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"Tetris, anyone?"

This is yet another Gameboy Advance puzzler, and let's face it, it's hard to be original when dealing with this genre (Zoocube was a good idea, but not much fun). The object of this game is to collect blocks (tetris?) and stack them up (yep, it's tetris) then make a castle from them (oh, okay, so that's not tetris). Problem is, someone else is doing the same thing next to you.

Gameplay - 8/10: This is quite fun, I suppose. Using simplistic controls, move blocks around and stack them up to try and build a castle before the other person next to you manages to. Unlike tetris, the blocks stay there. You also get powerups to help.
But there's a catch! If you have any holes, your structure will soon collapse, and your opponent will win. One powerup will help, as it fills any holes you have. Multiplayer is good too.
There is the main single player mode which we've come to expect from puzzlers (with stupid story and weird characters) and this is where you'll do most of your playing. However, what really (might) make this game worth buying is the multiplayer mode, which can get frantic and is fun for quite a while. Beating scores can be fun, as can seeing how stable you can make your castle. The normal playing screen shows you and in the background a castle. As you get higher up, you begin to see more of the castle, and once you reach the battlements, you win! The concept is simple but fun.

Graphics/Sound - 7/10: Nice and colourful, bright and happy. Just right if you feel cheerful, but if you don't feel happy it may be too sweet for you. The characters look like Rayman except they're egg with no limbs. You get different colour blocks which have different effects, and there's no way you'll ever feel dull playing this.
The music is annoying, and the sound effects are what you would expect (''piaw!''''zap!''''boom!''''you win!'') from a puzzler.

Lifespan - 1/10 0r 10/10: It really depends on how much you like puzzlers. I still play on the old gameboy tetris now, but you may quickly get impatient with it. The multiplayer might last you a while.

Final Verdict: This is good, and fun on journeys, so you should probably buy it if you like puzzlers. If you don't, don't go near this! I don't recommend renting this, as you either buy it if you like puzzle games or you don't buy it if you don't.
Final Score: 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/25/02, Updated 10/22/02

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