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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Darkslime

    Version: 0.2 | Updated: 10/02/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       GGGGGGGGGGGG           lllll               d
      GGGG      GGG           ll lll             dd
     GGG         GG            l lll             dd
     GGG          G              lll             dd
     GGG                         lll             dd
     GGG     GGGGGG    ooooo     lll       dddddddd    eeeeee  nnn nnnn
     GGG     GGG GG   oo   oo    lll      ddd    dd   ee    ee  nnn    nn
     GGG     GG  GG  oo     oo   lll      dd     dd   ee    ee  nn     nn
     GGG     G   GG  oo     oo   lll  l   dd     dd   eeeeeee   nn     nn
      GGGG      GGG   oo   oo    lll ll   ddd    dd   ee        nn     nn
       GGGGGGGGGGG     ooooo      lllll    ddddddd     eeeeee   n       n
       ===========     =====      =====    =======     ======   ==     ==
      SSS      SSSS
     SSS        SSS
     SSS          S
      SSSSSSSSSS      u       u   nnn nnnn
             SSSSSS   uu     uu    nnn    nn
     S           SS   uu     uu    nn     nn         The Lost Age
     SS          SS   uu     uu    nn     nn         === ==== ===
     SSS        SSS    uu   uuu    nn     nn
      SSSSSSSSSSS       uuuuu uu   n       n
      ===========       ===== ==   ==     ==
    +-----Horrible ASCII Art brought to you by myself
                           GOLDEN SUN: THE LOST AGE
                                by Darkslime
                                version 0.2
    I. Introduction
    II. Version History and Controls
    III. The Story Up 'till Now
    IV. Walkthrough
       A. Venus Lighthouse
       B. Suhalla Gate
       C. Idejima
       A. Daili
       B. Kandorean Temple
       C. Shrine of the Sea God
       D. Dehkan Plateau
       E. Indran Easternland Beach
       F. Indra Cavern
       G. Madra
       H. Madra Catacombs
       I. Madra Drawbridge
       J. Osenia Cliffs
       A. Mikasalla
       B. Yampi Desert
       C. Alhafra
       D. Alhafran Cave
       E. Air's Rock
       F. Garoh
       G. Osenia Cavern
       H. Mikasalla again
       A. Madra again
       B. Gondowan Cliffs
     1. Character Guide
     2. Items, Djinn, and Psynergy Tables
       A. Items
       B. Psynergy
       C. Djinn Guide
       D. Class Guide
     3. The Bestiary
     4. Music Test
     1. Manual Errors
     2. FAQs
     3. Coming Soon
     4. Non-Gameshark Cheats
     5. Conclusion
     6. Legal info and Credits
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      ** this guide is getting big.                                      **
    ---------------------|I. Introduction |-O
          Hey! This is my Golden Sun: The Lost Age Walkthrough. I wanted to
    write an FAQ for this game, so I decided to write one before there were
    a million already. This is my first guide to GameFAQs.
    So, I hope you enjoy it!
          Please dont email about mispelled stuff. (<- haha)
          If you find a real error, or have information I can add, you can.
    Like if you have ASCII art I can add for some of the titles.
    There are bound some errors. After all, I'm only human... or am I? My
    e-mail is at the very bottom of the FAQ, in the Legal Stuff and Credits
          Please don't ask me where to get roms, because I won't answer.
          Repeat, DON'T ASK ME FOR ROMS. JUST DON'T.
          If I say GS:TLA, I'm talking about this game. And if I say GS,
    I'm referring to Golden Sun.
          If you just want to print out part of the guide, highlight it and
    select 'Selection' from the print box. Or you can cut & paste. The
    legal stuff at the bottom STILL APPLIES, though.
          A quick forewarner: Some sections may contain spoilers, like
    where Piers comes from being in the character's section:) Don't worry,
    though, I don't think there are any spoilers in the walkthrough.
          Any time it says stuff about scholars and merchants keeping lists
    and notes about Djinn and items and things, don't worry, I just made
    that up because I thought it sounded cool.
    ---------------------|II. Version History and Controls |-O
           Well, that's the end of my summer vacation. Now I'll start to
    work on this more often. I have up to your first entrance into Gondowan.
    I can't find the summon Flora in Air's Rock, somebody please help...
    The Class Guide has been beefed up, and now includes the three item
    classes. The Bestiary is updated too.
    v.0.15 6/15/03
           Walkthrough revision. I've got up to when you finish the conversation
    with Alhafra's mayor now. Looks like Picard's English name is Piers. I've
    changed it to that. Both Summons lists are complete. The Djinn Table is
    finished, too. Items List is 100% Complete! Some of the names are still in
    Japanese, but I'll fix them as I get them in the cart. Psynergy Section is
    almost done, too. Added some simple ASCII art too, for the titles. Merged the
    Djinn Guide into the Skills Guide, it's just the Djinn Guide now. Also put
    in a music test guide... I was bored...
           Sorry for the lack of updatedness. I picked up Pokémon Sapphire and
    have been playing it a lot. It actually turned out to be pretty cool.
    4/15/03 This fabulous game finally came out in America!!! I reserved
    v.0.11 1/27/03
           This release was mainly to fix the text. It wasn't appearing
    correctly on my browser. I'm redoing the items too.
    v.0.1 12/6/02
           Walkthrough revision. Got up to Madra Underground Place. That
    parts incomplete though. Item Guide 99% Completed!!!! The Classes
    section has been updated. Added in Soul Inlet Shrine... forgot about
    it... hehehe. Also added the Skills Guide section, then made the
    section titles look 3D with the equals signs. The Psynergy Guide has
    been seriously revamped. Djinn Guide has been redone too.
    v.0.02 10/15/02
           Walkthrough revision. Got up to the end of Decan Hill. Beefed
    up the Characters, Psynergies, Djinn, and Items sections. Also added
    the ASCII art up there.
    v.0.01 9/26/02
           The first version of this guide. The main outline is here, and
    I have up to Delli.
    A Button        - Confirms commands, opens the in-game menu,
                      talks to people
    B Button        - Cancels commands, hold while walking to run
    Select          - Opens the in-game menu
    Start           - Opens the Pause menu
    L Button        - Overworld: Zooms out until you let go
                      Not overworld: Uses Psynergy set to L
    R Button        - Overworld: Opens the world map
                      Not overworld: Uses Psynergy set to R
    On-Off Switch   - I have yet to figure out what this does. I haven't
                      stopped playing the game since I got it, if that's
                      what it does.
    Volume Thing    - Haven't used it yet. The volume is on full blast
                      the whole time I was playing it.
                      (Yeah, I know, the music's great, isn't it?)
    Link cable hole - Used it once. ONCE.
    ---------------------|III. The Story Up 'till Now|-O
    Three years ago, a terrible storm hit Vale, the hometown of Isaac,
    Garet, Jenna, and Felix. Everyone is hurt or drained of Psynergy, their
    special powers that they must hide from the rest of the world. Felix,
    Jenna's big brother, fell into a river and grabbed onto a wooden beam
    and hung on for dear life. Before help could arrive, the Mt. Aleph
    Boulder fell and crushed Jenna's family, Isaac's dad, and, presumably,
    Felix. He was actually grabbed by Saturos and Menardi and taken under
    their wing. Three years after that:
    Isaac, Garet, Jenna, and scholar Kraden climbed up Mt. Aleph into Sol
    Sanctum, a shrine honoring the sun. They solve puzzles and eventually
    reach the innermost part, where the Elemental Stars were held. They
    retrieved three of the four, but before they could get the fourth,
    Saturos and Menardi arrived, taking Jenna and Kraden hostage. Then, a
    mysterious masked character appeared, removed his mask, and it was...
    Felix! Saturos and Menardi demanded that Isaac and Garet retrieve the
    fourth star. They did, and the Wise One appeared, and Mt. Aleph
    erupted, with only Isaac and Garet escaping. The others had already
    gone. After a debate, Isaac and Garet took on the huge responsibility
    of saving the world. They had to stop the four Elemental Lighthouses
    from being lit. They left the next morning.
    At Vault, they met a child named Ivan, who later joined them because he
    could not free his master Hammet from theive's hideout Lunpa. The group
    eventually got to Imil in the winter and met Mia, a healer who
    unknowingly used Psynergy too. She joined them in an effort to stop
    Saturos and co. from lighting Mercury Lighthouse, but failed. Mia chose
    to join them.
    After some more adventures, they sailed on a boat to Tolbi and fought in
    Collosso, a warrior's tournament during a big festival in Tolbi. After
    you won(hopefully), Babi, Tolbi's ruler, wanted the group to search for
    Lemuria, an island where everyone knew Psynergy. However, Isaac and co.
    had other duties.
    They eventually reached Venus Lighthouse and got to the top before
    Saturos had lit it. However, they were already there. Felix and a girl
    named Sheba were there with Saturos and Menardi, so Isaac went and
    whooped Saturos and Menardi's behind. Then they fused into a dragon,
    but Isaac beat that too. However, their evil deed had been done; the
    Venus Lighthouse had been lit. Felix ran away, insisting upon lighting
    the last to lighthouses. Then the foundations of Venus Lighthouse
    started to crumble. Sheba fell off the top, and Felix jumped after her.
    They eventually washed up on shore of a stray chunk of land, Idejima,
    with Jenna, Kraden, and Alex. Isaac and co. searched everywhere but
    couldn't find them. They finally left Gondowan to search for them in a
    Lemurian ship, a gift from Babi. And so, the adventure continues, only
    this time you play as Felix...
    ---------------------|IV. Walkthrough|-O
           The walkthrough is taken from Jenna's private journal, which
    she kept all through her incredible journey. She included solutions
    and maps of all puzzles and dungeons, hoping that future generations
    would benefit from the information. Indeed we have, as we have
    compiled almost a third of the journey into a walkthrough.
    ---------------/\ 1. The Journey Begins /\---------------
    A. Venus Lighthouse
          Select 'New Game' from the menu. It will tell you to name Felix.
    When you're done, it will ask you if you want to transfer data from
    Golden Sun 1. If you are, say yes(left) and choose game link or
    password. If you don't, choose No and name Isaac.
          If you don't know how to get the data (link or password) here's
          1. Go into Golden Sun 1.
          2. At the main menu, hold Left, R, and press B. You should still
             be holding R and Left. The menu disappears for a sec, then when
             it comes back, the 'Send' option will be there. Select it.
             *Note: The Send option only appears if you have Clear Data.
          3. Now choose the clear data to send data from.
          4. Choose either Password or Cable. If you're doing the latter, it
             will connect and transfer the data. If you're using Password:
          5. Choose either Gold, Silver, or Bronze password.
            Gold has everything: Level, Djinn, Char. Stats, Items, and Coins.
            Silver has a bit less: Level, Djinn, and Char. Stats.
            Bronze only has Level and Djinn.
          Be forewarned, the Gold Password is 260 characters long...
          6. Write down the password and enter it into Golden Sun the Lost
    Also, when you transfer the data, you'll see all your stats, and you also
    have the option to rename Isaac if you want. (Or the rest, if you put
    in the LONG renaming cheat.
    "Ages ago, or so the stories tell, the power of Alchemy ruled over the
    world of Weyard. Alchemy wrought the base elements of humanity into
    thriving civilizations, like lead into gold. But in time, man's dreams
    gave birth to untold strife. Dreams of endless riches, of eternal life,
    of dominion over all that lived... Dreams of conquest and of war. These
    dreams would have torn the world apart if not for a few brave and wise
    men, who sealed away the power of Alchemy deep in Mt. Aleph's Sol
          Weyard? That's the name of the world. Now, I skipped over the
    Prologue from Book One by pressing start, but if you never played the
    original game, I suggest you read it so you know what's going on.
          After the NICE title screen plays, press start to start the game.
          When the game starts out, you will see Felix, Jenna, and Kraden
    standing around by the statue from the Venus Lighthouse (look familiar?).
    Felix will 'Move' the statue onto the button, making the electric
    currents disappear. Felix will walk away into the next room. Jenna and
    Kraden start to walk down toward the exit, but Alex warps in front of
    them. Jenna is concerned that Felix went back up, and wants to stop him,
    but Alex insists that they have to leave and get to there regrouping
    point, where they all, including Saturos and Menardi, have to go to sail
    to the next continent. Alex, for some reason, looks pleased that Felix
    went back up the lighthouse. Jenna asks him why, and he says he's finally
    going to see the beacon lit. He then explains how Alchemy was all over
    the world, and Kraden says it was the lost age of man. Anyway, Alex
    says that they need to go now.
          Okay. They'll all manually walk out the door. From there, go into
    the door next to you and follow the path around to the bottom exit in
    the next room. Keep going down and you'll be out.
          When Jenna steps out, some birds on the ground fly away. Go down
    and you'll see a bunch of people and Tolbiian soldiers. They've been
    sent from Lalivero to rescue Sheba. They think you have her, and while
    they can plainly see you don't, they say that the others are coming soon.
    One of the soldiers goes to get reinforcements, and a person follows his
    lead. Alex will get mad and warn the soldiers, as he wants to get back
    to Lalivero and get all the reinforcements himself. The soldier laughs,
    but then Alex calls on his Psynergetic powers and sends them flying into
    the air with geysers. The people see this and run away, with Alex
    commenting on how one tripped and fell. He turns his attention to the
    two remaining soldiers and forces them back so he can get through to
    Lalivero. Kraden tells you to go to the regroup point. As you're going
    there, you'll run into one of the people who was told to wait for the
    reinforcements. He'll get scared and then notice Alex isn't with you,
    then battle you. You can just cast Fume and be over with it.
    B. Suhalla Gate
          Walk up the stairs. Soon, you'll run into another Ruffian. He'll
    get scared(again) then realize Alex is not with you (again). Kill him.
    Do it again just for fun... wait, that won't work. Just keep going.
          When you climb down the vines, three pop out and ambush you. This
    battle is harder, obviously; three Ruffians are better than one. Fume
    them or just attack, I recommend Fume because they'll hurt you three
    times as much. Once they've been eliminated, walk in the door.
          Go down the stairs and walk up the path. Suddenly, a Punch Ant
    drops in on you and attacks! Cast Fume _again_ for a quick finish to a
    rather unfair battle. Kraden will pop out, and will say something really
    "My! That was invigorating! He wasn't too strong... I never knew fighting
     could be so much fun!! Ah... ahem... but we'd better get on to the
     peninsula now."
    Then pick up the Psynergy Stone and walk out.
    Psynergy Stones, in case you didn't know, restore all of all your
    party's PP. ALL of them. Keep this in mind when you're about to face a
    boss; first heal everyone fully and THEN get the stone. It's like
    walking out of an inn.
    C. Idejima
          Kraden will pop out and look for Alex. He's not there yet, so
    he starts looking for the boat they were supposed to take. He finds
    it rather quickly, as it looks kind of ridiculous; it started right
    in front of him. He'll start getting excited, and Jenna says he's just
    like a child with a new toy. Suddenly he jumps in. After a few moments
    Jenna gets impatient and tells him to hurry up. Kraden jumps out and
    reports that you can't sail it by yourself unless you have the
    'thingie' that Saturos has, an orb or something. Yup, you guessed it,
    Saturos and his gang got hold of another Black Orb before first coming
    to Vale and Mt. Aleph. Anyway, Alex appears, and they wonder why the
    beacon of the Venus Lighthouse hasn't been lit yet. Then, right on
    cue, the lighthouse lights up. The ground starts shaking a lot, though,
    and Alex wonders why the Venus Lighthouse is having a reaction like
    this while the Mercury Lighthouse didn't. Then Idejima breaks off of
    Gondowan because of a rift in the mountains! They float out to sea,
    and all three are knocked unconscious, then the screen fades out.
    As the screen fades back in, the scene from the very end of Golden
    Sun plays. Jenna and Kraden are lying on the ground chatting, then
    Alex walks over and says theres something that they need to see.
    Jenna and Kraden pop up and walk over to the eastern coast, where...
    Felix and Sheba lay on the ground!! And better yet... they're alive!!
    The game fades out, and the title screen does all that stuff.
         Once it comes back, it shows Jenna, Kraden, and Alex waiting for
    Felix and Sheba to come around, farther inland. Sheba wakes up and
    reports that Isaac beat Saturos and Menardi. Alex can hardly believe
    it, then Sheba says that Felix saved her from drowning by swimming her
    to Idejima. Felix wakes up, and they talk some more. Then Alex rushes
    to the beach and smiles and tells them that he sees land and they're
    floating toward it! Sadly, it just misses... Then they hear a rumbling
    to the east. Felix is the first one to notice; he hears it and......
    SAYS something!!!
    1st time Felix Talks: "???"
    Hahaha... They all panic except for Alex, who insists there is no reason
    to panic, since there's no way to stop the wave. He actually seems happy...
    then it hits.
         You wake up as Felix. Press A and he'll sit up; press it again
    and he'll stand up. Then the game asks you if you want to check for
    injuries. First Felix shakes his arms. "Your arms are attached. That's
    a good start." Then he tests his legs. "Looks like your legs are working,
    too. Yup, you're fine!" Now go talk to Kraden, Jenna, and Sheba and head
    to the east. Then everyone pops out and you start talking about how Sheba
    doesn't have to come on the dangerous journey you're about to undertake.
    Kraden asks you if you concur, say yes or no. Either way, she's going to
    end up going with you, because she claims that "it's her destiny." Now, as
    the four people fuse into one again, you can walk out. Just head south.
    ---------------/\ 2. Indra Continent /\---------------
    A. Daili
          This town can be really hard to navigate; if you want to exit
    through the south you'll have to zigzag a lot. The houses look
    primitive, but the sanctum looks grand. It's at the north end inside
    this huge building.
          Hidden Items: Smoke Bomb - all the way south, left of inn in a
                        Herb - Go up a few flights of stairs, in a jar
                        3 Coins - In barrel in house with old guy lying
                        Sleep Bomb - 1st floor of inn, right by door in
                        12 Coins - In the high house in the east, in
          Inn: 2 Coins per person
          Weapons: Long Sword, Short Sword, Mace, Wooden Stick
          Armor: Cotton Shirt, Traveler's Vest, One-piece, Wooden Shield,
                 Padded Gloves, Leather Cap
          Items: Herb, Antidote
          Once you do whatever, leave. On the way out, you'll see two
    kids, who are apparently waiting for their friends Riki and Tavi. Hmm...
    You know the story of Rikki-tikki-tavi? That's probably where they got
    the names from. The two are inside the Shrine of the Sea God, but you
    can't help them right now. Before going, however, give the Shaman's Rod
    to Sheba; it's better than that old stick.
          When you're outside you'll see a thing flying around. Look
    familiar? Oh no... you know what's coming. The Venus Djinn will tutor
    you on how to use Djinn, so sit back. Actually, since this is a sequel,
    he asks you if you already know how to use Djinn. Say yes if you're a
    veteran, but if you're new to the game, I highly recommend you listen.
    Djinn can actually be very complicated, so listen to what he says.
    Once you finish, the Venus Djinni Echo will join. Quite a cool Djinni;
    whoever unleashes it will strike twice, doing twice as much damage. Just
    make sure you set him right away unless you want to see the cool summon.
          The overworld can be quite confusing; there seems like there are
    a billion forks in the road. Just do what I say and you'll reach your
    destination in no time. First go south until you reach a fork in the
    road. Here, go west(left) and over a bridge. Follow it, and when you
    see another bridge, just walk past it. You'll eventually get to Kandorean
    B. Kandorean Temple
          When you get here, two guards are standing by an orange gate.
    After talking to them, you'll learn that you're not allowed in, since
    the monks at the temple are having a little meditation "convention(?)"
    that they have every so often. So go around to the left and up. You'll
    see a bush half-covering a cave entrance. Walking up to it, Kraden will
    pop up and examine it. He'll say that it looks suspicous. Well, duh...
    Anyway, use Sheba's 'Whirlwind' to get rid of the plant. Kraden pops up
    again and compliments you on your excellent mind and puzzle-solving
    skills. Don't believe him, that was absolutely nothing compared to some
    of the dungeons in this game. Now you can go in. Just remember that
    whenever you're stuck, look for something you can use Psynergy on.
         Go in the water and wade over to a barrel with a rope. Climb up the
    rope to get into the town part of Kandorean Temple.
         In front of the temple, you'll see three monks meditating with
    little '...' bubbles over them. Not much here, so go into the temple.
         When you walk in, you'll walk forward a little. Then the master monk,
    Master Poi, appears on a ledge to the right, and commands the monk on the
    left to try to float. He begins to hover, but falls down due to his lack
    of concentration. Master Poi goes in and appears on a ledge to the right,
    where the same thing happens. Then he turns to the monk in the middle and
    commands him to do the same. He floats, and whenever he begins to falter,
    he quickly recovers. He then sets himself down gently. Then he stands up
    and asks Master Poi if he did good, and Poi tells him he might actually
    be able to survive the "trial", but he needs more training. The monk gets
    angry, then he says of course he's ready. Poi lets him through the door in
    the middle, then goes back inside.
         Now that you're back in control, follow the monk through the door
    into the first dungeon of the game.
         When you come in, head straight forward. The chest here is a Mimic,
    so I recommend you defeat it for experience. It's weak to fire and
    resistant against wind. It has around 180 HP. At the end it will give you
    a Game Ticket, too. Go back south and west, follow the southern path up
    round to the north to get behind the rocks. Go north and follow the path
    until you can go south or east. Go south, follow the path, and go down
    the stairs to B1.
         Try to get east and talk to the monk who claimed he was ready. He'll
    admit that Master Poi was right; he hadn't been ready. Ah, oh well...
    Go up north and go up another ladder. Follow the ledge to the south and
    when you get to the end, jump onto the pillar. To get to the other side
    follow the pillars. There's only one fork, go north here. Then follow
    them around to the north and go through the door.
         Head north and then west around to the stairs down.
         Go down the ladder and go south. Then get into the water and RUN
    through the twisted pathway. Are the elements _trying_ to stop you or
    something?? Make your way north all the way up to the deep water. From
    there go right and then down on land and go through the door.
         In this room, you'll see a wooden log, and to spouts of water.
    There's nowhere else to go, so this must be a puzzle, right? Sorta. It's
    a pretty easy puzzle. If you push or 'Move' the log onto one of the
    spouts and stand on the other one, you'll get shot up to the big pit in
    B1. First, we'll want to push the log onto the western spout. Stand on
    the other one and you'll get shot up to B1.
         Jump off and get the treasure chest. It's the Mysterious Card! If
    you're characters equip this their class will change to 'Pierrot'. More
    importantly, it gives the Psynergy 'Avoid' once you're level 6. Now,
    hop back on to the platform and go back down.
         Now do the same thing as before, only push the log onto the right
         Hop off and go west. Climb up the ladder and then walk across your
    first tightrope in the game! Hurrah! (It's not like you can fall off
    anyway...usually.) Then ahead of you... another one! Hur- wait, it looks
    like there is air being blown onto it. You'll get knocked off... To
    solve this problem, go north and then east. You'll get to a gap with a
    log on the other side. Move the log to the right, then just push it
    'till it is covering the air hole. NOW cross the rope. Don't bother
    climbing down the ladder, nothing's down there. Head south on the ledge
    and hop west and east and west and west again and climb down this ladder.
    Go through this doorway, and look at that, a Mercury Djinni! Too bad you
    can't get onto the ledge. There's a peculiar pole sticking out of the
    ground with rope wrapped around it. On the ledge is a bare pole. Quoting
    Kraden: "Maybe Psynergy is the answer..." Oh well, save this for later. Go
    south, up the ladder, and up the stairs to F1.
         Walk up the other stairs now.
         Walk around to the east and climb up the ladder. The sign here is
    a note from Master Poi, to go across without feeling pain. Touching it will
    hurt you, though. Felix is no monk. But you can just Move it out of the
    way. Walk down the path and you'll see three giant monkeys! They jump and
    ---------->>>>>>>> BOSS BATTLE <<<<<<<<----------
    Chestbeater x3
    HP: Around 200 each
    Weak to Fire
    Resistant to Wind
    Before the battle, put Echo on standby. Summon him at your discretion.
    You should try to get to about level 7 for the battle. For this battle,
    you'll want Felix to use 'Earthquake' or 'Cure', and Jenna to attack the
    middle one with Fume. Sheba should use probably Ray. Once the middle one
    is gone get Jenna to attack a different one. Keep this pattern up and
    you'll have victory in no time!
         Congratulations! You've won your first Boss Battle. Now, a ladder
    will drop from above. What do you do now? How about go back to the start
    of the dungeon the way you came? Good idea. But go up the ladder anyway.
         Walk down the path and through the door into a room with Poi. Near
    him is another one of those pole-rope things. You, Poi, and Kraden will
    talk. Poi can't believe you suceeded the trial, then checks outside just
    to make sure that you didn't use the rope outside. When he sees that it
    hadn't been touched, he'll teach you how to use Lash. It unravels the
    rope and ties it onto the second pole. He'll climb up. Now you do it.
    Climb up and try to pick up the crystal. Poi will say some stuff, then
    you'll pick it up. It's the Lash Pebble! Equipping this will bestow upon
    you the Psynergy Lash. Pipoi will go back down. Remember that Mercury
    Djinni? Time to go get it! Go back to where it is, use Lash, and walk up
    to it. Save, because you're gonna have to battle it. Afterwards, the
    Mercury Djinni Fog will join! You might not want to set it on anybody,
    since you don't have a Mercury Adept yet, so you can leave it on standby
    for it to be summoned if you want. Now you can go out. Just use 'Retreat'.
    Once you're done, head back to Daili.
           Finish any business you may have, and don't forget to rest up at
    the local inn. Once you're done, head east from town.
    C. Shrine of the Sea God
          The Shrine of the Sea God will become very important later in
    the game, after you've gotten Piers.
          You should eventually see a cave. Walk in, and up to the water.
    You'll hear a kid talking. It's Riki and Tavi! One is on a high ledge,
    the other on a low ledge. Looks like the lower one is trying to get up
    high by throwing the rope around the pole. When he fails, he goes into
    another room to try to figure something out. Looks like the perfect
    time to try out your new Psynergy!
          Go up the ladder and go north. Let's get to the kid standing
    there, shall we? Go up to the pole and cast 'Lash'. Kraden pops out
    and the kid will notice you and try to figure out who did that. He'll
    climb down, and see you there. He'll ask if you did it, then the other
    kid walks out and runs to you. They talk about failing to catch a little
    critter who was scurrying around deeper in the cave. Hmm... Anyway, they
    thank you and leave. Guess what the little critter was. WITHOUT looking
    a few lines down on this page, please. Oh well, first go into the room
    on your right.
          You'll see a bridge. Walk across and you'll see fancy shmancy
    walls. You'll also see a torch. You can't do anything here, it's just
    there to be fancy. Go back to the first room. Climb up the rope, walk a
    little, and go into another room.
          More bridges. It's a puzzle. If you go down the ladder, you'll see
    a Jupiter Djinni. But how in the world do you get it? One of the
    bridges looks like it might break. You'll use this to your advantage.
    Begin walking across the bridges. You'll see stairs down, but don't
    bother with them yet. Gee, there's a nearly broken bridge in front of you.
    Let's investigate!! ....Yeeouch! That hurts! Climb up the ladder to the
    Jupiter Djinni.
     Chase the Jupiter Djinni
          It will fly away... Chase Him! It will fly south down the ledge.
    Walk a bit and you'll get to another staircase, go down. Footprints!
    Follow them! Walk along the twisty route over to water. Whoops! Didn't
    have to do that! Get over it. Wade along and you'll see... THREE
    STAIRCASES???? NO!!! Which one? Well, thats why you're reading this
    walkthrough. If you walk up the western or northeastern staircase,
    you'll see the Jupiter Djinni fly under the bridge. Go back down and
    this time go up the southeastern staircase. Climb down the ladder. Go
    under the bridge and you'll see the Djinni just sitting there. He'll
    run up stairs on the wall(??). Before you follow, push the torch into
    the gap in the northern wall. It will try to run, but is stopped by the
    torch. Save and prepare for a fight! It doesn't have much more, if any,
    HP over 200. Once you defeat it, it will join. It's name is Breath.
          Now go west and you'll see some puddles of water. You're probably
    thinking: 'Nobody knows Frost! What to do?' Well, nothing. You can
    search around this cave ALL YOU WANT, it won't matter. You are unable to
    do anything else. Use 'Retreat' and head back to Daili to recover and
    buy weapons that you couldn't afford before.
          Prepare for a long, pleasant stroll in a large field of DEADLY
    MONSTERS. All you have to do is follow the path south (east at the T
    intersection) along its twisted pathway. It takes awhile. You will
    eventually get to Dehkan Plateau.
    D. Dehkan Plateau
         Here we go. The second 'dungeon', Dehkan Plateau. As you go up the
    stairs, you'll see a chest. You can't get there yet, so don't worry
    about it yet. When you get to the place with the holes, you'll find out
    that you can't get across without falling in. So, you must fall in.
    Doesn't matter which hole you fall in, they all lead to the same place.
    Once you're in, go east. Go out the south door. Go down the vines, and
    look, it's the chest! It's the Full Metal Vest. Equip it on Felix and go
    back inside. Go up the north stairs to get past the holes and into the
    next screen.
         Now here's a new thing in GS:TLA. See the pillars? If you step on
    them, they'll crack, and if you step on them again it'll collapse. First,
    get the northern chest. It's an Elixir. When you try to get back the
    pillar will collapse so climb up the vines. Now cross over. If you go
    north, you'll notice this queer looking pole sticking out of the ground.
    You can't do anything to this yet, so go south instead. The path will get
    grassy. Follow the cliff around until you get into another holes
    section. Fall down the northernmost half-cracked hole. Get this treasure
    someone went through all the trouble to hide. It's a Mint. It increases
    Agility. Give it to whoever, slide down, go up the vines, and go back to
    the holes by pushing the log outside. The holes can be tricky, but here's
    how to get across. Go into the middle, and jump over the hole directly to
    the right. Now you should be able to keep going. Go north into the next
         There's a whole bunch of pillars here. There's also a chest to the
    north. Here's how to get it:
     1. From the eastern cliff, jump west over the pillar onto a little
    thing of land. Then jump west onto the pillar.
     2. Jump north.
     3. Jump east onto the pillar, back, and jump onto it again. It will
    collapse. Now climb up the vines and get the Themis' Axe. It unleashes
    Stone Justice, an attack where the user lifts earth from the ground and
    hurls it at an enemy. Equip it on Felix(he's the only one who can equip
    axesright now). Now, go back to the last screen and return in order to
    reset the pillars.
         Jump across the first pillar to get to the platform of land, but
    this time go down. Keep going to reach the western cliff. Go north until
    rocks block your way. Jump over more pillars to reach the other side of
    the rocks that seem so small but impossible for Felix to jump or even
    climb over. Head north some more and the path will get grassy again.
    Wow, you're at the northernmost part of Dehkan Plateau. See the sky?
    Ooh... Ahh... After you're done sightseeing, go east then south, and
    voila! Youre on the other side of that strange pillar. Go east some more.
         Once you're finished going east, yet another holes section! It'll
    be pretty easy to get to the other side. You'll also notice a Mars
    Djinni on the other side of the wall. But you can't go farther than
    this. So you must drop down one of the holes. Doesn't matter which one,
    they all lead to the same place. Walk down and go through the door. The
    path will curve around north. Run up the stairs. Go along the path a
    little, and there's the Mars Djinni. It will notice you and jump across
    some holes, then fall down one. Go down the half-broken hole, it's the
    only one you can drop down.
         Now, go into the southern door. If you walk north, you'll see the
    Mars Djinni on the opposite cliff. Go south and climb up the vines to
    get onto the cliff. I'm using words too many times, aren't I? I need a
    thesaurus. Anyway, go north the Djinni will run to the east. Go up and
    push the log over before chasing it.
         It's standing on a bridge. Get him! Darn, he ran away again. Before
    chasing it go south and climb down the vines. Go south more and walk
    across two tightropes. Go north and push the uppern ivy-covered log down
    the cliff. Now, push the other vine-covered log to the east and climb up
    it. Jump north and use 'Lash' on the rope. Climb up and get the
    treasure chest. So, you're standing right next to it. What now? I know!
    'Cause I'm special and your not. But I'll let you pick up the treasure
    chest and continue your chase VERY slowly. No wait, that won't work.
    OPEN the chest and get the Nut. This will be very useful.
         Go back to the bridge and jump across it to the other side. The
    Mars Djinni will see you and go up to another strange pillar and use
    'Pound' to, well, pound it into the ground. So that's how... Follow him!
    Wait, as you can see, it's impossible to get across the holes in front of
    you. Drop into one of the bottom ones and go back above ground. This isn't
    working... Go back to where the 'Lash' pole was. Push the northern log west
    again and climb down. Make your way southeast and climb up the long vines.
    Go east into another section of Dehkan Plateau.
         There he is again! He'll jump over the pillar to safety. Then he
    jumps over another one and jumps down a hole. Climb down the vines and
    push the log to the right. Climb up and jump east. Go on to the first
    pillar, jump back, and jump on again to make it collapse. Go north, up
    and around. 'Move' the log to the west, climb up and make that pillar
    collapse. Climb up and push the log over till it falls. Go down the
    vine, up and around and 'Move' it left. Now go BACK up the vines and and
    jump across. Go down the stairs into another inner part of the mountain.
    At the t-intersection, go east and into the other room. Oh man, look at
    this holes section. Go to the west side and walk over and get to the
    Djinni. It will get kinda angry and 'Press' you down to the next floor.
    Ouch! Go south up the vines and go back up. Go to the western side, but
    this time make your way east to another doorway leading down. If you go
    south you'll see a 'Press' pillar, so go north up some stairs. Light! Go
    north and you'll get to some more holes. Fall down the eastern one.
    You'll fall right on the Djinni! A box will pop out and the Djinni will
    run away. You'll need this box. Get it then follow the Mars Djinni.
    Note: The box is NOT in the air. I thought it was when I first saw it
    and went through a lot of work dropping down the hole. Eheheh...
    It is the 'Press' cube. Now you can pound pillars too. Once you're down
    the stairs go south through the doorway. Here's where I had the most
    trouble, because if you chase the djinni right off it will jump over
    the pillars and be impossible to get. It's really quite simple though.
    Climb down the vines and 'Pound' the pillar into the ground. No escape!
    Save it because it will fight you. It has over 200 HP, so be prepared!
    Defeat it quickly or it will run and you'll have to go all the way out
    and back in to get. The stubborn little Djinni will finally join you.
    It's name is Cannon. Now go back down and up the other vines and go out
    the southern doorway. Go up some stairs, go up some more stairs, and
    you'll be outside in no time! Go down a whole bunch of steps and get
    outta there! Dehkan Plateau completed!!
          Finally out. You should head south now, until you see a boat
    that looks like Isaac's.
    E. Indran Eastern Beach
          When you walk forward, everyone pops out and starts talking.
    Kraden notes that the boat in front of you can't be activated without
    the 'thingie'. Remember the 'thingie'? Hahaha.... When they're finished,
    you can explore a bit, but you can't do anything here.
          When you go west, you'll see a cave. Inside is... well, I won't
    spoil it right away.
    F. Indra Cavern
          When you get in, go north. You'll notice three things.
          1. A log.
          2. A 'Lash' pole.
          3. A strange-looking stone.
          You want this stone no matter what the cost. 'Move' the log right,
    cast 'Lash' on the pole and jump over to the stone.
          You remember Summons, right? When you have some Djinn on standby,
    you can summon strong spirits to attack and do some heavy damage. Up
    until now, however, you could only Summon creatures using Djinn from one
    element. Press A at the stone. <sparkle> <sparkle> Boom! The stone has
    blown into pieces straight into the screen, forming magical runes. What
    you have now is called a Combination Rune! These let you summon
    creatures using different elemental Djinn, such as 2 Mercury and 1 Mars.
    Wow! This particular Rune lets you summon 1 Venus and 1 Mars Djinni at
    once to summon Zagan, a fire-covered lion standing up wielding an axe.
    When summoned, he'll make an entrance and smash the enemy with the axe.
          From there keep heading west. Follow the path. When the path
    forks, go across the bridge and you'll finally get to another town,
    Madra Village. There's something you might want to do now before you
    enter. Go across the bridge west of the town, and walk around. Eventually,
    you'll run into a Venus Djinn. Defeat it with your most powerful attacks
    and it will join you. It's name is Iron. When used in battle, it will
    upgrade your party's Defense. Now you can go into Madra.
    G. Madra
          ...oooh...pretty colors...
          Wow, it's sunlight! That's definitely new. Walk up the stairs, and
    two guards will notice you. They and Kraden will say some stuff, they'll
    check you out. Now you can walk in. Walk around, go to the inn and then
    buy weapons. And armor.
          Weapons: Long Sword, Short Sword, Battle Axe, Mace
                   New Artifact: Magic Rod
            Armor: Traveler's Vest, Leather Shield, Leather Gloves,
                   Leather Armlet, Leather Cap, Circlet, Leather Boots
     Hidden Items: Sleep Bomb, Nurse Cap(get it!), Elixir, 15 Coins,
                   Antidote, Smoke Bomb
          Hey! In one of the houses is a Mars Djinni! How do you get it?? I
    don't know. For now leave it alone.
          Walking around and talking to everybody, you'll discover that the
    town had been pillaged by pirates who call themselves the Champa. You'll
    also find out that they threw someone in jail who was thought to be
    one of them. The town elder, however, sides with the prisoner. He needs
    the elder to clear his name, but he's out right now trying to find proof.
          Go to the prison in the southwest. When you go in, you'll see a
    blue-haired dude in a jail cell being interrogated by a couple guys.
    His name's Piers. This is the guy who is thought to be a Champa. The
    two people demand him to say he is one of them, but Piers denies it. The
    guy on the right gets angry and loses his patience, then Piers warns
    him that his(Piers's) patience is not lost easily. Calmly, he'll cast
    Frost on the puddle the guy on the right is standing on, and he runs
    away that instant. He turns to the other dude, who goes and runs away too.
    Piers turns back around, and you regain control. If you go up to Piers and
    try to talk to him, he won't notice. Now read his mind:) Set 'Mind Read' to
    either L or R and use it. He'll be thinking about Psynergy. Well, this is
    new. This guy actually knows his powers are called Psynergy, unlike Ivan and
    Mia. He'll sense someone using Psynergy and turns around to look at you, but
    apparently decides that you're normal and can't use Psynergy. You can go now.
    Prisons are boring anyway. As you walk out, two people come along.
    They ask if he's still in there, and since he is, they'll be happy. Then
    they ask if you are going to Osenia, to the east. Say yes and they'll
    grant you permission to cross the Madra Drawbridge. They walk away.
    Now go to the eastern section of Madra. You'll see a ladder down.
    Naturally, your exploration instincts are kicking in right now... right?
    H. Madra Catacombs
          Climb down the ladder and walk through the doorway. When you walk
    south, you'll see a guy near a 'Lash' pole on an opposite cliff. But
    you're on the side with the pole but no rope. Oh well. Instead, head
    west. Walk up and go through another doorway. Now, you'll see what looks
    like some kind of underground palace. Let's explore! Wait, there's a
    door blocking the entrance. Blocking? No, let's say it is the entrance.
    There is a sign on the wall that says something like: "Only those with
    the eyes of truth will proceed." Sound familiar? No, not the Lens of
    Truth. Wrong game. How about 'Reveal'? You don't have it. There is
    another entrance though. Go to the stairs at the entrance to town. In
    the middle of the two flights, go east. There is a graveyard and someone
    paying their respects. Now go up behind the tree and look, there's a
    ladder leading underground! Go down there. Walk through the doorway and
    then choose the north door first. Run along and climb down the ladder
    and go through another door. Wow, it's the palace again! In the first
    half-destroyed square of walls, climb up the vines. 'Move' the log
    towards you so it drops down the gap. Go left and climb down more vines.
    You'll see a door, so go in! Whoa, endless holes. Lucky that everybody
    in these games can jump stuff perfectly. Jump over the first gap and go
    down the flight of stairs.
          Hey, it's a door! Open it and go in. Treasure! What's inside? It's
    the Tremor Bit. Equipping this bestows the Psynergy 'Tremor'. Equip it on
    whoever and walk back upstairs.
          I don't know why, but I like equipping the Psynergy items on
    whoever is the same element as the Psynergy which the item bestows.
          You can't do anything more without Reveal right now, so you're
    gonna have to cast 'Retreat' and exit. You can't do anything else in Madra
    either, so leave!
    I. Madra Drawbridge
          Go north from Madra and you'll get to the drawbridge.
          When you walk up, the two people will say that they heard from the
    people in Madra, and let you through. Walk past them across the bridge.
    Now follow the path to some odd-looking cliffs.
    J. Osenia Cliffs
          When you come in, you'll see some people gawking at a boat tied to
    the cliff. It obviously crashed. You can climb down into it and jump to
    the sail with the flag to the other boat part and use 'Lash'. Climb
    up and go down the vines and get some booty on the shore. It's the
    Pirate Sword. Equip it on Jenna, cause Felix has a good sword already.
    Go all the way back to the start and climb up the vines. Jump across the
    stone spire over to Osenia!
    ---------------/\ 4. Osenia Continent   /\---------------
          The second continent of the game, Osenia. It took a lot less
    time to get here than going from Angara to Gondowan, but don't worry,
    there are MANY more continents to go.
          As you walk on a path, it will split up, one going north and the
    other south. The north path leads to a destroyed bridge, so head south.
    The path will turn east and follow a river. Ahead you see what looks
    like a desert. As a matter of fact, it's the Yampi Desert. We don't want
    to go here yet, so head south. The path will curve west and then you'll
    see a bridge. There's nothing up there but monsters, though, so keep
    heading south. Oh, no, another fork in the road... Nothing's south, so
    go east... to another fork. Jeez! Going all the way north will take you
    on a long road to nowhere, and so will going northeast, so head south.
    You'll walk over a bridge, and if you go south from here, you'll see a
    beach. When you're done sightseeing, walk (or run) northeast, and you'll
    finally see a town. It's the town of Mikasalla.
    A. Mikasalla
         Allright, don't stay here too long for we're just stopping to rest.
    You can buy stuff, too. But you don't have to do anything here yet, so
    head back out.
         Before you go back, head north of Mikasalla, then to the right as
    far as you can go. Ignore the cavern, you can't do anything there w/out
    Scoop. Run around and eventually you'll run into a Mercury Djinni
    raring to go! Defeat it and it'll join you. It's name is Sour. Now,
    go back towards where you passed the Yampi Desert and go into it.
    B. Yampi Desert
         Well, this is the first, and unfortunately, the last, desert in
    the game. It's just as tough as Lamakan (without needing Reveal) and harder
    than Suhalla (besides the monsters). You'll want to set 'Pound' to R so
    you'll have an easier time here, because the desert is filled with the
    Pound pillars.
         When you walk in, walk striaght ahead. When the path forks, take the
    southern route. Eventually you'll see a Pound pillar and a treasure chest,
    so 'Pound' it down. In the chest you'll find a Guardian Ring. It's a ring
    (duh) that, when equipped, raises your max HP. Go back up.
    Keep going up and then go into the next screen.
         There is a group of people here. They are the team sent out from Madra
    to Alhafra to get Briggs to clear Piers's name. Talk to them and keep going.
    Walk foward, and when you have to choose north or south, choose south. Now,
    if you go west, youll see sand in the middle of four rocks. You can't do
    anything here yet, so go east, then walk into the next screen.
         When you see a Pound pillar to the north, 'Pound' this one down. Then
    'Pound' the northern pillar, and get the treasure here. It's an Antidote. Go
    back to the last screen then come back. This will reset all the pillars so you
    can get a Djinni. Now, 'Pound' the same pillar, then go east, bypassing both
    pillars. Eventually, you'll get to a dead end, and a slide down. But go back
    then north, and 'Pound' a pillar between two rocks down and go over there.
    Head a little west and 'Pound' the first pillar you see. There was a ladder
    behind it! Wow... climb up when you're done admiring this tough puzzle. Now
    go west, taking caution not to accidently fall down the slide. Jump across
    the pillar, then go south. Now go east and hop over that pillar. Keep going
    east a little, then south and hop across two pillars. Go down and over and
    jump across yet another pillar. Here's the Djinni! Save, then battle it.
    If(or should I say, WHEN) you beat it, it will join you. This one's name
    is Blitz. Now go down then all the way east and into the next screen.
         You'll see a Psynergy Stone here. Heal everyone with Felix, then get
    it. Then 'Pound' the pillar that's directly above you. Climb up another
    cleverly concealed ladder and go left, then up into the next screen.
         When you walk in, you see something crawling around under the sand in
    a pattern, and one Pound pillar. When you get the chance, 'Pound' it to
    stop whatever dead in it's tracks. It'll pop up... it's a big red scorpion!
    It'll run east into the next screen. Follow him!
         Another one. 'Pound' the pillar and he'll eventually be stopped, then
    run away to the north.
         Here's a bigger one with two pillars. 'Pound' the one on the right and
    it bounce him into a sand pit to the north. Then, save, because here's a
    ---------->>>>>>>> BOSS BATTLE <<<<<<<<----------
    King Scorpion
    Weak to: Water
    Strong against: Fire
    Attacks: Twin Shear and Desert Gasp
          Allright. Again, before the battle, put all of your Djinn on
    standby. When you're in the battle, unleash the fury! Zagan and Atlanta
    and Venus, you should be able to summon. Then, you want to heal your
    party as soon as they get damaged, with Felix's Cure or nuts and herbs.
    King Scorpion has a lot of HP, so it'll take awhile. You can use Djinn
    and Summons(especially Zagan) too, but it still takes awhile. Use your
    strongest attacks with Jenna and Sheba. Use Jenna's Fume and Sheba's
    Plasma, unless they have something stronger. Try not to use Flare,
    because Fume works better against a single enemy. Felix should be healing
    the whole time. When he uses Twin Shear, use a Nut instead. It hurts...
    Desert Gasp is annoying, so get everyone to use an Herb on the next turn.
    Keep up this pattern and eventually he'll go down.
          After the battle, you'll get the Scoop Gem! Scoop is a Psynergy
    that lets you dig in the ground! Remember the sand in between the rocks?
    Not yet. You're probably badly in need of healing. Cast 'Scoop' where
    you are and ride the water spout back up! Cast Retreat, and if you need
    to, go back to Madra and rest up. But then go back to the beginning
    of the Yampi Desert. Then you should to the four rocks. Cast 'Scoop' in
    the middle and head down yet another cleverly hidden ladder.
          Follow the only path available until you reach another ladder.
    Climb back up now. Head out the door, too.
          Walking out, you'll see a big pool of water. Go east and climb
    up the two ladders, then head west and climb down another ladder. Go
    up and around north and walk into the next screen. There are a few
    patches of sand, but only the one southeast at a dead end has anything
    in it... it's 315 coins! Now go up north and into another cave. Walk
    foward, and you'll see streams of sand. This is like Venus Lighthouse.
    Follow the streams and try to get to the treasure chest first, then
    keep going. The chest contains a Hard Nut, which ups max HP. Give it
    to whoever, then go back around and keep going. Make your way north
    by criss-crossing through the stream, and get inside the three rocks
    and 'Pound' down the pillar. The chest has a Blow Mace. You'll want to
    give this to Sheba. Felix already has the Themis' Axe, and Jenna the
    Pirate's Sword, so Sheba deserves something good, too. Go south, but
    exit to the east. Climb down the ladder and get outta there.
          Head over and up, and into the next screen. Here you'll find some
    sandfalls. I made that word up. Fall down the first one and walk over.
    Go east at the nine rocks and then up. Head over to nine more rocks.
    Keep going east, then go up the ladder. Run across both falls, then go
    up another ladder. At the top of the falls, there is a big sand bubble
    or something. Head all the way east, then step into the sandfall and
    run right. The rock should've stopped you. Keep going east, then go
    south. The sign here says that Alhafra is north and Air's Rock is south.
    There's no return when you choose to go to Air's Rock. We don't want
    to go there yet, so go all the way back north. You can go out now, or
    stay. There's something else here, though. Go left and cross another
    sandfall. Then cross another one. Don't go up the ladder yet, go west
    until you reach a Lash pole. Cast 'Lash', then climb up and fall down
    the sandfall. Go south to a treasure chest containing the Trainer's
    Whip, which changes your class to Tamer when equipped. A Tamer can
    summon creatures and use a whip Psynergy called Whiplash. Go back then
    fall down the sandfall. Then go all the way back and out of the desert.
    Finally, some fresh air!
         Go directly north to reach the town of Alhafra.
    C. Alhafra
         This is a nice town, with nice music. It's a great place to shop.
    When you walk a bit, the team from Madra will arrive! They'll eventually
    head to the mayor's mansion. Talking to people will reveal that the tidal
    wave caused by Venus Lighthouse hit them and ruined a couple of houses
    to the northeast, as well as this boat. You'll also find out that the
    tidal wave and the quake actually shoved the whole continent of Indra
    south, and is now lodged in between Gondowan and Osenia. Hmph. If you
    walk toward the western part of town, you'll see a Champa hiding, and
    saying how the Madrans must have come for Briggs. He runs off to tell
    his little friends. We have caught up to them! Well, the first thing you
    want to do is rest in the inn, then stock up on equipment.
               Inn - 7 coins per person
           Weapons - Long Sword(200), Broad Sword(1000),
                     Hunter's Sword(520), Battle Axe(280), Heavy Mace(500)
             Armor - Leather Armor(240), Travel Vest(50), Travel Robe(200),
                     Wooden Shield(40), Leather Gloves(220),
                     Leather Armlet(180), Open Helm(180), Leather Cap(30),
                     Circlet(120), Leather Boots(270)
             Items - Herb(10), Antidote(20), Elixir(30), Sacred Feather(70)
      Hidden Items:
    Sleep Bomb - Near the door in the wall by the stairs in a jar.
    Elixir - House with two people in it, in barrel by double beds.
    32 Coins - Next to mayor's mansion in a box.
    Smoke Bomb - In green box at Eastern Alhafra.
         Once you're done, head to the mayor's mansion in the northwest
    corner of town. The soldiers there will tell you you're not allowed in.
    Instead, now go to the eastern part of town. Keep going until you get to
    Eastern Alhafra, which is a small port with a ruined boat. Walk up onto
    the boat, and you'll see a group of people trying to fix the mast of the
    boat. There are three problems, though: A box on the sail, a Pound
    pillar on the northeast corner, and a big rock on the top of the mast.
    You can't do anything to help right now, since the people are in the
    way. If you walk in the boat, you'll "overhear" a conversation between...
    Briggs and one of his lieutenants. The dude will tell Briggs that the
    Madrans are here. Great, looks like somethings gonna happen...
    HOWEVER... they reveal a startling fact! The Champa had adopted Robin
    Hood's method of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Actually,
    they're stealing from anyone and giving to their village, but only
    because the people from Champa would starve otherwise! Then Jenna makes
    a stupid move and blurbs out an insult, causing Briggs to notice you.
    They'll come over, and Sheba will start talking about Piers and how he
    was falsely imprisoned because of them. Then Kraden gets mad and
    challenges them. Then he asks YOU to back him up... You're in the mood
    for a scrap, right? Say Yes!
    ---------->>>>>>>> BOSS BATTLE <<<<<<<<----------
    Briggs and Pirate
    Briggs HP: Around 900
    Pirate HP: Around 210
    Briggs Skills: Data Unknown
    Pirate Skills: Echo Cut, a decent powerful slash. Heal directly afterwards!
    These guys are pretty tough. Use the same strategy, and if you don't want
    to use the Summon Rush technique, just skip that part. The battle gets
    hard; they tend to use Herbs frequently, so you want to concentrate
    everything on the Pirate first, then focus on Briggs, while healing when
    needed. Another very annoying thing is that Briggs can summon more
    henchmen with just a whistle. If it gets to the point where there are
    two pirates, use area attacks. They'll also use Smoke Bombs, which will
    delude you if it works. This makes it imperative to use Psynergy. Also,
    new battle music! It's pretty cool. Eventually, Briggs'll go down,
    leaving you to deal with any stupid pirates afterwards.
          After the battle, you'll see the pirates lying on the ground in
    much pain. Briggs will agree to go quietly. He'll also agree to clear
    Piers's name. Then Briggs's wife walks up and tries to convince you to
    forgive him. Her name is Chaucha. Briggs will beg you to not do anything to
    her. They'll argue that they have to do something because they have no food
    whatsoever. Then the mayor of Madra walks up with the mayor of Alhafra.
    He's a weirdo, and also a fat pig. I mean that in the WORST way possible.
    He's a moron. He didn't believe that they were pirates. They'll say that
    they've met before in the past, when the current mayor(of Madra) was just
    ten years old. Kraden will interrupt and introduce everyone. Eventually,
    Briggs and his men will give up and let themselves be jailed. He'll also
    finally clear Piers! Everyone will leave, but not before inviting you to
    the mayor's mansion before you leave. The mayor of Madra will sense
    something wrong with Alhafra's leader, though, then thanks you and exits.
    Kraden will get the idea that if you help with the boat, they'll give
    you a ride back to Madra. Anyway, you can go and help the boat now.
          Walk out and onto the deck, and Kraden will make sure you're going to
    help with the mast. Sheba just wants to give up, but you need to try. So
    lets go. First of all, walk onto the mast and go all the way down. Turn up
    and walk the rope up to the bow of the boat. Use 'Lash' on the rope and
    climb up to the cliff. Walk around and climb down some vines. Down on the
    ground, use 'Pound' on the pillar. There's one problem solved. Now, go back
    to the mast. Go down and push the small rock there off of the mast. Then,
    'Move' the box down into the water. Two problems solved. Go back to the boat.
    See the other small rock? 'Move' it all the way down into the water, then
    push the log after it. Problem #3 of 4 solved. Now go all the way back to
    the 'Lash' pole, climb up then go down the vines. Jump across all of the
    odds and ends in the water and get to the other piece of land. Go all the
    way down and pull the box toward the water using 'Move'. You can't get
    around the box now, so jump to the log that you pushed and climb up the
    rope. Then go all the way back to the other side of the box. 'Move' the
    box into the water and walk up to the big rock. Hmmm.... it has a crack
    in it. No matter what, you can't do anything about this yet. Walk back and
    Jenna says she has no idea what to do with the rock. She'll tell you to
    get going, so go. Making Jenna mad is not something you want to do. Sheba
    is puzzled at why you gave up, but there's nothing you can do, so Kraden
    suggests searching for another ship. Before you go, though, go back in
    the ship. Walk all the way down to a previously unseen pathway. 'Move' the
    box out of the way, and walk through the door. Looks like there's some
    bread on top of a box. It looks kind of unstable... That's it! Use
    'Tremor' for the first time. It will bring the box, as well as the bread,
    down to the ground. Pick up the Large Bread and go back into town.
          Looks like everyone's still working on the ruined houses. But what's
    this...? A little boy is crying on the stairs. He's starving. Good thing
    we got the bread! Give it to him and he'll thank you and eat it. He'll
    tell you about secret caves under the mayor's mansion! Let's go! The guy
    guarding the entrance happens to be the kid's father, and he'll let you
    go through now. He'll tell you not to touch the mayor's treasure. Hehe...
    Enter the cave.
    D. Alhafran Cave
          When you enter, just walk down the stairs to B1.
     There are some things on the first basement floor, but none are reachable
    right now. Head all the way down and walk through the doorway. You'll see
    a prison door blocking your way. No matter, just 'Pound' the pillar next
    to it. Head down and oh no... a broken bridge. Another obstacle. Again, no
    matter. Climb down the ladder and use 'Lash' on the pole. In the chests,
    you'll find an Ixion Mail, 123 Coins, and a Lucky Medal. Wait, weren't
    you supposed to stay away from the mayor's treasure? Too bad. Again, the
    mayor is evil. There's nothing else here, though. Too bad. You can go talk
    to the mayor again.
          Once you talk to him, he'll decide that Alhafra must trade with other
    towns to prosper. However, he's still worried about pirates. He wants you to
    help out. Say yes, and he'll say great. But you can leave now...
          Now then. You definitely want to rest at the inn. You are about to start
    the longest dungeon in the game. Go back into the Yampi Desert, and head south
    to that sign. It's a point of no return, but your next destination is in fact
    Air's Rock, so slide down the sandfall. Going down, you'll see a cave
    entrance. The exit to the desert is on the other side, so go inside. It's
    pretty straightfoward, you'll also see a circle of rocks. You can't do
    anything with them until you get Reveal, so keep going. Get out of the cave
    and you'll pop back into the overworld. Walk along the path, over a bridge,
    and into a desert. In the middle you'll see the purple Air' Rock.
    E. Air's Rock
          Because of the sheer enormity of this dungeon, I have split this
    part of the walkthrough into 3 parts.
    Part 1 of 3: The Foot of Air's Rock
          Well then, let's get on with this crazy dungeon. When you walk foward,
    you'll see a queer green rock. I'll refer to these as Whirlwind Stones from
    now on. Why? Cast Whirlwind, and you'll see it fly in the direction you're
    facing, destroying any sand barriers in its path. Stand at the bottom and
    shoot a Whirlwind at the stone. Go through the newly revealed path. Walk left
    then down, and shoot a Whirlwind down from the stone. Walk back, then go north.
    Eventually, you'll get to a treasure chest. Whoopee! Treasure! .... hahaha! It's
    a Mimic. Kill it for experience. It's resistant to Wind and weak to Fire. It
    gives 272 experience and 241 coins, and even a Lucky Medal. Now head south
    through the right path. Follow it around, and go north, and you'll see a
    ladder in the stone wall. Climbing up, you'll see that you can't do anything
    up here. Go back down and head east. Then find your way north to another
    Whirlwind Stone, and use it to blow away the barrier. Head south from there,
    all the way south, then use another Whirlwind Stone to blow away this
    barrier. Go back up and head around all the rocks. Go through where it was,
    then blow away yet another barrier with Whirlwind. Go back to the rock
    section, then go up and around until you see the four rocks. Head south
    from here. Follow the path around and go south again. Then go east all the
    way, then go south. Go left from here, and look at that, you're on the
    other side of the first Whirlwind Stone! Blow away the other barrier then
    head all the way back to the start. Go west and then down to a treasure
    chest. It's only a Smoke Bomb, but you never know, those things can come
    in handy in a pinch. Go up to the Whirlwind Stone and blow a Whirlwind
    north, blowing away another barrier. Head around to where that barrier was,
    then go through, and all the way north. You'll see a purple Giant Whirlwind
    Stone, so cast Whirlwind on it and see what happens! A huge cyclone pops
    up and blows away all the sand, revealing ladders going up! Congrats, you've
    just completed the shortest of three parts to this dungeon!
    Part 2 of 3: Climbing Air's Rock
          Now the second part, the climbing up the mountain part. Climb up the
    ladder into the next screen up. Go left to another ladder, where you'll see
    a statue blowing wind out of itself. You can't get hit by it, so just climb
    up. Go to the left again and climb up this ladder. Drop down the ledge, and
    let the wind blow you to the next ledge. Slide down again and let the wind
    take you to another platform, afterwards push the log onto the gray spot.
    Just to be safe. Proceed to the right and push down another log. Just because
    you have to. Climbing down the two ladders here will put you back in the
    first part. It's a pretty handy shortcut. Bypass them and walk across the
    log you just pushed. Go all the way and climb down to the first part, and
    a treasure chest will greet you at the bottom. Inside is a Storm Brand. Hey,
    I haven't gotten that in my first game yet! I'll have to go get it. Hehehe...
    Anyway, climb back up after equipping it on Felix. You have two choices:
    climb up the ladder on the left, or climb up the ladder on the right. Climb
    the left one first. Go a little right and go down this ladder, and let
    yourself be blown to another ledge. If you go all the way to the left, you
    see a puddle of water and a chest. Don't have Frost, so go back down. Now.
    There are two slides here. Don't go down either. Go back and go up the
    ladder this time. Push down the log here. Go back down and slide down the
    ledge. Go back over to the 'fallen log' and climb up another ladder into
    the next screen. Wait... as you'll see, this is the wrong one. There's
    another ladder. How to get to it? Climb back down. As you're climbing, you
    should see the wind again. You need to get onto the ledge on your right.
    Head to the lef and go down the ladder. Go to the right, then climb up to
    the ledge you need to get to. Let the wind blow you to the ladder you need
    to climb. Climb up....
          As you can see, the only thing you can do is go up. However, the
    wind that the statues are blowing CAN HIT YOU. Timing is crucial; if you
    get it wrong, you'll fall to the bottom of the ladder again. All four here
    are rather easy to avoid, though. Once you're up, head to the right. Slide
    down the lede, and push the log onto the gray square. Another handy shortcut.
    Now go get that treasure! It's just a Sleep Bomb. But ya never know, those
    things come in handy sometimes. Let the wind carry you back up and walk to
    the next screen on the right.
          This section of the climbing part has lots of going back and forth. It
    takes a while. Head to the right and climb up the ladder. Take the left part,
    and 'Move' the left log over. Go back down, and take the right path this
    time. Slide down the ledge over on the right. Ride the wind up, and go left.
    'Move' the log out of the way, jump over to them, and slide down the ledge.
    You'll be carried up by another whirlwind. Go to the left now, and climb
    the ladder over onto another ledge. Head into the next screen, and climb the
          It's foggy up here... Pull the log into the square. Now we must go
    all the way back around. Go down to the last screen and go right to the other
    screen. Go all the way right and slide down the ledge. Go to the left here,
    get on the ladder, and climb up again. Upupupupupup. Go left into another
    screen, then climb up the ladder again. Upupupupupupup. Now: Activate the
    Giant Whirlwind Stone with a 'Whirlwind'. The fog disappears. Here's why:
    If you had gone up either ladder from here, you would have appeared right
    at the bottom. Now, you could go up the ladder now, but the other ladder up
    has a treasure chest. Go all the way back around *again*. It shouldn't be
    too hard. From the Whirlwind Stone room(now on the right side) climb up
    the ladder, and a treasure chest greets you at the top. The Fujin Shield
    inside is VERY good. Equip it on Felix and head all the way back around.
    **AGAIN**. Back at the Whirlwind Stone room(now on the left side) climb
    up the ladder. Walk up to the Giant Whirlwind Stone. Woohoo! You've reached
    the peak! The summit! The zenith!!! Finally! Cast 'Whirlwind'. Lightning
    stabs down from the sky and opens a passageway leading down into the
    mountain...  WHATT??? (For the convinience of the reader, I shall not put
    what I thought and said right about now. Just go down.)
    Part 3 of 3: Descending Inside Air's Rock
          Note: The 'levels' inside here, I used the dots on the squares in
    front of every staircase. You start on level 1, and as you go down you
    get to level 2, level 3, etc. etc.
    Level 1
          Heal everyone and then get the Psynergy Stone. It's like you just
    rested at an Inn. 'Cause you're gonna need it. Head down, around, and
    back up. Walk through the doorway and you'll see a gigantic face, and a
    little one too. They're lying dormant for the moment. Climb down the ladder
    and jump to the ledge with the log on it. Pull it one space back. Walk to
    the left, and bypass the floating platforms, because, if you look closely,
    you can't do anything yet. Climb up the ladder and go down the stairs to
    level 2.
    Level 2
          You can see a passage way to your left. There's another over on your
    right. Go left first. Head up then down the ladder. Push the log onto the
    square, and get out. Now take the right passageway.
          Walk around the only path available, climb down a
    ladder, to a puzzle. This puzzle is tough; it took me a while to figure out.
    Luckily, you're reading this. Here's the solution:
          1. Move the left section's lower log so it's directly under the top
          2. Pound the pillar on the right, causing the right middle pillar to
             pop up.
          3. Move the right section's log onto the pillar.
          4. Jump across!
          Go over and climb down the ladder. Jump across to the Whirlwind Stone
    and cast Whirlwind, and there ya go. Get back up and walk through the newly
    opened passageway. Ascend and cast 'Whirlwind' from the top of the stone,
    sending the wind down. Go back down and to your left, and make your way
    to the other new passage. Follow the path around and climb down again. Move
    the log all the way onto the little square. Go all the way back around and
    jump across the log. And go down the stairs to level 3.
    Level 3
          Head north until your path is blocked by a geyser. Climb down the
    ladder (or footholds in the wall) and go right. Follow the path until you
    see a geyser, and another geyser behind a log. Pushing the log out of the
    way will deactivate the left geyser, so do it, and go over there. Go up
    and around to the right and climb down another set of footholds. Walk
    across to the platform sticking out and jump to where the ladder is.
          Make sure you're on the left side of the log, then 'Move' it foward.
    Hop back across. Now, stand behind the hole in the wall, and 'Move' it
    towards you. You're trapped for now, but who cares. Go up and hop across
    the log. Follow the path until you get to a Whirlwind Stone. Go down,
    and climb down, go down some more, and push the log down. Handy little
    shortcut. Climb up the ladder on the left and follow the path. Push the log
    fowards, then go back. Go down to the other log. Move it to the middle,
    where the path leads straight to the Whirlwind Stone. Go over to the left
    and down back into the main section.
          Hop across to the other side, and walk through the doorway. Walk up
    and go down the ladder, to the Whirlwind Stone. There are platforms here that
    spin around if you Whirlwind them with the Stone. Whirlwind this one from the
    right side and the platform will swivel around. Go back up the ladder and
    walk across the platform. Climb down, then up a ladder on the other side.
    Go straight up and walk across the tightrope. Push the log over the edge.
    Yet one more handy shortcut, that you actually need. Walk over the rope again
    and take the path to the left. Go up a little and take the left path around
    the rocks. Follow the path down to a ladder and another Whirlwind Stone.
    Nothing else to do, so cast Whirlwind from the top of it. Climb up and go
    all the way back around to the tightrope, but this time go down and hop
    onto the platform. Go across, and then brave another rope. Follow the path
    down and around to stairs leading down to level 4.
    Level 4
          Take the left path to a treasure chest. The first one inside the
    mountain. Inside is just an Elixir, though. Wait patiently. Go back and this
    time walk north. Follow the path until the ladder, and climb down. Hop
    across the odd floating squares in the sky. It's another room with
    swiveling platforms. Hop down, across another floating platform, and climb
    up the ladder that's been oh so convieniently(sp?) etched into the wall.
    Take the path down and hop to the other side. Tightrope or ladder? Ladder.
    Cast Whirlwind from the bottom of the stone, then walk across the tightrope.
    Hop across the platform and walk across yet another convieniently placed
    tightrope. Use Whirlwind from the right side of the stone. Climb the ladder
    and jump across the platform. Follow the path, and be careful not to slide
    down the edge. Hop across onto the log and jump onto the tightrope. Follow
    the path around and walk through the doorway at the bottom to the central
    inner part of the mountain.
          Climb up, left, then down ladder. Yes, climb 'left' the ladder.
    Doesn't make much sense, does it? Anyway, once you get down far enough,
    you'll see a door to level 6, blocked by some rocks. At the bottom is
    an unusually thin staircase to go down. Go down. No, wait, walk UP the
    staircase, which is going down. My mistake.
          Down(up?) here is a Psynergy Stone. It's a big, reusable one. Heal
    everybody, use the stone, vice versa, whatever. It's REUSABLE. After you're
    finished fooling around, go to the right and go up those stairs.
          You'll come out right by a humungous face. Use the platforms on
    either side to get down to the giant Whirlwind Stone. Use Whirlwind to
    activate all the dormant faces in the dungeon. Well, you have two
    choices. Go up from the small face or go back up yourself. But wait a minute.
    Did you notice the not-working face on one of the levels? Now that it's
    activated, we need to go back there. If you don't you'll regret it. Go up
    with the small face, to a level that's really high.
          Go up to the giant Whirlwind Stone and... you guessed it, cast
    Whirlwind on it. Hop over the left platform and move the log into the
    square. Go down, then to the right. Go up to the Whirlwind Face and let
    it blow you right to a treasure chest. Inside it is a Vial. VERY helpful,
    seeing as how it restores 500 HP, probably twice as much as you have now.
    Walk up and push the log into the square. Go all the way back to the left
    side and climb up the ladder. Go back to Level 2... and take the left
    passageway again.
    Level 2
          See, now the faces are blowing Whirlwinds all over the place. Take
    the first one you see. Go back to the right and hop across the log and
    through the doorway. The next face can be moved. Move it upupup. Then
    go over to the thin part and let yourself be blown to some more treasure.
    It's a Clarity Circlet. It raises Wind power, so obviously equip it on
    Sheba. Now go back to the head. Push it all the way back down and take it
    over to the same cliff, only this time below the rocks. Walk through the
    doorway below you and push the log down. Just one more handy shortcut.
    If you go down from here, you'll see another pair of geysers, blocking
    some stairs. Go up and left, and after the path forks, take the path down.
    Find your way across the platforms, and 'Move' the log out of the geyser's
    way, disabling the first one. Go all the way back around and head down the
    Level 3
          Walk over to the tightrope to your right. Tiptoe across the rest
    of the ropes, this is the swirling platform room. Eventually you'll run
    across some stairs leading down.
    Level 4
          If you go down, you'll(once again) see a sand mountain blocking
    your path. Go the other way and cast 'Whirlwind' on the stone, clearing
    it out of your way. Go back over there and climb down the ladder.
    Walking down, you'll see, up a ladder, a white square. Ignore this for
    now, just head across the incredibly thin path. Hmm, left or right?
    Well, nothing's on the left, so go up the other ladder. Go past the
    stairs and push the log for another ohso convenient shortcut. Now
    head down to level 5.
    Level 5
          The path forks here; take the lower one, and go until you see
    another platform strangely hovering in the air. Jump across and get
    the treasure! Congratulations, you have found a Vial. At this point,
    it recovers all your HP(unless you're on the second game). Go up still
    and you'll see a head blowing wind. This is what was blocking the
    other path. 'Move' it and then you can head around that way. Then head
    down the stairs.
    Level 6
           Head out the doorway, and find yourself in a previously
    unreachable place in the central area. Climb down the ladder and ride
    the wind to the other side. Climb up both ladders and hop across the
    floating platforms to the big purple structure in the middle. The door
    will open if you walk into it.
    Sacred Chamber: Wind
           The first of four sacred chambers. I made that name up. As you
    hop across the platforms, they disappear. Don't worry... Go up to the
    stone on the platform.
           'Weilder of Wind's might...
            Lay your hands upon this stone.
            We bestow upon thee
            the power to see the
            truth unclouded...'
    Sound familiar? Sure enough, Sheba steps out and touches the tablet.
    The tablet begins to float in the air and send Psynergy into Sheba.
    She has learned Reveal! First, hop across the left platforms to get
    a Psy Crystal. Well done, once you hop across the right platforms(some
    are invisible, use Reveal) you are finished! Get out of there with
       **Note: You're not quite finished, as I know there is a combo
    summon somewhere in there. I can't remember where..could someone
          Allright, that was a pretty long, important, and very annoying
    detour, no? Anyway, go east to get out of the desert. Over the
    bridge, go south to get to the town of Garoh.
    F. Garoh
          The entrance to this town is a little complex, and it takes
    a minute. It's not hard, just move a whole bunch of logs out of the
    way. Another neat effect is that while you're climbing up to the
    village is that it gradually turns to night. There are also pictures
    engraved on the stone; people and wolves and moons. Hmmm... As you
    walk in, you'll hear an animal howling. You're all confused, then
    a weird creature steps out and notices you. Sheba yelps and the
    creature runs away. Kraden seems to know what it is. A... werewolf!
    Who would've guessed? Well, everyone EXCEPT for those in your party.
    Well, they're not REALLY werewolves, Kraden says they're called
    lycanthropes. He says that while Adepts draw on the power of
    Psynergy, lycanthropes draw on the power of beasts. Kraden seems
    happy, and Jenna wonders why he's so happy to see the werewolves.
    Kraden tries to cover it up, but there's no denying it. He's
    excited. Kraden slips, though, and admits he's excited. Well, you
    can head into the village now. All the people are awake, and seem
    to be wearing long concealing robes. They all deny the existenece
    of werewolves. As you walk upwards, you'll see a big rock. Then,
    a wolf pops out of an invisible entrance using... Reveal! He
    quickly retreats back into the boulder. Follow him! Use 'Reveal'
    and walk in.
          As you walk in, you'll see the same kid who saw you earlier.
    He sees you and runs away. Do what Kraden so enthusiastically says
    and follow him! Hop across the abyss to your and go up to a doorway.
    Follow the path to a large room. Kraden stops you, because all you
    see is a big fancy stones surrounded by smaller fancy stones. But
    then you hear a growl, then the big wolf comes out of the rock with
    Reveal. There will be a long conversation discussing where you came
    from and Psynergy. His name is Maha. They decide they can trust you
    and will stop hiding themselves because you passed the challenge of
    Air's Rock. You'll stay the night at the inn.
          Now you can shop for stuff! Woohoo.
          Inn: 8 coins per person
          Weapons: Broad Sword, Hunter's Sword, Battle Axe
                   Heavy Mace
          Armor: Leather Armor, Adept's Clothes, Travel Robe, Bronze
                 Shield, Leather Gloves, Leather Armlet, Open Helm,
                 Wooden Cap, Circlet
          Items: Herb, Antidote, Elixir, Sacred Feather
          You'll note that all the buildings are connected by a labyrinth
    of underground tunnels. Go down one of them, and walk to a circle of
    platforms. Cast 'Reveal' and hop across. Walk up the stairs, and
    you'll find yourself on the cliffs surrounding town. In the chest to
    your south is a Hypnos' Sword. Equip it on Jenna. After finishing
    whatever business you might have, you're free to go.
          Allright, follow the path down over the bridge. Head east from
    there, but at the fork turn north. At the end of the path is a cavern.
    Go in!
    G. Osenia Cavern
          There is a short mini-dungeon in here. See the X in the ground?
    Use 'Scoop' on it to reveal a ladder. The path is straightfoward from
    here, go up to the tablet and touch it. Yay! Another combo summon.
    This one is Megaera! Now go to Mikasalla.
    H. Mikasalla again
          Inn: 8 Coins per person
          Weapons: Broad Axe
          Armor: Psynergy Armor, Armlet, Bronze Helm
          Items: Herb, Antidote, Elixir, Sacred Feather
         Well, there's not much to do here. Climb up the first ladder of
    the wooden thing, the platform in the middle. Jump over to the side and
    walk up to the next screen for some treasure. Nothing much, just 82
    Coins. You should also see a Mars Djinni beneath you. Go to the bottom
    left corner of town, where the chicken and the sheep are. The sheep
    doesn't have much to say, but the chicken wants to scratch and dig. So,
    use 'Scoop' on the dirt in the middle to reveal a ladder going down.
    Walk up as far as you can, to the ladder. Climb up and go out the door.
    Head back to the Djinni. It joins you automatically. It's name is Spark.
    Equip it on Jenna, or whoever you want. Fire usually goes to Jenna
    though. You've done all you can here; it's time to go back to the
    Continent of Indra! Head back to Madra.
    ---------------/\ 2. Indra Continent /\---------------
    A. Madra again
          Not much to do here, but rest up. Do so then head west.
          Follow the path, going south at the first fork, west at the
    second fork, over the bridge, and there ya go. Gondown Cliffs.
    B. Gondowan Cliffs
          As you walk in, you'll notice a dog scratching in the ground.
    Follow his lead and and cast 'Scoop' to reveal a geyser of water.
    Ride it up and hop over to the nearby cliff. Slide down once and
    hop over to another cliff. Walk down, then climb up the vines.
    Go left, taking note of the red mushroom. Climb up two more sets
    of vine ladders and go left. Slide down the rightmost slide. Go
    over to the rope pole, and 'Lash' it to the pole up higher. A
    handy shortcut. Go back to where you were, but instead slide down
    the middle one. Go over to the left and 'Move' the log down into
    the water. Go back to the bottom, and climb down the vines. Hop
    across all the rocks up to the top, and climb up the vines at the
    end. Climb up some more vines, then head to the right. Hop to the
    left part at the bulging part of the land and walk upwards. Climb up
    some more conveniently placed vines. Walk all the way to the right
    and grab some treasure, a Sleep Bomb. Go back down to where you were
    before, climb down the vines, climb up some more vines, climb up
    past the rope, and head to the right. Go down, and you'll pop up by
    the Mars Djinni! Save, because he'll battle you. He has around, oh,
    four hundred HP. After the battle, you'll get the Mars Djinni Kindle.
    Again, you should give it to Jenna. Go over to the right and climb
    up the vines, then head right more and climb down. Head all the way
    to the right, climb down vines, and walk down to grab the Laughing
    Fungus. Now, go all the way back to that tightrope you saw earlier.
    Carefully(?) walk across and follow the only path possible, and
    viola, you're in southern Gondowan!
         TO BE CONTINUED.... and revised....
    ---------------------|V. Indexes      |-O
    ---------------/\ 1. The Character Guide /\---------------
            The Character Guide contains history on all of the characters,
    hero and villian alike, as well as their Psynergy alignment, what
    weapon types they can equip, and even the color of their hair.
    The main character of the game. Three years ago, he lived in the cozy
    village of Vale with Isaac, Garet, and his sister Jenna. When the
    terrible storm conjured by Sol Sanctum thanks to Saturos and Menardi,
    he fell into a river and managed to grab something to hold on to.
    Despite efforts by villagers to save him, the boulder fell and killed
    his family and Isaac's father, and, presumably, took Felix's life as
    well. In reality, he was saved by Saturos and Menardi and tagged along
    on their quest to light the four Elemental Lighthouses. However, he
    developed a rebellious attitude becausethey also captured Jenna and
    Kraden and was prohibited to fight. Eventually they captured Sheba and
    Felix felt responsible for her. At the top of the Venus Lighthouse,
    Saturos and Menardi were defeated by Isaac and co. and the foundations
    started to collapse. Sheba was hanging from the top of the lighthouse
    and fell to Idejima. In a heroic effort, Felix jumped after her, and so
    begins this story.
    Hair: Brown
    Alignment: Venus Clan
    Can Equip: Long Swords, Light Blades, Axes, Maces, Armor, Clothing,
               Shields, Gloves, Helms, Crowns, Boots, Shirts, Masks
    Hometown: Vale
    Jenna is Felix's sister. She was devastated when Felix was swept away in
    the storm. Three years later in an exploration of Sol Sanctum with
    Isaac, Garet, and Kraden, she was captured by Saturos, Menardi, and
    Alex. Then Felix revealed himself. She was taken along many adventures
    up to the Venus Lighthouse, then escaped to Idejima. So this story
    Hair: Fuschia-ish
    Alignment: Mars Clan
    Can Equip: Light Blades, Staves, Clothing, Robes, Gloves, Armlets,
               Crowns, Boots, Masks, Circlets, Shirts, Caps
    Hometown: Vale
    Sheba is a girl from Tolbi with 'special powers' that are actually
    Psynergy. She was captured by Saturos and Menardi because of her
    Psynergy skills and because she was a Jupiter Adept. That would allow
    them to enter the Jupiter Lighthouse. Saturos and Menardi's plans were
    foiled by Isaac and co. and Sheba fell with Felix to Idejima, where
    Jenna, Kraden, and Alex were.
    Hair: Blonde
    Alignment: Jupiter Clan
    Can Equip: Maces, Staves, Clothing, Robes, Gloves, Armlets, Crowns,
               Boots, Circlets, Shirts
    Hometown: Unknown, fell from the sky into Tolbi, Caps
    Not much is known about this mysterious adept. Where he comes from is a
    huge spoiler. Here goes:
    He's a native of Lemuria. Despite Felix, Jenna and Sheba trying to get
    him to tell, his age remains unknown. He was washed to sea when the
    tidal wave caused by Venus Lighthouse being lit crashed into Lemuria.
    He eventually made his way in a boat to Indra, where he then proceeded
    to Naribwe, then Kibombo searching for the Black Orb needed to control
    his ship. Felix finds him, and afterwards, he joins you.
    Hair: Blue
    Alignment: Mercury Clan
    Can Equip: Long Swords, Light Blades, Axes, Maces, Armor, Clothing,
               Shields, Gloves, Helms, Crowns, Boots, Shirts, Masks
    Hometown: Lemuria
    The hero of Golden Sun 1. He comes from a village called Vale that
    protects the Elemental Stars and Sol Sanctum. But Saturos and Menardi
    came along and unleash a storm that Felix is rumored to be dead in.
    Three years later, he, Garet, and Jenna explored Sol Sanctum. Isaac and
    Garet got the Elemental Stars, but lost all but one to Saturos, Menardi,
    and Alex, who had taken Jenna and Felix prisoner. Isaac, with the aid
    of Garet, undertook an adventure to prevent Saturos and co. from
    lighting the four lighthouses. At the Mercury Lighthouse they failed
    even with the help of Ivan and Mia, two other adepts. When they got
    to Venus Lighthouse, they succeeded in defeating Saturos and Menardi,
    but the lighthouse was still lit. The tower collapses, and Isaac and co.
    embark on another journey to find Felix, Jenna, Sheba, and Kraden.
    Another note: He had 1 line in Golden Sun. It was '!!!'. I've heard that
    in this game he blabs away a mile a minute. Isaac must be a worse mess
    than we thought...
    Hair: Orange
    Alignment: Venus Clan
    Can Equip: Long Swords, Light Blades, Axes, Maces, Armor, Clothing,
               Shields, Gloves, Helms, Crowns, Boots, Shirts, Masks
    Hometown: Vale
    Isaac's cousin. He acts tough all the time. He was with Isaac when he
    witnessed Felix's death and Jenna's capture. He also put his future in
    Isaac's hands and couldn't believe that he accepted the responsiblity
    of saving the world.
    Hair: Red
    Alignment: Mars Clan
    Can Equip: Long Swords, Light Blades, Axes, Maces, Armor, Clothing,
               Shields, Gloves, Helms, Crowns, Boots, Shirts, Masks
    Hometown: Vale
    He's a smart kid. Probably 'cause he is a Jupiter Adept. He lives in
    Kalay and is the apprentice of Master Hammet, a famed merchant. On their
    travels, they came to the small village of Vault. Ivan 'lost' Hammet's
    rod, the Shaman's Rod. In reality, it was stolen by a small gang of
    thieves. When Isaac and Garet came, they helped him look for it. They
    found the thieves and defeated them and learned that they stole stuff
    during the eruption of Mt. Aleph. They found out that Hammet had been
    captured and taken to Lunpa, and soon after, Ivan joined Isaac and Garet
    on their travels because he failed to get him back. After a while, they
    freed Hammet and taught the thieves at Lunpa that captured him a lesson.
    Also, Master Hama at Lama Temple seems somehow to know him, though Ivan
    said he didn't know her. Hmmm...
    Hair: Blonde
    Alignment: Jupiter Clan
    Can Equip: Light Blades, Staves, Clothing, Robes, Gloves, Armlets,
               Crowns, Boots, Masks, Circlets, Shirts
    Hometown: Kalay
    The healer of the village of Imil in the north. She called her healing
    power 'Ply' when she met Isaac, Garet, and Ivan. They told her it was
    called Psynergy, then the Mercury Lighthouse was lit. She tried to get
    in, but had trouble. She joined Isaac to get up to the top. There, they
    had their first confrontation with Saturos. When they failed to stop the
    lighting, Mia decided to join Isaac on his quest.
    Hair: Blue
    Alignment: Mercury Clan
    Can Equip: Maces, Staves, Clothing, Robes, Gloves, Armlets, Crowns,
               Boots, Caps, Circlets, Shirts
    Hometown: Imil
    The... SECOND-best Mars Adept hailing from the "northern wilds". He
    saves Felix during the storm, then captures Kraden and Jenna, and
    later Sheba. He and his partner, Menardi, and another, Alex, want to
    light all four lighthouses. Isaac chased him, and defeated him and
    Menardi, but Alex was nowhere to be found.
    Hair: Blue
    Alignment: Mars Clan
    Hometown: Prox
    Saturos's partner, also hailing from the Fire Clan of the North. She
    is also killed when Isaac and co. defeated the two, even after fusing
    into a giant dragon with two heads.
    Hair: Yellow
    Alignment: Mars Clan
    Hometown: Prox
    Alex is probably the most interesting person in the whole story. He
    knows something that Saturos, Menardi, Agatio, Karst, and ALL the
    heroes don't know. In fact the only other one who DOES know is the Wise
    One. That's right, the rock with one eye. Alex got Saturos and Menardi
    to light the first two lighthouses, without them knowing what it would
    really do. He also makes Agatio and Karst pressure Felix to light the
    last two lighthouses. The two Mars adepts didn't know either. Then, he
    helps Felix by recovering all his HP so they can light Jupiter's beacon.
    He is sure that Felix and Isaac would suceed in lighting Mars's beacon
    to save the people of Prox, so he finally reveals his true quest as he
    stands atop a mountain...
    Hair: Blue
    Alignment: Mercury Clan
    Hometown: Imil
    Agatio is the first of two fire Adepts that Alex made to force Felix
    and co. to light the lighthouses. At the top of Jupiter Lighthouse,
    they beat Felix and steal the Mars Star. But after getting to the
    Mars Lightouse, they end up being turned into Flame Dragons and beaten
    by Felix and Isaac. They give up the Mars Star and tell them to light
    the beacon.
    Agatio was Saturos's superior as a Mars Adept.
    Hair: Blue-grey?
    Alignment: Mars Clan
    Hometown: Prox
    Menardi's sister, Karst has sworn to exact revenge on Isaac for killing
    her sister. She joins up with Agatio and Alex, not realizing what Alex's
    true intentions were.
    Hair: Red
    Alignment: Mars Clan
    Hometown: Prox
    ---------------/\ 2. Tables and Lists  /\---------------
    A. Items
        Many, many merchants have formed a group that obtains items, both
    rare and common, and note what it does as well as how much it will
    sell for and how much it costs. They have done an excellent job; they
    have found every item in the known world. There are some, however,
    whose uses are unknown so far, and some of the buy/sell prices are
    not known either.
    Stat Bonus Explanation:
    ATK=Attack    MHP=Maximum HP   VP=Earth Power       JP=Wind Power
    DEF=Defense   MPP=Maximum PP   VR=Earth Resistance  JR=Wind Resistance
    AGL=Agility   HPR=HP Recovery  MaP=Fire Power       MeP=Water Power
    LUK=Luck      PPR=PP Recovery  MaR=Fire Resistance  MeR=Water Resistance
    Psynergy Items
    Burst Brooch          Bestows 'Burst' when equipped
    Carry Stone           Bestows 'Carry' when equipped
    Catch Beads           Bestows 'Catch' when equipped
    Cloak Ball            Bestows 'Cloak' when equipped
    Cyclone Chip          Bestows 'Cyclone' when equipped
    Douse Drop            Bestows 'Douse' when equipped
    Frost Jewel           Bestows 'Frost' when equipped
    Hover Jade            Bestows 'Hover' when equipped
    Grindstone            Bestows 'Grind' when equipped
    Halt Gem              Bestows 'Halt' when equipped
    Lash Pebble           Bestows 'Lash' when equipped
    Lifting Gem           Bestows 'Lift' when equipped
    Orb of Force          Bestows 'Force' when equipped
    Pound Cube            Bestows 'Pound' when equipped
    Scoop Gem             Bestows 'Scoop' when equipped
    Teleport Lapis        Bestows 'Teleport' when equipped
    Tremor Bit            Bestows 'Tremor' when equipped
    Items            Does:                                     Buy   Sell
    Mythril Bag      Holds the Elemental Stars
    Mercury Star
    Venus Star
    Jupiter Star
    Mars Star
    Dancing Idol     A sacred idol of unknown power            400   300
    Game Ticket      Ticket for use in a special game          50    37
    Healing Fungus
    Laughing Fungus  A rare and suspicious mushroom            700   525
    Lucky Medal      Medal used in a special fountain
    Magma Ball       A glowing, red ball of volcanic rock
    Milk             Nutritious, delicious fresh milk
    Mysterious Card  Card: Equip to change your class(Pierrot) 332   249
    Pretty Stone     A shining stone                           300   225
    Red Cloth        A fancy red scarf
    Sea God's Tear   A jewel from the sea god's eye            300   225
    Tomegathericon   Book: Equip to change your class(Dark Mage)999  749
    Trainer's Whip   Whip: Equip to change your class(Tamer)   656   499
    Healing               Heals:                                 Buy   Sell
    Herb                  50 HP                                  10    7
    Corn                  100 HP                                 12    9
    Nut                   200 HP                                 200   150
    Vial                  500 HP                                 500   375
    Potion                All HP                                 1000  750
    Hermes's Water        All HP                                 2000  1500
    Empty Bottle          Extracts Hermes's Water                1000  750
    Psy Crystal           All PP                                 1500  1125
    Antidote              Poison                                 20    15
    Elixir                Stun, Sleep, Delusion                  30    22
    Water of Life         Downed                                 3000  2250
    Mist Potion           300 HP for all                         9000  6750
    Attack                Does:                                  Buy   Sell
    Smoke Bomb            Deludes enemies
    Sleep Bomb            Lulls enemies to sleep                 60    45
    Oil Drop              Causes damage with flames              30    22
    Weasel's Claw         Causes damage with
    Bramble Seed          Causes damage with thorns
    Crystal Powder        Causes damage with ice
    Dark Crystal
    Material                 Makes                               Buy   Sell
    Tear Stone               Glower Staff, Clear Bracelet,
    Stardust                 Stardust Ring
    Sylph Feather            Sylph Rapier                        700   525
    Dragon Skin                                                  1200  900
    Salamander Tail
    Golem Core
    Mythril Silver           Psychic Circlet
    Dark Matter              Darksword, Terra Shield, Fear Helm,
                             Dark Circlet, Stealth Armor
    Orihalcon                Millenium Helm, Big Bang Gloves,
                             Cosmos Shield, Stellar Axe,
                             Nebula Wand, Xylion Armor, Excalibur
    Right Prong              Trident
    Left Prong               Trident
    Center Prong             Trident
    Rusty Sword(Longsword)
    Rusty Sword(Lightblade)
    Rusty Axe
    Rusty Mace
    Rusty Staff
    Stat Boosters
    Power Bread           Increases Max HP
    Cookie                Increases Max PP
    Power Apple           Increases Attack
    Hard Nut              Increases Defense
    Mint                  Increases Agility
    Lucky Pepper          Increases Luck
    Long Swords       Stats                  Unleash             Buy   Sell
    Darksword         ATK+210, Cs.           ???????????????????????????????
    -Sol Blade         ATK+200                Megiddo             31200 23400
    Excalibur         ATK+180                ???????????????????????????????
    -Flame Brand       ATK+176                Purgatory           23400 17550
    Leviatan          ATK+173                ???????????????????????????????
    Robber Blade      ATK+162                ???????????????????????????????
    -Rune Blade        ATK+162                Void Beam           15000 11250
    Mythril Blade     ATK+160                ???????????????????????????????
    -Huge Sword        ATK+155                Heavy Divide        14000 10500
    -Hestia Blade      ATK+145                Crucible Fire       12900 9675
    -Soul Brand        ATK+141                Soul Shatter
    -Gaia Blade        ATK+135 VP+20 VR+20    Titan Blade         17000 12750
    -Lightning Sword   ATK+134                Flash Edge          11400 8550
    -Cloud Brand       ATK+130                Raiden's Wrath      11800 8850
    Muramasa          ATK+126, Cs.           ???????????????????????????????
    -Silver Blade      ATK+108                Aqua Sock           12000 9000
    -Shamshir          ATK+99                 Acid Bath           10000 7500
    -Great Sword       ATK+90                 None                7000  5250
    -Claymore          ATK+70                 None                4000  3000
    Storm Brand       ATK+60                 ???????????????????????????????
    Architect Sword   ATK+55                 ???????????????????????????????
    Broad Sword       ATK+40                 ???????????????????????????????
    -Long Sword        ATK+14                 None                200   1500
    Light Blades      Stats                  Unleash             Buy   Sell
    Tisiphone Edge    ATK+178                Vengeance
    Masamune          ATK+163                Rising Dragon       16400 12300
    Burning Sword     ATK+157                ???????????????????????????????
    Phaeton's Blade   ATK+151                Light Surge         13600 10200
    Pirate's Sabre    ATK+136                Scorpionfish
    Kikuichimonji     ATK+128                Asura               13400 10050
    Sylph Rapier      ATK+124                Mad Zephyr
    Mist Sabre        ATK+110                Searing Fog         8600  6450
    Swift Sword       ATK+104, JP+10         Sonic Smash         9400  7050
    Ninja Blade       ATK+94                 Cyclone Slash       8800  6600
    Assassin Blade    ATK+90                 Mortal Danger       7800  5850
    Corsair's Edge    ATK+90                 Lunar Slash         6300  4725
    Master Rapier     ATK+86                 None                6800  5100
    Mystery Blade     ATK+84                 Life Nourish        6400  4800
    Battle Rapier     ATK+58                 None                2900  2175
    Hypnos' Sword     ATK+49                 Moon Air            2900  2175
    Elven Rapier      ATK+44                 Vorpal Slash        2200  1650
    Pirate's Sword    ATK+34                 Dreamtide           2000  1500
    Hunter Sword      ATK+28                 None                520   390
    Bandit's Sword    ATK+12                 Rapid Smash         700   525
    Short Sword       ATK+8                  None                120   90
    Machete           ATK+                   None                30    22
    Axes              Stats                  Unleash             Buy   Sell
    Stellar Axe       ATK+171                Super Nova          19700 14775
    Gaia Axe          ATK+163                Mother Earth
    Aporon Axe        ATK+158                Flare Burst
    Mighty Axe        ATK+142                Heat Shatter        11900 8925
    Viking Axe        ATK+137                Stun Bolt           11000 8250
    Demon Axe         ATK+132                Poison Cloud        16000 12000
    Tartarus Axe      ATK+127                Vein Tap            10800 8100
    Giant Axe         ATK+114                Meltdown            14000 10500
    Dragon Axe        ATK+100                Heat Mirage         10300 7725
    Captain's Axe     ATK+95, raise DEF w.u. None                6800  5100
    Burning Axe       ATK+84                 Broil               7500  5625
    Great Axe         ATK+80                 None                5200  3900
    Disk Axe          ATK+76                 Power Drive         4700  3525
    Vulcan Axe        ATK+76                 Barrage             4600  3650
    Broad Axe         ATK+50                 None                1400  1050
    Themis's Axe      ATK+30                 Stone Justice       1900  1425
    Battle Axe        ATK+24                 None                280   210
    Maces             Stats                  Unleash             Buy   Sell
    Tungsten Mace     ATK+159                Hammersphere        14700 11025
    Rising Mace       ATK+152                High Vitals         13900 10425
    Wicked Mace       ATK+130, Cursed        Poison Death        13800 10350
    Blessed Mace      ATK+126, HPR+2, replenishes 200 HP w/ used 14500 10875
    Thanatos Mace     ATK+125                Heart Break (1-H KO)10400 7800
    Demon Mace        ATK+115                Evil Eye            9200  6900
    Righteous Mace    ATK+112, HPR+3         Blinding Smog       8400  6300
    Hagbone Mace      ATK+108                Wyrd Curse          8400  6300
    Comet Mace        ATK+105                Ice Crash
    Gravity Mace      ATK+88                 Earth Attack        7000  5250
    War Mace          ATK+84                 None                6200  4650
    Battle Mace       ATK+56                 None                2600  1950
    Blow Mace         ATK+45                 Boost Hack          2800  2100
    Heavy Mace        ATK+26                 None                500   375
    Mace              ATK+6                  None                80    60
    Staves            Stats                  Unleash             Buy   Sell
    Lachesis' Rule    ATK+177                Apocalypse          21700 16275
    Atropos Rod       ATK+169                Life Shear(1-H KO)
    Clothos' Distaff  ATK+168, Recovers 1000 HP when used        17200 12900
    Nebula Wand       ATK+165                Rebus Star
    Salamander Rod    ATK+156                Flame Dance
    Meditation Rod    ATK+150                Nirvana             13400 10050
    Goblin's Rod      ATK+134                Sargasso            9800  7350
    Fireman's Pole    ATK+130, Use to resist elements            8200  6150
    Dracomace         ATK+128                Aging Gas           10700 8025
    Glower Staff      ATK+126                Flash Force         10100 7575
    Crystal Rod       ATK+106                Drown               13400 10050
    Zodiac Wand       ATK+102                Shining Star        11400 8550
    Cloud Wand        ATK+98                 Stan Cloud
    Demonic Staff     ATK+92, Cursed         Bad Omen            10000 7500
    Angelic Ankh      ATK+83                 Life Leech          6400  4800
    Staff of Anubis   ATK+83                 Sarcophagus         5500  4125
    Frost Wand        ATK+76                 Frost Bite          5400  4050
    Psynergy Rod      ATK+64                 Psnergy Leech       3800  2850
    Blessed Ankh      ATK+46                 Psyphon Seal        1600  1200
    Witch's Wand      ATK+32                 Stun Voltage        860   645
    Magic Rod         ATK+16                 Murk                380   285
    Shaman's Rod      ATK+10                 None                Can't sell
    Wooden Stick      ATK+4                  None                40    30
    Armor             Stats & Effects                            Buy   Sell
    Valkyrie Mail     DEF+53, Critical Hits increase             25500 19125
    Demon Mail        DEF+50, JR-10, Cursed                      17000 12750
    Xylion Armor      DEF+50, ATK+12                             22500 16875
    Stealth Armor     DEF+48, VR-10, Cursed                      14000 10500
    Chronos Mail      DEF+47, MHP+20                             13100 9825
    Dragon Mail       DEF+44, Me,MaR+30                          17000 12750
    Erebus Armor      DEF+43, HPR+6                              9000  6750
    _Ajura no Yosoi    DEF+42, ATK+5, HPR+8                       15000 11250
    Phantasmal Mail   DEF+38, LUK+7, Use for some magical luck   5800  4350
    Planet Armor      DEF+36, All Power+10                       4800  3600
    Steel Armor       DEF+36                                     4900  3675
    Spiked Armor      DEF+34, ATK+10, Critical Hits increase     14000 10500
    Plate Mail        DEF+33                                     4400  3300
    Spirit Armor      DEF+32, All Resistance+15                  4000  3000
    Armor Shell       DEF+30                                     3600  2700
    Ixion Mail        DEF+26; Me,JP+20                           1300  975
    Chain Mail        DEF+25                                     2000  1500
    Interi Armor      DEF+21, MPP+20
    Leather Armor     DEF+12                                     240   180
    Clothing          Stats & Effects                           Buy   Sell
    Triton's Ward     DEF+47, MeP+30, MeR+70                    16200 12150
    Erineys Tunic     DEF+45, ATK+5, Critical Hits increase     10400 7800
    Festival Happi Coat DEF+28, LUK+10
    Floral Dress      DEF+38, Puts enemy to sleep when used     6600  4950
    Wild Coat         DEF+37, AGL+40
    Full Metal Vest   DEF+21                                    1100  825
    Mythril Clothes   DEF+49, Critical Hits increase
    Faery Vest        DEF+38, Recovers 200 HP when used         6900  5175
    Ninja Garb        DEF+36, AGL+30, JR+10                     6900  5175
    Kasuri no Kimono  DEF+25, MaR+10, AGL+10
    Resist Sukuri-n   DEF+42; Me,Ma,JR+30
    Aqua Jacket       DEF+30; Me,MaR+30                         3000  2250
    Silver Vest       DEF+28                                    3200  2400
    Elven Clothes     DEF+22, AGLx1.5                           1700  1275
    Adept's Clothes   DEF+18, MPP+8                             850   637
    Fa-ku-to          DEF+16, MeR+20
    Traveler's Vest   DEF+7                                     50    37
    Cotton Shirt      DEF+3                                     20    15
    Robes             Stats & Effects                            Buy   Sell
    One-piece Dress   DEF+4                                      24    18
    Tabi no Robe      DEF+10                                     200   150
    Silk Robe         DEF+20                                     1400  1050
    China Dress       DEF+19, drops enemy Attack                 1600  1200
    Ja-ki- Robe       DEF+26                                     2400  1800
    Cocktail Dress    DEF+29, MPP+15                             4000  3000
    Blessed Robe      DEF+36, HPR+5                              7000  5250
    Magical Cassock   DEF+39, PPR+2                              9000  6750
    Mysterious Robe   DEF+48, HPR+20, PPR+10                     36500 27375
    Feathered Robe    DEF+45, JP+20, JR+30, AGL+30               14000 10500
    Otohime no Robe   DEF+43, MeR+40, HPR+10                     13500 10125
    Dragon Robe       DEF+42; MeMaR+18
    A-da- Robe        DEF+42, MaP+20, MaR+40
    Muni Robe         DEF+39, HPR+10                             6300   4725
    Aeolian Cassock   DEF+46, JP+15, JR+50
    Iris Robe         DEF+47, LUK+15, MaR+20, EPR+12
    Shields           Stats & Effects                            Buy   Sell
    Wooden Shield     DEF+6                                      40    30
    Bronze Shield     DEF+14                                     500   375
    Iron Shield       DEF+20                                     1200  900
    Knight's Shield   DEF+28                                     3000  2250
    Mirrored Shield   DEF+39, Deludes enemies when used          5200  3900
    Dragon Scales     DEF+26, MaR+30                             2400  1800
    Earth Shield      DEF+31, VR+20, replenishes 150 HP          4100  3075
    Luna Shield       DEF+33, VR+30
    Dragon Shield     DEF+42; MeMaR+15
    Flame Shield      DEF+44, MaR+60 (WOW!)
    Terra Shield      DEF+48, ATK+5, Cursed
    Cosmos Shield     DEF+49, All Elemental Resistance+20
    Fujin Shield      DEF+23, JR+50                              1400  1050
    Aegis Shield      DEF+41, Critical Hits increase
    Gloves            Stats & Effects                            Buy   Sell
    Padded Gloves     DEF+2                                      10    7
    Leather Gloves    DEF+10                                     220   165
    Gauntlet          DEF+23                                     1600  1200
    Vambrace          DEF+27, ATK+5                              1800  1350
    Battle Gloves     DEF+32, ATK+10                             4000  3000
    Mystery Gloves    DEF+34, All Elemental Power+5              5200  3900
    So-n Gloves       DEF+26, ATK+8                              2100  1575
    Aura Gloves       DEF+36, Raises Resistance when used        6500  4875
    Aerial Gloves     DEF+37, AGL+30, JP+20                      5400  4050
    Titan Gloves      DEF+43, MHP+30
    Big Bang Gloves   DEF+47, MaP+40
    Crafted Gloves    DEF+35, ATK+5                              4600  3450
    Riot Gloves       DEF+45, ATK+15, Critical Hits inc.
    Spirit Gloves     DEF+40, MPP+20
    Armlets           Stats & Effects                            Buy   Sell
    Leather Armlet    DEF+7                                      180   135
    Armlet            DEF+17                                     900   675
    Heavy Armlet      DEF+25                                     2000  1500
    Silver Armlet     DEF+30                                     4000  3000
    Spirit Armlet     DEF+38; V,MeP+10; Cures status ailments?   9000  6750
    Light Armlet      DEF+35; Ma,JP+10; Recovers 100 HP          7000  5250
    God Armlet        DEF+27, Raises Defense when used in battle 2600  1950
    Mythril Armlet    DEF+46, Raises Critical Hits
    Bone Armlet       DEF+30, Use to Haunt a foe                 3000  2250
    Jester's Armlet   DEF+39, MPP+30
    Bracelets         Stats & Effects                            Buy   Sell
    Clear Bracelet    DEF+31, WP+25                              3500  2625
    Leda's Bracelet   DEF+38, JP+30
    Helms             Stats & Effects                            Buy   Sell
    Open Helm         DEF+9                                      180   135
    Bronze Helm       DEF+14                                     600   450
    Iron Helm         DEF+20                                     1600  1200
    Steel Helm        DEF+27                                     3100  2325
    Silver Helm       DEF+30                                     3900  2925
    Knight's Helm     DEF+33                                     4600  3450
    Mujakafudo        DEF+35, VP+10, Critical Hits increase      10000 7500
    Adept's Helm      DEF+29, MPP+20%                            3700  2775
    Dragon Helm       DEF+42; Me,MaR+20
    Mythril Helm      DEF+44, Critical Hits increase
    Fear Helm         DEF+48, ATK+10, Cursed
    Millenium Helm    DEF+45, MHP+20
    Viking Helm       DEF+30, MeR+30                             4000  3000
    Gloria Helm       DEF+49, HPR+10
    Minerva Helm      DEF+43, MPP+20
    Otafuku Mask      DEF+31, Use to unleash aqua breath
    Hiotoko Mask      DEF+33, Use to unleash fire breath
    Caps              Stats & Effects                            Buy   Sell
    Leather Cap       DEF+3                                      30    22
    Wood Cap          DEF+10                                     400   300
    Kurozukin         DEF+28, AGL+20                             2800  2100
    Yogenja Hat       DEF+30, Does something in battle???        4600  3450
    Lure Cap          DEF+20, Monster encounters decrease        3000  2250
    Fuwawawa Cap      DEF+34, AGL+50%, JR+20
    Nurse's Cap       DEF+18, Use to release healing power       1200  900
    Arasuto-ru Hood   DEF+47, Does something in battle???
    Hats              Stats & Effects                            Buy   Sell
    Mail Cap          DEF+10                                     2000  1500
    Crowns            Stats & Effects                            Buy   Sell
    Jeweled Crown     DEF+35, LUK+5                              4000  3000
    Shinobi no Hachigane  DEF+33, Critical Hits increase, PPR+2  5200  3900
    Thunder Crown     DEF+40, PPR+4, Cursed                      7500  5625
    Sun Crown         DEF+28, ATK+8
    Ma-berasu Crown   DEF+40, PPR+8
    Circlets          Stats & Effects                            Buy   Sell
    Circlet           DEF+6                                      120   90
    Silver Circlet    DEF+16                                     1300  975
    Protect Circlet   DEF+25                                     3400  2550
    Platinum Circlet  DEF+29                                     4200  3150
    Mythril Circlet   DEF+34, PPR+3                              7000  5250
    Kirameku Tiara    DEF+27, Deludes enemies when used          3600  2700
    Pure Circlet      DEF+29, MeP+20                             3700  2775
    Astral Circlet    DEF+32, MPP+15
    Psychic Circlet   DEF+39, PPR+12
    Demon Circlet     DEF+50, Raises Critical Hits, Cursed
    Clarity Circlet   DEF+21, JP+15                              1500  1125
    Buririan Circlet  DEF+36, LUK+10
    Berserker Band    DEF+46, ATK+15
    Shirts            Stats & Effects                            Buy   Sell
    Mythril Shirt     DEF+10, MHP+5
    Silk Shirt        DEF+6, LUK+1
    Running Shirt     DEF+1, AGL+15                              400   300
    Angel Kyami       DEF+10, LUK+5
    Ha-bunitto Shirt  DEF+7, Raises Defense when used
    Gold Shirt        DEF+12, MPP+10
    Sasurai Band      DEF+3, HPR+5
    Boots             Stats & Effects                            Buy   Sell
    Hyper Boots       DEF+4, Critical Hits increase
    Quick Boots       DEF+3, AGL+20                              2100  1575
    Fur Boots         DEF+2, MeR+15
    Turtle Boots      DEF+3, AGL-50%
    Leather Boots     DEF+6                                      270   202
    Dragon Boots      DEF+13; VR+10, MeR+10, MaR+10
    Safety Boots      DEF+12, AGL 0.7                            700   525
    Knight Guri-bu    DEF+8, MHP+5
    Shield Guri-bu    DEF+11, LUK+4
    Thief Boots       DEF+5, Critical Hits increase
    Golden Boots      DEF+15, AGL+30                             4400  3300
    Rings             Stats & Effects                            Buy   Sell
    Adept's Ring      Recovers 7 PP when used
    War Ring          Raises Attack when used
    Sleep Ring        Lulls enemies to sleep when used
    Cure Ring         Recovers 70 HP when used
    Unicorn Ring      Use to remove poison                       1100  825
    Fairy Ring        Has the same effect as Elixir in battle
    Cleric Ring       Stops a curse's effects in battle
    Festival Ring     Recovers 160 HP when used
    Stardust Ring     Drains enemy's Psynergy?
    Aroma Ring        Recovers 100 HP when used
    Rainbow Ring      Haunts multiple enemies when used
    Spirit Ring       Recovers Ukara in battle
    Guardian Ring     DEF+4, MHP+20                              1700  1275
    Golden Ring       Raises elemental resistance                4000  3000
    Special           Stats                                      Buy   Sell
    Trident           MeR+20                                     Can't sell
     Use the Trident against Posiedon after collecting the three prongs and
    getting it forged by Obaba.
    B. Psynergy
           A group of the finest Psynergy scholars have prepared a list of
    all the Psynergy in the known world, as well as the amount of Psynergy
    required to cast it and descriptions for each one.
    Earth (Venus)
    Grind           2               Pulverize large objects.
    Scoop           1               Dig in soft ground.
    Tremor          1               Shake objects left and right.
    Catch           1               Grab light objects from afar.
    Carry           2               Lift and move light objects.
    Retreat         6               Return to the dungeon's entrance.
    Sand            2               Melt into sand.
    Ragnarok        7   1 enemy     Strike with a massive sword.
    Odessey        18   1 enemy     Pierce a foe with a colossal sword.
    Helm Splitter   8   1 enemy     Paralyze a foe with a mighty blow.
    Skull Splitter  8   1 enemy     Annihilate a foe by crushing its skull.
    Demon Night    12   3 enemies   Unleash a myriad of monsters.
    Thorny Grave   24   3 enemies   Summon a loathsome fiend.
    Quake           4   3 enemies   Attack with a powerful quake.
    Earthquake      7   5 enemies   Attack with a mighty tremor.
    Quake Sphere   15   7 enemies   Attack with a massive quake.
    Spire           5   1 enemy     Attack with earthen spire.
    Clay Spire     13   3 enemies   Attack with earthen spire.
    Stone Spire    22   3 enemies   Attack with earthen spire.
    Gaia            7   3 enemies   Attack with the earth's might.
    Mother Gaia    17   5 enemies   Attack with the earth's might.
    Grand Gaia     32   5 enemies   Attack with the earth's might.
    Growth          4   1 enemy     Attack with wild plants.
    Mad Growth     10   3 enemies   Attack with ferocious plants.
    Wild Growth    19   5 enemies   Attack with giant plants.
    Thorn           6   3 enemies   Attack with stabbing thorns.
    Briar          11   3 enemies   Attack with sharpened briars.
    Nettle         23   5 enemies   Attack with stinging nettles.
    Punji           7   3 enemies   Attack with a bamboo weapon.
    Punji Trap     13   3 enemies   Attack with a bamboo weapon.
    Punji Strike   24   5 enemies   Attack with a bamboo weapon.
    Rockfall        5   3 enemies   Attack with a blast of rocks.
    Rockslide      15   5 enemies   Attack with a blast of rocks.
    Avalanche      30   5 enemies   Attack with a blast of rocks.
    Haunt           5   3 enemies   Haunt a foe with an evil spirit.
    Curse           6   1 enemy     Draw the Spirit of Death to a foe.
    Condemn         8   1 enemy     Disable your enemy with evil power.
    Annihilation   18   1 enemy     Attempt to annihilate a foe.
    Sabre Dance     7   1 enemy     Attack with dancing blades.
    Bramble Card   22   3 enemies   Throw a card of the Thorn suit.
    Death Card      8   1 enemy     Call the Reaper to claim your foes.
    Dinox           3   1 enemy     Attack with sharpened fangs.
    Troll           3   1 enemy     Attack with fiendish might.
    Lich           10   1 ally      Revive an ally with the undead's aid.
    Minotaur       10   1 enemy     Attack with a mighty axe.
    Living Armor   17   1 enemy     Attack with an axe. A big one.
    Grand Golem    22   1 enemy     Attack with a fist of stone.
    Fire Puppet     7   3 enemies   Paralyze your foes with fear.
    Call Demon     13   1 enemy     Strike with a demon's fury.
    Fire (Mars)
    Move            2              Move an object on the ground.
    Pound           2              Drive objects into the ground.
    Burst           2              Break cracked objects.
    Blaze           1              Manipulate flames.
    Aura            7  All party   Restore 50 HP to the whole party.
    Healing Aura   11  All party   Restore 100 HP to the whole party.
    Cool Aura      16  All party   Restore 200 HP to the whole party.
    Heat Wave       6  1 enemy     Attack with fiery bolts.
    Liquifier      17  1 enemy     Sieze a foe with the fires of truth.
    Planet Diver    7  1 enemy     Leap skyward an lunge onto a foe.
    Planetary      19  1 enemy     Strike a foe with fire from the heavens.
    Dragon Cloud    6  1 enemy     Attack an enemy with Dragon Cloud.
    Epicenter      33  1 enemy     Strike an enemy with Dragon Cloud.
    Flare           4  3 enemies   Attack with flaring flames.
    Flare Wall      7  3 enemies   Attack with searing flames.
    Flare Storm    12  3 enemies   Attack with incinerating flames.
    Fire            6  3 enemies   Attack with a scorching fireball.
    Fireball       12  5 enemies   Attack with a scorching fireball.
    Inferno        23  5 enemies   Attack with a scorching fireball.
    Volcano         6  1 enemy     Attack with volcanic might.
    Eruption       14  3 enemies   Attack with volcanic might.
    Pyroclasm      29  5 enemies   Attack with volcanic might.
    Blast           5  3 enemies   Attack with an explosive blast.
    Mad Blast       9  3 enemies   Attack with an explosive blast.
    Fiery Blast    19  5 enemies   Attack with an explosive blast.
    Blast           7  3 enemies   Attack with a massive explosion.
    Nova           13  5 enemies   Attack with a massive explosion.
    Supernova      31  7 enemies   Attack with a massive explosion.
    Fire Bomb       5  3 enemies   Attack with a bomb blast.
    Cluster Bomb   11  5 enemies   Attack with a bomb blast.
    Carpet Bomb    29  7 enemies   Attack with a bomb blast.
    Lava Shower     4  1 enemy     Attack with a volcano's might.
    Molten Bath    12  3 enemies   Attack with a volcano's might.
    Magma Storm    27  5 enemies   Attack with a volcano's might.
    Fume           6   1 enemy     Attack with a plume of flames.
    Serpent Fume   14  1 enemy     Attack with a plume of flames.
    Dragon Fume    35  1 enemy     Attack with a plume of flames.
    Beam           7   3 enemies   Attack with a searing heat flame.
    Cycle Beam     14  5 enemies   Attack with a searing heat flame.
    Searing Beam   36  7 enemies   Attack with a searing heat flame.
    Guard          3   1 ally       Boost ally's Defense.
    Protect        5   All party    Boost party's Defense.
    Guardian       3   1 ally       Boost Defense with divine might.
    Protector      5   All party    Boost Defense with divine might.
    Impair         4   1 enemy      Drop enemy's Defense.
    Debilitate     6   3 enemies    Drop enemy party's Defense.
    Juggle         7   3 enemies    Skillfully toss balls of flame.
    Heat Juggle    13  5 enemies    Skillfully toss balls of flame.
    Fiery Juggle   25  5 enemies    Skillfully toss balls of flame.
    Fire Breath    13  3 enemies    Attack with a sheet of flames.
    Flame Card     11  3 enemies    Throw a card of the Flame suit.
    Sword Card     6   1 enemy      Reduce a foe's Attack.
    Salamander     7                Call forth a fiery reptile's breath.
    Cerberus       7   3 enemies    Attack with the soul's fire.
    Chimera        7   3 enemies    Attack a foe with a fiery blast.
    Macetail       7   3 enemies    Attack foes with a fiery blast.
    Phoenix       10   1 ally       Revive an ally with the phoenix's fire.
    Wyvern        17   5 enemies    Attack foes with fiery breath.
    Fire Dragon   17   5 enemies    Attack foes with a fiery blast.
    Manticore     18   All party    Restore 300 HP with cleansing flame.
    Raging Heat    9   5 enemies    Call forth the fires of the pit.
    Fiery Abyss   18   5 enemies    Call forth the fires of the pit.
    Dire Inferno  32   7 enemies    Call forth the fires of the pit.
    Wind (Jupiter)
    Mind Read       1               Read someone's mind.
    Reveal          1               Perceive hidden truths.
    Halt            2               Stop a moving object.
    Lash            1               Lift and move very light objects.
    Cyclone         2               Conjure winds to scatter weeds.
    Hover           2               Hover in the air.
    Teleport        3               Teleport at will.
    Astral Blast    5   1 enemy     Attack with celestial force.
    Thunder Mine   16   1 enemy     Attack with ball lightning.
    Death Plunge   14   1 enemy     Plunge your weapon into a foe.
    Death Leap     22   1 enemy     Beat a foe with a strange fan.
    Shuriken        8   3 enemies   Attack with huge throwing knife.
    Quick Strike   12   1 enemies   Blind an enemy with a rapid strike.
    Whirlwind       5   3 enemies   Attack with a swirling tornado.
    Tornado        14   5 enemies   Attack with a mighty tornado.
    Tempest        27   5 enemies   Attack with a fearsome windstorm.
    Ray             6   3 enemies   Attack with a magnetic storm.
    Storm Ray      10   3 enemies   Attack with a magnetic storm.
    Destruct Ray   21   3 enemies   Attack with a magnetic storm.
    Plasma          8   3 enemies   Attack with a barrage of bolts.
    Shine Plasma   18   5 enemies   Attack with a barrage of bolts.
    Spark Plasma   37   7 enemies   Attack with a barrage of bolts.
    Gale            3   3 enemies   Attack with the wind's might.
    Typhoon        12   5 enemies   Attack with the wind's might.
    Hurricane      25   5 enemies   Attack with the wind's might.
    Bolt            4               Attack with a lightning bolt.
    Flash Bolt      7               Attack with a lightning bolt.
    Blue Bolt      14               Attack with a lightning bolt.
    Thunderclap     9   3 enemies   Attack with the storm's fury.
    Thunderbolt    19   5 enemies   Attack with the storm's fury.
    Thunderhead    39   7 enemies   Attack with the storm's fury.
    Slash           4               Attack with a blade of focused air.
    Wind Slash      9               Attack with a blade of focused air.
    Sonic Slash    20               Attack with a blade of focused air.
    Bind            4   1 enemy     Block a foe's Psynergy.
    Delude          4   3 enemies   Wrap multiple foes in delusion.
    Sleep           5   3 enemies   Lull multiple foes to sleep.
    Mist            4   3 enemies   Wrap a foe in a cloud of delusion.
    Drain           3   1 enemy     Drain enemy's HP into yourself.
    Psy Drain       0   1 enemy     Drain enemy's PP into yourself.
    Impact          7   1 ally      Boost ally's Attack.
    High Impact    12   All party   Boost party's Attack.
    Demon Spear     7   1 ally      Boost Attack with a demonic blade.
    Angel Spear    12   All party   Boost Attack with a heavenly blade.
    Ward            3   1 ally      Boost Resistance.
    Resist          5   All party   Boost Resistance.
    Magic Shell     3   1 ally      Boost Elemental Resistance.
    Magic Shield    5   All party   Boost Elemental Resistance.
    Weaken          4   1 enemy     Drop enemy's Resistance.
    Enfeeble        6   3 enemies   Drop enemy party's Resistance.
    Backstab       16   1 enemy     Attack a foe from behind.
    Thunder Card   17   3 enemies   Throw a card of the Thunder suit.
    Baffle Card     4   3 enemies   Envelop foes in an illusion.
    Sleep Card      5   3 enemies   Put foes to sleep.
    Whiplash        6   1 enemy     Attack with a whip.
    Emu            10   1 enemy     Call a giant bird to claw a foe.
    Harpy          10   1 enemy     Attack with boosted morale.
    Gryphon        10   1 enemy     Attack with a razor-sharp beak.
    Ghost Soldier  22   1 enemy     Attack with phantom javelins.
    Poison Flow    28               Conjure a blast of poisoned wind.
    Water/Ice (Mercury)
    Parch           2               Evaporate standing water.
    Lift            2               Lift an object vertically.
    Cloak           2               Hide away in shadows.
    Avoid           5               Encounter fewer monsters.
    Ply             4   1 ally      Restore 100 HP with faith's power.
    Ply Well        8   1 ally      Restore 200 HP with faith's power.
    Pure Ply       12   1 ally      Restore 1000 HP with faith's power.
    Wish            9   All party   Restore 80 HP to the whole party.
    Wish Well      13   All party   Restore 160 HP to the whole party.
    Pure Wish      20   All party   Restore 800 HP to the whole party.
    Cure Poison     2               Cleanse the body of poison.
    Restore         3               Remove sleep, stun, and delusion.
    Break           5               Eliminate an enemy's bonuses.
    Cutting Edge    5   1 enemy     Inflict damage with a shock wave.
    Plume Edge     15   1 enemy     Attack with a foaming geyser.
    Diamond Dust    6   1 enemy     Attack crystalline ice.
    Diamond Berg   17   1 enemy     Freeze and crush a foe.
    Frost           5               Attack with frigid blasts.
    Tundra          8               Attack with frigid blasts.
    Glacier        15               Attack with frigid blasts.
    Ice             5               Attack with spikes of ice.
    Ice Horn       11               Attack with spikes of ice.
    Ice Missle     23               Attack with spikes of ice.
    Douse           5               Attack with a surge if water.
    Drench         10               Attack with a torrent of water.
    Deluge         20               Attack with a deadly flood.
    Prism           7               Attack with ice crystals.
    Hail Prism     16               Attack with ice crystals.
    Freeze Prism                    Attack with ice crystals.
    Froth Sphere
    Froth Spiral
    Cool            6               Attack with freezing cold.
    Supercool      14               Attack with freezing cold.
    Megacool                        Attack with freezing cold.
    Frost Card     28  3 enemies    Throw a card of the Frost suit.
    Pixie           5  1 ally       Conjure pixies to restore 115 HP.
    Faery           5  1 ally       Conjure faeries to restore 120 HP.
    Weird Nymph     5  1 enemy      Conjure pixies to restore 125 HP.
    Succubus        9  1 enemy      Conjure faeries to restore 250 HP.
    Elder Wood     14  All party    Tap the forests to restore 170 HP.
    Estre Wood     14  All party    Restore 180 HP to all allies.
    Blue Dragon    17  5 enemies    Attack foes with an icy blast.
    Call Zombie     5  1 enemy      Command a zombie to strike a foe.
    No Element
    Wild Wolf       3  1 enemy      Call on a feral ally's aid.
    Orc             3  1 enemy      Attack with your body's mass.
    Roc            22  1 enemy      Strike with the sweep of a might wing.
    C. Djinn Guide
          A few scholars have turned from their normal studies and became
    Djinn scholars. One group studied the bonuses a Djinn gives when set,
    as well as the effects each has if used in battle. They have also
    compiled a list of summons - both normal and combination -, there
    locations, Djinn needed, and their effect when summoned. The two
    lists are right here.
    Remember, one of these is a Djinni
    and two or more are Djinn.
    Djinn    HP+ PP+ ATK DEF AGL LUK Power               Venus (Earth) Djinn
    Echo     +10 +3  +3  --- --- --- Attack with a double strike.
    Iron     +12 --- --- +2  +3  --- Bolster the party's Defense.
    Steel    +12 --- +5  +2  --- +1  Siphon a foe's HP with a kiss.
    Mud      +11 +3  --- --- +5  --- Slow a foe with sticky mud.
    Flower   +13 +3  --- --- --- --- Refresh allies and restore HP.
    Meld     +4  --- --- --- +5  +1  Launch a powerful team strike.
    Petra    +13 --- --- +3  --- --- Turn a foe to stone.
    Salt     +4  +3  --- --- --- +1  Restore allies' status to normal.
    Geode    +13 --- +7  --- --- --- Strike with a clod of earth.
    Mold     +9  --- +5  --- +3  +1  Strike a foe.
    Crystal  +11 +7  --- +2  --- --- Restore HP to all allies.
    Flint    +9  +3  +4  --- --- --- Strike a blow that can cleave stone.
    Granite  +10 --- --- +2  +3  +1  Create a mighty earthen barrier.
    Quartz   +11 +3  --- --- +4  --- Revive a downed ally.
    Vine     +13 +3  --- +3  --- +1  Tangle foes to drop Agility.
    Sap      +11 --- +4  --- --- +1  Attack a foe and steal HP.
    Ground   +10 +3  --- --- +4  --- Use gravity to hold a foe.
    Bane     +13 --- +5  --- --- --- Attack with nature's venom.
    Djinn    HP+ PP+ ATK DEF AGL LUK Power                 Mars (Fire) Djinn
    Cannon   +8  --- +3  --- --- --- Strike with the power of Mars.
    Spark    +8  +7  --- --- --- --- Revive an ally with cheers of support.
    Kindle   +6  --- +5  --- --- +1  Increase all allies' Attack.
    Char     +9  --- +2  --- +3  +1  Paralyze foes with a strong blow.
    Coal     +5  +4  --- --- +5  --- Rally your allies to boost Agility.
    Reflux   +7  --- --- +3  --- +2  Counter an enemy's attack.
    Core     +14 --- +5  +2  --- --- Strike through an enemy's Defense.
    Tinder   +12 +6  --- --- --- --- Revive a downed ally.
    Shine    +4  --- +3  +3  +3  --- Dazzle foes and strike decisively.
    Fury     +15 +5  --- --- --- --- Call forth wandering souls to attack.
    Fugue    +19 +2  --- +2  --- --- Fatigue your foes to drop their PP.
    Forge    +11 --- +2  --- +1  +2  Boost party Attack with flame's fury.
    Fever    +8  --- +3  --- +1  --- Wrap a foe in feverish delusion.
    Corona   +13 +2  --- +3  --- +1  Boost party Defense with a heat aura.
    Scorch   +8  --- +3  --- --- --- Stun a foe with a blast attack.
    Ember    +9  +3  --- +2  +1  --- Restore party PP with passion's flames.
    Flash    +15 +2  --- +2  --- --- Block damage to party with a firewall.
    Torch    +9  --- +3  --- --- +1  Penetrate defense with a melting blast.
    Djinn    HP+ PP+ ATK DEF AGL LUK Power              Jupiter (Wind) Djinn
    Breath   +6  --- --- +3  +6  --- Restore HP quickly.
    Blitz    +7  +5  +3  --- --- --- Numb a foe with a lightning strike.
    Ether    +5  +5  --- --- +4  +2  Focus will to restore PP.
    Waft     +7  --- +3  --- --- --- Calm a foe with soothing scents.
    Haze     +8  --- --- +2  +4  +2  Hide away to avoid damage.
    Wheeze   +6  +4  +4  --- --- --- Poison a foe as you strike.
    Aroma    +4  --- --- --- +3  +1  Restore everyone's PP.
    Whorl    +12 --- +5  +3  --- --- Take a deep breath, and strike!
    Gasp     +9  +7  --- --- --- --- Call the Grim Reaper on your foes.
    Lull     +8  +9  --- --- --- --- Negotiate a temporary cease-fire.
    Gale     +13 --- --- --- +8  +4  Blast enemies with a wind strike.
    Gust     +7  --- +1  --- +3  --- Attack with mighty wind gusts.
    Breeze   +9  +7  --- +1  --- +2  Boost party Resistance.
    Zephyr   +9  +4  --- --- +3  +2  Boost party Agility with swift wind.
    Smog     +7  --- +2  --- --- --- Veil a foe's vision in smoke.
    Kite     +6  +6  --- --- +4  --- Attack twice next round.
    Squall   +8  --- +4  --- --- --- Paralyze a foe with a storm.
    Luff     +9  +7  --- +1  --- +2  Seal a foe's Psynergy.
    Djinn    HP+ PP+ ATK DEF AGL LUK Power             Mercury (Water) Djinn
    Fog      +7  --- --- +2  +1  +1  Blind an enemy with fog.
    Sour     +6  +3  +3  --- --- --- Reduce a foe's resistance.
    Spring   +8  +5  --- --- --- --- Restore HP with healing herbs.
    Shade    +7  --- --- +3  --- +3  Create a watery shield.
    Chill    +11 +3  --- +2  --- --- Strike to reduce a foe's defense.
    Steam    +11 --- +5  --- --- --- Increase all allies' Elemental strength.
    Rime     +5  +4  --- --- --- --- Seal a foe's Psynergy.
    Gel      +15 --- +6  --- +2  --- Weaken a foe's Attack.
    Eddy     +13 --- --- --- +3  +2  Speed up Djinn recovery time.
    Balm     +14 +4  --- --- --- --- Revive all downed allies.
    Serac    +13 --- +3  --- --- --- Strike a chilling finishing blow.
    Fizz     +8  +6  --- +3  --- --- Restore HP with calming water.
    Sleet    +11 --- +3  --- --- +1  Drench a foe to drop its Attack.
    Mist     +10 --- +3  --- --- --- Lull a foe into deep sleep.
    Spritz   +7  +6  --- --- +3  --- Restore party HP with soothing mist.
    Hail     +8  --- +3  --- --- +1  Freeze a foe to drop its Defense.
    Tonic    +7  +4  --- +2  --- +3  Heal all party ailments.
    Dew      +11 +6  --- --- +3  --- Revive a downed ally.
    You can summon the same 16 creatures as in Golden Sun:
    1 Earth: Venus       The elemental power of earth.
    2 Earth: Ramses      Guardian of an immortal pharaoh.
    3 Earth: Cybele      The great mother of the earth.
    4 Earth: Judgment    The might of the apocalypse.
    1 Fire: Mars         The elemental power of fire.
    2 Fire: Kirin        A mystical beast cloaked in flame.
    3 Fire: Tiamat       The queen of all dragons.
    4 Fire: Meteor       A meteorite from deep space.
    1 Wind: Jupiter      The elemental power of wind.
    2 Wind: Atlanta      The heavenly huntress.
    3 Wind: Procne       A goddess in bird form.
    4 Wind: Thor         The mighty god of thunder.
    1 Water: Mercury     The elemental power of water.
    2 Water: Nereid      Princess of the sea spirits.
    3 Water: Neptune     An incarnation of the sea king.
    4 Water: Boreas      The god of the north wind.
    You can also 'combo summon' with Combination Runes. These let you summon
    spirits using Djinn of different elements on Standby. Here's the
    complete list:
    1 Venus--\
       +      = Zagan        Earth's might enflamed.
    1 Mars---/
         - Zagan the lion comes and smashes all enemies with an enflamed
           axe. May drop enemy Defense. User's Earth and Fire power go
           up by 10.
    1 Mars---\
       +      = Megaera      The goddess of vengeance.
    1 Jupiter/
         - Megaera attacks all enemies with two swords and a tornado.
           Raises everyone's Attack some. User's Wind power goes
           up by 10.
    1 Venus--\
       +      = Flora        The wind rider, goddess of flowers.
    2 Jupiter/
         - Flora appears and fires razor leaves at all enemies. User's
           Earth power goes up 10 and Wind power goes up 30.
    1 Jupiter\
       +      = Moloch       The sacred ice monster.
    2 Mercury/
         - Moloch appears and breathes ice on all enemies. May drop
           enemy Agility. User's Water power goes up 30 and Wind power
           goes up 10.
    2 Mercury\
       +      = Ulysses      An legendary wandering mage.
    2 Mars---/
         - Ulysses attacks all enemies with clamping jaws. User's Water
           and Fire power go up by 30.
    3 Venus--\
       +      = Haures       A beast that sunders darkness.
    2 Mars---/
    2 Mercury\
       +      = Eclipse      A dragon whose wings span the skies.
    3 Jupiter/
         - A humungous dragon appears and shoots a huge blast out of
           it's mouth.
    3 Mercury\
       +      = Coatlicue    A goddess bearing the water of life.
    3 Jupiter/
         - Coatlicue appears and
    3 Venus--\
       +      = Daedalus     Master craftsman of ancient times.
    4 Mars---/
         - A giant robot pops out of the forest and fires a whole
           bunch of missiles, then a huge one. The small missiles
           hit, then the big one hits on the next turn.
    3 Venus--\
       +      = Azul         An awakened dragon from the deep.
    4 Mercury/
    3 Mars---\
       +      = Catastrophe  The embodiment of destruction.
    5 Jupiter/
    8 Venus--\
       +      = Charon       The boatsman of the river Styx.
    2 Jupiter/
    4 Mercury\
       +      = Iris         Goddess of rainbows, guide of souls.
    9 Mars---/
         - Incredible! Best summon in the game by far. Beat Dullahan
           NOW, cuz this is worth it! Iris flings the enemy straight
           into the sun, then sends them crashing straight back down
           to Earth. Massive damage! And as if that wasn't enough,
           Iris will also heal your entire party fully (including the
           back row) and even revive any dead characters! Nice!
    D. Class Guide
          The other group of Djinn scholars have been experimenting with
    Djinn and studying their effects on Felix and his friends. They
    discovered that assigning different Djinn types to different Adepts
    produce a change in class, some which are stronger than others. The
    scholars have put a lot of the classes in a list for each character,
    including what Djinn they must set in order to get to that class.
    However, the stat changes are currently unknown, since they need to
    be exact. Also, some other classes, such as those made by using
    special items, are still being experimented with.
          Under each class is the Psynergy learned. In order to save
    space, we put only the basic skill of the "series" of three skills
    they usually come in; i.e. if it says Gaia then the class will learn
    Gaia as well as Mother Gaia and Grand Gaia. Check the Psynergy section
    to find out which skills are in what series and so on.
          The levels are taken out, because it's impossible now. My levels
    are all around 60 right now so it's impossible.
          Mechanics of the classes: Each character has a base class that
    is improved by setting Djinn of the characters element, i.e. Felix is
    an Earth Adept, so set Venus Djinn for his base class. There are
    five base classes, one of which wasn't reachable in Golden Sun 1 because
    there weren't enough Djinn. At the fourth class, the single skill they
    might have(Ragnarok for Felix) is replaced by a more powerful technique
          The secondary classes use a related Djinn type. Earth<->Fire and
    Wind<->Water. I'm going to call them opposite Djinn types...
    The first class is 1 Djinn, then 2-3, then 4. The fourth class uses any
    number of Djinn higher than that. The fifth and final secondary class is
    one Djinn of the character's type and at least 6 of the other. The fifth
    class also upgrades a single skill they might have.
          The other two class groups are a bit more complicated. They're the
    same, so I only have to explain it once. The first three classes are
    simple(1, 2-3, and 4-5), but the fourth class is final. It uses 6 Djinn
    of the class type and one of the character's class. It also upgrades
    a single skill. The other two are alternate classes with different
    Psynergy, but I kept them in the same class group cause they have the
    same type of Psynergy.
          Each character also has four triple-element classes.
    It would take too long to explain each of them. Just check them out.
    Felix's Natural Psynergy: Move, Retreat, Sand(Gaia Rock)
    Isaac's Natural Psynergy: Move, Retreat
    Class            VEN MRS JUP MRC
    -- Base(Earth) Class
    Squire           0-1  0   0   0   - Ragnarok, Quake, Spire, Cure
    Knight           2-3  0   0   0   - Squire Skills
    Gallant          4-5  0   0   0   - Knight Skills, Gaia
    Lord             6-7  0   0   0   - Odyssey replaces Ragnarok
    Slayer           8-9  0   0   0   - Lord Skills
             -----------DUAL ELEMENT CLASSES----------
    -- Earth/Fire Class
    Brute             0   1   0   0   - Planet Diver, Growth, Blast(Nova),
    Ruffian           0  2-3  0   0   - Brute Skills
    Savage            0   4   0   0   - Ruffian Skills, Spire
    Barbarian         0  5-9  0   0   - Savage Skills
    Berserker         1  6-8  0   0   - Savage Skills, Planet Diver
                                        becomes Planetary
    -- Earth/Wind Class
    Apprentice        0   0   1   0   - Astral Blast, Gaia, Weaken, Delude,
                                        Sleep, Haunt, Drain
    Illusionist       0   0  2-3  0   - Apprentice Skills
    Enchanter         0   0  4-5  0   - Illusionist Skills, Impact, Ward
    Conjurer          1   0   6   0   - Enchanter Skills, Astral Blast
                                        becomes Thunder Mine
    War Adept         2   0   7   0   - Conjurer Skills
    -- Earth/Wind Class Type 2
    Shaman            0   0  6-9  0   - Bolt, Growth, Cure, Revive, Ward,
                                        Bind, Drain
    Druid             1   0  6-8  0   - Shaman Skills
    -- Earth/Water Class
    Swordsman         0   0   0   1   - Cutting Edge, Thorn, Revive,
                                        Cure Poison, Break
    Defender          0   0   0  2-3  - Swordsman Skills, Ply
    Cavalier          0   0   0  4-5  - Defender Skills, Wish
    Guardian          1   0   0   6   - Cavalier Skills, Cutting Edge
                                        becomes Plume Edge
    Protector         2   0   0   7   - Guardian Skills
    -- Earth/Water Class Type 2
    Shaman            0   0   0  6-9  - Froth, Growth, Cure, Revive, Wish,
                                        Cure Poison, Break
    Druid             1   0   0  6-8  - Shaman Skills
             -----------TRIPLE ELEMENT CLASSES----------
    -- Earth/Fire/Wind Class
    Ninja             0   3   3   0   - Death Plunge, Shuriken,
                                        Annihilation, Punji, Fire Bomb,
                                        Gale, Thunderclap, Mist
    Disciple          0   4   4   0   - Ninja Skills, Death Plunge becomes
                                        Death Leap
    Master            0   4   5   0   - Disciple Skills
    -- Earth/Fire/Wind Class Type 2
    Samurai           0   4   3   0   - Dragon Cloud, Demon Night,
                                        Helm Splitter, Rockfall,
                                        Lava Shower, Demon Spear, Guardian,
                                        Magic Shell
    Ronin             0   5   4   0   - Samurai Skills, Dragon Cloud becomes
                                        Epicenter, Demon Night becomes
                                        Thorny Grave, Helm Splitter becomes
                                        Skull Splitter
    -- Earth/Fire/Water Class
    Dragoon           0   3   0  3-4  - Cutting Edge, Thorn, Blast(Mad),
                                        Ply, Wish, Cure Poison, Avoid
    Templar           0   4   0   4   - Dragoon Skills, Cutting Edge
                                        becomes Plume Edge
    Paladin           0   4   0   5   - Templar Skills
    -- Earth/Wind/Water Class
    Medium            0   0   6   3   - Haunt, Bolt, Froth, Cure, Revive,
    Jenna's Natural Psynergy: Blaze (Magma Rock)
    Class            VEN MRS JUP MRC
    - Base(Fire) Class [Jenna]
    Flame User        0  0-1  0   0   - Fume, Flare, Beam, Impair
    Witch             0  2-3  0   0   - Flame User Skills
    Hex               0  4-5  0   0   - Witch Skills, Aura
    Fire Master       0  6-7  0   0   - Hex Skills
    Justice           0  8-9  0   0   - Fire Master Skills
             -----------DUAL ELEMENT CLASSES----------
    - Fire/Earth Class
    Brute             1   0   0   0   - Planet Diver, Growth, Blast(Nova),
    Ruffian          2-3  0   0   0   - Brute Skills
    Savage            4   0   0   0   - Ruffian Skills, Spire
    Barbarian        5-7  0   0   0   - Savage Skills
    Berserker         6   1   0   0   - Savage Skills, Planet Diver becomes
    -- Fire/Water Class
    Swordsman         0   0   0   1   - Cutting Edge, Blast(Mad),CurePoison,
                                        Guard, Break
    Defender          0   0   0  2-3  - Swordsman Skills, Ply
    Cavalier          0   0   0  4-5  - Defender Skills, Wish
    Luminier          0   1   0   6   - Cavalier Skills, Cutting Edge
                                        becomes Plume Edge
    -- Fire/Water Class Type 2
    Ascetic           0   0   0  6-9  - Douse, Prism, Volcano, Wish,
                                        Cure Poison, Break
    Water Monk        0   1   0  6-8  - Ascetic Skills
    - Fire/Wind Class
    Page              0   0   1   0   - Astral Blast, Volcano, Ward, Weaken,
                                        Delude, Sleep, Drain
    Illusionist       0   0  2-3  0   - Page Skills
    Enchanter         0   0  4-5  0   - Illusionist Skills, Impact, Guard
    Conjurer          0   1   6   0   - Enchanter Skills, Astral Blast
                                        becomes Thunder Mine
    War Adept         0   2   7   0   - Conjurer Skills
    -- Fire/Wind Class Type 2
    Ascetic           0   0  6-9  0   - Slash, Plasma, Volcano, Ward, Bind,
    Fire Monk         0   1  6-8  0   - Ascetic Skills
             -----------TRIPLE ELEMENT CLASSES----------
    -- Fire/Earth/Wind Class
    Ninja             3   0   3   0   - Death Plunge, Shuriken, Annihilation,
                                        Punji, Fire Bomb, Gale, Thunderclap,
    Disciple          4   0   4   0   - Ninja Skills, Death Plunge becomes
                                        Death Leap
    Master            4   0   5   0   - Disciple Skills
    -- Fire/Earth/Wind Class Type 2
    Samurai           4   0   3   0   - Dragon Cloud, Demon Night,
                                        Helm Splitter, Quick Strike, Rockfall,
                                        Lava Shower, Demon Spear, Guardian,
                                        Magic Shell
    Ronin             5   0   4   0   - Samurai Skills, Dragon Cloud becomes
                                        Epicenter, Demon Night becomes
                                        Thorny Grave, Helm Splitter becomes
                                        Skull Splitter
    -- Fire/Earth/Water Class
    Dragoon           0   3   0   3   - Cutting Edge, Thorn, Blast(Mad), Ply,
                                        Wish, Cure Poison, Avoid
    Templar           0   4   0   4   - Dragoon Skills, Cutting Edge becomes
                                        Plume Edge
    Paladin           0   4   0   5   - Templar Skills
    -- Fire/Wind/Water Class
    Ranger            0   0   3   6   - Slash, Douse, Volcano, Ward, Bind,
                                        Drain, Break
    Sheba's Natural Psynergy: Mind Read, Reveal(Air's Rock)
    Ivan's Natural Psynergy: Mind Read, Reveal
    Class            VEN MRS JUP MRC
    -- Base(Wind) Class
    Wind Seer         0   0  0-1  0   - Ray, Whirlwind, Plasma, Sleep, Bind
    Magician          0   0  2-3  0   - Wind Seer Skills, Impact
    Mage              0   0  4-5  0   - Magician Skills, Ward
    Magister          0   0  6-7  0   - Mage Skills
    Sorcerer          0   0  8-9  0   - Magister Skills
             -----------DUAL ELEMENT CLASSES----------
    -- Wind/Water Class
    Hermit            0   0   0   1   - Prism, Plasma, Impact, Bind, Drain,
    Elder             0   0   0  2-3  - Hermit Skills
    Scholar           0   0   0   4   - Elder Skills, Wish
    Savant            0   0   0  5-8  - Scholar Skills
    Sage              0   0   1  6-7  - Savant Skills
    -- Wind/Earth Class
    Seer              1   0   0   0   - Bolt, Growth, Cure, Bind, Drain
    Diviner          2-3  0   0   0   - Seer Skills
    Shaman           4-5  0   0   0   - Diviner Skills, Revive, Ward
    Druid             6   0   1   0   - Shaman Skills
    -- Wind/Earth Class Type 2
    Enchanter        6-9  0   0   0   - Astral Blast, Gaia, Impact, Ward,
                                        Weaken, Delude, Sleep, Haunt,
    Druid            7-8  0   1   0   - Enchanter Skills, Astral Blast
                                        becomes Thunder Mine
    -- Wind/Fire Class
    Pilgrim           0   1   0   0   - Slash, Plasma, Bind, Drain
    Wanderer          0  2-3  0   0   - Pilgrim Skills
    Ascetic           0  4-5  0   0   - Wanderer Skills, Volcano, Ward
    Fire Monk         0   6   1   0   - Ascetic Skills
    -- Wind/Fire Class Type 2
    Enchanter         0  6-9  0   0   - Astral Blast, Volcano, Impact,
                                        Guard, Ward, Weaken, Delude, Sleep,
    Conjurer          0  7-8  1   0   - Enchanter Skills, Astral Blast
                                        becomes Thunder Mine
             -----------TRIPLE ELEMENT CLASSES----------
    - Wind/Earth/Water
    Medium            3   0   0   3   - Haunt, Bolt, Froth, Cure, Revive,
    Conjurer          4   0   0   4   - Medium Skills
    Dark Mage         5   0   0   4   - Medium Skills
    - Wind/Earth/Water Class Type 2
    White Mage        3   0   0   4   - Prism, Plasma, Wish, Revive,
                                        Cure Poison, Dull, Ward
    Pure Mage         4   0   0   5   - White Mage
    - Wind/Fire/Water
    Ranger            0  3-4  0   3   - Slash, Douse, Volcano, Ward, Bind,
                                        Drain, Break
    Bard              0   4   0   4   - Ranger Skills
    Warlock           0   5   0   4   - Bard Skills
    - Wind/Earth/Fire
    Ninja             6   3   0   0   - Death Plunge, Shuriken, Annihilation,
                                        Punji, Fire Bomb, Gale, Thunderclap,
    Piers's Natural Psynergy: Douse, Parch(Aqua Rock)
    Mia's Natural Psynergy: Douse?
    Class           VEN MRS JUP MRC
    - Base(Water) Class [Piers]
    Mariner          0   0   0  0-1   - Diamond Dust, Frost, Cool, Ply,
                                        Cure Poison, Break
    Privateer        0   0   0  2-3   - Mariner Skills, Avoid
    Commander        0   0   0  4-5   - Privateer Skills
    Captian          0   0   0  6-7   - Commander Skills, Diamond Dust
                                        becomes Diamond Berg
    Admiral          0   0   0  8-9   - Captain Skills
    - Base(Water) Class [Mia]
    Water Seer       0   0   0  0-1   - Ply, Cure Poison, Frost, Ice, Break
    Scribe           0   0   0  2-3   - Water Seer Skills
    Cleric           0   0   0  4-5   - Scribe Skills, Wish
    Paragon          0   0   0  6-7   - Cleric Skills
    Angel            0   0   0  8-9   - Paragon Skills
    - Secondary(Wind) Class
    Hermit           0   0   1   0    - Prism, Plasma, Impact, Bind,
                                        Drain, Break
    Elder            0   0  2-3  0    - Hermit Skills
    Scholar          0   0   4   0    - Elder Skills, Wish
    Savant           0   0  5-9  0    - Scholar Skills
    Sage             0   0  6-8  1    - Savant Skills
    - Earth Class
    Seer             1   0   0   0    - Froth, Growth, Cure, Cure Poison,
    Diviner         2-3  0   0   0    - Seer Skills
    Shaman          4-5  0   0   0    - Diviner Skills, Revive, Wish
    Druid            6   0   0   1    - Shaman Skills
    Cavalier        6-9  0   0   0    - Cutting Edge, Thorn, Ply, Wish,
                                        Revive, Cure Poison, Break, Avoid
    Guardian        7-8  0   0   1    - Cavalier Skills, Cutting Edge
                                        becomes Plume Edge
    - Fire Class
    Pilgrim          0   1   0   0    - Douse, Prism, Cure Poison, Break
    Wanderer         0  2-3  0   0    - Pilgrim Skills
    Ascetic          0  4-5  0   0    - Wanderer Skills, Volcano, Wish
    Water Monk       0   6   0   1    - Ascetic Skills
    Cavalier         0  6-9  0   0    - Cutting Edge, Blast(Mad), Ply,
                                        Wish, Cure Poison, Guard, Break,
    Luminier         0  7-8  0   1    - Cavalier Skills, Cutting Edge
                                        becomes Plume Edge
    - Medium Class
    Medium            3   0   3   0   - Haunt, Bolt, Froth, Cure, Revive,
    Conjurer          4   0   4   0   - Medium Skills
    - Ranger Class
    Ranger            0  3-4  3   0   - Slash, Douse, Volcano, Ward, Bind,
                                        Drain, Break
    Bard              0   4   4   0   - Ranger Skills
    - White Mage Class
    White Mage        3   0   4   0   - Prism, Plasma, Wish, Revive,
                                        Cure Poison, Dull, Ward
    ------Item Classes
         To 'level up' the Item Classes, you have to equip a certain amount of
    Djinn. For the second class, you have to set 1 of each elemental Djinn,
    but don't equip Djinn of the character's type. For the third, you need 2 of
    each, and for the fourth, you need 3 of each.
         For example: Let's say we equip Mysterious Card on Felix. He becomes a
    Pierrot. Felix is the Venus(Earth) type, so we don't want to equip any
    Venus Djinn on him. For the second class, Harlequin, set a Fire Djinn, a
    Wind Djinn, and a Water Djinn. Add one more for each to get to Punchinello,
    and one more for each to get to Acrobat.
        *Note: You may equip Djinn of the character's type, but it won't affect
    what class you are.
    - Pierrot Class = Equip the Mysterious Card
    Pierrot           No Djinn needed - Avoid, Sabre Dance, Fire Breath, Juggle,
                                        Flame Card, Thunder Card, Bramble Card,
                                        Frost Card, Baffle Card, Sword Card,
                                        Sword Card, Sleep Card, Death Card
    Harlequin         1 of each       - Pierrot skills
    Punchinello       2 of each       - Harlequin skills, Backstab
    Acrobat           3 of each       - Punchinello skills
    - Tamer Class = Equip the Trainer's Whip
    Tamer             No Djinn needed - Cure Poison, Whiplash, Wild Wolf,
                                        Emu, Roc, Salamander, Impact
    Trainer           1 of each       - Cure Poison, Whiplash, Orc, Harpy,
                                        Grand Golem, Cerberus, Wyvern, Pixie,
    Beastkeeper       2 of each       - Cure Poison, Whiplash, Dinox, Gryphon,
                                        Living Armor, Chimera, Blue Dragon,
                                        Faery, Elder Wood, Lich, Impact
    Beast Lord        3 of each       - Cure Poison, Whiplash, Troll,
                                        Minotaur, Ghost Soldier, Macetail,
                                        Fire Dragon, Weird Nymph, Succubus,
                                        Estre Wood, Manticore, Phoenix, Impact
    - Dark Mage Class = Equip the Tomegathericon
    Dark Mage         No Djinn needed - Revive, Call Zombie, Raging Heat,
                                        Poison Flow, Fire Puppet, Curse,
    Crypt Lord        1 of each       - Dark Mage skills
    Necrolyte         2 of each       - Crypt Lord skills, Call Demon
    Necromage         3 of each       - Necrolyte skills, Call Dullahan
    ---------------/\ 3. The Bestiary /\---------------
          The Bestiary lists the monsters in alphabetical order. If you
    want information on a monster, just look it up that way.
          Split up into 4 parts:
           1 - Stats & Skills
           2 - Items & Weaknesses
           3 - Bosses
           4 - Monster Skills Descriptions
    Part 1: Stats & Skills
    Name           HP  ATK DEF AGL EXP   Coin Skills
    Aka Manah      343 239 74  109           Curse(P),Human Hunt,Demon Eye
    Alec Goblin    147 95  24  46            Nut(I), Oil Drop(I)
    Angle Worm     37  20  5   7             Angle Spike
    Blue Dragon
    Bone Fighter   122 66  18  26  51    63  Undead Sword
    Chimera Worm
    Cruel Dragon
    Death Head     128 65  16  24  55    73  Slash(P)
    Dino           53  33  8   26  40    39  Power Bite
    Dire Wolf      155 93  22  51            Ice Breath, Fatal Fang
    Doodle Bug     248 195 63  99            Ultrasonic
    Dread Hound
    Earth Golem
    Emu            98  45  11  23  53    51  Claw Slash
    Fire Bird          225 72  145           Flame Dance, Regen Dance, ATKx2
    Fire Dragon
    Fire Worm          106 25                Fire Breath, Angle Spike
    Flash Ant      76  60  19  31  61    71  Flash Punch
    Ghost          56  19  6   6
    Ghoul              47  10  8   34    42  Cannibal Fang
    Giant Bat      32  15  3   11  6     6   Ultrasonic
    Gillman Lord   322 253 75  97            Hydro Slash, Crystal Powder(I)
    Grand Chimera
    Grave Wight    634 376 136 121           Crusher Grip, Haunt(P)
    Great Seagull
    Harpy          105 32  13  23  38    53  Shriek
    Kobold         77  40  9   24  40    45
    Lesser Demon
    Little Death
    Living Armor
    Mad Demon                                Vital Moon
    Mad Vermin         82  11
    Mini-Goblin    62  31  8   13  25    28
    Mino Knight
    Minos Warrior  401 229 97  73            Power Crush, Sack
    Mole           96  60  11  18  39    60
    Momonga        53  33  8   26  29    31
    Numb Ant       101 86  29  46            Formic Acid, Flash Punch
    Ocean Dragon
    Pteranadon     242 146 50  83            Banshee Howl, Ice Breath
    Punch          26  13  4   3   5     6
    Puppet Warrior 348 259 97  73
    Rat            49  26  14  8
    Rat Soldier    69  28  7   10
    Red Demon
    Sand Scorpion
    Sea Dragon
    Skeleton       60  23  7   9   10    11  Bone Charge
    Sky Dragon
    Slayer         220 150 45  79            Poison Sting, Kill Sting
    Soul Army
    Talon Runner   228 152 44  80            Mega Slash
    Troll          111 37  8   7   30    34  Brute Force
    Turtle Dragon
    Undead                 14                Smell of Decay
    Wargold        209 152 39  91            Doublestep, Shriek
    Wild Gryphon
    Wild Wolf      45  17  4   7   7     7   Fatal Fang
    Winged Lizard
    Wise Gryphon
    Wolfkin        213 165 55  87            Ur Flash
    Wolfkin Cub    115 68  16  40  82    95  Ur Flash
    Wonder Bird
    Wood Walker        107 38                Mad Growth(P)
    Wyvern Chick   124 64  18  38  83    76  Fire Breath
    Part 2: Monster Items and Weaknesses
            The way to tell what a monster's weakness is:
       (ex):Rat Soldier takes 11 damage.  "." means the attack wasn't very
            Rat Soldier takes 33 damage!  "!" means the attack worked in
                                          neither of your favor.
            Rat Soldier takes 81 damage!!! "!!!" means the attack was very
            Each monster is weak to one thing and strong against one thing,
    just like your party. Earth<->Wind and Fire<->Water. If you kill a
    monster with a Djinni of the monster's weakness, it'll flash and die,
    if your elemental strengths are high enough. If you do that then you get
    more EXP and coins at the end of the battle. This is known as the Dark
    Panther method, and is VERY useful(in fact, essential) in RNG methods.
    Monster        Weakness  Resistance      Items
    Aka Manah      Mars      Mercury         Gloria Helm
    Blue Dragon    Mars      Mercury         Rising Mace
    Bombander      Mercury   Mars            Golem Core
    Chimera Worm   Mars      Mercury         Water of Life
    Cruel Dragon   Mars      Mercury         Tisiphone Edge
    Dread Hound    Mercury   Mars            Prophet's Hat
    Druj           Mars      Mercury         Berserker Band
    Earth Golem    Jupiter   Venus           Giant Axe
    Fire Bird      Mercury   Mars            Water of Life
    Fire Dragon    Mercury   Mars            Atropos' Rod
    Gillman Lord   Mars      Mercury         Tear Stone
    Grand Chimera  Mercury   Mars            Mist Potion
    Grave Wight    Jupiter   Venus           Psy Crystal
    Great Seagull  Jupiter   Venus           Sylph Feather
    Gressil        Jupiter   Venus           Otafuku Mask
    Lesser Demon   Jupiter   Venus           Rune Blade
    Lich           Jupiter   Venus           Psy Crystal
    Little Death   Jupiter   Venus           Hiotoko Mask
    Living Armor   Jupiter   Venus           Water of Life
    Macetail       Mercury   Mars            Mist Potion
    Mad Demon      Jupiter   Venus           Lachesis' Rule
    Magicore       Mercury   Mars            Aura Gloves
    Minos Knight   Jupiter   Venus           Riot Gloves
    Minos Warrior  Jupiter   Venus           Clotho's Distaff
    Minotaurus     Jupiter   Venus           Tartarus Axe
    Nightmare      Venus     Jupiter         Healing Ring
    Ocean Dragon   Mars      Mercury         Triton's Ward
    Phoenix        Mercury   Mars            Water of Life
    Pyrodra        Mars      Mercury         Salamander Tail
    Red Demon      Jupiter   Venus           Staff of Anubis
    Sand Scorpion  Mars      Mercury         Stardust
    Sea Dragon     Mars      Mercury         Unicorn Ring
    Sky Dragon     Jupiter   Venus           Orihalcon
    Soul Army      Jupiter   Venus           Mythril Silver
    Turtle Dragon  Mars      Mercury         Blessed Mace
    Wild Gryphon   Jupiter   Venus           Feathered Robe
    Winged Lizard  Jupiter   Venus           Dragon Skin
    Wise Gryphon   Jupiter   Venus           Psy Crystal
    Wonder Bird    Mercury   Mars            Dark Matter
    Wyvern         Jupiter   Venus           Aeolian Cassock
    Part 4: Monster Skills Descriptions
    Banshee Howl - 1 - Chance of stunning enemy with a howl (Pteranadon)
    Cannibal Fang - 1 - Drains enemy's HP by biting them (Ghoul)
    Claw Slash - 1 - Hits an enemy with a powerful slash (Emu)
    Crusher Grip - 1 - Grabs an enemy and may stun (Grave Wight)
    Doublestep - 1 - Hits 1-2 times quickly with a sword (Wargold)
    Fire Breath - 3 - Hits three enemies with a blast of fire (Wyvern Chick)
    Flame Dance - 1 - Calls swirling flames to hit a foe (Fire Bird)
    Flash Punch - 1 - Chance of deluding enemy with a punch (Flash Ant)
    Ice Breath - 3 - Hits three enemies with a blast of ice (Pteranadon)
    Kill Sting - 1 - Chance of one-hit KO (Slayer)
    Mega Slash - 1 - Hits an enemy with a very powerful slash (Talon Runner)
    Poison Sting - 1 - Chance of poisoning enemy with a sting (Slayer)
    Regen Dance - 1 - Revives an ally to full HP (Fire Bird, Phoenix,
                      Wonder Bird)
    Shriek - 1 - Causes damage with a loud shriek (Wargold)
    Ultrasonic - 1 - Emits ultrasonic waves. (Doodle Bug, Giant Bat)
    Undead Sword - 1 - Powerful (Bone Fighter)
    Ur Flash - 1 - Hits 1-3 times quickly with claws (Wolfkin, Wolfkin Cub)
    ---------------/\ 4. Music Test /\---------------
         I listed all the music in the Music Test. Duh. If you dont know how
    to get to it look in the cheats section. Help me out with this.
    0  - Battle Arena, Lemuria Fountain, Tolbi Springs
    1  - Prologue Theme, GS1 Credits
    2  - Main Menu
    3  - Outside of Venus Lighthouse
    4  - Djinn Tutorial
    5  - Alhafra
    6  - Kandorean Temple
    7  - Daili
    8  - Apojii Islands
    9  - Izumo Party Music
    10 - Magma Rock
    11 - Sad music
    12 - Inner Kandorean Temple
    13 - Kibomba and Naribwe
    14 - Praying to the Gobomba Statue
    15 - Lemuria
    16 - Towns
    17 - SE Angara Islet, Hesperia Settlement
    18 - Garoh
    19 - Yallam
    20 - Kids' Song
    21 - Kids' Song (no drum backgound)
    22 - Air's Rock
    23 - Aqua Rock
    24 - Islet Cave
    25 - Dungeons
    26 - Gaia Rock
    27 - Gobomba Statue
    28 - Jupiter Lighthouse
    29 - Magma Rock
    30 - Mars Lighthouse
    31 - Tundaria Tower
    32 - Evil-sounding music
    33 - Ankohl Ruins
    34 - Evil-sounding music
    35 - Djinn tutorial?
    36 - Evil theme
    37 - Towns
    38 - Creepy music...
    39 - Crisis
    40 - Title Screen
    41 - Boat Theme
    42 - Overworld Theme
    43 - Overworld Theme(After reunion)
    44 - Credits Theme
    45 - Link Battle Theme
    46 - Colosso Battle
    47 - Jenna's Battle Theme
    48 - Felix's Battle Theme
    49 - Human Boss Theme
    50 - Monster Boss Theme
    51 - Ship Battle
    52 - Battle with Agatio and Karst
    53 - Battle with Flame Dragons
    54 - Doom Dragon Battle
    55 - Win Battle
    56 - Lose Battle
    57 - Contigo
    58 - Tidal Wave!!
    59 - Sheba's Falling
    60 - Fusion!!
    61 - After the final battle
    62 -
    63 - Original Title Theme
    64 - Remix of original title theme
    65 - After the Battle
    66 - Remix of original title theme
    67 - Where did Vale go...
    68 - To Be Continued...
    69 - GS1 Vale & Vault Music
    70 - GS1 Town Music
    71 - GS1 Town Music
    72 - Palace Music
    73 - GS1 Altin
    74 - GS1 Xian Music
    75 - GS1 Kalay and Tolbi Music
    76 - Colosso Course
    77 - Crowd Help
    78 - GS1 Tolbi Festival Music
    79 - GS1 Cave Music
    80 - GS1 Town Music
    81 - Lighthouse Aerie
    82 - GS1 Cave Music
    83 - Quiet dungeon
    84 - Desert Music
    85 - GS1 Town Music
    86 - Dungeon
    87 - Babi Lighthouse
    88 - ??
    89 - GS1 Ship Theme
    90 - GS1 Overworld Theme
    91 - Venus Lighthouse
    92 - Isaac's Battle Theme
    93 - Star Magician Theme, Saturos battle at Mercury Lighthouse
    94 - GS1 Boss Theme
    95 - Saturos and Menardi Battle Theme
    96 - Fusion Dragon Theme
    My favorite? #93, then #8 comes in with a close second. #46 takes
    third place.
    ---------------------|VI. Miscellaneous |-O
    ---------------/\ 1. Manual Errors /\---------------
          A bunch of Djinn still have the Japanese names, and one has
    a wrong description.
          On page 56, quite a big error: Under the title, "Entering the
    Arena", the description is the one on page 50 for... summoned spirits.
    ---------------/\ 2. FAQs /\---------------
    Q. Why did you write this??
    A. Because I like 'sharing' my knowledge of games I like. I also like to
    Q. Which Djinn are used for transportation?
    A. None of them. That was just a rumor. There is a Psynergy though.
    Q. You have Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter Djinn, but what about
    Light, Dark, and Psy Djinn?
    A. Those new types of Djinn were also just rumors.
    Q. Do you the get characters from GS on your team?
    A. Yes, shortly after lighting the beacon for Jupiter Lighthouse.
    Q. Is the Mars Lighthouse in this game?
    A. Yes it is. You can't see it on the map though, but don't worry, it
    is there somewhere.
    Q. Can you really travel through time?
    A. No. It was rumored that Light Djinn could do that, but they
    were... a rumor. The 'Lost Age' refers to the Lost Age of mankind, where
    everyone had alchemy and stuff. The lighthouses were built and everything
    became primitive again.
    Q. What is the transfer option really for?
    A. When you transfer the data, when you get the original characters
    they'll be exactly the same. Also, some side quests you do in GS1
    effect some of the events in the game.
    Q. Do you know what those events are?
    A. 1. Whether or not you saved Master Hsu
       2. If you went back to Vault and discovered that the thieves
          had escaped
       3. If you won Colosso
    Q. Where do I find <weapon>?
    A. Sometime I'll put up item locations, sometime in the future.
    Q. How do I beat <boss>?
    A. Check in the walkthru. If I didn't get there yet, sit tight.
    Q. I'm tired of sailing around the world. I'm in Prox, then discovered
    that I'm missing something on Apojii Island!
    A. In Mars Lighthouse, there is something that helps you... It's not
    too far in, either.
    Q. What's the most commonly used Psynergy in the first game?
    A. Move.
    Q. What's the most commonly used Psynergy in the second game?
    A. Move.
    Q. What's the most commonly used Psynergy in both games?
    A. Move.
    Q. How much music is in GS:TLA?
    A. 96 songs (in the sound test); 40 or so are new, including about 7
    new battle themes.
    Q. Is Alex good or bad?
    A. Play the game and find out.
    Q. Do you even know?
    A. Shuddup.
    Q. Ha! You don't know, do you?
    A. You wouldn't think I would spoil that anyway, would you?
    Q. Why is Felix's hair brown?
    A. He used dye. You don't really think brown is a natural hair color,
    do you?
    ---------------/\ 3. Coming Soon /\---------------
    1. A more complete Bestiary, and maybe the item locations.
    2. More of the walkthrough. (Duh)
    3. Maybe sometime I'll figure out how to figure out the % upgrades the
       classes give you. Don't know if you should count the Djinn upgrades,
       or not, or only count them for the second class, or whatever. If
       someone can help me with that I'd be grateful.
    ---------------/\ 4. Non-Gameshark Cheats /\---------------
         The renaming cheats are the same as Golden Sun:
         Select x3: Rename Jenna, Sheba, and Piers
         Up Down Up Down Left Right Left Right Up Right Down Left Up Select:
         Rename Garet, Ivan, and Mia
         Sound Test: Go up to the lady in the battle room in the left corner
                     and hold R and talk to her. I think that the only music
                     you can listen to is music that you've heard in the
                     game already.
         Start from the Sanctum last visited: Hold L R and Start when you
    load the game.
    ---------------/\ 4. Conclusion /\---------------
          I hope you enjoyed the walkthrough. I work on this literally every
    day, so keep checking back to see if I updated.
    ---------------/\ 5. Legal Stuff and Credits /\---------------
          Got any comments? Questions? Little tiny details that I forgot to
    put in here, or just something you don't understand? E-mail me at
    darkslime7@yahoo.com. I'll fix it for the next version.
          Thanks to Nintendo and Camelot for making this great sequel to a
    great game! A couple tidbits of info also came from GS Realm and GS
    Anonymous, so thanks to them too.
          Thanks to Richard Spenceley for giving me info on the Venus Djinn
    I missed in my impatience (Iron).
          Thanks to God... for the patience and reminders that this was still
    here on my computer.
          And thanks to all you people who are reading this. It makes it all
          You may not put this FAQ, or any part of it, on your site without
    permission. The sites with permission are:
    faqs.ign.com (.net?)
    You also can not, by any means, make profit off of this guide. It is for
    private use only. So don't delete this section.
          Copyright 2002-2003 Andrew Prowse (darkslime7@yahoo.com)

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