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    Expert Stages FAQ by MSuskie

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      _____    __     __   _______   ______   _______
     /  ___\  |  |   |  | |  ___  | |  ____| |  ___  |
    |  |___   |  |   |  | | |___| | | |_     | |___| |
     \___  \  |  |___|  | |  _____| | |____  |  __  _|
      ___|  |  \_______/  |_|       |______| |_|  \_\
         ___    ___    ____    ___    _   __   __  ____  ___  ___
        |   \  /   |  / __ \  |   \  | | |  | / / |  __| \  \/  /
        | |\ \/ /| | | |  | | | |\ \ | | |  |/ /  | |_    \    /
        | | \__/ | | | |__| | | | \ \| | |  |\ \  | |__    |  |
        |_|      |_|  \____/  |_|  \___| |__| \_\ |____|   |__|
                       ______     ___     __      __
                      |  __  \   / _ \   |  |    |  |
                      | |__/ /  / |_| \  |  |    |  |
                      | |__\ \ |   _   | |  |__  |  |__
                      |______/ |__| |__| |_____| |_____|
                                 _______   _______
                                |__   __| |  ___  |
                               __  | |    | |___| |
                               \ \_/ /    |  __  _|
                                \___/     |_|  \_\    _
                         Expert Stages FAQ
                                by Mike Suskie
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History
    3. Expert Stages FAQ
    4. Contact
    5. Credits
    6. Legal Crap
      /       /
     /   1   / Introduction
    Hi, I'm Mike Suskie and welcome to my second FAQ on GameFAQs. This time, it's
    based on one of my favorite GameBoy Advance games, Super Monkey Ball Jr. This
    actual FAQ is made only for the Expert Stages, as they are (with the exception
    of the five Master Stages) the hardest levels in the game. 
    Remember that you can press Ctrl + F at any time to find something on this FAQ
    in a few second. Go ahead and try it out now if you never knew about it.
    Also, I didn't include the Extra Stages in the FAQ because I'm going to
    eventually make a FAQ based on tips for them.
    That's pretty much it. Enjoy the FAQ.
      /       /
     /   2   / Version History
    Version 1.0
    Whew, long day. I finished the entire thing today. I'm tired.
    Version 0.3
    I made the ASCII art, the Table of Contents, the Intro and this. I'm just
    getting started. Oh, and at the end of the day I added tips for the first four
    Expert Stages.
      /       /
     /   3   / Expert Stages FAQ
    First off, I want to recommend that you unlock Infinite Lives before attempting
    to beat the super-tough thirty levels in Expert Mode. Secondly, don't forget 
    that these stages are based off of pure skill and that this FAQ was made to 
    give advice for each stage, as well as a few strategies. Also, I rated each
    stage's difficulty on a scale of one to ten. Good luck beating Expert Mode!:)
    ~Forest World~
    Stage One
    Difficulty: 1
    This is very easy. Avoid the hole at the beginning, scoot towards the goal, and
    then roll around the gap separating you from the goal, while picking up any
    bananas along the way.
    Stage Two
    Difficulty: 3
    Not too hard if you want to make the standard goal. Roll forward until you get
    to a fork. At this point you have two options. The first: Go to the left along
    a fairly skinny platform and go through the goal to go to level three. The
    second: Go right along an even SKINNIER platform, and then up a slope. If you
    go right, don't stop on your way up the slope or it will screw you up. There's
    a bonus goal at the top of the slope that will warp you to a higher level. It's
    easier to go through the goal on the left, but the one on the right pays off 
    more. It's your decision.
    Stage Three
    Difficulty: 7
    Argh, I hate this one. The two platforms are completely separated. You'll have
    to wait for the platform with the goal on it to lean down before you can charge
    off the platform you're on and fall onto it. You'll have to hold the A button
    for more speed and power. This stage is really a matter of luck, mostly. If you
    make it across, don't forget that you'll have to immediately lean in the 
    opposite direction the platform is tilting as a recovery. Good luck, this stage
    is hard.
    Stage Four
    Difficulty: 9
    Oh boy, here we go. In stage two it's best to use the bonus goal to completely
    skip over this toughie. Okay, first head left and over the two hills. Next,
    ride three moving platforms. The first two are sort of "connected:" Board the
    first one and wait for it to take you take the second one, board THAT one, and
    it will take you to a still platform. From there, take a third moving platform
    over to the path. After that, hold A for mega speed and charge at full power 
    towards the gap. If you're lucky you'll be able to ram your way across. Next, 
    over a small bump. After that, you'll have to run off a ramp onto another path
    which will lead you to an area with four bumpers. CAREFULLY weave your way
    through them. Now you're left with only one more thing: A long, curved, skinny
    platform. As I like to say, "Take your time, but hurry up." Which means, don't
    take too long but don't get careless. At the end is the goal. If you make it
    through this stage, give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it.
    Stage Five
    Difficulty: 6
    This one takes a bit of getting used to. Start off by rolling down the skinny
    ramp. Once you get to the end, roll off the right side and you'll land on an
    arrangement of a bunch of platforms. Watch out, it's slanted! As it lets you
    roll down, shift to the left and carefully manveuver to each of the platforms.
    It's tricky. If you're good you can grab the banana bunch in the center, and
    eventually make your may to the bottom left, where you can go through the goal.
    ~Canyon World~
    Stage Six
    Difficulty: 4
    This isn't too hard as long as you're used to moving platforms. The two
    platforms in the center split up into eight smaller platforms each and move
    outward. Wait for one to come to you and board it, then wait for the platoforms
    to join together, then board the other set of platforms, and ride them home to
    the goal.
    Stage Seven
    Difficulty: 9
    Okay, oh my God. This one is sooooo hard. Start by making your way up the
    skinny ramp. When you get to the top, stop hard. Now here's the really hard
    part: You have to combine a straight movement with the A button so you can get
    over the super-skinny hill here. If you lose balance, you'll tumble off the
    stage. Boo-hoo. After this, head down the bumpy hill (but not too fast or you
    won't be able to recover). Here's another tough part: Make your way across the
    square platforms byusing their connected corners. After that, though, it's a 
    piece of cake. Continue along the skinny twisted platform here and slam through
    the goal.
    Stage Eight
    Difficulty: 2
    This is pretty easy. You have to make your way down the skinny slopes and get
    to the goal. You have to be careful not to fall through the square holes on the
    way down, but other than that it's very, very easy.
    Stage Nine
    Difficulty: 10
    Take a deep breath. This is possibly the hardest stage in the entire mode. What
    you've got here is a skinny slope that is filled to the brim with bumpers. You
    always have to keep moving up, because if you stop you'll go tumbling backwards
    and die. But you also have to be incredibly careful not to hit the bumpers, as
    they'll kill you, too. Joy. Some of them move and some of them stay still. I
    must have used about 20 continues on this one before I was able to beat it. I
    really have no strategies for it -- it takes pure skill. Good luck, you'll need
    ~Bonus Stage~
    Stage Ten
    Difficulty: 5
    If you want to get all of the bananas in this Bonus Stage, it will take a
    little effort. On each of the seven platforms are four bananas. To get from one
    platform to another, run towards one at full speed. Keep in mind that if you
    die in this stage you won't lose a life. Instead, you'll just keep the bananas
    you got and go to Stage Eleven.
    ~Desert World~
    Stage Eleven
    Difficulty: 4
    Eh, not too hard. You basically have a bunch of skinny, rotating platforms.
    Just hop onto one and wait for it to connect to another platform, then roll
    onto that one and continue doing so until you get to the goal. This one should
    not cause you much trouble.
    Stage Twelve
    Difficulty: 1
    This is dead easy if you want to just get through the goal, and much harder if
    you want to collect all the bananas. If you want to just get through the goal,
    just wait for it to center and slam through. If you want to get all the bananas
    you'll have a much harder time. First, wait for the goal to slide to one side
    and walk along the other side to one of the banana bunches. Do the same thing
    for the other side. Now, if you REALLY want to get those last five bananas 
    (which aren't worth it, by the way), you'll have to CAREFULLY weave your way
    through the bumpers in the back to get them. Then go on through the goal.
    Stage Thirteen
    Difficulty: 3
    This stage isn't too hard as long as you DON'T take you time. The three curved,
    moving platforms move at different speeds, and the best thing to do is use your
    judgement and speed across them as quickly as possible, while making the
    smallest necessary tilts along the way. You can try to get the banana bunches
    along the way but that's a hard thing to do. Don't forget the additional banana
    behind the goal.
    Stage Fourteen
    Difficulty: 4
    This stage isn't nearly as hard as it looks as long as you DON'T take your
    time. The moving platforms are always connected, they're just... Shifting. Go
    as fast as you can across them and you'll be surprised how easy it is to 
    complete this stage. Woohoo!
    Stage Fifteen
    Difficulty: 9
    You just went through a few easy ones. Now here's a hard one. You have to move
    across the square platforms here. To get from one platform to the other, you
    have to roll over the corners of them. It's NOT easy. Be slow but not too slow.
    Be careful but not too careful. You get the idea. There's one goal about
    halfway through the stage (TAKE THAT ONE!) or a bonus goal at the very end 
    (IGNORE IT!!!). It's your decision (THE FIRST ONE DUMBASS!!!).
    ~Ocean World~
    Stage Sixteen
    Difficulty: 6
    This is kind of an obstacle course of several different types of challenges.
    It's not overly difficult, but may take some practice. Start by collecting the
    two bananas at the start and not falling into the square hole. Next, carefully
    make your way through the mext platform, which has both four bumpers and a 
    square hole in the middle. Weave through both. Next you've got the same 
    "straight hill" thing you encountered in Stage Four, but this time you have
    more room to get good speed and linearity going. After you're over that, you'll
    see a platform rocking back and forth. Stick to one side of it and wait for it
    to rock downwards, then hop on. Now wait for it to rock up and jump off to the
    next platform. Now head across the square platforms via the corners. Here's the
    tricky part: Head up the hill but tilt the platform along the way to weave in
    and out of the holes. When you get to the top, you'll come up to a sort of
    halfpipe shape with a huge hole in the bottom. You'll have to stay on the
    slopes to get across (it's best to use the B button here). After that, head
    two small hills and into the goal.
    Stage Seventeen
    Difficulty: 3
    An easy stage, as long as you're fairly careful. All you need to do is roll off
    of each stage in the direction the arrow is pointing. You'll keep landing on 
    different platforms, some of which rotate a bit but not too much. Pick up some
    speed for the final jump and slam the goal.
    Stage Eighteen
    Difficulty: 6
    You'll have to make your way across five rotating platforms in different 
    shapes. The first two are shaped like large gears, the second two are shaped
    like small gears, and the last is shaped like a large "I". Maneuver across them
    carefully, you should be used to this kind of thing by now.
    Stage Nineteen
    Difficulty: 3
    Not too hard. These moving platforms have slopes on either end of them, so try
    to stay away from the ends. Just move across them like any old set of moving
    platforms. Piece of cake.
    ~Bonus Stage~
    Stage Twenty
    Difficulty: 5
    What you've got here is one long, continuous half-pipe slope with bananas 
    zigzagging on the way down. Move back and forth as you make your way down to
    get all the bananas. It's a simple stage. There's a banana bunch at the end 
    that's easy to get.
    ~Arctic World~
    Stage Twenty-One
    Difficulty: 5
    Once again another moderately-difficult stage. In this one, you'll have to
    first go down a bunch of zigzagging ramps, then up some, while avoiding the
    holes on the way. You can also go to the left or right (up more zigzagging 
    ramps) and get the banana bunches. The goal is on the opposite end of the stage
    that you started.
    Stage Twenty-Two
    Difficulty: 4
    This is a lot like Stage Thirteen except that the platforms are curved upward
    instead of downward and there are four of them. Wait for them to line up and
    head on across. When they disconnect, balance yourself on one platform until
    they line up again, then head on home.
    Stage Twenty-Three
    Difficulty: 6
    This is pretty much a large set of long, skinny, connected platforms. They tilt
    a bit, but they don't really hurt you that much except that they may sometimes
    know you off balance. Also, there are some bumpers on them that you'll have to
    avoid. Sometimes the tilting platforms will know you into them (ouch).
    Stage Twenty-Four
    Difficulty: 8
    Ha ha. The platforms in this stage are shaped like letters and they spell,
    "REALISM." Ha ha. Anyway, this is a tough stage. Here are instructions for
    getting to the goal: Roll around the "r" and hop onto the "e". From the middle
    of the "e", roll CAREFULLY onto the "a". You can than get onto the "L" at any
    spot, and use the bottom of the "L" to get to the "I". From there, go to the
    top of the "I" (don't you dare try to get the banana bunch) and hop onto the
    "s". Finally, roll from the bottom of the "s" onto the "m" and swing into the
    goal (not literally, I'm just trying to use variety in words).
    Stage Twenty-Five
    Difficulty: 2
    This is eeeeeeeeeasy. Board the first moving platform, and from there, roll
    onto the others and into the goal. The banana nuches aren't worth getting.
    ~Ancient World~
    Stage Twenty-Six
    Difficulty: 10
    This is almost certainly the hardest level in the entire mode. Remember how, in
    some of the other Expert Stages, you had to get across square platforms by
    moving along their corners? Well, this stage is composed ENTIRELY of those. 
    Yee-haw. My only recommendation: GO RIGHT. DO NOT GO LEFT. The path to the left
    is longer. Go to the right, it's shorter. Other than that, this is a stage that
    is entirely devoted to skill. Just remember: Don't get too frustrated.
    Stage Twenty-Seven
    Difficulty: 4
    Aaaaaah, a refreshingly easy stage in comparison to Stage Twenty-Six. Work your
    way across the moving platforms either by dropping from one to the other or by
    waiting for one to bring you to a safe platform. Not too hard, you should be
    used to stuff like this by now.
    Stage Twenty-Eight
    Difficulty: 2
    Easy easy easy. Roll along the skinny platform until you reach an elevator.
    Board it and ride it up to another skinny platform. Roll along it (be careful,
    it rocks back and forth) and slam through the goal.
    Stage Twenty-Nine
    Difficulty: 8
    Here's a toughie. This stage is a long strip of path that gradually gets more
    narrow. The thing is, you have to RUSH to get along it quick enough. Hold the
    A button for the first part of the level, then slow down a bit when the path
    gets narrower. Be careful and fast. This stage should take many tries to beat.
    Stage Thirty
    Difficulty: 8
    And a nice little finale stage to top of the Expert Mode! First, carefully move
    along the spinning platforms. Next, move along the narrow path in a well-timed
    speed so you can avoid the spikes. When you get to the end, CAREFULLY move
    across the skinny rotating platform, across more spikes, and down the platform
    here to get to the end.
      /       /
     /   4   / Contact
    If you want to contact me, just e-mail me at undeadmonkey@comcast.net. Easy, 
    huh? PLEASE only e-mail me if you have a question, comment or suggestion. Hate
    mail will be ignored and deleted. 
      /       /
     /   5   / Credits
    If you help out with this FAQ in any way, your name will be added to this list.
    Here it is:
    Myself, for making my second In-Depth FAQ.
    My computer for not freezing or anything.
    GameFAQs.com for still being the best.
    GameTalk.com for being the OTHER best.
    Sega for bringing this awesome series to the world's favorite handheld.
    AV for supervising this game.
    THQ for co-developing this brilliant game.
    Realism for creating it.
      /       /
     /   6   / Legal Notice
    This FAQ Copyright 2003 Mike Suskie.
    So don't use it. Don't ask to use it. Only GameFAQs, GameSpot, IGN and myself
    can use this guide whenever they want. No one else. Don't bother asking because
    I'll say no.
    That's it. This is the end of the FAQ. Go home.

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