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    Clan/Hero Name Modifier Codes by TetrisTheMovie

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 12/20/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
    Clan and Hero Name changer codes
    v.0.2 - 12/20/05
    Exclusively for: GameFAQs
    E-Mail me for usage on other sites so I will update there, as I will only
    update this FAQ on GameFAQs until you alert me of the usage.
    Made by TetrisTheMovie
    Table of Contents
    I.  )Introduction
    II. )Version History/Updates
    IV. )Usage
    V.  )Codes
    	i.  )Master Codes
    	ii. )Character placeholder codes
    	iii.)Character codes
    VI. )Credits/Contact
    I. Introduction
    Haven't you ever wished that you didn't name your clan Nutsy at the beginning
    of the game? Perhaps you've named your Hero (Marche) a name you don't like?
    Well, you've come to the right place, to find the codes you need to change your
    name. This guide is still far from completion, as most of the characters (as in
    123 ABC) haven't been found. This is partially due to the fact I can't type
    Japanese. See contact info if you would like to help. Now, you're probably
    getting tired of me running my mouth off, so now we move on to...
    II. Version History/Updates
    YAY! Didn't think we'd get to the codes so soon, eh?
    v.0.1 (12/15/03)
    	Started the guide. All English characters completed. Missing some symbols and
    all the Japanese, also "space"
    v.0.1a (12/17/03)
    	Emergency update since the address values for the letter spaces were
    incorrect. Also added some more credit where it is due.
    v.0.1b (12/18/03)
    	Some characters were wrong. Updated them.
    v.0.2  (12/20/05)
    	Over two years later, a long needed update. Done a little spellchecking, 
    	and added some extra info. Japanese characters still aren't done yet..=(
    	Nor are party character names. Might not ever get done unless I get some 
    III. FAQs
    The first questions I received..
    Q: Hey. How do I change the names of my party members?
    A: While you CAN change the names of party members, it's only from a predeter
       -mined list of names. Unfortunately, I've not the time or resolve to 
       actually go and test each offset to find the names.
       Someone else can help me there.
    And I haven't gotten these yet, but I'll predict a few:
    Q: What do I use for "space"?
    A: Use the offset value (the last 4 numbers) 7340.
    Q: When I use the codes to the letter number before my old clan name, the
    remaining letters of my old clan name are left behind. What do I do?
    A: Use 0000 instead of xx80 for the offset on the letter number after the last
    letter of your new clan name.
    That's all I can think up right now.
    These codes are used to edit your current Clan or Hero name, if you are still
    clueless. You can change individual characters, or all of it. Whatever you
    like. Gameshark codes I know not, use a converter, and you may find what you
    want (heh, a little poetry). Maybe in future versions, I'll convert them. You
    can use proggies like ARCrypt in the meantime. VBA and Codebreaker I know,
    since they're not so different (See below).
    Also, party character name changing is not covered in this version of the guide.
    and now...the moment you've all been waiting for...
    V. Codes
    Master Codes
    I dunno them. I guess you use the masters from other code sets. For your
    viewing pleasure, I'll put them here (courtesy of the GameFAQs boards):
    1000048A 0007
    000037AE 000A
    Since I don't know Gameshark codes, I'm no going to bother to put the Gameshark
    master codes. Go figure.
    Letter Placeholder Codes
    Code Breaker (for VBA, change the beginning 8 to a 0)
    For Gameshark...I dunno. Find a converter. Don't need to repeat myself again.
    Clan Name
    letter 1=820021A0 xx80
    letter 2=820021A2 xx80
    letter 3=820021A4 xx80
    letter 4=820021A6 xx80
    letter 5=820021A8 xx80
    letter 6=820021AA xx80
    letter 7=820021AC xx80
    letter 8=820021AE xx80
    letter 9=820021B0 xx80
    Hero Name
    letter 1=82001F1C xx80
    letter 2=82001F1E xx80
    letter 3=82001F20 xx80
    letter 4=82001F22 xx80
    letter 5=82001F24 xx80
    letter 6=82001F26 xx80
    letter 7=82001F28 xx80
    letter 8=82001F2A xx80
    letter 9=82001F2C xx80
    Replace "xx" with the hex numbers below
    Letter Codes
    Apparently, GameFAQs cannot display certain ASCII characters, so I described
    them as best I could.
    00-A2 Japanese Characters
    A3 ‚
    A4 .
    A5 -
    A6 0
    A7 1
    A8 2
    A9 3
    AA 4
    AB 5
    AC 6
    AD 7
    AE 8
    AF 9
    B0 A
    B1 B
    B2 C
    B3 D
    B4 E
    B5 F
    B6 G
    B7 H
    B8 I
    B9 J
    BA K
    BB L
    BC M
    BD N
    BE O
    BF P
    C0 Q
    C1 R
    C2 S
    C3 T
    C4 U
    C5 V
    C6 W
    C7 X
    C8 Y
    C9 Z
    CA a
    CB b
    CC c
    CD d
    CE e
    CF f
    D0 g
    D1 h
    D2 i
    D3 j
    D4 k
    D5 l
    D6 m
    D7 n
    D8 o
    D9 p
    DA q
    DB r
    DC s
    DD t
    DE u
    DF v
    E0 w
    E1 x
    E2 y
    E3 z
    E4 ?
    E5 (upside down, mirrored L)
    E6 (upside down of figure E5)
    E7 (Block version of figure E5)
    E8 (Block version of figure E6)
    E9 ...
    EA ?
    EB !
    EC ,
    EF ·
    F0 :
    F1 _
    F2 japanese character (out of place..weird)
    F3 /
    F4 ~
    F5 '
    F6 '
    F7 (
    F8 )
    F9 {
    FA }
    FB [
    FC ]
    FD +
    FE -
    FF ±
    Kudos go to:
    eggie, for hacking most of these codes
    labmaster, for his code generator
    The GameFAQs board and community, for hosting this FAQ and supplying us with
    Forgotten, for making my code testing infinitely easier, using VBA
    There was another guy, too, but I forget his name (sorry).
    If you see this, and you're not on here, but you feel you should, then mail me
    at ttdlx1989@yahoo.com, or AIM: IWonderChefI.
    Questions, Comments, Suggestions?
    Send to my email, but first, some guidelines:
    1. Make sure your codes were entered correctly.
    2. Make sure you have you Master Codes on (not required for VBA)
    3. English please.
    4. No stupid questions: they will be ignored. If you become a repeated violator,
    	then I will block your mail.
    5. Bear in mind, this guide is incomplete. If you can help, or retest these
    	codes, it would be greatly appreciated.
    6. Follow these guidelines or your mail will be ignored.
    That is all.
    Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
    And as an encore...
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Final Fantasy (c) 2003 Square Enix. Licensed to Nintendo. This document is
    neither affiliated to or endorsed by Square Enix or Nintendo.
    Copyright 2003-2005 Joey Chan

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