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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Carter12

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 01/14/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Monkey Ball. Jr (Game Boy Advance)
    FAQ, Version 1.01
    Created 24/05/2003
    By Carter12 (carter12.faqs@gmail.com)
    Copyright (c)2005 Thomas Carter. All rights reserved.
    The only site that can use this FAQ without asking is...
    If you do allow this work to be posted on your site, than please respect it
    and do not attempt to change it in any shape or form.
                              -TABLE OF CONTENTS-
    1. Introduction
    2. Version History
    3. Game Controls
      (i) Main Game
      (ii) Mini Games
              1. Monkey Bowling
              2. Monkey Fight
              3. Money Golf
              4. Monkey Duel
    4. Main Game
      (i)   Beginner Mode
      (ii)  Advance Mode
      (iii) Expert Mode
      (iv)  Master Mode
    5. Mini Games
      (i)   Monkey Bowling
      (ii)  Monkey Fight
      (iii) Monkey Golf
              1. Course A
              2. Course B
    6. Hints and Tips
    7. Unlockable Items
      (i) Credits Game
    8. Conclusion and Special Thanks
                                 -1. INTRODUCTION-
    Hello and welcome to this FAQ on Super Monkey Ball. Jr for the Game Boy
    Advance. In this FAQ you will find out how to play the game and how to master
    the hardest levels with ease. Also I will tell you how to unlock the bonus
    levels and the bonus items.
    If you see a mistake or would like to add something to the FAQ, then feel free
    to email me at carter12.faqs@gmail.com.
    When using this FAQ, if you which to find a specific level or level section,
    then press (Crtl+F) to open up the Find window. Then enter a code, i.e. AD03,
    for Level 3 of the Advance section, or BE00, for the Beginnner Level section.
    Well thats enough of the formalities, lets get straight into the FAQ. On we
                                -2. VERSION HISTORY-
    Version 0.9 - 24/5/2003
    The first version of the FAQ, but without Monkey Duel, or the Expert and Master
    levels. I cannot do the Monkey Duel because I haven't got a link cable as of
    yet. Will have soon though.
    Version 0.95 - 11/6/2003
    Changed the format of the FAQ, and changed a few spelling and minor errors.
    Also removed the ASCII at the top.
    Version 0.96 - 18/06/2003
    Added Monkey Duel and corrected a few spelling mistakes. Also added the Credits
    Version 0.97 - 19/06/2003
    Added so more inforamtion on to the Mini Games. Corrected a few spelling
    Version 0.98 - 20/07/2003
    Changed format (again). Added minor changes to Contents list.
    Version 0.99 - 2/12/2004
    Changed Contact Details, some levels to Expert Section added and more added to
    Bowling Part.
    Version 1.00 - 4/12/2004
    Added more to the Expert Section
    Version 1.01 - 14/01/2005
    Completed Expert and Master sections. Also included ASCII diagram of screen
    layout, and changed contact details (again).
                                  -3. CONTROLS-
    Smb. Jr is a simple game so the controls are simple as well. Here they are
    anyway though.
    (i) Main Game / Practice Mode
    D-pad - Move the floor/ select items in menu
    Button A - Hold down to tilt the floor more / select in options in menus
    Button B - Hold down to tilt the floor less / back in menus
    Button L - No use
    Button R - No use
    Start - Pause game / select items on the menu
    Select - No use
                                    |(ii) Mini Games|
    1. Monkey Bowling
    D-pad - No use
    Button A - Stop target line moving / stop power gauge
    Button B - No use
    Button L - Apply left hand spin
    Button R - Apply right hand spin
    Start - Pause game / select items on the menu
    Select - No use
    2. Monkey Fighting
    D-pad - Move Monkey around arena
    Button A - Use punch
    Button B - No use
    Button L- No use
    Button R - No use
    Start - Pause game / select itmes on the menu
    Select - No use
    3. Monkey Golf
    D-pad - Left / right = Move Monkey - Up / Down = Set power
    Button A - Stop power gauge / Select items
    Button B - No use
    Button L - No use
    Bbutton R - No use
    Start - Pause game / Select items on the menu
    Select - No use
    4. Monkey Duel
    Button A - Hold down to tilt the floor more / select in options in menus
    Button B - Hold down to tilt the floor less / back in menus
    Button L - No use
    Button R - No use
    Start - Pause game / select items on the menu
    Select - No use
    The Game Screen
    / ----   0            B--------  \      0      - Score
    | %%%          T/\______________*|      %      - Lives
    |                                |      B      - Bananas
    |                                |      T/\__* - Time and time strip
    |                                |      F      - Floor Number
    |                                |
    |                                |
    |                                |
    |                                |
    |                                |
    |                                |
    |                                |
    \_F------ _______________________/
                                  -4. MAIN GAME-
    This is the Main Game part. This is where the best fo the action is. Find out
    here to how to master the levels and the best ways to tackle what ever
    SMB thorws at you.
                     -(i) Beginner Mode - 10 Levels (3 extra levels)-
    Level 1 (BE01) -
    This is a straight forward level. Just go forwards towards the goal.
    Level 2 (BE02) -
    Another simple level. Head around the hole towards the goal and if
    you want go back the way you came and then drop off the edge onto the platform
    below and go through the goal there.
    NOTE - If you collect all the bananas on levels 1 and 2, then you will be
    automatically warped to level 5.
    Level 3 (BE03) -
    A sort of figure of eight level but without the cross over. Head
    around the edge until you reach the goal. Easy.
    Level 4 (BE04) -
    This level can be tricky for the less experienced. Roll to the end of
    the first platform, and then wait for the moving section to come in line with
    the section you are on. Tthen roll onto the moving section and then roll to the
    end of it. Wait untilt the end is in line with the goal platform and then just
    roll across.
    Level 5 (BE05) -
    Straight forward level. Collect the bananans. All 23 of them.
    Level 6 (BE06) -
    Quite a tricky level. Roll foward and when you get about half way
    the slope, press down on the D-pad to slow the ball down. Repeat this for the
    other slopes and your home and dry.
    Level 7 (BE07) -
    Another tricky level. In this level the A button is required as the
    slopes are quite steep. When you come to a slope, hold the A button in and
    charge your way up the slope, by doing this you are tilting the floor more the
    way you are going, thus flattening out the slope. Once at the top roll around
    to the goal.
    Level 8 (BE08) -
    The first level where all the platforms are moving. Wait until a
    little square comes into the corner. Then roll onto it. Now wait on this square
    until another square joins it on the right. Stay on this square until another
    square joins up. Your getting the picture, then on the final square, wait until
    it reaches the goal platform and roll off into the goal.
    Level 9 (BE09) -
    A level that looks harder than it actually is. Follow the path around
    until you reach the large red arrow on the floor. Start at the base of the
    arrow and roll down, but also press UP aswell. Just before the monkey
    flies of the end press DOWN to slow the monkey down so it doesn't fly
    off the edge. Once on the goal platform roll into the goal.
    Level 10 (BE10) -
    Final Level - Quite an easy level. Just follow the path around. The
    darker sections indicate that there is a ramp or raised part in the floor.
    Use the A and B buttons to overcome them.
    Well done you should have now completed the Beginner Level. CONGRATULATIONS!
    If you have got this far without using a CONTINUE, then  you can now have ago
    at the EXTRA LEVELS, they are a bit tougher.
                   -(ii) Advance Level - 20 levels (3 extra levels)-
    Level 1 (AD01) -
    A straight forward level. Roll forward holding down the A
    button. This is required to roll over the ridge in the floor. Then just roll
    through thegoal.
    Level 2 (AD02) -
    A slightly longer level with three main obstacles. The first
    is the walls which cover the level. These are simple to negotiate, as they just
    require you to roll around them. Next are two obsactles in one. There is a
    circular part with moving guards. If you hit one of these guards you will be
    bonuced off the floor. Wait until a guard has passed and then roll directly
    behind the one that just passed. Then just roll around the hole and roll to
    the finish.
    Level 3 (AD03) -
    Two moving floors in this stage are the only main obstacles.
    Roll to the edge of the floor either left or right. Wait unitl a moving
    comes to your position. Roll onto it and then wait unitl the next moving
    platform passes the one your on. Roll over onto it quickly, and then roll onto
    the goal platform.
    Level 4 (AD04) -
    A similar level to Level 4 in the beginner mode, but the
    platform is a lot thinner. Again wait until the platform is in line with you
    and roll onto it. Then roll down the platform to the end, and wit until the
    platform is in line with you. Now be quick and roll onto the goal platform.
    Level 5 (AD05) -
    A simple level if you know how... On this level roll to your
    left or right depending on your preference, and wait at the fold line of the
    platfrom. When it is facing down roll immediately onto the folded line and over
    the crest. Line up the monkey as your rolling down, so that you are in line
    with the goal. Then you should fly through the goal.
    Level 6 (AD06) -
    A tricky level as the time limit is rather strict, 30 seconds.
    There is no really advice for this stage, but just follow the path around, but
    don't be too slow as the time WILL run out.
    Level 7 (AD07) -
    For this stage, the walls are the only though parts. So, hold
    down A and roll as fast as you can moving the floor slightly to avoid the
    walls. The time limit is quite low so just be as fast as you can.
    Level 8 (AD08) -
    This level invovles moving squares. Wait until a square comes
    to you and then roll onto it. When the squares join up, roll onto the next one.
    Repeat this process until you get to the goal platform.
    Level 9 (AD09) -
    A fairly easy level. Roll up to the egde of the platform, and
    wait for the moving floor to come down. Roll onto it, avoiding the bouncing
    guards. Once on the final platform. Roll to the back of it. Then hold down
    button A and fly of the edge, landing on the goal platform. Roll into the goal.
    Level 10 (AD10) -
    A simple level, collecting the bananas. When you come to a
    ramp, use button A to get up the ramp.
    Level 11 (AD11) -
    In this level I would suggest using the large platform, which
    is on the left. Once at the end, roll to the right and go up the ramp to the
    Level 12 (AD12) -
    On this level, I would suggest stying close to the inside
    corners, as this lessens the chance of you falling off the egde.
    Level 13 (AD13) -
    Roll straight down the ramp, and around the hole in the
    floor. Now
    line your self up with the thin platform and roll across. Next hold down A and
    roll straight up the hill. Roll to the right and down the hill. Follow it round
    until you reach the goal.
    Level 14 (AD14) -
    Quite a tricky floor, but here goes. Start by rolling
    forward, and holding UP and holding down button A. This will help you fly
    across thr gap. Once arcoss roll up to the edge of the platform. Wait unitl the
    moving platfrom joins up and roll onto it and then onto the following platform.
    Roll down and acroos the narrow section and thenb down the hill but make sure
    you dont fly of the egde, hold down DOWN and A to prevent this. Roll into the
    Level 15 (AD15) -
    On this level there are many bouncing guards. Wait until the
    guard passes you and then roll directly behind it. The guard will turn to the
    right when it does wait until another guard comes towards you and turns the
    same way. As soon as he does follow it and turn to the right then the left and
    head towards the goal. You must be quick as the guards are very fast...
    Level 16 (AD16) -
    A tricky but suprisngly simple level. Roll onto the platform
    while holding A. When the platform tips, roll the opposite way while holding A.
    Make your way to the end using this method.
    Level 17 (AD17) -
    Again a tricky level but dead easy to do. In this level the
    time limit is just the right amount to complete the level. Roll forward into
    the space. Then wait until the teeth move out and roll forward into the next
    space. Repeat this until the end.
    Level 18 (AD18) -
    The best way to do this level is to use the A button all the
    way through. Roll onto the moving platforms and use the A button to stay on
    them. Get onto the far platform and roll into the goal.
    Level 19 (AD19) -
    A very long level, but easy to do. Just follow the path is
    all I can say.
    Level 20 (AD20) -
    The final level, and a damn tricky one to. Fface the goal
    platform and keep following it around. Shortly at one point, all the platforms
    that are moving around the edge will all be in line for a brief moment. At this
    moment, hold down A and charge for the goal. This is the only way to beat
    this level.
    Well done you should have now completed the Advance Level. CONGRATULATIONS!
                     -(iii) Expert Level - 30 levels (3 extra levels)-
    Level 1 (EXO1) -
    Ok here we go, the Expert Levels. An easy level to get you
    started and warmed up. Go either left or right around the hole in the floor.
    Then go either left or right as you have to go back on your self to get to the
    Level 2 (EX02) -
    Ok with this level you have to choices. The right hand way is
    more difficult then the left way purely becasue of the inlcine and the
    narrowness of the path. However there are more bananas up this path. So going
    left is easy, but the path does narrow after the 90 degree bend. Take it
    slowly, and once you have rounded the corner, keep it straight for the goal.
    Going right, head to the edge of where the path goes to the right, and just
    keep tapping the controls to get the ball into position. Go down the path and
    slow right down for the tricky left turn. Once you have made it through this,
    use the A button to get enough power to head up to the goal.
    Level 3 (EXO3) -
    Wow, this is a tough floor. The easiest way that I found to do
    this was as follows. Go left or right depending on your preference, and go as
    far back as you can on the floor. Hold it there, and when you see the floor tip
    down on the side you are on, hold A and Up. Once landed on the other side,
    turn towards the goal and you should be home and dry.
    Level 4 (EX04) -
    Kind of an enjoyable level actually. Head round to the left,
    using the A button to conquer the ramps. Hold back after the last ramp, and
    wait for the moving tiles beofre proceeding. Once all the tiles are cleared,
    wait just where you get off the last one, and hold A and Up to get across the
    gap. Over the barrier type thing, and off the edge, rounding the narrow passage
    and your at the goal.
    Level 5 (EX05) -
    Go down the ramp collecting the bananas, but make sure you go
    very slow indeed. Head of the side of the ramp onto the platform below using A,
    and basically go around collecting all the of bananas and then head to the
    Level 6 (EX06) -
    Again quite an easy level, but is also tricky if you do it too
    slow.Take the right or left side, depending on preference, and wait until you
    canroll out onto the square. Now basically just keep changing squares until you
    get to the end.
    Level 7 (EX07) -
    A very difficult level, due to narrow passages and tight
    corners.Head straight down the narrow passage, and then stop to line yourself
    up withthe grey ramp. Once lined up, gun Up and A and you should successfully
    go over the ramp and onto the over side. Now, head down the narrow, stair like
    obsactle, and head to the left at the bottom. Center yourself when you go
    over the squares joined together, and then keep it steady around the narrow
    passage to the finish.
    Level 8 (EXO8) -
    An easy level really, head down the ramps, but be careful of
    the last ramp as it is narrower then the previous ramps.
    Level 9 (EX09) -
    Right there are four main difficulties with this level. The first is the 3
    bouncers that are located on the right and the left of the path. To overcome
    this first obstacle, roll to the left, then to the right and then again to the
    left and continue up towards the next obstacle. Right, this bouncer is moving,
    in an anti-clockwise direction, and you have to get across without been hit, to
    the other side, just to the right. When the bouncer passes you, this is the
    time to go. You kind of follow him until you get to the side for where you need
    to go. Next task features two bouncers. Both moving from left to right but at
    different time intervals. Time this right to get across, then navigate through
    the next two bouncers which are moving up and down, then passed the stationary
    ones, then across the narrow path to the goal.
    Level 10 (EX10) -
    This is a bonus level, just collect all 28 bananas. Get across to the other
    platforms by having a run up while holding A.
    Level 11 (EX11) -
    A decent level, involving moving platforms. Go round to the right and wait
    there for the end of the moving platform to the left, to join onto yours. Roll
    to the end, and board the next platform. Continue this till the last platform,
    then had for goal.
    Level 12 (EX12) -
    OK, this level is kind of dodgy, been that the goal is moving from left to
    right, and all you have to do is clear the stage is roll forwards into the
    goal. But if you want to collect all the bananas, then roll past when the goal
    is either on the left or right side, and collect the bananas, avoiding the
    Level 13 (EX13) -
    This stage looks harder then it really is. I took me about 3 attempts but I got
    it in the end. Firstly, roll onto the first moving, curved piece. Kepp the ball
    in the middle, using a combination of A and the D-pad, and also try and keep
    the ball rolling forward. Next try and get the ball onto the next piece, and do
    the same. Follow the same steps for the previous ones, and you should be a-ok.
    Level 14 (EX14) -
    Another tough looking level, but again its not too bad. Wit until the platform
    swoops passed your starting position, I say swoop, because it does come quite
    quick. Then just head across onto each platform, making sure then inline before
    making a move.
    Level 15 (EX15) -
    Slightly trick stage, but again not too bad. Make sure when crossing platform
    to platform, the the ball is straight before you move forward. If it is not
    straight then you will fall off. Once at the goal, you can avoid it, and head
    around to collect the bananas. Just keep your eye on the clock though.
    Level 16 (EX16) -
    A very tough and technical stage this one. Haed around to the right avoiding
    the holes in the floor, and the bouncers. Now on this ramp, you must line
    yourself up perfectly before attempting it. Once lined up, gun A and Up, and
    you should mount and dismount the ramp with ease. Make sure to slow right down
    after coming off the ramp, becasue there is a hole the other side. Turn to the
    right, and wait for the see-saw stly platform to come level. Mount this, then
    keep it steady so that you can get onto the other side. Now, negotiate the
    squares similar to Floor 15, then gun A once again avoiding the gaps up to the
    top. Slow right down becasue you will fly off otherwise. Once in the bowl type
    thing, stay on wither the left oor right side, I used the right becasue the
    ball rolls up the left side, then puts you in good stead for the final part.
    Roll over the crest and down to the goal.
    Level 17 (EX17) -
    An excellent level this. Roll forward off the edge onto the platform below. Now
    roll of the left side of this platform to get to the next one. Once on this
    one, roll to the lefta again to reach the next one. Now on this next one, you
    can go either right or left. Both ways take you to another platform, then the
    next platform is the goal platform.
    Level 18 (EX18) -
    Not much advice for this one, just a case of being lined up for the platforms.
    Level 19 (EX19) -
    Ok this level features 4 moving blocks. Wait until the first bloke is inline,
    it will not come all the way across, then slam on A and hold it, so you make it
    up the slight incline. Once oyu have done that roll forward and change to the
    next block. The blocks move very fast, so make it quick. Repeat for next two
    Level 20 (EX20) -
    Hmmm, well I guess you could try and get all the bananas on this bonus level
    Level 21 (EX21) -
    Very tough, but is manageable. Take the left or right way, neither are
    different, and make your way diagonally towards goal. To get back up the other
    side, use the A button.
    Level 22 (EX22) -
    Roll onto the first moving part, and basically, hold it steady to cross all of
    the moving areas.
    Level 23 (EX23) -
    A kind of rollarcoaster level. Very narrow this one, and the path moves up and
    down. Also, try and avoid the bouncers on this level. The trick is to keep
    rolling, and not stop, or else you will roll back.
    Level 24 (EX24) -
    This level is in the shape of the word REALISM, the guys who had a part to play
    in this game. Roll around the R onto the E. Cross to the A at the top end of
    the E. To get from the A to the L, just roll onto it anywhere. From the L, use
    the bottom of it to get to the I. From the I, use paret that is is closest to
    the S, and then use the top end of the S.
    Level 25 (EX25) -
    Not a bad level really. Use the platforms to roll over the walls, and then once
    you need to get to the goal, wait until the platform is at its highest, then
    use A to roll of. Simple.
    Level 26 (EX26) -
    A very technical stage with lots of sqaures, but no different to navigate then
    the other level featuring squares that join at the corners.
    Level 27 (EX27) -
    Looks to be an easy stage, but its quite tough, due to the time limit. Follow
    the path around, and wait for the platform to go down to the bottom, use A to
    roll onto it. Next do the same steps, and so fourth for the next two platforms,
    and finally the goal.
    Level 28 (EX28) -
    This level is a very ugly level, in the fact that the top layer looks...well
    ugly. Quite simple though. Had around the path until you reach the moving
    platform. Mount this and head onto the top layer. Now it may not look like the
    top layer is moving, but it is, from side to side. Combat this with the A
    button, and head for the goal. The goal is on the left hand side.
    Level 29 (EX29) -
    This stage is tough to do in the time limit, there is no doubting that. To
    succeed, firstly do the first part, i.e. the wide path very quickly. When the
    path narrows, start to slow down, and take the very last section with extreme
    caution. The path gets extremely narrow for the last section, so be careful!
    Level 30 (EX30) -
    Well here it is, the last level. And its a biggy. Take the first set of
    obstacles like any other. Platform to platform, easy stuff. Now it gets alot
    tougher. Had out onto the narrow section, and there are 2 sets of moving teeth
    like things. They both move at the same time, so a coordinated move is
    necessary to overcome them. Next comes a shifting long platform. Get onto this
    and then onto the next platform, which  again has a narrow passage with teeth.
    Do this, then its home and dry!
    Congratulations, Expert Level done and dusted.
                             -(iv) Master Level - 5 levels-
    OK, this is it. The most difficult, the most toughest, the most technical and
    the most frustrating levels in Super Monkey Ball Junior.
    Level 1 (MA01) -
    A nice level to get you introduced to the levels of the Master Mode.Follow the
    path around, watching the narrow sections. Half way around is a gap, and a very
    small moving block. Get onto this bloke with extreme accuracy and move across
    to the next path way. Continue on here, keeping your eye on the time as well.
    Level 2 (MA02) -
    Drop down the two ramps, and slow down for the left at the bottom of the
    second. Head along to the moving blocks, now these blokcs are not that
    different from the blocks in the Advanced and Expert Modes. Head across these
    using the same principles as before. There is also a second lot of these, which
    are the same. Once that is done, head right, down the ramps, into the goal.
    Level 3 (MA03) -
    OK, follow the path right round to the end, but beware that it does get very
    narrow for the last part. Just watch the monkey inside the ball, if it is
    balancing on one leg, then you too close to the edge.
    Level 4 (MA04) -
    This level is like a maze a guess, with a few confusing parts. Where the path
    spilts, always head down the left one, but at the last fork take the right path
    to take you to the goal. Not a bad level for a Master stage.
    Level 5 (MA05) -
    The very last level of the game. Complete this to be a true master of the game.
    And to be honest, its not that bad of a level. From the very start, you must
    hold down A and Up to get maximum speed for the hidden gap. I have managed to
    get over it in like 2 out of 10 attempts. Once over, the course goes to the
    left but also downhill, and snakes from left to right. Make sure to keep
    tapping the Down button to keep the ball under control for this one. Once
    navigated, you need another bug run up, becasue there is another gap. Once over
    your well and truly home and dry!
    Congratualtions, you have completed the Master Section!
                                  -5. MINI GAMES-
    (i) Monkey Bowling
    In this game there are two modes. Main Game and Challenge Mode.
    In Main Game you will bowl 10 frames each with two goes. Try and get the
    highest score.
    In Challenge Mode, you are given different selections of pin scenarios. From
    1 pin to 10 Pins. Your aim is to knock the pin(s) over with one shot.
    Pin Combinations
    Full House - o o o o  Bucket -   o    Baby Spilt - o   One in the Dark - o
                  o o o             o o
                   o o               o                  o                    o
    Fit Spilt -  oo       Wash Out -     o   Christmas Tree - o   o
                                      o                          o
    Dime Store -     o    Little Three - o  o   Big Three - o   o
                    o                     o                  o
    (ii) Monkey Fighting
    This is probably the best Monkey Mini Game ever. Your aim is to basically
    punch the other monkeys off the arena. Each Monkey off the edge is 10 points.
    In Monkey Fight, you fight against three other computer controlled monkeys for
    up to four rounds.
    There are three arenas to choose from, they are as follows;
     - Mid-Summer Jungle Square
     - Cold Ice Octagon
     - High Flying UFO Circle.
    Power Ups
    During battles, various boxes will drop onto the playing field containing power
    ups. You must punch each box twice to access the power-up, and then roll your
    monkey over the power-up to grab it. Power-ups last for a limited time.
    Long - Gives your monkey a longer reach to hit faraway opponents.
    Big - Makes your monkey's boxing glove twice its normal size.
    Vortex - By pressing and holding the punch button, your monkey's glove will
    spin in a circle, hitting anything in its path.
    (iii) Monkey Golf
    1. Course A - The golf requires you to...play golf! Each hole is PAR 3 and you
    have a maximum of 9 hits. Course A is GRASSLAND and is the default course.
    Naturally the hols get harder towards the end.
    2. Course B - This course is the Extra Course and is only unlocked when you
    get 2500 playing points in the Main Game. This level is in an Artic style.
    (iv) Monkey Duel (Two-players only)
    In Monkey Duel, two players can race through any of the Normal Mode stages that
    have been unlocked. None of the bonus levels or Master levels are available in
    Monkey Duel. Choose up to five levels to complete in and try to collect the
    most points. Be careful though, players can collide with each other and knock
    each other out of the arena.
                               -6. HINTS AND TIPS-
    - Never go close to the edge of a floor. You will fall off.
    - Use the Practice Mode to hone your skills in the field of Super Monkey Ball.
    - Here are some codes, just in case you want to cheat. Enter that at the main
     - Super Blocky Mode
     Code:      Left, Left, Right, Right, Down, Down, A.
     Comment: Lo-res graphics but the gameplay is better and easier.
     - Super Enable All
     Code:      Down, Down, Up, Up, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A.
     Comment: Unlocks every single thing in the game.
                             -7. UNLOCKABLE ITEMS-
    Here is a list of all the unlockable items in the game.
    - Monkey Golf (Course A) - 2500pts
    - Monkey Golf (Course B) - 2500pts
    - Monkey Bowling - 2500pts
    - Monkey Duel (2 player only) - 2500pts
    - Monkey Fight - 2500pts
    - Infinite Continues - 2500pts
    - Master Levels - 2500pts
    (i) Credits Game
    In this game, available when you complete any of the Difficulty levels, you
    have to collect as many bananas as you can. Here is the ranking list:
      132+    Bananas  -   1: Gorilla
      129-131 Bananas  -   2: Chimpanzee
      126-128 Bananas  -   3: Orangutan
      123-125 Bananas  -   4: Siamang Gibbon
      120-122 Bananas  -   5: Moloch Gibbon
      117-119 Bananas  -   6: Capped Gibbon
      114-116 Bananas  -   7: White Handed Gibbon
      111-113 Bananas  -   8: Gelada Gibbon
      108-110 Bananas  -   9: Mandrill
      102-107 Bananas  -  10: Hamadryas
      102-104 Bananas  -  11: Yellow Baboon
      099-101 Bananas  -  12: Black Ape
      096-098 Bananas  -  13: Japanese Macaque
      093-095 Bananas  -  14: Savanna Monkey
      090-092 Bananas  -  15: de Brazzas Monkey
      087-089 Bananas  -  16: Bonnet Monkey
      084-086 Bananas  -  17: Talapoin Monkey
      081-083 Bananas  -  18: Grey Cheeked Mangabey
      078-080 Bananas  -  19: Patas Monkey
      075-077 Bananas  -  20: Proboacis Monkey
      072-074 Bananas  -  21: Golden Snub Nosed Monkey
      069-071 Bananas  -  22: Douc Langur
      066-068 Bananas  -  23: Hanuman Langur
      063-065 Bananas  -  24: Dusky Langur
      060-062 Bananas  -  25: Brown Tufted Capuchin
      057-059 Bananas  -  26: Squirrel Monkey
      054-056 Bananas  -  27: Tiki Monkey
      051-053 Bananas  -  28: Douroucouli
      048-050 Bananas  -  29: Spider Monkey
      045-047 Bananas  -  30: Red Howler Monkey
      042-044 Bananas  -  31: Black Howler Monkey
      039-041 Bananas  -  32: Goelidis Marmoset
      036-038 Bananas  -  33: Golden Lion Tamarin
      033-035 Bananas  -  34: Emporer Tamarin
      030-032 Bananas  -  35: Pygmy Marmoset
      027-029 Bananas  -  36: Western Tarsier
      024-026 Bananas  -  37: Bush Baby
      021-023 Bananas  -  38: Potto
      018-020 Bananas  -  39: Slow Loris
      015-017 Bananas  -  40: Slender Loris
      012-014 Bananas  -  41: Vereauxs Sifika
      009-011 Bananas  -  42: Avahi
      005-008 Bananas  -  43: Indris
      002-005 Bananas  -  44: Ruffed Lemur
      000-002 Bananas  -  45: Ring Tailed Lemur
                        -8. CONCLUSION and SPECIAL THANKS-
    Well thats the end of this FAQ. I hope it comes in handy for many people.
    CJayc - For posting this guide. Many thanks!
    Sega - For creating this brilliant game. Nice one!
    Nintendo - For creating the great Game Boy Advance!
    Matt Reynolds (Crazyreyn) - For his help and support on this FAQ. Massive
    thankyou to you! Cheers mate!
    -(http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/27600.html)- Crazyreyn
    ASCII Generator - For creating the text used in my name. Heres
    the site - http://www.network-science.de/ascii/.
                #####                                       #    #####
               #     #   ##   #####  ##### ###### #####    ##   #     #
               #        #  #  #    #   #   #      #    #  # #         #
               #       #    # #    #   #   #####  #    #    #    #####
               #       ###### #####    #   #      #####     #   #
               #     # #    # #   #    #   #      #   #     #   #
                #####  #    # #    #   #   ###### #    #  ##### #######
    By Carter12 (carter12.faqs@gmail.com)
    Copyright (c)2005 Thomas Carter. All rights resevered.
    All trademarks and copyrights in this document belong to their respective

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