how do i get S rank?

  1. How can i get S rank when fighting a boss?.... Protoman v3, Pharoman v2,v3,and shadowman v3...what chips can i use to beat them and get S rank?

    User Info: darthsigma

    darthsigma - 8 years ago


  1. Wind+Fan+Gateman (V1, 2, or 3) =Gator 100dmg x9
    Adding Attack+30s = 160 x 9 (1440 damage)
    Add some FullCusts and make one your default chip.

    Wind * x5
    Fan * x5
    Gateman G X5
    Attack+30 * x5
    Attack+20 * x5
    FullCust * x5

    Pharoman can be tricky because of the Coffins. You will need good timing to S Rank him.

    User Info: WildWesley

    WildWesley - 2 years ago 0 0

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