particular item
    by entering the name/type of the item you want to find. 
    Here's the list:
    Adaman Vest, cloth, all, 1+
    Aiot Gun, gun, all, 0+
    Air Blade, blade, all, 2+
    Ancient Sword, greatsword, all, 1+
    Antidote, item, all, 0+
    Apocalypse, knightsword, all, 1+
    Aqua Saber, saber, all, 2+
    Ashura, katana, all, 1+
    Atmos Blade, blade, all, 1+
    Bandage, item, all, 0+
    Barong, greatsword, all, 0+
    Battle Boots, boot, all, 0+
    Battle Mace, mace, all, 1+
    Black Quena, instrument, all, 1+
    Bless Staff, staff, all, 1+
    Bless Staff, staff, all, 2+
    Blue Saber, saber, all, 1+
    Bracers, armlet, Sprohm, 5+
    Brigandine, cloth, all, 2+
    Bronze Armor, armor, all, 0+
    Bronze Helm, helmet, all, 0+
    Bronze Shield, shield, all, 0+
    Burglar Sword, sword, all, 2+
    Buster Sword, sword, all, 1+
    Chain Plate, cloth, all, 0+
    Chaos Rifle, gun, all, 2+
    Char bow, bow, all, 0+
    Circlet, hat, all, 2+
    Conch Shell, instrument, all, 1+
    Cranquin, greatbow, all, 1+
    Cuirass, armor, all, 0+
    Cure Staff, staff, all, 2+
    Cureall, item, Baguba Port, 3+
    Dash Boots, boot, all, 2+
    Defender, knightsword, all, 2+
    Demon Bell, instrument, all, 0+
    Dragon Whisker, spear, all, 2+
    Dream Claws, knuckle, all, 1+
    Druid Mace, mace, all, 1+
    Earth Bell, instrument, all, 1+
    Echo Screen, item, all, 0+
    Elixer, item, Cyril, 13+
    Energy Mace, mace, all, 1+
    Estoc, rapier, all, 1+
    Eye Drops, item, all, 0+
    Falchion, broadsword, all, 0+
    Feather Cap, hat, all, 0+
    Firewheel Rod, rod, all, 1+
    Flamberge, rapier, all, 1+
    Flametongue, blade, all, 2+
    Fleuret, rapier, all, 0+
    Force Rod, rod, all, 2+
    Fortune Ring, accessory, all, 2+
    Gae Bolg, spear, all, 2+
    Garnet Staff, staff, all, 2+
    Gauntlets, armlet, all, 0+
    Glass Bell, instrument, all, 0+
    Gold Armor, armor, all, 2+
    Green Beret, hat, all, 0+
    Guard Staff, staff, all, 0+
    Hard Knuckles, knuckle, all, 0+
    Headband, hat, all, 2+
    Heaven's Cloud, katana, all, 2+
    Hempen Robe, robe, all, 0+
    Hi-Potion, item, all, 0+
    Holy Water, item, all, 0+
    Hunt Bow, greatbow, Muscadet, 6+
    Ice Lance, spear, all, 1+
    Icebrand, blade, all, 2+
    Iron Armor, armor, all, 1+
    Iron Helm, helmet, all, 1+
    Jack Knife, knife, all, 0+
    Jambiya, knife, all, 0+
    Javelin, spear, all, 1+
    Judge Staff, staff, all, 0+
    Judo Uniform, cloth, all, 2+
    Kaiser Knuckles, knuckle, all, 1+
    Kard, knife, all, 2+
    Khukuri, knife, all, 2+
    Kikuichimonji, katana, all, 2+
    Kotesu, katana, all, 1+
    Kris Knife, knife, all, 2+
    Kwigon Blade, blade, all, 2+
    Lava Spear, spear, all, 1+
    Leather Garb, cloth, all, 0+
    Lionheart, knightsword, all, 1+
    Lohengrin, knightsword, all, 2+
    Longbow, bow, all, 0+
    Mage Masher, rapier, all, 2+
    Magus Robe, robe, all, 2+
    Maiden Kiss, item, all, 0+
    Masamune, katana, Muscadet, 9+
    Mistle Robe, robe, all, 2+
    Murasame, katana, all, 1+
    Nail Bow, bow, all, 2+
    Ninja Knife, katana, all, 1+
    Ogun Blade, blade, all, 2+
    Opal Helm, helmet, all, 2+
    Opal Shield, shield, all, 2+
    Osafune, katana, all, 1+
    Paraiba Blade, blade, all, 2+
    Partisan, spear, all, 1+
    Phoenix Down, item, all, 0+
    Platemail, armor, all, 2+
    Potion, item, all, 0+
    Power Sash, cloth, all, 2+
    Predator, broadsword, all, 2+
    Princess Rod, rod, Baguba Port, 10+
    Pure Staff, staff, all, 1+
    Ragnarok, knightsword, all, 1+
    Ranger Bow, greatbow, all, 1+
    Restorer, broadsword, Cyril, 7+
    Temple Cloth, cloth, Cyril, 8+
    Riot Gun, gun, all, 2+
    Rising Sun, knuckle, all, 0+
    Rod, rod, all, 0+
    Rondell Dagger, knife, all, 2+
    Round Shield, shield, all, 1+
    Sage Crosier, mace, all, 1+
    Samson Sword, broadsword, all, 1+
    Satyr Flute, instrument, all, 1+
    Scarab, accessory, all, 2+
    Scarlette, rapier, all, 0+
    Scramasax, knife, all, 0+
    Seventh Heaven, greatbow, Baguba Port, 12+
    Shadow Blade, blade, all, 1+
    Shamsir, saber, all, 1+
    Shortsword, sword, all, 0+
    Sick Knuckles, knuckle, all, 1+
    Silken Robe, robe, all, 1+
    Silver Bow, bow, all, 1+
    Silver Cannon, gun, all, 1+
    Silver Sword, sword, all, 0+
    Sleet Rod, rod, all, 1+
    Soft, item, all, 0+
    Spiked Boots, boot, all, 2+
    Star Armlet, accessory, Cadoan, 4+
    Stinger, rapier, all, 0+
    Striborg, broadsword, all, 2+
    Sun Blade, blade, all, 1+
    Survival Vest, cloth, all, 1+
    Sweep Blade, blade, all, 0+
    Terre Rod, rod, all, 1+
    Thorn Bow, bow, all, 0+
    Thunder Rod, rod, all, 1+
    Tiptaptwo, knife, Cadoan, 11+
    Twin Bow, greatbow, all, 2+
    War Trumpet, instrument, all, 0+
    White Staff, staff, all, 0+
    Windslash Bow, greatbow, all, 1+
    X-Potion, item, all, 0+
    004-Shop Upgrades
    For reference, it'd be handy to know exactly which new
    items a shop gets whenever it receives a new shipment.  
    There are shop upgrades in all.  In order to get a shop
    upgrade, you have to do certain things (win battles, free
    areas, etc.).  Here's how to get the various upgrades:
    To get shop upgrade 1, win 10 battles.
    To get shop upgrade 2, with 20 battles.
    To get shop upgrade 3, own 10 turfs.
    To get shop upgrade 4, own 15 turfs.
    To get shop upgrade 5, own 20 turfs.
    To get shop upgrade 6, own 21 turfs.
    To get shop upgrade 7, own 22 turfs.
    To get shop upgrade 8, own 23 turfs.
    To get shop upgrade 9, own 24 turfs.
    To get shop upgrade 10, own 25 turfs.
    To get shop upgrade 11, own 26 turfs.
    To get shop upgrade 12, own 28 turfs.
    To get shop upgrade 13, own 30 turfs.
    Before any shop ugrades:
    Bronze Helm
    Feather Cap
    Green Beret
    Bronze Armor
    Leather Garb
    Chain Plate
    Hempen Robe
    Silver Sword
    Sweep Blade
    Jack Knife
    White Staff
    Guard Staff
    Judge Staff
    Char bow
    Thorn Bow
    Demon Bell
    Glass Bell
    War Trumpet
    Hard Knuckles
    Rising Sun
    Aiot Gun
    Bronze Shield
    Battle Boots
    Eye Drops
    Echo Screen
    Maiden Kiss
    Holy Water
    Phoenix Down
    Shop Upgrade One:
    Iron Helm
    Iron Armor
    Adaman Vest
    Survival Vest
    Silken Robe
    Buster Sword
    Shadow Blade
    Sun Blade
    Atmos Blade
    Blue Saber
    Ancient Sword
    Samson Sword
    Ninja Knife
    Pure Staff
    Bless Staff
    Firewheel Rod
    Thunder Rod
    Sleet Rod
    Terre Rod
    Battle Mace
    Energy Mace
    Druid Mace
    Sage Crosier
    Silver Bow
    Windslash Bow
    Ranger Bow
    Lava Spear
    Ice Lance
    Conch Shell
    Earth Bell
    Black Quena
    Satyr Flute
    Sick Knuckles
    Dream Claws
    Kaiser Knuckles
    Silver Cannon
    Round Shield
    Shop Upgrade Two:
    Opal Helm
    Gold Armor
    Judo Uniform
    Power Sash
    Magus Robe
    Mistle Robe
    Burglar Sword
    Air Blade
    Kwigon Blade
    Ogun Blade
    Paraiba Blade
    Aqua Saber
    Kris Knife
    Rondell Dagger
    Mage Masher
    Heaven's Cloud
    Cure Staff
    Bless Staff
    Garnet Staff
    Force Rod
    Nail Bow
    Twin Bow
    Gae Bolg
    Dragon Whisker
    Riot Gun
    Chaos Rifle
    Opal Shield
    Spiked Boots
    Dash Boots
    Fortune Ring
    Shop Upgrade Three:
    Shop Upgrade Four:
    Star Armlet
    Shop Upgrade Five:
    Shop Upgrade Six:
    Hunt Bow
    Shop Upgrade Seven:
    Shop Upgrade Eight:
    Temple Cloth
    Shop Upgrade Nine:
    Shop Upgrade Ten:
    Princess Rod
    Shop Upgrade Eleven:
    Shop Upgrade Twelve:
    Seventh Heaven
    Shop Upgrade Thirteen:
    005-Shop Particulars
    Some items can only be bought at a particular shop.
    Actually, there are ten of these.  Here they are.
    Restorer, available in Cyril
    Temple Cloth, available in Cyril
    Elixir, available in Cyril
    Bracers, available in Sprohm
    Hunt Bow, available in Muscader
    Masamune, available in Muscadet
    Star Armlet, available in Cadoan
    Tiptaptwo, available in Cadoan
    Cureall, available in Baguba Port
    Princess Rod, available in Baguba port
    Seventh Heaven, available in Baguba port
    Also, you don't start the game with access to all of the
    shops.  You start off with access to only Cyril and Sprohm
    To get access to Muscadet, beat mission 17.  To get access
    to Cadoan, beat mission 7.  To get access to Baguba Port,
    beat mission 13.
    006-Shop Discounts
    Okay, the shops don't really give discounts.  But there are
    two ways to ensure cheaper prices.  The first way is shop
    at a shop in a town that is part of your clan's turf.
    The second way to get cheaper prices is a bit more
    complicated.  It depends on two principles:
    Principle One: As supply decreases, price increases.
    Here's an example: Say I quit writing guides for video
    games and open a pizza shop.  You and your friends go into
    my shop.  I have lots of pizza, so I'm selling the pizza
    for a dollar a slice.  Note that I can't all of a sudden
    start charging ten dollars a slice, because then you won't
    buy any because the price is too high.
    Say you and your buddies come in the next day.  Due to an
    unfortunate sumo wrestler rampage, I only have one slice
    of pizza left.  I say it costs ten dollars to buy the
    slice.  I can charge this high price because there is only
    one slice left, and you won't be able to buy any pizza once
    the last slice is bought.
    This proves principle one: As supply decreases, price
    increases.  Because there is less pizza to be bought, it
    costs more.  This principle works in the real world; if
    there is less gasoline to be bought, gas prices go up.  This
    explains why rare coins cost so much.  This also explains
    the magic bean seller in Ocarina of Time; as you buy more of
    his magic beans, he has less beans to sell, and the price
    then increases.
    Principle Two: People won't buy what they won't use.
    This principle is easier to understand.  If the Men's
    Wearhouse started selling pantyhose, they wouldn't sell
    many pairs, because only men buy from the men's wearhouse,
    and no man, thieves aside, wears pantyhose.
    Apply these principles to Final Fantasy Tatics Advance.  Now,
    say the Bangaa shop (Sprohm) starts selling guns.  Moogles
    use guns, not Bangaas.  So the Bangaa shop is not going to
    sell a lot of guns, which is why the person who owns the
    Bangaa shop will not stock a lot of guns.
    The Bangaa shop will not have a lot of guns, which makes
    sense because not too many people will buy guns.  This means
    there is a low supply of guns in the Bangaa shop, right?
    Applying principle one, this means that the guns will have
    high prices.
    So if I want to buy a gun, I won't go to the Bangaa shop
    due to the high prices.  I want to go to Baguba Port, which
    is a Moogle shop.  Because Moogles shop there, they have a
    lot of guns in stock, and therefore cheaper prices, right?
    So therefore, it stands that certain stores will sell things
    at cheaper prices.  Here's a list of which stores sell
    which things at cheap prices:
    Cyril sells cheap equipment for Humans.
    Sprohm sells cheap equipment for Bangaa.
    Muscadet sells cheap equipment for Viera.
    Cadoan sells cheap equipment for Nu Mou.
    Baguba Port sells cheap equipment for Moogles.
    Equipment-type wise, the chart is like this:
    Swords are cheap at Cyril and Sprohm.
    Blades are cheap at Cyril and Sprohm.
    Sabers are cheap at Cyril.
    Knightswords are cheap at Cyril and Sprohm.
    Greatswords are cheap at Cyril.
    Broadswords are cheap at Sprohm.
    Knives are cheap at Cyril and Baguba Port.
    Rapiers are cheap at Muscadet.
    Katanas are cheap at Cyril and Muscadet.
    Staffs are cheap at Cyril, Sprohm, Muscadet, and Cadoan.
    Rods are cheap at Cyril, Cadoan, and Baguba Port.
    Maces are cheap at Cadoan.
    Bows are cheap at Cyril and Muscadet.
    Greatbows are cheap at Cyril Muscadet.
    Spears are cheap at Sprohm.
    Instruments are cheap at Cadoan and Baguba Port.
    Knuckles are cheap at Sprohm and Baguba Port.
    Guns are cheap at Baguba Port.
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2003.  If you want
    to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions under
    general information)

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