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    Red Chest Locations FAQ by winnie the poop 2

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/15/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         Lunar Legend (Game Boy Advance) Red Chest Locations FAQ version 1.2
              Copyright Martin Dale-Hench 2003 (hockeyfox@ameritech.net)
                                Last Updated: 9/01/03
    Table of Contents
      I. Intro
     II. FAQ (please read this before you ask me questions!)
    III. Red Chest Locations
     IV. Disclaimer/Version History
    I. Intro
    Hi, all. I wrote this FAQ because, like you probably did, I once wondered if 
    I ever got all of the Red Chests that I passed during the course of the game.
    Just in case you didn't know, you had to backtrack for a few hours if you
    wanted them all, which brings me yet another reason to write this FAQ: to make
    your life easier by saving you the trouble of frantically looking for those
    cleverly-hidden items and finding a crappy item that you don't even need.
    However, there are TONS of items that will undoubtedly make your quest far
    more easier. Hope you find this FAQ helpful!
    II. FAQ
    Q. What's so special about the Red Chests that you had to make a FAQ on it?
    A. Those chests are found/seen all over the opening 5-7 hours of the game, but
    the treasures that lies beneath those cannot be opened/attained until you know
    'how to' unlock them, which comes later in the game. Therefore, after 
    acquiring the knowledge and skill, you have to backtrack to various points of 
    the game in order to get them all. Which is the reason why I made this FAQ: to
    make your back-tracking _easier_.
    Q. When will you learn how to open the chests?
    A. First, meet Damon in Damon's Spire on the country/continent of Marius. He
    will reward you with a Thief's Heart, which is the key to the admission into
    the Theives' Guild. Go back to Reza, the home of the Guild, and enter the
    bar/pub. Talk to the bartender and he will recognize your excellence in
    obtaining the Heart and rewards you the Guild Card. That's it. You now can
    open red chests!
    Q. How do you access the Damon's Spire?
    A. Get the Damon's Note from Meryod's restaurant, located beyond the Meryod 
    Q. Is there any red chests further in the storyline (i.e., Red Dragon Cave)?
    A. Since you are REQUIRED to get the Guild Card anyway, it would be pointless
    for the developers to place Red Chests beyond Marius... Makes sense to you,
    doesn't it? Yet... there are a few. I won't mention them because it's like a
    normal chest from that point. Hell, there's one in the FINAL dungeon!
    Q. How many Red Chests are there that I might have bypassed?
    A. At my last count, twenty-seven (27) chests.
    Q. When should I get them?
    A. Whenever you have the Guild Card. IMO, the best time is to get them ASAP.
    Most of them will GREATLY aid your quest.
    Q. Are they worth it (the time taken to look for them)?
    A. Hell yes! Think it as free money and free equipment! Most of them are
    incredibly quick to find with the Dragon Wings!
    Q. I don't have the Dragon Wings to transport me around anymore! Help!
    A. *sighs* This isn't the place to ask, you know. But anyway. Go to the
    Thieves' Bazaar, behind the counter of Reza Bar, and find the guy who
    snatched the Wings away and viola! It's yours again!
    Q. I found a Red Chest that you don't have unlisted!
    A. Can it be found before you get the Guild Card? If so, please send an e-mail
    of the directions my way! Credit? Of course I will credit you!
    III. Red Chests Locations
    Ramus's House, 2F
    Location: Right of the Weapon Shop
        Item: Magical Cane, ATK +1 MEN +80
        Whom: Mia Only
    Secret Passage
    Location: Walk to the southeast and find a gap/indent in the woods. Walk into
              it and viola! Secret Passage! The chest is waiting for you at the 
              end of the path.
        Item: Beat Knuckles, ATK + 25 NOA +1
        Whom: Kyle Only
    Secret Passage
    Location: Holy crap. This is hard to find. You have Heyman614 (Dave) to thank
              to for this chest and the next one! Anyway, in the same place as the
              previous one (Beat Knuckles), go to the northwestern corner of the
              secret grotto and press A around the indent, behind some trees. You
              should eventually find it. You cannot see it at all before opening
              it. The item is worth it.
        Item: Sardonyx, AGL + 20
        Whom: Everybody
    Secret Passage
    Location: AWESOME ONE! Thanks again, Dave (Heyman614)! One of the best swords
              in the game and you can get it VERY early, probably before you EVEN
              fight one battle. It's in the same area as the last two chests, in
              a secret grove/grotto. It's tucked away behind some trees, invisible
              to your eyes. So, tap A when you're in the bottom (more like middle)
              left gap.
        Item: Thunder Blade, ATK + 55
        Whom: Alex Only
    Old Hag's House
    Location: Just waltz into the Old Hag's House by Burg and you'll find the
              chest inside.
        Item: Card Hunter - Makes it easier to get Cards from battles
        Whom: Anyone
    (Thanks to numerous people who e-mailed me about this)
    Secret Passage (in the NW section, before Quark's den)
    Location: You could see a red chest in the middle, surrounded by trees, Can't 
              get in? Look for a secret passage within the right side, just stick 
              to the trees and you'll pop in.
        Item: Earthquake
        Whom: Jess Only, ATK +56 Sleep Effect
    Behind the Northeastern House
    Location: Partly hidden, keep an eye on the back of the house, on the 2nd tier
              (up the stairs).
        Item: 1500 $
    Ramus's Shop
    Location: Go under the catwalk to the right. The red chest is hidden in the SE
              corner. Partily blocked.
        Item: Bunny Suit (A joke from the developers)
        Whom: Mia and Jess Only, DEF +12
    *A great tip from Matthew Robinson: "the bunny suit is what you get if you 
    open the chest after you get the guild card. After you fight and lose to 
    Ghaleon you get the Magic Plate. If you talk to Mia and Kyle after losing 
    to him, you ge the mirror shield. I dunno the stats of the items but you 
    can get them just the same."
    Port, In a House
    Location: Go to the second (bottom) row of houses and enter the right-most 
              house. The chest is in plain view.
        Item: 2000 $
    Mel's Mansion - 2F
    Location: Along the left wall, Can't miss.
        Item: 2000 $
    Mel's Mansion - Training Dojo
    Location: On the northeast corner. Again, a can't miss chest. To get to this 
              room, pass through the opening in the southeast corner of 2F.
        Item: Mental Drop (cures all MP)
    Mel's Mansion - Training Dojo
    Location: Right next to the chest above.
        Item: Heal Drop (Restores 150 HP)
    Mel's Mansion - Training Dojo
    Location: Partly hidden in the SW corner. Have to take the stairs down.
        Item: 3000 $
    East of Nanza
    Location: In a cave that you had to go through. First screen east of Nanza.
        Item: Magic Ring
        Whom: Everybody can use it, Halves MP usage!
    East of Nanza
    Location: Left of the cave with the Magic Ring.
        Item: Coral Tiara
        Whom: Mia Only, DEF +13 MEN +4
    South of Nanza
    Location: On the right side, you have to go down until you find another path 
              going up. Take that road until you see two red chests. The first one 
        Item: Flame Hammer
        Whom: Jess Only, ATK +52
    South of Nanza
    Location: Just north of the previous chest.
        Item: Mental Drop (Cures all MP)
    Location: Easy enough. Go to the basement (via the towers) and continue to the
              southern room. Should be easy to spot.
        Item: Rainbow Seed
        Whom: Everybody can use it, MEN +10
    Location: Blantantly in the middle of the town.
        Item: Mental Drop (Cures all MP)
    Location: Behind a tree in a grove to the northwest.
        Item: Dark Seed
        Whom: Everybody can use it, RES +10
    Magic Guild
    Location:In Mia's room (stairs is to the far left on the main floor).
        Item: You get to hear some music, that's all. o_O
    Magic Guild
    Location: Cleverly hidden behind the bottom left column in the throne room of 
              Lemia. On the Main floor.
        Item: Mental Drop (Cures all MP)
    Magic Guild
    Location: Same spot as the above item, but behind the top right column.
        Item: Heal Drop (Cures 150 HP)
    Magic Guild
    Location: Same spot again, top left.
        Item: 7000 $
    Southwest House
    Location: Enter the first house to the left. There's a red chest on the top of
              a ladder. Climb up and grab it!
        Item: 10000 $
    Secret Passage
    Location: Still in the SW house (above item), enter the gap in the wall and 
              walk all of the way to the end. One of the two chests you find:
        Item: 2000 $
    Secret Passage
    Location: The second chest you find: (first one above)
    Northwest House
    Location: Enter the northwest-most door. Another chest lies on the top of a 
        Item: Angel Tear
    Marius Spring
    Location: Can't miss.
        Item: Dream Knuckle
        Whom: Kyle Only, ATK +33 NOA +1
    Marius Spring
    Location: Can't miss.
        Item: Aquamarine
        Whom: Everybody can use it, Ice Magic+ (Only Mia should use it)
    IV. Disclaimer
    DISCLAIMER/THANKS: This guide can only be used and viewed at www.ign.com,
    www.neoseeker.com, and www.gamefaqs.com. This guide is intended for private 
    use only so don't go off running and selling this guide. You won't make any 
    money off this anyway! :P If you post this guide on your website without my 
    permission, I'll punch you in the face and throw you into a shark-infested
    Thanks to: 
    -(insert name/company whom you thought was going to be here) - OMG THIS GUY
    -Matthew Robinson about the information on the Red Chest prize in Ramus's Shop
    -Dave (Heyman614) for two _very_ well-hidden chests in Burg.
    -you? Tell me if you find a missing Red Chest and I'll add it and credit you!
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    Copyright Martin Dale-Hench 2003

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