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    Secrets FAQ by Judgbolt

    Version: 1.92 | Updated: 10/14/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ------------LUNAR LEGEND-----------
                      Developed By: Game Arts
                      Published By: Ubi Soft
    Secrets FAQ (Game Boy Advance Version)
    Author: Judgbolt
    Version 1.92
    Table of Contents
    0.   Version History
    1.   Introduction
    2.   Protector Cave
             A. Battle Emblem
             B. Angel Sword
    3.   Master Book
    4.   Devil's Tear
    5.   Alternate Limit Breaks
    6.   Equipment Sets
             A. Nash's Set
             B. Mia's Set
             C. Kyle's Set
    7.   Cards
             A. Dragon Cards
             B. Treasure Chest Cards
             C. Boss Cards
             D. Wandering Card Traders
    8.   Pictures for Gallery
    9.   Extra Options
    10.  Red Treasure Chests
    11.  Item Duplication
    12.  Item Bug (Must Read!)
    13.  Windboots
    14.  Credits and Contact
    15.  Legal Stuff
    0. Version History
    .90 - Almost done with equpment sets, just double checking some info on
          Alex and Jessica, will post them up later.
    1.0 - After being rejected, decided to add lots more to this faq and 
          changed the title from "Equipment Sets" to "Secrets FAQ."
    1.1 - Updated some locations of Red Treasure Chests, revised Intro a
          bit, added some tweaks here and there. Gave more credit to where
          it was due.
    1.7 - Thanks to RPG Addict, I was able to list what each Red Treasure
          Chest contains as well. Decided to add more depth into the cards
          section. Totally rewrote the Equipment Sets Section for clarity.
          Also rewrote the Protector Cave Section for clarity and
          simpleness. Added 2 new sections, both regarding the item
          duplication glitch. Made minor adjustments here and there.
    1.9 - Finally completed the RTC section and added one more small 
          section, the windboots section. Rewrote the Item Bug section and
          made a few tweaks here and there. As of now, I am done, unless 
          there are errors that need correcting or secrets that have yet to 
          be discovered.
    1.91 - Amazingly, thanks to Na Ya, 2 new Red Treasure Chests were 
           discovered!! How many more are out there that will remain hidden?
           Nobody knows....
    1.92 - Added location of one more red treasure chest, hopefully this is
           the last....
    1. Introduction
    This is the first faq I ever wrote in my entire life, there won't
    be any fancy lettering or formatting like those you see in other faqs,
    but all you're here for is the information, and that's all that 
    matters, right? This faq will cover the various secrets for Lunar Legend
    for the Game Boy Advance. This faq is not spoiler free, although I do
    try to spoil as less as possible. The secrets are listed in no 
    particular order, so just look at the table of contents and find what 
    you are looking for.
    It might be good to note that many of the secrets for this game can only
    be found at certain points in the game, and once you pass it, it's over.
    So it might be a good idea to read through all of the secrets so that
    you can find everything the first time through, unless you want to play
    it a second time, which isn't exactly the greatest thing to do. Like I 
    said, I did try to make this faq spoiler free, so don't worry if you're 
    concerned that reading this faq will spoil anything for you.
    2. Protector Cave
    The Protector Cave is an optional dungeon that you can open up and get
    lots of good items from. Right after becoming a Dragonmaster(right after
    you defeat the Black Dragon), Laike will tell you to go to Myght's Room
    to see if the airship is finished. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go to 
    Myght's Room. Instead, go to Reza and talk to the guy behind the counter
    at the inn. Talk to him enough times and he'll mention the Protector
    Cave, and after that you can go to it from the map screen outside Reza.
    The Protector Cave has some pretty good items, and if you're looking for
    the equipment sets (see below for more information) for Nash, Mia, and 
    Kyle, the only way you can complete the sets is by going through the
    Protector Cave. 
    2A. Battle Emblem
    After you defeat the boss at the end of Protector Cave, you will get one
    of two items. The first one you can get is Battle Emblem, which is an
    accessory that only the guys can equip. It will increase your arts gauge
    by one increment at the end of every turn. What this means is that if
    you end the battle before the first turn ends, you will not get the arts
    gauge boost for that battle. 
    In case you didn't know, arts gauge is just the orange bar underneath 
    your HP/MP in battle that covers your character's name and fills up as 
    you do regular attacks. When it fills all the way up, you can use your 
    limit break. Note that the "increment" I refer to is the same as the
    amount the arts gauge fills up every time you do a regular attack, 
    regardless of whether or not you miss.
    2B. Angel Sword
    If you don't get the Battle Emblem, you will get the Angel Sword after
    defeating the boss. The Angel Sword is a sword that only Alex can equip,
    it is not the most powerful sword, but when you equip it with the Master
    Book, you get to change your limit to Liner.
    As of now, I am not 100% sure what determines whether you'll get the 
    Battle Emblem or the Angel Sword, although it is quite unanimously 
    agreed that it has something to do with the answers you give Quark the 
    White Dragon when you undergo his Trial. The answers that will 
    supposedly get you the Angel Sword are: "I wish to protect the people I
    love" and "I don't know." 
    Of course, there are also other various possibilities, such as the 
    answer that you give Laike when he asks you a question in front of
    Dyne's grave.
    3. Master Book
    Master Book is an accessory that only Alex can equip, if you equip this
    along with the Angel Sword then Alex gets a new limit Liner(see below
    for more information).
    In the beginning, when Ramus asks you how much he should sell the Dragon
    Diamond to the owner of the shop, Dross will offer you $20,000, keep 
    refusing, and eventually he'll throw in the Master Book too. That's when
    you accept, of course.
    4. Devil's Tear
    Similar to the Protector Cave, right after you become a Dragonmaster but
    before you go to Myght's room, go to the fishing village of Lann and go
    talk to the elder in one of the huts. He'll want to celebrate that you
    became a Dragonmaster, and after that conversation is over, talk to him
    again and he'll say that they found something in one of the fish. He'll
    give it to you, and walla, you've got the Devil's Tear. 
    The Devil's Tear is an accesory that anybody can equip, and will max out
    your arts gauge at the beginning of every battle. What this means is 
    that Kyle can essentially use Shiner once every battle, or Nash can use
    ThorRain once every battle, or Mia can use Mist Veil once every battle,
    and so forth.
    5. Alternate Limit Breaks
    Everybody has one alternate limit break aside from their default one, 
    and they are as follows:
    Alex - His other limit break is Liner, you can get it if you have the 
           Angel Sword AND Master Book equipped. See above on how to get
           these two items. Liner basically does a lot of damage to a single
    Mia, Nash - If you equip the Light Emblem for any one of them, their
                limit changes to Charge and when you use it, your next magic
                attack will do about twice as much damage. You get the Light
                Emblem from Phacia automatically after the Underground Vane
    Jessica - Equip the Garnet Claw you find in the Protector Cave and 
              you'll get the limit Crimson. All Crimson does is do a lot of
              damage to a single enemy, though it is still better than 
              Smite, in my opinion.
    Kyle - You'll find the Brave Arm in the Protector Cave, and if you equip
           it, Kyle's limit will change to Knuckler. In case you haven't 
           guessed by now, Knuckler basically does a lot of damage to a 
           single enemy.
    6. Equipment Sets
    Nash, Kyle, and Mia each have a specific equipment set that, once 
    equipped together, will give them various stat boosts. It is interesting
    to note that these Sets do NOT give you the best DEF, although they 
    do give you very high boosts in other stats. It is also interesting to
    note that you don't have to equip the entire Set if you don't want to,
    since some parts from the Sets work rather well by themselves too. To
    briefly review, here is what each abbreviation means.
    ATC - Physical Attack power, usually influenced by a weapon.
    DEF - Physical Defense, usually influenced by armor.
    MEN - Magic Offense.
    RES - Magic Defense.
    The locations of each item are only briefly listed, since the only 
    reason why they are listed is to help you keep track of when you can
    get them.
    6A. Nash's Set
    Nash's equipment set is as follows:
    Gentle Rod : Found in Protector Cave.
    Gentle Coat : Found in Blue Dragon Shrine.
    Gentle Glove : Found in Black Dragon Shrine.
    Gentle Hat : Found in Underground Vane, treasure chest right next to
                 the boss.
    When individually equipped, each item gives the following stat boosts:
    Gentle Rod : +1 ATC, +70 MEN
    Gentle Coat : +1 DEF, +70 RES
    Gentle Glove : +1 DEF
    Gentle Hat : +1 DEF
    When equipped as a set, however, they give the following stat boosts:
    +35 ATC, +48 DEF, +70 MEN, +70 RES
    What this means is that equipping Gentle Rod alone will give you a huge
    boost in MEN but the Rod alone does not work well as a weapon, since it
    only gives +1 to your ATC.
    Similarly, equipping Gentle Coat alone will give you a huge boost in RES
    but the Coat alone does not work well as a body armor, since it only 
    gives +1 to your DEF.
    You will never want to equip the Gentle Glove nor the Gentle Hat 
    separately, since they offer you absolutely no benefits if you do so.
    So there are basically two ways you can go with Nash. The first and most
    obvious way is to equip the Gentle Set, and you will have a high MEN 
    stat along with the highest RES possible while still having a decent ATC
    and DEF. 
    The other way is to only equip the Gentle Rod to get the MEN boost, and
    for the rest of the armor, go with armor that will boost your DEF and
    your MEN. In doing this, you will have the highest DEF possible(assuming
    you found the best armor) along with the highest MEN possible. The 2
    things you will give up going this route is ATC and lots of RES.
    6B. Mia's Set
    Mia's equipment set is as follows:
    Magic Cane : Found in Burg, red treasure chest in one of the rooms of
                 Ramus' house.
    Magic Robe : Found in Protector Cave.
    Magic Bracelet : Found in Protector Cave.
    Magic Hat : Found in Forbidden Forest, in red treasure chest in the 
                spring after going east from where you start.
    When individually equipped, each item gives the following stat boosts:
    Magic Cane : +1 ATC, +80 MEN
    Magic Robe : +1 DEF, +80 RES
    Magic Bracelet: +1 DEF
    Magic Hat : +1 DEF
    When equipped as a set, however, they give the following stat boosts:
    +35 ATC, +48 DEF, +80 MEN, +80 RES
    Mia's situation is very similar to Nash's, since her Magic Set gives
    very similar stat boosts. 
    What this means is that Mia can also go two ways, the first one being
    the Magic Set, and she will have high MEN along with the highest RES
    possible she can achieve, while having decent ATC and DEF.
    The other way, like Nash's case, is to only equip the Magic Cane for the
    MEN and go with other armor to max out your DEF and your MEN, since 
    there are armor that will give you decent boosts in both DEF and MEN. 
    You sacrifice ATC and RES in doing so but you also have the highest DEF
    and MEN possible.
    6C. Kyle's Set
    Kyle's equipment set is as follows:
    Fab Sword : Bought at Thieves' Bazaar in Reza, also found in Protector
                Cave (so don't buy it, find it, it saves you money).
    Fab Suit : Found in Black Dragon Shrine.
    Fab Guard : Found in Red Dragon Volcano.
    Fab Helmet : Found in Protector Cave.
    When individually equipped, each item gives the following stat boosts:
    Fab Sword : +20 ATC
    Fab Suit : +1 DEf, +10 ATC
    Fab Guard : +1 DEF, +5 ATC
    Fab Helmet : +1 DEF, +5 ATC
    When equipped as a set, however, they give the following stat boosts:
    +100 ATC, +66 DEF
    The Fab Set for Kyle serves no purpose individually, as the Fab Sword 
    alone is weak in ATC power and the boost in ATC you get from equpping
    the various armors separately don't really compare to the huge amount of
    DEF you'd be sacrificing if you did so.
    For Kyle, there are also two ways you can go, the first way being the
    obvious Fab Set. In taking this route, you have the highest ATC Kyle
    can get, while still having decent DEF.
    The other and probably less logical way is to not equip any part of the 
    Fab Set, since none of them do well individually, contrary to Nash and 
    Mia's Rod/Cane and Coat/Robe. What you get when you do this is the 
    highest DEF you can get for Kyle in the game.
    Final Insight
    For Kyle, the Fab Set is the way to go, since his ATC becomes absurd and
    not having the highest DEF is a small price to pay, since his DEF is
    still decent with the Fab Set. 
    For Nash and Mia, there is more freedom. While the Sets for them will
    give you the highest RES possible, I don't really care that much about
    RES at all, since equipping the Spirit Guard accessory (halves damage
    you take from magic by half) does a better job than the RES stat anyway. 
    I prefer the alternate approach because with maxed out MEN, you can
    deal more damage to enemies, even if it's only a little bit more than 
    what the Sets can do. The low RES can be taken care of with the 
    aorementioned Spirit Guard, and as for the low ATC, who attacks with
    Nash or Mia anyways. 
    Of course, that's just my opinion, feel free to do whatever you like
    with the Equipment Sets.
    Jessica has no such set, and Alex doesn't either, but it's fairly 
    obvious that the armor that each of the Dragons give him, along with
    the Athlena Sword that you get for just progressing through the game, 
    will indeed give him the best of everything.
    7. Cards
    There are a couple of ways you can get cards in the game, including 
    fighting regular enemies, fighting bosses, and visiting the card shop in
    Meribia. This section will cover the other various ways of completing
    your collection.
    7A. Dragon Cards
    After rescuing Luna from the three witches, Ghaleon will join your party
    and ask that you take him to see Quark. When you're in Saith, be sure to
    talk to one of those villagers wandering outside around the town, one of
    them will start talking about a weird lady in a weird house in the woods
    if you talk to him enough times. After that, there will be a path 
    leading from Saith to the Old Hag's House on the map screen. 
    After Quark is captured/dies, go the the Old Hag's House and the Old Hag
    will give you Quark's card. Each time you pass another dragon's trial 
    but before you go to the next(meaning, after Red Dragon but before Blue, 
    after Blue but before Black, and after Black but before progressing),
    go to the Old Hag's house and she'll give you the card corresponding to 
    the dragon you just met.
    7B. Treasure Chest Cards
    There are three cards you can get by opening a treasure chest. They are:
    Barrel: In the Protector Cave, in one of the many obvious treasure 
            chests lying around, there is the Barrel card in one of them.
    D Grave: After you lose to Ghaleon and you're in Meribia again, you'll
             have to find and talk to Mia and Kyle. After you have done 
             this, do not let Laike take you anywhere by saying that you're
             not ready yet when he asks you whether or not you are. Go to
             the room that the two kids have been guarding at the sea port, 
             and go to the sewers below. On the last screen where it is a
             dead end, there is a treasure chest hidden in the southeast 
             direction, look carefully for it.
    Nall: In one of the treasure chests lying around in the Goddess Tower.
          It's kind of hard to miss, really.
    7C. Boss Cards
    There is a 100% chance that you'll get the card corresponding to the 
    boss once you beat that one particular boss. There are two bosses, 
    however, that are optional and won't come to you by merely playing
    through the game.
    The first time you see Mel, he'll challenge you to a one on one battle.
    While at first it seems that you're meant to lose, you can actually beat
    Mel and get his card as a boss card afterwards.
    So if you want this card, you'll want to level up at the ship level with
    the pirates. Just be careful not to head so far up that you'll trigger
    the scene that will make you fight the boss, because after the Pirate
    boss, there is no other way to level up before you fight Mel. From my
    own personal experience, I levelled up to lvl 10 on the pirate ship and
    then bought the best weapon and armor for Alex in Meribia. I used up 19
    Heal Gums(heal 30 hp) and 1 Mental Gum(heal 50 mp) when fighting Mel. 
    So it is definitely possible to beat Mel at lvl10 if you're careful 
    enough, though you can always level up more if you like.
    In the optional dungeon, Protector Cave, you fight Guardian at the end,
    so just beat it and you'll get the Guardian card.
    7D. Wandering Card Traders
    There are technically three Card Traders, though one is just a simpler
    version of the other. Anyhow, here are their locations:
    Spring near Meryod Forest: You can get 3 cards corresponding to the 
                               three witches: Xenobia, Phacia, and Royce.
                               You'll need cards that you get from the 
                               monsters in Meryod Forest in order to trade
                               for them.
    Spring in Forbidden Forest: He won't trade with you until you get a 
                                decent amount of cards, but don't worry 
                                about him anyway, he only trades you one
                                card, Hi-Nash, and you can get that from
                                the "third" Card Trader.
    Sea Port of Meribia: After you beat the last boss and you're back in 
                         Meribia, in the lower right hand corner of the Sea 
                         Port there will be a Card Trader, you can get 3 
                         cards from him: Hi-Nash, ME Ghaleon, and Evil
                         Althlena. You'll need cards from the monsters you
                         fight in Protector Cave or Forbidden Forest(they
                         have the same enemies) in order to trade for them.
    8. Pictures for Gallery
    As of right now, I know of secret pictures for Jessica, Mia, and Luna,
    the three female protagonists of the game. I guess Nash, Alex, and Kyle
    don't get such "secret" privilages, being guys and all. Anyhow, here's
    how you find them.
    Jessica - After Kyle joins your party and you're supposed to go to 
              Reza, first go to Athlena's Shrine instead. Go furthest up
              North and talk to the woman on the right somewhere, she'll
              say something funny, talk to her again, and she'll give you
              Jessica's picture.
    Mia - After you become a Dragonmaster and Nash leaves your party(for
          what reasons indeed, heh heh...), go to the town of Iluk and
          talk to the guy in one of the houses. He'll start saying some 
          weird stuff, but after that, he'll give you Mia's picture.
    Luna - At the end of the game, when you're back in Meribia once again,
           go talk to Ramus and he'll give you Luna's picture.
    9. Extra Options
    You should already know by now that if you go to options at the main 
    menu, you can look at all the cards you've got so far or all the
    pictures you've encountered in the gallery. After you beat the game,
    you can listen to all the sound effects, as well as all the music in
    the game too. The music is nice to hear, so that's an option you should
    visit after you beat the game.
    10. Red Treasure Chests
    The Red Treasure Chests that you see in the beginning that you can't
    open can be opened once you become a member of the Thieves' Guild, and
    you will automatically come upon this once you enter Reza. I will try
    to list all the Red Treasure Chests that I(and others) have found, along
    with the items that each treasure chest contains. If anyone finds one 
    that I did not list feel free to contact me, I'll give you credit if I 
    post it. Red Treasure Chest will now be abbreviated with RTC. 
    - Magical Cane: There is a RTC in one of the rooms in Ramus' house.
    - Beat Knuckles: Head south from the most southern house, you will go 
      through a secret path in the small woods and come across a RTC.
    - Thunder Blade, Sardonyx: Through that same secret path where you got
      the Beat Knuckles, there are 2 RTCs hidden very well behind 2 trees
      on the left hand side, one on top and one on bottom. Look extremely
      carefully for these 2.
    Weird Woods
    - Earthquake: After you cross the bridge, head north, and you'll see a
      RTC that looks like you can't get to, but if you follow the marks on 
      the ground you will be able to go through the blocking trees.
    - 1500 S: Head North East from the entrance, there is a RTC behind one 
      of the houses.
    Old Hag's House 
    - Card Hunter: There is one in her house, lying in the open.
    - 2000 S: At the sea port, there is one RTC in one of the many empty
      rooms. It is in the building in the lower right hand corner.
    - 2000 S: In Jessica and Mel's room, there is one RTC to the left.
    - Mental Drop, Heal Drop: In the training room, there are 2 RTCs to the
    - 3000 S: There is one more RTC in the training room, to the lower left,
      partially hidden.
    - Varies: There is a RTC in Ramus' shop, all the way east, partially
      hidden. You get a bunny suit if you open it at a certain time, you
      get one of two items if you wait until later, although I got both the
      Magic Plate and Mirror Shield when I opened it; I think you're only
      supposed to get one, but yeah, if anyone can shed some light on this,
      it would be really helpful.
    - Music Box: There is one in Mia's room, it just plays some music. If
      you want to hear it again, beat the game and access the extra 
    - Dark Seed: Outside Vane, there is one RTC somewhere northwest, behind
      one of the trees.
    - 7000 S, Heal Drop, Mental Drop: Inside the biggest building in the 
      room where Lemia sits, there are 3 RTCs hidden behind three poles, 
      look for them carefully, very carefully.
    East Nanza Pass
    - Coral Tiara: There is one in the area just before you reach the town
      of Nanza, to the lower left.
    - Magic Ring: A RTC is also in the semi-cave you go through on your way
      to Nanza.
    - Rainbow Seed: There is one in the room with many beds, just below the
    - Mental Drop: There is one lying in the open next to one of the 
    Southern Nanza Pass
    - Flame Hammer, Mental Drop: From the words of RPG Addict, follow his
      directions from the south entrance, not the north: "Heading north from
      the south, head right at your first "intersection." This long path 
      will take you to two RTCs."
    - Angel Tear: In the most Western house, there is a RTC.
    - 10,000 S: In the house west of the Althlena Statue in Reza, there is
      another RTC.
    - Nothing, 2,000 S: In the back room of the aforementioned house, there 
      are 2 RTCs lying around, one of them is empty.
    - 5,000 S: In the Thieves Bazaar in the back of the bar, there is a RTC
      in one of the rooms, head west instead of south at the very first
    Spring Close to Meryod Forest 
    - Aquamarine, Dream Knuckle: There are two RTCs lying there for you to 
    Forbidden Forest
    - Ruby Gloves: There is one near the entrance, you can't miss it.
    - Flame Ring: Go to the clearing in the middle of the woods, head south 
      and then you should find a pathway going in two directions, go in the 
      direction towards the entrance, and the RTC should be at the end of 
      the path. 
    Spring in Forbidden Forest
    - Magical Hat, Phoenix Claw: There are two RTCs lying there for you to
    11. Item Duplication
    There is a bug in the game that will allow you to duplicate any 
    equippable item. With this trick, you can duplicate items that cost a 
    lot (Equipment Sets) and sell them for a lot of money, or you can 
    duplicate an item that will be useful for your other party members, such
    as Devil's Tear, Spirit Guard, and the like. Here's how you do it:
    1. Equip the item(s) that you wish to duplicate.
    2. Just walk around a bit, if you enter a battle that's fine too.
    3. Save your game.
    4. Unequip the item(s) that you wish to duplicate.
    5. Save your game again.
    6. Load your game, and you will see that your item(s) have been 
       duplicated and is in your inventory.
    It is interesting to note that if you load your game with the designated
    items already equipped, just start at step 4 and reapeat as necessary.
    When trying to load the game with the items already equipped, though, be
    sure that you are not commiting the Item Bug mentioned in the next 
    12. Item Bug (Must Read!)
    This is a section that everybody should read because you will lose some
    very important items if you are not careful. Similar to how the Item
    Duplication Trick works, if you accidentally do the actions that I'm 
    about to explain, you will lose an item and duplicate an item that you
    probably won't want to duplicate. Basically, do NOT do what I am about
    to tell you if you want to keep your best items. While it is rare, it
    can still happen accidentally, so pay attention.
    1. You have Item A equipped.
    2. You replace Item A with Item B, because you think Item B is better
       than Item A. After this, you do one of several things: 
    3. You save WITHOUT walking around first. Then you:
              A) load your file again or turn off the power. This leads to
              the RESULT.
              B) walk around a bit, maybe fight a battle or two, and then
              decide to quit playing and not save. This leads to the RESULT.
              C) walk around a bit, then decide to save for no apparent 
              reason. This is okay.
              D) walk around a bit, fight one or more battles, then save
              for obvious reasons. This is also okay.
    3. Anything else is fine, the only scenario left being that you save
       AFTER walking around a bit first.
    When I say saving without walking around first, I mean equipping the
    items and then saving right away on that same menu screen, without going
    back to the game screen first and moving Alex with your D pad.
    What is the deadly RESULT that I have been making references to? If you
    follow the steps mentioned above and it tells you that it will lead you
    to the RESULT, then you are in big trouble because here is what the
    RESULT does: it will duplicate Item A and delete Item B. Duplicating 
    Item A is useless because why did you replace it with Item B in the 
    first place if it was so good? Deleting Item B is bad because that's
    probably your best armor/weapon to date, and you might not be able to 
    get it back if you didn't buy it from a store.
    If anyone discovers different, please notify me, but I believe this is
    how you get your items deleted. So avoid this at all costs!! Always 
    remember to walk around a bit before you save and quit after equipping 
    new items.
    13. Windboots
    The windboots isn't really a secret at all, it's an accessory you can 
    buy at Vane in one of the shops for 80,000 S. The most obvious benefits 
    it gives are increasing your AGL by 8 and your NOA by 2, making it an
    extremely helpful item in your game. 
    What's nice to note about it though that was not apparent to me at 
    first is that it also increases the damage that Alex and Kyle can do 
    with their skills. So with one windboots equipped, you not only get the 
    stats mentioned above, you can also do significantly more damage with 
    Alex's swordance or Kyle's slash and the like. Since the effect seems to
    stack, equipping 2 windboots will really help you dish out lots of 
    Using the item duplication trick to sell items for money and then buying
    one windboots and duplicating it as necessary in the beginning can yield
    very satisfactory results. Buying a windboots as soon as you enter Vane
    and duplicating it and equipping 2 of them on Alex will allow Alex to
    do absurd damage with his swordance, making boss fights already easier
    than they are, even if you're at a low level. 
    14. Credits and Contact
    I would like to give credit and thanks to:
    rpg master123 for giving LOTS of information about locations of 
    equipment sets, the Protector Cave, various stats, additional locations 
    of Red Treasure Chests and what they contain, and giving information 
    about the Mel card and the Card Traders.
    Meh1 for giving lots of good insight as to why my faq was rejected the
    first time I submitted it.
    Joni Phillips for giving similar advice to Meh1.
    OTACON120, Royalflame09, and Wolfpiper for not reading the message 
    boards clearly. Er, I mean, for having the heart to read my faq to see
    what was wrong with it after I already declared what my mistakes were
    and after I already submitted my second version.
    Rpg Addict for giving additional information about locations of the RTCs
    (especially Reza) and giving massive information about what item each 
    RTC contains. The southern Nanza pass RTCs and Reza's RTCs are all 
    contributed by him, I also cited his words in one of those sections.
    Loki 174 for bringing up the issue about what determines whether or not
    you'll get the Angel Sword, and DoubleDarkness for testing out the 
    answers and arriving with the aforementioned solutions.
    Dyne 1989 for letting me paraphrase the Item Duplication Section from 
    his faq, and Gamewinners for contributing that info to him in the first
    JMarley for bringing up how walking can also prevent the item bug from
    happening, not the battles. This in turn also influenced how the item
    duplication trick works. Good job there, Marley. Not like anyone reads
    this section anyway...
    Na Ya for discovering the locations of 2 new RTCs, never before seen.
    Was that good eye, or just plain luck?
    Oktavius and Silvercrane666 for notifying me of that last RTC in 
    Forbidden Forest, I must have been blind or something.
    And of course, thanks to Gamefaqs for allowing this faq to see the light
    of day.
    If you have questions, or advice for improvement, or any other comments,
    feel free to email me at Judgbolt@yahoo.com.  All credit will be given should
    I decide to use any information or follow any suggestions you send me.
    I will try to respond, since it is a courteous way of saying that I 
    really did read what you wrote, and that you have not wasted your time,
    unless you are here to insult me.
    If there's something wrong with my faq that you notice, feel free to
    email me too, of course.
    15. Legal Stuff
    This is my first faq, hey, I'll just follow the advice Gamefaqs put
    on the help section.
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. 
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
    display other than Gamefaqs is strictly prohibited, and a violation of 
    Copyright 2003 Judgbolt
    Of course, 
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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